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Home                                                  Amazing Sapa trekking tours
Vietnam Tours           It prides itself on a rich 20th century history going back to the French colonists in the early
                        1900’s. Sapa, now under governance by the Vietnamese government, has become one of the
  Halong Bay Cruise
                        most popular tourist areas in the north-west of Vietnam.
  Sapa Trekking
                        Sapa is nestled in delightfully scenic mountains, some 1650 meters above sea level. It has
    Sapa Easy Trek      earned a well-deserved reputation of being a very sought after destination particularly for its
    Sapa Medium Trek    Sapa trekking tours.

    Sapa Hard Trek      Carefully planned Sapa trekking tours operated by skilled and knowledgeable guides, who know
                        the area very well, make it possible to enjoy a safe and memorable experience.
    Sapa Special Trek
    Sapa - Bac Ha       Hundreds and thousands of tourists annually, from all corners of the world seek to enjoy the
                        Sapa tours that are available.
    Sapa - Can Cau
                        There is no air service, but getting access to Sapa by train is convenient and the scenery is
    Sapa - Coc Ly
                        tranquil. There are 2 or 4 berth soft sleeper options available for this trip.
    Conquer Fansipan
                        There are also opportunities to visit the ethnic markets in Vietnam which offer a very unique
  Hanoi & Surrounds     selection of Vietnamese clothing, art and artefacts that many tourists find adorable and
  Saigon & Surrounds    irresistible.

  Central Vietnam       Trekking Sapa is arranged through various tour packages. These Sapa tours cater to all levels of
                        fitness, from the very easy to the more challenging. Each trek usually provides at least one
  National Parks        overnight stay, and there are special Sapa trekking tours that include 2 days and 3 nights away.
  Mai Chau-Ninh Binh
                        With such a selection of tours available, there are Sapa tours to suit every tourist. It is
  4WD Adventure         advisable to browse through each of the various tours on the menu on the left to find the
                        one that suits.
  Bird Watching
  Scuba Diving          Vktour provides travelers the trekking maps that will give a great deal of information and
                        advice on what can be expected. The maps also provide a preview of some of the most beautiful
  Homestay tours        and unique scenery. This includes awe inspiring mountain waterfalls, which makes Sapa a
  Transviet             unique place in the world.

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