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Minnesota Health Care Reform


									Minnesota’s Health Care Reform
Community Health Workers

       Minnesota’s answer to health
    disparities by reducing cultural and
              linguistic barriers
 Minnesota CHW Project
 Developed a standardized curriculum to educate
  CHWs in Minnesota.
 Developing professional standards for CHWs that
  will define their role in the health care delivery
 Incorporating CHWs into the health care workforce
  by creating a sustainable employment market.
 Funded by State and National Foundations.
Innovative Strategy

               Local Initiative Funding Partners
                A national program office of the
              Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Minnesota Community Health Worker
Project Partners
   Minnesota State Colleges and                 Minnesota Department of Human
    Universities                                  Services
   Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota          Minnesota International Health
    Foundation                                    Volunteers
   Local Initiative Funding Partners –          Multicultural Healthcare Alliance
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation               Neighborhood Health Care Network
   Otto Bremer Foundation                       Summit Academy OIC – Opportunities
   Minneapolis Foundation                        Industrialization Center
   Delta Dental Foundation of Minnesota         Minnesota Board of Nursing
   Minnesota Department of Health               Minnesota Nurses Association
   UCare Minnesota                              Southern Minnesota Area Health
   HealthPartners                                Education Center (AHEC)
   Fairview Health Services                     Portico Healthnet
   Region Nine Development                      NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center,
    Commission                                    Inc.
   Minnesota Hospital Association               Intercultural Mutual Assistance
   City of Minneapolis, Twin Cities Health       Association
    Start Program                                Centro Campesino
   Open Door Health Center                      Ramsey County
   Medica                                       Hennepin County
                                                 Blue Earth County
What is a Community Health Worker?

 Minnesota Community Health Worker the
 Link to Continuing Care.
 CHWs come from the communities they serve
 and bridge the gap between cultures and the
 health care system
       Core Role of a Minnesota Community Health Worker

 Role 1: Bridge the gap between communities and
    the health and social service systems
   Role 2: Promote wellness by providing culturally
    appropriate health information to and providers.
   Role 3: Assist in navigating the health and human
    services system
   Role 4: Advocate for individual and community
   Role 5: Provide Direct Services
   Role 6: Build Individual and Community Capacity:
Standardized Curriculum
 Based on Core Competencies of the role of a CHW
    and Health Promotion
   Statewide standardized Training
   14 Credits (approximately a semester)
   Career Pathways into higher education
   Pathways (Community Paramedic, CDHC)
Minnesota CHW Curriculum
   Role of the CHW – Core Competencies (9 credit hours)
      Role, Advocacy and Outreach - 2
      Organization and Resources - 1
      Teaching and Capacity Building - 2
      Legal and Ethical Responsibilities - 1
      Coordination and Documentation - 1
      Communication and Cultural Competency - 2
   Role of the CHW – Health Promotion Competencies (3 credit hours)
      Healthily Lifestyles
      Heart and Stroke
      Maternal Child and Teens
      Diabetes
      Cancer
      Oral Health
      Mental Health
   Role of CHW – Practice Competencies – Internship (2 credit hours)
Where Are The Jobs and how are
they being paid?

                      Local Initiative Funding Partners
                       A national program office of the
                     Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Where CHWs Work
 Community Clinics, FQHC’s
 Community Based or Non-Profits
 Public Health Departments
 Hospitals
 County Programs
 School Programs
 Churches
Advancing Community Health Worker
Practice and Utilization: The Focus on
 Funded by a grant from the Blue
  Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
  Foundation to the National Fund for
  Medical Education, which is
  administered at the UCSF
  Center for the Health
      CHW Potential Funding Flow Chart
     Source         Mechanism          Intermediary       CHW           Intermediary
Federal or
                                                       CHW employer
government             Grant
agency                  or                               Community

                1     contract

                                       Hlth                                              Health
                                       Plans                 Hospital                   Worker
                           Direct      /HMO
Insurance             reimbursement
                         or indirect
  Public        2
                        payment via            Purch
                         capitation            asers

Governement             General                          Community
general funds            fund                            Based
                                                         Organization       CHW
                3       budget                                            Network
                                                                          or Group
 Private Sector       Operating
company        4       Budget
                        Self pay

      Laws of Minnesota for 2008
             Chapter 326
         Article 1 Section 32
  Covered Services
         MHCP-enrolled CHWs may bill for
 Patient Education and Care coordination services
          The CHW covered services must:
 Be supervised by professionals listed in legislation
 Order signed by an MHCP-enrolled professional
       in the chart of an MHCP-eligible client
              A documented care plan
       CHW services provided face-to-face
       Utilizing an established curriculum
      CHW Services for patient education and
              care coordination must be:
               Billed in 30 minute units
       Limit 4 units per 24 hours per recipient
 No more than 8 units per calendar month per recipient
CHW Rates
 98960   12.50/unit (individual)
 98961    4.16/person/unit (2-4 persons)
 98962    1.92/person/unit (5-8 persons)
               One unit = 30 minutes
              4 units/person/24hours
           8units/person/calendar month
Methods to using the Minnesota
Payment System.
 In a Healthcare Settings
     Hospitals, clinics, Dentist Offices,
      Psychologist, FQHC’s, Mental Health
      Departments, Hospice
 Public Health
     Schools, County Services
     Public Health Systems
          WIC, Head Start, Food Shelves
 Through contracted services
     Non-Profits, Independent, Consumer, Fee for
      Service - contracts
CHW website at
Thank you
Anne Willaert


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