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									                       ))Final contract((
According to this contract and the conditions contained therein on
the day .......... Of July 2012.
1_ The compromise agreement was reached between the total of :
perini egypt company to work for the import and export
entitled :....................................................................
Represented in this contract, Mr. /.......................................
Resident in : ........................................................................
Under the National ID card number:.....................................
In his capacity as owner of the company and its Director General
and referred to as the (first party) of the company.
2 _ Mr: .................................................. . And nationality:
Egyptian.Resident in :......................................................
Under the National ID card number:...................................
And referred to as the (second party) of the employee.
The first party company specializing in the business of import and
export, public procurement and the need for staff and workers in all
areas of specialization for the operation of the company and
implemented by academic qualifications and practical experience
necessary to do so and as the second party has the qualifications
required for that was the first party to appoint the second party has
the function ((Data entry)) in accordance with the following

Article I: General Provisions: A / The above preamble is an integral
part of this decade.
B / The Parties recognize the integrity and perfection of their will
and their qualifications and legally considered a system of
contracting under which recognize the validity of the signing of this
C / Parties commit themselves to what is stated in this contract
terms and conditions under which the texts and work.
D / whatever not provided for in this contract is subject to the
regulations and a list of internal sanctions and rewards and
provisions of labor law, the list of administrative policies of the

Article II: Duration of Contract: A / left of this contract for five
years starting from 01.09.2012 m. And ending on 30.08.2017 m.
Be renewed in writing between the parties in accordance with these
terms or other conditions see the company agreed upon later
between the parties.
B / The period of the first month of the contract under which the
test If it is proven not to the validity of the second party (the
employee) passed the employment relationship and the contract
annulled without the need for prior notice to the party and not the
second appeal the decision of the first party or request a new test.
C / If a party wishes not to renew the contract for other similar
notice upon the other party in writing prior to thirty days from the
date of expiry of the period of time set for the end of the decade.
D / in the absence of any notification to the other parties, as
contained in the preceding paragraph is that the contract was
automatically renewed for another similar period.
E / The Company may terminate this contract before the period
specified or renewed term similar to the presence of a legitimate
reason preceded by warning the pace without prejudice to the
employee's dues, if any.

Article III: Job Description: A / appointed employee function
((Data entry))
B / decided Acharkhon the employee works per day from nine in the
morning until five pm daily to be on the weekend on Sunday.
C / The Company may transfer the employee to any of its branches
in the Republic of Germany, provided the employee has no harmful
effect of this procedure.
D / is not entitled to use the company's only paid employee at the
additional public holidays or use it for more than a working day
unless the result came from behind in the slow completion of daily
work scheduled by the company.

Article IV: Salary and features: A / Salary basic: employee is
entitled to a monthly salary of a key of ((1000)) only € ((euros
only)) pay him the end of each calendar month peer-doing all the
obligations and functions of the job entrusted to him more than a
year (( 200)) euros.

B / the extra fees :
Employee is entitled to overtime where the Company grants to the
employee pay overtime, which work and which have been
substantiated through reports and attendance and leave approved
by the company, two hours per hour of work and additional work is
seen in the public holidays in accordance with an additional count
two days work a natural for today's holiday one unless it is
compensate the employee during the same day last week, or the
nature of his work requires working in the public holidays normally.
Employee is entitled to monthly allowances and meals in the
absence of desire to obtain from the Company an amount per
month added to his salary and the amount of three hundred euros.
Company provides medical care for its employees through the
facility, which is contracted to conduct medical tests and detection
of cases of ordinary.
Article V: holidays and public holidays: A / employee is entitled to
annual leave amounting to thirty days paid are calculated on the
basis of the basic salary of the employee without any other features
for each calendar year of service that the company pays to the
employee instead of material for my ticket to go and return flight
tourist to Egypt and the company the right to set a date to enjoy
leave depending on the need to work on that during the same year.
B / employee is entitled to a vacation of the official weekly holiday
and other holidays with the exception of other cases where the
nature of his job requires work or those cases in which forced the
company to pay off the extra.

Article VI: rewards and incentives: A / calculate the company's end
of service gratuity to the employee on the basis of last salary he
was receiving a basic account without any other features such as
overtime pay or commissions.
B / The Company may exchange incentives to employees who prove
its worth and efficiency in its work through performance reports to
work at the discretion of the company achieving its interest not to
exceed 25% of basic salary.
C / ensure the company's social insurance premiums and all
government fees imposed by law on the spot and in the future due
to the employee.

Article VII: absence: A / to be kept in the employee from work
without legitimate reason.
B / The employee must notify the Company in writing or by
telephone on the day of his absence and in writing by the form
provided by the company the next day maximum in emergency
situations and not take his absence without legitimate reason.
C / The employee adherence to medical models that deal through
the company.
D / to the employee in emergency situations that occur in the
weekends of the company or after the end of official working hours
with which you need to rest from work orders the doctor to take the
form prepared for that company the next day and filled by the
competent authority or competent physician as required in the form

Article VIII obligations of the employee: A / full commitment to
employee behavior and the True Good manners while carrying out
work inside buildings or outside the company or its subsidiaries.
B / the employee to perform job tasks assigned to him as his edict
of Directors of the Company before the deadlines specified by the to
the fullest.
C / presence in his office for the duration of working hours unless it
is costly to perform other work outside the workplace.
D / attendance at the dates specified by the Company in accordance
with its internal systems (from 9 am to 4 m).
E / adherence to internal company regulations and obey the
directions, instructions and orders issued to him by his superiors at
And / Secrets of the pledge to save work and work-related
information, which gets by virtue of his job and not disclosed to
others for any reason.

          This is in addition to the form

** The company provides the employee adequate
housing and a means to move to and from work in the
same city, which is located the headquarters of the
company in proportion to the social status of the

** The company shall ensure the provision of work visa and
document my copy of this contract in Cairo and the tourist
airline ticket to the employee if the signing of this contract
no later than one month from the date of signing of this

** deduct the amount of $ (250) euros from the source of
the monthly salary of the employee for the first four months
of work the parent company is converted directly into the
bank account of Mr. / Hazem Hasan match his commission
agreed upon between him and the employee.
** A penalty clause on both sides if you breach any of the
preceding items beginning from the date of signing of this
contract a sum of money equivalent to three months salary
only (three thousand euros) of the basic salary of the
employee assigned to it.
This contract is in duplicate copy to the employee and the
other company has deposited with his file.

((The first party))    ((Director of Personnel))   ((Second party))

                      WEDNESDAY 4 _ 7 _ 2012 .

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