AMERICANAS _2BINTER 4A - cantor by VinnieCostt


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4920 10 CC                             I'm Not In Love                          I'm not in love so don't forget it
9033 3 DOORS DOWN                      Here Without You                         A hundred days had made me older
9072 4 NON BLONDES                     What's Up                                Twenty-five years and my life is still
4938 A TEENS                           Mamma Mia                                I've being cheated by you since I don't
4970 A TEENS                           Super Trouper                            Super trouper beams are gonna blind me
4574 ABBA                              Dancing Queen                            Yeah! You can dance you can jive
4787 ABBA                              The Winner Takes It All                  I don't wanna talk
4877 ABBA                              Chiquitita                               Chiquitita tell me what's wrong
9116 ABBA                              I Have A Dream                           I have a dream a song to sing…
2533 ABBA                              Mamma mia                                I've been cheated by you since I don't
5870 AC-DC                             Back In Black                            Back in black I hit the sack
4857 ACE OF BASE                       All That She Wants                       She leads a lonely life
9221 ACE OF BASE                       Happy Nation                             Laudate omnes gentes laudate
4678 AEROSMITH                         Amazing                                  I get the right ones out
4879 AEROSMITH                         Crazy                                    Come here baby
4909 AEROSMITH                         I Don't Want To Miss A Thing             I could stay awake just to hear you brea
7031 AGNALDO RAYOL                     Santa Lucia                              Sul mare luccica l'astro d'argento
7036 AGNALDO RAYOL E C.CHURCH          Tormento D'amore                         Martirio tormento d'amore
4973 A-HA                              Take On Me                               We're talking away
4935 AIR SUPPLY                        Lost In Love                             I realize the best part of love
9105 AIR SUPPLY                        Even The Nights Are Better               I I was the lonely one…
9182 AIR SUPPLY                        The One That You Love                    Now the night has gone…
9243 AIR SUPPLY                        All Out Of Love                          I'm lying alone
5911 AIR SUPPLY                        Here I Am                                Here I am
9193 AL JARREAU                        We're In This Love Together              It's like a diamond ring it's a precious…
5942 AL JARREAU                        Mornin'                                  Mornin' mister Radio
4592 AL MARTINO                        Love Is Blue                             Blue blue my world is blue
4806 AL STEWART                        Year Of The Cat                          On a morning from a Bogart movie
9026 ALAN JACKSON                      Everything I Love                        Coffee keeps me up and I can't sleep
9036 ALAN JACKSON                      I'll Try                                 Here we are talkin' bout forever
9041 ALAN JACKSON                      Livin' On Love                           Two young people without a thing
9139 ALAN JACKSON                      Midnight In Montgomery                   Midnight in Montgomery silver eagle…
4888 ALAN PARSONS PROJECT              Eye In The Sky                           Don't think sorry's easily said
9187 ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT             Time                                     Time flowin' like a river…
4850 ALANIS MORISSETE                  You Oughta Know                          I want you to know that I'm happy for y
4922 ALANIS MORISSETTE                 Ironic                                   Hey yeah yeah yeah Oh oh, oh yeah
4997 ALANIS MORISSETTE                 You Learn                                Oooh, oooh-do, do
9128 ALBERT HAMMOND                    It Never Rains In Southern California    Got on a board a west bound seven forty…
4626 ALBERT HOMMOND                    For The Peace Of All Mankind             You turn me on so bad that there
9242 ALESIS                            All For A Reason                         I know it's late and I'm a little drunk
9007 ALESIS BROTHERS                   Baby Come Back                           Spending all my nights all my money
9144 ALICE COOPER                      No More Mr. Nice Guy                     I used to be such a sweet sweet thing…
2526 ALICE COOPER                      I never cry                              If there's a tear on my face
4890 ALICIA KEYS                       Fallin'                                  I keep on fallin' in and out love with
4966 ALIEN ANT FARM                    Smooth Criminal                          Ough!
4669 ALL-4-ONE                         I Swear                                  I swear
9245 ALPHAVILLE                        Big In Japan                             Winter's cityside
5883 ALVIM AND THE CHIPMUNKS           Christmas Don't Be Late                  Christmas Christmas time is near
9083 AMERICA                           A Horse With No Name                     On the first part of the journey….
5918 AMERICA                           I Need You                               We used to laugh we used to cry
5935 AMERICA                           Lonely People                            This is for all the lonely people
5997 AMERICA                           Ventura Highway                          Chewing on a piece of grass
4929 AMII STEWART                      Knock On Wood                            I don't want to lose you
5959 AMY WINEHOUSE                     Rehab                                    They tried to make me go to rehab
5985 AMY WINEHOUSE                     Tears Dry On Their Own                   All I can ever be to you
2525 ANDY GIBB                         I just want to be your everything        For so long
4581 ANDY WILLIAMS                     Hawaiian Wedding Song                    This is the moment I've waited for
4538 ANDY WILLIAMS                     Love Story                               Where do I begin? To tell the
4539 ANDY WILLIAMS                     Moon River                               Moon River wider than a mile
4595 ANDY WILLIAMS                     More                                     More than the greatest love the world
5988 ANDY WILLIAMS                     The Impossible Dream                     To dream the impossible dream
4623 ANIMALS                           Don't Let Me Misunderstood               Baby do you understand me now
4552 ANIMALS                           The House Of The Rising Sun              There is house in New Orleans
9176 ANITA BAKER                       Sweet Love                               With all my heart I love you baby…
9238 ANNE MURRAY                       You Needed Me                            I cried a tear you wiped it dry
4745 ANNIE LENNOX                    No More I Love You                   I used to be lunatic from the gracious
9155 ANNIE LENNOX & AL GREEN         Put A Little Love In Your Heart      Think of your fellow man lend him a help…
4759 APHRODITE'S CHILD               Rain And Tears                       Rain and tears are the same
4864 AQUA                            Barbie Girl                          Hi ya Barbie Hi Ken
4654 ARCHES                          Sugar Sugar                          Sugar ah honey honey you are my
7005 ARMANDO VALSANI                 Caruso                               Qui dove il mare luccica e tira fort
9119 ART GARFUNKEL                   I Only Have Eyes For You             Are the stars out tonight…
9143 ASSOCIATION                     Never My Love                        You ask me if there'll come a time…
9004 ATLANTIC STARR                  Always                               Girl you are to me
5932 AUDIOSLAVE                      Like A Stone                         On a cold wet afternoon
9022 AVRIL LAVIGNE                   Don't Tell Me                        You held my hand and walked me home,
5887 AVRIL LAVIGNE                   Complicated                          Chill out whatcha yelling' for
5971 AVRIL LAVIGNE                   Skater Boy                           He was a boy she was a girl
4546 B.J. THOMAS                     Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head    Raindrops keep falling on my head
4761 B.J. THOMAS                     Rock And Roll Lullaby                She was just sixteen and all alone
5953 B.J.THOMAS                      Oh Me Oh My                          To make you laugh
4843 BACKSTREET BOYS                 Show Me The Meaning Of Being         Show me the meaning of being lonely
4862 BACKSTREET BOYS                 As Long As You Love Me               Al though loneliness
4956 BACKSTREET BOYS                 Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)   Baby, oh
4976 BACKSTREET BOYS                 The Call                             Hello
4989 BACKSTREET BOYS                 We've Got It Going On                Everybody groove to the music
9102 BACKSTREET BOYS                 Drowning                             ohhh....Don't pretend you're sorry…
9140 BACKSTREET BOYS                 More Than That                       I can see that you’ve been crying…
9235 BALTIMORE                       Tarzan Boy                           Jungle life, I'm far away from nowhere
4820 BANGLES                         Eternal Flame                        Close your eyes give me your hand darling
4658 BARBRA STREISAND                The Way We Were                      Mem'ries light the corners of my
4613 BARBRA STREISAND                Woman In Love                        Life is a moment in space
4941 BARBRA STREISAND                Memory                               Midnight
9002 BARBRA STREISAND                All I Ask Of You                     No more talk of darkness
9175 BARBRA STREISAND                Stoney End                           I was born from love…
9197 BARBRA STREISAND                Where You Lead                       Wanting you the way I do I only wanna…
9111 BARBRA STREISAND & BARRY GIBB   Guilty                               Shadows falling baby we stand alone…
9195 BARBRA STREISAND & BARRY GIBB   What Kind Of Fool                    There was a time…
4647 BARCLAY J. HARVEST              Poor Man's Moody Blue                All the night thet I've missed
4691 BARRY MANILOW                   Can't Smile Without You              You know I can't smile without you
4719 BARRY MANILOW                   I Write The Songs                    I've been alive forever
4736 BARRY MANILOW                   Mandy                                I remember all my life
4978 BARRY MANILOW                   The Old Songs                        Candles burning glasses are chilled
9049 BARRY MANILOW                   Ready To Take A Chance Again         You remind me I live in a shell
9104 BARRY MANILOW                   Even Now                             Even now…
9134 BARRY MANILOW                   Looks Like We Made It                There you are…
9185 BARRY MANILOW                   This One's For You                   This one'll never sell they'll never…
9250 BARRY MANILOW                   Copacabana                           Her name was Lola
4650 BAY CITY ROLLERS                Saturday Night                       Saturday night, saturday night
4652 BEACH BOYS                      Sloop John B.                        We'll come on the sloop John B. my
4895 BEACH BOYS                      Good Vibration                       I, I love the colorful clothes she wears
4563 BEATLES                         And I Love Her                       I give her all my love that's all I do
4507 BEATLES                         Come Together                        Here come old flat top he come
4628 BEATLES                         Girl                                 Is there anybody gone to listen
4518 BEATLES                         Help                                 Help I need somebody
4714 BEATLES                         Hey Jude                             Hey Jude, don't make it bad
4525 BEATLES                         I Wanna Hold Your Hand               Oh yeah I'II tell you something
4534 BEATLES                         Let It Be                            When I find myself in times os trouble
4739 BEATLES                         Michelle                             Michelle, ma belle
4644 BEATLES                         Obladi Oblada                        Desmond has a barrow in the
4770 BEATLES                         Something                            Something in the way she moves
4674 BEATLES                         The Long And Winding Road            The long and winding road
4793 BEATLES                         Twist And Shout                      Well shake it up baby twist and shout
4559 BEATLES                         Yesterday                            Yesterday
4851 BEATLES                         A Hard Day's Night                   It's been a hard day's night
4882 BEATLES                         Don't Let Me Down                    Don't let me down
4892 BEATLES                         Free As A Bird                       Free
4936 BEATLES                         Love Me Do                           Love, love me do You know I love you
4965 BEATLES                         She Loves You                        She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah
4995 BEATLES                         Yellow Submarine                     In the town where I was born
9110 BEATLES                         Get Back                             Jo Jo was a man who thought he was…
9149 BEATLES                         Oh Darling                           Oh darling please believe me…
9186 BEATLES                    Ticket To Ride                    I think I'm gonna be sad…
5864 BEATLES                    All You Need Is Love              Love love love
5869 BEATLES                    Baby It's You                     Sha la la la la la la
5882 BEATLES                    Can't Buy Me Love                 Can't buy me love oh love oh
5916 BEATLES                    I Feel Fine                       Baby's good to me you know
2511 BEATLES                    A day in the life                 I read the news today oh boy
4511 BEE GEES                   Don't Forget To Remember          Oh my heart won't believe
4708 BEE GEES                   First Of May                      When I was small
4716 BEE GEES                   How Deep Is Your Love             I heard he sang a lullaby
4585 BEE GEES                   I Started A Joke                  I started a joke
4737 BEE GEES                   Massachusetts                     Feel I'm going back to Massachusetts
4743 BEE GEES                   Nights On Broadway                Here we are
4772 BEE GEES                   Stayin' Alive                     Well you can tell by the way I use
4791 BEE GEES                   Too Much Heaven                   Nobody gets too much heaven no more
4665 BEE GEES                   Words                             Smile every lasting smile
4904 BEE GEES                   How Can You Mend A Broken Heart   I can think of younger days
9045 BEE GEES                   More Than A Woman                 Oh, girl I've known you very well
9051 BEE GEES                   Run To Me                         If ever you got rain in your heart
9069 BEE GEES                   To Love Somebody                  There's a light a certain kind of light
9220 BEE GEES                   Grease                            I saw my problems and I'll see the light
5913 BEE GEES                   I Can't See Nobody                I walk the lonely streets
5949 BEE GEES                   Night Fever                       Listen to the ground
2535 BEE GEES                   Reaching out                      Watching every day go by
5889 BEN HARPER                 Diamonds On The Inside            I knew a girl her name was truth
6000 BEN HARPER                 Walk Away                         Oh no here comes that sun again
7037 BENIAMINO GIGLI            Torna A Surriento                 Vide 'o mare quant'e bello
4781 BERLIN                     Take My Breath Away               Watching every motion
4573 BERTIE HIGGINS             Casablanca                        I fell in love with you
4657 BETTE MIDLER               The Rose                          Some say love it's a river thet
5940 BEYONCE                    Me Myself And I                   I can't believe
5945 BEYONCE                    Naughty Girl                      I love to love you baby
2524 BEYONCE                    Halo                              All the single ladies
2538 BEYONCE                    Sweet dreams                      If I were a boy
2506 BEYONCE                    If i were a boy                   Remember those walls I built
2537 BEYONCE                    Single ladies                     Turn the lights on
4959 BILL HALLEY & THE COMETS   Rock Around The Clock             One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, ro
9131 BILL MEDLEY & J.WARNES     I've Had The Time Of My Life      Now I've had the time of my life…
9217 BILLY IDOL                 Eyes Without A Face               I'm all out of hope
9231 BILLY IDOL                 Rebel Yell                        Last night a little dancer
4583 BILLY JOEL                 Honesty                           If you search for tenderness
4601 BILLY JOEL                 Piano Man                         It's nine o'clock on a Saturday
4924 BILLY JOEL                 It's Still Rock 'N' Roll To Me    What's the matter with the clothes I'm we
4928 BILLY JOEL                 Just The Way You Are              Don't go changing to try and please me
4945 BILLY JOEL                 My Life                           Oooh
4979 BILLY JOEL                 The River Of Dreams               Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
4987 BILLY JOEL                 Uptown Girl                       Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
9275 BILLY JOEL                 Tell Her About It                 Listen boy,
9044 BILLY PAUL                 Me And Mrs. Jones                 Me and Mrs. Jones
4852 BILLY RAY CYRUS            Achy Breaky Heart                 You can tell the world, you never was my
4907 BILLY SWAN                 I Can Help                        If you've got a problem, don't care what
2515 BLACK EYED PEAS            I gotta feeling                   I gotta feelin'
4872 BLONDIE                    Call Me                           Color me your color baby Color me your
4899 BLONDIE                    Heart Of Glass                    Once I had a love and it was a gas
4981 BLONDIE                    The Tide Is High                  The tide is high but I'm holding on
4718 BOB MARLEY                 I Shot The Sheriff                I shot the sheriff
9016 BOB MARLEY                 Could You Be Loved                Could you be loved and be loved
9050 BOB MARLEY                 Redemption Song                   Old pirates yes they rob I
5925 BOB MARLEY                 Jammin'                           All right we're jammin'
5951 BOB MARLEY                 No Woman No Cry                   No woman no cry no woman no cry
9127 BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS   Is This Love                      I wanna love you and treat you right…
9278 BOBBY LEWIS                Tossin' And Turnin'               Baby, baby
7013 BOBBY SOLO                 Cristina                          Scrivero per te Cristina
7034 BOBBY SOLO                 Se Piangi Se Ridi                 Se piange amore io piango con te
7040 BOBBY SOLO                 Una Lacrima Sul Viso              Da una lacrima sul viso ho capito mo
4858 BON JOVI                   Always                            This Romeo is bleeding
4923 BON JOVI                   It's My Life                      This ain't a song for the broken hearted
4933 BON JOVI                   Livin' On A Prayer                Once upon a time, not so long ago
4996 BON JOVI               You Give Love A Bad Name             Shot through the heart And you're to blame
5922 BON JOVI               I'll Be There For You                I guess this time you're really leavin'
5946 BON JOVI               Never Say Goodbye                    As I sit in this smokey room
4760 BONEY M.               Rivers Of Babylon                    By the rrivers of Babylon there we
4985 BONNIE TYLER           Total Eclipse Of The Heart           Turn around,
9129 BONNIE TYLER           It's A Heartache                     It's a heartache nothing but a heartache…
9230 BOSTON                 More Than A Feeling                  I looked out this morning
9256 BOYZ II MEN            End Of The Road                      Girl, you know we belong together, heh
4681 BREAD                  Aubrey                               And Aubrey was her name
4682 BREAD                  Baby I'm A Want You                  Baby I'm a want you Baby I'm a need
4521 BREAD                  If                                   If a picture paints a thousand words
4735 BREAD                  Make It With You                     Hey, have you ever tried
4783 BREAD                  The Diary                            I found her diary underneath a tree
4786 BREAD                  The Guitar Man                       Who draws the crowd and plays
9027 BREAD                  Everything I Own                     You sheltered me from harm
4706 BRIAN ADAMS            Everything I Do (I Do It For You)    Look into my eyes you will see
4713 BRIAN ADAMS            Heaven                               Oh, Thinkin' about all our younger years
4755 BRIAN ADAMS            Please Forgive Me                    It still feels like our first night
4863 BRIAN MCKNIGHT         Back At One                          It's undeniable that we should be toge
4814 BRITNEY SPEARS         Baby One More Time                   Oh baby baby how was I supposed to kno
4881 BRITNEY SPEARS         Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know     Oooh yeah
4951 BRITNEY SPEARS         Oops! I Did It Again                 Oooh yeah
5907 BRITNEY SPEARS         Give Me More                         Everytime they turn the lights down
5994 BRITNEY SPEARS         Toxic                                Baby can't you see I'm calling
5877 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN      Born In The Usa                      Born down in a dead man's town
5888 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN      Dancing In The Dark                  I get up in the evening
5982 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN      Streets Of Philadelphia              I was
4875 BRYAN ADAMS            Can't Stop This Thing We Started     Yeah
4898 BRYAN ADAMS            Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman   To really love a woman
9234 BRYAN FERRY            Slave To Love                        Tell her I be waiting in the usual plac
9124 BUDDY HOLLY            I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love      Stayin' at home waitin' for you…
2516 C.C.R                  I put a spell on you                 I put a spell on you because you're mine
4616 C.C.R.                 Bad Moon Rising                      I see the bad moon rising I see
4508 C.C.R.                 Cotton Fields                        When I was a little baby my mother
4580 C.C.R.                 Have You Ever Seen The Rain          Someone told me long ago
4591 C.C.R.                 Lodi                                 Just about a year ago
4602 C.C.R.                 Proud Mary                           Left a good good in the city
4656 C.C.R.                 Susie Q                              Oh Susie Q, oh Susie Q, oh Susie
4792 C.C.R.                 Travelin' Band                       Seven-thirty-seven comin' out
4795 C.C.R.                 Up Around The Bend                   There's a place up ahead and I'm goin'
9073 C.C.R.                 Who'll Stop The Rain                 Long as I remember
5910 C.C.R.                 Green River                          Well take me back down where cool water f
5960 C.C.R.                 Run Through The Jungle               Oh oh thought it was a nightmare
7023 CAETANO VELOSO         Luna Rossa                           La ari il ra la ari il ra
5939 CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE   Love Will Keep Us Together           Love love will keep us together
2523 CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE   Do that to me one more time          Do that to me one more time
5930 CARL DOUGLAS           Kung Fu Fighting                     Oh oh oh oh
4868 CARL PERKINS           Blue Suede Shoes                     Well it's one for the money,
4695 CARLY SIMON            Coming Around Again                  Baby sneezes momy pleases
9077 CARLY SIMON            You Know What To Do                  The night is filled with pretty girls
9145 CARLY SIMON            Nobody Does It Better                Nobody does it better…
2528 CARLY SIMON            Just like you do                     If you think you're alone
7021 CARMELO PAGANO         L'amore Se Ne Va                     L'amore se ne va
4604 CAROL SONG             Silent Night                         Silent night holy night
4651 CAROL SONG             Silver Bells                         City side walks busy side walks
4730 CAROLE KING            It's Too Late                        Stayed in bed all mornin' just to pass
9171 CAROLE KING            So Far Away                          So far away…
4728 CARPENTERS             It's Gonna Take Some Time            It's gonna take some time this time
4752 CARPENTERS             Only Yesterday                       After long enough of being alone
4756 CARPENTERS             Please Mr. Postman                   Oh yes wait a minute Mister Postman
4606 CARPENTERS             Superstar                            Long ago and oh so far away
4612 CARPENTERS             Top Of The Word                      Such a leelin's comin'over me
4615 CARPENTERS             Yesterday Once More                  When I was young I'd listen to the radio
4914 CARPENTERS             I Need To Be In Love                 The hardest thing I've ever done
9014 CARPENTERS             Close To You                         Why do birds suddenly appear
9068 CARPENTERS             This Masquerade                      Are we really happy
9115 CARPENTERS             Hurting Each Other                   No one in the world…
9133 CARPENTERS                   Let Me Be The One                  Some sleepless night…
9156 CARPENTERS                   Rainy Days And Mondays             Talkin' to myself and feelin' old…
9194 CARPENTERS                   We've Only Just Begun              We've only just begun to live…
9074 CAT STEVENS                  Wild World                         Now that I've lost everything to you
4685 CELINE DION                  Because You Loved Me               For all those times you stood by me
4811 CELINE DION                  All By Myself                      When I was young I never needed anyone
4983 CELINE DION                  To Love You More                   Take me back into the arms I love
9037 CELINE DION                  I'm Alive                          Mmmmm... mmmmm...
9121   CELINE DION                (If There Was) Any Other Way       Sorry I know I'm late…
4723   CELINE DION E BEE GEES     Immortality                        So this is who I am and this is all I
4802   CELINE DION E C. GRIFFIN   When I Fall In Love                When I fall in love it will be forever
2531   CENTURY                    Lover why                          A sign of time
9198 CHARLES AND EDDIE            Would I Lie To You?                No no no... baby hum…
4629 CHELSIA CHAN                 Graduation Tears                   And now is the time to say goodbye
4865 CHER                         Believe                            After love, after love After love, afte
4969 CHER                         Strong Enough                      I don't need your sympathy
4619 CHICAGO                      Colour My World                    As time goes on realize just want
4631 CHICAGO                      If You Leave Now                   If you leave me now you'll take way
4641 CHICAGO                      Make Me Smile                      Children play in the park they don't
9222 CHICAGO                      Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry       Ev'rybody needs a little time away
4732 CHRIS DE BURG                Lady In Red                        I've never seen you ever tried
2530 CHRIS DE BURGH               Love is my decision                And when they tell you that you're crazy
9028 CHRIS REA                    Fool (If You Think It's Over)      A dyin' flame you're free again
2507 CHRIS THOMPSON               If you remember me                 When you remember me If you remember
4807 CHRISTIE                     Yellow River                       So long boy you can hardly express
4823 CHRISTINA AGUILERA           Genie In A Bottle                  I feel like I've been locked up tight
4825 CHRISTINA AGUILERA           I Turn To You                      When I'm lost in the rain
4861 CHRISTOPHER CROSS            Arthur's Theme (Best That You      Once in your life you'll find her
4961 CHRISTOPHER CROSS            Sailing                            But it's not far down to paradise
2534 CHRISTOPHER CROSS            Never be the same                  It was good for me was good for you
9254 CHRYSTIAN                    Don't Say Goodbye                  Please don't say goodbye
4533 CHUBBY CHECKER               Let's Twist Again                  Come on everybody clap your hands
9277 CHUBBY CHECKER               The Twist                          Come on baby, let's do the twist
4635 CHUCK BERRY                  Johnny B. Good                     Deep down in Louisiana close to new
9203 CINDY LAUPER                 All Through The Night              All through the night
4609 CLIFF RICHARD                The Young One's                    The young one's
9191 CLIFF RICHARD                We Don't Talk Anymore              Used to think that life was sweet…
4593 CLOVERS                      Love Potion Number Nine            I took my troubles down to Madam Ruth
5884 COLDPLAY                     Clocks                             Lights go out and I can't be saved
4610 COMMODORES                   Three Time A Lady                  Thanks for the times that you've
9214 COMMODORES                   Easy                               I know it sounds funny
4504 COSTERS                      Besame Mucho                       Besame besame mucho
4943 CRASH TEST DUMMIES           Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                    Once there was this kid who got into an
4992 CREED                        With Arms Wide Open                Well I just heard the news today
5943 CREED                        My Own Prision                     A court is in session a verdict is in
9212 CROWDED HOUSE                Don't Dream It's Over              There is freedom within
9252 CRYSTAL GAYLE                Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue   Don't know when I've been so blue
5923 CULTURE CLUB                 It's A Miracle                     Guns that cross the street
5929 CULTURE CLUB                 Karma Chamaleon                    Desert loving in your eyes all the way
5941 CULTURE CLUB                 Mistake Number Three               Can't bystand all the people
4789 CYNDI LAUPER                 Time After Time                    Lyin' in my bed
9265 DAN FOGELBERG                Longer                             Longer than there've been fishes in the
2501 DANIEL POWTER                Bad day                            Where is the moment we needed the most
4940 DAVE MCLEAN                  Me And You                         Give me only a smile
9038 DAVID LEE ROTH               Just A Gigolo                      I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go
9135 DAYANE TAYLOR                Love Will Lead You Back            Saying goodbye is never an easy thing…
4849 DEBBIE BOONE                 You Light Up My Life               So many nights I'd sit by my window
9029 DEBBIE GIBSON                Foolish Beat                       There was a time when
5954 DEBBIE GIBSON                Only In My Dreams                  Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
9247 DEEP BLUE SOMETHING          Breakfast At Tiffany's             You'll say we've got nothing in common
4653 DEEP PURPLE                  Soldier Of Fortune                 I have often told you stories about
9009 DELTA GOODREM                Born To Try                        Doing everything that I believe in
9219 DEMIS ROUSSOS                Forever And Ever                   Ever and ever forever and ever
4878 DEPECHE MODE                 Condemnation                       Condemnation Tried
5897 DEPECHE MODE                 Enjoy The Silence                  Words like violence break the silence
5981 DEPECHE MODE                 Strange Love                       There'll be times
4931 DEREK & THE DOMINOS          Layla                              What'll you do when you get lonely
4971 DESTINY'S CHILD               Survivor                                 Now that you are out of my life
4915 DIANA KING                    I Say A Little Prayer                    Say a little prayer for you
9020 DIANA KRALL                   Cry Me A River                           Now you say you're lonely
4698 DIANA ROSS                    Do You Know Where You're Goin' To        Do you know where you're goin' to
4942 DIANA ROSS                    Missing You                              Since you've been away
9150 DIANA ROSS                    One Love In My Lifetime                  Ooh... yeah....From rags to riches here...
4906 DIDO                          Hunter                                   With one light on in one room
4974 DIDO                          Thank You                                My tea's gone cold,
4721 DIONNE WARWICK                I'll Never Fall In Love Again            What do you get when you fall in love
4948 DIONNE WARWICK                No Night's So Long                       An old friend told me
4975 DIONNE WARWICK                That's What Friends Are For              And I never thought I'd feel this way
9239 DIRE STRAITS                  Your Latest Trick                        All the late night bargains
5880 DIRE STRAITS                  Brothers In Arms                         These mist covered mountains
7014 DOMENICO MODUGNO              Dio Come Ti Amo                          Nel cielo passano le nuvole
7025 DOMENICO MODUGNO              Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu                   Penso che un sogno cosi non ritorni m
7030 DOMENICO MODUGNO              Piove                                    Ciao ciao bambina un bacio ancora
4643 DON GIBSON                    Never On Sunday                          Oh you can kiss me on a monday
9251 DON MCLEAN                    Crying                                   I was all right for a while
4502 DONNY OSMOND                  A Time For Us                            A time for us someday will be
4831 DOOBIE BROTHERS               Listen To The Music                      Don't you feel it growin'
9071 DOOBIE BROTHERS               What A Fool Believes                     He came from somewhere back in her long
4733 DOORS                         Light My Fire                            You know that it would be untrue
4869 DOORS                         Break On Through                         You know the day destroys the night
4545 DORIS DAY                     Que Sera Sera                            When I was just a little girl
4782 DOUBLE                        The Captain Of Her Heart                 It was way past midnight
5936 DOUBLE YOU                    Looking At My Girl                       It happened long ago when I don't know
5961 DOUBLE YOU                    Run To Me                                You gotta run to me oh can't you see
5968 DOUBLE YOU                    She's Beautiful                          Tell me baby what you are going to do
9989 DOUBLE YOU                    We All Need Love                         We all need love we all need love
9169 DR.HOOK                       Sexy Eyes                                I was sitting all alone…
4596 DRIFTERS                      My Girl                                  I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
4547 DRIFTERS                      Save The Last Dance For Me               You can dance every dance with the guy
5857 DURAN DURAN                   A View To A Kill                         Meeting you with a view to a kill
5952 DURAN DURAN                   Notorious                                No no notorious notorious
5965 DURAN DURAN                   Save A Prayer                            You saw me standing by the wall
4584 EAGLES                        Hotel California                         On a dark desert highway
4599 EAGLES                        One Of These Nights                      One os these nights
9099 EAGLES                        Desperado                                Desperado You've been out ridin fences…
5938 EAGLES                        Love Will Keep Us Alive                  I was standing
5987 EAGLES                        The Girl From Yesterday                  It wasn't really sad the way they said
9063 EARL GRANT                    The End                                  At the end of a rainbow
7028 EDOARDO VIANELLO              O Mio Signore                            O mio Signore in questo mondo
4829 EDSON CORDEIRO                It's Raining Men                         Humidity is rising barometer's gettin
4848 EDSON CORDEIRO                Y.M.C.A.                                 Young man
4687 ELTON JOHN                    Bennie And The Jets                      Hey kids shake it loose together
4689 ELTON JOHN                    Blue Eyes                                Blue eyes baby's got blue eyes
4622 ELTON JOHN                    Crocodile Rock                           I remember when the rock was young
4697 ELTON JOHN                    Daniel                                   Daniel is travelin' tonight on a plane
4701 ELTON JOHN                    Don't Go Breaking Heart                  Don't go breaking my heart
4709 ELTON JOHN                    Friends                                  I hope the day will be a lighter
4710 ELTON JOHN                    Goobye Yellow Brick Road                 When are you gonna come down
4744 ELTON JOHN                    Nikita                                   Hey Nikita is it cold
4764 ELTON JOHN                    Sacrifice                                It's a human sign when things go wrong
4768 ELTON JOHN                    Skyline Pigeon                           Turn me lose from your hands
4817 ELTON JOHN                    Can You Feel The Love Tonight            There's a calm surrender to the rush of
4873 ELTON JOHN                    Candle In The Wind                       Goodbye England's rose
9079 ELTON JOHN                    Your Song                                It's a little bit funny this feeling in
9103 ELTON JOHN                    Empty Garden                             What happened here…
9162 ELTON JOHN                    Rocket Man                               She packed my bags last night preflight…
5914 ELTON JOHN                    I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That   I've always said that one's enough to lo
5934 ELTON JOHN                    Little Jeannie                           Oh little Jeannie you got so much love
5962 ELTON JOHN                    Sad Songs                                Guess there are times
4818 ELTON JOHN & GEORGE MICHAEL   Don't Let The Sun Go Down On             I can't light no more of your darkness
4964 ELVIS COSTELLO                She                                      She maybe the face I can't forget
4566 ELVIS PRESLEY                 Are You Lonesome Tonight?                Are you lonesome tonight?
4618 ELVIS PRESLEY                 Burning Love                             Lord almighty I feel my temperature
4572 ELVIS PRESLEY                 Can't Help Fallin' In Love               Wise man say only fools rush in
4700 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Don't Be Cruel                     Ah, you know I can be found
4632 ELVIS PRESLEY                     I Really Don't Want To Know        How many arms have held you
4524 ELVIS PRESLEY                     It's Now Or Never                  It's now or never come hold me tight
4731 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Kiss Me Quick                      Mmm, kiss me quick
4537 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Love Me Tender                     Love me tender love me sweet
4778 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Surrender                          When we kiss my heart's on fire
4779 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Suspicious Minds                   We're caught in a trap I can't walk out
4810 ELVIS PRESLEY                     You' Ve Lost That Lovin' Feelin'   You never close your eyes
4982 ELVIS PRESLEY                     The Wonder Of You                  When no one else can understand me
9126 ELVIS PRESLEY                     In The Ghetto                      As the snow flies…
9159 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Return To Sender                   Return to sender return to sender..
9188 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Too Much                           Well honey I love you too much…
9274 ELVIS PRESLEY                     Teddy Bear                         A-baby let me be your lovin' teddy bea
7020 EMÍLIO SANTIAGO                   La Signora Di Trent'anni Fa        Il cuor mio indiscreto pace ancor non
9253 EN VOGUE                          Don't Let Go (Love)                What's it gonna be? 'Cause I can't prete
4603 ENGERBERT HUMPERDINCK             Release Me                         Please release me, let me go
9084 ERASURE                           A Little Respect                   I try to discover…
5975 ERASURE                           Star                               We go waiting for the stars
9165 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS         San Franciscan Nights              Strobe lights beam creates dreams…
9137 ERIC CARMEN                       Make Me Lose Control               I run a comb through my hair…
4684 ERIC CLAPTON                      Bad Love                           Oh what a feeling I get when I'm with
4637 ERIC CLAPTON                      Let It Grow                        Standin' at the cross road trying to
4608 ERIC CLAPTON                      Tears In Heaven                    Would you know my name
4614 ERIC CLAPTON                      Wonderful Tonight                  It's late in the evening
4876 ERIC CLAPTON                      Change The World                   If I can reach the stars Pull one down
9097 ERIC CLAPTON                      Cocaine                            If you wanna hang out…
5980 ETTA JAMES                        Stormy Weather                     Don't know why
9065 EURYTHMICS                        The Miracle Of Love                How many sorrows do you try to hide
5984 EURYTHMICS                        Sweet Dreams                       Sweet dreams are made of this
5879 EVANESCENCE                       Bring Me To Life                   How can you see into my eyes
5881 EVANESCENCE                       Call Me When You're Sober          Don't cry to me if you loved me
5933 EVANESCENCE                       Lithium                            Lithium don't want to lock me up inside
2508 EVANESCENCE                       My immortal                        I'm so tired being here
5908 EVANESCENSE                       Going Under                        Now I will tell you what I've done for y
4590 EVERLY BROTHERS                   Let It Be Me                       I bless the day I found you
9046 EXTREME                           More Than Words                    Saying I love you
9208 FAITH HILL                        Breathe                            I can feel the magic floating in the ai
5856 FAITH NO MORE                     A Small Victory                    A hierarchy
7016 FAMÍLIA LIMA                      Funiculi' Funicula'                Ajesera Nannine' me ne sagliette
4819 FIVE                              Don't Wanna Let You Go             Uh uh uh uh uh
9085 FLEETWOOD MAC                     Affairs Of The Heart               One set of doors was the color of honey…
9089 FLEETWOOD MAC                     Angel                              Sometimes the most beautiful thing…
9112 FLEETWOOD MAC                     Gypsy                              So I'm back to the velvet underground…
5894 FLEETWOOD MAC                     Dreams                             Now here you go again
5964 FLEETWOOD MAC                     Sara                               Wait a minute baby
5972 FLYING MACHINE                    Smile A Little Smile For Me        You really should accept
9224 FOREIGNER                         I Want To Know What Love Is        I gotta take a little time
4671 FOUR ACES                         Love Is A Many Splendored Thing    Love is a many splendored thing
5868 FOUR TOPS                         Baby I Need Your Lovin             Baby I need your lovin
4722 FRANK SINATRA                     I've Got You Under My Skin         I've got you under my skin
4670 FRANK SINATRA                     Let Me Try Again                   I know I said that I was leaving
4540 FRANK SINATRA                     My Way                             And now the end is near
4673 FRANK SINATRA                     New York, New York                 Start spreading the news I'm leaving today
4742 FRANK SINATRA                     Night And Day                      Night and day you are the one
4774 FRANK SINATRA                     Strangers In The Night             Strangers in the night exchanging
9003 FRANK SINATRA                     All Of Me                          All of me why not take all of me
9087 FRANK SINATRA                     All The Things You Are             You are the promised kiss of springtime…
9095 FRANK SINATRA                     Blue Moon                          Blue moon you saw me standin' alone…
9109 FRANK SINATRA                     For Every Man There's A Woman      For ev'ry man there's a woman…
9064 FRANK SINATRA & LUTHER VANDROSS   The Lady Is A Tramp                She gets too hungry for dinner at eight
9013 FRANKIE VALLI                     Can't Take My Eyes Off You         You're just too good to be true
4634 G. CLEFS                          I Understand                       I undestand just how you feel you
5898 GARY LEWIS AND THE PLAYBOYS       Everybody Loves A Clown            Everybody loves a clown so why don't yo
4968 GARY MOORE                        Still Got The Blues                Used to be so easy to give my heart aw
4912 GAZEBO                            I Like Chopin                      Chopin
9170 GENE KELLY                        Singin' In The Rain                I'm singin' in the rain just singin' in…
4921 GEORGE BENSON                     In Your Eyes                       I think I finally know you
9259 GEORGE BENSON                  Give Me The Night                        Whenever dark has fallen
4692 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Careless Whispers                        I feel so unsure as I take your hand
4889 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Faith                                    Well, I guess it would be nice
4925 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Jesus To A Child                         Kindness in your eyes I guess you heard
9039 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Kissing A Fool                           You are far
9107 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Father Figure                            That's all I wanted…
9151 GEORGE MICHAEL                 One More Try                             I've had enough of danger…
9190 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go              Jitterbug jitterbug…
5906 GEORGE MICHAEL                 Freedom                                  I won't let you down I will not give you
9094 GERRY RAFFERTY                 Baker Street                             Winding your way down Baker Street…
7018 GIANNI MORANDI                 In Ginocchio Da Te                       Io voglio per me le tue carezze
7027 GIANNI MORANDI                 Non Son Degno Di Te                      Non son degno di te non ti merito piu
7033 GIANNI MORANDI                 Se Non Avessi Piu Te                     Se non avessi piu te
4677 GILBERT O' SULLIVAN            Alone Again                              In a little while from now
9223 GINO VANELLI                   I Just Wanna Stop                        For your love for your love
9180 GLENN FREY                     The Heat Is On                           The heat is on on the street…
4597 GLENN MEDEIROS                 Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You   If I had to live my life
4703 GLORIA ESTEFAN                 Don't Wanna Lose You                     Sometimes it's hard to make things clear
4812 GLORIA ESTEFAN                 Anything For You                         Anything for you though you're not here
4957 GLORIA ESTEFAN                 Reach                                    Some dreams live on in time forever
9075 GLORIA ESTEFAN                 Words Get In The Way                     I realize you're seeing someone new
9114 GLORIA ESTEFAN                 Here We Are                              Here we are face to face…
5998 GREEN DAY                      Wake Me Up When September Ends           Summer has come and passed
4679 GUESS WHO                      American Woman                           American Woman stay away from me
9067 GUESS WHO                      These Eyes                               These eyes cry ev'ry night for you
5950 GUESS WHO                      No Time                                  On my way to better things
4930 GUNS N' ROSES                  Knockin' On Heaven's Door                Oooh
9148 GUNS N' ROSES                  November Rain                            When I look into your eyes…
9018 GWYNETH PALTROW & HUEY LEWIS   Cruisin'                                 Baby let's cruise no way from here
4661 H. BELAFONTE                   Try To Remember                          Try to remember the kind of september
4557 H. BELAFONTE                   When The Saints Go Marchin' In           I am just a weary pilgrim
9237 HADDAWAY                       What Is Love                             What is love baby don't hurt me
4527 HANK WILLIAMS                  Jambalaya                                Goodbye Joe me gotta go
5920 HANNAH MONTANA                 If We Were A Movie                       Oh oh
5990 HANNAH MONTANA                 This Is The Life                         Take the world shake and stir
9995 HANNAH MONTANA                 Who Said                                 I'm more than just you're average girl
4841 HANSON                         Save Me                                  Loving you like I never had before
5899 HARRY NILSON                   Everybody's Talking                      Everybody's talking at me
4827 HEART                          If Looks Could Kill                      Caught you in the act can't put up with
9088 HEART                          Alone                                    I hear the ticking of the clock…
4520 HELLEN REDDY                   I Don't Know How To Love Him             I don't know how to love him
5861 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            All For One                              The summer that we wanted
5878 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            Breaking Free                            We're soaring flying
5900 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            Everyday                                 Once in a lifetime
5976 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            Start Of Something New                   Living in my own world didn't understan
5978 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            Stick To The Status Quo                  You can bet there's nothin' but net
9994 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            When There Was Me And You                It's funny when you find yourself
9997 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL            You Are The Music In Me                  Na na na na na na na na yeah
5917 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2          I Gotta Go My Own Way                    I gotta say what's on my mind
5886 HILARY DUFF                    Come Clean                               Let's go back back to the beginning
5903 HILARY DUFF                    Fly                                      Any moment everything can change
5999 HILARY DUFF                    Wake Up                                  There's people talking they talk about m
4711 HOLLIES                        He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother           The road is long
5989 HOOBASTANK                     The Reason                               I'm not a perfect person
9183 HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS          The Power Of Love                        Power of love is a curious thing…
9210 IGGY POP                       Candy                                    It's a rainy afternoon in nineteen nine
9226 IMAGINATION                    Just An Illusion                         Illusion... illusion...
9196 INFORMATION SOCIETY            What's On Your Mind                      I wanna know what you're thinking…
5983 INNER CIRCLE                   Sweat (A La La La La Long)               I've been watching you
9012 INXS                           By My Side                               In the dark of night those small hours
9146 INXS                           Not Enough Time                          An' I was lost for words in your arms…
9266 INXS                           Need You Tonight                         (Come over here)
5858 INXS                           Afterglow                                Here I am
5860 INXS                           All Around                               I see the rising sun I feel the warming
5947 INXS                           New Sensation                            Live baby live now that the day is over
2512 INXS                           All the voices                           Deep down in my heart
4577 IRENE CARA                     Fame                                     Baby look at me
4799 IRENE CARA                           What A Feeling                      First, when there's nothing
9246 JACK JOHNSON                         Breakdown                           I hope this old train breaks down
9279 JACK JOHNSON                         Upside-Down                         Who's to say
5873 JACK JOHNSON                         Better Together                     There's no combination of words
5970 JACK JOHNSON                         Sitting, Waiting, Wishing           Well I was sitting waiting wishing
5992 JACK JOHNSON                         Times Like These                    In times like these
4720 JACKSON 5                            I'll Be There                       You and I must make a pact
9141 JACKSON 5                            Never Can Say Goodbye               Never can say goodbye…
9240 JAMES BLUNT                          You're Beautiful                    My life is brilliant
9261 JAMES BLUNT                          High                                Beautiful dawn
5909 JAMES BLUNT                          Goodbye My Lover                    Did I disappoint you or let you down
5963 JAMES BLUNT                          Same Mistake                        So while I'm turning in my sheets
4910 JAMES BROWN                          (I Got You) I Feel Good             Whoa!
4693 JAMES TAYLOR                         Carolina In My Mind                 In my mind I'm gone to Carolina
4702 JAMES TAYLOR                         Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight      Do me wrong do me right
4707 JAMES TAYLOR                         Fire And Rain                       Just yesterday mornin'
4780 JAMES TAYLOR                         Sweet Baby James                    There is a young cowboy he lives on the
4999 JAMES TAYLOR                         You've Got A Friend                 When you're down and troubled
9113 JAMES TAYLOR                         Handy Man                           Hey girls gather 'round…
9229 JAMIE CULLUM                         Mind Trick                          I missed the opportunity
9233 JAMIROQUAI                           Seven Days In Sunny June            The pebbles you've arranged
4853 JANET JACKSON                        Again                               I heard from a friend today
9276 JANET JACKSON                        That's The Way Love Goes            Like a moth to a flame burned by the fi
2527 JASON MRAZ                           I'm yours                           Well you done done me and you bet I felt
2532 JASON MRAZ & COLBIE CAILLAT          Lucky                               Now do you hear me I'm talking to you
4828 JENNIFER LOPEZ                       If You Had My Love                  If you had my love and I gave you all m
4932 JENNIFER LOPEZ                       Let's Get Loud                      Ya te llego
4880 JENNIFER PAIGE                       Crush                               Ah crush
7032 JERRY ADRIANI                        Santa Lucia Luntana                 Partono 'e bastimente pe' terre assaj
5902 JERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS             Ferry 'Cross The Mercy              Life goes on day after day
4918 JESSICA SIMPSON                      I Wanna Love You Forever            Heh heh Oooh
5866 JET                                  Are You Gonna Be My Girl            Let's go
4517 JIM REEVES                           He'll Have To Go                    Put your sweet lips a little closer
9199 JIMMY CLIFF                          You Can Get It If You Really Want   You can get it if you really want…
7007 JIMMY FONTANA                        Che Sara                            Paese mio che stai sulla collina
7017 JIMMY FONTANA                        Il Mondo                            No
4950 JOAN OSBORNE                         One Of Us                           Eh yeah yeah yeah yeah
4846 JOE COCKER & JENNIFER WARNES         Up Where We Belong                  Who knows what tomorrow brings
9047 JOE JEFFREY & GROUP                  My Pledge Of Love                   I woke up this morning baby
4565 JOHN DENVER                          Annie's Song                        You fill up my senses
4550 JOHN DENVER                          Sunshine On My Shoulders            Sunshine on my shoulders
4607 JOHN DENVER                          Take Me Home Country Roads          Almost heaven, west Virginia
4753 JOHN DENVER E P. DOMINGO             Perhaps Love                        Perhaps love is like our first night
4523 JOHN LENNON                          Imagine                             Imagine there's no heaven
4640 JOHN LENNON                          Love                                Love is real is love love is feeling
4549 JOHN LENNON                          Stand By Me                         When the night has come
4805 JOHN LENNON                          Woman                               Woman, I can hardly express
9228 JOHN LENNON                          Mind Games                          We're playing those mind games
4835 JOHN PAUL YOUNG                      Love Is In The Air                  Love is in the air everywhere I look a
9999 JOHN TRAVOLTA & OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN   You're The One That I Want          I got chills they're multiplyin'
4561 JOHNNY HORTON                        All For The Love Of A Girl          Well today I'm so weary
4594 JOHNNY MATHIS                        Mist                                Look at me I'm as helpless
9082 JOHNNY MATHIS                        A Certain Smile                     A certain smile a certain face…
4699 JOHNNY RIVERS                        Do You Wanna Dance                  Do you wanna dance and hold my hand
9154 JOHNNY RIVERS                        Poor Side Of Town                   Do doo bee doo wah shoo be doo be…
5967 JOHNNY RIVERS                        Secret Agent Man                    There's a man who leads a life of danger
5931 JOJO                                 Leave (Get Out)                     I've been waiting all day for you babe
5993 JOJO                                 Too Litle Too Late                  Come with me stay the night
5891 JON SECADA                           Do You Believe In Us                I tremble inside just thinking
5921 JON SECADA                           If You Go                           Taking a day at a time
5928 JON SECADA                           Just Another Day Without You        Mornings alone
4598 JOSÉ FELICIANO                       Once There Was A Love               Once there was a love
9152 JUDY GARLAND                         Over The Rainbow                    Somewhere over the rainbow…
4512 JULIE ANDREWS                        Do Re Mi                            Doe a deer a female deer
4513 JULIE ANDREWS                        Edelweiss                           Edelweiss edelweiss
4667 JULIO IGLESIAS                       Crazy                               Crazy, I'm crazy for feeling so lonely
2522 JUSTIN BIEBER                        Baby                                Oh uh oh ah aaah
2510 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE              Rock your body                           Don't be so quick to walk away
4953 K.C.& THE SUNSHINE BAND        Please Don't Go                          Babe, I love you so I want you to know
9098 K.D.LANG                       Constant Craving                         Even through the darkest phase…
4575 KANSAS                         Dust In The Wind                         I close my eyes
9273 KATE TUNSTALL                  Suddenly I See                           Her face is a map of the world
9053 KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND         Shake, Shake, Shake (Shake Your Booty)   Oh everybody get on the floor
9262 KEANE                          Is It Any Wonder                         I... I always thought that I knew
5974 KEANE                          Somewhere Only We Know                   I walked across an empty land
9205 KELLY CLARKSON                 Because Of You                           I will not make the same mistakes
9207 KELLY CLARKSON                 Breakaway                                Grew up in a small town
4821 KENNY LOGGINS                  Footloose                                I been workin' so hard
4589 KENNY ROGERS                   Lady                                     Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor
4842 KENNY ROGERS                   She Believes In Me                       While she lays sleeping
9200 KENNY ROGERS                   You Decorated My Life                    All my life was a paper…
5991 KENNY ROGERS                   Through The Years                        I can't remember when you weren't there
9236 KENNY ROGERS & SHEENA EASTON   We've Got Tonight                        I know it's late I know you're weary
4569 KIM CARNES                     Bette Davi's Eyes                        Her hair is harrow gold
9030 KISS                           Forever                                  I gotta tell you what I'm feeling insid
4913 KLYMAXX                        I Miss You                               Though I heard your voice yesterday
4642 KNACK                          My Sharona                               Oh my little pretty one my pretty
4694 KOOL AND THE GANG              Celebration                              Ya hoo ya hoo Celebrate good times
4578 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON             For The Good Times                       Don't look so sad, I know it's over
4582 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON             Help Me Make It Through The Night        Take the ribbon from your hair
2518 LADY GAGA                      Just dance                               I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas
2509 LADY GAGA                      Poker face                               I'm Red Wine
4834 LARA FABIAN                    Love By Grace                            Uh uh uh
4544 LEIF GARRETT                   Put Your Head On My Shoulder             Put your head on my shoulder
4503 LENNON SISTERS                 Autumn Leaves                            The falling leaves drift by the window
4854 LENNY KRAVITZ                  Again                                    I've been searching for you
4874 LENNY KRAVITZ                  Can't Get You Off My Mind                Life is just a lonely highway
9218 LENNY KRAVITZ                  Fly Away                                 I wish that I could fly
9249 LENNY KRAVITZ                  Calling All Angels                       Calling all angels
5855 LEONA LEWIS                    A Moment Like This                       What if I told you it was all meant to
5872 LEONA LEWIS                    Better In Time                           It's been the longest winter without you
5875 LEONA LEWIS                    Bleeding Love                            Closed off from love I didn't need the p
9060 LIGHT REFLECTIONS              Tell Me Once Again                       Give me your smile again I'd like to be
4633 LINDA RONSTADT                 It's So Easy                             It's so easy to falling in love it's so
4676 LIONEL RICHIE                  All Night Long                           Well my friends the time has come
4548 LIONEL RICHIE                  Say You Say Me                           Say you say me say it for always
4773 LIONEL RICHIE                  Still                                    Lady morning's just a moment away
4775 LIONEL RICHIE                  Stuck On You                             Stuck on you
4900 LIONEL RICHIE                  Hello                                    I've been alone with you inside my mind
2539 LIONEL RICHIE                  Truly                                    Girl tell me only this
9158 LISA STANSFIELD                Real Love                                Uuuh...There will never be…
9264 LITTLE RICHARD                 Long Tall Sally                          Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John
4587 LOBO                           I'd Love You To Want Me                  When I saw you standin' there
4531 LOS LOBOS                      La Bamba                                 Para bailar la bamba
9015 LOS LOBOS                      Com'on Let's Go                          Well com'on let's go let's go
4837 LOU BEGA                       Mambo Number Five                        "Ladies and gentlemen
4556 LOUIS ARMSTRONG                What A Wonderful World                   I see trees of green red roses too
9184 LOVERBOY                       This Could Be The Night                  Ask any girl in this lonely world…
7008 LUIGI TENCO                    Ciao Amore, Ciao                         La solita strada bianca come il sale
4790 LULU                           To Sir With Love                         Those schoolgirl days
4917 MACY GRAY                      I Try                                    Games, changes and fears
4696 MADONNA                        Crazy For You                            Swaying on as the music starts
4535 MADONNA                        Like A Virgin                            I made it through the wilderness
4738 MADONNA                        Material Girl                            Some boys kiss me some boys hug me
4830 MADONNA                        Like A Prayer                            Life is a mystery
4884 MADONNA                        Don't Tell Me                            Don't tell me to stop
4893 MADONNA                        Frozen                                   You only see
4902 MADONNA                        Holiday                                  Holiday celebrate holiday celebrate
4963 MADONNA                        Secret                                   Things haven't been the same
4972 MADONNA                        Take A Bow                               Take a bow, the night is over
9005 MADONNA                        American Pie                             A long long time ago I can still remem
9244 MADONNA                        Beautiful Stranger                       Haven't we met
9271 MADONNA                        Sorry                                    Je suis desolé lo siento
7009 MAFALDA MINNOZZI               Come Le Rose                             Son tornate a fiorire le rose
2529 MALCOLM ROBERTS              Love is all                         Yesterday I knew the games to play
4505 MAMAS AND PAPAS              California Dreamin                  All the leaves are brown and the sky
2504 MANHATTANS                   Forever by your side                Friends
4668 MARIAH CAREY                 Hero                                There's a hero
4740 MARIAH CAREY                 My All                              I'm thinking of you
4558 MARIAH CAREY                 Without You                         No I can't forget this evening
4916 MARIAH CAREY                 I Still Believe                     Na, na, yea-yeah
4947 MARIAH CAREY                 Never Too Far                       You're with me 'til the bitter end
4514 MARIAH CAREY E L. VANDROSS   Endless Love                        My love, there's only you in my life
4803 MARIAH CAREY E W. HOUSTON    When You Believe                    Many nights I prayed
4659 MARIANE FAITHFUL             This Little Bird                    There's little bird that somebody
4600 MARIE OSMOND                 Paper Roses                         I realize the way your eyes deceived me
4541 MARIO PANZERI - PSD NISA     Non Ho L'eta Per Amarti             Non ho l'eta non ho l'eta
4800 MARVIN GAYE                  What's Going On                     Mother, mother there's too many of you
9168 MARVIN GAYE                  Sexual Healing                      Oh baby now let's get down tonight…
4919 MATCH BOX TWENTY             If You're Gone                      I think I've already lost you
9070 MATCHBOX TWENTY              Unwell                              All day staring at the ceiling
4662 MATT MONTO                   Walk Away                           Walk away please go before you
9130 MEN AT WORK                  It's A Mistake                      Jump down the shelters to get away…
9153 MEN AT WORK                  Overkill                            I can't get to sleep…
2503 MEN AT WORK                  Down under                          Travelling in a friedout Kombi
4867 MEREDITH BROOKS              Bitch                               I hate the world today
4903 MICHAEL BOLTON               How Am I Supposed To Live Without   I could hardly believe it
4663 MICHAEL HOLM                 When A Child Is Born                A ray of hope flickes in the sky
4568 MICHAEL JACKSON              Beat It                             They told him don't you ever come
4686 MICHAEL JACKSON              Ben                                 Ben the two of us need look no more
4570 MICHAEL JACKSON              Billie Jean                         She was more like a beauty queen
4688 MICHAEL JACKSON              Black Or White                      I took my baby on a Saturday
4712 MICHAEL JACKSON              Heal The World                      There's a place in your heart
4762 MICHAEL JACKSON              Rock With You                       Girl close your eyes
4784 MICHAEL JACKSON              The Girls Is Mine                   Ev'ry night she walks right in my dreams
4788 MICHAEL JACKSON              Thriller                            It's close to midnight
4944 MICHAEL JACKSON              Music And Me                        We've been together for such a long time
9035 MICHAEL MCDONALD             I Heard It Through The Grapevine    Woo oh I bet you're wondering how I knew
2519 MINNIE RIPERTON              Lovin' you                          Lovin' you
4560 MITCH MILLER                 You Are My Sunshine                 The pther night dear as I lay sleeping
4625 MOOD BLUES                   For My Lady                         My boat sails story seas batlle
4515 MORRIS ALBERT                Feeling                             Feeling nothing more than feeling
9054 MORRIS ALBERT                She's My Girl                       She's my girl when the sun goes down
4871 MR.MISTER                    Broken Wings                        Baby, don't understand
4528 MÚSICA NATALINA              Jingle Bells                        Dashing thru'the snow
4664 MÚSICA NATALINA              White Christmas                     I'm dreaming of white christmas
4826 N' SYNC                      I Want You Back                     You're all I ever wanted
4555 NATALIE COLE                 Unforgettable                       Unforgettable that's what you are
5859 NATALIE IMBRUGLIA            Against The Wall                    Saw your light on from the second story
5863 NATALIE IMBRUGLIA            All The Magic                       Promises have meaning once again
4734 NAZARETH                     Love Hurts                          Love hurts love scars love wounds
9011 NEIL SEDAKA                  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do           Tchu-ru-ru down doo bee doo down down
9062 NEIL SEDAKA                  The Diary                           Who oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
9267 NEIL SEDAKA                  Oh Carol                            Oh Carol, I am but a fool
9998 NEIL SEDAKA                  You Mean Everything To Me           You are the answer to my lonely prayer
5862 NELLY FURTADO                All Good Things Come To An End      Honestly what will become of me
5958 NELLY FURTADO                Promiscous Girl                     How you doin' young lady
5966 NELLY FURTADO                Say It Right                        In the day in the night say it right say
5996 NELLY FURTADO                Try                                 All I know
7029 NETINHO                      'O Surdato 'Nnammurato              Staje luntana da stu core
5973 NE-YO                        So Sick                             Mmm mmm yeah
7022 NICO FIDENCO                 Legata A Un Granello Di Sabbia      Mi vuoi lasciare e tu vuoi fuggire
4748 NIKKA COSTA                  On My Own                           Sometimes I wonder where I've been
7003 NINO DI CARLO                Arrivederci Roma                    T'invidio turista che arrivi
9211 NIRVANA                      Come As You Are                     Come as you are as you were
4883 NO DOUBT                     Don't Speak                         You and me We used to be together
5885 NORAH JONES                  Come Away With Me                   Come away with me in the night
5893 NORAH JONES                  Don't Know Why                      I waited 'til I saw the sun
9992 NORAH JONES                  What Am I To You                    What am I to you tell me darlin' true
4994 OASIS                        Wonderwall                          Today is gonna be the day
5892 OASIS                        Don't Go Away                       Cold and frosty morning there's not a lo
5979 OASIS                            Stop Crying Your Heart Out       Hold up
4990 OFFSPRING                        Why Don't You Get A Job?         My friend's got a girlfriend
5977 OINGO BOINGO                     Stay                             This is not the first time
9990 OINGO BOINGO                     We Close Our Eyes                We close our eyes
4776 OLIVIA N. JOHN E J. TRAVOLTA     Summer Nights                    Summer loving had me a blast
9034 OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN               Hopelessly Devoted To You        Guess mine is not the first heart broken
9118 OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN               I Honestly Love You              Maybe I hang around here…
4510 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN               Don't Cry For Me Argentina       It won't be easy you'll think
4630 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN               Have You Never Been Mellow       There was a time when I was in a
4638 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN               Let Me Be There                  Wherever you go wherever you may
4754 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN               Physical                         I'm sayin' all the things that I know
7019 ORNELLA VANONI                   Io Ti Daro Di Piu                Una volta che e una volta
9269 OTIS REDDING                     Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay   Sittin' in the morning sun
4856 O-TOWN                           All Or Nothing                   Oooh
4536 PAT BOONE                        Love Letters In The Sand         On a day like today
7001 PATRICK DIMON                    Al Di La                         Al di la del bene piu prezioso
7002 PATRICK DIMON                    Amore Scusami                    Amore scusami
4690 PATRICK HERNANDEZ                Born To Be Alive                 Born born to be alive
4767 PATRICK SWAYZE                   She's Like The Wind              She's like the wind through my tree
4506 PATTY PAGE                       Changing Partners                We were waltzing together
4586 PATTY PAGE                       I Went To Your Wedding           I went your wedding altho'I was
4620 PAUL ANKA                        Crazy Love                       Crazy love it´s just a crazy love
4509 PAUL ANKA                        Diana                            I'm so young and you'e so old
4646 PAUL ANKA                        Papa                             Every day my Papa would work to
4758 PAUL ANKA                        Puppy Love                       And they called it puppy love
9042 PAUL ANKA                        Lonely Boy                       I'm just a lonely boy lonely and blue
4705 PAUL MCCARTNEY                   Ebony And Ivory                  Ebony and ivory
4746 PAUL MCCARTNEY                   No More Lonely Nights            I can wait another day until call yo
9090 PAUL MCCARTNEY                   Another Day                      Ev'ry day she takes a morning…
4887 PAUL YOUNG                       Everytime You Go Away            Hey if we can solve any problem
4815 PEABO BRYSON & CELINE DION       Beauty And The Beast             Uh uh uh uh
9001 PEABO BRYSON & REGINA BELLE      A Whole New World                I can show you the world
9160 PEACHES AND HERB                 Reunited                         I was a fool to ever leave your side…
9132 PEARL JAM                        Last Kiss                        Oh where oh where can my baby…
9172 PEARL JAM                        Soldier Of Love                  Lay down your arms and surrender to me…
9257 PEARL JAM                        Even Flow                        Freezin'
5874 PEARL JAM                        Black                            Hey oooh
5926 PEARL JAM                        Jeremy                           At home drawing pictures of mountain top
4529 PEGGY LEE                        Johnny Guitar                    Play the guitar play it
4801 PERCY SLEDGE                     When A Man Loves A Woman         When a man loves a woman
4564 PERRY COMO                       And I Love You So                And I love you so
5852 PET SHOP BOYS                    A Different Point Of View        When I'm sitting so close to you
5854 PET SHOP BOYS                    A Man Could Get Arrested         Late on Tuesday evening
5924 PET SHOP BOYS                    It's A Sin                       When I look back upon my life
9991 PET SHOP BOYS                    West End Girls                   Sometimes you're better off dead
4894 PETER CETERA                     Glory Of Love                    Tonight it's very clear
9123 PETER FRAMPTON                   I'm In You                       I don't care where I go when I'm with…
9204 PETER FRAMPTON                   Baby I Love Your Way             Shadows grow so long before my eyes
9138 PETER GABRIEL                    Mercy Street                     Looking down on empty streets…
4501 PETER, PAUL AND MARY             500 Milles                       If you miss the train I'm on
4648 PETER, PAUL AND MARY             Puff                             Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea
9225 PHD                              I Won't Let You Down             You asked me if I'm happy here
4845 PHIL COLINS                      Take A Look At Me Now (Against   How can I just let you walk away
4680 PHIL COLLINS                     Another Day In Paradise          She calls out to the man on the street
4751 PHIL COLLINS                     One More Night                   One more night
4998 PHIL COLLINS                     You'll Be In My Heart            Come stop your crying it'll be all right
9024   PHILIP BAILEY & PHIL COLLINS   Easy Lover                       Easy lover
4946   PHOLHAS                        My Mistake                       There was a place that I lived
9258   PHOLHAS                        Forever                          I wanna feel your hands on my face
2536   PHOLHAS                        She made me cry                  Let me tell my whole story
9006 PINK FLOYD                       Another Brick In The Wall        We don't need no education
7010 PINO DONAGGIO                    Come Sinfonia                    Sogno,sogno e tu sei con me
4543 PLATTERS                         Only You                         Only you
4769 PLATTERS                         Smoke Gets In Your Eyes          They asked me how I knew
4785 PLATTERS                         The Great Pretender              Oh yes, I'm the great pretender
5944 PLATTERS                         My Prayer                        When the twilight is gone
9125 POINTER SISTERS                  I'm So Excited                   Tonight's the night…
4576 POLICE                            Every Breath You Take                  Every breath you take
4763 POLICE                            Roxanne                                Roxanne...You don't have to put
9106 POLICE                            Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic   Though I've tried before to tell her…
9008 PRETENDERS                        Back On The Chain Gang                 I found a picture of you oh oh oh oh o
4666 PROCOL HARUM                      A Whiter Shade Of Pale                 We skipped the light fandango
9272 PUSSYCAT DOLLS                    Stickwitu                              Mmh... come on
4797 QUEEN                             We Are The Champions                   I've paid my dues time after time
4937 QUEEN                             Love Of My Life                        Love of my life, you've hurt me
4967 QUEEN                             Somebody To Love                       Can anybody find be somebody to love?
4980 QUEEN                             The Show Must Go On                    Empty spaces, what are we living for?
4988 QUEEN                             We Will Rock You                       Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
9017 QUEEN                             Crazy Little Thing Called Love         This thing called love
5919 QUEEN                             I Want To Break Free                   I want to break free I want to break fre
2502 RAMONES                           Blitzkrieg bop                         Hey ho let's go hey ho let's go
2520 RAMONES                           Pet sematary                           Under the arc of a weather stain boards
4519 RAY CHARLES                       I Can't Stop Loving You                Those happy hours that we once knew
4554 RAY CHARLES                       Unchain My Heart                       Unchain my heart
4824 RAY CHARLES                       Georgia On My Mind                     Georgia Georgia the whole day through
5904 REBA MCENTIRE                     For My Broken Heart                    There were no angry words at all
4952 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS             Otherside                              How long, how long will I slide?
4962 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS             Scar Tissue                            Scar tissue that I wish you saw
4986 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS             Under The Bridge                       Sometimes I feel like I don't have a par
4816 RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS            Californication                        Psychic spies from China
4934 REM                               Losing My Religion                     Oh, life is bigger
4747 RICHARD MARX                      Now And Forever                        Whenever I'm weary
9161 RICHARD MARX                      Right Here Waiting                     Oceans apart day after day…
4704 RICHIE VALENS                     Donna                                  Oh Donna oh Donna
9019 RICK ASTLEY                       Cry For Help                           She's taken my time convinced me she's f
9142 RICK ASTLEY                       Never Gonna Give You Up                We're no strangers to love…
4833 RICKY MARTIN                      Livin' La Vida Loca                    She's into superstition
4955 RICKY MARTIN WITH MEJA            Private Emotion (With Meja)            Every endless night has a dawning day
4553 RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS                Unchained Melody                       Oh my love my darling
7006 RITA PAVONE                       Che M'importa Del Mondo                Che m'importa del mondo
7011 RITA PAVONE                       Come Te Non C'e Nessuno                Come te non c'e nessuno tu sei l'unic
7015 RITA PAVONE                       Fortissimo                             Pianissimo
4859 ROBBIE WILLIAMS                   Angels                                 I sit and wait
4866 ROBBIE WILLIAMS                   Better Man                             Send someone to love me I need to rest
4958 ROBBIE WILLIAMS                   Road To Mandalay                       Save me from drowning in the sea
9052 ROBBIE WILLIAMS                   Sexed Up                               Loose lips on ships
9206 ROBBIE WILLIAMS                   Beyond The Sea                         Somewhere beyond the sea somewhere
9241 ROBBIE WILLIAMS                   Advertising Space                      There's no earthly way of knowing
9057 ROBBIE WILLIAMS & NICOLE KIDMAN   Somethin' Stupid                       I know I stand in line
9167 ROBERT PLANT                      Sea Of Love                            Do you remember when we met…
4530 ROBERTA FLACK                     Killing Me Softly With His Song        Strumming my pain with his fingers
5901 ROBERTA FLACK                     Feel Like Making Love                  Strollin' in the park
5986 ROBERTA FLACK                     The Closer I Get To You                The closer I get to you
4984 ROBERTA FLACK & PEABO BRYSON      Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You    Tonight I celebrate my love for you
7004 ROBERTO CARLOS                    Canzone Per Te                         La festa appena cominciata
7039 ROBERTO CARLOS                    Un Gatto Nel Blu                       Quando era bambino che allegria
4588 ROCKWELL                          Knife                                  You touched my life
4840 ROD STEWART                       Sailing                                I am sailing I am sailing
9173 ROD STEWART                       Some Guys Have All The Luck            Some guys have all the luck…
5915 ROD STEWART                       I Don't Want To Talk About It          I can tell by your eyes
4567 ROLLING STONES                    As Tears Go By                         It is the everning of the day
4860 ROLLING STONES                    Angie                                  Angie, Angie
4908 ROLLING STONES                    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction          I can't get no satisfaction
4927 ROLLING STONES                    Jumpin' Jack Flash                     Wah-choo!
4960 ROLLING STONES                    Ruby Tuesday                           She would never say where she came from
4991 ROLLING STONES                    Wild Horses                            Childhood living is easy to do
4727 ROXETTE                           It Must Have Been Love                 It must habe been love but it's over now
4771 ROXETTE                           Spending My Time                       What's the time
4832 ROXETTE                           Listen To Your Heart                   I know there's somethin'
4977 ROXETTE                           The Look                               One two three four
5896 ROXETTE                           Dressed For Success                    Tried to make it little by little
5927 ROXETTE                           Joyride                                Hello you fool I love you
4645 ROY ORBISON                       Only The Lonely                        Only the lonely you know the way
4757 ROY ORBISON                       Pretty Woman                           Pretty woman walking down the street
9076 ROY ORBISON                       You Got It                         Every time I look into your lovely eyes
5853 RUSH                              A Farewell To Kings                When they turn the pages of history
5876 RYAN E SHARPAY                    Bop To The Top                     Mucho gusto ay que fabulosa
4655 S. HARNICK AND J. BOCK            Sunrise Sunset                     Is this the little girl I carried
4542 S.C. FOSTER                       Oh Susanna                         I've come from Alabama with my banjo
9056 SADE                              Smooth Operator                    Diamond life lover boy
9209 SADE                              By Your Side                       You think I'd leave your side baby
4896 SAMANTHA MUMBA                    Gotta Tell You                     Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
9025 SAMANTHA SANG & BEE GEES          Emotion                            It's over and done
9227 SANDRA                            Maria Magdalena                    You take my love you want my soul
7024 SANDY E JÚNIOR                    Malia                              Cosa c'era nel fior che m'hai dato
4675 SANTA ESMERALDA                   You're My Everything               You're my everything
4624 SANTANA                           Evil Ways                          You've got to change your evil ways
9055 SANTANA                           Smooth                             Man it's a hot one
5956 SANTANA                           Oye Como Va                        Oye como va mi ritmo
9179 SANTANA & MICHELLE BRANCH         The Game Of Love                   Tell me Just what you want me to be…
4939 SANTANA FEAT.THE PRODUCT G&B      Maria Maria                        Ladies and gents'
4911 SAVAGE GARDEN                     I Knew I Loved You                 Oooh
9996 SCORPIONS                         Wind Of Change                     I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park
4765 SCOTT MACKENZIE                   San Francisco                      If you're going to San Francisco
7035 SERGIO ENDRIGO                    Ti Amo                             Per avermi sorriso in triste mattino
4838 SHANIA TWAIN                      Man I Feel Like A Woman            Let's go girls
9080 SHANIA TWAIN                      You're Still The One               "When I first saw you I saw love
4822 SHANIA TWAIN & BACK STREET BOYS   From This Moment On                From this moment life has begun
5905 SHEENA EASTON                     For Your Eyes Only                 For your eyes only
4855 SHERYL CROW                       All I Wanna Do                     Hit it This ain't no disco
5865 SILVERCHAIR                       Ana's Song                         Please die Ana
4571 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL               Bridge Over Troubled Water         When you're weary feeling small
9066 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL               The Sound Of Silence               Hello darkness my old friend
9023 SIMPLE MINDS                      Don't You Forget About Me          Hey hey hey hey uh uh uh oh
9268 SIMPLE PLAN                       Perfect                            Hey dad look at me
4901 SIMPLE RED                        Holding Back The Years             Holding back the years
9058 SIMPLY RED                        Stars                              Anyone who ever held you
9078 SIMPLY RED                        You Make Me Feel Brand New         My love
2514 SIMPLY RED                        Every time we say goodbye          Ev'ry time we say goodbye
9147 SINEAD O'CONNOR                   Nothing Compares To You            It's been seven hours and fifteen days…
4551 SKEETER DAVIS                     The End Of The World               Why does the sun go on shining
4639 SMOKIE                            Living Next Door To Alice          Sally called when she goes got the
5955 SPANDAU BALLET                    Only When You Leave                Laying in the after glow
5995 SPANDAU BALLET                    True                               So true funny how it seems
4796 SPICE GIRLS                       Wanna Be                           If you want my future forget my past
4847 SPICE GIRLS                       Viva Forever                       Do you still remember how we used to be
9081 SPICE GIRLS                       2 Become 1                         Candle light and soul forever…
5890 STEELY DAN                        Do It Again                        In the morning you go gunning
4726 STEPHEN BISHOP                    It Might Be You                    Time...I've been passing time
4617 STEPPENWOLF                       Born To Be Wild                    Get your motor runnin' head down
9201 STEVE MILLER BAND                 Abracadabra                        I heat up I can't cool down
4522 STEVIE WONDER                     I Just Called To Say I Love You    No New Year's Day to celebrate
4725 STEVIE WONDER                     Isn't She Lovely                   Isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful
4741 STEVIE WONDER                     My Cherie Amour                    La la...My cherie amour
4808 STEVIE WONDER                     Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday   Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday
4809 STEVIE WONDER                     You Are The Sunshine Of My Life    You are the sunshine of my life
2521 STEVIE WONDER                     All in love is fair                All is fair in love
9108 STING                             Fields Of Gold                     You'll remember me when the west…
9192 STING                             We'll Be Together                  I see me with you…
4729 SUPERTRAMP                        It's Raining Again                 It's raining again oh no my love's
4870 SUPERTRAMP                        Breakfast In America               Take a look at my girlfriend
9101 SUPERTRAMP                        Dreamer                            Dreamer You know you are a dreamer…
9177   SUPERTRAMP                      Take A Long Way Home               So you think you're a Romeo…
9181   SUPERTRAMP                      The Logical Song                   When I was young…
9216   SURVIVOR                        Eye Of The Tiger                   Risin' up back on the street
2505   SUSAN BOYLE                     I dreamed a dream                  I dreamed a dream in days gone by
4836 SUZANNE VEGA                      Luka                               My name is Luka
4683 TAKE THAT                         Back For Good                      I guess now it's time for me to give up
4605 TAMMY WYNETTE                     Stand By Your Man                  Sometimes it's hard to be a woman
4993 TEARS FOR FEARS                   Woman In Chains                    You better love loving and you better b
9092 THE 5TH DIMENSION                 Aquarius                           When the moon is in the seventh house…
9189 THE BUGGLES            Video Killed The Radio Star                   I heard you on my wireless…
9255 THE CARS               Drive                                         Who's gonna tell you when
4649 THE CASCADES           Rhythm Of The Rain                            Listen to the rhythm of the falling
4949 THE CHI-LITES          Oh Girl                                       Oh girl
9031 THE CORRS              Forgiven Not Forgotten                        All alone staring on watching her life
9163 THE CORRS              Runaway                                       Say it's true…
9232 THE CORRS              Runaway                                       Say it's true
5000 THE CRANBERRIES        Zombie                                        Another head hangs lowly Child is slowl
9040 THE CRANBERRIES        Linger                                        If you... if you could return
9048 THE CRANBERRIES        Ode To My Family                              Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
9270 THE CRESTS             Sixteen Candles                               Happy birthday Happy birthday, baby
9010 THE CURE               Boys Don't Cry                                I would say I'm sorry
9093 THE FOUR TOPS          Ask The Lonely                                When you feel that you can make..
9157 THE FOUR TOPS          Reach Out I'll Be There                       Now if you feel that you can't go on…
9178 THE HOLLIES            The Air That I Breathe                        If I could make a wish I think I'd pass…
9248 THE HOUSEMARTINS                                                     Clambering men in big bad boots
9213 THE HUMAN LEAGUE       Don't You Want Me                             You were working as a waitress
9215 THE KORGIS             Everybody's Got T0 Learn Sometime             Change your heart look around you
4839 THE MARMALADE          Reflections Of My Life                        The changing of sunlight to moonlight
9096 THE OUTFIELD           Closer To Me                                  One look one touch…
2517 THE REMBRANDTS         I'll be there for you                         So no one told your life was gonna be t
5871 THE RONETTES           Be My Baby                                    The night we met I knew I needed you so
9032 THE SMITHS             Girlfriend In A Coma                          Girlfriend in a coma I know
5867 THE SMITHS             Ask                                           Shyness is nice and shyness can't stop y
9061 THE WONDERS            That Thing You Do                             You... doin' that thing you do
2540 TIM MOORE              Yes                                           Oh oh oh yes yes
9174 TINA TURNER            Steamy Windows                                I was thinkin' 'bout parkin' the other…
9280 TINA TURNER            What's Love Got To Do With It                 You must understand,
5957 TINA TURNER            Private Dancer                                Well the men come in these places
5969 TINA TURNER            Simply The Best                               I call you I need you my heart's on fir
4516 TOM JONES              Green Green Grass Of Home                     The old hometown looks the same
4660 TOM JONES              Till                                          Till the moondeserts the sky
4621 TOMMY JAMES            Crimson And Clover                            No I don't hardly know her but I
4715 TONI BRAXTON           How Could An Angel Break My Heart             I know your eyes in the morning sun
4794 TONI BRAXTON           Unbreak My Heart                              Don't leave me in all this pain
4844 TONI BRAXTON           Spanish Guitar                                A smoky room a small caf?
4717 TONY BENETT            I Left My Heart In San Francisco              The loveliness of Paris
9059 TONY BENNETT           Stella By Starlight                           The song a robim sings
4532 TONY DALLARA           La Novia                                      Bian che spien dente va la novia
4611 TONY ORLANDO           The A Yellow Ribbon' Round The Old Oak Tree   I'm comin'home I've done my time
9263 TONY ORLANDO & DAWN    Knock Three Times                             Hey girl, what ya doin' down there
9021 TOPLOADER              Dancing In The Moonlight                      We get it on most every night
7012 TOQUINHO               Comme Facette Mammeta                         Quanno mámmeta t'ha fatta
9122 TOTO                   I'll Be Over You                              Some people live their dreams…
9202 TOTO                   Africa                                        I hear the drums echoing tonight
4813 TRACY CHAPMAN          Baby Can I Hold You                           Sorry is all that you can't say
4885 TRAIN                  Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)                    Now that she's back in the atmosphere
9091 TRAVIS TRITT           Anymore                                       I can't hide the way I feel…
4579 TURTLES                Happy Together                                Imagine me and you I do
4749 U2                     ONE                                           Is it gettin' better or do you feel the
4777 U2                     Sunday Bloody Sunday                          I can't believe the news today
4804 U2                     With Or Without You                           See the stone set in your eyes
4886 U2                     Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix)                   Elevation
4954 U2                     Pride (In The Name Of Love)                   One man come in the name of love
9120 U2                     I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For    I have climbed highest mountain…
9164 U2                     Running To Stand Still                        And so she woke up..
5948 U2                     New Year's Day                                All is quiet on new year's day
4891 UNCLE KRACKER          Follow Me                                     You don't know how you met me
4798 USA FOR AFRICA         We Are The World                              There comes a time when we
4926 VAN HALEN              Jump                                          I get up, and nothing gets me down
5895 VAN HALEN              Dreams                                        World turns black and white
2513 VAN HALEN              CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU                         There's a time and place for ev'rything
9993 VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS   What I've Been Looking For                    It's hard to believe that I couldn't see
9166 VANESSA WILLIAMS       Save The Best For Last                        Sometimes the snow comes down in June…
9043 VILLAGE PEOPLE         Macho Man                                     Body... wanna feel my body
7026 WESS & DORI CHESSI     Noi Due Per Sempre                            D'un tratto sei cosi diversa
7038 WESS & DORI CHESSI     Tu Nella Mia Vita                             Se tu sbagli e t'arrabbi da sola
4636 WHAM              Last Christmas                 Oh oh oh oh wo wo ah ah last
4724 WHITESNAKE        Is This Love                   I should have known better
5912 WHITESNAKE        Here I Go Again                I don't know where I'm going
5937 WHITESNAKE        Love Ain't No Stranger         Who knows where the cold wind blows
4526 WHITNEY HOUSTON   I Will Always Love You         If I shold stay I would only be
4750 WHITNEY HOUSTON   One Moment In Time             Each day I live I want to be
4897 WHITNEY HOUSTON   Greatest Love Of All           I believe the children are our future
4905 WHITNEY HOUSTON   How Will I Know                There's a boy I know, he's the one I dre
9086 WHITNEY HOUSTON   All At Once                    All at once…
9100 WHITNEY HOUSTON   Didn't We Almost Have It All   Remember when we held on in the rain…
9117 WHITNEY HOUSTON   I Have Nothing                 Share my life take me for what I am…
9136 WHITNEY HOUSTON   Lover For Life                 Hey hey baby ooh boy yeah oh baby…
4562 WILLIE NELSON     Always On My Mind              Maybe I didn't love you
4627 WILSON PICKETT    Funk Broadway                  Every town I go in there's a street
4672 WINGS             My Love                        And when I go away I know
9260 YOUNG RASCALS     Groovin'                       Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon
4766 ZUCCHERO          Senza Una Donna                I change my world I wanna change

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