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 The best ways to back up and
 share your data securely

          Your life the
                        Store, stream, share and collaborate on the go

10 ESSENTIAL                                                               THE MOBILE
CLOUD                                                                      CLOUD
FEATURES                                                                   Make your PC data
What you should look                                                       instantly accessible on
for before signing up                                                      your phone or tablet

ON-THE-GO                                                                  CREATE YOUR
COLLABORATION                                                              E-PORTFOLIO
Create presentations                                                       The first step towards
and plan projects from                                                     exhibiting your works
anywhere, any time                                                         of art in the virtual


                                                                                                       MANAGING EDITOR
     UP IN THE CLOUD                             DO I T YOURSELF                                      Hatim Kantawalla
 4   LIFE ON THE CLOUD                      26 GET YOUR SITE ONLINE                                      DEPUTY EDITOR
A look at how cloud computing has           USING FTP                                                    Jamshed Avari
changed the way we perceive the virtual     A guide on using FTP clients to upload
world.                                      your website effortlessly.                            SENIOR FEATURE WRITER
                                                                                               Kamakshi S, Priyanka Tilve
 8WORK TOGETHER FROM                        30 CONDUCT SURVEYS AND
                                                                                                        FEATURE WRITER
ANYWHERE                                    CREATE DATA ONLINE WITH
Use cloud services to collaborate with      EASE                                                     Kushal Mamoowala
colleagues or classmates anytime.           Learn how you can create complex                               COPY EDITOR
                                            online surveys with Google Docs Forms.
10                                                                                                        Sameer Desai
FICTION?                                    32 SHOW OFF YOUR                                       PROJECT COORDINATORS
Cloud computing is hailed as being          CREATIVITY ONLINE                              Rajesh D'Souza, Gautami Chalke
green, but is it really so?                 Create your online portfolio with
                                                                              SENIOR ART DIRECTOR
12 IS YOUR DATA CLOUD                                                                                    Nirmal Biswas
PROTECTED?                                                                                             SENIOR DESIGNER
Simple tips to make sure your data                    T ECH TALK
stored on cloud servers is not                                                                       Hemali Limbachiya
compromised or infected.                    36 BACKING UP YOUR ONLINE                                     ILLUSTRATORS
                                            SOCIAL LIFE                                    Sachin Pandit, Chaitanya Surpur
                                            Keep a copy of all the information you
     SHOPPERS ' S TOP                       put up on your social network accounts.                   COLOR CORRECTION
                                                                                                          Sanjay Shelar
16 10 THINGS TO TO LOOK                     38 STREAM. SHARE.
FOR IN A CLOUD SERVICE                      COLLABORATE.                                                   HEAD OFFICE
A list of essential features you should     A look at cloud-based services that let   Intelligent Computing CHIP, Infomedia 18 Limited,
look for before you pick a cloud service.   you access your data on your mobile       'A' Wing, Ruby House, 2nd Floor, J.K. Sawant Marg,
                                            phone or tablet.
                                                                                              Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400 028. INDIA
SERVICE                                     42 CLOUD ARCHITECT:                        Phone: (91 22) 3024 5000, Fax: (91 22) 3003 4499

Many websites offer cloud-based data        BUILDING A CLOUD
storage. Here are 12 of the very best.      Be a part of the cloud computing
                                            movement.                                    SMS US
22 10 BEST SITES FOR                                                                  SMS your feedback to us at 51818. For general comments,
STREAMING MEDIA                             44   CAMPUS REPORTER                      create the following message: ICCO <Your comments here>
Here's a few great sites for streaming      A look back at the events of              Example: ICCO The cover story was very useful

movies, videos and music.                   Superinfomania 2011 in Pune.              To rate a story, product review, etc look out for the story
                                                                                      tag at the base of each article and type:
24                                                                                    ICCO <Story tag> <Rating> Example: ICCO PWS 5
                                                                                      The “Story tag” is mentioned at the base of every story in
MOBILE DEVICE                               PUBLIC PLACES                             the magazine and the “Rating” is on a scale of 1 to 5.
Find the best applications to access        An innovative system that regluates       Please keep comments to 160 characters per message!
cloud services from your mobile device.     eletricity usage in public places.        Include your email address to help us reply.

                       T       he cloud services have today evolved
                               beyond simply online data backup
                               solutions. You can do a lot more via cloud
                       services than simply sharing images, documents
                       and media. You can collaboratively work on
                       documents with your colleagues, listen to your
                       favorite songs without downloading them to your
                       PC, put up your art to get expert comments and
                       tips, and even watch all your TV shows online; all
                       this when and where you wish. In the event that
                       your PC crashes, your laptop is stolen, or your data
                       on an external hard drive goes corrupt, having
                       all your data backed up on a cloud server would
Devices like tablets   be a smart idea. Not only does it clear up storage
                       space, it lets you work from anywhere in the world
   offer you a form    and from any computing device. All you need is an
                       Internet connection.
     factor that not       With a range of portable devices also entering
                       the cloud arena, you can now work and stay
      only supports    entertained over the Internet even when you
                       travel. Devices like tablets offer you a form factor
  cloud computing,     that not only supports cloud computing, but lets
                       you access these services on-the-go.
but lets you access        However, there are certain things that you
                       need to be cautious about too. Some may say that
     these services    there are no down sides to cloud computing, but
                       users should know where to draw the line and not
         on-the-go.    depend too heavily on these services. Although
                       you may find all you need with a particular
                       service, you have to consider the security and
                       portability it offers and also make contingencies
                       should the service be terminated abruptly.
                       Moreover, an online service is more prone to
                       threats than your PC. Having said that, however,
                       most would agree that with cloud computing, the
                       good outweighs the bad.
                           So with imaging services, document
                       collaboration solutions, media streaming sites, and
                       secure online back-up services all now available
                       on the cloud, you can travel light and know that
                       all your work and entertainment is waiting for you
                       wherever you go.

                       KAMAKSHI S

                                  LIFE ON THE
                                  If you’ve ever browsed Youtube for videos, streamed music online, or even just
                                  sent and received e-mails, you’ve used cloud computing services. The cloud has
                                  been around us for a long time and it’s only now that we’ve started realizing
                                  its full potential.
                                  BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                                                                                                         UP IN THE CLOUD                5

     f you are even a basic computer user, it is likely   it instantly accessible and mobile.
     that you have already used some form of cloud            Social networks, file sharing servers and Web-
     computing service. Any entirely online service       accessible software take advantage of resources
you use, be it e-mail, file storage or sharing, or even    provided by cloud computing to give you a light-
media streaming, uses cloud computing technology.         weight structure for your personal computing
If you have used any service that doesn’t require         needs. Cloud services give you options to protect
you to download and install specific software or           your data with accessibility and privacy settings
store any data locally, you have used the cloud.          for your accounts, enabling you to store your life
    Cloud computing allows you to keep your PC            on a remote server without having to worry about
and all of your mobile devices in sync all the time.      storage space constraints or software installations.
You can access all of your personal data at any
given moment, you can organize and collect data               YOUR PERSONAL CLOUD
from any online source, and you can even share            Storage space and processing power are the biggest
                                                                                                                                        sachin pandit

photos, videos, music, contacts, e-mail, documents,       hurdles that mobile devices like smartphones and
etc. with your friends, family, and coworkers in an       tablets face today. Cloud computing has come to the
instant. In essence, personal cloud computing gives       forefront as it overcomes these hurdles, enabling
you easy and quick access to all your data, making        you to access and edit your files and files uploaded

                                                                                    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                  by other users without the need for excessive hard-       installations on your machine’s local drive.
                                  ware and support. Browser-based email and cloud
                                  services such as Grooveshark, Facebook, Google                  UTILITY COMPUTING
                                  Docs and Youtube have smartphone and tablet               Utility computing is a form of cloud computing that
                                  extensions, designed specifically to run on the            is more robust at an enterprise level. Large compa-
                                  lower hardware specifications of such devices.             nies can ‘rent out’ their hardware support via the
                                      Operating systems of today like Android, iOS          cloud to clients based on their requirements, maxi-
                                  and Windows 7 are also made compatible with               mizing the utility of the host server and reducing
                                  mobile devices and equipped with applications that        the costs to the client. Companies like Amazon.
                                  let you sync and access data across devices via their     com, Microsoft and Sun offer storage and virtual
                                  cloud servers. Apart from storage, developers have        servers to clients for their computing needs using
                                  also used cloud computing capabilities to develop         the cloud. This drastically reduces the investment
                                  Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service       required for small scale businesses as they no lon-
                                  (PaaS) and Webtop services to make your comput-           ger need to purchase hardware. Instead, they pay
                                  ing experience completely mobile.                         only for what they need and utilize the computing
                                                                                            strength of the host via the cloud.
                                      SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS)
                                  Web accessible software enables users to use pro-               PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PAAS)
                                  grams or applications without having to download          PaaS is a form of SaaS that provides development
                                  or install them on their machines. You can access         environments as a service. Rather than design-
                                  data hosted by companies on their cloud servers           ing software for the customers to use, companies
                                  for almost any task, like word processing, design-        provide clients with the infrastructure required to
                                  ing or even media editing. This enables users to          design and run software specific to their needs. Cli-
                                  carry out their work without having to purchase           ents can then use this infrastructure and develop
                                  software that can be installed and run only on a          software applications for their use that run on the
                                  single machine. You no longer need to worry about         host’s cloud servers. This form of cloud computing
                                  expiration dates, downloading updates or installing       gives the clients the freedom to develop software
                                  software on multiple machines. SaaS reduces the           to suit their requirements without having to worry
                                  user’s expenses by allowing you to ‘rent’ a service       about the hardware. PaaS provides clients with
                                  and use only specific features rather than buying          facilities for designing and developing applications,
                                  complete packages of programs, some of which you          hosting their applications as well as hardware for
                                  might not use. For instance, to use Microsoft Word,       scalability and storage.
                                  a user must purchase the Microsoft Office auite,
                                  which gives you Word bundled with Excel, Power-                 ONLINE STORAGE
                                  point, etc. These packages can be fairly expensive.       Online storage allows users to upload files and
                                  Instead, you can use a SaaS product that allows you       information to cloud servers so that the data can
                                  to sign up for free or a monthly fee and lets you         be accessed from multiple machines remotely, as
                                  perform your word processing tasks without any            long as they have access to the Internet. Online
                                                                                                 storage has grown rapidly in recent times due
                                                                                                 to the increased speeds in data transfer and
                                                                                                 improved security for protecting this data.
                                                                                                 The service is very useful for users restricted
                                                                                                 by lack of storage space or users that wish to
                                                                                                 access their data from multiple machines or
                                                                                                 on-the-go. Using cloud storage services can
                                                                                                 also be beneficial as a backup for locally saved
                                                                                                 data in the event that your local drive is com-
                                                                                                 promised by viral infection, online threats or
                                                                                                 physical damage. There are several services to
                                                                                                 choose from, ranging in size of storage space
                                                                                                 and you can also use paid services for greater

                                                                                                                        UP IN THE CLOUD                            7

storage space and better security. Some storage
services also enable you to sync data across devices
so that files added to one device are automatically
uploaded to the cloud, and in some cases, even
downloaded to other synced machines.

The cloud computing system can be divided into
two distinct sections. At the front end, there is the
user, who can access the cloud server and includes
their machine and any application required to
access the cloud. The back end is the hardware
that makes up the cloud, which includes comput-
ers, servers and data storage systems that can be
accessed by the users. Cloud systems use middle-
ware, which is software that communicates with
various users connected to a single cloud server. It
monitors the system, managing traffic and client
demands to ensure that everything runs smoothly
and efficiently.

The advantages of cloud computing are fairly obvi-
ous. Users have access to their applications and
data from anywhere at any time and they can
access their information from multiple machines;
their data and software is no longer confined to
a single machine. Cloud computing also brings
down hardware costs, as users no longer need to
purchase the fastest computers with high end con-
figurations. The cloud system handles the load for

you. Essentially, all you need is a basic computer,
input devices and an Internet connection to access
the cloud services. Cloud storage enables users to
create backups of their data so if their machines
crash, they no longer need to worry about data
loss. Cloud servers can sometimes be a safer option
for protecting your data from viral infection or
damage due to the vast amount of online threats
and viruses circulating on the Internet.                around the world are accessing the server. Privacy
                                                        is another issue with cloud servers. Ensuring that
    THE CLOUD CONCERNS                                  a client’s data is not accessed by any unauthorized
The biggest concerns about cloud computing are          users is of great importance for any cloud service.
security and privacy. Users might not be comfort-       To make their servers more secure, cloud ser-
able handing over their data to a third party. This     vice vendors have developed password protected
is an even greater concern when it comes to com-        accounts, security servers through which all data
panies that wish to keep their sensitive informa-       being transferred must pass and data encryption
tion on cloud servers. While most service vendors       techniques. After all, the success of a cloud service
would ensure that their servers are kept free from      depends on its reputation, and any sign of a secu-
viral infection and malware, it is still a concern      rity breach would result in a loss of clients and
considering the fact that a number of users from        business.

                                                                                   INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                   WORKING IN COLLABORATION

                                  WORK TOGETHER
                                  Exchanging files, data and information by e-mail or on physical storage
                                  is a thing of the past. Cloud computing not only allows you to share files
                                  via cloud servers, but there is also software that enables you to work
                                  collaboratively in real time.
                                  BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                         loud computing has revolutionized the           and displayed on screen for all other users. With
                                         process of collaborative working with the       such services at hand, workgroups, teams, students
                                         innovation of groupware or collaborative        and companies are no longer bound by physical
                                  software. Working in the cloud allows users to         location restrictions. People can work together, at
                                  access their data from multiple machines without       the same time, on the same project, from opposite
                                  having to transfer files or sort through several        ends of the world.
                                  versions of their work. Such services are especially       Collaboration via the cloud also overcomes the
                                  useful when it comes to working in groups, be it in    hurdle of having to install the same software on
                                  school or professionally, and also aids working in     every user’s machine. These services provide you
                                  collaboration on a global scale.                       with the interface to view and edit your docu-
                                     With the help of groupware, users do not have       ments, chat windows and even saves your work
                                  to worry about exchanging emails and attachments       on the cloud server itself, so all you need to finish
                                  or tracking multiple copies of a document. Collabo-    your work is Internet access and a compatible Web
                                  ration software like Google Docs and let       browser.
                                  multiple users access a single file from different          Of course, working in the cloud still has a few
                                  machines. The file is stored on the service vendor’s    drawbacks. The most obvious one is that it relies
                                  cloud server and any changes made to the file by        completely on the Internet, which means you must
                                  any of the users is saved and updated in real time     have access to the Internet whenever you wish to
                                                                                         work, either in collaboration or by yourself. There
                                                                                         is also the issue of data compatibility. Different ser-
                                                                                         vices use different formats to save your data, some-
                                                                                         times not even compatible with popular software
                                                                                         like Microsoft Office, and in such cases, transfer-
                                                                                         ring your data from your cloud service can be quite
                                                                                         a headache. Even switching between cloud services,
                                                                                         should you choose to, can sometimes be an arduous
                                                                                         task due to file incompatibility.

                                                                                             GOOGLE APPS
                                                                                         Google Apps is the most popular service for cloud
                                                                                         storage, file sharing and collaboration amongst
                                                                                         personal users. The service has Web applications
          Google Docs makes collaborative work easy with a simple interface,             for viewing and editing documents of various for-
          chat box and highlighted changes in real time.                                 mats such as .TXT, .PDF and .DOC files. The Google

                                                                                                                          UP IN THE CLOUD       9

  Docs service provides users with an interface simi-     version provides you with 1 GB of storage space and
  lar to that of Microsoft Word, which allows you to      is limited to five users. There is also a workgroup
  view and edit Word documents. This service is very      package for up to 20 users, which provides you with
  effective for collaboration as well, using color tags   50 GB of storage space.
  for each user and displaying changes made by all
  the users in real time. Google Docs also lets you           SCENIOS
  work on spreadsheets, Powepoint presentations,          Scenios is a video host that allows users to work
  forms and drawings through your browser. The            collaboratively, specifically for video files. There
  application is bundled with your Gmail account          is no additional software to be downloaded or
  and the Google service lets you share 8 GB of stor-     installed and all the work is done directly on the
  age space between your email and Google Docs.           Scenios cloud server. You can upload your video
                                                          files and view previews or stream complete videos
      SYNC.IN                                             with a timeline and keyframes for making notes is another collaboration tool that allows       and editing. There is also a ‘shot log’ where you can
  you to work on Word documents directly from your        make notes, suggestions and comments for specific
  Web browser. Using the service is quick and easy;       times. There are also tools for re-encoding, upscal-
  you can create new documents for sharing and            ing video quality, exporting and publishing your
  editing without having to go through the sign-up        videos on sites like Youtube and Facebook, all via
  procedures. The software assigns color tags to          the cloud. A free account gives you 5 GB of cloud
  each user so that their changes are highlighted         storage, but is limited to only 1 active project. A
  and there is also a chat box for discussions and        $99-per-month account will give you unlimited
  notes. There is also a desktop launcher for,    storage and let you have 3 active projects.
  which lets you create new text notes directly from
  your desktop, and a feature to quick open notes by
  entering their unique IDs. With Pro, users
  can assign a URL to their team site for direct access
  to notes, and use other features like organizing
  notes and quick search options. You also get better
  security with password-protection and SSL for your
  notes. A Pro account will cost each user $2
  per month.

  Central desktop is a platform for collaborative
  online working at workgroup and small scale busi-
  ness levels. With Central Desktop, users can create
  Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and
  spreadsheets via the Web interface and you can
  also add files, calendars and tasks to your projects.
  The service is equipped with easy file sharing,            Scenios gives you a ‘shot log’ for detailing changes in videos as well
  audio and video conferencing tools as well. The free      as a keyframe and time line for uploaded videos.

                                                                                     INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                    THE ECOLOGICAL IMPACT

                                   GREEN CLOUD:
                                   FACT OR FICTION?

                                   Cloud computing is rapidly being embraced by individuals and enterprises
                                   alike, and while it’s been hailed as being eco-friendly, there are no clear means
                                   of validating this claim.
                                   BY PRI YANK A T ILVE

                                          loud computing is growing at a rapid pace,     CLOUD AND ENTERPRISE
                                          as it’s increasingly being adopted by large    Consider the traditional scenario, where every
                                          businesses, mid-sized businesses, as well as   fi rm invests in setting up a server room, staff
                                   SOHOs. Moving to the cloud proves to be a viable      for maintaining it, etc. Servers consume huge
                                   option for fi rms as it dramatically cuts down         amounts of energy not only for operation, but
                                   hardware and software expenditure. According          also for cooling. These servers generate a vast
                                   to a report by consulting firm Zinnov, the market      amount of heat during operation, which must be
                                   for cloud computing in India is expected to grow      dissipated to keep the components within their
                                   nearly ten times to $1,084 million by 2015 from       safe operating temperatures. Overheated parts
                                   the current $110 million. While all seems hunky       will reduce their life span, and can also cause
                                   dory, there are growing concerns that the cloud       problems such as system crashes. So it becomes
                                   computing trend is actually hazardous to the          imperative to maintain a constant temperature to
                                   environment, as it will lead to an increase in car-   cool these servers. This is usually done with the
                                   bon emissions.                                        help of air conditioning, which consumes even
                                                                                         more energy. Even if the servers are not in use or
                                       WHAT MAKES CLOUD                                  are under utilized, the temperature needs to be
                                       COMPUTING ‘GREEN’?                                maintained, resulting in huge amounts of energy
                                   There are many factors that are said to make          loss and added cost.
                                   could computing green both at the enterprise as          The firms can minimize their cost as well as
                                   well as the consumer level.                           energy consumption by opting for cloud comput-

                                                                                                                     UP IN THE CLOUD         11

ing. Cloud offers scalability; you pay only for what   devices consume less energy because they do not
you use and you can buy more space as required         need continuous power supply. They just need to
or you can even temporarily scale down usage           be charged once a day at most. Today, most people
when you experience a slump in business. Thus,         don’t really need a high end PC as their usage is
there is no unnecessary loss of energy. While it’s     limited to Web browsing, email, social networking,
true that these huge data centers that operate on      banking, watching videos, listening to music etc.
a large scale require massive amounts of electric-     All this can be easily achieved on a smartphone or
ity, the manufacturers of data centers are actively    on any of the portable devices that can be used for
taking initiatives to minimize the impact on the       cloud computing.
    As a result of the growing green conscious-            IS GREEN COMPUTING A MYTH?
ness, the leading players in the industry are          With next to zero data available about the data
taking efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.       center practices and technologies used by the
For instance, they are looking at places with tem-     major players in the cloud industry, there is a
peratures that are ideal for naturally cooling data    lot of speculation. There is no data available to
centers. Dublin is fast emerging as a hub for data     ascertain the amount of energy consumed and the
centers owing to its geographic location and ideal     carbon emissions caused by these data centers.
temperatures. Cloud computing giants like Ama-         This is one of the major reasons why data centers
zon, Microsoft, IBM and others have their data         have come under fire from various environmental
centers here.                                          agencies.
    These data centers have been designed in               Google is one of the first companies to release
such a way that they can make maximum use of           details of their data center. You can find details
fresh air to cool servers rather than completely       like the technology used, locations, practices,
depending on other power consuming options.            sustainability measures, etc. on their site under
Secondly, the data center manufacturers also           corporate information. Recently, Facebook, which
make use of innovative technology and alternate        is facing opposition from environmental organi-
sources of energy to power these data centers. For     zation Greenpeace for the use of coal and nuclear
instance, recently Google invested $168 million        energy to power its massive data centers, released
in a solar energy power plant in California. When      details of its data center practices. The same can
constructed, it will be the largest solar thermal      be found on the Facebook page ‘Building Efficient
project in the world.                                  Data Centers with the Open Compute Project’.
                                                       Other players in the industry need to follow their
CLOUD AND CONSUMERS                                    lead and make this vital information public.
With rising concerns over global warming, we all           Cloud Computing in itself is a practical solution
want to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint.     for the IT requirements of the future and some-
One way to do this is by adopting cloud comput-        thing that will only grow in the coming years. This
ing. Cloud computing on portable devices like          would mean setting up many more data centers
smartphones, tablets or ultra low-powered laptops      and other facilities. The companies within this
could prove eco-friendly.                              industry need to understand their responsibilities
   According to, a PC run-         and their role towards safeguarding the environ-
ning for an hour generates 40-80 grams of carbon       ment. The need of the hour is to have an open dia-
dioxide, while it consumes about 60-90% of nor-        logue and devise better technology to power data
mal workload power even when idle. When work-          centers.
ing on a PC or a laptop, we may engage in other            One example of efficient power management
activities like talking on the phone, or completing    is that of the Academica data center in Helsinki,
other tasks, which means the computer remains          Finland. They use the water warmed while cooling
idle for long hours, hence wasting energy. It’s        the servers to provide heat for homes in the city,
also surprising to know that even power-saving         which often experiences -20 degrees C tempera-
modes like ‘Sleep’ or ‘Standby’ can consume as         tures during winter. What’s more, after the heat
much as 120 Watts of power. In comparison to a         has been extracted, the water is again used to cool
traditional PC or a laptop, portable computing         the servers.

                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                    HOW SECURE IS YOUR DATA

                                   IS YOUR DATA CLOUD
                                   There is a variety of cloud services to choose from, whether you wish to
                                   use them for storage, file sharing or collaborative work. In all cases, it
                                   is imperative that your data is protected from viral infections, piracy,
                                   damage or loss.
                                   BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                                                                                                                   sachin pandit

                                              obile computing has come a long way with      to look through the privacy policies before trust-
                                              smartphones and tablets. Cloud comput-        ing an organization with your data.rage space con-
                                              ing enables users to share files and work      straints or software installations.
                                   on-the-go across different devices with ease. With
                                   such storage and working options without the                 DATA SECURITY
                                   presence of physical storage hardware, users are         Data stored on cloud servers is not completely
                                   easily convinced to avail of cloud services without      secure from infection. While popular cloud ser-
                                   first ensuring that their data remains secure with        vices such as Google Docs are equipped with virus
                                   respect to accessibility as well as infection. Differ-   scanning software, there is still the possibility
                                   ent cloud services have different privacy policies       of an internal or external attack affecting your
                                   and while some of the established companies like         data. Servers that have a public log-in page can be
                                   Amazon, Google and Microsoft might be easily             targets for hackers and even servers with secure
                                   trusted, there are many other smaller companies          login pages can be compromised its many users
                                   looking to take advantage of the boom in cloud           or subscribers. It is important to remember that
                                   computing. Whether you are using a renowned              while you have a secure account on a cloud server,
                                   host or a relatively newer one, it is always advisable   there are many other users using the same cloud

                                                                                                                          UP IN THE CLOUD       13

                                                          devices are quite common and some vendors like
                                                          Dropbox and ZumoDrive have even developed
                                                          mobile apps. These applications allow you to store
                                                          and sync data on multiple machines via your cloud
                                                          account, but it is important to note that you can
                                                          still experience data loss using such services. In
                                                          the event that one of your devices that is synced
                                                          with the cloud server crashes or experiences data
                                                          loss, the file syncing app would perceive this as
                                                          deletion of files and removes the files from other
                                                          synced devices as well. Even though cloud services
                                                          help you clear up space on your local hard disk, it is
    Panda Cloud Antivirus scans files on local            important to have a local backup of data stored on
    machines as well as cloud servers.                    or synced with cloud services to prevent unwanted
                                                          data loss.
  hardware. Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO of
  CipherCloud says, “There are multitudes of attacks          VIRAL INFECTION
  on the virtual machines that can be launched from       A very common use of cloud computing is public
  another virtual machine running on the same             file sharing. Sites such as Fileshare, 4shared and
  cloud hardware. So, securing the data by security       Rapidshare allow users to upload a variety of files,
  communication alone, such as by https or VPN, will      including media files that can be accessed by any-
  still be insecure”.                                     one, making them popular for downloading vid-

  With the growing popularity of cloud computing,
  several companies have started cloud services of
  their own. The stability of such companies, espe-
  cially start-ups, is questionable considering today’s
  volatile market. It can be inviting to make use of
  third party’s software and hardware to work on
  and store your data, but keep in mind that you are
  relying on that company for your data. If the com-
  pany goes out of business, you could lose your data
  and the services that you have been availing of. You
  might be under the impression that established
  service providers like Google or Apple would not
  shut down a service or go out of business, but even
  they have discontinued SaaS products in the past.

      DATA LOSS                                             Using public access cloud services puts your data and files out of
  Services for file sharing and syncing data across          your control and in far greater security risk.

                                                                                     INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                   eos and music. Although such sites are generally        servers if a legal authority would demand so. A
                                   equipped with virus detection software, there is        more basic accessibility issue with cloud services
                                   the possibility that a movie or music file that you      is that they require the Internet. While this may
                                   download from such a site is infectious and could       not be a security risk, it is an issue that all users
                                   affect the data stored on your machine. Antivirus       must consider before relegating important data to
                                   software such as Panda Cloud Antivirus and Immu-        a cloud server. If you are going to depend on cloud
                                   net Protect are available to ensure that your data is   storage to access a file you are working on while
                                   safe on the cloud and scans your files even if they      travelling, you need to consider how often you will
                                   are on remote servers.                                  have access to the Internet.
                                                                                               With the growing questions on the security
                                       ACCESSIBILITY                                       and reliability of cloud servers, a non-profit
                                   Unlike the case with corporations, it is highly         organization called the Cloud Security Alliance was
                                   unlikely that the personal data you exchange            formed in late 2008. The Cloud Security Alliance
                                   or store on a cloud server is of a sensitive nature     website names the founding members including IT
                                   or can have legal implications. Nonetheless, it is      giants like Dell, HP, Sun and Qualcomm and states
                                   worth noting the accessibility policies of your         that its aim is to promote the use of best practices
                                   cloud server. E-mail services have been known to        for provide security assurance within cloud
                                   access the content of your e-mails to generate user     computing, and provide education on the uses of
                                   specific advertising and most cloud servers are          cloud computing to help secure all other forms of
                                   liable to allow access to any data stored on their      computing.

                                           Most reliable cloud services have rigid security measures in place to reduce
                                           phishing, malware and viral infection.


                                                                While some people would
                                                                need a cloud service to           FEATURES
                                                                work collaboratively, others      A cloud service is not restricted
                                                                might use it as an extended       to providing storage space
                                                                hard disk for storage, or         alone. Several services offer
                                                                to host their website. Once       features like document pre-

         Things to Consider
         Before Picking a
         Here are things you need to watch
                                                                you know why you need the
                                                                cloud service, you can nar-
                                                                row down the list of service
                                                                providers accordingly.
                                                                                                  view, multimedia playback,
                                                                                                  and hosting services to share
                                                                                                  and view media. Check for the
                                                                                                  features offered by a service
                                                                                                  before you finally pick one.

         out for before you back up your                                                            ACCESSIBILITY
         important files on a cloud service.                                                        There are certain cloud services
                                                                 SPACE                              that provide specialized opera-
         BY KAMAKSHI S                                           There are several service          tions for members based in a
                                                                 providers that offer free ser-     particular region. For instance,
                                                                 vices up to a certain space        the Amazon Cloud Drive allows
                                                                 limit, after which you will        you to host files from anywhere
                                                                 have to pay a fee to keep          in the world, but offers online
                                                                 the service alive. If you are      media playback option only to
                                                                 using it as a personal backup      its US customers. If the features
                                                                 service and not for business,      you need are not available to
                                                                 you can opt for a service          you, then it would be better to
                                                                 that gives you the maximum         reconsider your options.
                                                                 free storage space.

                                                                                                         SHOPPERS' STOP        17

                                     Most cloud service providers
  SECURITY                           do offer a certain amount
  If you are using a cloud service   of free space, but do not
  to work on-the-go and are going    provide too many features            SHIFTING BASE
  to deal with confidential docu-     with such accounts. You will         There may come a time when
  ments, then you need to ensure     have to consider the cost of         you would want to shift from
  the safety measures taken to       retaining space and services         one service provider to another.
  protect sharing of such files.      on such servers. While some          Even if you have no such inten-
  Moreover, if you are going to      work on a pay-per-use model,         tions in the beginning, it is
  upload and download data from      others charge you fees based         always smart to check what kind
  these services, you also need to   on a period of usage. Make           of websites you can migrate to
  make sure that they are free of    sure you know what you are           and the tools available to help
  malware.                           paying for and how long you          you with the move partially on
                                     can use these paid services.         in totality.

4 5678910
  If you are using the cloud as a
  back up for your files or as a
  server space for your website,
  you need to find out how long
                                     With cloud services being cus-
                                     tomized keeping in mind the
                                     smartphone arena, there are
                                                                                  If you are new to cloud comput-
                                                                                  ing, it is always sensible to go
                                                                                  through the FAQs of the service
  the particular service will be     several services that extend                 provider, and check out the
  available to use. If the ser-      support to mobile phones and                 support offered by the service.
  vice is unstable and expects       tablets as well. If you want to              Support service becomes more
  you to shift base often, or the    access your files on a portable               critical if you are using a paid
  services are time-bound, you       device, check if the services                plan, or using it to share critical
  might have trouble keeping         are extended to the device of                data. Make sure that the website
  track of your files.                your choice.                                 informs you about critical struc-
                                                                                  tural changes and helps you use
                                                                                  the service optimally.

                                                                    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                    TOP CLOUD STORAGE SERVICES

                                  Picking The Right
                                  Cloud Service
                                   The Internet offers a wide range of cloud services that enable you to free
                                   up the disk space on your computer and access files from anywhere in
                                   the world. Here are 12 services that you can use to back up your data and
                                   access it from anywhere.
                                   BY KAMAKSHI S

                                          here are various online storage services       of websites. The server creates a unique key for
                                          that offer different features. While some      each developer, which is region specific. Currently,
                                          allow you to simply upload and download        Amazon S3 offers the US Standard, EU (Ireland),
                                   data, others allow you to view your files online       US West (Northern California), Asia Pacific (Singa-
                                   and share them with others, and some services         pore), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) regions. You will be
                                   even let you open and edit your files in the cloud     assigned a key closest to the region you reside in.
                                   from anywhere in the world. Here are 12 of the top    While the service is not free, there is no prescribed
                                   cloud storage services.                               minimum fee either; you pay for the data space you
                                                                                         use. For details, visit ''
                                    1   AMAZON S3
                                   Amazon Simple Storage Service or the Amazon S3         2   AMAZON CLOUD DRIVE
                                   is best suited for Web developers and not for users   If you are not a developer and don’t want a paid
                                   who are simply looking for a place to upload and      service; if you just want a virtual drive to store
                                   store their files. The service offers up to 5 tera-    your videos, music, photos or documents, you can
                                   bytes of space for development and maintenance        use the Amazon Cloud Drive service. Your files can
                                                                                         be neatly classified in pre-existing folder struc-
                                                                                         tures and the service offers 5 GB of free space.
                                                                                         However, you cannot upload files that are over 2 GB
                                                                                         in size. You can buy more space if required. It is an
                                                                                         excellent way to free up space on your system or
                                                                                         if you want to share legitimately purchased media
                                                                                         files across machines. However, the built in music
                                                                                         player and video player that lets users stream
                                                                                         media online without downloading it to the local
                                                                                         drive is available only to US citizens for now.

                                                                                          3   4SHARED
                                                                                         4shared is a cloud service based in Ukraine that
                                                                                         allows you to upload and download various types of
                                                                                         files. A premium account will get you more storage
           While the Amazon Cloud Drive enables users to store files online,             space, larger file uploads, and faster downloads.
           the preview service is restricted to its US-based users only.                 With a free account, you can upload files of up to

                                                                                                                  SHOPPERS' STOP        19

2 GB, up to a total of 10 GB. You can mark your
virtual folder as private if you don’t want anyone
snooping around your data. You can upload music,
videos, images, archive files, office files, e-books,
executable programs in a variety of formats, and
unlike the Amazon Cloud drive, you can stream
media files live. The new QR Code feature lets you
download files directly to your Android device.
You can do all this without even logging into your
account. However, if you have a free account and
you don’t access it at least once a month, you will
lose all your data permanently. You can also get
the desktop 4shared application to manage your
virtual drive better.
                                                       If you are not sure if you are downloading the correct media file,
 4   ESNIPS                                   lets you preview the file.
eSnips works similarly to 4shared, wherein you can
store a variety of file formats, including e-books,
documents, archived files, images, audio and video
formats. You can also playback media files instead
of downloading them to your computer. However,
it offers only 5 GB of storage space. You can con-
nect to the website with social media sites like
Facebook and Twitter, but there is no Android sup-
port as of now.

Google offers a plethora of services that are dedi-
cated to files of specific types. On the whole, you
stand to gain the benefits similar to other cloud
services, but the segmentation helps you to upload
and search files with ease. The entire bouquet of
Google products offers 8 GB of space in total, which   eSnips enables you to upload and look for various file types, which
includes your images (Picasa), documents (Google       include documents, multimedia, archive files and PDFs.
Docs and spreadsheets), archives, and email (via
Gmail). Any service you haven’t subscribed to is
automatically excluded. The video sharing cloud
service Youtube, however, is not restrained by any
file storage limits, but there is a video duration
limit on free uploads.

Windows Live SkyDrive, which was launched
as Windows Live Folders, offers the maximum
amount of free storage space. You can mark files as
private on the SkyDrive, which can be downloaded
only with a Windows Live ID. The SkyDrive offers
25 GB of free personal storage, with a maximum
of 50 MB per file. You can use tools like Windows
Live Mesh to drag and drop files onto the SkyDrive
from your system directly. You can upload files to      You can access all the Windows Live services including the MSN
your SkyDrive from mobile devices too. Moreover,       Messenger and Hotmail using a single user ID.

                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                                                                  you can also download all your files as a single zip
                                                                                  archive for convenience.

                                                                                   7   SAFESYNC
                                                                                  Originally known as Humyo, the website is now
                                                                                  known as SafeSync after it was taken over by Japa-
                                                                                  nese security company Trend Micro. While users
                                                                                  of the free services of Humyo can continue with
                                                                                  the original 10 GB of server space (5 GB for pic-
                                                                                  tures, videos, and music, and 5 GB for other files).
                                                                                  SafeSync offers a free one-month trial, but after
                                                                                  that it’s a paid service. 20 GB of storage space costs
                                                                                  €29.95 (Rs 1,860), 50 GB space is priced at €69.95
                                                                                  (Rs. 4,410) and 100 GB of space will cost you €110
           The Trend Micro SafeSync offers 31 days of free trial, which you can   (Rs 6,930). The service promises strong security
           use before you buy the services offered by the website.                and offers mobile device support.

                                                                                   8   BINFIRE
                                                                                  The perfect tool for project management, Binfire
                                                                                  helps you collaborate in real-time with features
                                                                                  that include an interactive whiteboard and built-in
                                                                                  chat module to help you mange communication on
                                                                                  a project better. You can also create project mile-
                                                                                  stones, tasks and sub-tasks with dependencies to
                                                                                  ensure better project management. Apart from
                                                                                  uploading and sharing files of any type, you can
                                                                                  also create status reports to keep your team mem-
                                                                                  bers up to date with project details. Moreover,
                                                                                  you can mark files as private to ensure that they
                                                                                  are not deleted or modified without your consent.
                                                                                  While a paid account may soon be in the offing,
                                                                                  the free version currently available offers 10 GB
  enables you to collaborate and edit documents on the Web       of storage space, with a file size limit of 200 MB.
           in real time. You can also share the files.                            Other features include file version history, one
                                                                                  active project with dashboard, folder access for
                                                                                  all team members, milestone and task creation,
                                                                                  secure status Tweets, whiteboard, alerts, online
                                                                                  file viewing and file locking features. While you
                                                                                  can host only one project per account, you can be
                                                                                  a member to multiple projects.

                                                                                   9   BOX.NET
                                                                         is a service that helps you share, collabo-
                                                                                  rate, and organise files and links. You can opt for
                                                                                  a personal account, or a paid Enterprise or Busi-
                                                                                  ness account. The personal account offers 5 GB
                                                                                  of free space with a 25 MB file size limit, and up
                                                                                  to 50 GB of storage on a fee. The features vary
                                                                                  depending on the type of account that you have
                                                                                  signed up for. Paid services offer faster and more
           The email sent from the informs the recipient about      secure fi le downloading options, better collabo-
           how long the file will remain active.                                  ration options as well as third party application

                                                                                                                       SHOPPERS' STOP        21

support like integration with Google Docs, Micro-
soft Office, and Adobe Photoshop for viewing and
editing data online. While the personal account
doesn’t provide you with too many options, you
can purchase 25 GB of space for $9.99 (Rs 445) and
50 GB for 19.99 (Rs 890). For $9.99 (Rs 445), you can
buy 1 GB of additional space. The business account
offers 500 GB of space and is charged at $15 (Rs
695) as per your usage per month. The enterprise
server account details are only made available on

YouSendIt is a service that lets you send and share
heavy files using a secure FTP connection. It works        You can share paid ‘Rapids’ with your friends to let them avail
on a freemium model wherein the basic services            faster downloads.
are available to you free of charge; you will have to
pay for using any additional features. These pay-
per-use features include premium delivery ($9.99/
Rs 445), password protected fi les ($3.99/Rs 175),
and return receipt ($3.99/Rs 175). It also enables
you to share download links with your friends for
a limited period of time. On a free account, you
can send files of up to 100 MB in size and you’ll get
a link via which the file can be downloaded 100
times. The pro and pro plus accounts offer 2 GB
file transfers, and additional features like a drop
box for your sent files, 500 to unlimited down-
loadable links, control over link expiry, detailed
tracking history, and advanced security options.
If you want collaboration options, you can opt
for a Corporate Suite account, which you can try
before you buy.                                           You can install the application on your mobile devices and your PC
                                                          to access files on the go.
RapidShare is a cloud service which is mainly used      traffic for uploads and downloads, a licence to sell
to download heavy files using a single link. The         and share your original files and gain access to the
website offers both paid and free services. You         RapidShare Anti-Waiting Lounge, where users can
can use several free tools to ensure easy uploads       spend their waiting time playing online games.
and tracking of files to your account. You don’t
need to log in to upload files. Moreover, tools like     12   TEAMVIEWER
RapidShare Manager 2 let you manage uploads of          If you want to collaborate and also access your
files up to 2 GB. You can also use the Upload2Me         system remotely, TeamViewer is a very good appli-
free tool to upload files to RapidShare directly         cation to start you off. You can share files, collab-
from your website. Any file uploaded using a free        orate documents in real-time and get optimized
account is deleted after 90 days of upload; you can     connection with your PC depending on your net-
use the RapidShare Link Checker to find out if a         work channel. While there is a free version with
link is active or broken. While users of the free       a minimum usage plan, you can opt for a Business
account can download only one file at a time, you        plan with a one time charge of Rs 28,500. The Pre-
can buy Rapids that convert your free account           mium plan carries a one-time charge of Rs 57,100,
into a Pro account. With RapidShare Pro, you can        and a Corporate plan comes with three channels
avail of 50 GB of safe storage space, unlimited web     priced at Rs 1,08,200.

                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

         Youtube is undoubt-
         edly the most popular
         streaming video site
         on the Internet today.
         It gives you a simple                                                             APPLE MOVIE
         interface to search                                                               TRAILERS
         for specific videos                                                               For the movie fanatic,
         on any topic or you       DAILYMOTION                  METACAFE                   Apple Movie Trail-
         can browse through        Dailymotion offers           Metacafe is a unique       ers is the perfect site
         recommended videos        the latest music vid-        video streaming ser-       to find and watch
         based on your previ-      eos, short movies,           vice that compensates      trailers of upcoming
         ously viewed videos.      TV shows and user-           users       monetarily     movies. The site          COLLEGEHUMOR
         You can find music         uploaded videos for          based on the num-          uses the iTunes and       CollegeHumor is a
         videos uploaded by        online streaming.            ber of hits on their       QuickTime interface       purely recreational
         recording compa-          You can upload vid-          uploaded videos. This      to organize videos,       video hosting site
         nies, tutorials and       eos, create playlists        ensures that the vid-      allowing you to           that offers original
         DIYs,     educational     of your favorite vid-        eos uploaded to the        browse through trail-     video content cre-
         videos, comedy skits,     eos and subscribe to         site are helpful, enter-   ers by popularity or      ated by its team of
         sports highlights,        other users’ videos.         taining and original.      upload date, and you      in-house writers and
         and even live streams     The site supports            You can share the vid-     can search for specific    production team
         for some sports. You      HQ videos and most           eos directly to social     trailers as well. The     along with user-
         can upload videos of      video formats and            networking sites like      site offers Hollywood     uploaded videos,
         almost any format         creating an account          Facebook and Twit-         and some Bollywood        pictures, articles
         and the site even         is absolutely free. You      ter and you can even       movie trailers sched-     and shared links.
         gives you the option      can also use the Dai-        embed the videos in        uled for release. You     The comedy skits
         of HQ streaming. You      lymotion app for iOS,        blogs and websites.        can choose to stream      are over-the-top and
         can also embed vid-       Windows 7 or Android         Metacafe is the per-       trailers in varying       obscure and strictly
         eos to your blog or       to access your favor-        fect site to make some     quality and you can       for your entertain-
         website or directly       ite videos and upload        extra money with           even read through a       ment. You should
         share them on social      your own videos from         original video con-        synopsis and watch        note that some of the
         networking sites like     your mobile device or        tent, recorded videos      interviews and teas-      content does involve
         Facebook and Twitter.     desktop.                     or compilations.           ers.                      adult material.

        01                         02                           03                         04                        05
                                                                                                                  SHOPPERS' STOP        23

                                                      Great Sites For
                                                      Streaming media is by far the greatest influence that
                                                      cloud computing has had on the Internet. With sites
                                                      dedicated to streaming videos and music, users can
                                                      now access their favorite media with just a click of the
                                                      BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                         ONLINE                                              4SHARED
                         MusicIndiaOnline is                                 Although 4Shared
                         a music streaming                                   is more popular as
                         service dedicated to      GROOVESHARK               a file-sharing ser-         GOOGLE MUSIC
                         Bollywood and Indian      Grooveshark is a          vice, it also allows        (LABS)
LAST.FM                  music. The site hosts     music       streaming     you to stream videos        Google Music is one is a music       videos across a vari-     service with an           and music without           of the latest features
streaming service        ety of genres and         easy-to-use Flash-        downloading them            of Google to hit India.
that allows you to       languages. You can        based interface that      to your local drive.        Part of Google’s Labs
search for your favor-   search for your favor-    makes finding songs        While most file shar-        feature, the site is
ite music and create     ite songs or browse       a breeze. The site is     ing services concen-        still under testing
a personalized radio     through the library       designed so you never     trate on privacy of         and caters only to
station to stream your   of most popular art-      have to navigate fur-     data, 4Shared has           the Indian market.
music. It also allows    ists and tracks. The      ther than the home        taken the opposite          Although it cur-
you to “scrobble”,       site also offers online   page. It also gives you   approach, making all        rently offers only a
creating a playlist of   radio in multiple lan-    recommendations           files publicly acces-        small range of songs
music similar in style   guages and musical        based on your musical     sible, thereby mak-         to choose from, it’s
to your music by col-    styles. It also uses a    taste and you can cre-    ing it a great library      only a matter of time
lecting data based on    music discovery tech-     ate your own playlist     for streaming user-         before Google Music
your listening his-      nology called Music       of songs based on the     uploaded videos and         takes off. The inter-
tory at and      DNA to detect instru-     recommendations.          music. If you like          face, like any other
other music stream-      ments, tempo and          There’s also a Groove-    what you’re watching        Google product, is
ing services. You can    even tone of voice in     shark widget, which       or listening to, you        simple and easy to use
can even watch music     your music to gener-      lets you embed tracks     also have the option        and can be accessed
videos and get lyrics    ate a list of recom-      on blogs or websites      to download it to your      at ‘
for tracks.              mendations.               for sharing.              hard drive.                 music’.

06                       07                        08                        09                          10
                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                    MOBILE CLOUD COMPUTING

                                  Cloud Apps for Your
                                  Mobile Devices
                                   The uses and functionalities of smartphones and tablets increased
                                   drastically after the introduction of cloud-based apps. Mobile devices can
                                   be used for a lot more than just communication with access to the cloud
                                   and its file storing advantages.
                                   BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                          oday’s mobile devices have been trans-         There are also features which enable you to upload
                                          formed by cloud services into highly ver-      photos and videos directly from your mobile
                                          satile mobile computers. Developers have       device gallery without even running the applica-
                                   made applications for mobile operating systems        tion or visiting the website. There are options to
                                   that exploit cloud servers and services to allow      sync data across devices and create backups on
                                   users to compute on the go. The biggest obstacle      the cloud server as well. You can download and
                                   for mobile devices is significantly lesser storage     install the mobile application on your device for
                                   space as compared to notebooks and desktops,          free and with a free account, you get 2 GB of stor-
                                   which is a limiting factor if users wish to per-      age space. A monthly fee of $9.99 gives you 50 GB
                                   form the same functions on their smartphone or        of space, and at $19.99 per month, you get 100 GB.
                                   tablet as they do on full blown computers. Cloud
                                   computing overcomes this obstacle by provid-              WEBSHARING
                                   ing users with apps for storing, accessing and        WebSharing is a file transfer application designed
                                   exchanging data through cloud servers, without        specifically for Android devices. The app allows
                                   burdening the local storage hardware. These apps      you to transfer data between Android devices
                                   allow users to store files on cloud servers into a     and computers wirelessly via a cloud server. Web-
                                   common account from multiple machines, allow-         Sharing uses the WebDAV protocol (Web-based
                                   ing access to the files from any device. You can       Distributed Authoring and Versioning) with which
                                   also use features like file syncing, backups and file   users can create new files, edit existing files and
                                   sharing with these applications.                      transfer data between devices remotely. Another
                                                                                         great feature of WebSharing is that it displays
                                        DROPBOX                                          your cloud folder as a locally installed hard drive
                                   Dropbox is arguably the most favored file sharing      on all synced devices and machines. The free ver-
                                   and storage application for mobile devices. There     sion of the WebSharing app for Android does not
                                   is an application for every mobile operating sys-     allow you to transfer music, videos or photos and
                                   tem, which gives you access to the Dropbox cloud      the multiple file upload feature is unavailable. The
                                   server, allowing you to upload and access files in     full version of the app is available for $2.99 on the
                                   your Dropbox account from different machines.         Android Market.
                                   The Dropbox application also provides you with a
                                   link to each file in your account so that you can          SUGARSYNC
                                   share a specific file with friends or co-workers.       SugarSync is another fi le sharing and backup

                                                                                                                  SHOPPERS' STOP        25

service that has developed apps for all popular
mobile operating systems. The application allows
you to store, share and access files from their
cloud server and also lets you remotely move or
delete files on other synced devices. You can even
copy files from one of your machines to another
one without accessing either one of them. The
SugarSync app has a feature that generates a link
to each file in your account so that you can share
a specific file by email or via social networking
sites. Recipients can download your file without
having to create a SugarSync account. You can
sign up for a free 30-day trial after which there is
a range of plans to choose from starting at $49.99
per year for 30 GB of storage space, all the way up    Your Dropbox homepage displays all your recent activity, including
to $399.99 per year for 500 GB of space.               new files, deleted files and edits done from any of your machines.

ZumoDrive is another cloud storage and file shar-
ing application for a range of mobile operating
systems like iOS, Android ans Windows Phone
7, that creates a virtual drive on your machine
that is linked to your cloud account. The folder
appears as a local hard drive on all synced devices
and your files are streamed to your device from
the cloud server when you run them through
ZumoDrive. A unique feature of ZumoDrive is that
it caches recently accessed files to your local drive
so that some of your recently used files can be run
even when you do not have access to the Internet.
The free account gives you 1 GB of storage and a
$2.99-per-month account gives you 10 GB of stor-
age space. For even more space, you can sign up        The ZumoDrive app on the iPad gives you easy options to share,
for $79.99 per year and get 500 GB of space.           upload and download files to and from your ZumoDrive account.

    GE.TT is a file sharing service with a twist. While
other services give long term storage space,
provides you with temporary storage space for
sharing files rather than storing them. The ser-
vice is quick and easy; you do not need to install
any applications or sign up for an account. Simply
go to the Web address and upload your files. You
can upload up to 2 GB of files and as soon as the
upload begins, you are provided with a URL for
sharing. The files remain on the cloud server
for a limited period of 30 days, after which they
are discarded. The service is perfect for users
who wish to share files with friends or co-workers
without having to worry about removing or delet-
ing fi les and the only requirement is Internet lets you start sharing files even before they have been
access and a Web browser.                              completely uploaded, via a link or through social networking sites.

                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                       USING FTP SERVERS

                                          GET YOUR SITE
                                          ONLINE USING FTP
                                      If you’re planning to move beyond your simple blog to a customized built-
                                      from-scratch website, picking a host that offers FTP support would be a good
                                      idea. Read on to know how you can use FTP server access to take your website
                                      live easily.
                                      BY KAMAKSHI S

                                             TP servers offer a convenient and secure way
                                             to upload files for your website. FTP clients
                                             are easy to use and they also help you keep
                                      a tab on files on both your PC and the server. Most
                                      web hosts now offer FTP access to your account,
                                      and while most of them are paid services, some free
                                      web hosting plans also offer FTP access. On such
                                      host is, and in this workshop,
                                      we’ll show you how you can set up your website on
                                      this host using FTP access.

                                          GETTING STARTED
                                      First, you must create an account at BlackApple-
                             You can also use the website to host
                                                                                              Don’t change the path assigned to the
                                                                                              folder marked to the HTML templates.

                                                                                            your own domain name. For an externally cre-
                                                                                            ated website, you can opt for a standard upgrade
                                                                                            or a premium upgrade for a monthly subscription
                                                                                            fee. We will create a free site, which will bear the
                                                                                            ‘’ sub-domain. To register, click
                                                                                            the 'Join Now' button. Once you have filled in the
                                                                                            required details, confirm the registration via the
                                                                                            link that you will receive in your e-mail inbox.
                                                                                               Now, you can log in to your account. If you are
                                                                                            an old user, you can continue using your Blackap-
                                                                                   website, or you can use the newly cre-
                                                                                            ated website as the case may be.

                Ensure that the ‘resample’ instead of ‘resize for creating                      SETTING UP THE FTP SERVER
                thumbnails (slower, but better quality)’ option is selected.                Before you can start uploading data to your web-

                                                                                                                     DO IT YOURSELF        27

site, you will need an FTP client. Popular blogging
sites like Wordpress also enable you to use an FTP
server along with a customised CMS to edit your
posts offline and synchronise posts when you go
online. But if you are looking at a more free-flow-
ing website layout, Wordpress may not be too use-
ful. If you want to stick to the blog layout but find
Wordpress to be too complicated, you can link your
Wordpress account to this free account as well for
ease in access.
    In this workshop, we’ll be using the Filezilla FTP
client. Go to ‘’ and down-
load the appropriate version of Filezilla. We will be
using the Windows version of the application. Save
and execute the file to install it on your system.
                                                         Applications like Notepad++ can be of help if you want to edit files
                                                         and are not very well versed with HTML.
You can use web design applications like Dream-
weaver and Flash to create your website. For this
workshop, we will be creating a photo gallery
using a free image editor called IrfanView. Go to
‘’, download the executable file
and install the application. Follow the process as
directed through the installation screens. Collect
all the images you want to upload to your online
image gallery. You can customize the image gal-
lery before you upload it. To do so, go to the ‘File
| Thumbnails’ menu on the main application win-
dow. Browse for the folder containing the images
in the folder tree appearing on the left-side of the
‘IrfanView Thumbnail’ window.
    It is a good idea to keep your photographs and
images in a separate folder, and name them as per        To use the ‘’ subdomain, you will have to register
a sequence of your choice. If you are loading images     on ‘’.
that require permissions, make sure you secure
them and pay the required royalty before putting
them on your website.
    To continue, go to ‘Options | Set thumbnail
options…’ in the ‘IrfanView Thumbnail’ window,
and check the ‘Use Resample instead of Resize for
creating thumbnails (slower, but better quality)’
option. Set the thumbnail size as either ‘100 x 100’
or ‘80 x 80’ pixels from the ‘Thumbnail size’ drop-
down list. Click ‘OK’ to save the settings. If you
haven’t arranged the images, you can drag and
drop them in the sequence that you require. Once
your images are finalized, select all the images
from the ‘IrfanView Thumbnail’ window.

    GENERATING THE HTML PAGES                            The free account also lets you create two MySQL databases. You
Once you have created an image gallery in Irfan-         can link up your Wordpress blog to the website too develop it.

                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT    MAY 2011

                                                                             View, go to ‘File | Save selected thumbs as HTML
                                                                             file…’ menu command in the ‘IrfanView Thumbnail’
                                                                             window. Type an appropriate file name in the ‘Main
                                                                             result HTML file name:’ text box appearing under
                                                                             the ‘File options’ section of the ‘Create HTML file’
                                                                             dialog box. Set the destination folder in the speci-
                                                                             fied textbox. Type ‘t_’ in the ‘Thumbnail file prefix:’
                                                                             text box and clear the value in the ‘Thumbnail file
                                                                             suffix:’ text box. Set appropriate titles for the HTML
                                                                             file name under the required textboxes. Click ‘Start’
                                                                             to create the files. Make sure that your main file is
                                                                             renamed as ‘index.html’. You can use the notepad
                                                                             application or any other HTML editor to tweak the
                                                                             text and alignment of the generated files.
           Use the details listed in your account page to
           connect through the FTP client.                                       UPLOADING THE WEBSITE
                                                                             Once the files are created, go to the folder and
                                                                             double-click the file bearing the HTML name you
                                                                             provided. You can now upload these files to your
                                                                             website using the FTP client. The thumbnails
                                                                             appear in a neatly arranged grid as per your inputs.
                                                                             If you click on a thumbnail image, you can view the
                                                                             original image in the same browser window, or a
                                                                             secondary window as per the options you set.

                                                                                 RETRIEVING THE FTP SERVER
                                                                             Once you have your website contents ready for
                                                                             upload, you need to set up your FTP client. For that,
                                                                             you’ll require the details about the FTP server that
                                                                             the files will be uploaded to. Go to ‘blackapplehost.
                                                                             com’ and enter your login details. You will be redi-
           Browse to the folder on your local drive and upload it to your    rected to the ‘’ login page instead,
           website. Make sure that you replace the ‘index.html’ file.        where you will have to re-enter your details. Note
                                                                             down the details that appear under the FTP con-
                                                                             nection information section. The password for the
                                                                             server would be the same as that on the website.

                                                                                 SETTING UP THE FTP
                                                                             Start the FileZilla FTP client. Type the host name,
                                                                             username and password values in the appropriate
                                                                             textboxes that are placed below the toolbar. Leave
                                                                             the port value blank and click ‘Quickconnect’. Now
                                                                             just upload all the files that you generated using
                                                                             IrfanView. Make sure that the ‘index.html’ file is
                                                                             replaced with the new file you are uploading. If not,
                                                                             the website will not be redirected to the page you
                                                                             intend. Once all the files have finished uploading,
           Load the website using the subdomain name, to ensure that your    type out your website name along with its associ-
           website is up and running.                                        ated sub-domain to view your website online.


                                       COLLATING DATA USING GOOGLE DOCS FORMS

                                          CONDUCT SURVEYS
                                          AND CREATE DATA
                                          ONLINE WITH EASE
                                      If you are looking for a simple way to create complex survey forms, you can
                                      use Google Docs to not only design the UI, but to also manage the data that
                                      comes with it.
                                      BY KAMAKSHI S

                                          f you need to collect data samples, especially
                                          when you have a project at hand, getting peo-
                                          ple to answer questions for you can get cum-
                                      bersome. Moreover, if you have to convert all your
                                      paper work into a digital database, it will consume
                                      more time and resources. You might also have
                                      skipped some crucial information in the bargain.
                                      If you are stuck in such a position, Google Docs
                                      can come to the rescue with its form features.

                                          GETTING STARTED
                                      Firstly, you will have to add Google Docs to your

                                                                                              Select the ‘Form’ option from the file menu
                                                                                              of the document to create your form.

                                                                                            applications if you haven’t done so already. For
                                                                                            that, you can start off at ‘’
                                                                                            and use your Google account details. Alternatively,
                                                                                            you can log on to your Gmail account and click the
                                                                                            ‘Documents’ link from the top right corner. Once
                                                                                            you are redirected to Google Docs, you can create
                                                                                            your forms from here on. You can use both the
                                                                                            documents and spreadsheet applications to create
                                                                                            your forms.

                                                                                                CREATING THE FORM
                You need to ensure that Google Docs is added in the list of Google          To create a form using documents, click the ‘Cre-
                applications that you use.                                                  ate’ button and select Documents or Spreadsheets.

                                                                                                                     DO IT YOURSELF       31

In the window that opens, select the ‘File | New |
Forms’ menu command. Type out the questions,
and select the nature of answers from the ques-
tion type drop down menu. You can pick from
options like paragraph text, multiple choice,
checkboxes, choose from a list, scale and grid.
Check on the ‘Make this a required question’ if
you don’t want people to skip the question. If you
have want to redirect the survey based on people’s
choices, check on the ‘Go to page based on answer’
option, and link the selection to the appropriate
page. Click ‘Done’ to complete the question and
create a new one.
   Click the ‘Add Item’ to add more questions to
your form. Columns are assigned in the spread-
                                                         You can redirect users from one survey to another to get more
sheet once you fi nalize a question by clicking           detailed insights based on their choice of answers.
‘Done’. If you rearrange the pattern in which the
question appears before clicking ‘Done’, the col-
umns are not adjusted accordingly.

You can make your form a bit more attractive by
picking an appropriate theme to go with it. To
change the theme of your completed form, click
the ‘Theme: Plain’ button. Select a theme to pre-
view and click ‘Apply’ to set it to your form.

Once you create the form, a public link is gener-
ated for you to spread the word. You can add the
link to social networking websites like Facebook
to get more responses. You can shorten the link
using services like ‘’ to share it on sites like   You can preview the theme before you add it to your form. However,
Twitter as well. However, if you want to send it to      it doesn’t have any bearing on the contents of your form.
your existing Google contacts, you can mail the
form too. To do so, click the ‘Email this form’ but-
ton. You can type out the email addresses or use
the Gmail address book.

Once you start receiving responses, a spreadsheet
bearing the name of your form is automatically
created. Each column is mapped to the questions
that you set when creating the form irrespective
of its final placement.
    You can edit or delete records from the
spreadsheet with ease. You can go to the
Form menu to edit the form again. If you
want to stop people from adding more
responses, check off the ‘Accepting Responses’           Check off the ‘Accepting Responses’ option to ensure that additional
option appearing under the Form menu.                    responses are not recorded.

                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                    CREATE YOUR E-PORTFOLIO

                                       SHOW OFF YOUR
                                       CREATIVITY ONLINE
                                   If you are a budding photographer, illustrator, Web designer, digital artist or
                                   into any creative field, then sharing your work with like-minded professionals
                                   will help you take your work to the next level. is one such network
                                   specifically created for the creative community.
                                   BY KAMAKSHI S

                                       f you work in a creative field and want to make
                                       money or pick up some projects based on your
                                       past work, then a niche online community can
                                   actually be a very important tool to help you pro-
                                   mote your art. Once you have an online portfolio,
                                   which is neatly categorized and tastefully pre-
                                   sented, it becomes easy for a potential employer
                                   to see your work and hire you for future projects.
                                   Even if you are a beginner, being part of a niche
                                   network of fellow artists can help you learn faster
                                   and come up with better work.
                                      One such online network Right
                                   from the initiation process to putting your projects
                                   up for the world to see, the website reminds you of
                                                                                            Your projects can fall under three creative
                                                                                            fields only, so pick categories wisely.

                                                                                          the exclusive nature of your chosen art. Here’s how
                                                                                          you can begin using Behance to your advantage.

                                                                                              GETTING STARTED
                                                                                          To start off, go to ‘’. You will be
                                                                                          directed to the website’s gallery, where several
                                                                                          artists have publicly put up their projects for you
                                                                                          to go through. Click the ‘Log In’ link to set up
                                                                                          your account. Click the ‘Join Now’ button under
                                                                                          ‘Creative Professional’. Next you will have to post
                                                                                          a request for an invitation to join the network.
                                                                                          Provide your email address and a short testimo-
                                                                                          nial that describes your reasons for signing up on
                                                                                          the website. Once have applied for an invite, you
                     You cannot sign up directly for an individual account on             will be notified within a day if you are onboard.
                     the network; you’ll have to request to be a part of it.              You can track the status on your invite through

                                                                                                                      DO IT YOURSELF       33

the link provided. Once you receive the invitation
from Behance, click on the link provided in your
mailbox and proceed to create your account. Here
we have created an individual account. If own a
creative venture, you can pick the team account
as an extension to your website; this will provide
you with better networking options. Pick a name
for your profile and fill in the other details to con-
tinue with the registration process.
   Next, fill in your personal information. The
website offers an exhaustive list of creative fields
that you can pick from, and you can select as many
as three fields at once. Once all your details have
been filled in, proceed to create your first project.
                                                         Pick the project cover wisely as that will be the face of your project.
    CREATING A PROJECT                                   It will draw others on the network to your project.
For this example, we will create a digital photog-
raphy project. There are certain limitations to the
image properties that you will have to consider
before uploading them. To start with, your images
must be at least 202 pixels by 158 pixels, must not
exceed 1 MB, and should be in the RGB color chan-
nel. Crop the uploaded cover image and give the
project a name. Click ‘Save and continue' to pro-
ceed and add more images to your project.
   You can pick from a variety of templates
depending on the kind of project you wish to
create. You can preview not only a sample of the
template before picking it, but each template also
features an example for you to preview. We will be
using the ‘Multiple Images’ template. Click ‘Select’
and proceed to upload your pictures.
   Go through the instructions on the next page          Before you begin building your project, a help window with the
and click the ‘Start now’ button to continue with        toolbox is displayed to help you understand how the website works.
your project. On the content page, drag and dock
the tool bar at a convenient location. You can then
start with editing the text values. If you don’t
want a particular element on the project, you can
click the ‘Options’ button and delete it or change
its placement. Use the up and down placement
tool to reorder your elements. Once done, save the
project and continue.

Once you have completed your project, you need
to fill in details that will be associated with it. The
details section includes the creative fields that
your project falls under, project tags, description,
and the visibility and privacy values. Save the
page and continue. Next, you can set copyright           You can also go through the element controls before you upload
details for your artwork. You can also set the           your work online.

                                                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                                                                   project to ‘No use without explicit permission’, but
                                                                                   the website doesn’t recommend it as it limits your
                                                                                   exposure on third party websites like blogs and
                                                                                   other networks.
                                                                                      Next, you must mention the software, hard-
                                                                                   ware and materials used to create the project.
                                                                                   Go on to set nature and type of the project. Save
                                                                                   to continue and add ownership settings. These
                                                                                   include inviting users to share editing privileges
                                                                                   and credits for your project. Once you have fin-
                                                                                   ished with all these settings, your project is ready
                                                                                   to be shared with the world.

                                                                                       SPREAD THE WORD
                                                                                   The fi nal settings panel in the settings section
           You can edit the font, format and style of the text. The options
           menu helps you edit, delete or replace elements.                        enables to you go public with your project. Once
                                                                                   you reach the page, check the networks and noti-
                                                                                   fication settings. If you are not satisfied, you can
                                                                                   edit them before publishing your project. Click the
                                                                                   ‘Publish Project’ button; confirm the settings and
                                                                                   your maiden venture is now published on Behance.
                                                                                   Once you have gone public with your project, you
                                                                                   can publicize it further using other networks like
                                                                                   Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, you can
                                                                                   view the project in a browser.
                                                                                      Another way to promote your work is through
                                                                                   badges. To get badges for your website, go to the
                                                                                   portfolio menu and pick the ‘Promote your work’
                                                                                   option. Select the badges sub tab and custom-
                                                                                   ize the badge as per your requirement. Get the
                                                                                   HTML source code and embed it into your website
                                                                                   or blog.
           For added authenticity, ensure that you put in information on the
           hardware, software and other materials used to make your artwork.           GETTING PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                   If you want to get more out of the Behance net-
                                                                                   work, you can start off with the tips from profes-
                                                                                   sionals. For specific tips, go to the tools menu and
                                                                                   pick the ‘Tip Exchange’ option. You can look for
                                                                                   tips specific to a creative field and narrow down
                                                                                   your search by typing in keywords.

                                                                                       ELEVATE YOUR CAREER
                                                                                   If you are looking for a job in your creative field,
                                                                                   the Behance network can come to your rescue.
                                                                                   While most jobs seem to be targeting the US mar-
                                                                                   kets, they can be of help if you plan to migrate
                                                                                   there. However, you can also look for a lot of free-
                                                                                   lance job options. Moreover, if you put up good
           You don’t really need to move to the US to get a job off the network;   work, you may even end up bagging a project
           you can look for freelance projects as well.                            without having to apply for a job. All the best!



                                   BACK UP YOUR
                                   ONLINE SOCIAL LIFE
                                   If you tend to spend a lot of time on personal and professional social
                                   networks, you might want to hold on to your memories or keep a record of
                                   your interactions. Here are some tools that can help you back up all your
                                   information on social networks with ease.
                                   BY K AMAK A SHI S AND PRI YANK A T ILVE

                                         ocial networks are no longer just a medium      options; you will have to make do with the entire
                                         of communication, and with all the pictures,    chunk. To carry out a backup on your account,
                                         music and videos that are exchanged over        go to the ‘Account Settings’ option placed under
                                   these websites, it’s become a necessity to ensure     the ‘Account’ drop down menu and locate the
                                   that the data can be preserved. Here are a few        ‘Download Your Information’ option. Click the
                                   tools that help you back up data from social net-     ‘Learn More’ link and click ‘Download’ to initiate
                                   works like Facebook and Twitter.                      the process. While this is an offline backup, you
                                                                                         cannot delete your account while hoping that
                                       FACEBOOK BACKUP TOOL                              the backed up data can revive your profile; it is
                                   If you are a Facebook user, you can backup your       only a backup service, not a backup with restore
                                   profile information, which includes your wall          option. Moreover, this is not a quick process; it
                                   posts, photos and albums, videos, friends list,       takes some time and you will be notified via email
                                   notes, events, messages, and chat transcripts. This   when it’s done. Before downloading the backup,
                                   tool doesn’t allow you to customize your backup       you will have to pass a security test to confirm
                                                                                         your identity, keeping in mind the sensitive and
                                                                                         personal nature of the data.
                                                                                            If you are comfortable with add-ons instead,
                                                                                         then being a Firefox user can work to your
                                                                                         advantage. The ArchiveFacebook add-on, although
                                                                                         unverified by Firefox, can help you backup
                                                                                         every bit of information that you have put up on
                                                                                         Facebook, right from the comfort of your browser.
                                                                                         Just use the ArchiveFB menu command to initiate
                                                                                         the back up process.

                                                                                             SAVE YOUR TWEETS
                                                                                         Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not provide a
                                                                                         backup option. However, there are many third
                                                                                         party websites that allow you to backup your
                                                                                         Twitter data. One of them is ‘tweetstreamapp.
                     Facebook’s built-in service backs up all your account data          com’. Once you sign up for the service and autho-
                     in a ZIP file, but it’s a long process.                             rize it through your Twitter account, it carries

                                                                                                                        TECH TALK       37

out a daily sync to take a backup of your tweets,
contacts, lists, followers, photos, etc. It also lets
you save data on your desktop. The free account
lets you sync up to three Twitter accounts and
offers 500 MB of storage and a weekly sync option.
The daily sync option is one of the features of the
paid service.
    If you are looking for a selective Twitter
backup service, ‘’ can be a better
option. The service lets you download your last
1,000 messages on logging in. It allows you take
either a full archive of your account, or you can
choose the items that you want to take a backup
of, like your tweets, replies, followers, direct
messages, etc.
                                               backs up your Twitter data very quickly, and
    If you need a tool that lets you sift through       even lets you enjoy a video while you wait.
your Twitter backup as well, you can try ‘back-’ as an option. It not only takes
daily backup of your tweets, but also allows you
to easily search through all your tweets. You
can even archive your email, blogs, tweets and
pictures using this tool.

It becomes more important to backup critical data
if your connections are not only social, but also
professional and work-related. While all commu-
nication on Linkedin is copied on to your linked
email account, you can export connects to ensure
that you have a local CSV file to help you stay con-
nected with people even if the service is down.
    To back up your LinkedIn contacts, log into
your account and click on ‘Contacts’. Click on the      Backupify’s free account lets you backup data from Facebook,
‘My Connections’ tab. At the base, you will find         Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and many more.
the ‘Export Connections’ link. Click the link and
save the file in a format of your choice. These
formats include Outlook Express (.CSV file), Yahoo
Mail (.CSV file), Mac OS X Address Book (.VCF file)
and vCard (.VCF file). Save the file and you have all
your contacts backed up on your PC.

Apart from these sites, there are some sites that
allow to you to backup all your social network-
ing accounts. The most popular is ‘backupify.
com’, which allows you to take a backup of your
accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Gmail,
Google Docs, Picasa, Flickr, Blogger, LinkedIn, etc.
Its free account provides you with 2 GB of storage
space per social media account, which will be           You can easily download and keep a local copy of your LinkedIn
backed up weekly.                                       connections.

                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                    CLOUD SERVICES THAT WORK ACROSS PLATFORMS

                                   STREAM. SHARE.
                                   If you are looking to use your favourite cloud services from your
                                   smartphone or tablet, here are some apps that can help you out.
                                   BY KAMAKASHI S

                                              hile you may have heard about file shar-        your images to websites like You can
                                              ing services like Zumo Drive, Dropbox          also use a desktop tool to upload your pictures to
                                              and Sugar Sync, which let you access           the service. Flickr is also popular with bloggers
                                   files of various types on all your computing               because of the easy integration and the slideshow
                                   devices, how do you share files or listen to stream-       options that it offers.
                                   ing music on the go? Here are a few options that
                                   you can consider.                                         THE MOBILE CONNECT: The website offers a mobile
                                                                                             version to help you browse and upload pictures
                                                                    IMAGE                    from any mobile device via ''. How-
                                                                    SHARING                  ever, a dedicated app is much easier to work with.
                                                                With smartphones and         For Apple device users, Flickr offers a native app.
                                                                other computing devices      You can download the Flickr app for your iPhone,
                                                                offering digital cam-        iPod Touch or iPad from iTunes to upload pictures
                                                                era functionalities, it      taken from the device directly to your account.
                                                                becomes all the more         You can also geo-tag images and resize them on
                                                                essential to de-clutter      the device itself. You can add and access sets and
                                                                your memory space. Here      collections, and search for pictures on the website
                                                                are a few apps that can      too.
                                                                help you put your images        For Android users, there are several third party
                                                                on an image cloud service    applications to pick from. One of them is the Flickr
                                                                of your choice.              Companion for Android from ZMo Software. The
                                                                                             app comes in free and paid versions. The paid ver-
                                                                FLICKR                       sion is priced at Rs 43.73 and offers better stability
                                                                Flickr is a well known       in connection. The app supports multiple Flickr
                                                                photo sharing and back       accounts and lets you switch with ease. You can
                                                                up service, which has        not only upload pictures, but also view favorites,
                                                                recently replaced Yahoo      sets and collections with ease. It also enables you
                                                                Photos. The service          to download images from Flickr.
                                                                enables you to share            Flickr also offered a dedicated BlackBerry app,
                                                                photographs, and videos      which has been discontinued from March 1, 2011.
                                                                between individuals and      However, the browser supports the mobile version
                                                                closed groups. You can       of the website. If you are a Windows Phone 7 user,
           You can listen to music from anywhere                also carry out basic image   you can download the Flickr app for your smart-
           with the Audiobox app on your device.                fi xes online by pulling      phone too.

                                                                                                                            TECH TALK       39

PICASA                                                 images from your device and
Picasa is one of Google’s well known products and      even email the pictures to a
is said to be a collaborative image sharing service.   friend. The app also supports
Although you cannot edit pictures shared with          slideshow view of your Picasa
you, you can add images to another user's album if     images on your iPhone, iPad,
you have the required permissions. Picasa does not     or iPod Touch.
support nesting of photo albums, but it enables you        While many expected the
to edit your images using an embedded Picnik tool,     Picasa app to be featured by
which means that you don’t need to leave Picasa to     default on the Android OS,
edit your pictures.                                    Google clearly thinks other-
                                                       wise. Even for the Android
THE MOBILE CONNECT: RIM seems to be avoiding           platform, you will have to
this cloud image service too, as the Picasa app        make do with third party apps.
for BlackBerry is no longer in service. However,       One such tool is the Picasa
you can use several third party tools like Auto        Tool Pro from Colifer Lab. The
Photo Uploader for Picasa. Unlike Yahoo (or Flickr     tool helps you look through
rather), Google doesn’t have any official tools         your images, view and post
linking Picasa services to any mobile device, thus     comments, add and edit cap-
making most of the tools available from external       tions, and also have access to
developers instead.                                    albums marked as favorites. It
   For the iPhone users, an app called Web Albums      also gives you access to upload
by Scott Sykora is available to be purchased from      images directly from your
iTunes. It gives users a Picasa Photo Viewer to        device in batches, and keeps
view Picasa images and an uploader tool for direct     a filter to ensure you know
image uploads. You can add captions and rotate         which of the images have been       You can upload images and add tags
                                                       uploaded, very much like the PC- using a variety of Android apps.
                                                       based Picasa tool.
                                                           If your smartphone runs of the Windows Phone
                                                       7 platform, you can buy the Picasa Viewer for Win-
                                                       dows Phone 7 app. It lets you add, delete, browse
                                                       and save pictures from your Picasa online account
                                                       directly from your phone.

                                                           DOCUMENT SHARING
                                                       There are several online collaborative options
                                                       to work on documents while on the go. However,
                                                       most of these are limited to an Internet-powered
                                                       laptop or netbook. If you want the functionalities
                                                       to extend to your other portable devices too, here
                                                       are some handy options.

                                                       THINKFREE ONLINE
                                                       Thinkfree Online is a Java-based online document
                                                       editor that resembles the Office 2003 UI, mak-
                                                       ing it very convenient to work with. With 1 GB of
                                                       free storage space, the website offers support to a
                                                       variety of formats, including Office 2003 and Office
                                                       2007 documents, spreadsheets and presentations,
                                                       OpenOffice formats, and it also supports PDF con-
                                                       versions. Moreover, you can use it as an extension
  You can edit spreadsheets and format                 to Google Docs as well.
  them using Documents To Go.

                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                   THE MOBILE CONNECT: Like the other services,
                                   BlackBerry has abruptly stopped support for the
                                   service. However, you can avail the Web services
                                   on all the other major mobile platforms. For
                                   Android users, you can opt for a ThinkFree online
                                   mobile viewer that lets you to view files and
                                   convert them into PDFs. You can purchase the
                                   ThinkFree Office Mobile app for Rs 662.11. The app
                                   enables you to view, create or edit documents in a
                                   variety of formats and also email and view attach-
                                   ments and PDF files. Apart from the main website,
                                   the app also provides support for Google Docs. It
                                   offers similar support for Windows Phone 7 users.
                                      iPhone users can download the free app from
                                   the iTunes store. The app allows access to the
                                   ThinkFree website, and enables you to view and
                                   save documents on your device. The app also
                                   enables users to share documents as email attach-
                                   ments or SMSes, but this feature is not available
                                   for iPod Touch users.

                                   GOOGLE DOCS
                                   One of the most widely used Google products,
                                   Google Docs helps you to not only collaborate on
                                                            documents, but it also              Edit documents via Google docs
                                                            lets to collate data to
                                                                                                with ease from your iPhone.
                                                            create a database using        from, starting with iGoogDocs. This app lets you
                                                            Google forms. While            use Google Docs in an offline mode too. Moreover,
                                                            Google Docs forms              you can add images to the document before you
                                                            might not be available         upload it. Another useful tool is GoDocs for iPad/
                                                            on the mobile platform,        iPhone by Light Room, which offers support for
                                                            you can still enjoy the        multiple accounts.
                                                            document support on               Android users can get Google Docs support
                                                            your mobile device.            from popular apps like Doccuments2Go by Data
                                                                                           Viz or ThinkFree mobile online. There are other
                                                                THE MOBILE CONNECT:        simple apps like GDocs, but it tends to remove
                                                                Google Docs can be         document formatting when accessing fi les on
                                                                accessed on all major      a mobile device. A similar service, also named
                                                                mobile platforms.          GDocs, is also available for Window Phone 7 users.
                                                                For Blackberry users,
                                                                Google has a BlackBerry        STEAMING MUSIC LIVE
                                                                application suite that     Space becomes a major constraint for many peo-
                                                                offers Gmail for Mobile,   ple, especially if their PC is stacked up with songs.
                                                                Google Sync, Google        You can use a live streaming cloud service from
                                                                Talk and Google Docs.      where you can access your music not just on your
                                                                To get just Docs, visit    laptop, but also on your mobile device.
                                                                com/a/user_name' from      AUDIOBOX.FM
                                                                the browser.      is a free cloud service that enables
           Documents created offline can later be                  iPhone users have       you to collate and upload up to 1 GB of music
           synced with your Google Docs account.                several options to pick    which you can then stream for free. The service

                                                                                                                           TECH TALK       41

                                                       THE MOBILE CONNECT: While any mobile device
                                                       with a Web browser can use the MP3tunes service
                                                       to stream media comfortably, you can also opt for
                                                       a native app for your smartphone. The iPhone,
                                                       iPad and iPod Touch users can get the free
                                                       Airband app to access their MP3tunes Lock-
                                                       ers. You can browse and play your music with
                                                       customizable streaming rates and the app also
                                                       lets you regulate volume of the streaming music.
                                                       There are also apps providing similar features for
                                                       Android, Windows Phone 7 and WebOS powered

  GoDocs is a handy app to access Google
  Docs on your iPhone or iPad.

is compatible with most browsers and it has its
own in-built player so if you are using your laptop
to access music, you don’t need a seoarate music
   This means that you can access your music
from anywhere; even a cyber café, without install-
ing any additional software. If you are using a
storage app like Dropbox or services like,
Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or YouTube, you
can use this service all through this website on a
single platform.
                                                         You can geo-tag images using the desktop application. You can
THE MOBILE CONNECT                                       also view and alter the image tags on your mobile device.
The service provides a native app for both the iOS
and Android platforms. For iPod Touch, iPad, and
the iPhone, you can sync music from your account
directly without the need to save it on your device.
The AudioBox app also lets you scrobble AudioBox
and play lists from the app.
   The Android app is compatible with versions
2.0 and above. You can scrobble and play songs as
well. The app stores your preferences and enables
you to sync with the service without any hassles.

MP3tunes calls itself a Music Service Provider
(MSP) and offers a secure cloud service tool called
the MP3tunes Locker. The service provides you
with 2 GB of free space and you will need to reg-
ister with the website to use the services. Once
done, sync your music files using the free tool,          The Web portal features a UI similar to that of MS Office 2003. It
and you are good to go.                                  also allows you to insert pictures and charts with ease.

                                                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                                                    CLOUD ARCHITECT:
                                                                    A CLOUD
                                                                    If the current IT trends are anything to go by,
                                                                    the future of IT will largely be based on cloud
                                                                    computing. If you want to be a part of the
                                                                    revolution, then you can become a cloud architect
                                                                    and get a headstart.
                                                                    BY PRI YANK A T ILVE

                                                                                                                                   Nirmal Biswas

                                          he future of computing points towards           deliver cloud services.” This means that increas-
                                          a more cost-effective, user-oriented and        ingly, cloud service providers will be on the look
                                          flexible concept, which is that of cloud         out for cloud architects, who, after understanding
                                   computing. Business houses are rapidly adapting        the needs of the client, will provide and manage
                                   cloud infrastructure as it offers them unparalleled    the cloud infrastructure for them. We spoke with
                                   flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and security   Vivek Punekar, Chief Human Resource Officer,
                                   and it also proves to be more cost-effective then      HCL Infosystems, to understand what it takes to be
                                   having to manage in-house servers.                     a cloud architect.
                                      According to a worldwide survey by Gartner,
                                   cloud computing services consumed from exter-             What is the job profile of a cloud
                                   nal service providers (ESPs) are estimated to             architect?
                                   comprise 10.2 percent of the spending on external          The cloud architect supports the cloud com-
                                   IT services. Bob Igou, research director at Gart-      puting team and helps drive their strategic direc-
                                   ner, says, “The cloud market is evolving rapidly,      tion. He is responsible for defining the ideal cloud
                                   with 39 percent of survey respondents worldwide        architecture for the organization and works with
                                   indicating that they allocated IT budget to cloud      business analysts to ensure the determined archi-
                                   computing as a key initiative for their organiza-      tecture is in line with the client business require-
                                   tion. There is a shift in spending from traditional    ments. At the same time, he is also expected to
                                   IT assets such as the data center assets and a         assist the team in cloud consulting assignments
                                   move toward assets that are accessed in the cloud.     and provide internal training and solution work-
                                   These trends are good news for IT services provid-     shops to the junior engineers. In a nutshell, the
                                   ers that have professional services geared towards     cloud architect serves as technical and architec-
                                   implementing cloud environments and those that         tural lead for the cloud practice.

                                                                                                                            TECH TALK          43

   What are his responsibilities?                       ing the upward trend. The Indian market is at a
     The technical responsibilities of the cloud        nascent stage in the cloud computing space, and
architect include being the technology lead for         most of the demand is centered around the basic
the cloud practice, to define cloud-based solution       cloud services such as infrastructure and email.
architectures for clients and to assist in assess-      However, we are seeing positive trends in both
ment exercises for clients. Whereas his business        government and private enterprises with respect
responsibilities include articulation and commu-        to acceptance for cloud based service models.
nication/marketing of cloud computing offerings
of the organization, assisting clients, defi ning           What would be your advice to
cloud adoption roadmap for clients, define cost             students?
and investment return models etc. His responsi-            The cloud computing space today is fast evolv-
bilities also include defining marketing content         ing and very exciting. We would advise students to
and collateral for the cloud computing practice         get an understanding of the core concepts of vir-
as well as provide consultancy and assistance in        tualization and service- oriented architectures so
implementation issues. Most importantly a cloud         that they can grasp new developments in the space
architect has to be abreast of the emerging cloud       quickly.
technologies and recommend viable options to the
organization for integrating these technologies
into the existing cloud practice architecture.            INSTITUTE TALK
   What are the challenges involved?                      Premier technology training institute Aptech is one of the few
    Being a fast evolving field, it is hard to be          institutes that conducts courses for cloud architecture. We spoke with
updated on the new developments, and with the             Shrutidhar Paliwal, VP Corporate Communications, Aptech to know
massive amount of information and opinions float-          more about the course.
ing around, it is difficult to help the organization
articulate a truly holistic cloud offering. Also, the       Who can apply for the course? What skills must one
role demands potential to quickly evaluate and            possess?
grasp new methods for implementing cloud tech-            The course is open for anyone who has completed or is pursuing
nologies.                                                 graduation and possesses skill for software development technologies.
                                                          To be a successful cloud architect, one must have thorough knowledge
   Which are the areas of growth?                         of the cloud domain as well as knowledge of the development
    The current trend shows that the demand for           environment and database.
infrastructure services on the cloud exist mostly
in India, but at the same time, the global market           What are the career opportunities in this field? What is
has evolved to the second tier of service offer-          the growth potential like?
ings on the cloud – SaaS (Software as a Service).         A candidate can look at becoming a cloud architect, cloud developer,
However, this is yet to take a foothold in India.         infrastructure engineer, software system engineer in cloud, security
The growth in the SaaS market is outpacing the            professional, or team leader. The growth potential is tremendous as
overall growth of the cloud computing market and          medium and higher level organizations are moving to cloud due to
the SaaS market is expected to further grow to a          lower investment and maintenance costs involved. Organizations are
significant size in the next couple of years. Hence,       lured by the pay-per-use model and flexibility in services.
one will see a large number of service vendors pro-
viding software offerings on cloud in the next year          What advice would you give to students?
or so. We are also looking at bringing out a slew         Students must start with programming development technologies
of software service offerings to complement our           like Java, .Net, OST, and RDBMS. He/she should start acquiring
strong infrastructure stack.                              skills on cloud technology like Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Amazon
                                                          Cloud Services and Virtualization. They should be able to use cloud
   Will we witness a rise in the                          delivery model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). They should be adept at integration,
   demand for cloud architects in                         implementation, deployment and maintenance in the cloud. After
   the coming years?                                      gaining sufficient experience on these, they will be able to establish
   The future looks promising. With the industry          themselves as a successful cloud architect.
growing, the demand for architects is follow-

                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT      MAY 2011

                                   Supinfomania 2011, DSK Supinfocom Pune

                                          very college, young or old, hosts a college     i.e. Supinfocom (animation) Supinfogame (video
                                          fest. College fests have become an identity     game design) and ISD (industrial design), along
                                          and calling cards for the colleges these        with mind blowing performances by DJ Agnel and
                                   days. Likewise, DSK Supinfocom, located just out-      Spinmaster KAZ during the War of the DJs and
                                   side the city of Pune, hosted its own version called   an amazing performance by KK on the last night.
                                   Supinfomania. DSK Supinfocom, being a fairly new       This being only the second year for Supinfomania,
                                   college, hosted its second Supinfomania this year.     there’s not much of a history to it, but the fi rst
                                   Supinfomania was a huge and successful event           Supinfomania was fairly quiet compared to this
                                   celebrating all three schools from the college         year.
                                                                                              After everything’s done and dusted and after a
                                                                                          very successful two-day festival, when everyone
                                                                                          goes home happy and full of memories, few would
                                                                                          look back and think about what went into creating
                                                                                          such a mega event. But we, as students and volun-
                                                                                          teers, know the effort that went into creating this
                                                                                          festival and making each and every event of every
                                                                                          school successful.
                                                                                              The week leading upto Supinfomania was quite
                                                                                          hectic, with all the volunteers balancing school
                                                                                          work and Supinfomania related work. Last minute
                                                                                          additions like printing the flyers and boards for
                                                                                          the event, creating designs, maps, etc. The night
                                                                                          before Supinfomania was quite fun.
                                                                                              The processes of rule finalizations, last minute
                                                                                          changes, completing setups for the event went on
                                                                                          through the whole night. The staff was awake till
                                                                                          the early hours, helping out the students in every
                                                                                          way possible.
                                                                                              It was a great group effort and the fruits could
                                                                                          be seen during the two days of the event. The
                                      SAPTESH CHAUBAL                                     quote in the air was ‘Supinfomania was built in a
                                                                                          day’ and every volunteer wore it proudly.
                Saptesh is a 4th year Animation student, specializing in core 3D              Being a two-day event, Supinfomania had a mix
                Modeling, Texturing, Animation and post production. He is a               of events and competitions, both casual and com-
                biology student, who also has completed a short course in 3D from         petitive, with an overall prize of Rs 5,00,000 to be
                MAAC before choosing to pursue further studies in Animation with          won. All three schools had their own events and
                DSK Supinfocom. His hobbies include reading, writing, traveling           the college had its own highlight events as well.
                and sports.                                                               All the events were unique in their own fields and
                                                                                          quite challenging and competitive.

                                                                                                                             TECH TALK       45

    DSK Supinfocom (Animation) had three events,
namely Mobile movie making, Light painting and
T-shirt design.
    For Mobile movie making, participants had to
shoot a two-minute short movie on a given topic
using only mobiles. Computers were given by the
college for editing and the participants could use
anyone or anything on the campus as props and/
or actors to make their short film.
    For T-shirt design, all the raw materials includ-
ing the t-shirts were provided by the college and
all the participants had to do was to come up with
a design and paint it on the t-shirt in one hour.
Of course, themes were provided by the college to
choose from.
    Light painting was a very unique and interest-
ing competition. Not many people knew about it,
but were very keen to learn it. This competition
was conducted in a dark room. Cameras with very                   DSK Supinfomania 2011 - the entrance of the college.
slow shutter speed were used and the candidate
had to draw in the air using different types of low
intensity lights, and the camera caught all the         in order to win, either the team had to shoot all
light movements on one picture.                         of the other team members or carry an allocated
    DSK Supinfogame (video game design) had             item to the opponent team’s base.
three competitions as well - Prop war, Design a             But there was a catch to it all; there were mod-
game character and paintball. Prop War was one          erators or monsters on either side, who acted as
of the most interesting competitions that DSK           extra team members whenever activated. In order
Supinfogame had to offer. It was a team-based           to completely kill an opponent, he had to be shot
competition, where teams were given random              three times. If he was shot only once, he would be
props on their tables and a pile of random props        immobile but would be allowed to shoot.
was left in the common area. The objective of the           There were spawn points all over the map
event was to build a playable game from the given       where if the injured player was taken by his team
props, defining the rules of the game and a win-         member, he would be able to move again. So over-
ning and losing scenario as well.                       all, a very challenging game, both mentally and
    Design a game character, as simple as the name      physically.
sounds, was one of the toughest events in the               DSK ISD (Industrial Design) had two of its flag-
whole of Supinfomania. The brief was to design a        ship competitions, one of them was Build a bench
game character and also define its universe. The         and the other one was Cintiq Wars. The idea
focus was given to sketching out the character,         behind Build a bench was to design and build a
defining the finer details of the character, which        bench with given materials within a specific time.
were relevant to his/her universe, a back story to      The main component of the materials used was
the character, and props and/or powers if there         the carrogated cardboard.
were any.                                                   The judging for this competition was quite
    Paintball was Supinfogame’s 3rd event, but          innovative, along with the conventional ones
unlike your usual Paintball, the level of this Paint-   like design, evolution and functionality. Two
ball game was designed by the students of DSK           heavy people were made to sit on the bench, to
Supinfogame. It wasn’t your usual team vs team          check the strength of the bench. Cintiq Wars
shoot ‘em up game. Teams taking part in this            was a competition where the participants had
event had to come up with proper strategies. It         to square off against each other in a sketching
was an objective-based team vs team game, where         contest.

                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                      The participants had 10 minutes to complete      the audience and in case of uncertainty, the jury
                                   their sketches. The topics were given on the spot   came into play.
                                   and they were quite innovative. For example, a         The whole event was constantly projected on a
                                   spaceship for the year 2020 or an insect-inspired   huge screen and the atmosphere set for the event
                                   shoe. The medium used for this competition was      was just amazing, with good music playing and
                                   the Cintiq 21ux and the software used was Adobe     audience cheering on the participants.
                                   Photoshop. What made this competition unique           Apart from these niche competitions, there
                                   was the judging style. The judging was done by      were other competitions that took place as well.
                                                                                       One of them was Supermania Challenge, which
                                                                                       was jointly done by Radio Mirchi and the live
                                                                                       game concept was created by the Supinfogame
                                                                                       students of the college.
                                                                                          Supermania Challenge comprised of four mini
                                                                                       games, which took place across the two days,
                                                                                       where teams comprising of five members would
                                                                                       compete against each other. The team with the
                                                                                       fastest time would win Rs 1,00,000. The four
                                                                                       games included were basketpult, water barrage,
                                                                                       light sequence, and photohunt. These mini games
                                                                                       were spread out all over the campus.
                                                                                          For basketpult, the teams were divided into
                                                                                       two parts. One part was on top of the building and
                                                                                       their aim was to throw basketballs onto the lawns
                                                                                       below without looking. The rest of the team had to
                                                                                       catch the balls using nets. The teams were marked
                                                                                       according to the number of balls caught. The next
                                                                                       game was water barrage, where members of one
                                   Paint Ball Competition.                             team were to stand in a semi circle, buckets were
                                                                                       kept on either side of the team and small poly-
                                                                                       thene bags and rubber bands were given and one
                                                                                       of the buckets was filled with water.
                                                                                          The idea of the game was to fill as many bags
                                                                                       with water and pass them amongst the team
                                                                                       members to the bucket on the other side without
                                                                                       spilling water. The team with the most number
                                                                                       of successful bags of water after three minutes
                                                                                       would score the highest.
                                                                                          The third game was light sequence, which
                                                                                       is basically a memory game with lights, where
                                                                                       members of the team would stand in a line facing
                                                                                       a screen and they’ll have lights of five different
                                                                                       colors. They’ll be shown a certain light sequence
                                                                                       and the idea was to correctly imitate the light
                                                                                       sequence with the help of the lights at their dis-
                                                                                       posal. There were ten levels overall and the dif-
                                                                                       ficulty curve would go on increasing as the team
                                                                                          The fourth game of Supermania Challenge
                        Participants at the sketching competition.                     was Photohunt, where the teams would be given
                                                                                       random clues to a certain place on campus or a

                                                                                                                            TECH TALK       47

random action. The idea was to decipher the clue
and click a photo of the place, object or the action
correctly. The team with the most correct answers
won this game.
    GameKshetra was was a one-of-its-kind gaming
event, where there were competitions of all types,
on multiple platforms; individual and team-based.
Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, FIFA 11,
Defense of the Ancients, Tekken Tag Tournament,
and Counter-strike were played on PC, PS3, Xbox
360, and the finals of all the tournaments in Game
Kshetra that took place all over the country were
also held here at Supinfomania. This is what made
it a mega event in itself.
    The highlight of the first night was undoubt-
edly the War of the DJs. After a hectic day filled
with fun and creativity, everyone came down to
the lawns and lazed around, when War of the DJs
had started.
    DJs from all over the country competed against
each other and the event was judged by DJ Agnel            Participants at one of the biggest gaming contest Game Kshetra.
and Spinmaster KAZ. Last, but not the least, was
something everyone was waiting for - the live           whelming response.
performance by KK. And he did not disappoint a             Game Kshetra saw at least 800 dedicated
single soul on the campus that night. KK came to        gamers over two days, and the whole event saw
almost a houseful campus, sang one hit after the        around 2,500 people on campus, with the college
other, and he wasn’t disappointed either as he got      providing accommodation for atleast 600-odd
a fitting response from the crowd.                       participants.
    The level of participation for the whole fest was      The fest was a huge success. Everyone was
breathtaking. We, as students, did not expect such      ecstatic with such an overwhelming response to
a big turnout. The niche events being very school-      the event. We volunteers got to learn a lot from
centric, we didn’t expect such a huge turnout, but      the experience, both from organizing an event of
people came, and they came in numbers.                  such a magnitude and from taking part in some of
    Competitions like T-shirt design, where the         the events as well.
material was limited and there six participants            The award ceremony took place after KK’s con-
per slot, we had to increase the number to 14           cert and before everything ended. Some of the
per slot and send some of the volunteers out to         details for the next mega event were declared with
get additional materials all because of the over-       a few choice words by some of the dignitaries.

                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011


                                   SAVING ELECTRICITY
                                   IN PUBLIC PLACES
                                   Electricity has become sparse because of the high demand and fewer
                                   alternative sources to generate the energy. K Angusundaresh tells us how
                                   we can regulate the supply of energy in public spaces and control wastage
                                   of electricity.
                                   BY KAMAKASHI S

                                              hile rural India still waits for stable                                                    THE IDEA
                                              supply of electricity, the urban and                                              Angusundaresh and his mate M T Sakthivel, a
                                              industrial side of the country needs                                              budding Electronics and Instrumentation Engi-
                                   to find new ways of curbing power wastage. Load                                               neering student from the same college, are the
                                   shedding has become a mandate in many places;                                                brains behind a project that offers power saving
                                   butit doesn’t really offer a potent solution as many                                         techniques for industrial units and public places.
                                   places use generators that use more energy to be                                             Angusundaresh says, “This project proposes one
                                   charged. One solution is to regulate electrical fi x-                                         power saving concept by making use of the human
                                   tures in public places. K Angusundaresh, pursuing                                            eye perception of the light luminance level.”
                                   B.E (Electronic and Communication Engineering)                                                  Based on this idea, the boys explain the objec-
                                   from Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, says,                                            tive of their project. “One of the important power
                                   “Electrical power has become one of the critical                                             consuming loads is the lighting loads. Lights are
                                   energy sources that is highly deficient, especially                                           used abundantly in many places. There are even
                                   in countries like India. So power-saving technolo-                                           thousands of lights lit up everyday all along the
                                   gies are necessary in every walk of life.”                                                   streets in major cities. In many industrial houses

                                                                                                            Circuit 2

                                                              C1        C2
                                     +5V                      22pF       22pF

                                                              X1                     U1
                                                                                      OSC1/CLKIN                 RB0/INT
                                                                                      OSC2/CLKOUT                   RB1
                                                               4MHz                                                 RB2
                                           R1                                   2
                                                                                      RA0/AN0                   RB3/PGII
                                                                                                                                               RL1                        6V
                                                                                      RA1/AN1                       RB4
                                                                                                                                D1             6V          D2
                                                                                      RA2/AN2/VREF-/CVREF           RB5         1N4001                     1N4001
                                                                                5                                          39
                                                                                      RA3/AN3/VREF+             RB6/PGC
                                                                                6                                          40
                                                                                      RA4/TDCK1C1OUT            RB7/PGD
                                                                                8                                          16
                                                   LDR                          9
                                                                                      RE0/AN5/RD         RC1/T10S1/CCP2
                                                                                                                           17                                                              L2
                                                                                                                           18                                   L1                         230V AC
                                                                                                                           23                                   230V AC
                                                                                1                                          24
                                                                                      MCLR/vpp/THV              RC5/GDO
                                                 +5V                                                                       25
                                                                                                                                 R3          Q1
                                                                                                                                             BCS47              R4        Q2
                                                       R2                                                      RD0/PSP0
                                                                                                                                 4k7                                      BCS47
                                                                                                               RD1/PSP1                                         4k7
                                                         1k                                                    RD2/PSP2

                                                                                     PIC16F877A                                                                                        N

                                                                     Complete circuit diagram of a working prototype based on the project.

                                                                                                                             TECH TALK       49

such as textile buildings, there are many lights
lit up continuously day and night in their large
work places. These lights operate at full power
and produce maximum luminance at all times,
but the human eye has a unique character of
perceiving the light intensity and the actual lumi-
nance. As power to the lights is reduced, the light
level decreases but the human eye may perceive
a higher light level than is actually recorded by a
light meter. This yields the ‘square law’ curve, the
theoretical relationship between measured light
level and perceived brightness. Hence, the proj-
ect proposes a method to make the level of the
brightness as required for the human to be con-
stant even after reducing the actual power input                  ABOUT THE INNOVATORS
to the light.”
                                                           K Angusundaresh is a third year B E
    HOW IT WORKS                                           i n Elec t ron ic a nd Com mu n ic at ion s
Angusundaresh explains to us in detail the vari-           student from Kongu Engineering College,
ous components that power his project. “The proj-          Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu. He has been
ect consists of power electronics circuitry along          a part of several projects, including ‘Shadow
with the high speed microcontroller to perform             Clock’ in the Open House exhibition at Birla
this function. The electric power to the load is           Institute of Technology, Goa, ‘Intelligent
switched according to the requirement. For exam-           Route Selection’ in Project Expo, at Vellore
ple, at late night and in the early mornings, the          Institute of Technology, Vellore, and has an
voltage applied need not be to its full level and the      impending patent for a Automatic Wastage
switching circuit reduces the voltage accordingly.         Outlet Controller for Railways project. He
The circuit also consists of ambient light sensors         has presented several technical papers,
to receive the atmospheric light and even adjust           including ‘Intelligent Route Selection
the brightness of the present light source accord-         using GSM’ at SRM University, Chennai,
ingly. Hence, in places like industries and street         and ‘Wireless Mobile Charging using RF’ at
lights, the brightness of the light source can be          Velammal Engineering College, Chennai. He
reduced by drastically reducing the electrical             is an active member of IEEE. For the ‘power
power as there would still be some effect of natu-         saver for industrial units and public places’
ral sunlight. Hence, the same circuit can function         project, he teamed up with M T Sakthivel,
as automatic light dimmers.”                               who is pursuing a B E in Electronics and
                                                           Instrumentation Engineering from the
    ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEM                               same college.
As the system was developed keeping in mind high
and long term electricity appliances, its applica-
tions are quite exhaustive. Angusundaresh has               SETTING UP THE SYSTEM
certain areas of application in his mind. He elabo-     The system is made of a circuit, which controls
rates, “This project can be modified to fit into a        the illumination of the street lamps. Angusun-
number of areas like in automatic street light con-     daresh explains, “The circuit senses the current
trol, as a power saver in large industries and cor-     brightness and sends it to the microcontroller.
ridors, for warehouses where human occupancy            This is made with LDR (Light Dependent Resistor),
is very less, in conference halls and seminar halls     whose resistance is varied in the variation of light
where lights are turned on, dimmed and turned           around it.
off frequently, and in residential buildings and           The produced voltage from the LDR, propor-
institutions, where electrical appliances are used      tional to the brightness, is given to the ADC pin
around the clock.”                                      of the PIC microcontroller, so the proportionate

                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   MAY 2011

                                                                                    TRIAC Firing Circuit
                                                                                                        R4                                                          FU1
                                     PIC B1                                                             390R                                                         1A

                                                                       U2                                                                            R5
                                                                   1                      6
                                                                                                                                                     39R 5W


                                                                                                                                  BTA16                                                            N

                                                                         Crossing         4

                                                                                                                                                         10K 400V
                                                     R7                                                                                                             L1

                                              TRIAC firing circuit controlled by a micro-controller to regulate the illumination levels.

                                   data can be generated. This data is scaled to 10                                         TESTING THE MODEL
                                   ms delay (max) that is for one half cycle of the AC                            Can this model be implemented with ease? The
                                   voltage. From the zero crossing detector, the start                            duo seems to have done their homework well.
                                   of cycles are detected, which is taken as reference                            They have a prototype model to put this idea to
                                   for the firing pulse after the delay which was gen-                             the test. Using another elaborate circuit diagram,
                                   erated and scaled to 10ms (max).                                               they explain, “We have tested the idea with a
                                      When the delay is slightly less than 10ms, the                              small prototype model. For the small prototype
                                   firing pulse would not come in to effect. When the                              model, we have used the above circuit diagram 2.
                                   delay is much lesser than 10ms, the bulb glows                                 Here, according to the light received by the LDR,
                                   dimmer. If the delay decreases, then the bulb will                             the voltage reduces”. They add, “This project will
                                   glow brighter. For zero delay, the bulb glows at                               help spend the energy depending on usage. That
                                   full brightness.”                                                              way, we can save energy for the future as well.”

                                                                          Circuit diagram
                                               +5V                                            X1


                                                     R1                                                        U4
                                                                                                          13   OSC1/CLKIN                     RB0/INT      33
                                                     100                                                                                                                  Zero Crossing Detector
                                                                                                          14                                               34
                                                                                                               OSC2/CLKOUT                        RB1                     PIC B1
                                                                                                           2                                               36
                                                                                                                RA0/AN0                      RB3/PGM
                                                                                                           3                                               37
                                                                                                                RA1/AN1                           RB4
                                                                                                           4                                               38
                                                                                                                RA2/AN2/VREF-/CVREF               RB5
                                                                                                           5                                               39
                                                                                                                RA3/AN3/VREF+                 RB6/PGC
                                                             LDR                                           6
                                                                                                                RA4/TDCK1C1OUT                RB7/PGD
                                                                                                           8                                               16
                                                                                                                RE0/AN5/RD              RC1/T10S1CCP2
                                                                                                           9                                               17
                                                                                                                RE1/AN6/WR                     RC2CCP1
                                                                                                          10                                               18
                                                                                                                RE2/AN7/CS                 RC3/SCK/SCL
                                                                                              R8           1

                                                                                                                MCLR/vpp/THV                   RC5/SD0
                                                                                              1k                                              RC6/TXCK
                                                                                                                                             RC7/RX/DT     26



                                                 A detailed circuit diagram made with an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) setup.


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