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Project Topics for final year BE ME BCS BCA MCS MCA students are given in these pdf files. These file contains image processing, Cloud computing, mobile computing, data mining related project topics. It also contains the application projects developed in Java and dot net languages.

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									Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

Final Year Projects
Image Processing Project Topics
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Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

Ocular Systems Provides IEEE 2011 Projects For all Final Year Students. We do assist the
students with Technical Guidance for both the categories.
        Category 1 : Students with new project ideas.
        Category 2 : Students selecting from our list.
When you register for a project we ensure that the project is implemented to your fullest
satisfaction and you have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the project.


B.E ( CSE, IT)


We also have training and project, R & D division to serve the students and make them job
oriented professionals
Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

                               1-D Transforms for the Motion Compensation Residual
                               A Filtering Approach to Edge Preserving MAP Estimation of Images
                               A Generalized Unsharp Masking Algorithm
                               A Geometric Method for Optimal Design of Color Filter Arrays
                               A Hybrid Approach to Detect and Localize Texts in Natural Scene Images
                               A Linear Programming Approach for Optimal Contrast-Tone Mapping
                               A Majorize–Minimize Strategy for Subspace Optimization Applied to Image Resto
                               A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Joint Image Registration and Fusion
                               A New Hybrid Method for Image Approximation Using the Easy Path Wavelet Tra
                               A New Scheme for Robust Gradient Vector Estimation in Color Images
                               A Novel 3-D Color Histogram Equalization Method With Uniform 1-D Gray Scale
                               A Stratified Approach for Camera Calibration Using Spheres
                               A Uniform Framework for Estimating Illumination Chromaticity, Correspondence,
                               Specular Reflection
                               A Variational Model for Histogram Transfer of Color Images
                               A Variational Model for Segmentation of Overlapping Objects With Additive Inten
                               Accelerating X-Ray Data Collection Using Pyramid Beam Ray Casting Geometrie
                               Active learning for Solving the Incomplete Data Problem in Facial Age Classificat
                               the Furthest Nearest-Neighbor Criterion.
                               Adaptive Multiwavelet-Based Watermarking Through JPW Masking
                               Adaptive Sequential Prediction of Multidimensional Signals With Applications to L
                               Image Coding
                               An Augmented Lagrangian Approach to the Constrained Optimization Formulation
                               Imaging Inverse Problems
                               An Improved Image Compression Algorithm Using Binary Space Partition Scheme
                               Geometric Wavelets
                               An Iterative Shrinkage Approach to Total-Variation Image Restoration
                               An Optimal Data Hiding Scheme With Tree-Based Parity Check
                               An Orientation Inference Framework for Surface Reconstruction From Unorganize
                               Anisotropic Morphological Filters With Spatially-Variant Structuring Elements Ba
                               Image-Dependent Gradient Fields
                               Autofluorescence Removal by Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
                               Automatic Exact Histogram Specification for Contrast Enhancement and Visual Sy
                               Based Quantitative Evaluation
                               Balanced Multifilter Banks for Multiple Description Coding
                               Balanced Multiwavelets With Interpolatory Property
                               Blind Deconvolution Using Generalized Cross-Validation Approach to Regulariza
                               Parameter Estimation
                               Blind Spectral Unmixing Based on Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
                               Boosting Color Feature Selection for Color Face Recognition
Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

                               Characterization of Electrophotographic Print Artifacts: Banding, Jitter, and Ghost
                               Classification-Based Adaptive Filtering for Multiframe Blind Image Restoration
                               Color Extended Visual Cryptography Using Error Diffusion
                               Combined Invariants to Similarity Transformation and to Blur Using Orthogonal Z
                               Comments on “Image Denoising by Sparse 3-D Transform-Domain Collaborative
                               Compressibility-Aware Media Retargeting With Structure Preserving
                               Computational Perceptual Features for Texture Representation and Retrieval
                               Constrained Acquisition of Ink Spreading Curves From Printed Color Images
                               Contactless and Pose Invariant Biometric Identification Using Hand Surface
                               Contextual Kernel and Spectral Methods for Learning the Semantics of Images
                               Contextual Object Localization With Multiple Kernel Nearest Neighbor
                               Convex Total Variation Denoising of Poisson Fluorescence Confocal Images With
                               Anisotropic Filtering
                               Correspondence Lazy Sliding Window Implementation of the Bilateral Filter on Pa
                               Dealing With Parallax in Shape-From-Focus
                               Denoising-Enhancing Images on Elastic Manifolds
                               Dictionary Learning for Stereo Image Representation
                               Diffuse Prior Monotonic Likelihood Ratio Test for Evaluation of Fused Image Qua
                               Direct Intermode Selection for H.264 Video Coding Using Phase Correlation
                               Discretization Error Analysis and Adaptive Meshing Algorithms
                               for Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography in the Presence of Measurement
                               Distributed Multiple Description Video Coding on Packet Loss Channels
                               Efficient Relevance Feedback.
                               Efficiently Learning a Detection Cascade With Sparse Eigenvectors
                               Elastic Sequence Correlation for Human Action Analysis
                               Enhanced Shift and Scale Tolerance for Rotation Invariant Polar Matching With D
                               Face Recognition by Exploring Information Jointly in Space,Scale and Orientation
                               Face Recognition System Using Multiple Face Model of Hybrid Fourier Feature U
                               Uncontrolled Illumination Variation
                               Fast Model-Based X-Ray CT Reconstruction Using Spatially Nonhomogeneous IC
                               FAST Rate Allocation Through Steepest Descent for JPEG2000 Video Transmissio
                               Fast Sparse Image Reconstruction Using Adaptive Nonlinea Filtering
                               Fine-Granularity and Spatially Adaptive Regularization for Projectton-Based Imag
                               Fractal Dimension of Color Fractal Images
                               From Local Pixel Structure to Global Image Super-Resolution: A New Face Halluc
                               From Point to Local Neighborhood: Polyp Detection in CT Colonography Using G
Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

                               Ring Neighborhoods
                               From Tiger to Panda: Animal Head Detection
                               Fuzzy Random Impulse Noise Removal From Color Image Sequences
                               Geometric Calibration of Lens and Filter Distortions for Multispectral Filter-Whee
                               Geometrically Induced Force Interaction for Three-Dimensional Deformable Mode
                               Goal-Oriented Rectification of Camera-Based Document Images
                               Gradient Profile Prior and Its Applications in Image Super-Resolution and Enhance
                               Graph Cuts for Curvature Based Image Denoising
                               Graph Laplace for Occluded Face Completion and Recognition
                               Graph Regularized Sparse Coding for Image Representation
                               HAIRIS: A Method for Automatic Image Registration Through Histogram-Based I
                               High Capacity Color Barcodes: Per Channel Data Encoding via Orientation Modul
                               Elliptical Dot Arrays
                               High Dynamic Range Image Display With Halo and Clipping Prevention
                               High-quality Reflection Separation using Polarized Images.
                               High-Resolution Imaging Via Moving Random Exposure and Its Simulation
                               Human Motion Tracking by Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts
                               Hybrid No-Reference Natural Image Quality Assessment of Noisy,Blurry, JPEG20
                               JPEG Images
                               Hyperspectral BSS Using GMCA With Spatio-Spectral Sparsity Constraints
                               Illumination Recovery From Image With Cast Shadows Via Sparse Representation
                               Image Denoising in Mixed Poisson–Gaussian Noise
                               IMAGE Resolution Enhancement by Using Discrete and Stationary Wavelet
                               Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Region Competition and Spatial/Frequency Info
                               In Search of Perceptually Salient Groupings
                               Incremental Training of a Detector Using Online Sparse Eigen decomposition
                               Information Content Weighting for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
                               Interactive Streaming of Stored Multi view Video Using Redundant Frame Structu
                               Inverse Half toning Based on the Bayesian Theorem
                               Iterative Shrinkage Approach to Restoration of Optical Imagery
                               JPEG2000-Based Scalable Interactive Video (JSIV)
                               Kernel Maximum Autocorrelation Factor and Minimum Noise Fraction Transform
                               Large Disparity Motion Layer Extraction via Topological Clustering
                               Light Field Analysis for Modeling Image Formation
                               Lightweight Detection of Additive Watermarking in the DWT-Domain
                               Measuring the Quality of Quality Measures
                               Missing Intensity Interpolation Using a Kernel PCA-Based POCS Algorithm and i
                               Multidimensional Filter Bank Signal Reconstruction From Multichannel Acquisitio
Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

                               Multiple Player Tracking in Sports Video: A Dual-Mode Two-Way
                               Bayesian Inference Approach With Progressive Observation Modeling
                               Multiregion Image Segmentation by Parametric Kernel Graph Cuts
                               Natural Image Segmentation Based on Tree Equipartition, Bayesian Flooding and R
                               Non rigid Registration of 2-D and 3-D Dynamic Cell Nuclei Images for Improved
                               Classification of Sub-cellular Particle Motion
                               Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers for Color Image Restoration
                               Nonlocal PDEs-Based Morphology on Weighted Graphs for Image andData Proces
                               Non-uniform Directional Filter Banks With Arbitrary Frequency Partitioning
                               No-Reference Blur Assessment of Digital Pictures Based on Multi-feature Classifi
                               On a Derivative-Free Fan-Beam Reconstruction Formula
                               On the Selection of Optimal Feature Region Set for Robust Digital Image Waterma
                               Online Sparse Gaussian Process Regression and Its Applications
                               Optimal Design of FIR Triplet Halfband Filter Bank and Application in Image Cod
                               Optimal Image Alignment With Random Projections of Manifolds: Algorithm and
                               Geometric Analysis
                               Optimal Inversion of the Anscombe Transformation in Low-Count Poisson Image
                               Optimizing a Tone Curve for Backward-Compatible High Dynamic Range Image a
                               Video Compression
                               Passive Polarimetric Imagery-Based Material Classification Robust to Illumination
                               Position and Viewpoint
                               Perceptual Segmentation: Combining Image Segmentation With Object Tagging
                               Performance Analysis of n-Channel Symmetric FEC-Based Multiple Description C
                               for OFDM Networks
                               Practical Bounds on Image Denoising: From Estimation to Information
                               Proto-Object Based Rate Control for JPEG2000: An Approach to Content-Based S
                               QR code recongnition based on image processing.
                               Quality Assessment of Deblocked Images
                               Random N-Finder (N-FINDR) Endmember Extraction Algorithms for Hyperspectr
                               Random Phase Textures: Theory and Synthesis
                               Rate Control Scheme for Consistent Video Quality in Scalable Video Code
                               Real-Time Discriminative Background Subtraction
                               Reassembly of 2D Fragments in image.
                               Reference Sharing Mechanism for Watermark Self-Embedding
                               Regularized Background Adaptation: A Novel Learning Rate Control Scheme for G
                               Mixture Modeling
                               Resolution Scalable Image Coding With Reversible Cellular Automata
                               Robust Principal Component Analysis Based on Maximum Correntropy Criterion
                               Size-Controllable Region-of-Interest in Scalable Image Representation
                               Spatial Sparsity-Induced Prediction (SIP) for Images and Video: A Simple Way to
Ocular Systems| Image Processing Project Topics

                               Structured Interference
                               Spatiotemporal Localization and Categorization of Human Actions in Unsegmente
                               Stationary Probability Model for Bitplane Image Coding Through Local Average o
                               Wavelet Coefficients
                               Structured Max-Margin Learning for Inter-Related Classifier Training and Multilab
                               Studentized Dynamical System for Robust Object Tracking
                               Sub-Hexagonal Phase Correlation for Motion Estimation
                               Subpixel Registration With Gradient Correlation
                               Text From Corners A Noval Approach to Detect Text and Caption in Videos.
                               Text String Detection from Natural Scenes by Structure-based Partition and Group
                               The Roadmaker’s Algorithm for the Discrete Pulse Transform
                               The Sparse Matrix Transform for Covariance Estimation and Analysis of High Dim
                               Tomographic Reconstruction of Gated Data Acquisition Using DFT Basis Function
                               Topological Well-Composedness and Glamorous Glue: A Digital
                               Gluing Algorithm for Topologically Constrained Front Propagation
                               Total Variation Projection With First Order Schemes
                               Transferring Boosted Detectors Towards Viewpoint and Scene Adaptiveness
                               Two Efficient Label-Equivalence-Based Connected-Component Labeling Algorith
                               D Binary Images
                               Unequal Protection of Video Data According to Slice Relevance
                               Uniform Motion Blur in Poissonian Noise: Blur/Noise Tradeoff
                               Variable Length Open Contour Tracking Using a Deformable Trellis
                               Variational Bayesian Super Resolution
                               ViBe A universal background subtraction algorithm for video sequences
                               Video Tracking Based on Sequential Particle Filtering on Graphs
                               Window-Level Rate Control for Smooth Picture Quality and Smooth Buffer Occup

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