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					                                  Asthma Resources for Healthcare Providers
                                          National and California

      Organization                                     Description                      Contact Information
Allergy and Asthma                        Patient education, support for parents 1-800-878-4403
Network–Mother’s of                        with asthma, information available in
Asthmatics, Inc.                           Spanish.

American Academy of                       Diagnosis, treatment, support           1-800-822-2762
Allergy, Asthma and                        organizations, resources, asthma in
Immunology                                 the news, section for kids.             (Select Patient/Public Resource
American Academy of                       Links to asthma resources and 
Family Physicians                          publications.
                                          Link to article: “Asthma Update:
                                           Part II. Medical Management” by         /1061.html
                                           Matthew Mintz.
                                          Link to article: “Developing and
                                           Communicating a Long-Term               /2419.html
                                           Treatment Plan for Asthma” by
                                           Mellins et al.
American Academy of                       Topics include advocacy,      
Pediatrics                                 publications, professional education,
                                           and resources.

American College of                       Asthma education and resources for      1-800-842-7777
Allergy, Asthma, and                       patients and providers.       
Immunology                                Asthma Disease Management     
                                           Resource Manual: A manual to            ctice_Resources/manual.htm
                                           assist in the diagnosis, assessment
                                           and treatment of asthma. Emphasis is
                                           given to patient self-care,
                                           monitoring, and the psychosocial
                                           factors that may have an impact on
                                           the disease.
American Lung                             Fact sheets, publications, and asthma   1-800-586-4872
Association                                summer camp information.      
                                          Training, advocacy, and research
American Lung                             Asthma information for health 
Association of California                  professionals and the community.

American Medical                          Patient education, publications, and
Association                                resources.

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     Organization                                      Description                        Contact Information
Asthma Coalition of Los                  Brings together prevention and
Angeles County – Local                    clinical care stakeholders to address   chi_asthma.htm
Resource                                  policy and systems change.
                                         Link to Coalition’s policy paper:
                                          “Controlling Asthma in Los Angeles
                                          County: A Call to Action.”
Asthma and Allergy                       Online catalog of asthma and allergy    1-800-7-ASTHMA
Foundation of America                     resources.                    
                                         Links to patient education programs.
                                         Toll free help-line to request
                                          literature & physician referrals.

Asthma and Allergy                       Community and professional              5900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2330.
Foundation of America –                   education programs for all ages,        Los Angeles, CA 90036
Southern California                       quarterly newsletters and certified     Tel. (800) 624-0044
Chapter -                                 pollen count information.               Fax. (323) 937-7815
Local Resource                           Sponsors Breathmobiles, Senior
                                          programs, and Asthma Camp.
Asthma and Schools                       Asthma-related resources for school
                                          personnel working with grades K-12.
                                         Simple, searchable database links to
                                          educational materials, medical
                                          information, websites, and other
Asthma Clinical                          Clinical trials for evaluation of new
Research Network                          and existing therapeutic approaches.

BREATHE California                       School enrichment programs in Long      5858 Wilshire Blvd., Suite #300
of LA County – Local                      Beach, Wilmington and Carson –          Los Angeles, CA 90036
Resource                                  available for implementation in         Tel. (323) 935-8050
                                          schools or youth-program settings       Fax. (323) 935-1873
                                          for all ages.                 
                                         Worksite smoking cessation
                                         Advocacy – Children’s Breathing
                                          Rights Act.
                                         Youth volunteers – peer advocacy
California Asthma                        Search capabilities to locate local
Partners                                  resources for programs and cultural     ources/
                                          and linguistic appropriate materials.
                                          Search by county.

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      Organization                                    Description                       Contact Information
California Asthma Public                  Asthma resources and publications.
Health Initiative                         Guidelines for the Management of      hi/
                                           Asthma in California Schools.
                                          Asthma Action Plan for Schools and

California Department of                  Information on statewide asthma
Health Services                            efforts, materials and resources.     hib/asthma/
                                          Links to all asthma programs within
                                          Strategic Plan for Asthma in
                                           California                            ?paper_key=STRATEGIC_ASTH
                                          Environmental Health Investigations   MA_2003
California Smokers’                       Tobacco cessation helpline            English: 1-800-NO-BUTTS
Helpline                                                                         Spanish: 1-800-456-6386
                                                                                 Cantonese: 1-800-838-8917
                                                                                 Korean: 1-800-556-5564
                                                                                 Mandarin: 1-800-838-8917
                                                                                 Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440
Center for Disease                        Links to asthma resources and
Control and Prevention                     publications.                         on=search&queryText=Asthma

Center for Health Care                    Asthma education and resources.
Strategies, Inc.                          Achieving Better Care for Asthma
                                           Toolkit.                              960/publications_show.htm?doc_i
Community Action to                       Asthma resources and publications.
Fight Asthma

Community Clinic                          Pediatric asthma work group for       1055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1400
Association of Los                        clinicians from community clinics.     Los Angeles, CA 90017
Angeles County                                                                   (213) 201-6510 Work
(CCALAC) – Local                                                                 (213) 201-6519 Fax

Doctor's Guide to the                     Current medical news and discussion
Internet-Asthma                            groups for physicians and patients.   htm

Global Initiative for                     Asthma education and resources for
Asthma                                     patients and providers.

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      Organization                                      Description                     Contact Information
Healthy African                           Culturally appropriate services for   3756 Santa Rosalia Dr., Suite 320.
American Families –                        families and helps parents to         Los Angeles, CA 90008
Local Resource                             understand asthma and the allergens   Tel. (323) 292-2002
                                           that cause it.                        Fax. (323) 292-6121
                                          Environmental home assessments to
                                           reduce asthma triggers.
                                          Can accompany patients to doctor
                                          Links patients to community

L.A. Care Health Plan                     Asthma-related health education       Health Promotion Services
                                           materials and resources.              Department
                                                                                 555 W. Fifth St., 29th Floor.
                                                                                 Los Angeles, CA 90013
                                                                                 Tel. (213) 694-1250
                                                                                 Fax. (213) 623-8987

Long Beach Alliance for                   Community health workers provide      2651 Elm Ave., Suite 100.
Children with Asthma                       in-home visits, education, and        Long Beach, CA 90806
(LBACA) – Local                            environmental home assessments to     Tel. (562) 427-4249
Resource                                   identify and reduce triggers for      Fax. (562) 427-8438
                                           patients in Long Beach, Wilmington,
                                           San Pedro, & Carson.
                                          Free community asthma classes.
                                          Physician Asthma Care Education to
                                           improve asthma management skills
                                           of physicians and their staff.
                                          Patient education materials.

Los Angeles County                        Asthma resources, publications, and
Department of Public                       asthma coalition activities.          chi_asthma.htm
Health                                    Information about asthma policy and
                                           systems change.

Los Angeles Unified                       Information on asthma activities in
School District (LAUSD)                    LAUSD.
Asthma Project – Local

MedlinePlus                               Easy access to asthma-related
                                           medical journal articles.             us/asthma.html

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       Organization                                    Description                          Contact Information
The National Asthma                       Links for research (scientific 
Education and                              database), education (patient and        • Online Catalog-
Prevention Program                         medical) and communication (chat
(NAEPP) of the National                    rooms, on-line forums).
Heart, Lung, and Blood                    Link to The NHLBI Healthy People
Institute (NHLBI)                          2010 Gateway with asthma                 eset.htm
National Institute of                      information.
Health (NIH)                              Select "Resources", then, "Asthma
                                           Mortality Maps of the U.S. and
                                           Local Communities."
                                          Free seven-item questionnaire, "How
                                           Asthma-Friendly Is Your School?"         ublic/lung/asthma/friendhi.htm

The National Center for                   Maternal and child health      
Education in Maternal                      information on asthma.                   ents/asthma.html
and Child Health

National Jewish Medical                   Asthma patient education materials       1-800-222-LUNG
and Research Center                        available                      
(Lung Line)                               Personal interactive diary to help
                                           track symptoms, medicines and
                                           quality of life; graphs show progress
                                           and relationship of symptoms,
                                           medicines and quality of life.

New England Clinicians                    Links to asthma education and  
Forum                                      resources.                               _results_con.asp?condition=Asthm

The Provider's Guide to                   Resources to assist health care
Quality & Culture                          professionals in providing high          e
                                           quality, culturally and linguistically
                                           appropriate services.

Starlight Starbright                      Asthma CD-Rom: Quest for the             1850 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 450
Children’s Foundation –                    Code is a children’s asthma              Los Angeles, CA 90025
Local Resource                             educational program available in         Tel. (800) 315-2580
                                           English and Spanish.           
School Asthma Allergy                     Tools and information including
                                           Respiratory Guidelines/Programs
                                           and a Teaching Toolkit.

    6/2006 Asthma Clinical Partnership                     Page 5
      Organization                                    Description                       Contact Information
U.S. Environmental                       Provides asthma resources and
Protection Agency                         publications for schools and the       tml
                                          community on World Asthma Day
                                          and Asthma Awareness Month.
                                         Links to asthma-related publications
                                          and resources.                         ations.html
                                                                                 U.S. EPA, Region 9
                                                                                 Mail Code (Air-6)
                                                                                 75 Hawthorne Street
                                                                                 San Francisco, CA 94105
                                                                                 (415) 947-4192

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