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									Skills And Props For Product Photography
I briefly addressed photo skills and props within my product photo hub. This hub continues to be so
well liked which i made the decision to grow on several subjects which i covered there, including skills
and props. Their list is in no way comprehensive since the options with this facet of your photos are
endless. However, I have done my favorite to pay for probably the most generally used skills and
props along with other points to consider which i think is going to be useful to a multitude of online
retailers. For those who have every other suggestions to share or want to see other things here,
please please leave a comment.
One factor that I wish to mention prior to getting in to the specifics is it does not matter what skills and
props you utilize, PLEASE eliminate all clutter and unrelated objects out of your photos. There's
anything annoying than this!
Whitened/light neutral:The whitened or light colored neutral could be striking because it possesses
a stark contrast. It is rather simple and is employed by a large number of items. Be cautious together
with your light balance when utilizing this background. Lots of people overexpose or deliberately blur
their photos with light skills, which can produce a harsh look. You won't want to underexposure your
photo either and finish track of a monotonous background. Experiment until you receive a setting
that's perfect with vibrant, balanced light. You may want to improve your configurations for various
products, with respect to the item colors, so you shouldn't be afraid to help keep making changes
when needed.
Grey/dark neutral: This really is the most popular background at this time. Grey can offer a much
softer neutral than whitened does without compromising the stark contrast. Take care not to make
use of a background that's darker and uneven or perhaps your item may explore the shadows.
Color(s) to complement the product: Some retailers prefer to choose background colors which will
compliment their products. Sometimes this gives clearness won't come forth with a stark color. Be
cautious the new color doesn't draw attention away from out of your item.
Music/written music: It was my original trademark background in my Etsy shop. I still use a
minumum of one music background its my entries. I really like the contrast it provides for several my
products. You will find various kinds of written music available. If music is just one of your passions,
try test out different music skills. Make certain it does not draw attention away from in the piece which
your item coordinates using the black and whitened. The only real colors that haven't labored well on
written music for me personally are cream and pale yellow.
New or old book - open or closed: Outdoors book supplies a similar black/whitened contrast the
written music does. Consider what kind of book would suit the products that you are taking photos of.
Think about the color and chronilogical age of it along with the size and qualities from the font. Just
about anything vintage is extremely popular on Etsy. Avoid using a classic image with this
background or prop choice whether it does not match your products. You will find plenty of modern in
addition to various kinds of retro books to select from that might be a much better fit.
Prop that matches your shop style: Again, make sure use props that suit your shop. Avoid using
props since they are trendy. Also make certain the props that you are using compliment your products
and do not draw attention away from from their store. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment with lots
of props.
Searching for vintage props? Take a look at treats from Etsy's thehouseofoliver.
Magazines/old cards/other photos: Pictures could make interesting background objects once the
colors and elegance compliment your products. I really like the example around the right. The
incorrect color scheme could clash using the vivid tones within this group of buttons, however the
background here picks them up perfectly.
Indoor configurations: If you are not thinking about utilizing a lamp, you will find plenty of indoor
configurations to test, for example window sills, tables, counters, and bed linen. Look for areas within
your house which have plenty of sun light. If you have found a perfect backdrop that does not cash
sun light or you are likely to perform a large amount of shooting throughout non-daylight hrs or when
it is overcast, think about using Ott lights. I have linked an excellent Etsy forum thread that describes
a technique with this non-lamp option.
Outside configurations: You will find numerous options for outside configurations including grass,
benches, and cement. If at all possible, avoid shooting in sunlight. Search for configurations which
have strained sunlight. If you are shooting small products, you may create cheap light filters with your
lamp outdoors or using other simple set ups with whitened card board, fabric, or paper.
Mannequin: It will always be advantageous to exhibit your products patterned. A mannequin is a
choice for this. With respect to the kind of products that you are taking photos of, you should use
whether full or half body. Use a hands model for bracelets and rings. Personally, I believe that many
the hands models are creepy, but a few of the obvious plastic ones are right. If you won't want to
model all your products on the mannequin, shoot a couple of products from the products around the
mannequin and can include these shots as good examples for those products entries. You may also
use necklace shows to show how bracelets and pendants will hang.
Live model: Again, you should use one photo for example for entire type of items or specialized
products if you won't want to model or use models for exactly what you've made. Discover confident
with modeling your personal products, try to recruit a family member or friend to model for you
personally. Should you model your personal products, make use of the self-timer in your camera or
have somebody shoot photos for you personally.
Listed here are a couple of other ways to care for your products photos. This subjects mainly have to
do with photos that many likely will not function as the first picture inside a listing but might be
Pattern entries: You need to include links or photos from the finished product together with your PDF
pattern entries. It's my job to incorporate a link within my pattern description its the accessible
products with this design. You can observe a good example of that here. Right, I've one particualr
listing in which the seller required benefit of the extra photo slots to exhibit a good example. You
might want to apply certain of the photo slots to exhibit difficult color versions.
Set photos: Even when an inventory is for one set of ear-rings, one photo inside your listing can
display it having a matching bracelet and necklace. Many purchasers appreciate links for other set
products within the description. Even when these products have been in your shop, people will not
always take time to look for them. Allow it to be easy.
Lamp versus. NOt: I began utilizing a lamp several months ago and haven't looked back. That being
stated, I am still happy with many product photos that I have taken without my lamp. I additionally
have confidence in using sun light light whenever possible, without or with an easy box. I have
incorporated good examples of the couple pictures with various lighting techniques. There's nobody
proper way to shoot all jewellery pieces. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment.
Packaging prop: One method to stay competitive on Etsy would be to have attractive, personalized
packaging. Some retailers decide to enclose a photograph that showcases their packaging.
Personally I love this photo to incorporate the merchandise too, but many people decide to
incorporate a photo from the packaging by itself. For assets, take a look at my shipping and
packaging assets hub.
Component listing: Let's say you sell any kind of jewellery components, consider including photos
which use individuals components. If you are using internet sites, encourage your fans to publish
pictures of the use your components. Jewellery retailers, getting these photos available is a superb
way to network too.
Size prop: It's useful to possess a minumum of one photo for any listing that signifies how big the
item. Even when you include dimensions within the listing (that you simply should), this visual
continues to be important. You can a little object like a gold coin within the photo use a frame of
reference. You may also contain the object inside your hands or maybe appropriate, model it yourself.
Other creative model shows: Test out new methods to model your items. Enjoy it! Consider what's
going to match your shop or with specific items.
These final skills and props are fantastic ideas. Again, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. You
might develop something which looks silly or stupid, however, you may come across an ideal
trademark for the shop or just an ideal backdrop for the item.
Study other shops for inspiration. Consider exactly what does and does not work, your reason for or
aren't attracted to a particular photos, and just how the store photos do or don't coordinate.

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