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                                                                                                  Updated May 2012
INFORMATION                              for people with their own bikes
Trail Rides Wales provide a guided trail riding day for people with their own road legal trail or enduro bikes,
including long distance trials or enduro sidecars. We usually go to a cafe for lunch (please bring some
money!) Most of our routes pass petrol stations in conjunction with the lunch time stop. If you ride a bike
with a range of less than 60 miles, please let us know so that we can make plans for your refuelling. If you
are doing two or three days’ riding, we usually ride from different places so that the routes are varied. This
might require taking your bikes out to a meeting place in your van or car and trailer.
We can only take exclusive bookings for groups smaller than 6 riders for midweek dates. If you prefer your
group to be just you and your friends, please ask. At weekends, we will respect your wishes if possible, but
we may need to add groups smaller than 6 riders together. If so, we match types of bike and experience.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Trail Rides Wales require the following:-
    You and your trail or enduro bike are licensed, taxed and insured for British roads. No motocrossers,
     even if they are registered and MoT’d.
    It is suggested that your bike has a full size numberplate fitted. Welsh Police are targetting illegal
     offroaders, and will stop any group of bikes with small numberplates. This is time-consuming and
     irritating, and it is hard to persuade the Police that we only ride legal routes if they can criticise the
     legality of the bikes in the group.
    To arrive at the meeting place at 9.30am or other specified time. If you are going to be more than half
     an hour late, please send a text to 07891 036527 and 07786 922655 (these are given on the directions
     sheets, which hopefully you have printed out to bring with you!) If we suffer a vehicle breakdown we will
     send you a text if you have given us a mobile number.
    To inform us if you are inexperienced or would like tuition.
    To inform us if you have physical restrictions or a medical condition when you book. We are very happy
     to plan an appropriate route for you, but we need to know in advance. You may also like to inform us if
     you are over 60 years old.
    If over 18, to sign an indemnity stating that it is understood that this is a potentially dangerous activity. If
     under 18, to be accompanied by a responsible adult who will sign the indemnity. If the responsible
     adult is not a parent or guardian, the young person needs to send a consent form signed by the parent
     or guardian to be received one week before the riding or passengering day.
    Your bike must have lights fitted, preferably working in case of fog or heavy rain. In winter this is
     particularly important in case a delay causes darkness to fall before we finish.
    Please do not overtake the leader unless he signals you to do so. If he is going slowly, it is for a reason.
    Your bike must not be excessively noisy. If it is, you will not be able to ride with us. Trail riding is
     our full-time occupation, so closure of green lanes would mean the loss of our business. Many of the
     green lanes we use pass through farms and by rural dwellings, and to ensure continued use, it is
     important that we should not cause aggravation to farmers and householders.
    You must stay on the right of way. Powys and Ceredigion County Councils have online submission
     forms for the public to report “riding on land not forming part of a road”, and farmers who are anti bikes
     may well do so. If they take photographs as evidence and are willing to stand as a witness, your bike
     could be confiscated and crushed and you could be prosecuted. The Police carry out regular “illegal
     riding” operations in the areas where we ride.
    If you open a gate, you are responsible for making sure that it is closed (by you or someone else). Do
     not ride off, otherwise riders following may assume that it was already open and fail to close it.
    Please ride with courtesy and consideration, for other users and the livestock, particularly in spring
     when lambing is taking place. Please do not “roost” your mates or do wheelies or stoppies. Roosting is
     potentially dangerous if eyes happen to be uncovered, and lane surfaces can be damaged by wheelies
     and stoppies.
     If riding on a grass surface, please accelerate and brake gently to preserve the surface. Once torn up,
      grass takes a long time to recover. Although the grass may be a road or byway, the land is the farmer’s
      livelihood, and it is discourteous to cause damage which can be avoided.
     Riders showing no respect for the countryside or other users of the byways and unclassified
      county roads will not be tolerated. The ride leader reserves the right to cancel the ride at any
      time during the day. If the ride leader is not happy about a rider’s behaviour, then a verbal warning
      will be given. A second warning could be given for a different infringement. If a third warning is
      necessary, that will signal the end of the day’s riding for the group.
     Trail riding is not enduro practice! If you or your group do not want to ride on tarmac or easy green
      lanes, and will not be happy following a leader who may be slower than you, then please think carefully
      before booking with us.
     Please inform staff if there is a change in the number or type of people if this changes subsequent to
      the original booking. Remember that emails can sometimes go astray - if making changes, please ask
      for confirmation that the changes have been noted. Thank you.

   Full payment must be made by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque cleared by three weeks before your
   If you book more than one days’ riding, you will not receive a refund if you decide after the first day you
    do not want to ride on the subsequent day or days.


Cancellation by the client:
   No fee is charged if you cancel before your payment.
   No refund is given if you cancel after you have paid. You may choose another date. If there is a price
    rise, the price at the original date booked will be held over for 3 months.
   Bookings in November, December, January, February, March or April can be postponed if there is a
    forecast of snow or temperatures well below freezing all day (dangerous ice).

Cancellation by Trail Rides Wales:-
   If heavy snow falls, we are likely to be cut off, as the roads to our village are hilly in all directions! A new
    date will need to be set.
   If an alternative date is impossible to arrange, a refund less £20 per person will be made.

Cautionary tale number one!
“I didn’t think it would be that deep!” In wet weather and winter, the routes we do have deep puddles with rough bottoms
and some fierce river crossings. We advise riding these sitting down, because if you are standing up and the bike hits a
dip or rock or slips on algae, you can’t get a foot down quick enough to save it. If the bike’s air filter gets water in it, either
because the puddle is too deep or because the bike leans or is submerged, water will nearly always pass into the
combustion chamber. If your bike is a fourstroke and you try to start your bike with water in it, you are likely to bend the
conrod, or you may damage a valve. Either way, your day finishes then and there, and you have a lot of hassle getting
recovered, and you have a costly engine rebuild. To check, first see if the air filter is dry. If not, take the spark plug out
and see if water comes out when the engine is turned over. If it does, drain the carb, and repeat the steps until no more
water comes through. Fit new plug. You may need to several people to hold the bike vertical to drain the exhaust system.
Please bring a plug spanner and spare plug for your bike.

Cautionary tale number two!
Three miles of main road were being ridden to the start of the next green lane, when a Police car joined the back of the
group and stopped a bike which had no numberplate. It turned out that the rider had no motorcycle licence, no insurance
or road tax, so the Police impounded the bike. They did give him a lift back to his accommodation, but could have left him
to find his own way back. The Police did not complete their paperwork that day, so his bike was impounded overnight. In
the morning, a rider who had a motorcycle licence had to accompany the unlicensed rider to the Police station, and then
drive out to the pound which was about 50 miles away. If none of the group of riders had been able to produce a licence,
the bike would not have been released. That might have meant a journey back to London to pick up the licence, and
another day’s fee for the impounded bike. As it was, the friend missed most of his second day’s trail riding, and for the
unlicensed one, it was an expensive weekend!

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