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                            Incredible Sapa Trekking

It boasts of a rich 20 centuries, dating back to French settlers in 1900. Sapa, Vietnam now
becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the north-west regions of

Sapa is located in the mountains of beautiful scenery, some 1650 meters. It has earned a
well deserved reputation as a popular tourist destination especially for its trekking tours.

Travelers can enjoy a safe and memorable Sapa tours which are carefully designed by
professional and competent guides from who know the area well.

Hundreds and thousands of tourists every year from all over the world looking to enjoy
the visit to Sapa.

There is no air service, but getting access to Sapa by train is convenient and the landscape
is quiet. There are 2 or 4 soft sleeper options for this trip.

There is also the opportunity to visit the ethnic markets in Vietnam, offering a very
special selection of clothing Vietnamese art and artifacts that many tourists are adorable
and irresistible.

Trekking Sapa has organized several packages. These Sapa tours suit all fitness levels,
very easy to challenging. Each route usually offers at least one night, and there is a
special trekking Sapa, including 2 days and 3 nights out.

With a selection of channels available, there are visits to Sapa for all tourists. It is
advisable to browse each of the several excursions to see what works best. give travelers the trekking maps, giving a lot of information and advice on
what to expect. The maps also provide an overview of some of the most beautiful
landscapes and unique. This will include inspiring fear cascade mountain, giving Sapa a
unique place in the world.

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