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									Is Apple Really the Bad Guy?

Why has Apple always been tagged as the bad guy when it comes to the environment? Is it true that the
tech giant doesn’t care for the environment? Should you really think about whether to sell used iPads
to rid yourself of anything from such a controversial company?

To be fair to Apple, it has taken steps to address the situation. The company has been eager to improve
their recycling programs to make sure that none of its involved parties take wrong turns. They see to it
that everything goes well and everyone is strictly following orders. They meet all the health and safety
laws and they did not permit any use of prison labor during their recycling procedure.

They carefully chose which materials were to be used in the manufacturing stage of the products so as
to ensure that they were all or mostly composed of recyclables. They believe that by doing so will
guarantee that the weight of the recycling value of the gadget is greater.

They also had a lot of programs for their customers to take part in. For example, they launched a
campaign for unwanted iPods to be returned for recycling at more than 150 Apple retail stores. This was
done for the environment and was free of charge.

They offered incentives for customers to get a 10% discount for new iPods if they would bring their old
iPod to their stores for proper disposal and recycling. During the summer of 2010, they expanded their
stores and included free shipping outside the borders of U.S. so there would not be product purchases
required for customers to enjoy their take back programs.

As Apple products are designed and manufactured using high quality materials that are in high demand
from recyclers, Apple is glad to expand their recycling programs not just in the United States but also on
a global setting. Thus, it is now possible for you to sell your iPad knowing that they will be handled

The company guarantees that their activities concerning these efforts will not be short-lived and thus,
will be one of their priorities. Aside from having undertaken these procedures, they are also counting
and lowering their carbon footprint and still plan to improve on their manufacturing processes and
designing so that recycling these used materials will be a lot easier.

Dealing with the root of the problem is a lot better than solving what already is malignant. Apple’s
decision to have a greener purpose can be attributed to the prevention of having our last remaining
resources contaminated and polluted.

As an added bonus, more and more Earth-friendly refurbishment companies like have
been created to buy iPads that are no longer in use or are already broken in exchange for cash. The
process is plain and simple, so you don’t need to be worried about it taking so long, or being drawn out,
and hassle-ridden.

So join the league for nature preservation and recycle! Sell your old iPad and commence green living!

Source: Cash for iPads Blog

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