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									I get sick each time I come across a   badly written landing page. The
first question that usually comes to   my mind is: what were they thinking?
What were the creators thinking when   they wrote the page? I mean, do they
seriously think they can convince me   to buy from them?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with the same question. Countless others
are asking the same question. If I' m curious enough, I may want to know
the origin of the bad copy (that is if it's so bad). Usually, I check out
of the crap page and move on. Who has time to read crap when I can
utilise my time judiciously doing something else. I'd rather go to sleep
than strain my poor eyes over a badly written page.


I take that back. What I meant to ask was what makes a ghastly written
landing page? What is funny is that these bad webpages are trying to sell
us different things all at once. The result is outright confusion.

What strikes me on reading a particular bad landing page (which I will
not mention here) is that it has horrible English. Sometimes, I don't
understand the message the writer is trying to pass across. I won't be
amazed at the number of visitors that click off after reading the first
paragraphs. I'm even more amazed at how this page made it to number 1 in
Google. The keyword for used for this landing page is: Content writing.

A bad landing page has several links on the page that only serves to
confuse the visitor. If you want your landing page to be free from
clutter, lose the unnecessary links. Bear in mind that your sole purpose
is to get your visitors to do a particular task and nothing more.

Another characteristic of a bad landing page is sidebars. Sidebars
achieve the same purpose as one with irrelevant links. Lose the sidebars
and make your visitors concentrate on your offer.

A bad landing page has a headline different from the Ad copy. This is
important. Your headline and first paragraphs should closely match or
reflect those used in your Ad copy. This gives your visitors a sense of
belonging. Ignore this and your visitors will feel they have been
redirected to the wrong webpage. The result will be high bounce rates.
I'm sure no one in their right minds wants this.

A bad landing page is one without proofs. Your visitors need to know your
offer works. Having proof earns you the trust of your visitors. Without
one, your visitor will feel you are taking them for a ride. There are two
ways to earn the trust of your visitors. If your visitors were referred
from your blog, chances are they are regular readers of your blog and
already trust you (hopefully). Say you got your visitors from a PPC Ad,
then it's likely they have not heard of you for the first time. To earn
their trust, provide them with video testimonials, screen shots of
potency of service, social proof etc. Use whatever rocks your boat. Just
make sure you show them solid proof.
Don't go over board and show them all the above mentioned proofs at once.
One or two is enough to prove your point. So go ahead and write that
terrific landing page.

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