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					Dead Poets’ Society Study Questions                         Name: ___________________

  1. What was the first poem that Mr. Keating recited (in part)/referred to in the movie?

  2. What is the name of the school that the boys attend?

  3. How does Mr. Keating feel about the “Introduction to Poetry” sections of the boys’
     textbooks? What does he have them do with them?

  4. What does Mr. Keating say about “why we read” poetry?

  5. Why does the teacher have his students stand on the desk?

  6. When and how does Mr. Keating first teach the students the meaning of “carpe diem”?

  7. What does Mr. Keating do during the lesson in the courtyard? What is he trying to teach
     them and what poem does he end up reciting?

  8. Which character is most comfortable talking to girls? (He is the one who brings girls to
     the DPS meeting.)
9. How does the use of the poem “O Captain, My Captain” foreshadow events of the

10. What does Mr. Keating do when Todd doesn’t write and bring an original poem to class?

11. What are the primary conflicts of the movie?

12. In what Shakespearean play does Neil perform during the movie?

13. How does Neil get permission to perform in the play?

14. Which characters change the most in the movie? (round characters)

15. What happens to Neil Perry at the end of the movie?

16. What is the main theme of the movie?

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