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					                          Safety Lines
                                 Newsletter of the National Marine Safety Committee • Issue 28 • July 2008

                                                                                                   To ensure that the study represents Australian
                                                                                                   boating, NMSC is inviting owners and operators of
In this issue…

• Volunteers to Improve
                                                 Volunteers                                        all types of recreational craft including runabouts,
                                                                                                   ski/wake boats, cuddy, half or full cabin cruisers,
  Boating Safety                                 to Improve                                        sailing boats, jet skis and personal watercraft to be

                                              Boating Safety
                                                                                                   part of the study.
• NSCV Into Law
                                                                                                   What’s involved?
• NMSC/AMIF Join          The National Marine Safety Committee is putting the
  Forces                  call out to boaters around the country, asking them to                     1                A one-off anonymous survey that asks general
                                                                                                                      questions about your boating behaviour.
• Conference Hailed A     register now for the National Boating Usage Study,
  Success                 the first long term diary study of its kind in the world.                  2                A Boating Diary, which you will be asked to
                                                                                                                      briefly fill in each time you go boating.
• ISO Meetings in Oz      NMSC CEO Ms Maurene Horder explained that                                To register, please fill in the enclosed flyer or register
                          they are aiming to attract at least 4000 volunteers                      on-line at
• Tips on Navigation      to participate in the 18 month study. Recruits will
  Lights Released         be asked to fill in a diary each time they go boating

                                                                                                         Sample Diary Page
                          between September 2008 and May 2010.                                                               Day of the Week (eg Sat)

• Training in                                                                                                                When did you start your trip (1)

  Application of the      “A key area for marine safety research and policy                                                  Total number of hours spent on the
  NSCV                    development is determining how the amount of time                                                  Where was your boating trip located
                          spent boating is linked to incidents.
• Fatalities Study                                                                                                           How did you access your boating

  Informs Policy          “We are encouraging volunteers to register during                                                  Purpose of the trip? (4)

  Decisions               August to ensure that they will be able to participate                                             Where did you go? (5)

                          once the study begins in September.”                                                               Number of people on board?

• Lloyds Rules for                                                                                                           Number of Adults on board?

  Marine Agencies         Volunteers will be provided with regular study
                                                                                                                             Number of Child <12 years on
                          updates, exclusive product discounts and chances to                                                board?

• Communications          win great boating and fishing prizes including a $100                                              Number of Youth 12-18 years on
  Equipment standard      discount on Club Marine boating insurance and a 40%                                                Was your boat involved in an
  published               discount to Yaffa marine publications.                                                             incident?

• Amendments to
  Safety Equipment
                          NSCV into Law
                                                                                                  some of the construction and equipment sections of
  standard                                                                                        the NSCV approved before 2008. Together with the
                                                                                                  legislative introduction of NSCV sections by individual
• Navigation              The National Standard for Commercial Vessels has                        jurisdictions, this means that the structural fire
  Equipment standard      reached another major milestone, with some sections                     protection, engineering, life-saving appliance and fast
  approved                now officially forming part of the USL Code.                            craft requirements of the NSCV will apply throughout
• Under Development       The amendments to the USL Code, which bring into effect                 Australia from October, with only minor variations in
                          the Combined USL/NSCV 2008, were published in the                       some jurisdictions.
                          Commonwealth Government Gazette on 11 June 2008.                        The Combined USL/NSCV 2008 is on the NMSC website
                          The Combined USL/NSCV 2008 brings into force                            together with explanatory material to assist users.

                          NMSC/AMIF Join Forces
                          National Marine Safety Committee members met with the Australian
Now Open for Public       Marine Industries Federation’s board after the NMSC meeting in
Comment:                  Brisbane on Tuesday 15 July. AMIF and NMSC agreed to work
NSCV C2 Watertight and    closer together on marine safety initiatives such as the Australian
Weathertight Integrity    Builders Plate, including the development of communications to
and NSCV F2               dealers and builders on complying with the ABP.           AMIF CEO Sherry Donaldson, NMSC Chair Neil Aplin, NMSC CEO Maurene Horder and
                           AMIF President Barry Jenkins get together prior to the joint AMIF/NMSC meeting.
Conference Hailed                                                              ISO Meetings in Oz
A Success                                                                      The 2009 International Organisation for Standardization’s (ISO)
                                                                               Plenary Meeting will be held in Australia in May next year, just
Education, product innovation, safety standards, training and                  prior to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.
research were just some of the topics “on the table” during
the Marine Safety Conference held in Adelaide from the                         In conjunction with the meeting, NMSC plans to hold a series of
26 – 29 May.                                                                   technical seminars for industry and marine agency staff, to take
                                                                               advantage of the presence in Australia of international ISO experts.
The conference attracted more than 300 delegates who heard
forty-one speakers lead discussions on a wide range of technical               ISO is the world’s largest developer and publisher of International
and operational matters.                                                       Standards. The ISO standards for small craft are referenced in
                                                                               Sections of the NSCV, as well as in the ABP standard.
NMSC CEO and organiser Maurene Horder explained that the
conference not only provided the latest marine safety ideas, but               Further details of the technical seminars will be released later
it also facilitated business opportunities and networking between              this year.
government and industry.
“We had a wide variety of delegates attend from both the
recreational and commercial arenas, from boat designers through
                                                                                   Fatalities Study Informs
to operators and suppliers, as well as educators and trainers and
those from the
                                                                                   Policy Decisions
volunteer sector.”                                                                 The Boating Fatalities in Australia 1999 – 2004 Report, a national
“The Conference
                                                                                   analysis of fatal injury due to boating in Australia recently published
                                                                                   by the NMSC, will inform decisions on marine safety policy and
also featured
                                                                                   education programs.
products,                                                                          At the release of the report at the recent Marine Safety Conference
generating                                                                         2008, NMSC CEO Maurene Horder told delegates that boating
significant                                                                        fatalities present a tremendous loss and strain on families and a huge
business sales                                                                     cost to the community.
and leads for                Anthony Baxter and Alisdair Hainsworth of the
                             Australian Bureau of Meteorology manning the
                                                                                   “Between 1992 and 2004, boating fatalities cost the Australian
exhibitors.”                 BOM booth                                             community $60 million per year and by this year the total cost may
                                                                                   exceed one and a half billion dollars.”
                                                                                   Ms Horder explained that combined with information from the earlier
                                                                                   National Assessment of Boating Fatalities in Australia 1992-1998
                                                                                   Report, the NMSC now has comprehensive data on boating fatalities
                                                                                   for the past 12 years.
                                                                                   “The two studies show that 574 people died in Australian waters
                                                                                   between 1992 and 2004, an average of 48 people per year, 48 people
                                                                                   too many in my opinion.”
                                                                                   Main Findings
                                                                                   • Fatalities - 241 people died in 196 boating
                                                                                     incidents between 1999 and 2004,
                                                                                     and 33 people were
 A delegate gets the low down on the latest man overboard system from a              injured.
 Mobilarm representative

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 Tips for Installing                                                                         If that
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 Navigation Lights
                                                LIgHTS RELEASED
                 The NMSC Secretariat and Australia New Zealand Safe Boating
                 Education Group members have developed
                 “Tips for Installing Navigation Lights” that apply to power boats less
                 than 20 metres. For a copy go to the NMSC web site or
    Training in Application of the NSCV
    NMSC is coordinating a national education
    program to explore the practical aspects of the
    implementation of Sections of the NSCV that
    take effect on 1 October 2008.
    More than 50 participants attended a
    workshop held on 29 May in conjunction with
    the Marine Safety Conference in Adelaide.
    The workshop delivered an introduction to
    the performance-based nature of the new
    requirements. Senior technical staff from the
    NMSC secretariat and jurisdictions worked
    through the application of Part B – General
    Requirements of the NSCV and Part C,
    Section 4 – Fire Safety to actual vessels and
     NMSC will conduct further workshops on
     a range of NSCV Sections in 2008 and
     2009 and a list of dates and venues around                                                 NSCV workshop delegates in Adelaide in May.
     Australia will be circulated shortly.

• Environmental Conditions - Most of the incidents occurred            Lloyds Rules for
  in favourable environmental conditions (77% occurred in calm to
  moderate seas).
                                                                       Marine Agencies
                                                                       NMSC and Lloyds Register signed a ground-breaking
• Incident Events – The sequence of events resulting in a boating      agreement in April that supports the recently published
  death was initiated most often by capsize of the vessel (19%), a     NSCV Part C Section 3 Construction, under which the use of
  person falling overboard (10%) or swamping of the vessel (11%).      Lloyds Rules is recognized as a deemed to satisfy solution.
  When all significant events were considered, a fall overboard was
  the most common event (33% of the events noted). Capsize was         Under the agreement, marine agencies will receive copies of
  responsible for 16% of all incident events. These results were       the main Lloyds Rules and Regulations, Special Service Craft
  similar to the first fatality study.                                 (SSC), Inland Waterways and Timber Yacht Rules as well as
                                                                       training in the use of the Rules. The Secretariat will also be
• Contributing Factors                                                 able to supply copies of the software associated with the SSC
   • The initial contributing factor in 74% of incidents was a human   Rules and the Lloyds Rulefinder at a discounted price to
     cause, mainly alcohol, (21%) or an error of judgement (10%).      marine agencies.
     The top five were error of judgement, alcohol, failure to keep    The first two training sessions are planned for Queensland in
     a proper look-out, hazardous wind and/or sea conditions and       September and involve a 3 day course on the SSC Rules for those
     failure to wear a PFD.                                            involved with plan approval. Further courses will be tailored to
• Personal Flotation Devices - People can double their chances         the needs of those associated with vessel inspection surveys.
  of surviving just by wearing a personal flotation device.            These courses will form part of a larger training program on
• Vessel Type – 81% of vessels were for recreational purposes and      different Sections of the NSCV, to be implemented around
  19% were commercial vessels, mainly commercial fishing boats.        Australia over the next two years.
  Dinghies continue to be the most common type of vessel involved      An interpretation service will also be established to provide
  in fatal incidents (36%).                                            formal national interpretations of Lloyds Rules as they apply
• Vessel Power - There was an apparent large increase in the           under NSCV Part C Section 3.
  frequency of overpowered and overloaded vessels. (When
  considered against the Australian Standard AS 1799 method for
  calculating the maximum engine power for existing vessels, which
  is known to be conservative 74% of the vessels in which some-
  one was killed were overpowered).
• Vessel Operator - People killed in boating incidents are older
  than observed in the first fatality study. (48% of operators were
  aged over 50 years compared to 36% in the first study.)
                       For further details, visit

                                                                        Lloyds Register’s Australasian General Manager Glenn Cobb and NMSC’s CEO
                                                                        Maurene Horder signing the agreement.
Technical News
Communications Equipment                                                               Two Issues Papers Released
Standard Published                                                                     For Public Comment
The new standard for NSCV C7B – Communications Equipment was                           Watertight and Weathertight Integrity
endorsed by the Australian Transport Council (ATC) in May.
                                                                                       An issues paper for NSCV C2 – Watertight and Weathertight Integrity has
The national standard provides vessel operators with a whole range of                  been released for public comment.
smart technology options that can be taken up according to a particular
vessel’s area of operation – or Class. It also includes references to the              Issues raised in the paper include whether the standard should be
requirements for on-board communications equipment specified in other                  developed from scratch or whether Classification Society rules or the
parts of the NSCV.                                                                     International High Speed Craft code should be used as a basis. Comments
                                                                                       close on 15 September 2008.
Significantly, the requirements for EPIRBs (distress beacons) have been
moved from the general safety equipment standard (NSCV C7A) into this
new communications standard. The general safety equipment standard will
cross-reference the move by amendment.

Amendments to those parts of the Uniform Shipping Laws (USL) Code to do
with the licensing of radio operators or operators who are maintaining radio
watches are being made to the other relevant sections of the NSCV – with
references to these parts retained in this new standard.

Amendments To Safety
Equipment Standard
Amendments have been made to NSCV C7A – Safety Equipment as a result
                                                                                        The Queenscliff Ferry on a test voyage (no passengers) across the stormy Heads in
of the newly-introduced Communications Equipment standard (see story                    Sydney Harbour in 2007. The new watertight and weathertight integrity standard will
above). The amendments are listed in the published standards section of                 address safety issues for construction and design standards to meet a range of operating
                                                                                        conditions. Photo source: Australian Broadcasting Commission.
NMSC’s website.
                                                                                       Revision of ‘Hire and Drive’ Standard
Navigation Equipment
                                                                                       An Issues Paper on NSCV F2, revising USL Code Section 18 has been
Standard Approved                                                                      released for public comment. The Paper considers the special requirements
The final standard for NSCV C7C – Navigation Equipment has been                        that apply to ‘hire and drive’ boats including those engaged in traditional
approved by the NMSC and will soon be ready for submission to ATC (all                 activities – for example, houseboats, off-the-beach boats and day-outing
Ministers) for endorsement.                                                            boats – or newer activities, such as off-shore bareboat chartering, hiring a
                                                                                       boat on a trailer and jet ski hire.
The standard responds to rapidly changing technology in the navigation
equipment area, and specifies minimum performance-based requirements                   Comments close on 22 September 2008.
for navigation equipment in relation to the Class of Vessel, its length and
operational area.

                                                                                                   Under development
    The drafting of a new standard for NSCV C6B – Buoyancy and
    Stability after Flooding is nearing completion.
    The draft standard for NSCV Part D – Crew Competencies is still                    Marine Safety Queensland, will be presented to the next meeting of
    under review before its release for public comment.                                the ATC for approval.
    The revised Guidelines on Marine Pilotage, developed by NMSC in                    Details of all published standards and draft standards out for public
    conjunction with the Australian Marine Pilots Association and                      comment can be found on the website:

How to contact us
National Marine Safety Committee                                 Telephone: (02) 9247 2124 Facsimile: (02) 9247 5203
Level 5, 9-13 Young Street, Sydney                               Email:
PO Box R1871 Royal Exchange NSW 1225                             Website:
The National Marine Safety Committee is an Intergovernmental Committee charged with achieving nationally uniform practices in marine safety.
It is comprised of the CEO of each of the government marine safety agencies around Australia.

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