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									DePuy Patients are Urged To Be Identified Before August 2012

Being part of the recall does not mean that you would just submit yourself to the conditions set by the
manufacturing company and suffer the troubles by yourself. Being part of a recall, especially something
as troublesome as the asr recall that was announced by DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. on August 2010 makes
you eligible to file a DePuy Hip recall class action against and receive a proper compensation from the
manufacturing company of the defective device.

As of now, there are about 6000 hip lawsuits that were filed against DePuy, and the patients who have
filed these cases are set to go on trial later this year. Despite the huge number of cases that were filed,
there are still a lot of patients who chose to stay silent about the trouble they are experiencing because
of the defective hip replacement device.

The US Drug Watchdog are urging all patients who have been part of the controversial recall to contact
hip lawyers that they trust as soon as possible even if they are not experiencing any problems with the
recalled hip replacement that was implanted on them because the law has already set the deadline for
all patients to be identified which falls on August this year.

The recall, which was due to the reported high failure rate of the device, affected about 93000
individuals all over the world, 40,000 of which are US Citizens. The problem with this is, only 3400 of
which are identified by the federal court in Ohio.

Lack of publicity is probably one of the reasons why a lot of patients are not informed about the
situation they are in. There are a lot of patients who are not yet aware of the urgency of the situation
they are in, including the risks that they run by not contacting their lawyers.

According to US watchdog, patients who are part of the recall are likely to receive up to $100,000
settlements for all the trouble they experienced because of the recall. However, if they failed to make
themselves identified before the said deadline, all their chances of receiving the proper compensation
they deserve would be gone. Being part of the depuy recalls is definitely a huge problem for anyone,
aside from financial and even emotional problems that you would get; you also run the risk for serious
health problems. So what if all the troubles rise after some time? How would you be able to go after the
company that brought you all the trouble? If you are thinking of contacting lawyers regarding the recall,
the time is now.

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