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daily bloggin five facts


									1. People are interested in People

Facebook has proven that people are interested in people. They (we) spend
hours peering into the lives of others in a subtle form of voyeurism. So
if you are thinking of starting a daily blog, your life will change as
you find things in your daily life that will interest others. That will
get others coming back to see what's happened next.

2. Consistency is Everything

If you are going to declare your blog to be 'daily' then you had better
make it daily! There's nothing worse than going into a daily blog and
finding the last post was 6 months ago. I would suggest that you force
yourself into blogging daily for a month without posting your blogs just
to get into the habit. Once you are sure you can do it, get online, find
a blogging site, register and off you go!

3. Social Networks Work

If you want people to read your blog, go to where they are. Start with
your own profile page and post the link on your own status. Soon your own
friends will view it. Post it on any other social site you are affiliated
with. If you are writing about meeting a well known person and you have
something nice to say about them, post a link on their social network
page as well.

4. The Title of Your Blog is Really Important

The longer I blog, the more I realise the importance of the title. You
want a bit of a provocative title that will draw people in. Quite often,
I will sit down and write a blog and not have a title. As I get going, I
soon discover a sentence of part of one that will grab a reader's
attention. It may not be a huge event from the day. In fact it may only
be a passing comment, but it's enough to get the casual observer's
attention and turn them into a regular follower of your life.

5. Blogging Can Bring Out The Real You

Don't blog for the masses! Blog for yourself. Let what you write be the
story of your life, so that in years to come you can look back and trace
what has happened. You'll find logging events from your life makes you
look for things to write about. Be creative. Have fun! Let the real you
come out!

Helga van Niekerk is the presenter for the Rise and Shine Show on Cape
Town's 107.5 CCFm. Helga's life changed when she came to faith in Christ
in 1979. She enjoys writing and travelling and looks forward to doing
more of both.
 View her blog at

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