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					                     October 2011

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Camping Today                                         3                                    October 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving                                                                                5
       What do you know about Canadian Thanksgiving? Learn more about it here.

RVer’s Guide to Spooky Halloween Fun                                                                 24
       Find out what to do for Halloween if you are on the road

Tips on Buying An RV                                                                                 27
       Find out what you should do before buying an RV

Ways to Use A Toy Hauler When RVing                                                                  31


    From the President                       4                 Commercial                       18
    Letters to the Editor                    6                 Retiree Rally                    19
    Legislation (Canada)                     15                Farewells                        32
    DASAT                                    16                Upcoming Events                  33
    Campvention                              17                Kids’ Page                       35

                                                     NATIONAL OFFICERS
                            President: Jack Smye              Recording Officer: Sandy Kendall
                            1st Vice President: Bob Price     Corresponding Secretary: Sue Carlsen
                            2nd Vice President: Dave Ludwig   Past President: Eldon Sellers
                            Comptroller: Jan Cushing          National Director: Shari Weber
Camping Today                                         4                                         October 2011

                     I watched the moving me-             Barb Turner, Region 6, South East
                     morial for the 10th Anniver-         Ivalee Vanderhoff, Region 2, South Central West
                     sary of 9/11 taking place at         Jim Stobbart, Region 7, Eastern Canada, and Re-
                     ground zero. My first reac-          gion 8 Northwest
                     tion, besides being moved,           Dave Hennie, Region 4, Great Lakes
                     was that I should write              Bill Eckman, Region 1, Far West
                     something about that in this            If you know of somebody you think may be
                     article. The more I watched          interested in running (or perhaps should run)
                     and the more I read (tributes,       please pass the name onto any of the committee.
                     reflections in the local and         You do not need to personally make any contact
national newspapers) the more I came to the con-          with the person(s) you reference nor will you
clusion that anything I could write or reflect upon       have any part in the final selection process –
about this horrendous attack and it’s commemo-            that’s the committee’s task. In order to have our
ration would be woefully inadequate. Rather than          members have a better understanding of the work
having a minute of silence, I’m giving you some           effort involved in the various positions and what
blank space where you can write your own                  a position actually entails (a job description), we
thoughts and reactions. Suffice to say, “I don’t          have included on the web under http://
think we have any adult members, on either side 
of the border, that were not shocked and in some          trusteeinfo.php this information. If you’re curi-
way affected by this act of terrorism. God Bless          ous for yourself or somebody you may be recom-
North America.”                                           mending, please refer to this site for the informa-
                                                          tion. The nominating committee must report to
Now to Family Campers and RVers news and                  me with their selections by mid November (in
events.                                                   order to allow each candidate time to prepare his/
                                                          her own election platform and bio for publication
    Our National election is coming next March.           in Camping Today).
Two important activities are taking place at the              Secondly, the Trustees are exploring the feasi-
current time. You can play an important role in           bility of conducting at least part of the election
each activity.                                            balloting process electronically. The firm we
    Firstly, I have formed a nominating commit-           have used for our postal balloting the last two
tee from across all our regions to search for can-        elections states that it is practical to do so. As
didates (two per office) to stand for election next       Trustees, we have not yet made any final deci-
year. The committee members are shown below.              sion nor do we have the exact process deter-
If you wish to contact or speak with any (or all)         mined. We do know that electronic balloting
of these members please contact HQ at                     could save our organization a few thousand dol- and a staff member                    lars in postal and printing costs. We can also in-
will provide the appropriate contact information.         sure our members that postal balloting will be
Eldon Sellers, Chairman of the committee, Re-             available for members who either cannot partici-
gion 2, North Central West                                pate in electronic balloting or prefer not to do so.
Lloyd Humphrey, Region 5, North East                      Else where included in this issue is an ad encour-
Camping Today                                         5                                       October 2011

aging our members to supply their e-mail address          trations and the Rally fees. Then consolidating
to our Family Campers and RVers HQ so we                  their member participants and transmitting them
may start establishing a more complete listing.           to the organizers.
We currently have a few hundred e-mail ad-                    The rally fees are given in Canadian Dol-
dresses but to make the process practical we need         lars. $ 110.00 for each adult participant; 50.00
a few thousand – we still have 5000 member                for each child (max. age not stated as yet);
families in the organization. If you are willing,         $30.00 for electricity provided each unit (tent,
we need the following information sent to the             RV). $55.00 for each adult with accommoda-
office. Your name, your membership number,                tions off-site, 25.00 for a child accommodated
and your current e-mail address. This informa-            off-site. They have not committed to water hook-
tion      may      be    sent      to    HQ      at       ups, and sewer hook-up will no doubt be central                                       dump stations. There are hotel and motel accom-
    I can assure you that your address is for our         modations in the town. RV rentals are listed in
FCRV use only and will not be sold to any other           the brochure”
organization nor your right to privacy abused or              We will be setting up some form of official
violated. Your co-operation is requested.                 registration process via Family Campers and
    Next July (the week after 2012 Campvention)           RVers-more to come-. Please visit the web site
the large International Rally of FICC (Federation         and if you or your family think you may be inter-
of International Camping Caravans) will be held           ested in attending this international rally let me
in Montmagny Quebec. –about ½ drive northeast             know. For the time being, until we get a few
of Quebec City, PQ. This event is held every 10           things set up I can at least determine what the
years in North America and usually once per year          interest level is of our members and then proceed
(perhaps twice) in countries around the world. At         to establish a registration process.
this rally, one can expect to see campers literally
from around the world (it’s almost like a world           Finally may I wish our Canadian members a
jamboree-if one were to think in Scouting terms).         Happy Thanksgiving.
In 2002 the event was held in St Jean sur Riche-
lieu (southeast of Montreal, PQ) and we had               Until next time,
about 30-40 families from our organization at-            Jack
tend. We put on a very moving display of North
American friendship and diversity in a power
point presentation and our President, Larry Roop,
brought greetings to the world on July 4th to an
audience of about 4000 campers. Family Camp-
ers and RVers are Associate members of FICC
and as such are the “official representatives” to
process registrations for this event. Our own liai-          The origins of Canadian Thanksgiving are
son representative, John Daggett, of Texas has            more closely connected to the traditions of
included the following information “The official          Europe than of the United States. Long before
FQCC and FICC website for the Rally is                    Europeans settled in North America, festivals of The 16-page rally brochure in            thanks and celebrations of harvest took place in
French, English and German is displayed PDF               Europe in the month of October. The very first
file at A registra-             Thanksgiving celebration in North America took
tion form will be available in November. The              place in Canada when Martin Frobisher, an ex-
FICC system for registration is the FICC member           plorer from England, arrived in Newfoundland in
organization is responsible for collecting regis-         1578. He wanted to give thanks for his safe arri-
Camping Today                                        6                                       October 2011

val to the New World. That means the first
Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated 43 years
before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massa-
    For a few hundred years, Thanksgiving was                 I was privileged to attend Campvention at
celebrated in either late October or early Novem-        Ladson, South Carolina. What a great time we
ber, before it was declared a national holiday in        had. Thank you to those that dedicated so much
1879. It was then, that November 6th was set             of themselves to make it a memorable time for
aside as the official Thanksgiving holiday. But          all that attended.
then on January 31, 1957, Canadian Parliament                I was happy to see so many children attending
announced that on the second Monday in Octo-             the festivities. It was refreshing to see young-
ber, Thanksgiving would be "a day of general             sters with their parents or grandparents and en-
thanksgiving to almighty God for the bountiful           joying themselves as only children can. Their
harvest with which Canada has been blessed."             happy-go-lucky attitude brought many smiles to
Thanksgiving was moved to the second Monday              my face and my heart. Families enjoying life and
in October because after the World Wars, Re-             the children interacting with the adults is what
membrance Day (November 11th) and Thanks-                “Family Campers” was founded on.
giving kept falling in the same week.                        We hope to have our grandson with us at
   Another reason for Canadian Thanksgiving              Blyth, Ontario, for Campvention 2012 and hope
arriving earlier than its American counterpart is        he feels as welcome as I hope the children this
that Canada is geographically further north than         year felt.
the United States, causing the Canadian harvest              We are constantly asked how to bring young
season to arrive earlier than the American harvest       people, with families, into our organization. The
season. And since Thanksgiving for Canadians is          first step is to welcome the families and love the
more about giving thanks for the harvest season          children for what they are, a true gift from God,
than the arrival of pilgrims, it makes sense to          and the future to our organization.
celebrate the holiday in October. So what are the
differences between Canadian and American                Sandy Kendall
Thanksgiving, other than the date? Not much!             Nebraska
Both Canadians and Americans celebrate
Thanksgiving with parades, family gatherings,
pumpkin pie and a whole lot of turkey!

                                                         Dear FCRV,

                                                            Growing up in FCRV, I was encouraged by
                                                         my parents to collect pop tabs. It was something
                                                         that was always hard for me to remember to do
                                                         and also something that I never really understood
                                                         the benefit of doing. I remember going to na-
                                                         tional campvention and seeing trash bags of pop
                                                         tabs being delivered to the drop off site. I was
                                                         told they were for the Ronald Mc Donald House.
                                                            I never in a million years imagined I would
Camping Today                                          7                                             October 2011

see the fruits of my ‘pop tab pulling off’ labor
first hand. On September 6, 2011, my daughter,
                    Lydia had surgery on her skull
                    for a condition called left cor-
                    onal craniosynostosis. This
                    basically means that one of
                    the spaces in her skull that al-
                    low for brain growth and sight                        By DeWayne Johnston
                    development had closed early.
                    She had to have a 5 ½ hour                  59 families attended the 2011 Northeast
surgery at Riley Hospital for Children in Indian-          FCRV Regional Campout, August 12 – 13 at the
apolis, Indiana to correct it. When something              Fryeburg, Maine Fairgrounds. It was hosted by
like this happens, the last thing you think about is       the Pine Tree Campers and Maine state directors,
where you are going to sleep each night or where           Ron and Ethel Phinney. Thursday was an early
your next meal is going to come from. You are              day for visiting and Friday offered card bingo
solely focused on your child which is what I was           and an evening talent show. Performing were
doing. Boy was I relieved when I was told by               Anne Robishaw, ME and Dixie the therapy dog,
her nurses that I could stay in the Ronald Mc              Don Lanoue, CT doing sign language to songs,
Donald house overnight.        And to make things          Chuck Wehner, MA,
even better, it was 2 floors down from where my            doing stories in rhyme,
daughter was in the Intensive Care Unit. I stayed          Larry Blouin, ME
there the night of her surgery and it was such a           singing, and Jerry and
relief to get a hot shower and a comfortable bed           Dot Zimmerman, CT
to sleep in to face the next day of recovery for           leading a hilarious
Lydia. In addition, we could go down there for             knee painting contest.
any of our meals and eat due to volunteers bring-          Massachusetts hospi-             Wives decorated their hus-
                                                                                                  band’s knees
ing in hot meals.                                          tality and a bonfire fol-
    So, to my fellow FCRVers thank you for eve-            lowed the program.
rything you do for the Ronald Mc Donald House.                 Saturday began with an opening ceremony
It has truly made me proud to have grown up in             and parade of state flags followed by Maine hos-
an organization that supports such a great cause           pitality. Chapter sales, kids games, sewer hole
and they have truly made a difference in the lives                                             (washer toss), and
of parents like myself who have to face the un-                                                snake       (ladder
thinkable, a child who has to have major surgery.                                              golf). Connecticut
                                                                                               hosted a hot dog
Sincerely,                                                                                     lunch and a silent
Sarah Risius Harris                                                                            auction preceded
(FCRV Iowa Teen Queen 2000, National 3rd run-                                                  the Northeast Re-
ner up, 2000)                                                                                  gional      general
Avon, IN                                                       Kids enjoy hospitality, too!     meeting. North-
                                                                                                east regional Di-
                                                           rector, Lloyd Humphrey presided and compli-
                                                           mented the region on its participation and accom-
                                                           plishments at the FCRV Campvention in Ladson,
                                                           SC. He presented certificates of membership to
                                                           Mark and Anne Brayman, CT , 20 years and Joe
Camping Today                                        8                                               October 2011

and Peggy Lins, MD, 45 years. The membership             Maine on Monday morning brought the campout
voted to leave the dates for future campouts to          to an end. Next year’s Northeast Regional will be
the host state, acknowledging that more families         in New Jersey at Buena Vista Campground in
with kids can attend in August. He noted that            August. Dates will be announced later.
the Delawanderers chapter had 100% attendance
at the campout with all 5 members present. He
also welcomed 3 families from Nova Scotia and
3 from New Brunswick. Connecticut had 20
families and the most youth and teens. A well                             By Jill Serbousek
attended pot luck supper was held and several
door prizes were awarded. It was a lovely eve-           The Alf Chapter was pleased to present the
ning under a full moon for outdoor entertainment         awards that we received at 2011 National
by Gloria Jean from West Brook, who along with           Campvention at our Labor Day Weekend camp-
her brother, Bobby sang a variety of songs. Con-         out at Sugar Bottom Recreation Area in Coral-
necticut hospitality and a bon fire capped off the       ville, IA. All Alf families were present except
evening.                                                 the Ehrhards and Croxtons. We also had A LOT
    Two sisters, Sarah and Stacyann Grabek of            of visiting family members who came from as far
Colchester, CT were Cadet members last year              as Council Bluffs, Iowa and Hastings, Minne-
and joined FCRV and attended. Several families           sota!
brought kayaks and enjoyed the Saco River. In-           The following awards were received by the chap-
                              stead of the usual         ter or members of the Alf chapter:
                              food bank, dona-               • Conservation Essay – Beth O’Neal – 1
                              tions and pet food                  place in her age bracket - $50 and a blue
                              were collected for                  ribbon
                              the Harvest Hills
                                                                                     Alf President, Jill
                              shelter.                                               Serbousek presented
                                  Sunday morn-                                       Beth O’Neal with her
                                                                                     First Place ribbon for
 This is suppose to make you
                              ing several at-                                        her Conservation
           beautiful?         tended       local
                              churches.     Many
also visited the weekly public flea market held at          •   State DASAT Director of the Year – Jill
the fairgrounds. Bean bag baseball began at 10                  Serbousek for her ideas & help in restruc-
a.m. and an afternoon seminar on skin care was                  turing the DAT program
presented. An afternoon hike was organized to               •   Chapter Conservation Director – Jill Ser-
Jockey Cap Hill and a horseshoe tournament was                  bousek
held. Game winners were announced prior to the              •   Chapter History Scrapbook – 1st Place
evening entertainment. They included Gene
Jennings – sewer hole, Mark Brayman and Don
Lanoue – 1st horseshoes, Bob Lamontagne and
Todd Yarrison 2nd, Blue Team – bean bag base-
ball, teens vs adult volleyball – adults. The
popular Jose Duddy from Biddeford had the au-
dience dancin’ and romancin’ with his smooth                    The Alf History Committee (Scrapbooking
                                                                Team) accepted the award for First Place Chapter
vocal blend of classic country and pop music.                   History Scrapbook. The team consisted of
New York hospitality completed the evening.                     Phyllis Dunn, Jill Serbousek, Nancy Scott, Beth
    A farewell pancake breakfast hosted by                      O’Neal, Micki Luensmann, Susie Thurmond,
                                                                Rhonda O’Neal and Barb Strom.
Camping Today                                              9                                        October 2011

   •    Chapter Newsletter – 1st Place                         New York State, and International activi-
                                                               ties. President, Barbara Hoffman, recently re-
                                                               ceived her 15 year certificate of member-
                                                               ship. Vice Presidents, Bruce and Pat Thomas
                                                               were given a 20 year certificate. Bill and Nancy
          Alf President, Jill Serbousek presented Micki        Allport, were honored with a 45 year certifi-
          Luensmann with the First Place Chapter News-         cate!!. Leonard and Helen Bilicki have been
          letter Plaque. Micki is the Editor In Chief of
          the Alf Newsletter, Melmac Musings.                  NCHA/FCRV members for 48 years. Our Secre-
                                                               tary/Treasurers, Charlie and Barbara White are
   •    Conservation Litter Survey Award –                     16 year members. Field Directors, Don and Jean
        Busch Stadium Cardinals Green Team                     Sipple, have achieved 22 years with our group.
        project                                                    The Apple Pushers enjoy meeting new people
                                                               and invite you to camp with us.
                                                                   Our September camp out will be at Wood-
                                                               stream Camping Resort, where we have camped
                                                               most of the years since the club's begin-
                                                               nings. We will have games, pot luck, and camp-
       Alf Members who participated in the Cardi-              fire. We have decided our "big" celebration will
       nals Green Team (Litter Survey Award).                  be dinner out later in September.
       Back Row: Pete Luensmann and John Scott                     We're proud to be part of a great organization.
       Middle Row: Jill Serbousek, Rhonda
       O’Neal, Greg Thurmond, Barb Strom, John
       Strom and Rich Thurmond

We have enjoyed participation in all of the great
programs that FCRV has and look forward to fu-
ture projects!

                                                                              By Melanie Keddy
                                                                             Photos by Barb Dore

                                                                  It’s a little something I like to call a
                                                               “Christmas Miracle” in July; after an extremely
                                                               rainy and cold Spring, we actually had a sunny
                                                               and hot 4 day Canada Day Campout at the Sea-
                      By Pat Thomas                            breeze Campout over the holiday weekend.
                                                                   50 trailers converged on the private Seabreeze
                           In    S ep t emb er,                Park in Pinehurst, Nova Scotia for their annual
                           2011, the Medina,                   July 1st campout. A little over 100 people en-
                           NY, Apple Pushers                   joyed the festivities of the 4 day event. Starting
                           turns 50.      This                 on Thursday, June 30th, as campers arrived and
                           group,    although                  registered the fun began. First on the program
                           much      small er,                 was a ‘surprise’ initiation for first time campers
                           holds     monthl y                  to our Campout. Each new camper was given a
                           camp outs or meet-                  “Seabreeze Survival Kit” and a map to help them
ings. Members participate in Western District,                 go down the neighboring LaHave River in one
Camping Today                                          10                                      October 2011

flat rubber dinghy!                                     went to Dorothy Kerr with a score of 553. Men’s
Each participant was                                    High went to Lewis Kerr with a score of 583 and
told to report to the                                   Mens Low to Richard Chute with 503. Five ta-
president’s trailer 1                                   bles of 45’s were played with Ladies high going
hour before sunrise                                     to Doris Schofield
to blow up the din-                                     with a score of 560
ghy and decide who                                      while Ladies Low
                             First Timers Initiation
would ride in the craft                                 went to Ellie Cro-
and who would hang on                                   well with 350.
the side. Surprisingly, no one showed up the next       Men’s high score
morning! Following the initiation a feast of            was won by Joey Hub Campers preparing hospi-
campfire pies were enjoyed around the campfire          Collier with a score    tality of Ice cream Floats for
and an 80th Birthday cake was presented to Sea-         of 660 while Men’s                 everyone
breeze Camper Robert Haughn in celebration of           low went to Henry
his birthday on Canada Day.                             Schofield with a 400. Following cards a round of
    On Friday, July 1st, the morning started with a     Snowshoes was played at the park with 16 play-
Bean Bag Tournament. 32 Players registered.             ers competing. Winning the gold was the team of
Winners were the team of Ernie Robichaud and            Kevin Keddy, Ralph MacDonald, Julia Cross,
Lyman Huskins while second place finishers              and Russell Jennings. Silver went to the team of
were Lewis Kerr and Sylvia Hamilton. Following          Robert Haughn, Melanie Keddy, Tricia Chute,
lunch 48 players enjoyed a round of Washer              and Campbell Gunn. This is a really fun competi-
Toss. Winners of the gold were Gary Creelman            tion to watch! Supper was supplied by Seabreeze
and Stephen Bond while the silver went to               campers and consisted of Barbequed hamburgers,
Lindsey Power and Phil Hopkins. In the evening          hotdogs, and fresh strawberry shortcake for des-
a campfire and snacks were enjoyed followed by          sert.
a small fireworks display in celebration of Can-           Veggie trays provided by High Tide Drifters
ada Day. A jam session by club musicians was            were also enjoyed. Around the evening campfire
enjoyed throughout the evening.                                                   S’mores were made and
    On Saturday, July 2nd, the day started with a                                 provided by Seabreeze
round of Horseshoes. Twenty players partici-                                      Campers. A sticky mess
pated. Winners were Henry Porter and Ralph                                        was enjoyed by all. An-
MacDonald while second place went to Melanie                                      other wonderful jam
                            Keddy and Russell                                     session by musicians
                            Jennings. Next was a                Jam Session    was enjoyed during the
                            rousing game of Goofy                              evening festivities.
                            Golf with 48 players           Sunday, July 3 was the last day of our camp-
                            registering. First place    out and started with a Pancake and sausage
                            went to Gary Creelman       breakfast provided by Seabreeze. This was fol-
                            and Ralph MacDonald         lowed by a church service led by Melanie Keddy.
      Goofy Golf
                       while our second place           The church offering was $261.10 which will be
                       team was Herb Wilson and         donated to Christmas Daddies. Following the ser-
Robert Haughn. Following lunch a hospitality of         vice gate prizes and game awards were presented
ice cream floats was provided by Hub Campers.           by club president Lucille Trites. Everyone was
Then 36 players enjoyed card games in the club          thanked and wished a safe trip home.
house. Ladies High in Crib went to Doreen
MacLeod with a score of 605 while Ladies Low
Camping Today                                        11                                  October 2011

                                                         It was a busy weekend and a great time was
                                                      had by all.

                By Giles & Barb Dore
                Photos by Barb Dore
                                                                     By Edwin Griffin
   Hub campers
of Truro Nova                                             The Kentucky Colonels Chapter of NCHA/
Scotia held their                                     FCRV will host the 49th annual Thanksgiving
Special Campout                                       Campout at the Lake Cumberland State Resort
weekend         in                                    Park, Jamestown, Kentucky, during the week of
Lanesville      on                                    Thanksgiving, 2011, Sunday the 20th through
June 10-12. This campout is held annually invit-      Saturday the 26th. The Chapter has met during
ing all FCRV members from Nova Scotia and             Thanksgiving week for 48 years. For many
New Brunswick to a weekend of fun and friend-         camping families in the Snow Belt, the Thanks-
ship.                                                 giving Campout is the last campout of the sea-
   This year we had 39 units participating. It all    son. We will enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner pitch-
started with a dart meet and greet on Friday          in together with turkey and ham and all the trim-
                             night, followed by       mings - veggies, dressing, and desserts.
                             an evening pot luck          It is a great place for Snowbirds enroute to
                             lunch.     Saturday      warmer climates to stopover and invite family to
                             morning,     started     come for Thanksgiving. Your family may enjoy
                             with a horseshoes        celebrating in a resort atmosphere either in an
                             tournament,      fol-    RV, the Lure Lodge, the Pumpkin Creek Lodge,
lowed by sloppy joes served for dinner by the         or a cottage. Additional information can be found
Hub Campers. In the afternoon, under a sunny          at: Some of the staffed ac-
sky, competition heated up with a game of             tivities may not be available since this Resort
washer toss. Supper was pot luck with 79 people       Park is kept open expressly for this campout.
in attendance, as usual it was a great success. In       This writer is convinced that this chapter and
the evening card game                                 this campout are two of the best-kept secrets in
were played (cribbage,                                the NCHA/FCRV family. For many families, go-
auction 45, pegs and jok-                             ing home for Thanksgiving means “home” is
ers, dominoes) and was                                Lake Cumberland and the Thanksgiving Camp-
enjoyed by all. Again an                              out.
evening lunch was served                                 The Kentucky Colonels Chapter is a unique
at 10 PM. Sunday morning started with a French        chapter within NCHA/FCRV. It is the only Inter-
toast and sausage breakfast cooked by the men         national chartered chapter for families. It is a
with the assistance of the women who prepared         chapter within which a family can build tradi-
the French toast dip, followed by church service.     tions and relationships between generations and
At noon, Hub Campers provided hot dogs and ice        with other families. Activities and games are
cream before campers started to make their way        planned for all families and ages to enjoy.
home after a very enjoyable weekend.                      This campout is open to all current and
Camping Today                                          12                                    October 2011

“wannabe” NCHA/FCRV members. Please do                  distance at Estes Park, CO and Rocky Mt. Na-
not let the name, Kentucky Colonels, scare you          tional Park, but this was one of those extreme
off from this great campout. You do not have to         ‘Ahhhaaa’ fulfilling moments.
be a Kentucky Colonel to attend and enjoy your-             Our black lab, Izzy caught the creature’s scent
self. The Kentucky Colonels Chapter simply              as soon as we got out of our truck. I was thinking
hosts the campout. A huge campfire is lit on Sun-       she was going after a chipmunk or something,
day morning and is maintained 24 hours a day            when all of a sudden
until Friday evening when it is allowed to die          my husband, Lonnie
out. The Park supplies all the logs for the fire.       stops and calls the dog
   This year the Chapter is wrapping up plans to        back. Sure enough,
celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2012. Come            there right in front of us
and be part of the planning and the celebration.        in the lake was a female
You will not be disappointed.                           moose looking our way! Male Moose - they
   Feel free to contact President Wayne Felter,                                               racks
                                                        My mind registered cow, regrow year every, for more informa-             then I realized why
tion. Reservations are not necessary; just show         Lonnie grabbed hold of the dog. He was making
up. In fact, if you try to make reservations you        sure she wouldn’t run after the moose or worse
will be told that the park is closed for the season;    yet, the moose wouldn’t charge.
so just show up. You may also contact Ed Grif-              I was shaking trying to capture the pictures I
fin, the author of this article at                      have always wanted. The moose was pretty big,                                 actually huge and I was scared. Lonnie ended up
                                                        snapping the shots and needless to say I am
See you in Kentucky!
Edwin Griffin                                           proud of him. We put our dog in the truck and
                                                        hiked back to watch true wildlife in nature. I
                                                        wondered where Lonnie disappeared to. He later
                                                        told me he was taking pictures behind a picnic
                                                        table just in case the moose came after him. From
                                                        a distance, I just stood still watching this gor-
                                                        geous, winter fur covered creature wading and
                                                        eating in the lake. Behind me I heard the crack-
              By Mary Ann Glover                        ling of wood so I looked over my shoulder and
              Colorado Springs, CO                      thought BEAR! It was just my imagination I
                                                        said out loud, still feeling there was something
Someone once said, “If you’re lucky enough to           looking at me. I turned around fully to find a
live in the mountains, you’re lucky enough.” For        huge male moose looking at me while I was
as long as my husband and I have been avid
campers, I’ve always wanted to see a moose and          looking at the female in the lake. I almost
especially photograph one. This past spring we          laughed out loud then backed away slowly. Just
had the best time camping and hiking in Lake            then my husband came out of the brush so I
City, Colorado and guess what. We were pleas-           pointed over to moose #2 since he had the cam-
antly surprised by actually getting to photograph       era. The moose just mosied toward the lake so
these incredible, majestic creatures here in Colo-      Lonnie followed and got some even more spec-
rado. Now we’ve seen ‘city moose’ in Anchor-
                                                        tacular photos.
age, Alaska years ago and another pair in the far
Camping Today                                         13                                   October 2011

                                                       received a part of his giving.
                                                       What dedication one person has done for many
                                                       who may not have made it without his donations.
                                                       As Christ gave His blood to save all of us, Gary
                                                       has given what he could to help as many as he
                                                       can and is still giving.

                                                       Are you looking for a smart and fun game? Look
                                                       no further!
  Kathy Woods (C) of the Phoenix Wildlife Center in
  Maryland accepts an FCRV Wildlife Grant check
  from Peggy and Joe Lins, MD State Directors.         Blue Orange Games introduces Sumoku, the
                                                       unique crossword-style game with numbers. Per-
                                                       fect for sharpening mental math and problem-
                                                       solving skills, Sumoku is proof that learning is

                                                       Players will roll the
                                                       numbered die and
                 By Bettie Pfeiffer                    arrange the num-
                                                       bered tiles in rows or
                           Gary L. Pfeiffer, Life-     columns that add up to mul-
                           time member of              tiples of the number shown on the die.
                           F.C.R.V. and Chapter        Things can get a little more challenging as a row
                           member of Skeeter           or column may not contain duplicate colors.
                           Swatters, Findlay,
                           Ohio, has successfully      Sumoku enforces addition and multiplication
                           donated 25 gallons of       abilities as well as number and color recognition.
blood as of April 6th 2011 blood drive. After          This game is a great learning tool that you will
over 30 years of donating, he has accomplished         want to play again and again.
something many cannot imagine. At the question         Whether you are looking for a challenging and
of a friend, he decided to begin this journey          educational activity, fast action with friends, or
which has included donations in the different          an addictive game that brings family together,
counties of Hardin, Hancock and Wyandot. He            Sumoku has it all!
was at one time in a race with his mother, Lois
Pfeiffer, but she gracefully stopped her quest and     At $15.99 and packaged in a brightly colored
Gary has been donating every time he can. This         small pouch, Sumoku includes 5 great games and
is 200 pints of blood, 6 times of doubles and 188      is filled with endless challenges!
singles. To figure this as one pint helping 3 peo-
ple, these life giving donations has helped 600        Ages: 9 to Adult, 1 to 8 Players, $15.99
people over the years. Possible one of you has
Camping Today                                        14                                        October 2011

                                                                It all started as an act of kindness,
                                                                And became an organization,
                                                                Where friends become family,
                                                                While traveling around our nation.

                                                                Come Camp with all of us
                                                                And watch our chapter expand,
   Miss FCRV 2011-2012 for Pennsylvania is                      As we leave each place better,
17 year old Sunny Dixon from Hopewell, PA.                      Before we used the land.
She is the step-daughter of Kerwin and Sherry
Carberry and granddaughter of Sarah Carberry,                   Share in all our programs,
members of the Battle Swamp Campers and Mid-                    Helping youth, teens and retirees,
night Misfits Chapters.                                         Learn about conservation,
                                                                And wildlife amongst the trees.
   Sunny’s talent is twirling silk flags. She also
plays flute in her school band and is a basketball              We make active lifestyle choices,
cheerleader. She is a senior at Northern Bedford                We tour towns and parks, too,
                                                                We visit, eat and play games,
High School where she is a library and teacher                  These are the things we do.
assistant and a member of STAT. Her hobbies
are reading and journalism and she plans to be-                 We do this to have fun,
come a librarian or teacher. She collects ele-                  And campout wherever we go,
                                                                We want strangers to be friends,
phants and porcelain shoes. She has an older                    More than you’ll ever know!
Brother, Tyler,20 and a younger sister Jenna, 7.
Sunny was crowned at Penn Camp, June 18, at                            —Lucy Gerber
Martinsburg, and is looking forward to represent-     Editor’s note:
ing her state in Canada at the 2012 Campven-          Lucy Gerber is a retired schoolteacher and published poet
                                                      who has a permanent campsite at the Lazy River Camp-
tion.                                                 ground, the site of the Great Lakes Regional. She ex-
                                                      pressed an interest in what we were doing and who we
                                                      were. She visited with Marilyn Rausch and sent this poem
                                                      to her.
Camping Today                                        15                                          October 2011

 Legislation –Family Campers                          cence – holders of a graduated licence in the
                                                      Class G1 or Class G2 not eligible,
     and RVers (Canada)
                                                      *Compliant with all other Highway Traffic Act
              By Sylvia V Powers                      weights and dimension requirements, and No
                                                      other type of towed vehicle is eligible for this
RV Drivers Can Tow Using Their Full Ontario           proposal.
Class G Licence                                          These changes will make it easier for Ontari-
                                                      ans to travel with RV”s , support the province’s
APPLIES ONLY TO CANADIAN DRIVERS                      RV industry and promote tourism, while keeping
                                                      our roads the safest in North America.
    Starting July 01, 2011, drivers may tow rec-
reational vehicles (R V’s) if they have a full        Quick Facts:
Class G licence. This will make it easier for On-        • Drivers must have a full G licence, not a
tarians to travel and save RV owners about $200              G1 or G2
in initial licence costs.                                • This change aligns Ontario with driver’s
    Until now, Ontario drivers needed a Class A              licence requirements for RV’s in 41 U.S.
licence to tow RV”s that weigh more than 4,600               states and 6 Canadian Provinces and Ter-
kg. With this change, Ontarians may tow and op-              ritories
erate RV,s with a full Class G licence as long as:       • This change for towed RV’S is also con-
 *the tow vehicle is a pick-up truck equipped                sistent with the current requirement for
with the Manufacturers original box, with a gross            operation of motor homes
vehicle weight (GVWR) not exceeding 6,000 kg             • The Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers
and equipped with no more than two axles and                 Association will provide voluntary orien-
not being used for commercial purposes,                      tation training to the purchasers and own-
                                                             ers of large, towed recreational vehicles
* Combined weight of pick-up truck and RV                    to further support road safety
does not exceed 11,000 kg total gross weight ,           • The number of fatalities from motor vehi-
                                                             cle collisions in Ontario was the lowest
*R V hitched to Pick-up by means of a fifth                  ever recorded, according to the most re-
wheel hitch assembly,                                        cent statistics

*Only one (1) towed vehicle in combination,                   Source:

*Pick-up truck and RV not equipped with air-              Lexiphile (i.e., "lovers of words" you know . . . .
brakes,                                                   like . . . you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna
                                                          fish . . .. or, I wondered why the baseball was get-
*RV (Towed RV) Transport Canada compliant                 ting bigger . . . . then it hit me). Well, here are a
                                                          few more:
and manufactured to CSA Z-240 or Recreational
Vehicle Industry Association (of America) Stan-           •    To write with a broken pencil is . . .
dards,                                                         pointless.
                                                          •    When fish are in schools they some-
* Floor space of RV is primarily living accom-                 times . . . take debate.
modations,                                                •    A thief who stole a calendar . . . got
                                                               twelve months.
*Operated by holder of full Class G driver li-            •    A boiled egg is . . . hard to beat.
Camping Today                                        16                                     October 2011

                                                          children, hearing or mobility impaired indi-
                                                          viduals, those with special dietary or medical
                                                          needs, those without vehicles, and those who
                                                          may not speak English. Discuss with these
                                                          individuals how you might contact them and
                                                          what the specific needs are that you would
       Marilyn Rausch, DASAT Director                     need help with in case of an emergency.
                                                      ∗ Be a good neighbor. Be aware of neighbors
                                                          who may be elderly, infirm, or alone, who
    Disasters come in many forms. On a personal           may need special help in times of crisis.
level, they may present as illness, injury, finan-       Part of planning ahead involves assuring that
cial or emotional crises. On a community level,       there is a means of communication available.
they can manifest as weather emergencies, fires,      You cannot always rely on the television or even
or more broadly as acts of terrorism.                 the telephone in case of a widespread disaster. It
    One thing that is common in all emergencies,      is wise to keep on hand, along with your emer-
however, is that communication is critical for        gency supplies, battery or, preferably, hand-crank
survival.                                             radios and cell phone chargers that can be oper-
    Though we communicate in many ways every          ated either with hand cranks or by your automo-
day, what comes naturally then may not be so          tive battery. If you have skills and access to CB
easy when life has been disrupted. As in all dis-     radios, or have hand-held two-way communica-
aster survival, preparation and planning are the      tion radios with plenty of fresh batteries, you
key.                                                  could provide help to others in the community as
   Think it though: who would be the first person     well as yourself and your family.
that you would contact in a crisis? If you are           Another area of planning involves those areas
separated from your spouse, children, parents,        where family members might be at the time dis-
friends, how would you know that they were            aster hits. Schools and workplaces should have
safe? If your usual means of contact are dis-         established plans for emergencies, including how
rupted, how would you get the information that        to contact family members during times of crisis.
you need to deal with whatever is happening?          If these plans have not been communicated with
    In making your personal and family disaster       you , become a squeaky wheel… find out how
preparations, a first step should be to determine     those situations will be handled and, if the plan is
how you will communicate should a disaster oc-        not yet in place, make certain that those in charge
cur.                                                  realize how important it is. You cannot make
∗ Establish a “meeting place.” In case of fire or     and execute a plan at the time of the need. Clear
     local emergency, have one or two places pre-     thinking depends upon preparation.
     determined where, if possible, the family can        Finally, be prepared to assist those assisting
     gather.                                          you. Keep on your person on in easy access that
∗ Identify an out of town contact. If there is an     information that is needed to communicate with
     emergency that affects the community in          rescue workers and family members. Have writ-
     which you live, a relative or friend living      ten down names of emergency contacts (local
     elsewhere may be in the best position to com-    and, if necessary, remote), information about
     municate with separated family members.          medical conditions, medications, and allergies
     That person could be one of the designated       that may be critical in times of emergency.
     “ICE” numbers listed on your cell phones.
     Everyone in the family should have the num-
     ber written down in an accessible place. Of
     course, the person designated should be
     aware that they are listed as emergency con-
∗ Create a network of neighbors, relatives,
     friends and co-workers who would be willing
     to assist with those who have special needs:
Camping Today                                          17                                      October 2011

                                               By Lee & Celia Steel
                                                 Publicity Chair

    The 52nd Campvention, hosted by region 7,           Judi and Arthur Stokes, Volunteer Chair
will be in Blyth, Ontario, July 13-20, 2012. The        email
theme is “Path to Friendship”. Campvention will         366 - 5700 Blackwell Side Road, Sarnia ON
be held at the Blyth Recreation Campground, a           N7W 1B7
short walk to the village. It’s a-one-of-a kind fa-     home phone 519-541-9527
cility adjacent to a community centre. The cost of
the week is $275. This provides everyone with
30 amp sites, washrooms and showers, informa-           HOSPITALITY
tive seminars and nightly entertainment.
                                                        Everyone enjoys hospitality – an opportunity to
PULL TAB COLLECTION                                     greet and meet and share in some goodies.
                                                        Please consider volunteering your area/chapter
As in past years pull tabs will be collected at         for this opportunity.
Campvention 2012 in Blyth, Ontario. We would            Jacques & Carol Anderson, Hospitality Chair
like to encourage all members, from every club,         email:
to continue to collect the tabs and bring them to
Blyth. The proceeds from the tabs will go to
support Ronald McDonald House. By collecting                CAMPVENTION 2012: Entering Canada
the tabs from now until July 2012, we should                      and Re-entering USA
have a cheque for well over $2,000 for this char-
ity. Let’s get behind this worth while project.         For entry into the United States via land and sea
Every little bit will help to make this project suc-    borders, U.S. citizens will need to present either
cessful.                                                a U.S. passport or passport card.

Wayne & Marilyn Rosenberger, Pull Tab Chair             U.S PASSPORT CARD
                                                        If you are a U.S. citizen and only intend to travel
VOLUNTEERING                                            by land, you may apply for a passport card. For
                                                        adults, it is valid for ten years at a cost of $55 for
Volunteering is a great way to meet new people          a first-time applicant and $30 for a previous pass-
from all over and to help make Campvention a            port holder. The U.S. Passport Card can be used
success and fun for everyone. Stop in at the            to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico,
Volunteer table to sign up for opportunities in         the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border cross-
ground transportation or security or manning a          ings or sea ports-of-entry and is more convenient
booth. Or contact the Volunteer Chairpersons            and less expensive than a passport book. The
(preferred contact by email) to name your fa-           passport card cannot be used for international
voured time and/or job to book your shift ahead         travel by air.
of time. Shifts are usually only 2 or 3 hours.          A minor applicant (under 16 years of age) will
                                                        pay $40 and this passport card lasts five years.
Camping Today                                           18                                       October 2011


If you plan in your future to fly internationally,                       By Paul & Pat Parsley
then a U.S. passport may be your answer. It
costs $135 for a first-time adult applicant or $110          Want to make your Christmas shopping less
for an adult renewal. This passport is valid for         stressful while giving gifts that have a personal
ten years.                                               touch? The answer is just a click away. Check
A minor applicant (under 16 years of age) will           out our on-line shopping opportunities at one of
pay $105 and this passport lasts five years.             the 17 FCRV Commercial Member websites
                                                         listed below.
ENHANCED DRIVER’S LICENSE This is a                          If you’re thinking about a RV trip here or
driver’s license that can also be used as a cross-       abroad, Adventure Caravans’ website offers
border travel document to enter the U.S. by land         many fun-filled opportunities.        Looking for
and sea. It denotes both identity and citizenship,       something for that special someone? Karen Sny-
per the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.            der, our Avon representative has lots to offer. If
The following states are issuing this type of            you’re in the market for a fantastic fan, Fantastic
WHTI-compliant document: Michigan, New                   Vent’s website has all the information you need.
York, Vermont and Washington.                            Motorhome owners will want to visit Frame-
                                                         Rite/Plak-R’s website for beautiful plaques that
If you are travelling with minors, you must              attach to the motorhome’s ladder. Or any RV
carry proper identification for each child such as       owner can visit Global Satellite Solutions,
a birth certificate, passport, citizenship card, per-    Pacesetter RV Products, Techno RV, The RV
manent resident card or Certificate of Indian            Solution, and VIP Enterprises for supplies and
Status.                                                  items. ANPAC, our corporate sponsor, offers
If you are not the parent or guardian of the chil-       American members various types of insurance
dren, you should also have written permission            policies and On the Road Again offers Cana-
from the parent/guardian authorizing the trip.           dian members similar policies. If you’re in the
The letter should include addresses and telephone        market for jewelry, check out Gems ‘N More.
numbers where the parents or guardian can be             Originals by Becki has lots of iron-on decals
reached.                                                 and craft supplies. Interested in natural facial
Divorced or separated parents should carry cus-          care and health products? Sarge Enterprise’s
tody or legal separation documents and/or a letter       website has it all. Hopefully we’ve sparked your
of authorization to facilitate their entry into Can-     curiosity and interest in purchasing items via the
ada.                                                     internet from our Commercial Members. The
To learn more information about United States            good news is “It’s so easy, anyone can do it.”
citizens travelling to and from Canada, use a            Just follow these directions and you’ll be on your
computer and search:                    way to choosing products and services from
                                                         Commercial Members who provide us with non-
Information can also be found on the FCRV web-           dues income.
site on this page
campvent/2012/campvent12.php                             1. Go to the FCRV website:
                                                         2. At the top of the page, click on “Commercial”
                                                         3.    In the middle of the page click on
                                                         “Commercial Member Products & Services”
                                                         4. Check out the Commercial Members and en-
                                                         joy your shopping.
Camping Today                                          19                                     October 2011

                                                           Be sure to send information to Dick and Pam
As you’ll see, we have a number of Commercial           Likins for the Program Book as soon as possi-
Members who do not yet offer internet shopping.         ble. This includes games schedule, seminar
In those cases, we’ve provided a general list of        schedule, and anything else you want in the pro-
products they offer as well as a means of contact-      gram: Kings and Queens, if you want your pic-
ing them. With the technology available today, it       ture in the Program Book, send it to us with the
no longer matters if a business is local or across      information you want included.
the country. These Commercial Members have
joined FCRV to provide members with products            C.A.M.P. (Campers Actively Moving Pro-
and services and they provide us with a substan-        gram), formerly SPC, is more than our morning
tial amount of non-dues income. If we want              walks/rides, which we will have. It can include
them to continue to support FCRV, it’s important        chair aerobics, aerobics, dancing of all kinds. Is
that we members support them. Have a joyous             there anyone who would like to lead line danc-
holiday and we’ll give you an update in 2012. In        ing, square dancing, aerobics, etc? If you have
the meantime, if you have suggestions, please           any ideas to keep us Retirees moving, please
feel free to contact us.                                contact me: or 317-502
                                                        -0608. Looking forward to an active week.
                                                        Carol Luke, Chair

                                                                           Door Prizes
                                                        We are hoping each unit will bring a door prize
             By Dick & Pam Likins                       to the Nat’l Retiree Rally.
              Rally Coordinators                        We are requesting that the items donated are
                                                        something that you would like to receive.
    We are looking forward to seeing lots of                      DOOR PRIZE COMMITTEE
FCRV members at the 41st International FCRV
Retiree Rally in Tallahassee in March 2012. The
                                                                  The Alternates Committee
theme is Share the Sunshine, and we are hoping
                                                        needs volunteers at the Retiree Rally.
for sunny weather while you are there! Average
                                                        Members of the Alternates Committee fill in
temperatures in Tallahassee in March are highs
                                                        where needed during the rally. Members of this
in the mid 70’s and lows in the mid 50’s. Great
                                                        committee are important. If you are interested in
camping weather.
                                                        serving on the Alternates Committee, contact
    Early bird parking will be available starting at
                                                        Mary & Allen Burrius, chairs, at mfbur-
12:00 noon on Sunday, March 11th and into
Monday, March 12th.         The camping area is
mostly grassy, with a few surfaced roads.
                                                        Calling all singles. We hope you will join us at
    Please bring door prizes with you. The more
                                                        the Retiree Rally for a breakfast get-together so
we get the more chances you have to win
                                                        that you can get better acquainted and possibly
one! Mail and Information will have information
                                                        find new friends to travel with. Being alone is no
on where you can get tours or how to take your
                                                        fun, but if all singles band together, they can lend
own tour. We will continue the tradition of col-
                                                        support and help to each other. For more infor-
lecting food for the Food Bank and lap robes for
                                                        m a t i o n yo u m a y c o n t a c t m e a t
shut-ins and nursing homes. Also, we will also
                                                         See you there!.
collect hats for cancer patients, as we did this
                                                        LaNelle Ishmael, Chair
past year.
Camping Today                                        20                                     October 2011

   Family Campers and RVers Member’s                      Born in New York, Barbara Van Eycken was
           Talent/ Variety Night                      raised in a musical family. Her Dad sang on radio
                                                      and her grandmother sang in New York night-
We are pleased to advise that we will be having a     clubs. Says Barbara: “I remember many times
Family Campers and RVers member’s Talent/             when I was very young being propped up on a
Variety Night at this year’s Retiree Rally. The       piano and singing with nana”.
evening is being chaired and co-chaired by Jack          As a teen, Barbara became involved in local
& Sonya Smye and George & Debbie Walters.             musical community theater starring in such roles
Sign up for performances will be at registration      as Dolly (Hello Dolly), Fanny Brice (Funny Girl)
at the Rally.                                         and Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) just to name a few.
We will try to keep the entire evening of per-        At age 17, she auditioned and landed a small role
formances to 2 hours. States and Provinces            on Broadway but her mother insisted she finish
should allow a maximum of 10 minutes for a skit       her education before pursuing a theater career.
(including set –up). Individual performers will be    She continued her involvement in local commu-
given up to five minutes for their performance.       nity theater while going to school. Then came the
Sound equipment including microphones, tape           real world of a corporate life but the stage was
and CD players will be available.                     still her ambition.
Please plan on signing up for this evening of fun.        At one point, after being encouraged by a tal-
The evening is not a talent contest but rather an     ent agent to enter a contest, Barbara won first
opportunity to showcase many of the talented          place in a 2001 talent contest in the category Best
readers, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, crea-    Female Tribute Artist. Since then she has cre-
tive story tellers and skit writers we have within    ated two extremely successful one-woman
our organization.                                     shows: COUNTRY TO POP, A Tribute to Patsy
If you have questions concerning this evening,        Cline and LEGENDARY LADIES OF SONG, A
please        contact       Jack      Smye      at    Tribute to some of the great divas (Judy Garland, or 905 339 3588.                  Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Rosemary
We hope to see the same great level of participa-     Clooney and more).
tion as we have has for the last several years.           It’s been over ten years now that she has been
Jack Smye, Chair                                      touring with her shows. Barbara is finally doing
                                                      what she always dreamed of. Incredible vocals,
                                                      authentic costuming, lots of bling and incredible
                                                      audience interaction are the keys to her success.
          ENTERTAINMENT                               During a 2009 TV interview, an entertainment
       Each Night Has A THEME!                        critic told viewers: “I was sorry her show ended,
George & Debbie Walters, Retiree Rally Chairs,        I could have stayed in my seat all night listening
are announcing the entertainment they have cho-       to her sing”. That’s what Barbara waited her
sen for the enjoyment of rally attendees.             whole life to hear and she’s enjoying every min-
                                                      ute of it! For additional info, visit her website at
         Tuesday March 13, 2012             
            COUNTRY NIGHT
     Barbara Van Eycken: From
      A Tribute to Patsy Cline
Camping Today                                        21                                    October 2011

       Wednesday March 14, 2012                       Tommy, Jo & THE GIG BAND is led by
                                                      Tommy & Jo Hendricks. They have been mar-
            BIG BAND SWING                            ried and making music for over 15 years. The
                                                      band features oldies rock & roll (50’s & 60’s)
            (Music of the ‘40’s)                      and a splash of country. They have performed at
                                                      festivals, block parties, churches, picnics, wed-
        Tallahassee Swing                             dings, car shows and a few places in between.
                                                      The band consists of an incredible bass player, a
Tallahassee Swing is a seventeen-piece dance          bald drummer and Tommy on the hot keys. Jo is
band and vocalists dedicated to preserving the        the outstanding lead vocalist and is backed by the
big band sounds of the swing era. During the          great Doo-Wop Girls. Tommy, Jo & The GIG
1930's, 40's and early 50's, swing music domi-        Band is known as a great party and event band
nated the popular music scene. Center stage were      that is very family friendly. You will enjoy the
the big bands of Benny Goodman, Tommy Dor-            show… and the tunes!
sey, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie,
and a host of others who offered a rich rhythmic               Saturday March 17, 2012
sound that had grown out of the smaller jazz
groups of the 1920's. The musicians of Tallahas-               Warren Halstrom Trio
see Swing recreate those sounds for listening and
                                                          (Pianist/Vocalist for King   & Queen Ball)
dancing. The band’s repertoire also includes mu-
sic from the Broadway Stage, Latin American
rhythms, waltzes, and big band rock 'n roll ar-       Whether it’s playing the piano, singing, song-
rangements.                                           writing, or producing, Warren Halstrom has
The music of Tallahassee Swing has been heard         touched hearts and lives through a dynamic ca-
on local and national radio. The musicians have       reer spanning twenty five years and several con-
performed on local television programs, for the       tinents. Originally from Vancouver British Co-
Celebrate America program on the 4th of July,         lumbia, Warren has been a Florida resident since
and for numerous weddings, benefits, parties,         1999. His background includes Bachelors and
concerts, and dances. For twenty-one years they       Masters Degrees in Music as well as contributing
have played every Tuesday night at the American       as music faculty at two colleges. After complet-
Legion Hall at Lake Ella in Tallahassee. The          ing his studies, Warren was signed to a major
dances are open to the public. The music starts at    recording contract with worldwide distribution in
7:30 PM.                                              1990. He released two albums “Go!” and
Musical Director: Elliot Toole                        “Friends Thru the Fire”. His television perform-
Business Manager: Pat Cook                            ances have aired in the United States, Canada,
                                                      Western Europe, and Russia. His songs have
                                                      made it all around the world. Warren has enter-
     Thursday March 15, 2012                          tained for decades including major hotels
                                                      and cruise lines. For the past several years War-
     Members’ Talent/Variety Show
                                                      ren has invested in the lives and careers of local
          Friday March 16, 2012                       artists and his congregation at Celebration Bap-
                                                      tist Church where he is the Pastor of Worship
      50’s & 60”s SOCK HOP                            and Creative Arts. He has a wife and four chil-
                                                      dren and continues to write and produce original
   Tommy, Jo & the GIG BAND                           music.
Camping Today                                        22                                    October 2011

         Sunday March 18, 2012                        tions.
                                                          Andy Baer, KZRV’s vice president of sales
           Christian/Country                          and marketing, said he’s happy dealers appreci-
                                                      ate their efforts to provide more marketable prod-
               Crystal Black                          ucts in a post-recession economy, noting the re-
                                                      ports of good feelings and high turn-out for all
This young singer will bring our rally to a close     exhibitors at the recent Elkhart, Ind., Midwest
with a bit of country with a reverent touch and a     RV Super Show.
powerful voice! Crystal Black grew up in Tren-            While RVers are still buying, salesmen say,
ton Florida, and has been singing and performing      they’re looking for different things than they
in the Trenton and Lake City areas for three          used to. Most were found to be leaning toward
years. She has been a headline act for the Fourth     travel trailers they can tow with the family vehi-
of July festival as well as the Olustee Festival,     cle, or conversely, home-like fifth wheels they
and was a finalist in the Suwannee River Jam          can live in. KZRV has reportedly been studying
auditions. Recently, Crystal was a headline act at    these shifts and trends in demand so they’re bet-
the S & S Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration in         ter equipped to provide dealers with products
Lake City. The highlight of her career, so far,       customers want to buy.
was being chosen as the opening act for national          Tim Veurink, owner of Veurinks’ RV Center
recording artist Easton Corbin and an audience of     in Grand Rapids, Mich., has been a K-Z dealer
over 2,000 this August. Blessed with a beautiful      since 1998 and acknowledged the manufacturer’s
voice to match her beautiful personality, Crystal     efforts to keep their fingers on the pulse of the
is at home with Country, Pop and Christian per-       market. “They build a good product with good
formances.                                            value. They build a product that sells,” he said.
                                                      “They always try to figure out a way to say ‘Yes’
                                                      to the customer, and they’re very responsive to
                                                      what dealers are asking for.”
   KZRV Earns 11th DSI                                    He said they chose KZRV “because we felt
                                                      their values are similar to ours. They’re a smaller
 Quality Circle Award from                            company but yet big enough to really serve our
           RVDA                                       needs. Everyone in the operation is very accessi-
                                                      ble to us.” Upon hearing K-Z received the Qual-
SHIPSHEWANA, Ind. – KZRV recently re-                 ity Circle Award again this year, Veurink said it
ceived the Quality Circle Award for the 11th time     was “no surprise. They just really keep it simple.
in the last 12 years from the Recreational Vehicle    They do what they say they’re going to do. None
Dealers Association (RVDA). The Shipshewana,          of this is real magic,” he stated. “Congratulations
Ind.-based towable RV manufacturer won the            to them.”
award for receiving over 80 percent on RVDA’s             Baer said he was humbled by the award and
Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) survey for its        the positive feedback from the surveyed dealers.
Coyote, Durango, Inferno, MXT, Sportsmen,             “We’ve always enjoyed taking good care of our
Sportsmen Classic, Spree and Spree Escape             dealers. They are the crucial conduit between us
brands of travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy       and the customers,” he said. “We have a top-
haulers. The survey rates manufacturers’ per-         notch dealer body, so it’s very meaningful that
formance in product reliability and quality, parts    they rated us so highly so as to be given the DSI
support, dealership warranty support, product         award again this year.”
design, sales support and territory, competitive         KZRV is also celebrating its 40th anniversary
price and value, and overall dealer communica-        in 2012. The company was founded in Middle-
Camping Today                                         23                                     October 2011

bury, Ind., by Daryl Zook as a small truck             find reviews of farms where you can go to pick
camper manufacturer; today, it produces a full         your own produce.
line of towable RVs, including toy haulers, hy-           The reviews are arranged by county, so if you
brid travel trailers and fifth wheels.                 want to use that site, you will need to know
                                                       which counties are in your area. To find the
                                                       counties in your area easily, go to another web-
                                                       site called Maps Of The World.

                                                       Site #2

                                                          The second site I use is called Local Harvest
                                                       (LH). The LH website is easier to use, because
                                                       you can either click on a map or enter the zip
                                                       code to get a list of farms in that area that sell to
                        RVRoad                         the public. On LH, you will also find information
                                                       about Community Supported Agriculture, or
                        Trips                          CSA’s. A CSA is a subscription to a farm’s pro-
                                                       duce, where buyers receive a weekly or monthly
                                                       basket of produce, flowers, fruits, eggs, milk,
      Off of a blog on               coffee, or any sort of different farm products for
                                                       a set price that is paid in the spring. If you are
   RV Food: Tips For Finding                           going to be work camping or in an area for the
                                                       season, a CSA is a good way to get a variety of
       Farmers Markets                                 produce        fresh       from      the     farm.
                                                          Since we have been using these websites to
                                                       look for farms, we have found an asparagus farm
    One of the things my husband and I like to do
                                                       in Virginia, a berry farm in Pennsylvania to pick
on our days off from working at the campground
                                                       our own raspberries, and a place in Maryland
is to visit the local farms and farm markets to buy
                                                       where we got luscious blackberries.
fresh fruits and vegetables.
                                                          If you haven’t tried going to the farm, you
    There are many ways to find these places if
                                                       really should give it a try
you are new to an area

How To Find Farmers Markets
    Sometimes we ask local people we who are
working with us at the campground, or we may
                                                          New "Chaheati" All-Season Heated Chair Of-
ask at a restaurant Sometimes we just run across
                                                       fers Warmth & Comfort Cha-
a farm while we are out driving around seeing
                                                       heati uses range from camp-
the local sights.
                                                       ing & hunting to tailgating &
    My favorite way to find farms is on the inter-
                                                       watching kids' sporting
net. There are two websites that I use frequently:
                                                       events -- and more
Site #1
                                                       (Columbia, Illinois) - It's a
  The first one is called Pick Your Own (PYO).         product that is sure to heat up
On PYO, you click on the state of your choice to       the way people sit through cold weather outdoor
                                                       activities. The Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair
Camping Today                                          24                                       October 2011

is similar to many of the lightweight, collapsible
canvas chairs owned by millions nationwide - but                                      RV Road
what sets Chaheati apart is its cordless carbon
fiber non-wire heating elements throughout the                                        Trips
chair. The patent pending technology of the Cha-
heati offers four temperature settings ranging              An RVer’s Guide To Spooky
from 98°up to 145°F and rapidly heats up in less
than 20 seconds. The Chaheati is ideal for use in                Halloween Fun
a variety of settings, including: camping, tailgat-
ing,hunting, cool weather sporting events and
                                                            With Halloween just around the corner, new
practices, and more.
                                                        full time RVers are probably wondering what
    The Chaheati's safe low-voltage heating tech-
                                                        other RVers do for Halloween and what to expect
nology sports digital circuit protection. The high
                                                        at the RV campgrounds and resorts.
efficiency, lithium-ion rechargeable battery pro-
                                                            Without a doubt, many RV resorts, RV parks
vides up to six hours of heat per charge and lasts
                                                        and campgrounds go out of their way to make
for over 500 uses. The warmth of the soft, flexi-
                                                        Halloween an event to remember.
ble ultra-thin heating element in the chair can
                                                            After all, RVing is a family-oriented lifestyle
even help relieve tight and aching muscles and
                                                        and Halloween is definitely something that fami-
joints. Chaheati's heating system is optimally po-
                                                        lies celebrate together.
sitioned to produce a comfortable, even heat
                                                            It’s such a big deal that some parks celebrate
across the entire back, buttocks and the back of
                                                        Halloween every weekend in September and all
the thighs. The Chaheati All-Season Heated
                                                        of October. For those in northern RV resorts it’s
Chair is a sturdy chair designed for comfort and
                                                        a way to close out the season in preparation for
durability. The fabric of the Chaheati is rugged
                                                        the coming winter.
yet comfortable and is designed to be fire and
                                                            What if you want to decorate your RV camp-
water-resistant. The seat is oversized and can ac-
                                                        site for Halloween, but you have a limited
commodate any body type up to 280 lbs.
                                                        budget? Plus, obviously storage space inside the
(Dimensions: 23.6’ wide x 23.6’ deep x 36.2’
                                                        RV is tight, so just how much stuff do you have
                                                        to buy and where do you put it once Halloween is
    It could be said that the spark of life for the
Chaheati was a bit of a "half-baked" idea. "On a
                                                            The good news is making Halloween a fun
cold night in front of a bonfire, we were all warm
                                                        and successful event has very little to do with
and toasty on the front of our bodies and a block
                                                        money spent, and if you do it right there will be
of ice on our backsides," recalls Kyle Smith who
                                                        little in the way of stuff to store for next year!
invented the Chaheati with his wife ReAnna.
"While watching my frustrated wife repeatedly
                                                        Here are some RV Halloween tips…
sit, stand and turn like a turkey on a rotisserie to
warm up; I thought she needed a heated chair.
                                                        RV Halloween Decorations
After researching the market and not finding one,
                                                            Halloween decorations are the easy part.
we decided to create one...and Chaheati is the
                                                        The dollar store is your best friend. Think: Fam-
                                                        ily Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General. They
    The Chaheati sells for $89.99 and is available
                                                        will have seasonal items like banners & flags,
at: (An AC car adapter
                                                        paper ghosts and goblins, plastic jack-o-lanterns
charger is also sold separately.)
                                                        and streamers.

                                                                        (HALLOWEEN FUN continued on page 28)
Camping Today                                         25                                    October 2011

                                                       K3, Bus, Furion, Gladiator and Metro Star,
                                                       manufactured from Sept. 29, 2010 through June
                                                       20, 2011, equipped with a Cummins ISB, ISC,
                                                       ISL or ISX diesel engine. The V-band clamp as-
 Too busy to keep track of when your next oil          sembly, part numbers Q187684, Q187685, and
change is due? Are you forgetting to rotate your       Q187686, used to connect the inlet and outlet
tires every six months? If you fall into this boat,    cone selections to the diesel oxidation catalyst
then we have the perfect apps for you that will        (DOC)/Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) include a
make your daily car maintenance, pain-free and a       T-bolt which can fracture and fail when sub-
breeze.                                                jected to stress or load. A fracture or failure of
    Provided by the mobile app experts from Ap-        the T-bolt may cause the clamp to loosen and the
pitalism, the mobile superstore, please find their     inlet or outlet sections attached to the DOC/DPF
car maintenance app recommendations below:             housing to disconnect. If the inlet or outlet sec-
                                                       tions disconnect, hot exhaust gasses can vent
•   Car Maintenance Reminder Lite (Free for            prior to exiting the tailpipe, creating the risk of
the Android) – An all-in-one car application that      combustion and a fire. If both clamps fail, there
helps you keep track of mileage, fuel efficiency,      is a risk in some applications that the DOC/DPF
cost and will have your car running like new in        housing may detach completely, creating a road
no time.                                               hazard.
• Car Record (Free for the Android) – The              Navistar, Inc is recalling 78 model year 2011
application can track fuel mileage and costs for       Monaco Vesta and Holiday Rambler Trip RVs
multiple vehicles. Based on your fuel economy it       manufactured from May 28, 2010 through May
can also calculate your trip convenience.              18, 2011. The fuse in the high beam headlight
• iLocate Automobile Repair ($0.99 for the             electrical circuit may blow under normal operat-
iPhone) – iLocate is a comprehensive searchable        ing conditions, disabling the headlights without
database for all the Automobile Repair locations,      warning, possibly resulting in reduced driver
wherever you are with contact info, directions,        visibility. Reduced driver visibility increases the
and so much more - all at the touch of a button.       risk of a crash, possibly resulting in property
• Fuel Pal ($1.99 for the iPhone) – Fuel Pal is        damage, personal injury or death.
an easy to use fuel log. It is a quick and way to      Dutchmen Manufacturing, Inc. is recalling 171
track your fuel consumption and mileage. Fuel          model year 2011-2012 Rubicon travel trailers
Pal also lets you plot fuel efficiency, fuel cost,     manufactured from Dec. 8, 2010 through July 15,
fuel prices, distances traveled, and more.             2011. These vehicles may have been manufac-
                                                       tured with the exterior furnace vent not installed
                                                       in the sidewall of the trailer. The furnace can run
                                                       without the proper exhaust ventilation and re-
                                                       lease carbon monoxide to the interior of the unit.
                                                       This could result in asphyxiation or carbon mon-
                                                       oxide poisoning. The heat build-up from the ex-
            By Russ & Tiña De Maris                    haust can also result in a fire.
                                                       Winnebago Industries, Inc. is recalling 418
Washington, DC — RVs from four different               model year 2009-2012 Winnebago Access, Ac-
manufacturing firms have announced recalls for a       cess Premier, Chalet and model year 2011 Itasca
variety of issues.                                     Impulse and Impulse Silver motorhomes manu-
Spartan Chassis, Inc. is recalling certain model       factured from March 5, 2008 through April 28,
year 2010, 2011 and 2012 RVs, models MM, K2,           2011. These vehicles may have the potential for
Camping Today                                         26                                   October 2011

the propane supply hose to make contact with the       the RVing public”, added Clark.
metal door frame. Contact with the door frame              Dutchmen RV is a company of Thor Indus-
may wear through the hose causing a propane            tries, Inc. (NYSE:THO). Dutchmen RV produces
leak, which could ignite and result in personal        various brands of towable recreational vehicles
injury or death.                                       that are sold throughout the United States and
    If you feel you may have any of the recalled       Canada. Dutchmen RV brands include the
RVs, you should contact the manufacturer at the        Denali, Komfort, Infinity, Aspen Trail, Kodiak,
appropriate telephone number. Spartan Chas-            Voltage, Rubicon, Aerolite, Coleman and Dutch-
sis:    1.800.543.5008 - option 5. Navistar:           men brands. For more information on Dutchmen
1.877.466.6226, and refer to Recall Campaign           RV and its brands visit or
number 11517. Dutchmen: 1.574.537.0700. Win-           call 574-537-0600.
nebago: 1.641.585.6939, and refer to Winne-
bago’s Safety Recall number 124.
                                                             RAM PARTNERS WITH
                                                                WAL-MART TO
   Dutchmen and Lazydays RV                                   PROMOTE PICKUPS
     Super Center Enter Into
  Partnership in Tucson Arizona                                       Tapping into
                                                              “the hunting/fishing lifestyle.”
Goshen, Indiana - Don Clark, President of
                                                                       by Mike Levine
Dutchmen RV, announced August 23rd, that
Dutchmen has entered into partnership with La-
                                                           Ram hopes there's synergies in a new partner-
zydays RV Super Center in Tucson, Arizona.
                                                       ship with Walmart tapping into the "hunting/
“We are proud
                                                       fishing lifestyle."
to play a part of
                                                           Chrysler’s Ram Truck brand will partner with
Lazydays migra-
                                                       Walmart this fall to promote its pickup trucks.
tion to the west.
                                                       Details are still forthcoming, but the partnership
All of us at
                                                       will “recognize the alignment between truck buy-
Dutchmen are
                                                       ers, the hunting/fishing lifestyle and Walmart.
excited for the
                                                       We are working on a promotion that brings all
opportunity to
                                                       three together,” said Marissa Hunter, Ram’s head
work with Lazydays as it brings great products
                                                       of advertising.
and exceptional customer service to the South-
                                                          Walmart’s fall outdoor lifestyle partnership
west. Both of our companies strive to provide the
                                                       program, which includes the Mossy Oak camou-
perfect RV purchase and ownership experience
                                                       flage brand, will go live across thousands of
and look forward to growing this market to-
                                                       Walmart stores, Hunter said.
gether”, stated Clark.
                                                           The Walmart effort will be part of Ram’s
   “I have had the pleasure of working closely
                                                       newly launched “Code of the West” national ad
with Lazydays and their Sales Manager, Ken
                                                       campaign that debuted online in June and will
Stumpe and have the utmost confidence that this
                                                       begin airing on TV in September.
Lazydays expansion will be a very positive move
                                                           The spin-off of Ram from Dodge two years
for the Tucson Arizona RV enthusiast. Dutchmen
                                                       ago has helped bring attention to the brand’s
continues to focus on providing innovative and
                                                       trucks that it didn’t have before, according to
feature filled products that satisfy the desires of
Camping Today                                         27                                    October 2011

Ram CEO Fred Diaz.                                     snowbird and spend the winter in an RV park?
   “The spin-off has allowed us to focus all of                                      Whatever the func-
our creative advertising and social media efforts                                    tion, consider the
specifically toward truck buyers while giving the                                    main purpose of your
Dodge brand their own space and place to focus                                       RV travels.
on their brand, too,” Diaz said.                                                         What amenities
   Sales of Ram pickups have increased in 2011.                                      do you require?
The overall brand retail share has increased to 15                                    Whether you want
percent, according to R.L. Polk data. Ram heavy-        Desks are a trend in new RVs just the basics or a
duty retail market share has risen to 27.7 percent,                                   full living area
and light-duty market share is 15 percent.             equipped with a fireplace and flat screen TV and
   “We strongly believe [the increase in sales]        fireplace, there’s an RV to meet your needs. The
has a lot to do with our laser focus on Ram and        best way to start narrowing your search is to de-
marketing to our classic truck buyers,” Diaz said.     cide how much you are willing to spend. Fold
“Moreover, we now also have a laser focus on           down campers start as low as $5,000 but if you
products that are right for the market and the de-     are looking for luxurious amenities, you can
mands of truck buyers, such as the Tradesman,          browse the largest motorhomes that can sell for
Outdoorsman, 1500 Express, RamBox, High                as much as $300,000 or more.
Output Cummins with best-in-class towing and               Talking to other RV owners is a great way to
unsurpassed torque. The campaign and product           learn what to expect out of your RV. RV maga-
offerings have been very well received by our          zines, web sites such as RVIA, and seminars at
target audience and dealers, as proven by our          RV shows, can aid the novice RVer. Just plain
market share and sales increases.”                     shopping around will let you see what manufac-
                                                       turers have to offer. The recent Hershey RV
Mike Levine is editor-in-chief of Pickup-              Show in mid September had 52 manufacturers                                            and over 900 units on display. Shows let you
                                                       compare major
                                                       in one location.
                                                       They also fea-
                                                       ture the latest
                                                       RV accessories
                                                       as well as camp-
                                                       grounds,        RV
                  By PARVCA                            clubs, and cara- An RV show is a great place to shop
                                                       van adventures.                 and compare.
   RVing is a great way to travel, but deciding
which RV is right for you can often create more
questions. The best way to make RV shopping
easier is to do some research and determine                UPCOMING CAMPING & RV SHOWS
which features you want in your RV.
   Decide what you plan on doing in your RV.           OK Fall RV Show & Closeout Sale, Oct 13-16,
Will you be taking month long vacations travel-        State Fair Park, Oklahoma City
ling the country or spend weekends at local
campgrounds? Will you be tailgating at sporting        CA RV Show, Oct. 14-23, Fairplex, Pomona
events or the kids’ soccer games? Will you be a
Camping Today                                        28                                    October 2011

NJ Atlantic City Fall Show, Oct. 28-30, Atlantic          Instead, buy a string of cheap Christmas tree
City Convention Center                                lights for a dollar or two and make orange con-
                                                      struction paper pumpkins. Tape the pumpkins to
OTTOWA Year End Show & Sale, Oct.15-16,               the wires between the lights and it will look just
Landsdowne, Park, Ottowa, Canada                      as festive. (Be sure to use the small Christmas
                                                      lights that don’t get hot, because you don’t want
TORONTO Fall RV Show, Oct. 29-30, Congress            to create a fire hazard.)
Centre, Toronto, Canada                                   You could also grab some cheap Halloween
                                                      lights. It definitely doesn’t have to be expensive
RALEIGH RV Show, Jan. 20-22, 2012, Raleigh            to create simple, yet fun, Halloween decorations.
Convention Center, Raleigh NC                             If you get some mini pumpkins at the local
                                                      supermarket, then you could create little jack-o-
CHARLOTTE RV Show, Feb. 17-19, 2012,                  lanterns to place around your campsite.
Charlotte Merchandise Mart, Charlotte NC                 Even with a battery-operated light (such as a
                                                      mini flashlight, instead of a candle) freshly
GREENSBORO RV Show, March 9-11, 2012,                 carved pumpkins can safely create a fun holiday
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC                    atmosphere. Votive candles could be used, as
                                                      long as you’re cautious about where you put
                                                      them. Or, you could always paint pumpkins — a
                                                      fun new twist that’s safe (and fun!) for kids.

                                                      RV Halloween Costume Parties & Contests
(HALLOWEEN FUN   continued from page 24)                 Costume parties typically take place every
                                                      weekend leading up to Halloween at RV parks
   If you prefer to make your own, a quick trip to    and campgrounds.
Walmart or most any convenience store will               To find cheap Halloween costumes, take a trip
yield the basics like construction paper, string      to a local thrift store, Salvation Army, or Good-
and markers.                                          will store and you’ll find a good selection of vin-
   A great online source for all things Halloween     tage clothing at reasonable prices. For example,
is There, you’ll find links for       you could buy a trench coat and a fedora and go
everything from spooky cutouts to recipes for         as a “secret agent”, or some bib overalls along
your favorite Halloween treats.                       with a hammer and tape measure would make
Some Halloween items to be on the watch for:          you a “carpenter”. Use your imagination…
• bales of hay                                        whatever the clothes racks offer will determine
• pumpkins                                            the type of Halloween costume you come up
• gourds                                              w             i            t          h           .
• spider webbing                                         Of course, you could also visit any local party
• outdoor lights                                      supply store for the most modern Halloween cos-
• cemetary tombstones                                 tumes around.
• things you can hang from trees
• …you get the idea                                   RV Trick or Treating & Other Campsite Ac-
Tips For Decorating Your RV Campsite
                                                         I’m not sure how many RV parks promote
   I’ve seen strings of awning lights at RV deal-     actual Trick or Treating on Halloween night. My
ers for incredibly high prices.                       guess is it may be popular at a few campgrounds,
Camping Today                                          29                                    October 2011

but park-sponsored activities leading up to Hal-
loween are typically aimed at replacing the ac-
tual door to door search for candy and treats.
If your campground location is encouraging the
little Goblins to go from site to site looking for
Treats with the empty threat of Tricks, then
download some Halloween recipes and make a
couple batches of goodies that will please every-

 It’s also fun to get together with fellow RVers
located near you and plan your decorating
schemes together, play outdoor Halloween
games, and maybe even have a potluck party.
Some RV parks organize such activities for their            Dutchmen Infinity Unveils the
residents, but if the campground you’re staying at
hasn’t planned such a potluck party, you might                    Industries only
want to plan your own Halloween potluck party                Front Kitchen Fifth Wheel
for RVers — where everyone brings a dish or
some fun Halloween treats to share with those           Goshen, Indiana ‐ Dutchmen unveiled the in-
who attend.                                             dustries only “Front Kitchen” Fifth Wheel ‐ the
                                                        3870FK Infinity.
   Likewise, many RV resorts put on hayrides in             “At home, most people tend to entertain in the
the weekends leading up to Halloween. If you’re         kitchen. Why not in
lucky, the wagon will be pulled by a team of            a luxury fifth wheel?
horses, which is more realistic than an old farm        Through advanced
tractor. Occasionally, you’ll find an antique fire      engineering and de-
engine put into service for a unique twist to tradi-    sign, we have pro-
tional hayrides.                                        duced the ultimate
                                                        Front Kitchen that
Storing Halloween Decorations & Party Sup-              makes all that possi-
plies                                                   ble. Seating for six,
   Once the celebrating is over, the reusable           spacious 12 cubic
decorations can be easily stored in a rubbermaid        foot refrigerator, 6’ 8” crowned ceiling, and a
or plastic container. Chances are, there will still     High Definition 32” TV – this innovative indus-
be plenty of room for the Christmas decorations         try first raise the bar (literally) for fifth wheel
you’ll be needing in a couple months! Any old           floor plans” stated Rob Groover, General Man-
clothes or costumes can be re-donated back to                                          ager for Infinity &
Goodwill, and paper decorations can always be                                          Kom fo rt.     “W e
recycled.                                                                              co m p l et ed   the
   With very little waste and a modest budget,                                         3870FK Infinity
Halloween can still be a fun event for RVers on                                        with a lower level
the go.                                                                                great room with an
   For a little inspiration, check out these RV                                        additional      40”
campground decorating ideas:                                                           HDTV, as well as a
                                                                                       bedroom that sports
Camping Today                                           30                                   October 2011

a king size bed and a spacious bathroom. With a          us about partnering with them to build campers
total of five slide‐rooms – this fifth wheel will        that would bear his name and branding. Everyone
blow people away!”                                       knows that Jeff Foxworthy is a hard-core out-
    Dutchmen RV is a company of Thor Indus-              doorsman, and the fact that he chose our Elkhart
tries, Inc. (NYSE:THO). Dutchmen RV produces             County company to work with to build his camp-
various brands of towable recreational vehicles          ers says a lot for the uniqueness and quality of
that are sold throughout the United States and           our products,” said Tuttle.
Canada.                                                     Foxworthy Outdoors CEO Larry Burns said,
    Dutchmen RV brands include the Denali,               “We are excited to be launching the Foxworthy
Komfort, Infinity, Aspen Trail, Kodiak, Voltage,         Outdoors brand and happy to call Livin Lite our
Rubicon, Aerolite, Coleman and Dutchmen                  partner. Our focus has and will continue to be in
brands. For more information on Dutchmen RV              developing relationships that reflect well on the
and its brands visit or call            Foxworthy Outdoors brand. Foxworthy Outdoors
574‐537‐0600.                                            invites you to take it outdoors and live it up!”
                                                            The Foxworthy Outdoors RV lineup features
                                                         three distinct models of Livin Lite all-aluminum
   WITH JEFF FOXWORTHY                                       1. Quicksilver Fox-
   TO INTRODUCE UNIQUE                                   worthy Edition tent
                                                         camper - a soft-top,
          CAMPERS                                        automotive tent camper
                                                         that can be pulled by
Wakarusa, IN (August 23, 2011)                           any passenger car, even
– Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles                       two-door, and ultra fuel-efficient models. These
announces a partnership with Fox-                        campers come in a choice of colorful exteriors
worthy Outdoors, a new venture                           including a full camouflage version for hunters
from celebrity and avid outdoors-                        and outdoorsmen decked out in REALTREE™
man Jeff Foxworthy including                             pattern camouflage. (Livin Lite is the exclusive
products from hunting items to                           licensee of REALTREE for tent campers.) The
camping gear. The Foxworthy                              Quicksilver Foxworthy Edition models range in
Outdoors brand will provide quality, value ori-          size from six feet to ten feet boxes and can sleep
ented products encouraging consumers to enjoy            four to six people comfortably.
the great outdoors.                                          2. Camplite Foxworthy Edition - a line of all
   Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most respected and       -aluminum, enclosed travel trailers that come in a
successful comedians in the country. He is the           variety of automotive colors. These unique, ultra
largest selling comedy-recording artist in history, a    lightweight travel trailers range in size from
multiple Grammy Award nominee and bestselling            eleven feet to sixteen feet and feature a number
author of more than twenty-six books. He was the         of family friendly floor plans, including bunk
host of the hit show Are You Smarter Than A 5th          houses and queen bed models.
Grader and most recently was the voice of Handy              3. Foxworthy Edition Toy Haulers - all-
Smurf in The Smurfs.                                     aluminum spacious models with rear ramp doors
    Livin Lite, owned by Scott Tuttle, an innova-        that can accommodate a family AND their “toys”
tor in the all-aluminum camper market, is excited        such as ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts and more.
about the partnership with Foxworthy Outdoors.           Models range in size from ten feet to thirty feet,
“I was thrilled when Jeff’s people reached out to        with multiple options for tip out bunks and fold-
Camping Today                                         31                                     October 2011

down beds and seating areas. These toy haulers         With fold-up sofas and queen beds that raise up
and extremely lightweight and can sleep up to          out of the way near the ceiling, the majority of
eight people.                                          the trailer is then open space for transporting
                                                       your mechanized equipment.
VISIT: and                      Some are even equipped with a gas fueling for more informa-                    station on the outside to top off your gas-
tion                                                   powered toys before venturing out & about.
                                                           Even traditional bumper pull travel trailers for
                                                       RVing are now being built as toy haulers.
                                                           There is one more class of toy hauler avail-
                        RV Road                        able: the utility cargo trailer with living quar-
                                                       ters. Designed to be more rugged, these are
                        Trips                          popular with racing teams and other professions
                                                       where the need to haul equipment and provide
                                                       living space requires a dual-function portable
  Fun Ways To Use Toy Hauler                           residence.
                                                           There is one more class of toy hauler: the
     Trailers When RVing                               horse trailer with living quarters. Being able to
                                                       take your favorite horse with you on a weekend
                                                       outing is mandatory for those involved in the
    One of the most versatile rigs on the road to-
                                                       equine hobby. And it’s even more important if
day is the toy hauler.
                                                       you make your living around horses.
    Built with the rear portion designed as a ga-
rage, a toy hauler allows you to bring along all
                                                       Ways To Use Toy Haulers When RVing
the toys that will enable you to combine camping
with your favorite hobby.
                                                           Many people live on the road for extended
    Whether it be an ATV, dune buggy, or motor-
                                                       periods, taking their job with them in these dual
cycle, whatever your favorite outdoor toy is a toy
                                                       purpose RVs.
hauler can tote it safely!
                                                          I met a young couple a few years back at a
    This past weekend I saw a large triple axle 5th
                                                       Provincial Campground in Banff Alberta, Can-
wheel toy hauler backed up to the water’s edge.
                                                       ada. They were traveling throughout Canada sell-
They were unloading a boat off the end of the
                                                       ing handcrafted furniture.
dropdown ramp that made up the rear wall of the
                                                           They would take samples into a town, make
                                                       the sale, then return to the campground. They
    Where is the camera when you need it?
                                                       had all the furniture disassembled to maximize
    Even owners of motorhomes have latched
                                                       the quantity that they could transport with
onto the toy hauler idea. While still maintaining
                                                       them. After spending a few hours assembling the
the level of luxury expected in upper level mo-
                                                       furniture they would make their delivery to the
torhomes, you can step through a door going to-
                                                       customer. Once they had saturated the market in
ward the rear and walk into a sizable garage
                                                       one city, they simply hitched up and moved to
space with a full rear wall dropdown ramp.
                                                       another area and set up shop again.
    How cool is that?
                                                           Just think of all the ways you could make a
Types Of Toy Haulers                                   living from one of these rigs! You could set up
                                                       the garage space as a workshop for a number of
In the trailer market, toy haulers started as spe-     project: woodworking, sign making, jewelry
cially designed fifth wheel trailers.                  making, you get the idea You could make your
Camping Today                                          32                                        October 2011

living as a fulltime RVer working at flea mar-          Eunita Trimble, 90, 9-22-11, Breckenridge,
kets, open air bazaars and festivals.                   Texas. Husband, John was past FCRV Commu-
    As a sales representative for a variety of prod-    nications Director
ucts, you could carry a wide selection of samples,
or even a complete inventory of products ready
for delivery. How’s that for service to the cus-
    This aspect of the toy hauler’s flexibility is
seldom mentioned in sales brochures. What bet-
ter way to justify having a new trailer to haul
your ATVs to the trailhead on the weekend than
to say you bought it to make a living during the
                                                                Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the
   The dual-purpose toy hauler trailers and mo-             night of October 31. Traditional activities in-
torhomes can definitely be a good thing for full-           clude trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume par-
time and part-time RVers alike.                             ties, visiting "haunted houses" and carving
   Toy haulers make your favorite recreational              jack-o-lanterns. Irish and Scottish immigrants
activities even more enjoyable when you can                 carried versions of the tradition to North
take them on the road with you and do them any-             America in the nineteenth century. Other
time… anywhere! They can also make your job                 western countries embraced the holiday in the
a whole lot more flexible and fun, too.                     late twentieth century including Ireland, the
                                                            United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the
                                                            United Kingdom as well as of Australia and
                                                            New Zealand.
                                                                Halloween has its origins in the ancient
                                                            Celtic festival known as Samhain
                                                            (pronounced "sah-win").
Jim Edwards, 7-25-11, Ville LaSalle, Quebec,                    The festival of Samhain is a celebration of
North Shore Wanderers, long time member.                    the end of the harvest season in Gaelic cul-
                                                            ture. Samhain was a time used by the ancient
Robert Bricker, 83, 8-7-11, Centerville, Indiana.           pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare
Lifetime member, KY Colonels.                               for winter. The ancient Gaels believed that on
                                                            October 31, the boundaries between the
Clifford Brent Yanke, 8-13-11, Portland. Con-               worlds of the living and the dead overlapped
necticut. Current CT State Treasurer, Happy                 and the deceased would come back to life and
Wanderers Chapter, loved outdoors and SPC.                  cause havoc such as sickness or damaged
Robert Weaver, 9-7-11, Florida, Virginia,                       The festival would frequently involve bon-
ARVA Bird Dogs, Indian River Campers, long-                 fires. It is believed that the fires attracted in-
time member.                                                sects to the area which attracted bats to the
                                                            area. These are additional attributes of the
Audrey Meyer, 9-7-11, New Holland, PA, Dis-                 history of Halloween.
trict Director, Lancaster Chapter, PA Retirees,                 Masks and costumes were worn in an at-
Longtime member.                                            tempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease
                                                                              HALLOWEEN continued on page 34
Camping Today                                       33                                      October 2011

October 3 - 7, 2011 - Sunchaser Retirees Statewide Campout
Cowley Co. Fairgrounds, Winfield, KS. Open to any who can come to camp during the week.
For more information contact Pres. Bill & Carol Malcom at 620-663-8843 or e-mail wild-

October 7 - 9, 2011 - Michigan Halloween Campout
Hudsonville Fairground, Hudsonville, MI. Total weekend $45, Day pass $4 per car, Early day Thur.
For more information Contact Cindy Westra, 8700 WhitneyvilleCt., Alto, MI 49302. Ph. 616-915-
2293 or e-mail

October 7 - 10, 2011 - NYSA FALL STATE CAMPOUT "Mystery Weekend”
Herkimer County Fairgrounds, 133 Cemetery Street, Frankfort, NY 13340
Advanced Registration Fee -$7.50 per adult (non-refundable), Registration Fee at Gate -$10.00 per
adult. Camping Fee at Gate-$75.00 (Cash Please, Day Pass $7.50 per adult per day [$20.00 max per
family for the weekend] (If 2 or more families are camping in one unit, the extra family/families will
pay the registration fee only). All sites include electric and water (bring extra hoses and long electric
cords). Advance Registration must be postmarked by Sept 15, 2011. Make checks payable to New
York State Association. Mail to: CLARE GUNNING, 2 LOLLYPINE LANE, MEDFORD, NY
11763-4110. Please include numbers of adults, teens and youth. For more information Contact Barb
Click here for more information and complete registration form.

October 14 - 16, 2011 - Maryland/DC State Assn. Fall Campout
Charles county Fairground, LaPlata, MD. Total weekend $44. Early bird Thur. $18.
Contact Don Ellis at 301-579-6666 or email or contact Cheri Fox at 202-503-
8155 or email at

October 21 - 23, 2011 - Ohio State Association Halloween Campout
Champaign County Fairgrounds - Urbana OH. Door prizes, crafts, dessert contest, Costume contest
for kids and pets of all ages, Pumpkin carving contest, unit decorating contest. Pre-registration $46 -
at gate $50

For more information contact Phyllis Gass
Camping Today                                       34                                     October 2011

November 4 - 6, 2011 - Woodpeckers' 42nd Invitational Campout
Butcher's Bend 4-H Campground, Mineral Wells, WV. Exit 170 off I-77 south on St Rt 14 left at
Butcher's Bend Rd. Heated building for all activities. Fees: $14 per night which includes electric and
$5.50 per person for Spaghetti dinner on Saturday. No pre-registration Friday night hospitality will be
soup beans--bring bowls, table service and what ever you may want to share. There will be chances
on a food basket and a 50/50 drawing.
For more information contact Bill & Judy Gray, 1411 7th Street, Vienna, WV 26105-2207, phone 304

November 11-13, 2011 - Florida State Association Fall Rally
Southern Oaks RV Resort, 14140 SE US Hwy 41, Summerfield, Fl. 34491 (352)347-2550
Cost is $130.00, payable to the campground - make your own reservations. Cost includes 3 nights
camping, 2 dinners, 1 breakfast, 1 ice cream social, and 1 hot dog luncheon. Also planning to have
chapter sales and more fund raising events. Hope you can attend and enjoy the activities. If you have
a fund raising idea, please let us know so it can be incorporated with this rally.
For more information contact Sandy and Larry Preston, FSA President at or
Please fill out and mail in the registration form and $5 registration fee. Click here for registration

December 5 - 9, 2011 - Louisiana Pelican Christmas Rally
Kemper Williams Campground, Hwy.90, Patterson, LA. 4.5 W of Morgan City. Ph 985-395-2298

 (HALLOWEEN continued from page 32)

     Trick-or-treating, is an activity for children on or around Halloween in which they
 proceed from house to house in costumes, asking for treats such as confectionery with
 the question, "Trick or treat?" The "trick" part of "trick or treat" is a threat to play a
 trick on the homeowner or his property if no treat is given. Trick-or-treating is one of
 the main traditions of Halloween. It has become socially expected that if one lives in a neighborhood
 with children one should purchase treats in preparation for trick-or-treaters.
     In Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts, the night designated for Trick-or-treating is often referred to as
 Beggars Night.
     Part of the history of Halloween is Halloween costumes. The practice of dressing up in costumes
 and begging door to door for treats on holidays goes back to the Middle Ages, and includes Christ-
                   mas wassailing. Trick-or-treating resembles the late medieval practice of "souling,"
                   when poor folk would go door to door on Hallowmas (November 1), receiving food
                   in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day (November 2). It originated in
                   Ireland and Britain, although similar practices for the souls of the dead were found
                   as far south as Italy.
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