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Emory University School of Law
[by Marty Schultz-Akerson]
With Atlanta as a background and a consistent ranking in the top 30, Emory has a lot going for it. Find out what students have to appreciate at one of the
South’s best law schools.

A perennial fixture on the U.S. News and            government and international agencies locat-        Clinic offers free legal assistance to those
World Report list of top law schools, the Em-       ed in Atlanta make these dual degrees par-          seeking to protect Georgia’s forests and
ory University School of Law takes advantage        ticularly attractive. For example, students in      natural habitats. In this program, second and
of its close proximity to the business center       the joint JD/Master of Public Health program        third year students take on important cases
of the South, Atlanta, as well as its affilia-      benefit from the nearby Center for Disease          under the supervision of staff trial lawyers.
tion to Emory University’s diverse academic         Control and Prevention, The Carter Center,          Finally, many students take advantage of
programs. With the Atlanta skyline in sight         and the national headquarters for the Ameri-        a Field Placement Program, interning in
and the gorgeous Emory campus all around,           can Cancer Society. Likewise, the School of         major corporations, law firms, government
law students at Emory develop the practical         Law has partnered with the well-respected           agencies, and non-profit organizations in the
legal skills necessary to succeed in today’s        Candler School of Theology and the Center           greater Atlanta area.
competitive market while reflecting on the          for the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion to
legal issues that continue to challenge and         form a national hub for the ecumenical and          Student life is what you might expect from a
excite generations of legal scholars.               inter-faith discussion of the complex interac-      top-ranked southern law school: intellectual-
                                                    tions between law and religion.                     ly stimulating and intense, but not cutthroat.
Originally founded as a manual labor school                                                             Student organizations cover the entire legal
in 1836 by the Methodist church, Emory              Students at Emory excel in the traditional          spectrum, and students are encouraged to
University has since grown to become an             legal curriculum, but also benefit from             find their particular niche in the legal world
international research center. The addition         comprehensive training meant to give them           early on, whether it be as an editor for one of
of the School of Law in the 1910s, along with       a head start on the practical skills necessary      Emory’s three legal journals, a competitor in
the Schools of Theology, Business, and the          to be successful lawyers. For example, all          the Moot Court Society, or an advocate with
Arts and Sciences, played a large role in           second year students are required to partici-       the Emory Public Interest Group. Students
Emory’s rise to prominence. Earning its ABA         pate in the highly acclaimed Trial Technique        are expected to display the ethics and re-
accreditation in 1920, the School of Law has        Program, a two week, intensive boot camp            sponsibility central to the legal profession in
become a dominant player in a geographical          led by trial lawyers, judges, and drama             their interactions with one another, faculty,
area that continues to grow in importance in        coaches. Students simulate all aspects of           and administration, and the long-standing
the legal field.                                    trial preparation, management, and advo-            honor system stands as a testament to the
                                                    cacy, and are videotaped in a courtroom built       trust faculty invest in their students.
In addition to the standard JD, Emory offers        on campus specifically for this purpose.
its share of dual degree programs. Options                                                              Tuition at Emory is $32,772 for the aca-
include the JD/MBA, the JD/Master of Divin-         Similarly, Emory students have access to            demic year. The School of Law is aware of
ity, the JD/Master of Theological Studies,          numerous clinical opportunities. The Barton         the considerable financial commitment of a
the JD/PhD in Religious Studies, and the            Law and Policy Clinic, established in 2000,         legal education, and tries to assist students
JD/Master of Public Health. All of these            strives to empower under-served children in         in obtaining the best financial aid packages
programs allow students to complete the             Georgia’s welfare system. Although students         possible. 86% of students receive some form
two degrees faster than if they were to be          do not provide direct legal representation for      of financial aid. There are also significant
pursued separately.                                 the children, they staff legal clinics, provide     scholarship opportunities, such as the Wood-
                                                    cogent research and analysis for policy-            ruff Fellows Program that covers tuition
Emory University’s exceptional academic             makers, and oversee a free informational            and fees and provides a $3000 stipend for
breadth as well as its proximity to numerous        website. Likewise, the Turner Environmental         candidates with exceptional academic and

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leadership qualifications.

Getting admitted to Emory is difficult, al-
though not impossible. Recent acceptance
rates have hovered around 21% of the 4,000
applicants. Once accepted, students enjoy a
unique blend of education and lifestyle, honing
their intellect as legal scholars and practi-
tioners, enjoying the wonders of an elegant
southern campus and a world-class city.


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Description: Emory has a lot going for it. Find out what students have to appreciate at one of the Souths best law schools.
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