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									James Pappas
    James A Pappas Has Many Years Of
        Professional Experience
James Pappas possesses extensive professional
  experience and had worked with PJ Mechanical at
  different capacities for nearly 29 years. He is the son
  of co-founder of the firm and is highly regarded for
  his contributions to the company’s growth and success.
  He played an important role in scaling the company to a
  leading position in the industry during his association
  with it.
 James Pappas - Awards and Recognitions

James Pappas is the board member of the Village of
  Brookville, Planning Board, and Architectural Review,
  and Co-Chairperson of the CCFA Golf Outing. Since
  2000, he has also been the Co-Chairperson of the
  Spring Gala (CCFA) - Dinner Dance and Major Fund
  Raising event. In 2008, James Pappas was given the
  “Man of the Year” award at the Crohn’s & Colitis
  Foundation of America’s Long Chapter Spring Gala.
PJ Mechanical Corp. - Develops & Installs Advanced
      Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Headquartered in New York City, PJ Mechanical Corp. develops
  and installs advanced heating and air conditioning systems,
  mainly in Manhattan high profile office towers. These systems
  come integrated with the latest digital controls systems for
  reduced energy consumption, ensuring eco-friendly operation.
  Most recently, the firm has implemented advanced HVAC
  systems at One WTC, International Gem Tower, Cornell
  Medical Center, Carnegie Tower, Madison Square Garden and
  CUNY. The work by PJ Mechanical has received Gold
  Certification and LEED Silver Certification for its energy
  efficiency. The company has professional in-house insulation
  experts who ensure that all pumps and HVAC units are
  insulated with premium-grade fiberglass material.
          About James Pappas
●   James A Pappas, who is the son of the co-
    founder of PJ Mechanical, was involved in
    the firm’s operations for 29 years in
    different capacities. PJ Mechanical is a
    well-established company that specializes
    in the construction, installation, service and
    maintenance of HVAC systems. It focuses
    on meeting all heating and air-conditioning
    requirements of its clients and has earned
    reputation for dependability. James Pappas
    played a key role in the growth and

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