Fast Food Comparisons in Excel

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					                         Fast Food Comparisons in Excel
Go to the following sites (Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s) and find the
nutritional information from 4 things off the menu – one drink, one sandwich, one side,
and one desert (each of the four items you choose must be available at all of the
restaurants). You are going to create an excel spreadsheet with the calories and another
spreadsheet with the fat content of each item. This is how I want your sheet set up:
They should be each on their own sheet (label the first tab calories and the second tab

Once all of your information is filled out I want you to add the word total to F4 and then
use a formula to calculate the total calories or fat for each meal at each restaurant. Then I
want you to add the word average in A8, minimum in A9, and maximum in A10 and
calculate them for each item using a formula. Add a thick border (similar to the one I
have in the diagram) around your spreadsheet.

Now you are going to compare an item from each (use a different menu item for calories
than you use for the fat content) using a chart of your choice (so when you are finished
you will have a chart on the calories page and one on the fat page). For example: if I am
comparing milk shakes for their calorie content I need to make sure I include all three of
the restaurant’s names and the calories for milkshakes from each. Make sure you include
a great title (telling me exactly what I am looking at). Change the color on your charts to
the portion representing burger king to blue, McDonalds to yellow and Wendy’s to red.

Merge and centered titles and add a thick border                                           /3
Bolding in proper places and title in 18 pt. font                                          /2
Information is visible, correct and filled out properly                                    /5
Titles on charts are very informative                                                      /5
Colors on charts are done correctly                                                        /5
Charts show what was asked                                                                /10
Totals are completed with a formula                                                        /5
Average is completed with a formula                                                        /5
Min is completed with a formula                                                            /5
Max is completed with a formula                                                            /5
TOTAL                                                                                     /50

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