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D    Elementary School

O       2010-2011
Head O' Meadow School

           by and for
   the parents and students of

  Head O' Meadow School
     94 Boggs Hill Road
Newtown, Connecticut 06470
   (203) 426 – 7670 Office
    (203) 426 – 4559 Fax

                hildren Learn

                What They Live

   If a child lives with criticism, the child learns to condemn.

      If a child lives with hostility, the child learns to fight.

     If a child lives with ridicule, the child learns to be shy.

    If a child lives with shame, the child learns to feel guilty.

  If a child lives with tolerance, the child learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement, the child learns confidence.

   If a child lives with praise, the child learns to appreciate.

      If a child lives with fairness, the child learns justice.

  If a child lives with security, the child learns to have faith.

  If a child lives with approval, the child learns to like himself.

         If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,
             the child learns to find love in the world.

                         Our Mission Statement

The mission of Newtown Public Schools, a partnership of students, families, educators
and community, is to

                          INSPIRE EACH STUDENT TO EXCEL

in attaining and applying the knowledge, skills and attributes that lead to personal
success while becoming a contributing member of a dynamic global community. We
accomplish this by creating an unparalleled learning environment characterized by:

      High expectations
      Quality instruction
      Continuous improvement
      Civic responsibility

Newtown core beliefs guide us in accomplishing our mission.

      Each individual is unique and has value.
      Everyone can and will learn well.
      It takes effort and persistence to achieve one’s full potential.
      High expectations inspire higher level of performance.
      Honesty, integrity, respect, and open communication build trust.
      Quality education expands the opportunities for individuals and is vital to the
       success of the entire community.
      Educating children is a shared responsibility of the entire community.
      Family is a critical influence in each individual’s development.
      Understanding all forms of diversity is essential in a global society.
      All individuals are responsible for their behavior and choices.
      Educated and involved citizens are essential for sustaining a democratic society.
      Everyone has the responsibility to contribute to the greater good of the
      Continuous improvement requires the courage to change.

                                  Table of Contents
Administration of Medicine                              13
Attendance, Tardiness & Absences                         9
Before and After School Childcare (SAP)                 16
Behavior Guidelines                                     22
Class Parents                                           20
Communication Guidelines for Parents and Students       19
Delayed Openings                                         8
Dismissal Time                                           9
Early Dismissal                                          8
Emergency Phone Chain                                   10
Exclusion for Contagious Diseases                       13
Fire Drills                                             11
General Health Suggestions                              14
Health Entrance Requirements                            13
Health Services                                         13
Homebound Instruction                                   18
Homework                                                20
Individual Education Plan (IEP)                         18
Leaving School Grounds                                   9
Lost and Found                                          11
Make-Up Policy                                          10
Meals                                                   12
Messages to Children                                    20
Newtown Board of Education                              22
Newtown Board of Education - Policies and Regulations   22
Newtown Public Schools – Mission Statement               3
Open House Schedule                                     21
Parent - Teacher Association                            27
Parent Volunteer Overview                               28
Parking                                                 11
Principal - School Organization                         17
Recess                                                  11
Reporting Periods / Parent Conferences                  21
Rights of Non-Custodial Parents                         19
School Closing                                          10
School Hours                                             8
School Insurance                                        14
School Organization                                     17
Screening Programs                                      14
Snacks                                                  12
Speech / Language / Hearing Specialist                  18
Staff List                                               7
Supplies                                                12
Support Staff - School Organization                     18
Teachers - School Organization                          17

Transportation                                                                    15
Valued Personal Possessions/Use of Electronic Devices                             12
Volunteer Activities                                                              28
Weather and Appropriate Dress                                                     11


          School Colors:         Red and Blue

          School Mascot:         Hawk

          Time Capsule:          Buried on school property, October 1977.

Time capsule contains class lists and staff roster for first year 1977 - 1978, mementos
donated by students, newspaper, pictures of students and staff, contributions from
each class (poetry, stories, murals, videotape, etc.).

                                   Capsule to be unearthed
                                      in the year 2027

      Head O' Meadow Elementary School Roster
Barbara Gasparine      Steve Dreger               Eileen Cullen
                                                  Jennifer Russell
LEAD TEACHER           MUSIC                      Janet Walker
Jennifer Meyers        Kristin Elliott            Sandra Venitelli
                                                  Tara Futie
OFFICE STAFF           MATH/SCIENCE               Elena Colafrancesca
Toni Jean Baranowski   Gail Maletz
Laurie Martinelli                                 PRE-SCHOOL RESOURCE
                       READING CONSULTANT         Jeanne Kozenieski (BT)
KINDERGARTEN           Julie Birch                Lauren McCusker (BCBA)
Gail Diminico                                     Marianne Nadriczny (BT)
Miryam Kuligowski      READING RECOVERY           Dawn Tolomeo (BT)
                       Barbara Williams           Erin Saunders
Barbara Beckerle       Elaine Sullivan            Monica Bray
Carol Howard                                      Christine DeVellis
                       SPEECH/LANG./HEAR.         Janet Graves
SECOND GRADE           Denise Evans               Diane Iorfino
Jill Dunn              Teresa Morgani (Pre-K)     Cheryl Johnson
Amy LaRusso            Judy Silverlight (Pre-K)   Dina Lago
Karen Tomanio                                     Diane Lawrence
Sara Waschiko          PSYCHOLOGIST               Evelyn Pancaldo
                       Ilissa Nordyk              Jean Passero
THIRD GRADE:           Rebecca Evans (Pre-K)      Karen Pelletreau
Bonita Cartoun                                    Kristi Regan
Tina Murphy            RESOURCE                   Sharon Roodhuyzen
Chrissie Pierce        Maureen Pennarola          Karen Shankman
Susan Ruddock          Kelly Lilly (M/Wpm/TH)     Aileen Spak
                                                  Nikeisha Yanke (BT)
Rosemarie Costello     Tara Demers                CAFETERIA STAFF
Deborah Keith          Sarah Colacurcio           Sharon Trudeau
Patricia Kurz                                     Mary Ann Choun
Lynn Taylor            O/T
                       Meghan Glynn               CUSTODIANS
NURSE                                             Wayne Sherwood
Ann Dalton             P/T                        Joe Lebron
                       Gina Bradbury (P/T)        Peter Blomberg
ART                                               Barry Falconer
Donna Perugini

Meg Reilly

Beverly Bjorklund

                                         School Hours
Kindergarten:                                            Grades 1 -4:
A.M. - 9:05 a.m. - 11:51 a.m.                            9:05 a.m. - 3:27 p.m.
P.M. - 12:40 p.m. - 3:27 p.m.
A.M. Early Dismissal - 9:05 a.m. - 11:08 a.m.            Early Dismissal - 9:05 a.m. - 1:37 p.m.
P.M. Early Dismissal - 11:08 p.m. - 1:37 p.m.

Students should not arrive at school before 8:53 A.M.

Upon arrival, students should be dropped off at the back of the school in order to keep the bus lanes free
of congestion. The school cannot assume responsibility for students who walk to school or whose parents
bring them prior to 8:53 a.m. It is important to understand that there is no supervision before or after
school. Students are considered to be tardy if they arrive after 9:10 a.m.

                                    Delayed Openings
Should the school day be delayed due to inclement weather, the school hours will be altered as follows:

90 Minute Delay

Kindergarten:                                   Grades 1 -4:
No A.M.                                         10:35 a.m. - 3:27 p.m.
PM 12:40 p.m. – 3:27 p.m. Or as announced

Students should not arrive at school before 10:20 a.m.

                                       Early Dismissal
Please remember if your child is to leave school early or be a pickup, he/she must be signed out in the
school office by a parent or someone designated by the parent. In addition, the parents or legal guardians
who wish to have their child dismissed from school early should send a signed note to the classroom
teacher specifying the time the student is to be dismissed and to whom he/she is to be released.


For reasons of safety, parents are requested not to go to the classroom to pick up their children. Office
personnel will arrange to call students from the classroom. Students are not permitted to wait for parents
outside of the school building.

                                         Dismissal Time
At the close of the school day (3:27 p.m.), all children are asked to leave for home immediately. The only
children that should remain on school grounds are those waiting for rides or those remaining at school for
some other valid reason. The school policy is that children are to go home directly after school.

Students that are being picked up will be dismissed from the Music Room #121. Parents are required to
sign their child out in the “Pick Up” book in the Music Room before leaving. It is imperative that you
arrive as close to 3:27 p.m. as possible.

                      Attendance, Tardiness & Absences
Regular attendance is important for a child's success in school. Please make every effort to have your
child(ren) at school prior to 9:05 a.m. each day. Children have a greater sense of belonging and comfort
when they are here at the start of the instructional day, remain in school throughout the day and attend
school regularly. We understand there are occasions when students need to be absent and/or tardy.

Legal excuses for absence from full sessions of elementary school are as follows:

Illness                                  Required court appearance
Illness or death in family               Attendance at organized clinics
Quarantine                               Impassable roads or weather
Remedial health treatment                Religious holiday

Parents and caregivers are to call the school and leave a message stating the child's name and reason for
absence at (203) 426 - 7672. The answering machine will record messages during hours that the school is
closed. If we are not notified, the school will call the parent, legal guardian or caregiver on the first day the
child is absent. Part of the packet of forms you will receive on the first day of school includes a request
for emergency contact numbers. It is essential the school be able to contact families when students are
absent or in case of an emergency.

Please notify the school if your child has a communicable disease.

                                Leaving School Grounds
Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds alone at any time during the school day without
written permission from the parent. For the protection of the students, the secretary, the principal, or the
student's teacher will contact the parent(s) to verify this permission if and when such situations arise. For
the safety of our students, all pick-ups must occur in the office or in the Music room at the end of the day.

                                        School Closing
The following plan has been developed to serve all students, parents, and staff members when weather
conditions or emergency situations warrant the early closing of school.

1   The Superintendent of Schools, after consulting with local town officials responsible for maintaining
    roads, will make a decision regarding the closing of schools.

2   The decision to close schools will be announced by radio stations:

               WINE (Brookfield)                           940 AM
               WICC (Bridgeport)                           600 AM
               WLAD (Danbury)                              800 AM
               WEZN (Danbury)                              99.9 FM

3   Please do not call school officials, police departments and radio stations since these lines must be kept
    open for emergency business.

4   Please do not call the school. The automated emergency phone chain will be put into effect in an
    attempt to contact you.

5   Schools in session will be closed early if severe and threatening weather conditions warrant such
    action. Parents should develop an alternate plan for the safety of children in the event school is
    dismissed early without prior notification.

    a) Make arrangements with a neighbor to receive your child if you are away from home during the

    b) Give your child specific instructions so that he/she will know what arrangements you have made.

    c) When weather is threatening, keep your radio turned on. Radio stations WINE, WICC, WLAD
       and WEZN will carry announcements of early dismissals.

                                       Make - Up Policy
The school calendar does not allow for emergency closing days. These days will be made up at the end of
the school year in June. On days when school closes early due to an emergency, afternoon kindergarten
classes will be canceled and there will be no make-up sessions.

                               Emergency Phone Chain
At the beginning of the school year, an emergency phone chain will be established to notify parents in the
event of an unexpected early dismissal from school. The list will contain the name, address, home, cell and
work phone numbers of the parents/guardians for each student. This information will be supplied to the
school on the Student Information Sheet collected from parents during the Open Houses at the beginning
of the school year. A letter explaining the procedures for early dismissal will be sent home in September.

Parents dropping off or picking up students should not park cars in the fire lanes in front of the building
or along the sidewalk in the morning or at dismissal times. Improperly parked cars present hazards, cause
delays and are often in the path of school buses and will also be ticketed. Ample parking is available in the
auxiliary parking lot, which is located on the left side of the main entrance to the school grounds. Parents
acting as chaperones for a field trip are requested to park in the auxiliary parking area.

                         Weather and Appropriate Dress
What constitutes proper dress for school is left to the parent's discretion, but we expect clothing and
footwear to be appropriate for the season and to reflect good taste and grooming. Hats are not to be
worn in school.

It is important for families to remember that students wait outside for their bus and that students also play
outside every day. Please try to see that your children come to school appropriately dressed for the wait in
the morning and outdoor play at recess. Outdoor play can be a stimulating, enjoyable part of the school
day, especially if students come comfortably and appropriately dressed.

When weather permits, ALL students go outdoors for a daily recess. Students will not be permitted to
remain indoors during recess unless they have a doctor's note excluding them from outdoor activities.

                                             Fire Drills
Fire drills are necessary for the safety of the student, staff and faculty. Everyone should know the specific
direction for reaching a point of safety from any location in the building. Connecticut state law requires
that all public schools conduct 10 fire drills per year.

                                        Lost and Found
The lost and found for clothing is located in the cafeteria. All other items may be claimed in the office. If
your child leaves something on the bus, it can be claimed when he/she rides the bus again. Items are kept
on the bus.

You can help your child retrieve lost clothing more easily by labeling things with his/her name. Items not
claimed will be donated to a charitable organization three times per year. A notice will come home to
parents prior to donation. Children and parents are urged to look through the lost and found box
periodically for lost items.

                          Valued Personal Possessions
Children should not come to school with expensive or valued belongings such as toys, radios, walkmans,
calculators, sports equipment, dolls, etc. There are times when these items get lost, broken or stolen.
Sometimes children will trade toys with each other and subsequently become upset when they decide that
they really did not want to trade.

                     Cell Phone and Electronic Devices
Possession of cell phones or other electronic devices during school hours is not permitted. Students who
bring such devices to school will be referred to an administrator and will receive a warning not to bring
electronic devices to school. Electronic devices will be held by an administrator for parent pickup.
Repeated offenses will result in referral to an administrator.

The cafeteria provides a daily hot lunch program for students. In addition, students may purchase
beverages, desserts, fruit, yogurt and cheese and crackers. A lunch menu is distributed to each student at
the beginning of each month and is also published in the local newspaper. The lunchroom is operated
under the capable direction of our dietitian. The menu is varied and planned to include necessary food

Each student will have a debit card (with photo ID), housed in the cafeteria for safely purchasing lunch or
milk. Students can draw against their card, as funded by their parent or guardian in advance. Parents can
send cash or checks to the School Office or go to the Newtown Board of Education Web page and click
on Pre-pay for School Lunches link ( to access “Café Prepay” (transaction
fees apply). If the student’s account reaches a zero balance, three emergency meals will be offered but
charged to the student’s account. Students in Kindergarten will continue to buy milk with cash only.

Children may also bring their own lunch in an appropriate container.

Children in first through fourth grade should bring a light, healthy snack to school.

Necessary school supplies not provided by the Board of Education will need to be purchased by the

                                       Health Services
The school nurse may administer medication during school hours only with written permission of a parent
and the written order of a physician. Medication forms can be obtained from the school office.
Medication to be dispensed should be brought to the school by the parent and must be identified with a
pharmacy label.

State regulations require proof of adequate immunizations prior to entry into school for the following:
poliomyelitis, mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and hemophilus influenza. A
tuberculosis skin test is also required for foreign or foreign born students entering from a high risk
country. In addition, all students born after December 31, 1996 must show immunity to chicken pox.
Physical examinations are also required for new entrants. These physicals should include specific health
information such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, updating of immunizations, screenings, etc., and
must be performed by a legal practitioner of medicine. Forms may be obtained from your child's school
or nurse's office. The state of CT has its own medical form to be filled out. For additional information,
please contact your school nurse.

All requests for exemptions from immunizations based on religious grounds must be made by written
notification by the parent. Allergic reaction exemptions must be issued by a physician (MD) licensed to
practice in the United States.

During the course of the school year, students may contract many of the familiar childhood diseases.

The following list includes some of the most common diseases requiring exclusion from school.

Chicken Pox:         Exclude for 7 days after the first eruption.

Rubella:             Exclude for at least 4 days after respiratory symptoms appear. Isolate from women
                     in their first three months of pregnancy.

Measles:             Exclude for at least 5 to 10 days after the rash has appeared.

Mumps:               Exclude for as long as the swelling persists.

Ringworm:            Exclude until appropriate treatment has been started or recovery.

Impetigo:            Exclude until appropriate treatment has been started or recovery.

Conjunctivitis:      Exclude until child is under treatment or has recovered.

Lice:                 Exclude until appropriate treatment has been given. Child should be checked
                      periodically by the nurse upon return to school.

Scabies:              Exclude until child is under treatment or has recovered.

Respiratory           Exclude from school if fever is present and/or productive secretions are
Infections:           evident (cough or nasal discharge).

1   Students who have a temperature of 100* or above, are vomiting, have a contagious disease or are too
    ill to attend to their class work should be kept at home.

2   First aid will be administered if your child is injured at school. If an ambulance or further medical
    attention is necessary, we will attempt to notify you immediately.

    Please send your emergency telephone numbers into the office at the beginning of the school
    year on the forms provided.

3   Students with rashes may be excluded pending diagnosis.

4   Parents should notify the school nurse if their child has a contagious disease.

5   Parents are responsible to report any special health problems and allergic tendencies to the school
    nurse. If medication is required, please inform the school nurse of the doctor's orders.

6   School personnel are not responsible for the treatment of injuries received at home.

Vision screening is conducted for all children, while a hearing test is administered to children in grades
kindergarten to third.

All students are eligible to participate in the student accident insurance program that is made available by
an insurance company approved by the Board of Education. The cost of this plan is indicated in the
company's brochure, which is sent home at the beginning of the school year. Parents whose children are
enrolled during the school year should request the brochure at the school office. While participation in
the plan is voluntary, you should be advised that the school district does not carry accident
insurance on the children.

With the exception of kindergartners who are picked up and dropped off at their classrooms, parents
bringing children to school are to drop them off in the rear entrance to the school. The front
circle drive is reserved for bus traffic only. Do not park in the fire lanes at any time.

Parents picking up children at the end of the day are to meet them in the Music room after
school. There will be a sign-out book and a teacher on duty in this area.

All children are to observe the basic safety rules while walking to a bus stop, waiting for the bus, boarding
and leaving the bus, and crossing the street.

Children are to understand that the bus driver is in charge and that they are to obey instructions from the
bus driver.

Children are to be courteous to schoolmates and bus drivers.

Children who abuse or destroy bus property will be held responsible. Connecticut law holds parents liable
for damages by their children.

Children are to wait in an orderly manner at their designated stop ten minutes earlier than pick-up time.
Drivers cannot wait for tardy children.

Children are to enter the bus carefully and to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Students may not
bring bulky items or live animals onto the bus.

If a bus driver has a discipline problem with a child, the child's name will be reported to the school office
and the parents will be notified. If there are repeated reports, a child may lose the bus riding privilege for
one or more days.

At the end of the school day, children are to ride their designated bus to the designated stop. The
only exceptions will be granted to students who must go on a regular basis to day care providers.

Any questions or concerns about bus transportation should be directed to the Transportation Department
at (203) 426-7613.

                       Before and After School Daycare
The Education Connection School Age Program (SAP) provides a daily program for children in grades
K – 4 between 7:00 am and the start of school and between dismissal and 6:00 pm on regularly scheduled
school days. On scheduled half days, the after school program is in session from early dismissal to 6:00

If you need to contact the school during the after school program, please call at (203) 426 – 1289. The
program is located in the cafeteria.

For further information or to register your child for the program, call Tracey L. Lay, Program Manager at:

                                           1 - (860) 567 - 0863

                                        1 - (800) 852 – 4314 x143

                           or via email at

                                 .   School Organization

Principals provide vision, encouragement and know-how. Their priorities are student learning and
staff development. The principal is the school’s educational leader and is responsible for:

          COMMUNICATING the school’s mission to teacher and students and inspiring them to
          fulfill it

          of teachers

          OVERSEEING the implementation of the curriculum

          ADVISING on instructional strategies

          EVALUATING teacher performance and supporting teacher growth and development


The Lead Teacher is an experienced teacher who is responsible for:

          ASSISTING the Principal and staff in matters of instructional leadership

          COMMUNICATING with staff, students, parents and community members

          COORDINATING instructional and non-instructional activities for the school


Teachers are the roots of our school. We hire teachers with talent and expertise, give them the freedom
and resources to do their jobs, and hold them responsible for bringing and keeping their students up to
a high standard. The major academic areas are reading and mathematics.

In addition, we have teachers in music, art, library, science, physical education and computer science.
Fourth grades students participate in chorus in addition to their regular music class. This additional
activity is offered during school hours.

                                 .   Educational Support

The schools is staffed with ah number of key support people to help ensure the success of our students.

Pupil Services staff, consisting of the psychologist, special education teachers, speech and language
pathologist, occupational therapist and social worker – work closely with the principal, parents and
classroom teachers to provide assistance to students who may experience difficulty with learning,
speech and language development, and/ or social- emotional growth.

Hearing testing and speech and language services are available to all children, pre-school through high
school. Speech, language or hearing problems, if left uncorrected, can cause difficulties in the ability
or desire to learn. The therapist works directly with the children referred by teachers and parents with
concerns regarding potential speech, language or hearing problems.

The Individual Educational Plan is a means of providing assistance for all students who may be
experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties. The basic premise of this approach is that all
students can be successful. Once the teacher or parent has expressed a concern, observations are done,
data collected and an assessment of the child’s needs is made. A plan is then devised to respond to the
child’s needs. If it is documented that the targeted strategies are not improving the area of concern, a
child may then be referred for further evaluation.


Homebound instruction is available for a range of circumstances. The most likely need for homebound
instruction will be when a child develops a condition that causes and absence of at least three weeks in
duration. A physician’s written statement, which includes the student’s expected date of return, is
required to initiate this program. Please contact the office at (203) 426 – 7670 if you have any
questions about homebound instruction.

                             Communication Guidelines
                              for Parents and Students
A student's success depends greatly upon parent participation and support.
                                                                         Head O' Meadow School
uses a number of important ways to communicate with our parents and friends.

Conferences:       Conferences are scheduled to coincide with the first two report cards.

Back Pack Mail: Most items of importance are sent home with children at the end of the day via "back
                pack mail" or in their “Friday Folders”. Please ask your child about items that have
                been sent home at least once each school day.

Monthly            The PTA publishes a monthly newsletter. Each newsletter may contain a calendar of
Newsletter:        events for the coming month, progress reports from various classes and committees,
                   plus samples of student's work. Please go to to sign up
                   for e alerts.


           If a concern emanates from a school situation, students or parents should first discuss it with
           the teaching staff member most directly involved.

           If the parties concerned feel that the discussion has not led to a satisfactory conclusion, they
           may proceed to discuss the matter with the school principal in an attempt to reach an amicable

                        Rights of Non-Custodial Parents
The Newtown school system will send vital information it normally sends to the custodial parent to the
non-custodial parent as well. The non-custodial parent should inform the office in writing of this request.
It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school principal with official documentation
specified in any custody agreement that limits or restricts access to a child and his/her records by the non-
custodial parent.

                                          Class Parents
Class Parents, an important link in the home-school chain, are parent volunteers who are called upon to
help teachers in various ways. They may assist at class parties and are asked at times to act as chaperones
for field trips. They may also help the teacher with certain classroom projects during the year.

Per school policy, there are no balloons, flowers, bear grams, etc. to be delivered to the school for
your child.

Please check in advance with your individual teacher regarding special snacks for birthday celebrations.

                                  Messages to Children
Please call the school office no later than 12:00 p.m. if you want a message delivered to your child. Parents
are asked to leave forgotten lunches, books and other items at the school office rather than delivering
them to the classroom.

Homework is recognized as an important part of the school's educational program.         It is a form of
purposeful learning that compliments regular classroom work at all grade levels. As a form of independent
study directly related to classroom work, homework provides students with the opportunity to develop
and reinforce skills and attitudes that encourage responsibility and self-directed learning. Homework
relevant to the instructional program's objectives is to be assigned by the classroom teacher when it is
necessary and considered to be an effective means to reinforce or enrich the classroom learning

The type, frequency and quality of homework assigned by the teachers should be consistent not only with
the instructional program's objectives but with the needs, capabilities, and interests of the individual
student or class as well. To fulfill this objective, the teacher should help students to understand the
purpose and significance of the assignment. The completion of homework assignments and the evaluation
of appropriate homework should be considered in the assessment of a pupil's progress.

The Board of Education realizes that the following guidelines cannot always be uniformly applied each
night of the week. However, it shall be the responsibility of the principal to see that the spirit of these
guidelines is implemented in a fair and consistent fashion.

It is important to acknowledge that variables such as speed of assignment completion, study habits and
number of study halls make it impossible for all students in the same grade to spend uniform time each
evening completing school work.

 The times indicated below are for students in the mainstream of academic achievement in Newtown and
                                        are a guideline for teachers.
                       In Grade      Homework may be assigned requiring:
                           1         50 minutes per week
                           2         1 to 1 1/2 hours per week
                           3         30 minutes per night
                           4         45 minutes per night
                           5         50 minutes per night
                           6         1 hour per night
                          7-8        1 1/2 hours per night

                 Reporting Periods / Parent Conferences
Progress reports are issued three (3) times per year: November, March and June. Conferences are
scheduled to coincide with the first and second report cards. Additional conferences may be scheduled if
the teacher believes that your child is not working at the appropriate instructional level or up to his/her
ability, or for any reason that the teacher feels should be called to your attention. Conferences may also be
scheduled merely to discuss your child's progress. Feel free to schedule an appointment with the teacher
or principal when the need arises.

When appropriate, written reports will be prepared by teachers for parent-teacher conferences. If a parent
requests that a written report be prepared for inclusion in the child's cumulative record, it will be written
by the teacher and signed by both parties. These reports should be submitted to the principal and then
made a part of the student's permanent record file.

                  Reporting Periods Elementary Schools
                           Marking Period Ends       Progress Reports Distributed
                              November 5                    November 15
                                March 11                      March 21
                                 June 3                   Last day of school

                           Parent - Teacher Conferences
           Will be held:
                               November 16 through November 19
                               March 22 through March 25

                           Head O' Meadow Open House
           Will be held:
                    September 14………………..AM and PM Kindergarten
                    September 15………………..Grades 1 and 2
                    September 16………………..Grades 3 and 4

                                 Newtown Board of Education
                                   Policies and Regulations
In accordance with certain federal and state statutes, the Newtown Board of Education hereby gives public notice of
the following policies. It is suggested that, where appropriate, parents discuss these policies with their children.

Policy #7110 Title IX: Discrimination in Education
The Newtown Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in
any of its educational programs. The Newtown Board of Education designates Alice Jackson, Assistant
Superintendent of Schools, as the Title IX , Title VI, and Section 504 Compliance Officer. All complaints in matters
where discrimination is alleged should be sent, in writing, to Linda Gjeda, 3 Primrose Street, Newtown, CT 06470.

Policy #5126: Protection of Pupil Rights
Parents and/or legal guardians have the right to inspect or review any instructional material used in the Newtown
schools in connection with any Board approved research or experimentation program or project designed to
develop new methods or techniques in instruction.

Policy #5125: Student Records
Parents, legal guardians and adult students have the right to appeal any inclusion of any incomplete, inaccurate, or
inappropriate information in the student's record. They must approve the release of information to all third parties
except for duly constituted legal and educational agencies with specific authorization. In such cases, parents shall be
notified prior to compliance.

Student records are reviewed regularly and extraneous, outdated, or irrelevant information shall be destroyed.

Inquiries regarding Policies #5125, and #5126 may be directed to the school administration or the office of the
Superintendent of Schools, 3 Primrose Street, Newtown, CT 06470; telephone # (203) 426 - 7620.

Policy #5114: Removal, Suspension or Expulsion
The Newtown Board of Education recognizes the right of all students as citizens to an education and basic security.
It therefore expects its school programs to be conducted in an atmosphere of good order and discipline necessary
for effective learning. Students are expected to respect constituted authority, to respect personal and property rights
of others, and to obey duly constituted school rules and regulations. The Board of Education authorizes its teachers
to take appropriate disciplinary action to deal with disruption of the learning process, or when behavior endangers
the safety, property, or rights of others. In cases where suspension or expulsion from school is deemed necessary,
the student has a right to due process before his/her right to education is restricted. The parent or guardian must be
notified of any suspension or expulsion proceedings involving the student and given an opportunity for a hearing
before the appropriate authority.

Policy #5146: Substance Abuse
The Newtown Board of Education recognizes the serious societal problem of substance abuse. Any student who
uses, dispenses, sells or aids in the procurement of alcohol, narcotics, restricted drugs, mood-altering substances or
any substance purported to be a restricted substance - whether on school grounds, during a school session or
anywhere at a school sponsored activity shall be subject to the provisions outlined in the administrative procedures
of Policy #5146. Inquiries regarding this policy may be directed to the Superintendent of Schools, telephone (203)
426 - 7620.

Smoking in School Facilities
Smoking shall be prohibited inside all school facilities at all times, including when buildings are used by the
community or authorized organizations. Signs will be posted and penalties will comply with current State and/or
local regulations.

Vandalism is a serious act and requires serious consequences. When vandalism occurs and the responsible persons
are identified, reimbursement for repairs and/or replacements will be established. Responsibility for payment will
be determined by the designated school administrator and obtained through legal procedures, if necessary. Other
legal sanctions or disciplinary action that may be obligatory under laws or in keeping with Board of Education policy
or practice will be pursued.

Harassment of Students
The Newtown Board of Education affirms the right of all students to be protected from intimidation,
discrimination, physical harm, and / or harassment.

Harassment or discrimination behavior that denies civil rights or access to equal educational opportunities includes
indecent, vulgar or abusive epithets or gestures that are targeted at an individual or group. Such harassment or
discriminatory behavior is not acceptable under this policy. It shall be an aggravating circumstance that the harasser
selects the victim because of the victim's race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. If an
indecent, vulgar, or abusive epithet is directed to the victim's race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or
disability, this shall be evidence that the victim was chosen because of that characteristic.

Staff members must inform the principal of any harassment incident that comes to their attention. A student
and/or a parent may file a formal written complaint with the principal. In all cases, the principal will thoroughly
investigate the incident while protecting the due process and privacy rights of all parties to the complaint. The
principal or designee must inform the parents involved. Following communication with the children, parents
and/or teachers involved, the principal shall determine appropriate actions to be taken. The principal will keep a
written record of the incident. If, in the principal's judgment, the level of harassment is of such a high degree of
severity that merits suspension beyond five days or expulsion, the principal must bring the case to the
Superintendent of Schools for further action.

If a student commits a second harassment offense, a meeting of the principal with the student and parent(s) must
occur. The principal or parent(s) may request that the Superintendent of Schools or the Assistant Superintendent
attend this meeting. The principal shall be responsible for discipline in this second case after consultation with the
Superintendent of Schools. In severe cases, the principal may bring the case to the Superintendent for further
action. If, after investigation, the principal has determined that a third offense has taken place, the student shall be
presented to the Board of Education for consideration of lengthy suspension or expulsion.

In all cases of harassment, the principal will be responsible for taking appropriate actions to protect the victim from
further harassment.

Sexual Harassment of Students
It is the policy of the Newtown Board of Education that all students should be able to experience their education in
Newtown free of sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other offensive verbal or
physical conduct, including written material, that is sexual in nature and which interferes with a reasonable student’s
learning, performance and emotional well being, but does not include simple childish behavior or an offensive
utterance, comment or vulgarity.

Any sexual harassment of students by staff members or other students is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

A student who believes that (s)he has been subjected to sexual harassment by either a staff member or another
student is encouraged to make it clear to the offender, if possible, that such behavior is offensive and should be
stopped. The student is encouraged to bring the matter to the attention of a building administrator or guidance
counselor with whom (s)he is comfortable discussing the matter. If the building administrator or guidance
counselor is unable to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the student being harassed, then the building
administrator or guidance counselor, or the complaining student if those responsible do not take action, shall bring
the matter to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator (Assistant Superintendent of Schools). The Title IX
Coordinator is responsible for investigating all cases of sexual harassment in a timely manner and for presenting the
findings of the investigation to the Superintendent of Schools and the pertinent building administrator for further
action if necessary.

All reports of sexual harassment will be treated as confidential. Retaliation against any student for complaining
about sexual harassment is prohibited. Violations of this policy will not be tolerated.

Student Dress and Grooming
The Newtown Board of Education believes that students’ attire should not disrupt the educational process, destroy
property or impair health and safety. Accordingly, the Board establishes the following standard for student attire:

1. Students should not wear clothing, footwear or accessories that pose a risk of injury to persons or damage to

2. Dress should be appropriate, e.g. abbreviated attire as found in gym clothing and beach wear are not considered
   suitable dress for school.

3. Dress should not be distractive, e.g. see-through apparel, shirts and other clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco
   or drugs, sexual activity or preference or vulgar expressions. Clothing styles should not reflect association or
   affiliation with gang-related dress codes.

4. Students should maintain a reasonable cleanliness of person and of wearing apparel.

5. Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times.

The school administration is responsible for the implementation of this policy. The principal and/or vice principal
shall determine whether or not a particular article of clothing or other item or appearance conforms to the above

It is recognized that, as a part of their supervisory responsibilities, all teachers are to assist in making this policy

Action for violation of any of the above standard may include any or all of the following:
    a. Individual counseling
    b. Sending the student home to change and return to school
    c. Parental conference
    d. Suspension for insubordination (refusal to change and/or follow the directions of building administration)
Electronic Information Networks
The Board of Education recognizes that students must become frequent and proficient users of the technology
necessary for twenty-first century work and communication. To that end, the Board encourages prudent and
appropriate use of the Internet or other electronic information networks in order for students and staff to
participate in distance learning activities, to ask questions of and consult with experts, to communicate with others
and to locate material to meet educational and developmental needs.

In Newtown schools, the Internet can be used to instruct and inform and as a publishing arena that allows students
and teachers an external audience for original work.

School library media specialists and teachers have a professional responsibility to work together to identify
information appropriate to age and developmental levels of the students they serve. In addition, they have the
responsibility to help students develop the intellectual skills needed to discriminate among information sources and
to evaluate and use pertinent information to meet their educational goals. Because the Internet is constantly
changing, it is impossible to predict with certainty what information students may access. Just as the purchase,
availability and use of other media does not constitute endorsement of their contents by the district, neither does
making electronic information available to students imply endorsement of that content.

The Superintendent shall issue regulations to govern access to and use of electronic information networks. At a
minimum, such regulations must provide that use of the Internet or other electronic information networks will be
conducted in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations regarding copyright and technology use.

Guidelines for Field Trips
1. The district has an obligation not to be redundant with field trips from grade level to grade level unless
   there are special educational circumstances that warrant a return visit to a particular location.

2. Should various grade levels seek to visit the same location, the grade level to keep the trip will be
   determined by a correlation of the trip to the required course content.

3. Regular field trips are defined financially as costing $20 or less. Trips costing this dollar amount
   require that reasonable notice be given to parents prior to the trip. In the case of field trips that cost
   significantly more than regular ones, parents should be informed of the trips 4-5 weeks before the trip
   is to take place.

4. For field trips costing more than $65, the following steps should occur in the following order:

    A. Orientation for parents either in writing or in a meeting as to the purpose of the trip.

    B. At the conclusion of the orientation meeting or after written notification, parents should be given
       the anonymous opportunity to say whether they support the trip. If a significant number of
       parents do not support the trip, the principal and teacher will decide if the trip should be held.

    C. Details of the trip can then be discussed with students.

    D. Parents will be informed of the decision about whether the trip will be held at least three months
       prior to the trip.

    E. After the completion of field trips in this category, all participants will be given an anonymous
       survey about the value of the trip to enhance future planning of such activities.
5. In the case of field trips that leave the country and/or cost more than $250, the trip concept and
   benefits will be presented to the Board of Education by the building principal. If the Board approves
   the trip, the next step is to have a parent orientation meeting after which parents can anonymously
   state whether they financially support the trip.

6. For trips of the regular category, parents who do not have the financial resources to pay for a trip may
   contact the PTA president, school principal, the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum or the
   classroom teacher for assistance.

7. The concept of equal education opportunity for students may not be addressed if youngsters miss the
   opportunity for field trips because they happen to have teachers who do not take field trips.

8. Parents are paying for the trips and should have the opportunity to choose to support them or not. If
   10% of the students are left behind, the value of the group activity is diminished.

                                The Parents Are Actively Involved

                           Parent - Teacher Association
PTA Council
The Newtown PTA Council is a group of representatives from PTA units of the elementary, middle and
high schools. It meets monthly and its meetings are open to the public.

The Council serves to strengthen the local units, enabling each one to work more effectively, and to
achieve common goals. It also provides information on state and national PTA issues and offers
leadership training workshops for local officers and committee chairpersons.

Head O' Meadow PTA
The Head O' Meadow Parent-Teacher Association is a local unit of the Connecticut Branch of the
National Congress of Parents and Teachers.

The goal of the PTA is to encourage the development of quality public education in our community and to
help cement the cooperative partnership of teachers and parents for the benefit of our children.

The PTA's primary goal is to make a positive impact on the quality of education for each student and help
make the school the best it can be. We need support and encouragement from all our members. The
Head O' Meadow PTA believes that education is our prime function and together with the Board of
Education, teachers, parents, and legislators, we can accomplish for our children what none of us can do

The PTA also sponsors programs for Head O' Meadow students throughout the year. These programs
provide cultural enrichment in the arts and sciences and have included poets, theater groups, dance
troupes, and naturalists. The PTA counts on volunteers to donate their time and energy to provide HOM
School students with various extracurricular activities. If you as a parent have a unique or special talent to
share with our student community, we encourage you to come forward. The PTA works hard to raise
funds for field trips, enrichment materials and activities.

Information about the Head O' Meadow PTA can be found on the Head O’ Meadow website

PTA Membership
The PTA Membership drive will be launched early in September and all parents are urged to become
members. You may become a member at any time during the school year by contacting the school office
or our membership drive chairperson. The PTA welcomes your active participation, ideas, and
suggestions. Please contact the school office, your child's teacher or the PTA president if you would like
to help in any of our programs.

                             Parent Volunteer Overview
Welcome to another exciting year at Head O' Meadow School. We encourage all our parents to participate
in the education of our children by sharing your time and talents in the classroom, helping the staff
"behind the scenes" and becoming involved in various fundraising and social activities. It is a proven fact
that volunteering greatly benefits our children. Your presence at Head O' Meadow sends a message to the
students that you care about their education.

When you come to volunteer at Head O' Meadow this year, we would like everyone to sign in and out at
the office. We would also ask that you wear a volunteer or visitor badge and return it when you sign out.
It is important to know who is in the building during school hours.

Please carefully review this Parent Volunteer Section. We have listed many of the volunteer activities
available for you at Head O' Meadow.

If we can answer any of your questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call. Call the School office
at (203) 426 - 7670 for the names of the volunteer coordinators, or for the person to contact for more
information on a specific activity.

                                    Volunteer Activities
         Many volunteer activities have flexibility to meet the needs of your busy schedule

 Advocacy Committee                   Fourth Grade Send-Off        H.O.M. Scholarship Selection
 After School Activities              Fundraisers                  Publicity
 Art Room Helper                      Geography Program            Recycling
 Art Show                             Get Flocked                  Scholarship for NHS
 Attend School Board Meetings         Grant Applications           School Beautification
 Audubon - Cane Committee             Holiday Fair                 School Rewards
 Bake for PTA/School Events           Jr. Achievement              Spirit Day (Field Day)
 Birthday Book Club                   Jr. Great Books              Spirit Wear
 Book Fairs                           Kindergarten Welcome         Staff Appreciation Days
 Bus Driver Appreciation              Library Volunteers           Square One Art
 Community Outreach                   Math/Science Night           Thanksgiving Pies/
 Cultural Arts                        Math Superstars              Cookie Dough
 Dinner Dance/Auction                 New Families Mentor          Turn Off T.V Week
 Distribute Trees on Arbor Day        Newsletter                   Valentine’s for Service People
 Emergency Phone Chain                Picture Day                  Veteran’s Day
 Enrichment                           Playground Planning          Winter Carnival
 Family Fun Nights                    PTA Membership               Yankee Candles
 First Grade Lunch                    PTA Webpage Updates

                    ABC's OF PARENTHOOD
Always find some time exclusively for your children each day.
Broaden their horizons through varied experiences.
Challenge them to set and achieve high goals in life.
Delight in their efforts in school and at home.
Examine your approach so as to keep it loving.
Find something good to say about your children each day.
Guide them in their decisions.
Have a listening ear for their problems and concerns.
Insure that you pay attention to their fears.
Joyfully forgive their shortcomings.
Keep their confidence.
Live a life that serves as a positive model.
Manage your time as to make them your best friend.
Never say "no" when you might be able to say "yes".
Open your home to their friends.
Protect them from their own inexperience.
Quickly show interest in their endeavors.
Remember that they have needs to be met.
Show them love.
Teach them to treat others as they want to be treated.
Understand they are young and learning to adjust.
Very carefully, mean what you say.
Watch them grow and appreciate each stage.
EXpect them to follow rules.
Yield to your children's preferences, if it isn't against a principle.
 Zealously help your children to enjoy life.

Head O' Meadow School
94 Boggs Hill Road - Newtown, CT 06470
           (203) 426 – 7670

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