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fsh pie and its recipe


									Three of the Best Fish Pie’s

There are many steps on how to make fish pie. You can find several different fish pie recipe’s
when you browse the internet so how do you know which among them will teach you how to
cook the perfect fish pie?

Culinary experts prepare fish pies in several ways and use different ingredients. Some fish pie’s
can be ready to eat in just 20 minutes while some take a longer time to cook. If you love fish so
much and want to try variety of fish pie’s this article will provide you with an overview of the
top three fish pie recipe’s that will guarantee a full and satisfied stomach!

Mini Fish Pie

This tiny fish pie is easy to make and is ready in 20 minutes. Ingredients include New Covent
Food Co. Smoked Haddock Chowder, 2 skinless Salmon fillets chopped into chunks, peeled
prawns, lemon juice, frozen peas, readymade mash potatoes and cheese.

The chowder is heated in a large saucepan adding the salmon fillets. After simmering for 2
minutes, the prawns are added and cooked for 3 minutes more. The mixture is then spooned to a
2x5 pie dish and topped with the heated readymade mash potato. Grated cheese is scattered on
top and the pie is grilled for a few minutes until the top is crisp.

Prawn, watercress and Salmon Pie with Lattice topping

This recipe is good for 6 and takes about 20 minutes to make and 40 minutes to cook. Ingredients
include butter, flour, milk, bay leaves, English mustard, finely chopped watercress, skinless
cubed salmon fillets, frozen peas, butter and beaten egg.
Butter is melted in the pan while flour is added and stirred until smooth. This is cooked for 2
minutes then milk and bay leaves are added. After simmering for 5 minutes, the mixture is
removed from the heat and is seasoned in the mustard and watercress. This sauce is poured to the
prawns, salmon and frozen peas are scattered in a pie dish, and this serves as the filling. The
pastry is then placed on top of the filling and is baked for 25 minutes in an oven preheated to 200

Salmon Bakes

Salmon Bakes are the easiest fish pie’s to make. It just takes 15 minutes to make and 20 minutes
to cook for 2 servings. Ingredients include 2 skinless salmon fillets cut into chunks, baby spinach
leaves, grated parmesan cheese, small lemon juice, vegetable stock, chopped fish dill and
readymade potato rosti.

The salmon is cooked in an oven preheated to 20 degrees and placed at the base of the pie dish.
Boiling water is poured over the spinach leaves and refreshed in cold water before chopped.
Parmesan and other additional cheese is mixed in a bowl then the lemon juice, vegetable stock
and chopped fish dill is added. These mixtures are then added to the salmon and topped with the
readymade potato rosti. After cooking in the oven again for 20 minutes, the pie is ready to eat.

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