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					                                                            Maricopa Community
       Frequently Asked                                           Colleges
          Questions                                             http://www.maricopa.edu/

What is HCC Credit by Evaluation?                             Chandler Gilbert Community College                   Maricopa
                                                                        (480) 732-7000                             Community Colleges
HCC credit by evaluation is a process where health
                                                           2626 East Pecos Road - Chandler, AZ 85225
related college and/or university courses that you
have taken in the past are evaluated to determine
                                                              Estrella Mountain Community College
equivalency to HCC courses offered through the                           (623) 935-8000
Maricopa Community Colleges. Documentation re-             3000 North Dysart Road - Avondale, AZ 85323
garding your past coursework is required in order to
determine if all competencies for a particular HCC               GateWay Community College
course have been met.                                                    (602) 286-8000
How long will the equivalency review take?                  108 North 40th Street - Phoenix, AZ 85034      Health Core Curriculum (HCC)
Typically most reviews are completed within three                Glendale Community College
weeks. However, if not all required information was                      (623) 845-3000
submitted, some information is missing or illegible, or   6000 West Olive Avenue - Glendale, AZ 85302
additional information is needed, the process may
take additional time.                                                 Maricopa Skill Center
                                                                         (602) 238-4000
What documents do I need for an equivalency re-
                                                           1245 East Buckeye Road - Phoenix, AZ 85034            Credit By
It is critical that you submit as much supporting docu-
mentation as possible to show that you successfully
                                                                   Mesa Community College
                                                                         (480) 461-7000                         Evaluation
completed the course(s) and exactly what was cov-             1833 West Southern - Mesa, AZ 85202
ered in the course(s) you took.
                                                              Paradise Valley Community College
Is there a fee?                                                          (602) 787-6500
There is no application fee for HCC equivalency
                                                           18401 North 32nd Street - Phoenix, AZ 85032
review. However, fees may apply in order to receive
                                                                        Phoenix College
eligible credit. Contact the admissions and records
                                                                         (602) 285-7500                     Maricopa Community Colleges
office at the college you plan to attend for further
                                                           1202 West Thomas Road - Phoenix, AZ 85013           Health Care Education
information on any applicable fees.
                                                                                                               2411 West 14th Street
Are there exemptions to some HCC courses based                   Rio Salado Community College                     Tempe, AZ 85281
on work experience/training?                                             (480) 517-8540                            (480) 731-8924
                                                             2323 West 14th Street - Tempe, AZ 85281
A limited number of MCCCD health care programs                                                                   (480) 731-8262 Fax
have established criteria for exemption of specific              Scottsdale Community College
HCC course work based on professional health                             (480) 423-6000
related work experience/training. Visit                   9000 East Chaparral Rd. - Scottsdale, AZ 85256
http:healthcare.maricopa.edu and click on “For Stu-
dents”, then “Healthcare course” and then “HCC                South Mountain Community College
Exemptions” for more Information.                                        (602) 243-8000
                                                            7050 South 24th Street - Phoenix, AZ 85042
       Credit by

   Health Core Curriculum                           Equivalency Review Process:                            Some of the Most Commonly Taken
    Credit by Evaluation                                                                                       HCC Courses & Modules:
                                                •    Obtain the Integrated Competency Assessment
Successful completion of Health Core                 Network (ICAN) HCC Credit by Evaluation appli-        Course          Title                Credits
Curriculum courses is required for comple-           cation for Healthcare Education website: http://
tion of many of the health care certificate                                                                HCC130*       Fundamentals
                                                     healthcare.maricopa.edu/pdfDocs/ican.5.doc or
and degree programs offered within the               by going to: http://healthcare.maricopa.edu and                     In Health Care Delivery     3
Maricopa Community Colleges.                         clicking on the “For Students” link and then going    HCC130AA      Health Care Today          .5
                                                     to the section on “Healthcare Courses”, and then      HCC130AB      Workplace Behavior
The Health Core Curriculum (HCC)                     “Credit by Evaluation”.                                             In Health Care             .5
courses provide an introduction to a uni-                                                                  HCC130AC      Personal Wellness
versal foundation of concepts common to         •    Complete the application form and gather all of                     & Safety                   .5
many health care programs and profes-                the required documentation. You will typically        HCC130AD      Communication & Team
sions. These core concepts include: gen-
                                                     need copies of the following items for each                         Work in Health Care
eral knowledge of the health care profes-
                                                     course: an unofficial transcript that shows what                    Organizations              .5
sion, wellness and safety, workforce be-
havior, legal and ethical issues in health           course work you have successfully completed; a        HCC130AE      Legal & Ethical Issues
care, medical terminology, and more.                 detailed course description; course objectives/                     In Health Care             .5
                                                     competencies; and a course syllabus.                  HCC130AF      Decision Making in
Often many students entering the Mari-                                                                                   Health Care                .5
                                                •    Submit application and supporting documents to:
copa Community Colleges health care                                                                        HCC145**      Medical Terminology for
programs have already completed health                          ICAN                                                     Health Care Workers         3
related coursework at other institutions             Health Care Education Office                          HCC145AA      Medical Terminology for
                            and may be                 2411 West 14th Street                                             Health Care Workers I       1
                            eligible      for             Tempe, AZ 85281                                  HCC145AB      Medical Terminology for
                                                                                                                         Health Care Workers II      1
                            credit for HCC
                            courses. To         Once the ICAN Director receives your application with      HCC145AC      Medical Terminology for
                            have        your    all the required supporting documentation, your                          Health Care Workers III     1
                            course       re-    course work is typically evaluated within approxi-         HCC146***     Common Medical
                            viewed to de-       mately three weeks. A letter will be sent to you notify-                 Terminology for
                            termine eligibil-   ing you of any recommendation for equivalency credit.                    Health Care Workers         2
                            ity for the HCC
                                                In certain instances fees may apply in order to receive
                            course equiva-                                                                 *HCC130=HCC130AA + HCC130AB + HCC130AC +
lency credit, please complete the following     eligible transfer credit.
                                                                                                                HCC130AD + HCC130AE + HCC130AF
steps outlined in the next section:
                                                                                                            **HCC145=HCC145AA + HCC145AB + HCC145AC
                                                                                                                   ***HCC146=HCC146AA + HCCAB

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