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Applied Clinical Informatics


                                                                             Applied Clinical Informatics
                                                                                     Course Code: NAF6

Co-organised by:                                                                                 Course duration:
Department of Health Technology and Informatics (HTI), The Hong Kong Polytechnic                 2 April to 30 September, 2012. Each module takes 2 weeks, with the first week for online
University                                                                                       teaching and the second week for student feedback and online quiz.
Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics (HKSMI)
School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED), The Hong Kong                Certification:
Polytechnic University                                                                           By SPEED:
                                                                                                 1. Certificate of Attainment will be issued to students who have attended at least 70% of
Course goals:                                                                                        the lectures and tutorials on eLearning platform AND passed all the assessments.
To enhance eHealth capabilities of the Asian Pacific region, including the Greater China         2. Certificate of Attendance will be issued to students who have attended at least 70% of
and other Asian countries; to promote knowledge of health informatics for healthcare                 the lectures and tutorials on eLearning platform but without passing all the
professionals in the region; to offer practical training for healthcare IT professionals to          assessments.
facilitate their work; and to cultivate the best practice and knowledge sharing in the
industry.                                                                                        By American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA):
                                                                                                 1. Certificate will be issued to students who have attended at least 70% of the lectures
Course topics covered by 11 modules:                                                                 and tutorials on eLearning platform AND passed all the assessments.
1. Introduction to health informatics and healthcare IT, regional electronic health record;
2. Health informatics terminology and standards and information management;                      Application:
3. Evidence-based medicine and clinical decision support with IT;                                1. The application form (SPD03) can be
4. Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and pharmaceutical informatics;                        (i) obtained from PolyU SPEED Office at Room QR802, 8/F, Core R, The Hong
5. Imaging informatics;                                                                                  Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, or
6. Privacy, security and confidentiality;                                                           (ii) downloaded from
7. Nursing informatics and allied health informatics;                                            2. Please submit the duly completed application form and one bank draft/ crossed cheque
8. Consumer health, public health informatics and telemedicine;                                     payable to "The Hong Kong Polytechnic University" by mail or by hand to PolyU
9. IT project management in healthcare;                                                             SPEED Office on or before the closing date for application.
10. Bioinformatics;                                                                              3. Closing date for application: 15 March 2012.
11. Health informatics in practice (optional, face-to-face delivery).                            Enquiries:
The target audience of this course includes, but not limited to:                                 For administrative matters:
   Healthcare professionals: medical practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, radiographers,         Ms Candy Chan
    allied health professionals and other healthcare-related professionals interested in         Assistant Programme Officer, PolyU SPEED
    healthcare IT and health informatics;                                                        Tel: 3746 0037
   Hospital administrators and management executives;                                           Email:
   Government, public health and academic professionals;                                        For academic matters:
   IT professionals, industry business leaders and managers dealing with IT systems and         Dr Lawrence Chan
    solutions in healthcare sector;                                                              Assistant Professor, HTI
   Senior administrators and policy makers involved in organisational transformation            Tel: 3400 8561
    initiatives in healthcare information technology;                                            Email:
   Research scientists working on IT-based, healthcare-related projects; and
   Individuals interested in career opportunities in health informatics.                        School of Professional Education and Executive Development is operated by College of Professional and
                                                                                                 Continuing Education Limited which is an affiliate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Course fee: HK$5,000 (fee for the optional module included)

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