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The University of Colorado School of Law
[by Christina Poon]
The University of Colorado has it all - prestige (it consistently ranks among the top 50 law schools in the country), atmosphere (its beautiful Boulder cam-
pus boasts the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop), and, most importantly, a sense of community and a top-notch education.

The University of Colorado School of Law was        class. Narrowing down the pool of candidates         Unique to the university is its Lend-A-Law-
founded in 1892 and has since maintained a          even further, out of those 165 students, at          Student Program. The program primarily
solid history of higher education and excel-        least 55% must be residents of Colorado (in          serves pro-bono Colorado attorneys or
lence. Ranked 40th on the annual U.S. News          line with policy as a public institution).           nonprofit organizations by making CU law
& World Report list of tier-one law schools,                                                             students available for any jobs or projects.
the university continues to be one of the           The University of Colorado bases its admis-          Students volunteer their time doing re-
strongest public law schools in the nation.         sions decisions heavily on LSAT scores and           search, investigations, brief writing, or any
                                                    undergraduate GPA. As of 2003, the median            other related tasks. Involvement in the legal
The University of Colorado stands apart from        LSAT was 162, and the median GPA 3.62.               community encourages students to build
its competitors, in particular for its pristine     While scores may be slightly above average,          relationships within Boulder and achieve
location. Lying at the foot of the Rocky Moun-      other factors are taken into consideration,          hands-on experience before beginning their
tains, the Boulder campus overflows with            including background, experience, and                legal careers.
greenery and an abundance of beautiful trees        interests. In order to increase cultural and
and lakes, creating a most serene atmo-             ethnic diversity, the University of Colorado         The success rate of legal placements after
sphere-a Utopia for the average frazzled law        abides by a policy of affirmative action. The        graduation is excellent. More than 97% of the
student. The 215-plus buildings add an extra        small School of Law, therefore, represents a         school’s graduates find employment, with
dimension of beauty to this perfect campus-         diverse community of talented individuals.           approximately 46% joining legal firms, 20%
with Italian-style architecture, sandstone                                                               becoming judicial clerks, and approximately
walls, and red-tile roofs.                          If you can make your way into this selective         13.5% finding positions within the govern-
                                                    pool of candidates, you’ll be sure to enjoy the      ment.
The School of Law lies in the southwestern          small student-to-faculty ratios (14:1), the
part of campus in the Fleming Law Build-            beautiful panoramic views, and, best of all,         Apart from academics, quality of life is good
ing, with an adjacent library that houses an        the low cost of attendance.                          in Boulder. Living in this natural environment
extensive collection of works and research                                                               definitely has its perks. Aside from absorbing
materials. Wireless Internet is available to        The University of Colorado boasts the lowest         the beauty that embodies the campus, many
all students within both the law building and       tuition and fees in the nation--$7,645 for           students take advantage of the mountainous
library. Plans are underway for the con-            Colorado residents and $22,781 for non-              area to hike, bike, or backpack during the
struction of the Wolf Law Building-another          residents. While the fees may be low, the            warmer seasons and ski during the snowy
beautiful addition to the series of Italian         education the school offers is nothing short         winters.
Renaissance buildings. The designs of the           of excellent. Classes are often smaller than
new building and its surrounding landscape          85, allowing for uninhibited discussion. In          The campus is beautiful and the academics
are gorgeous.                                       order to further encourage the students to           are first-rate at the University of Colorado
                                                    familiarize themselves with professors, the          School of Law. Entering its 112th year, the
The admissions process at the Colorado              university also places its first-year students       university will continue to build a strong
School of Law is selective, and gaining en-         in at least one class of 30 or fewer students.       community of scholars and maintain its long
trance may be particularly difficult for a non-     The university is known for its strong net-          tradition of excellence.
resident. Out of more than 3,000 applicants,        work of relationships among students and
only about 700 are offered admission, with          faculty members.
an average of 165 students in each entering


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