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									Accessories For Your Lift Chair

Once you have made the decision to purchase a lift chair, you may decide to purchase some accessories
to go along with it. At Electric Wheelchairs 101, not only can you purchase the lift chair of your style and
preference, you can purchase every imaginable accessory to go with it. You have made the decision to
get the lift chair in order to help your loved one who is not able to move around very easily, or you have
purchased it for yourself due to the same reasons. Therefore, why not make the choice to buy a few
extra luxuries that might make things easier for you?

What are some accessories that could help you?

First, you probably have made a huge investment on this lift chair, so make sure you protect it. Some lift
chairs are available in leather, microfiber, suede, velvet or cotton. As a result, finding a fabric cleaner
that will work specifically for these materials is important. Make sure you purchase the right cleaner
though, as a leather cleaner will not work on microfiber and vice versa. There are also times when
accidents can happen, and that obviously includes spills. Purchasing a upholstery spot stain cleaner kit
that comes with the cleaner, applicator and a brush or cloth is also a smart decision.

Second, a cover is a great way to keep the chair clean so you do not need to spend a lot of time cleaning
it. There are many different types of covers available. Some covers can cover the entire chair, acting
almost like a slipcover. Others will cover the parts that get the most wear and tear. This would include a
cover for the head area and separate cover for the seat. Having covers that are draped over the chair's
arms is also a wise investment. Being able to protect the chair's material is a way for it to not quickly get
worn out and dirty.

Many times, an elderly or handicapped person who would benefit from using a lift chair could have
accidents. Sometimes a paralyzed or partially paralyzed person has issues with their bladder. In this
situation, having an incontinence pad placed on your lift chair could come in handy. These pads are
specially designed in case of urinary accidents. These pads are made of three different layers to hold
water or urine. They are easily washed and can be reused once cleaned.

Lastly, an adjustable table can also be purchased to go along with your lift chair. These tables are
designed to sit in front of or beside the lift chair, and enables the person to eat, drink, read, play games
or even work on the computer. The chair adjusts to fit the perfect height. They can also be repeatedly
raised and lowered. This is a favorite accessory among lift chair customers.

As you can see, there are many different accessories to go along with your lift chair. You do not have to
make the chair look like it is for the elderly or disabled. It does not have to look like it belongs in a
hospital room. Make it look great by adding different colors and textures to give it a more relaxing feel.

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