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					                               Icse Question Papers

Icse Question Papers
icse sample papers are only the question papers which have sample questions that are related to the
examination. These sample papers are helping the students in providing the knowledge about the
pattern of exam and also the level of exam. It gives the information about the pattern of the papers that
come previously in the exams and also define the questions that have the maximum probability to

Icse Sample papers are basically not the original papers but these are the guess papers that are based on
the previous papers and guessed by experienced and well known faculty of that particular subject. Icse
Sample paper propel an idea about what type of questions students will find in examinations and these
papers are used by the students to get help on the pattern of the paper and It gives the ability to students
for effectively manage the time of paper solving .

Icse sample papers also develops the writing habit in the students means students can practice these
papers according to the marks of the question and while writing Icse board examinations or by using
the icse sample papers students can learn the art of effective time management ,When they are learn
about time management then for them 3 hours are more than sufficient to write their answers of the
questions and also they write the answer in an efficient manner that is help them in obtain the maximum
marks in board exams.
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Icse Sample Papers are generally made by checking questions from previous years with some minor
differences. These sample papers are set by faculties having great knowledge and experience in
teaching field.

The main problem of the Students is that they don’t know how to write the answers of questions in a
board examinations, so students get help from these sample papers and sometimes students have also
doubt in their mind about the board examinations question paper and these kind of doubts sometimes
low their confidence but by practicing the sample papers students find much easier way to write the
answers in correct form efficiently,

Central tendency is define as the average data for the data set that have the large amount of data.
Measuring central tendency basically divided into three types that are Mean, Median and Mode.

Mode is the value in the data set that occurs many times. It can also have the frequency of the repeated

Another measure of central tendency is median is defined as the value which is occurs in the middle of
ordered data set .For ordered data set we have to arrange values in ascending or descending order .

There is one another method of measuring central tendency that is known as mean that is normally a
arithmetic mean which is equal to the sum of the values in data set which is divided by total number of
values in the data set. It is also known as average of values

We can understand it by an example:

A data set of values as 4 , 6 , 8 , 3 , 5, 10 , 6 have the mean value (4 + 6 + 8 + 3 + 5+ 10+6)/7= 42 / 7 =6
where total number of values are 7 and their total is 42 so divide 42 by 7 that is define the value of
mean .

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