Pet Carrier Tips For Travel_ Leisure_ and City Transport

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					Pet Carrier Tips For Travel, Leisure, and City Transport

If your pet loves to go   for   strolls in the park or even travel abroad,
pet travel carriers and   pet   strollers are ideal for times when you need
to get there in a hurry   and   want to take your pet along. Whether you own
a cat or dog, there are   pet   carriers to suit every need - no matter where
you live.

Do you live in the city and want to protect your pet during walks along
the busy streets? A pet carrier or stroller is perfect for these
situations. Do you enjoy taking your pet along for road trips? A car pet
carrier will prevent many "accidents" and headaches! Have you always
dreamed of taking your pet along for a bike ride? Bicycle pet carriers
are perfect for these occasions.

Types of Pet Carriers and Strollers

There are a number of styles of pet carriers and strollers available to
fit your needs and budget. You can choose a plain carrier in basic colors
and fabrics at a reasonable price - usually between $100 and $120. There
are also designer pet carriers up to around $150 to $200. Some carriers
are made to help you carry a small cat or dog by hand or even on your
back (like a backpack). Wheeled pet carriers have wheels so you can
stroll along with your pet safely secured inside.

If you enjoy bicycling, you'll find many stylish pet carriers that attach
to the handlebars of your bike, or those that are attached behind your
back tire with wheels so your pet can roll along safely behind you. There
are numerous colors and designs to choose from when shopping for pet
carriers, including solid colors (black, red, blue, yellow, green, pink,
etc.) and a blend of colors such as camouflage, stripes, or plaid.

Look for quality brand names of pet carriers such as Burley Design, Pet
Cruiser, Tagalong, Track'r, Pet-A-Roo, Teafco, Pak-o-Pet, PetAboard,
PetGear, Kittywalk Royale, Doggie Jogger, Pet Pilot, and HoundAbout.

Features to Consider

All pet carriers should be durable for your active pet. Cats and dogs
alike will sometimes bite, scratch or jump around while inside a pet
carrier. A cheaply made carrier or stroller will fall apart quickly if
it's not made to withstand the usual pet activity. Also look for washable
pads so you can keep the carrier clean between walks or trips. Check out
the wheels for sizing and flexibility. The wheels should turn easily and
be able to withstand rugged roads or sidewalks, gravel, and sand.

When shopping for a pet carrier, be sure to look for its size and the
weight capacity. If you have a cat that weighs 18 pounds, then you won't
need a carrier that holds up to 50 pounds. On the other hand, if your dog
weighs 50 pounds, be sure the carrier or stroller can hold that much

With portable, hand-held (similar to handbags) or shoulder carriers,
choose a carrier made of strong materials such as luggage grade nylon
with strong mesh screening to allow for proper ventilation. Other
features to look for are water-resistant liner, machine washable
materials, padded shoulder straps, and a plush, comfortable inside. There
are also carriers that can be converted into a pet bed when not
traveling. Some even come with a warming pad if your pet sleeps in a cold
area of your home or outdoors.

When buying a wheeled pet carrier, consider the height of the handles
from the ground so you can maintain a comfortable posture while walking
your pet. Look for safety lights, a safety brake, cup holders, a
removable carrier section, easy folding for storage, and pockets for
carrying a leash, treats, and other items.

Look for a pet carrier that suits your needs and your pet's size and
personality. Every pet is unique, so shop around to see what's available.
Whether you want a stylish pet carrier that's handheld, a wheeled pet
carrier, or a cat or dog car seat, you can shop online to find a variety
of styles and sizes at affordable prices.

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