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                         GO BEYOND THE HYPE
                    A look at how tablets have revolutionized the world of mobile computing

                 THE PORTABLE
                 COMPUTING SHOWDOWN
                 Tablets vs smartphones vs netbooks:
                 Who will come out on top?

                 10 THINGS TO CONSIDER
                 WHEN BUYING A TABLET
                 Important features to look for and
                 traps to avoid

                 MAKE THE MOST
                 OF YOUR iPAD
                 Make a great device better with
                 some handy apps and tricks


                      R        evolution is a strong word, and one that
                               gets thrown around a lot in the tech world.
                               When used to describe a new technology,
                      it has to be something that impacts our everyday
                      lives, similar to how the introduction of television
                      made the radio irrelevant for so many years. More
                      recently, smartphones completely changed the way
                      we perceive mobile communication. Phone calls
                      and text messages are only two of the now near
                      infinite features that smartphones afford, from
                      networking to multimedia.
                          Tablets are very much on same path in
                      the portable computing space. While laptops,
  Using the tablet    notebooks and netbooks made computers smaller
                      and more portable, they didn’t quite change the
     phenomenon       way they worked or how we used them. It was
                      more like an adaptation to the changing needs of
     as a catalyst,   users. But with tablets, the keyboard and mouse
                      are thrown out of the window in favor of multi-
      many other      touch interfaces. With the competition heating
                      up, tablets now offer everything you and I need; a
technologies have     non-stylus based touch screen that is accurate and
                      responsive, a fairly long battery life, portability
  received greater    like never before, and wireless connectivity.
                          While the tablet concept is a refreshing one,
  prominence and      it also opens up many avenues for innovation in
                      hardware components and software development.
         exposure.    Using the tablet phenomenon as a catalyst,
                      many other technologies have received greater
                      prominence and exposure. Some new and many
                      future tablets boast 3D displays and cameras, and
                      use the latest tablet-optimized iteration of Android
                      – version 3.0 or Honeycomb. The tech world has
                      been captivated by the tablet phenomenon, but
                      whether it will revolutionize portable computing
                      or go the way of e-book readers or netbooks and
                      decline in popularity down the line, only time
                      will tell.

                      KAMAKSHI S

TABLE TS REVOLUTION                               DO I T YOURSELF
                                                                                                          MANAGING EDITOR
 6 TABLETS: REVOLUTIONARY                    30 MAKE THE MOST OF                                         Hatim Kantawalla
OR OVERHYPED?                                YOUR IPAD                                                      DEPUTY EDITOR
A look at the rise and growth of tablets,    Tips to maximize your iPad's
and how they have changed the face of        potential.                                                     Jamshed Avari
portable computing.                                                                                  SENIOR FEATURE WRITER
                                             32 HOW TO JAILBREAK THE
 8                                                                                                Kamakshi S, Priyanka Tilve
  THE PORTABLE                               APPLE IPAD
COMPUTING SHOWDOWN                           Jailbreak your iPad to get access to apps                     FEATURE WRITER
A comparision between tablets                that aren'y on the app store.                              Kushal Mamoowala
netbooks and smartphones.
                                             34                                                               COPY EDITOR
                                                CONVERTING PDFS INTO
12   TIMELINE: TABLET PC                     EPUB FILES                                                      Sameer Desai
We trace the origins of the first tablet     Make your PDF e-books e-reader                           PROJECT COORDINATORS
and bring you up to date.                    friendly.
                                                                                              Rajesh D'Souza, Gautami Chalke
14   TEGRA-POWERED                           36 SECURE YOUR ANDROID                                    SENIOR ART DIRECTOR
Nvidia tells us about the extra juice that   TABLET                                                         Nirmal Biswas
the Tegra processors bring to                Ensure data security on your tablet
tablet PCs.                                  even when it is lost.                                        SENIOR DESIGNER
                                                                                                        Hemali Limbachiya
     SHOPPERS ' S TOP                                  T ECH TALK
                                                                                              Sachin Pandit, Chaitanya Surpur
16 IN FOCUS: WHAT'S ON                       38GETTING UNDER THE                                         COLOR CORRECTION
THE SHELVES                                  HOOD
                                                                                                             Sanjay Shelar
Here' are the best selling tablets that      A look at what powers your tablet's
you can look to add to your gadget list.     performance.                                                     HEAD OFFICE
                                                                                         Intelligent Computing CHIP, Infomedia 18 Limited,
2010 THINGS TO CONSIDER                      40 HOW A MULTI-TOUCH
                                                                                         'A' Wing, Ruby House, 2nd Floor, J.K. Sawant Marg,
WHEN BUYING A TABLET                         SCREEN WORKS
Features to look out for when buying         Understanding the technology behind                 Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400 028. INDIA

a tablet.                                    the tablet touch screen.                     Phone: (91 22) 3024 5000, Fax: (91 22) 3003 4499

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                                      FLEXIBILITY WITH ANDROID

                                    TABLETS: REVOLUTI
                                     Tablets have breathed new trends into the mobile computing segment.
                                     With the competition in this space heating up swiftly, can they really
                                     live up to the hype?
                                     BY KAMAKSHI S

                                             he year 2011 is being touted as the year of     affected by the tablet revolution is that of portable
                                             the tablet. The Consumer Electronics Show       media players. Although the dent may not be as
                                             2011 at Las Vegas earlier this year showcased   severe as that in netbook sales, the tablets are all
                                     over 75 tablets running on various platforms. While     set to be as big as MP3 players.
                                     tablets have most certainly breathed a new life into        Sarah Rotman Epps of Forrester Research states,
                                     mobile computing, can they really create enough         “Tablets will grow as fast as MP3 players and win-
                                     damage to revolutionize the PC space, which has         ning tablet product strategies will exploit both
                                     been dominant since the 1970s?                          apps and browsers. Tablets offer additional stor-
                                                                                             age space with expandable SD card slots, which
                                         REPLACING E-BOOK READERS                            let users carry not only music, but also videos and
                                     The first gadget that died a sudden death with the       movie files to enjoy a fuller multimedia experience
                                     influx of tablets is the e-book readers. Although the    on the go.”
                                     sales figures for the Amazon Kindle for 2010 stand
                                     at a feisty 8 million units as opposed to the Apple         NETBOOK KILLERS
                                     iPads 10 million units, the popularity of the e-ink     The years 2009 and 2010 were widely celebrated
                                     devices has been on the decline.                        as years dominated by netbooks. However, there
                                        IT analyst firm Gartner predicted the global          has been a sharp fall in the netbook sales space. A
                                     e-book reader sales may hit the 11 million mark in      report from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty
                                     2011. However, looking at the increasing popularity     shows that the growth of netbooks dropped to 68%
                                     tablets and apps on sale in the market, the figure       in January 2010 and crashed to a meager 5% in
                                     does seem like a distant possibility.                   April 2010 when the first generation iPad launched.
                                                                                             However, this does not mean that the netbook mar-
                                         MOVE OVER, PMPS                                     ket is dead; it just shows that its once phenomenal
                                     Another major device industry that has been             growth has slowed down.
                                                                                                The Morgan Stanley blue paper on Tablet
         SALES & PROJECTIONS AT A GLANCE                                                     Demand and Disruption adds, “We view netbooks
                                                                                             as an evolutionary step in the traditional notebook
                   Year    2009         2010        2011           2012       2013
         Sales                                                                               form factor, one that comes with a lower price tag,
         (millions)                                                                          while we view tablets as a revolutionary step in
         Desktops          136          146         152            157        159            computing.”
         Notebooks         135          164         189            210        232
         Netbooks          34           36          29             26         27                 STUNTING PC GROWTH
         Tablets           --           16          55             85         102            However, tablets may not have such a drastic effect
                                                                                             on the PC segment. Gartner has predicted PC ship-
         Total             305          362         425            478        520
                                                                                             ments worldwide to hit 409 million units, which
         Source: Morgan Stanley Research, IDC
                                                                                             is a 15.9% increase from 2010, which is lesser than

                                                                                                                   TABLETS REVOLUTION                 7


                                                                                                                      chaitanya surpur

 Gartner’s earlier estimate of 18.1%. Ranjit Atwal,      a touch user interface. A tablet is ultra-mobile and
 research director at Gartner says, “Media tablets       ‘always connected’ and the significant amount of
 are expected to displace around 10% of PC units         applications and content designed for these devices
 by 2014.” Having said that, gamers and profession-      increases functionality well beyond netbooks and
 als, who use computers for content generation,          traditional PCs. As a result, we expect the tab-
 may not completely agree. Keeping aside portabil-       let adoption curve to ramp faster than any other
 ity issues, PC offers the best of peripheral support,   mobile device in history.”
 hardware upgradeability and software compatibil-           At his CES keynote speech, Apple CEO Steve Jobs
 ity. George Shiffler, research director at Gartner       said, “With more than 15 million iPads sold, iPad
 adds, “PCs are still seen as necessities, but the PC    has defined an entirely new category of mobile
 industry's inability to significantly innovate and       devices.” After one look at the CES 2011, research
 its overreliance on a business model predicated on      firm Forrester readjusted tablet sales projections
 driving volume through price declines is fi nally        from 8.4 million units to 24.1 million for 2011.
 impacting the industry's ability to induce new             With big names like Asus, Microsoft, Intel and
 replacement cycles.”                                    AMD trying to get the tablet jigsaw puzzle to fit
     The Morgan Stanley’s blue paper also considers      in place and looking at the kind of customizations
 tablets to be a revolution in the world of mobile       available for tablets today, the next level looks
 computing. “Fundamentally, tablet computing rep-        like upgradeable firmware, which will make tab-
 resents the natural evolution of computing from a       lets more desirable even for hardcore computing
 graphical, keyboard, and mouse user interface to        professionals.

                                                                                  INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT          APRIL 2011

                                    MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICES

                                   THE PORTABLE CO
                                   The electronics market is littered with mobile computing devices, many
                                   of which have become essential accessories to the average user. Tablets,
                                   smartphones and netbooks each serve a different purpose, of course, but
                                   they show a great deal of overlap in features and capabilities.
                                   BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                              obile computing makes it possible to do          SMARTPHONES
                                              just about anything on the go - work,        Smartphones are mobile phones that offer more
                                              learning, banking, communicating and         advanced computing capabilities and features
                                   entertainment. With the growing number and              than contemporary phones. In fact, smartphones
                                   types of mobile computing devices like netbooks,        are often more
                                   smartphones and tablets available for both con-         like      handheld
                                   sumer and business use, figuring out which device        computers that
                                   suits your needs requires some important consider-      come with mobile
                                   ation. Here we compare the performance, capabili-       telephone capa-
                                   ties and ergonomics of different mobile computing       bilities. The latest
                                   devices and what they are best suited for.              smartphones usu-
                                                                                           ally have a touch
                                       NETBOOKS                                            screen interface
                                   Netbooks are classified as personal computers            and sometimes
                                   designed for mobile use. They are relatively smaller    offer even a
                                                and cheaper than notebooks, but they       QWERTY keypad
                                                 have limited scope of usage, such as      for input. Smart-
                                                  basic wireless internet access and       phones run on
                                                  limited operating system options.        various operating
                                                  Most netbooks are equipped with          systems. They are
                                                   lesser storage capacity, RAM and        the most portable
                                                   weaker processors than note-            computing device
                                                    books in order to improve battery      and are great for
                                                      life and portability. All of these   basic Web brows-
                                                           features make netbooks          ing, email access,
                                                               ideal only for basic        and communication. But with screen sizes averag-
                                                                   computing tasks         ing around four inches, they are pretty small and
                                                                      and     Internet     not very comfortable for extended reading.
                                                                      browsing with
                                                                     the use of a full         TABLETS
                                                                 keyboard, touchpad        Tablets or tablet computers are complete personal
                                                       and 10-14 inch screen.              mobile computers that are designed for portabil-
                                                                                           ity. They are generally larger than mobile phones

                                                                                                                 TABLETS REVOLUTION            9


                                                                                                                            Sachin Pandit

and feature a flat touch screen that is its primary     phones are the least productive. Typing out mails
means of operation. The screens, ranging in size       on a netbook is far easier than using your thumbs
from 7 to 10 inches, offer multi-touch capabilities,   on even the best QWERTY keypad. It also has less
and tablets are compatible with hundreds of thou-      processing power, which means it cannot handle
sands of mobile apps or software for different func-   more intensive tasks that a netbook or a tablet can.
tions. With a long battery life and a large touch         Tablets in general are not as powerful as net-
screen that includes a virtual keyboard, tablets       books. Ranging is size from 7-10 inch touch screens
are perfect for reading, writing, Internet browsing,   and sometimes even sporting a keyboard, they are
mobile communication and entertainment.                lightweight and easy to carry around in a back-
                                                       pack or briefcase. Netbooks, on the other hand, are
    SIZE AND FORM FACTOR                               heavier and bulkier than tablets or smartphones,
The most obvious and noticeable advantage of a         which means they are less portable. However, they
smartphone over netbooks or tablets is that it is      possess faster processors and a full keyboard,
small enough to fit in your pocket. However, in         which means they are perfect for long periods of
comparison to netbooks and even tablets, smart-        typing and multitasking.

                                                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT     APRIL 2011

                                        OPERATING SYSTEM                                    to perform almost the same amount of tasks that a
                                    Smartphones are produced by a range of develop-         netbook can perform.
                                    ers using their own technologies and operating              Windows 7 and Android can be modified to run
                                    systems. Currently, the most popular operating          on netbooks as well, but the powerful hardware
                                    systems for smartphones include BlackBerry OS,          such as dual core processors and up to 2 GB RAM of
                                    Windows Phone 7, iOS and Android. Whatever              netbooks allows them to use full-fledged operating
                                    the operating system, developers are looking to         systems that allow the user to perform almost any
                                    develop apps that are simple and cheap to down-         task on the move. However, netbooks can be twice
                                    load on smartphones to increase their use and           as heavy and bulky when compared to a keyboard-
                                    functionality.                                          less tablet.

                                                                                                BATTERY LIFE
                                                                                            Battery life is a major issue when using a smart-
                                                                                            phone. Most of the manufacturers implement
                                                                                            batteries that are mostly just designed for making
                                                                                            and taking calls. Receiving emails and powering an
                                                                                            always-on data connection tend to drain the bat-
                                                                                            tery very fast. These batteries are not as durable
                                                                                            when running multiple applications and applica-
                                                                                            tions that are always running in the background,
                                       Tablets, however, have integrated a different        such as GPS. Simultaneously swapping between
                                    sort of OS as compared to the one you’d expect on       Wi-Fi and a data network for long periods of time
                                    a netbook. Android has the biggest presence in          also takes its toll on the battery life.
                                    the tablet space, with most devices running one of         The batteries in netbooks and tablets are simi-
                                    many Android versions. Apple’s iPad runs its own        lar. Both provide a backup of up to eight hours.
                                    iOS and some tablets like the Viewsonic Viewpad         Tablets do require a lot of power for the large
                                    10 utilize the touch-screen features of Windows 7.      touch screen interface, but this is compensated for
                                    Whatever the operating system, a tablet’s larger        by the comparatively lower powered hardware as
                                    display and better hardware gives them the ability      compared to a netbook.

                                                  TABLET                     NETBOOK                         SMARTPHONE
                                    Products      Apple iPad, Samsung        Asus 900HA, Acer Aspire         HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy
                                                  Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak,   One, Dell Inspiron Mini,        S, LG Optimus, Apple iPhone,
                                                  Viewsonic Viewpad 7& 10    Lenovo IdeaPad, Samsung,        BlackBerry smartphones
                                                                             Toshiba netbooks
                                    Style         Touchscreen, Slate         Foldable                        Touchscreen Bar, Slide
                                    Screen Size   7" to 12.1" WXGA LED/TFT/ 7" to 12" WSVGA LED, LCD         2" to 4" LCD, AMOLED Displays
                                                  LCD Displays              Displays
                                    Battery       3.5 to 10 hours            4 to 8 hours                    3 to 12 hours
                                    Operating     Android 2.2+, Windows,     Windows XP/Vista,               Android 1.6+, Symbian, Apple
                                    System        Apple Mac OS               Windows 7, Linux                OS, Palm WebOS, BlackBerry OS,
                                                                                                             Windows Phone 7
                                    Wireless      Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN        3G through MiFi, Wi-Fi,         Wi-Fi, 3G
                                                  Broadband, 3G              Broadband, USB Modem
                                    Memory        256 MB to 2 GB RAM         512 MB to 2GB RAM               Upto 1 GB RAM
                                    Storage       16 GB to 250 GB            Upto 160 GB                     Upto 1 GB RAM + external card
                                    Bluetooth     Present                    Optional                        Present
                                    Weight        0.9 lb to 4 lb             2.2 lb to 7.0 lb                0.3 lb to 0.5 lb

                                                                                                                TABLETS REVOLUTION          11

    MULTITASKING AND PROCESSING                       is in the range of Rs 20,000-30,000. As a rule of
    POWER                                             thumb, tablets are more expensive than netbooks.
Although many smartphones are capable of mul-         The higher cost is attributed to the touch screen
titasking, some of which include Blackberrys,         technology and the compact form factor. However,
Android devices, and handsets running Windows         the tablets that have been on the market have not
Phone 7, they still are not powerful enough to        reached their full potential yet. With technology
perform them smoothly and they consume more           evolving so quickly, there’s no stopping the por-
battery and also slow the phone down.                 table technology sector. Netbooks offer the best
   Tablets and netbooks are usually designed to       features at the moment, and provide an excellent
run like regular notebooks, so they are much more     choice for those who need access to full laptop
capable of running more than one program or app       features in a small form factor. Tablets, however,
at a time without being bogged down. Processor        are catching up.
speed is the main thing to consider here. You will        Although smartphones may seem hindered
obviously get a much higher speed from tablets        by their relatively lower powered processors and
and netbooks thanks to a full-fledged processor.       smaller screens, they are actually quite powerful.
Whether you opt for Intel, ARM or any other pro-      The introduction of features such as multi-touch
cessor, it will always be faster than a smartphone,   go a long way towards enhancing the smartphone
and can also offer speeds up to 1.6 GHz.              user experience by allowing users to use more
                                                      than one finger for certain tasks.
    STORAGE                                               Nevertheless, the smaller screen size is a sig-
Tablets and smartphones have a long way to go         nificant stumbling block. Although it is likely
as far as storage space is concerned. Mostly using    that such devices will continue to improve in the
flash drives, they offer a maximum of 16 GB stor-      future, even the most advanced smartphones
age as compared to the 160 GB hard drives in net-     equipped with 4-inch screens and dual-core pro-
books. Most smartphones and tablets come with         cessors simply cannot compare with tablets and
enough space so you can always store every docu-      netbooks at present.
ment you’ve ever written, in addition to music            The main advantage of tablets lies in their flex-
and video. Although they have the option of add-      ibility. Unlike netbooks, which require a stable,
ing up to 64 GB of additional storage in the form     flat surface to place them on, you can use one
of a memory card, it’s still not enough to match      hand to hold a tablet and the other to operate
the memory of netbooks, which can be extended         it. This is one of the reasons why tablets are pre-
to more than 320 GB. Netbooks are also compat-        ferred by people who are always on the go.
ible with external hard drives of up to 1 TB via a        Note-taking is one use where tablets excel
2.0 USB port.                                         considerably over notebooks. Tablets also have
                                                      their drawbacks though, in terms of the price.
    PRICE                                             For a given specification, tablets cost considerably
The price range for a smartphone is variable          more than netbooks. But if you were to analyze
depending on the level of performance and fea-        all three devices on the basis of functionality,
tures it offers. However, for a smartphone that       portability and ergonomics, the tablets do come
can compete with a netbook or tablet, the price       out on top.

                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                                                                              Newton: Apple’s
                                                                                                   PDA with type
                                                                                              recognition flopped
                                         1972                                                    due to technical
              Dynabook: Computer scientist                                                    problems, amongst
              Alan Kay invented the first Tablet.                                                   other things.                   5-inch
               The device, however, remained a

                                                    GridPad:      Jeff
                                                                                                                            EO Personal Communicator:
                                                                                                                            The device by EO is the ancestor of
                                                    Hawkins, who                                6-inch                      Kindle, since it has a transreflective
                                                    founded Palm
                                                                                                                            display and hence does not require
                                                    Computing Inc.,
                                                                                                                            any background lighting.
                                                    brought the
                                                    first Tablet into
                                                    the market.

          800 BC              1960          1970         1980            1990        1991         1992          1993         1994            1995         1996

                   800 B.C.                                                     1991
                   Slate: A few
                   companies use
                                                                         HP 95LX: The
                                                                         Pocket PC with
                   the term “slate”                                      MS-DOS has a                               The Palm device on which the
                   for their tablet                                          keyboard.                              Palm OS operating system
                   projects.                                                                                        runs is produced by the Tandy
                                                                                                                    and sold by Casio.




         2011 is the year of portable computers operated only with
         the finger. We trace the development of the slate to the iPad.

         T      hin, light and handy – this is what Alan Kay imag-
                ined the Tablet to be. It should be able to set up a
                wireless connection to a network and should cost
         less than $500. With very easy operation, Kay wanted to
         reach out to the masses, provide them fun in learning and
                                                                                    which he named “Dynabook”, and the Apple tablet.
                                                                                       Alan Kay was ahead of his time and had already
                                                                                    designed the concept of flat computers in the 1960s. The
                                                                                    display of these computers would also serve as the input
                                                                                    medium, but at that time, one had to also use an additional
         teach them how to deal with technical devices. The result                  keyboard. The capacitive displays, which are used in many
         was anything but the iPad, because over forty years of                     Tablets today and which enable operation with fingers,
         research and development lie between Alan Kay’s design,                    were non-existent then.

                                                                                                                                   TABLETS REVOLUTION            13

                                                                                 Apple revolutionizes the device                    9.7-inch
                                                                                           class with its Tablet.

         2001                                                                                  2007
         Via Tablet: The first device                                              iPhone: The Apple
         on which the “Windows XP                                             smartphone exists rather
         Tablet PC Edition” operating                                           due to coincidence, but
         system by Microsoft runs.                                                      replaces PDAs.

1997     1998      1999     2000        2001     2002       2003       2004      2005      2006      2007      2008         2009       2010

                                                      2003                                                          2010
                                                                                                                    Galaxy Samsung
                                           FSC Lifebook:                                                            brings out the first
                                               The Convertible
                                                                                                                    serious competitor
                                          unites the functions
                                                                                                                    for iPad. The
             4-inch                        of a notebook with                              6-inch                   Galaxy Tab runs on
                                         the handling and the
                                                                                                                    Android .
                                                touchscreen of

                1999                                                                                                                       7-inch
    Rocket eBook:                                       12-inch
   The electronic book
 by NuvoMedia should
 revolutionize reading.                                                                 Amazon’s e-Book reader presents
                                                                                        books with the E-Ink technology
                                                                                        and requires very little power.

   Dynabook remained only a concept, but it certainly left                    name for Apple devices. Newton sold badly because the
a strong mark on the successor devices. It was Jeff Hawk-                     built-in type identifier, a technique that came from Palm,
ins, the computer scientist, who gave the users a stylus to                   had weaknesses and did not function as desired. Steve Jobs
operate the GridPad in 1989, one of the first to implement                     initially ceased development of the device, but at the turn
Tablets. The portable computers ran the DOS operating                         of the millennium, Apple began developing a new Tablet.
system and it had a 10 MHz 80C86 processor. Hawkins’                          When Apple engineers presented the concept of the iPad
device was quite a revelation in its time, because the tech-                  to their boss, the smaller device got a go-ahead instead.
nology was embedded in a casing that was only 3.5 cm                             Steve Jobs was convinced that a device that one could
thin. But there were disadvantages too. The operation was                     control by just using fingers would be an ideal smart-
complicated, and the battery life was too short. Hawkins                      phone. From that moment onwards, the computer manu-
came to the conclusion that a computer with the size of a                     facturer concentrated on the development of the iPhone
handheld could function better. He founded Palm Comput-                       and placed the iPad design on the shelf for the time being.
ing Inc. and built Zoomer, a small computer that fit in one                    Apple achieved its breakthrough in the mobile market
hand. It's true that the device flopped, but it established                    with iPhone. Smartphones became all-rounders and finally
the product class of PDAs. Personal Digital Assistants                        replaced mobiles such as PDAs.
stored contact data and appointments and offered Office                           It was in 2010 that the Tablets market was truly estab-
applications.                                                                 lished and it had one device to thank for it – the iPad. The
                                                                              success of the device is seen in the way Apple’s competi-
   APPLE iPHONE – AN ACCIDENTAL SUCCESS                                       tors have flocked to the tablet space. This year, at least 35
Apple also pushed into the new PDA market and built Mes-                      tablet devices with Intel technology will hit stores. 2011 is
sagePad on the Newton operating system; a synonymous                          the year of the Tablet.

                                                                                         INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT              APRIL 2011

                                     IN PERSPECTIVE

                                    We spoke with Vishal Dhupar, MD Sales and Marketing, South
                                    Asia, NVIDIA about the importance of the processor in Tablets
                                    and how Tegra takes portable computing to the next level.
                                    BY KAMAKSHI S

                                                                  T    he Nvidia Tegra
                                                                       architecture is
                                                                   the base for proces-
                                                                                          other mobile Internet devices (MIDs).
                                                                                             With a system-level design built upon more
                                                                                          than 10 generations of proven Nvidia GPU tech-
                                                                   sors used in many      nology, Tegra enables intuitive 3D user interfaces,
                                                                   tablets currently      advanced HD multimedia features, and access to
                                                                   available in India     full Web browsing, all while delivering battery
                                                                   and many upcom-        performance that leaves the competition far
                                                                   ing tablets as well.   behind.
                                                                   The efficiency and
                                                                   capacity of the pro-       What unique features does Tegra
                                     Vishal Dhupar, MD Sales and   cessor determines      bring to tablets?
                                     Marketing, South Asia, NVIDIA
                                                                   the speed at which        Most mobile device architectures are designed
                                                                   a device can oper-     around a general purpose CPU. The CPU, primar-
                                    ate, so having a good processor at the heart of the   ily designed to handle general purpose opera-
                                    device is imperative for a smooth and efficient        tions, is very inefficient in handling specialized
                                    user experience.                                      audio-visual tasks such as decoding HD video, 3D
                                                                                          gaming, and Flash video playback. The CPU not
                                      How does Tegra help boost the                       only underperforms, but also consumes exces-
                                    performance of a tablet?                              sive power for today’s mobile use cases. Relying
                                       The purpose-oriented multi-processor, multi-       on a power-hungry CPU either compromises bat-
                                    core architecture of Nvidia Tegra is defi ned by       tery life to offer good performance or delivers
                                    the philosophy of “the right tool for the job”.       substandard experiences. We call this the power-
                                    Dedicated, high-performance processors deliver        performance paradox.
                                    snappy Web browsing, flawless streaming HD                The Nvidia Tegra processor resolves this para-
                                    Flash video, and an exceptional mobile gaming         dox with a new purpose-optimized processor
                                    experience. Additionally, because only the proces-    architecture that delivers a responsive experience
                                    sor needed for a particular task is powered up at     for full-resolution Web pages, full HD 1080p video
                                    any one time, this design delivers ultra low-power    playback, and days of battery life for typical use.
                                    capabilities that provide extended gaming, audio         Processing capabilities of computers and the
                                    and video playback times.                             Internet connection bandwidth available to users
                                       The revolutionary multi-processor architecture     have increased by several orders of magnitude
                                    and power management features of Nvidia Tegra         over the last two decades. Consequently, there has
                                    deliver an exceptional mobile visual computing        been explosive growth in the amount and variety
                                    experience with uncompromised battery life. The       of content that is available on the Internet. Web
                                    Tegra system on chip (SoC) technology will be         pages now include complex Java elements, high
                                    used in a wide range of very capable and enjoyable    definition video content and Flash based games.
                                    mobile platforms, including tablets, e-readers, and   There are over hundred million websites on the

                                                                                                                 TABLETS REVOLUTION          15

Internet and over six billion videos are being         available for Android that’s built on Unreal Engine
viewed on Youtube every month. Farmville, a            3; Samurai II: Vengeance; and Galaxy on Fire 2
Flash-based game has alone attracted over 78 mil-      THD. In terms of operating systems, Tegra is cur-
lion new players on Facebook.                          rently very focused on supporting the Android
   Users today want to access and enjoy this rich      OS. Tegra was chosen by Google as the hardware
content not only on their PCs but also on their        reference platform for Honeycomb, the tablet-op-
mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.        timized version of Android, and right now, we’re
Users expect their tablets to not only deliver long    seeing the first Honeycomb devices from Motorola,
battery life but also provide the same full high       LG and Samsung causing huge waves in the tablet
definition Web experience that they get from a          market. It will be very exciting to see what other
PC. In addition to Web browsing capabilities, users    manufacturers bring to the table once Honeycomb
expect their tablets to handle a variety of use        is publically released later this summer.
cases such as gaming, audio playback, navigation
and photo/video capture. Current mobile devices           How does NVIDIA plan to support
are unable to offer both the performance and the       the constant OS and portable device
battery life required for users to enjoy a high defi-   updates?
nition Web experience.                                     We work very closely with Google and device
                                                       manufacturers to ensure that their software is
   Is it advisable to overclock the tablet             fully optimized to run on Tegra. Nvidia’s heritage
for better performance?                                in the PC business means we’re very used to pro-
   One of the key features for which Tegra has         viding regular driver and software updates to our
been optimized is exceptional power manage-            users.
ment. We have seen overclocked versions of Tegra,         As the mobile device market becomes more PC-
but by definition, the overclocking process means       like, both in terms of the more frequent software
that additional performance is likely to come at       updates and the increased cadence of hardware
the expense of battery life.                           advances, Nvidia is perfectly positioned to bring
                                                       our background as a leader in the PC space to
   What kind of apps/games/operating                   mobile.
systems can be used with a Tegra con-
figured system?                                          What kind of peripherals can a tablet
    Tegra Zone app is now live on the Android          support on a Tegra powered system?
Market, providing a one-stop destination for con-           Peripherals are something, which will be
sumers seeking the richest games for their super       defi ned by individual manufacturers. However,
phone or tablet powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2          the great computing power of Tegra is opening up
mobile super chip.                                     huge potential for manufacturers to innovate and
   The free app delivers a curated selection of        take mobile computing to the next level.
Tegra processor-optimized games, as well as               For example, Motorola has released a dock with
professional game reviews, high-res screenshots,       its Tegra-powered Atrix 4G phone, which trans-
HD video trailers, gameplay videos and behind-         forms the device into a netbook. The phone simply
the-scenes featurettes. Sale and delivery of users’    plugs into the back of an exceptionally thin and
selected games are completed using Google’s            light netbook-like docking station. This design
Android Market.                                        very clearly highlights the fact that mobile devices
   Games on Tegra Zone apps are especially             are approaching performance levels that will soon
enhanced for Tegra 2 super chip-powered devices,       put them alongside conventional notebooks.
and are more realistic and interactive. Among             It will be very exciting to see how these capa-
those selected as launch titles are Dungeon            bilities reshape our ideas about what a computer
Defenders: First Wave Deluxe HD, the first game         looks like in the future.

                                                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     POPULAR TABLETS IN THE MARKET

                                   In Focus:
                                   What's on the Shelves
                                    If you have been longing to get hold of a tablet for sometime now, there
                                    are enough options that you can pick from across brands, configurations
                                    and operating systems. Here are some of the most popular tablets
                                    available today.
                                    BY SHAYNE R ANA

                                                ith the Apple iPad recently making its   prices that could make Apple sweat. But Apple’s
                                                official debut in the Indian market,      going nowhere, and the iPad still remains a favor-
                                                things are heating up for the competi-   ite amongst quite a few of today’s tablet consum-
                                    tion. It’s not dying down anytime soon, and that’s   ers. The 3G version will require you to have a
                                    a good thing. With more and more tablet devices      micro SIM for connectivity with a 3G plan.
                                    making their way onto to Indian store shelves,
                                    consumers are getting spoilt for choice even in          GALAXY TAB
                                    this segment. For those wondering what’s out
                                                                                          Price: Rs. 24,900
                                    there right now, here are your tablet choices.
                                                                                         The Galaxy Tab was supposed to be the iPad’s
                                        APPLE iPAD WI-FI + 3G                            biggest competitor in 2010, offering quite a bit of
                                                                                         functionality over Apple’s offering. It was the first
                                                                                         to make it out in the country with what was then
                                     Wi-Fi + 3G:                  Wi-Fi:                 Android’s very latest version of the OS i.e. version
                                     16 GB – Rs 31,900            16 GB – Rs 24,500      2.2 aka Froyo. The device, like all Android-based
                                     32 GB – Rs 36,900            32 GB – Rs 29,500      tablets that came before it, was also equipped to
                                                                                         be a fully functional mobile handset as well, offer-
                                     64 GB – Rs 41,900            64 GB – Rs 34,500

                                    When the iPad launched,
                                    even with its flaws and
                                    initial ‘raw’ feedback from
                                    the community, it was
                                    considered the defi nitive
                                    tablet/mobile computing
                                    device. With the sudden
                                    explosion of Android-pow-
                                    ered devices, Apple’s
                                    device faces quite a bit of
                                    competition. Newer tab-
                                    lets are being launched
                                    with interesting USPs and

                                                                                                                       SHOPPERS' STOP         17

                                                      The Olive Pad is also available with Froyo out of
                                                      the box.
                                                         Olive is also shipping the Olive Pad with a cus-
                                                      tomized user interface that offers quite a bit of
                                                      unique functionality.

                                                          VIEWSONIC VIEWPAD 7
                                                          AND VIEWPAD 10
                                                       ViewPad 7    Rs. 32,000
                                                       ViewPad 10 Rs. 38,000

ing 3G connectivity, with Adobe Flash 10.1 support    Suffice it to say that the ViewPad 7 is the
for browsing and all the goodies that Google’s OS     OlivePad’s twin, only higher priced and
has to offer. It also has a 3 megapixel camera and    lacking a custom UI. From the processor
a secondary camera for video calling.                 to OS version, dual camera resolutions,
   The Tab can be used with a standard sized SIM      and even touch-sensitive button place-
and although available with 16 GB of onboard
storage, it allows for more memory via microSD

 Price: Rs. 20,999
The Olive Pad was an unlikely candidate to usurp
the tablet throne from Apple’s iPad. Not that it
did. It was, however, the fi rst tablet device to
officially make it to Indian shelves. The Olive Pad
offered a simplistic design with stereo speakers, a
3 megapixel AF camera (plus secondary VGA in the
front), external memory support, and full mobile      ment the ViewPad 7 is simply the same device
handset functionality for calls and text messages.    with different branding.
                                                         The ViewPad 10 is the first Windows-based dual
                                                      boot tablet to be released in India. It offers users
                                                      the flexibility of using Android 1.6 or switching
                                                      over to a Windows for a Windows 7 tablet experi-
                                                      ence. It’s the best of two worlds of mobile comput-
                                                      ing. Thanks to its Intel Atom processor running
                                                      the x86 architecture, it should even be possible to

                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                    run other 32 Bit OSs on
                                    this device. The 16 GB SSD
                                    ensures that you have
                                    enough space for your
                                    data, but that too can
                                    be boosted via a microSD
                                    card. You can also access
                                    data stored on pen drives
                                    since it supports USB on
                                    the go. It’s a fully func-
                                    tional netbook in tablet

                                          DELL STREAK
                                     Price: Rs. 33,000
                                    We’re still confused about
                                    whether this should even
                                    be considered a tablet. A hybrid
                                    sounds a little more appropriate, but
                                    that too is a little far fetched. It’s defi nitely
                                    something in between though. No one can argue
                                    that the Streak is not a good looking piece of hard-        thrown in. Unlike most tablets, the Magnum
                                    ware. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor               doesn’t allow for SIM Card insertion. This means
                                    is designed to make this a speedy device for your           you’ll need to tether the device to a Bluetooth-en-
                                    regular needs. With an updated OS version, the              abled handset for internet connectivity. It’s devoid
                                    Streak is as good as any high-end mobile. The only          of Wi-Fi, which puts the pricing a little bit on the
                                    difference is it still looks a bit silly holding it up to   steeper side. It runs on a Windows CE 6.0 OS and
                                    your ear. Thank goodness for A2DP, right?                   requires the use of the bundled stylus for some
                                                                                                apps. Unlike typical tablet devices we’re used to
                                                                                                these days, the Magnum’s OS and 500 MHz proces-
                                          LAC’S MAGNUM TABLET                                   sor doesn’t offer the best multitasking experience,
                                                                                                but it manages to do some. External memory is all
                                                                                                you have to work with via microSD cards.
                                     4.3"          Rs. 13,999
                                     5"            Rs. 15,999                                       WESPRO EPAD
                                                                                                 Price: Rs. 6,999
                                       The Magnum could be considered India’s low-
                                       end tablet. It’s more like a large media player          The Epad from Wespro is said to be one of the
                                                           with a few extra connec-             cheapest tablets. While the touch UI seems to
                                                              tivity functionalities            lag, it does offer SIM support, 3G and Wi-Fi sup-
                                                                                                port. You can turn off the gravity sensor to set
                                                                                                the tablet in game mode. Even when the sensor it
                                                                                                turned off, you can change the screen orintation
                                                                                                manually with the shortcut key on the top left
                                                                                                of the screen.
                                                                                                    You’ll need a stylus to calibrate the touch
                                                                                                screen, but it works just fine even without it. The
                                                                                                tablet offers 2 GB of internal storage and an exter-
                                                                                                nal SD card slot. The tablet is powered by Android
                                                                                                1.6 and is a good enough option if you want a tab-
                                                                                                let on an extremely tight budget.


                                                                   TOUCH SENSITIVITY
                                                                   The biggest advantage of
                                                                   using a tablet over laptops
                                                                   is the touch interface that
                                                                   gets rid of the keyboard.
                                                                   However, there is no point of     MULTI-TOUCH
                                                                   having the convenience of a       Most touch screen devices tend
                                                                   touch screen if it’s sluggish     to work quite well with a single
                                                                   and requires you to repeat        touch input, but tend to lag
                                                                   actions multiple times            with the pinch-and-zoom func-
                                                                   before they register. While       tionality. Moreover, if you are
                                                                   this mostly has to do with        using a device with a relatively

                  Things To Consider
                   When Buying A

         Tablets are making waves around
                                                                   the processor, it’s always
                                                                   good to check how respon-
                                                                   sive the device is by using
                                                                   the touch interface.
                                                                                                     smaller screen, the lack of a
                                                                                                     responsive multi-touch will
                                                                                                     bother you, especially if you
                                                                                                     like playing games.

         the world for many reasons. If you
         are planning to join the tablet                                                               OS SUPPORT
         bandwagon, here are ten things you                                                            With tablet operating systems
                                                                    DISPLAY SCREEN                     being updated frequently, you’ll
         should consider and check for before
                                                                    Tablet screens get smudged         need to be sure that your device
         making a final decision.                                   very easily, especially if         can support the next update and
         BY KAMAKASHI S                                             you have a screen guard            that your tablet manufacturer
                                                                    applied to protect it from         makes those updates available
                                                                    scratches. Nowadays, quite         for your device in a timely man-
                                                                    a few touch devices sport          ner. While you can jailbreak,
                                                                    Gorilla glass display screens.     root, or tweak your devices, you
                                                                    These include a thin, clear        run the risk of damaging the
                                                                    and lightweight yet strong         hardware if done incorrectly.
                                                                    glass film that protects the        This could void the warranty,
                                                                    screen from scratches and          which is something you may not
                                                                    other rigors of everyday use.      want after spending so much on
                                                                    It also keeps the screen rela-     a tablet. Even though there are
                                                                    tively smudge-free.                ways to tweak devices within
                                                                                                       confines of the terms of the war-
                                                                                                       ranty, updating the operating
                                                                                                       system is a complicated process.

                                                                                                          SHOPPERS' STOP         21

  HARDWARE SUPPORT                      WARRANTY
  Even if you do decide to go           Tablets are relatively new in
  through all the grind of upgrad-      the market, and therefore          ACCESSORIES
  ing your device, the hardware         demand a high price. If you        AND PORTS
  should be robust enough to            have decided to go the tab-        The iPad made many frown
  help you make the necessary           let way, you should read the       when it was launched without
  changes. It should also be well       warranty details carefully.        USB ports. Whether you intend
  backed to support additional          You can also ask around in         to use your tablet for work or for
  accessories like a higher mem-        online forums, which can be        movies and music, a USB port
  ory SD card, and USB devices, if      a great way to understand          that supports portable storage
  the device supports USB. Having       the terms, better know what        devices is a handy option to
  said that, tablets come with a        lies inside the box, and read      have. It is good to have multiple
  low power consumption proces-         about other users’ experi-         connectivity ports so you can
  sor, to ensure longer battery life,   ences with customer sup-           attach peripheral devices. Some
  and overclocking these devices        port. If you plan to source        tablets let you combine input
  may not be such a bright idea.        your device from another           devices like a mouse or key-
                                        country, the warranty agree-       board if you are not comfortable
                                        ments may be void.                 with the touch interface.

4 5678910
  Tablets are available in vari-
  ous sizes and in different
  configurations. Some run
  two operating systems, while
                                        APP SUPPORT
                                        While there are many free
                                        and paid apps available for
                                        every tablet available today,
                                                                                   Most tablets offer Wi-Fi for a
  others are sleek enough to fit         a tablet with low specs may                good Internet experience, which
  inside your pocket. Firstly,          not be able to install certain             becomes essential if you’d like
  you must decide the purpose           resource-hungry apps. More-                to download apps from online
  of the device, and where you          over, if the apps require you              stores. However, if you need to
  plan to use it. If you want to        to tweak your device and void              transfer data from one device to
  use it in while traveling, opt        the warranty, it might not be              another, check for Bluetooth sup-
  for a smaller device, which is        worth the risk. You will also              port. If you cannot arrange for
  easier to carry around. How-          have to consider if apps can               continuous Wi-Fi connectivity,
  ever, if you want to use it as        be installed on to external                you could look for a tablet with
  a business communication              memory like SD cards, and if               SIM card support for GPRS. With
  aid, creative tool or portable        the data backup process for                3G services hitting the market,
  gaming device, a tablet with a        apps is smooth.                            a tablet that supports the high-
  large screen would be ideal.                                                     speed connectivity standard
                                                                                   would have you covered for years
                                                                                   to come.

                                                                    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                                                                                                                 Chaitanya Surpur

                                     TABLET PERIPHERALS

                                    Add-ons For Your Tablet
                                    Tablets are a compact, more portable, more versatile version of notebooks,
                                    mostly due to their touchscreen, one-piece design. However, there are some
                                    peripherals you can add to your tablet to make it even more productive and
                                    easy to use.
                                    BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                               ith all this talk of exciting new tablets,   peripherals to choose from to improve your tab-
                                               it’s no surprise that the tablet periph-     let’s productivity and give it some protection.
                                               eral market is starting to take off as
                                    well. Apple has already introduced a range of               INPUT DEVICES
                                    peripherals for its iPad, and other manufacturers       There are many foldable and flexible USB key-
                                    are also taking note of Apple’s success with their      boards that you can attach to your tablet if it
                                    own peripherals. From add-on input devices to           houses a USB port. The Fellowes USB Folding
                                    nifty carry cases and sleeves, there are loads of       Keyboard is a full-sized keyboard with a standard

                                                                                                                     SHOPPERS' STOP         23

plug & play USB connection for Tablets as well as     Bluetooth. You can even use a Bluetooth headset
notebook computers. When not in use, the key-         like the Nokia BH-216 Bluetooth Headset to make
board folds up for quick storage.                     and answer phone calls on tablets with SIM card
   There is also the Menotek Flexible Wireless        support.
Keyboard, which is a lightweight, durable 108-           Apple’s iPad dock has an audio line out to help
key QWERTY keyboard that can roll-up and fit           connect it to powered speakers. You can also
into your pocket. If your tablet does not have        check out the iXtreamer dock, which can have an
a USB port like the Olive Pad or iPad, you can        internal hard drive as well as two USB drives. The
use a Bluetooth keyboard like the Menotek             iXtreamer hybrid media player can stream HD
Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Keyboard,          movies or user-generated videos, and play high
which is compatible with the iPad as well as other    quality digital music and high-resolution slide-
tablets.                                              shows on your TV. The iXtreamer is equipped with
   You can also get a wireless mouse to attach to     one 3.5-inch drive capacity of up to 3 TB and the
your tablet via USB or Bluetooth. The Microsoft BT    iPad dock that will allow you to enjoy your iTunes
5000 mouse works with rooted Android tablets via      collection on TV.
Bluetooth or you can get a simple plug & play USB        Samsung and Motorola also offer a multimedia
mouse for a tablet that has a USB port.               docking stations and speaker docks respectively
   Apple has made a wireless Bluetooth keyboard       for their tablet devices. These docks can be used
for its iPad and also has a keyboard dock to which    to play music from your tablet while it recharges
you can attach your iPad to turn it into a netbook    and also features audio out ports to attach exter-
of sorts. The Apple trackpad can also be used with    nally powered speakers to your tablet.
your iPad with a little bit of tweaking.
                                                          CARRY CASES
    STORAGE                                           Most manufacturers make carry cases specific to
Storage has been a key issue with the initial range   their tablets. The most important thing to look
of tablets in the market, offering not more than      out for when buying a carry case is to ensure that
32 GB of inbuilt storage, although most of them do    it does not hinder any of the ports on your tablet
provide an option of extending your memory with       device, including the camera. Some carry cases
a memory card. In case you want even more stor-       also double up as stands to hold your device verti-
age, there are external drives and USB pen drives     cally and use with a keyboard or to display images
that you can use.                                     and photos.
    Archos offers a 20 GB external portable hard          For the iPad, there is the Aida Keycase Folio
drive called ARCDisk. With its ultra-fast USB 2.0     Deluxe with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard.
interface and extremely small size, the ARCDisk is    The case itself is made of leather and can double
a handy portable hard drive, smaller than a 1.44      up as a stand to give you the perfect viewing angle
MB floppy disk. Usable without an external power       when using the Bluetooth keyboard. There is also
supply (powered directly from the USB 2.0 port),      the Otterbox Apple iPad Defender series case that
it is ideal for traveling or carrying to and from     turns into a desk stand and protects all ports with
work.                                                 silicon plugs.
    The HyperDrive HDD is an external USB hard            For the Samsung Galaxy Tab, there is the Dura-
drive that is compatible with all tablets, includ-    gadget Black Leather Protective Case with an
ing the iPad. It can store up to 750 GB of data and   adjustable stand for multiple viewing angles and
even has a card reader compatible with 12 types       place on the back for storing credit cards, business
of memory cards.                                      cards and cash. There is also the Gel cover case
                                                      with screen protector and stylus, which leaves all
    AUDIO                                             ports accessible as well as gives you a stylus for
If you intend to use your tablet as a media player,   hand writing and note taking apps.
you can find Bluetooth headsets to use with your           There are a variety of cases, stands and pouches
device. You can even use a headset with a micro-      for every tablet and finding one isn’t very hard.
phone for voice commands and voice recognition        However, it is important to ensure that your carry
on your tablet. The Jabra HALO Bluetooth Stereo       case or sleeve does not reduce the functionality or
Headset from Dell can connect to most tablets via     usability of your tablet.

                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     POPULAR EBOOK READERS

                                   For Your Reading Pleasure
                                    E-book readers may not enjoy the same popularity as more multi-purpose
                                    tablets, but a major shift in technology has ensured that they are not
                                    completely out of contention.
                                    BY KAMAKSHI S

                                               hile e-book readers hit the markets well
                                               before the tablet phenomenon took over
                                               the world of portable computing, they
                                    have not been adopted as rapidly as tablets have.
                                    Down but not out, e-book readers today take the
                                    competition in their stride and inch closer to pro-
                                    viding a tablet-style reading experience. Here are
                                    some of the popular e-book readers.

                                        AMAZON KINDLE 3 WI-FI AND 3G
                                  The Amazon Kindle remains the top choice among
                                  e-book readers. The newest version on the block
                                  is the Kindle 3 and it supports both Wi-Fi and 3G,
                                  taking a cue from the Nook e-book reader. The
                                  new Webkit browser, more prominent QWERTY
                                                            keypad, better contrast,
                                                            quicker response time,
                                                            and a comfortable six-
                                                            inch e-ink screen all
                                                            work in the favor of the
                                                            Kindle 3. The device also
                                                            comes with a memory
                                                            capacity of 4 GB that can
                                                            store 3,500 books, blogs,       The closest competitor to the Kindle is the
                                                            e-papers and magazines.         Nook Color from Barnes and Noble.
                                                            The Kindle also boasts
                                                            amazing battery life.         non 3G version is priced at $139, which is around Rs
                                                            The only let down is that     6,300) and is yet to be launched in India officially.
                                                            it doesn’t support the
                                                            ePub format, but it does          BARNES & NOBLE NOOK COLOR:
                                                            support PDF and lets you      Taking the e-book experience to the next level is
                                                            make notes and zoom           the Nook Color from Barnes and Noble. The seven-
                                                            into pages, so there isn’t    inch tablet is powered by Android 2.1, but doesn’t
                                                             too much to complain         feature the Android Market. This e-book reader
                                                             about. The Kindle 3 is       with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity also supports MP3
            The Amazon Kindle 3, can get better by
                                                             priced at $189, which        files and plays videos too. However, being a full
            adopting the ePub format.
                                                             is around Rs 8,400 (the      touchscreen LCD device, the battery life takes a

                                                                                                                       SHOPPERS' STOP         25

                                                        However, lack of Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity makes it
                                                        difficult to download content from Sony's Reader
                                                        Store. The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 is
                                                        priced at $229, which is approximately Rs 10,500.

                                                            ASUS EEE READER DR900:
                                                        ASUS seems very keen to ensure its presence
                                                        in every form of portable computing, including
                                                        the e-book readers market. The Asus Eee Reader
                                                        DR900, which is currently targeted at the European
                                                        markets, offers the largest reader screen with a
                                                        9-inch SiPix e-paper display. The device offers 2 GB
                                                        built-in memory, a 3.5 mm audio jack, a microUSB
                                                        port along with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and four
                                                        days of battery life. The DR900 is priced at €319,
                                                        which is approximately Rs 20,000.

                                                            INFIBEAM PI
                                                        The first e-book reader from India is the Pi from
                                                        Infibeam. The 6-inch device supports Indian lan-
                                                        guages and English with file formats like TXT, DOC,
                                                        PDF, HTML and EPUB, and it can play music too.
                                                        But with a 3 mm jack support, you may not enjoy
                                                        the multimedia experience too much. The reader
      ASUS Eee Reader DR900 is currently
                                                        uses e-ink, but there’s no backlighting, so read-
      available in European markets.
                                                        ing in the dark may not be such a good idea. The
                                                        reader comes with a 512 MB memory, which you
beating. The screen makes up with a layer of lami-      can expand up to 4 GB. You
nate to cut down the glare and offer a better off-      can directly load e-books
axis view. The tablet e-book gives easy access to the   from your computer, so the
Barnes and Noble Nookbook store, which has over         lack of Wi-Fi or GPRS con-
two million titles to choose from. There is no limit    nectivity doesn’t hurt that
to the books you can store as the device comes with     much. The Infibeam Pi is
8 GB built-in memory and a microSD expansion slot       priced at Rs 9,999.
for more. Moreover, the device supports a variety
file formats, including PDF, Word, and ePub. The             WINK
Nook Color is priced at $249.99, which is around Rs     Competing with the Kindle
11,300.                                                 in looks at least is an
                                                        Indian e-book reader by
    SONY READER TOUCH EDITION                           Bengaluru based-EC Media,
    PRS-650:                                            called Wink. What sets this
A touch variant of the Sony Reader Pocket Edition,      one apart is that it offers
this six-inch-screen reader offers touch screen         15 languages with file sup-
comfort to help you read with ease, thus eliminat-      port to TXT, PDF, RTF, DOC,
ing the extra space that is occupied by a QWERTY        HTML, WOLF, CHM, FB2,
keypad. The reader offers high-contrast display,        DJVU, MP3 and AAC. Prices
making it easy to read even in sunlight. You can        start at Rs 11,490, and you
even listen to music as you read as the reader offers   can opt for a 6-inch or
support for MP3 and AAC file formats. The e-book         9-inch screen. The reader
reader comes with a stylus, and offers two memory       also offers Internet pow-
                                                                                        Sony Reader Touch Edition offers two
card slots, one for SD and another for a Memory         ered by GPRS using Quad-
                                                                                        memory card expansion slots.
Stick Duo, which offers up to 34 GB of storage space.   band.

                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     UPCOMING TABLETS

                                   Tablets in the Pipeline
                                    With the success of tablets in the Indian market, manufacturers are
                                    looking to upgrade their initial offerings and other manufacturers are
                                    also looking to flood the market with their own tablets. With a multitude
                                    of chipsets, dimensions and operating systems, tablets are taking over the
                                    mobile computing market.
                                    BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                        t is hard to argue that tablets are the future      frames per second and the front camera is a VGA
                                        of computing. Since the success of Apple’s iPad     quality camera for video conferencing. Apple has
                                        and a few Android-based tablets like the Dell       also made the iPad 2 thinner (8.8mm thick) and
                                    Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab, a ton of tablets         lighter (680 g) than its predecessor.
                                    are scheduled for release in 2011. With HP, RIM,           Under the hood, the iPad 2 is armed with a
                                    Motorola and LG preparing to enter the tablet           faster processor, Apple’s custom-designed 1 GHz
                                    market and the development of dedicated tablet          dual-core A5 chip, which is twice as fast as its pre-
                                    operating systems from Google and Microsoft,            decessor, the A4. The RAM has also been doubled
                                    there is a lot to be excited about. We’ve listed some   from 256 MB in the iPad to 512 MB in the iPad 2.
                                    of the most promising tablets that are expected to      Apple claims that the new graphics processing
                                    hit sometime later this year along with a rundown       is up to nine times more powerful than the A4.
                                    of what you can expect from them.                       Although the new processor is much more pow-
                                       For manufacturers to get ahead in the tablet
                                    race, they must embrace newer technologies in
                                    connectivity and hardware to rival the unprec-
                                    edented success of the iPad. The arrival of 3G in
                                    India and 4G technology on the horizon means
                                    connectivity plays a vital role in the success of
                                    a new tablet. On the hardware side, tablets built
                                    for speed with dual-core processors seem to be
                                    the norm, while screen size still remains the
                                    most varying feature. A 10-inch display gives the
                                    user greater on-screen real estate, while a 7-inch
                                    screen makes the tablet more portable.

                                        APPLE IPAD 2
                                    Apple’s iPad 2 is by far the most anticipated
                                    tablet. Apple took heed of the threat they faced
                                    in the tablet market since the development of
                                    Android-based tablets and within the span of the
                                    year, have developed a thinner and faster tablet
                                    to follow the iPad. The biggest addition to the
                                    iPad 2 is rear and front facing cameras. The pri-
                                    mary camera is capable of recording at 720p at 30

                                                                                                                     SHOPPERS' STOP         27

erful, it’s power consumption is the same as the
old one, which keeps the iPad 2’s battery life at 10
   On the software side, the iPad 2 runs on the
new iOS 4.3, which boasts the new Home Sharing
feature. With restrictive storage at a maximum of
64 GB, syncing your iPad 2 with your media library
can be quite arduous. Apple has overcome this
obstacle with Home Sharing, which allows you to
stream media from a Mac or PC wirelessly on the
same Wi-Fi network as your iPad 2. The App Store
also contains about 60,000 apps compatible with
the iPad 2.
   The lack of a USB port and Adobe Flash sup-
port still remain the biggest drawbacks for Apple
tablets, and while the iPad 2 is already on sale in
other markets, we still have no confirmation on
when it will be available in India.                    browsing and multitasking a breeze. It also houses
                                                       a rear 5 megapixel camera and a front facing 3
    BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK                                megapixel camera for high quality video chat, as
Following the widespread success of its smart-         well as HDMI and microUSB ports. Most impor-
phones, RIM has ventured into the tablet market        tantly, however, the PlayBook will be capable of
with the Blackberry PlayBook. At 7 inches and 0.9      pairing with a Blackberry phone so that you can
pounds, the PlayBook is smaller and lighter than       use the tablet to look at anything on the phone,
the iPad 2, and at a resolution of 1024x600, it        like e-mail, calendar and Blackberry Messenger.
promises better screen clarity. Running Black-         It is currently scheduled for an April 2011 launch
berry’s own tablet operating system based on QNX       in the US and a second quarter launch in the rest
technology called Blackberry Tablet OS, the tablet     of the world, with 3G and 4G models scheduled for
supports most popular standards like SMP, Open         the future.
GL, Blackberry 6, WebKit, Java and Adobe Flash,
which means there’s serious potential for graphic-         MOTOROLA XOOM
intensive and Flash-based games and apps.              The Motorola Xoom is the fi rst tablet running
   The PlayBook is armed with a dual-core 1 GHz        on Google’s Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating
processor and 1 GB RAM, which will make tabbed         system to hit the market. Honeycomb is the first
                                                                             Android OS designed spe-
                                                                             cifically for tablets, which
                                                                             is part of the reason why
                                                                             the Xoom is so eagerly
                                                                             anticipated. It is the first
                                                                             really powerful Android
                                                                             tablet with a dual-core
                                                                             Nvidia Tegra 2 1 GHz pro-
                                                                             cessor and 1 GB of RAM.
                                                                             The 10.1-inch display is
                                                                             the same size as the iPad’s
                                                                             and its hardware includes
                                                                             a 5 megapixel rear facing
                                                                             camera with fl ash and
                                                                             zoom, a 2 megapixel front
                                                                             facing camera, 32 GB of
                                                                             local storage and 10 hours
                                                                             of battery life. The Android

                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                    OS itself is very promising, with a complete new     WebOS App market, which hasn’t really taken off
                                    tablet-oriented interface and 3D support.            the way Google’s or Apple’s app markets have. One
                                       The tablet houses connections for microUSB        unique feature though is the syncing between the
                                    and microHDMI as well as a port for a SIM card.      TouchPad and a WebOS smartphone. Although the
                                    The processor can handle multitasking, tabbed        TouchPad does not have a SIM card slot, you can
                                    browsing and streaming quite easily and connect-     use it to receive and reply to text messages as long
                                    ing your Xoom to a television via the HDMI port      as both the devices are on the same home net-
                                    or the HDMI dock gives you the entire Android 3.0    work. Another feature is the touch-to-share tech-
                                    interface on your TV screen. Although there are      nology with which you can share URLs between
                                    only a few Android 3.0 apps currently available on   your TouchPad and WebOS phone by placing one
                                    the Android Market, there is no doubt that most      on top of the other.
                                    Android apps will be made Honeycomb-compatible          There is still no confi rmation on a price or
                                    and new apps that exploit Honeycomb’s 3D capa-       release date for the HP TouchPad.
                                    bilities will be developed soon.
                                       The Xoom is expected to
                                    release in the US in April, with
                                    the 3G version following in
                                    May, and is priced at equivalent
                                    of approximately Rs 35,000.

                                        HP TOUCHPAD
                                    HP Palm recently announced the
                                    new TouchPad tablet running HP’s
                                    WebOS 3.0. It has a 9.7-inch XGA
                                    capacitive display with 18-bit color
                                    depth and is exactly the same size as
                                    the Apple iPad. In terms of internal
                                                                 ware, it
                                                                 houses a
                                                                 1.2 GHz Qual-               MSI WINDPAD 110W
                                                                 comm Snapdragon         MSI is readying a tablet running AMD’s dual-core
                                                                 APQ8060 proces-         C-50 processor with the Windows 7-based slate
                                                                 sor, which is fast      expected to make its debut at CeBIT 2011. The
                                                                 enough to make the      10-inch WindPad 110W has a low power CPU and
                                                                 upcoming WebOS          an AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics chip.
                                                                 3.0 for the tablet         The MSI WindPad 110W has a USB port, an
                                                                 fly.                     HDMI port, a rear-facing camera, and a SIM card
                                                                    The TouchPad         slot. It runs on the Windows 7 Home Premium
                                                                 has a 1.3 megapixel     operating system and features capacitive touch
                                                                 front-facing cam-       buttons on the side, and an optical touchpad. MSI
                                                                 era for video calls     claims the tablet will run for up to 8 hours on a
                                                                 and strangely, no       charge and it will be armed with a 32 GB SSD unit,
                                                                 camera on the back      a G-sensor, light sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity.
                                                                 panel. The tablet          There is currently no information on a price or
                                                                 will have Bluetooth     release date for the MSI WindPad 110W.
                                                                 2.1, and a microUSB
                                                                 port for charging           NOTION INK ADAM
                                                                 and for connecting      The Adam from Notion Ink sports a 10.1-inch Pixel
                                                                 the tablet to a PC.     Qi display, which can be used in full color mode or
                                                                 One issue is the HP     in a black and white e-reader-like mode when the

                                                                                                                    SHOPPERS' STOP         29

                                                      also 3G and Wi-Fi, as well as 32 GB of storage. The
                                                      LG Optimus Pad features an 8.9-inch display in
                                                      a form factor that's comfortable to use with one
                                                      hand. With a 15:9 aspect ratio and Full HD 1080p
                                                      video support, the LG Optimus Pad offers users
                                                      an immersive multimedia environment with a
                                                      1280x768 resolution widescreen display.
                                                         It also has a built-in 3D camera in the form of
                                                      dual 5 megapixel rear cameras, enabling users
                                                      to capture vivid image and video content to be
                                                      viewed on a 3D TV or shared on the web via You-
                                                      Tube 3D. While one of the cameras can record
                                                      video at 720p, the 3D video recording is not in HD.
                                                      You also get a 2 megapixel camera on the front
backlight is off, which can offer you days of use.    for video calling. There is still no infor-
The Android 2.2 (Froyo)-based tablet will have        mation on a release date or price for
a 3.2 megapixel camera that swivels 90 degrees,       the Optimus Pad.
ports for USB and HDMI and a SIM card slot. In
addition, it will also have a microSD slot, a dock-       HTC FLYER
ing port, 3G compatibility and Wi-Fi connectivity.    HTC have also joined the tablet
The processor is an Nvidia dual-core Tegra 250        bandwagon with the unveiling of
processor, which contains two Cortex A9 cores         their HTC Flyer tablet at the MWC
along with processors to accelerate audio and         2011. The Flyer features a 7-inch
video, and a Geforce GPU. The Adam houses 1 GB        capacitive multi-touch display with
of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory.                       1024x600 resolution. Although most
   Although the Notion Ink Adam was launched          of the latest Android-based tablets
for preorders in December 2010, the unit has faced    are expected to run on Android 3.0
repeated delays and there is still no confirmation     Honeycomb, the Flyer is powered
on availability.                                      by the 2.3 version of the Android
                                                      OS called Gingerbread with HTC
    LG OPTIMUS PAD                                    Sense 2.1 on it.
LG has announced that its new LG Optimus Pad             The hardware behind the Flyer
will feature 3D capabilities. The tablet runs on a    includes a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon
1 GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor for unmatched       processor and 1 GB RAM, which
performance and power management. There's             promises a smooth running
                                                                           without any
                                                                           lag. The hardware also
                                                                           includes 32 GB of internal
                                                                           storage, a rear-facing 5
                                                                           megapixel camera, and a
                                                                           front-facing 1.3 megapixel
                                                                           camera. The HTC Flyer sup-
                                                                           ports GSM calling, Wi-Fi
                                                                           connectivity and supports
                                                                           Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML
                                                                           5, but surprisingly does not
                                                                           support 3G connectivity.
                                                                              The tablet is expected to
                                                                           hit shelves by the end of the
                                                                           second quarter, but there is
                                                                           no word on pricing yet.

                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     TWEAKING YOUR iPAD

                                        MAKE THE MOST
                                        OF YOUR iPAD
                                    While the iPad has been a great success, it seems to lack in
                                    a few departments, the most obvious being the absence of a
                                    camera. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your iPad.
                                    BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                            here have been a few complaints from users    some of tips and tricks to improve the iPad’s user
                                            of Apple’s iPad pertaining to both hardware   experience and functionality. Itzwerth is a social
                                            and software drawbacks. Although the iPad     researcher with qualifications in Medical Sociology
                                    2 will address some of these issues, there are ways   and Computer Science and has found the iPad to be
                                    to tweak your iPad to get the best out of what you    quite helpful in his workplace and home.
                                    already have. We spoke to Apple enthusiast and
                                    avid iPad user Ralf Itzwerth, who helped us with          WHAT DOES THE IPAD LACK?
                                                                                                         Well, the most obvious are USB
                                                                                                         ports and a camera, and the iPad
                                                                                                         2 at least sorts out the camera.
                                                                                                         Having said that, the port adapter,
                                                                                                         which is currently available, allows
                                                                                                         for seamlessly downloading of pho-
                                                                                                         tographs to the iPad, which works
                                                                                                         well. Other document types can
                                                                                                         easily be moved between an iPad
                                                                                                         and PC using FTPs like OntheGo,
                                                                                                         Dropbox, iDisk, and Connect,
                                                                                                         which works will with Google Docs
                                                                                                         or, which also does what
                                                                                                         all of these are good at - allow-
                                                                                                         ing for editing and syncing with a
                                                                                                         cloud environment. I use them all,
                                                                                                         depending on what the respective
                                                                                                         co-workers prefer.

                                                                                                             USE YOUR IPHONE
                                                                                                             CAMERA ON YOUR
                                                                                                         There are two ways to do this.
                                                                                                         Firstly, it's easy to download pho-

                                                                                                                        DO IT YOURSELF        31

tos from the iPhone to the iPad using the interface          OTHER USES FOR YOUR IPAD
mentioned before. Just connect the iPhone using          Of course, I use Skype on the iPad. It works well
the USB cable and the iPad starts the photo-import       even right out of the box without requiring ear-
app. The other app I found very intriguing is EZ         phones or a headset. TuneInRadio is also great; it
Cam; this app is a bit fiddly, but once you get it        gives me thousands of radio stations on the Web,
rolling, it's a gem. It allows you to capture pictures   but gobbles up my data allowance when not in a
with the iPhone, have it linked in real time to the      WLAN.
iPad via either Bluetooth or online and show the
pictures immediately on the iPad. Imagine holding
the iPhone cam over a high wall where you can't
look, and watch the people behind the wall on the
iPad. The app also allows you to e-mail the photos
taken with the iPhone from the iPad.

I use the SIM card support all the time. As I could
not get the micro-SIM, I just got the knife out and
made the SIM card fit. Instructions for this are
available online. The benefits are immediate. For a
low monthly fee, I get 500 MB of data, which I use
to get email anywhere and anytime, read my favor-
ite newspapers on the go, and have cloud access to         The EZ Cam app allows users to access the iPhone camera from
back-up documents when I write notes in aNote,
                                                           their iPad in real-time over a common Wi-Fi network.
which syncs to Google Docs. Being on the Web any-
where is really great.

I use Remote and Air Video, to connect to my iMac
and to watch movies on the iPad when sitting in
bed. The Mac acts as a video server. I have also           The iMac Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with the iPad and is
used iTeleport, which gives remote access to PCs           easy to use for extensive typing needs.
and Macs; good for quick troubleshooting. I think
a must-have is also a password vault such as 1Pass-
word, which syncs across to a PC or to the iPhone.
MobileMe is great, especially when you are prone to
misplacing your iPhone. It is a subscription-based
service by Apple, which shows a map and where
your device is on it. For word processing, I have
Pages installed, which can easily be synced into the
cloud. It syncs directly to iDisk, WebDav and e-mail
and allows for quite a nice set of layout options, so
the letter or report you write looks good and can
even contain embedded URLs.

I have an iMac Bluetooth keyboard, which works
well on the iPad, but I think ZAGGmate would be
nicer to run around with. The Magic Trackpad is            The iPad Camera Connector Kit includes a Camera Connector
also very good.                                            that features a USB port as well as an SD Card reader.

                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     GET NON-APPLE APPS ON YOUR iPAD

                                        HOW TO JAILBREAK
                                        THE APPLE iPAD
                                    The iPad can only do the things Apple wants you to do. Functions and
                                    applications not supported or omitted by Apple are therefore inaccessible.
                                    Here’s how you can help yourself to a world of possibilities free from
                                    Apple’s restrictions.
                                    BY KAMAKSHI S

                                             pple had sold about 6.2 million iPads by
                                             the end of 2010. A reasonable chunk of this
                                             figure made its way to India, first via the
                                    grey market, and now officially via Apple. Natu-
                                    rally, each buyer is happy in the beginning with
                                    all that Apple has offered.
                                        However, soon one lands on the borders of this
                                    beautiful world. Perhaps you want to store You-
                                    Tube videos on the device or you have heard of
                                    another app device that has the exact application
                                    you want. Apple lets this App down through the
                                    certification process and thus it is never seen in
                                    the App store. Such situations make a strong case
                                    for jailbreaking. This procedure skips or removes       Plug in your iPad and start the tool. Click
                                    Apple's barriers and opens the device to additional     ‘Jailbreak’ and complete the process. Quit the
                                    functions and applications. It does this without        application when done.
                                    affecting the normal functions of the iPad, includ-
                                                                   ing access to the App   and ten minutes of your time. You will find all the
                                                                   store.                  necessary tools easily on the Internet. The follow-
                                                                                           ing workshop shows you not only a step-by-step
                                                                     LIMITED               guide on how to lift the Apple restrictions from
                                                                  RISK, MANY               your iPad, but it will also show you what you can
                                                                  REWARDS                  do and where you can find the Apps that Apple
                                                                  The jailbreak that is    wanted to keep away from you. To do the job
                                                                  introduced here does     really well, we will reapply all the Apple norms
                                                                  not create any irre-     at the end of the process. This way, you can see
                                                                  versible changes to      that the jailbreak is not a one-way fix and you can
                                                                  the hardware or to       return to the security of the closed Apple world
                                                                  company ware and         whenever you like.
             Start by syncing your iPad with your PC and          is easily tracked for
             set up the Sprint tool on your machine.              each person. All you         DOWNLOAD
                                                                  need is an iPad, a PC    The jailbreak requires an iPad, a PC, and the

                                                                                                                  DO IT YOURSELF        33

Spirit tool. As this software is compatible with
Mac OS and Windows, it will work with almost all
computers. Download Spirit from ‘http://spiritjb.
com’. Prepare a backup of your iPad contents
using iTunes.

We will be using Spirit for Windows here. Double-
click and install the saved EXE file. Plug in your
iPad and wait for it to sync.
   Once recognized, it is directly visible in the
utilities screen. The message ‘Ready: iPad (3.2)
connected’ is displayed, and you are ready. Now
select ‘Jailbreak’.
                                                      After you have jailbroken your iPad, explore the virtual world to get
    SUCCESS!                                          apps outside of the Apple cloud.
On the iPad, the message ‘restoration completed’
is displayed and in the Spirit window on the PC,
you will see the message ‘Jailbreak succeeded!’
Click ‘Quit’ to close Spirit.

After restarting, look for the installer ‘Cydia’ on
your iPad. With this, you can also install other
applications on your iPad that do not have the
official blessing from Apple. Intrusions at the sys-
tem level are simply impossible.

Along with several free applications, you will also
see Buy-Apps at Cydia. A further source for apps
not authorized by Apple is ‘http://rockyourphone.
com’.                                                 There are several resources available to help you go app shopping
                                                      outside iTunes.
In order to restore your personal contents, you
must play back/copy back the previously backed
up data. For that, open iTunes, click on the iPad
with the right mouse key and select in the menu
‘Recreate from backup’.

You’ve just jailbroken your iPad with all your
personal data intact and extra features to play
around with.

The jailbreak action carried out can be undone
with the latest version 3.2 using the ‘Restore’
function. At the end of this procedure, the device    If you need to get the iPad serviced, you can undo the jailbreak
is once again in Apple- compliant status.             using version 3.2 of the Sprint tool.

                                                                           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     MAKING PDFS COMPATIBLE WITH EBOOK APPS

                                        CONVERTING PDFs
                                        INTO EPUB FILES
                                    If you enjoy reading on-the-go, your tablet can be your best friend. Here is
                                    a way to convert all your PDF e-books into the tablet-friendly ePub format.
                                    BY KAMAKSHI S

                                        f you are an avid book reader and have a vast       We will be using the Calibre e-book manage-
                                        collection of PDF e-books, you can read them     ment tool to convert the PDF files. To download
                                        using a PDF reader on your tablet. However, if   the tool, visit
                                    you want to enjoy them on the iBook app on your      and pick the OS version of your choice.
                                    iPad, the Amazon Kindle, or the Android Kindle or       We will be using the Windows version for this
                                    Aldiko Book Reader apps, you’ll need your e-book     workshop. Save and execute the .MSI file to set up
                                    to be in the ePub format.                            the program.

                                        WHAT IS EPUB?                                        SETTING IT UP
                                    Just like PDF or Portable Document Format, which     Once Calibre has been installed on your machine,
                                    is a uniform standard for un-editable documents,     start the application. If the setup wizard isn’t dis-
                                    ePUB or electronic publication is a free and open    played, go to the Preferences option and start the
                                    e-book standard that has been created by the         wizard.
                                    International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) for       First, set the folder where you would like the
                                    e-book readers and similar devices.                  ePub books to be saved. Click ‘Next’ to set a target
                                        The files with the .EPUB extension support vec-   device; Leave it at ‘Generic’ if you don’t want the
                                    tor images, resizable font size, and word wrapping   file to be device-specific. Click ‘Next’ and fi nish
                                    options, making them usable on devices of vari-      the wizard settings.
                                    ous screen sizes. The format supports embedded
                                    metadata, gigital rights management (DRM), and           ADD METADATA AND CONVERT
                                    is compressed in size and extremely customizable     Click the ‘Add Books’ button and add all the books
                                    due to XML support and styling functionalities       that you want to convert. Click the ‘Convert’ but-
                                    like CSS and XPath. Moreover, all the files are       ton. You will be directed to an edit page, where
                                    stored inside in a ZIP archive for convenience.      you can edit every aspect of the final e-book.
                                                                                            If you want more details of the book such as
                                        THE TOOLS                                        authors, ISBN, and covers, click the ‘Edit metadata’
                                    The first thing that you need is the PDF e-books.     button before converting. Click ‘Download meta-
                                    You can download free e-books from many              data and covers options’ to update the file details.
                                    sources, like, but this site     Once that is done, proceed to converting the file.
                                    requires a VIP membership for the ePub format.
                                    Save the PDF files of your choice that you want           MAKING THE E-BOOK TABLET-
                                    to read in your target device to move to the             WORTHY
                                    next step.                                           The ‘Look and Feel’ settings help you customize

                                                                                                                     DO IT YOURSELF        35

the fi nal package based on the target device’s
form factor.
   Next is the Heuristic processing setting. The
setting will look for common errors and fix them
to suit the device that handles the fi nal output.
This setting will help you unwrap text lines, look
for unformatted chapter breaks, add scene breaks,
remove unwanted hyphenation marks, and delete
blank lines and other such formatting issues in
the e-book.
   In case you have not set the target device dur-
ing the setup wizard, you can use the page set up
settings to select it. This is a better way to select
target devices because you can customize settings
as and when you convert the e-book. Here, you
                                                        The wizard helps you set a device that helps you create optimized
can also change page margins based on the size of       ePub files specifically suiting your device’s settings and form factor.
your device screen.
   The Structure Detection settings help you set
up the XML XPath file, which is similar to a CSS
for an HTML page. If you have little knowledge
about XPath, it is better to leave the settings

The Table of Contents is an amazing feature, as it
enables you to create a contents page if it is miss-
ing from the original file.
   Moreover, if you are unsure if the e-book has
a contents page, you can create it by enabling the
‘Do not add detected chapters to the Table of Con-
tents’ and ‘Force use of auto-generated Table of
Contents’ options.
   If the book is intended for children and you         Along with editing the metadata, you can also generate a cover to
find some objectionable words or phrases, you can        identify the e-book in the target device.
search and replace such terms before you create
the ePub book. If you want the PDF to be free of
images, go to the PDF option and check the ‘No
Images’ option.
   Next, go to the ‘ePUB Output’ option, and set
the options as per your requirements. If the fi nal
file is larger than a particular limit, it will be
automatically split into smaller parts.

Finally, go to the ‘Debug’ option and set a target
folder location to monitor the conversion. Click
‘OK’ to convert the file. Depending on the size of
your file, the conversation time will vary. Once it
is done, you can go ahead and transfer the e-book
to your device and enjoy reading your favorite          Although you have selected the target device, you can further
books on the go.                                        customize the readability of your e-book as you convert to ePub.

                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT   APRIL 2011

                                     PROTECT DATA ON A LOST DEVICE

                                        SECURE YOUR
                                        ANDROID TABLET
                                    With the increased portability that tablets offer, the chances of threat or
                                    loss are also higher, so data loss is a real possibility. Besides that, even a
                                    faulty firmware update can wreak havoc with your data. With so many
                                    risks, it’s important to protect the data on your tablet. Here’s how you can
                                    secure the data on your Android-powered tablet.
                                    BY KAMAKSHI S

                                                ith the ability to perform nearly all       sages, contacts, pictures apps and related details
                                                computing tasks on portable devices,        remotely and permanently. A unique feature
                                                the amount of sensitive data on devices     of the app is the Privacy Advisory that tells you
                                    like tablets is always increasing. Many of us tend      which apps can access your critical data. These
                                    to shop, bank, pay bills, and access sensitive work     include location trackers, apps that can read your
                                    documents on-the-go. But due to the highly por-         identity details, and apps that can access mes-
                                    table nature of tablets and the risk of data loss       sages. You can also check what apps appear in
                                    due to incorrect fi rmware updates or faulty app         each of the lists.
                                    installations, you could lose vital data, or worse,     Once installed, upgrade the app to the premium
                                    have it fall into the wrong hands. It’s not very dif-   version, which activates the Privacy Advisor. Click
                                    ficult to break into these devices. There are apps       the option to scan your Android device and click
                                    and utilities designed to extract data quite easily.    the Scan button to complete the process. Once
                                    So when you know for certain that your miss-            done, you can go through the track location, read
                                    ing device cannot be retrieved, it’s a good idea        identity info and access messages lists to see
                                    to backup your data so you can restore it on any        which apps are accessing these details.
                                    device in the future, or be able to wipe out your
                                    data remotely should you lose your tablet.                  WAVESECURE
                                       While there are several paid tools available for     This app from MacAfee helps you secure not just
                                    the popular Android tablets, we will look at a few      your Android-powered devices, but also Black-
                                    of these that help you to keep your device clean        berry smartphones and phones running on the
                                    of malware, help backup and restore contacts and        Symbian OS. After installing the app and creating
                                    messages, locate your device when lost, and in dire     a pin, set two additional notification numbers so
                                    circumstances, wipe out critical data remotely.         that your phone can be returned. Visit ‘https://
                                                                                  ’ and sign in with either
                                        LOOKOUT                                             your cell number or email id and selected pin. Go
                                    Lookout is an app that helps you scan apps that         to the Lock section and click the lock button to
                                    are downloaded on your device in real-time. The         enable locking of your device.
                                    paid premium version also lets you track your
                                    phone, and if it cannot be located, it helps you lock       TRACKING YOUR DEVICE
                                    your device or even wipe out your data like mes-        Tracking your device can get tricky if it has been

                                                                                                                    DO IT YOURSELF         37

stolen and the original SIM card has been dis-
carded. In the case, go to the Track section and
click ‘Not your mobile number? Refresh’ link. To
ascertain the location of your device after you
have identified the SIM card in the device, go to
the Location section and click the appropriate
links to find the location of the device.

If your device is deemed unrecoverable, it is
advisable to wipe out critical data off your device.
Before doing that, it is advisable to back up all
your data. Start with the backup section, check
the data you wish to back up and click the ‘Backup
My Data’ button. However, it is advisable to take
                                                       If your SIM-powered device is locked, you can unlock it remotely
periodic updates from your phone directly. Once        from the Lock section of the WaveSecure website.
done, go to the Wipeout section. Check the details
that you want to delete from your device and click
the ‘Wipeout Now’ button. After you have moved
to a new device, install the WaveSecure app and
restore the backed up data.

You don’t really need to lose your device to lose
your data; an incorrect OS or firmware update can
be just as destructive. While most of the data like
media files, contacts and settings can be easily
backed up, your game scores and levels achieved
will take a beating. That is when a powerful app
like Titanium Backup Pro can come to your res-

    PREREQUISITES                                      You can find out if the SIM in your device has been replaced and
The first thing you need to sort on your Android        track its location from the WaveSecure website.
device is get superuser rights. In our previous
issue, we have dealt with rooting of Android
devices. Once you do that, grant root access to the
app. Start the app and back up the data. The app
also backs up and restores apps, data, and market
links. You can also schedule backups and back up
data via cloud tools like Dropbox.

Click the menu button to set the preferences. Here
you can sync your Dropbox app, market links, even
back up protected apps. Then proceed to Backup/
Restore and back up all the data on your device.
Then you can proceed to upgrade your device’s
OS. Once you have upgraded your fi rmware, re-
root your device, reinstall the Titanium Backup        If you cannot trace your device, you can wipe out all critical data,
Pro and restore the data.                              including media files, remotely through the WaveSecure website.

                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT    APRIL 2011

                                            WHAT POWERS A TABLET

                                           GETTING UNDER THE HOOD
                                           The tablet features specialized hardware that is designed to keep the device
                                           compact yet provide enough power for on-the-go computing. We cracked open
                                           two popular tablets to see what lies beneath.
                                           BY KAMAKSHI S

                                                  ince tablets are light and compact, their        200 MHz (ARM9E). The architecture is licensed to a
                                                  primary purpose is mobile computing. This        host of companies to develop their own processors,
                                                  means that they must have sufficient bat-         including the Qualcomm Snapdragon, the Samsung
                                           tery life despite the large display screens and touch   Hummingbird, Nintendo, Nvidia Tegra and the
                                           interface. Here’s the hardware that helps manufac-      Apple A4. Intel has developed the Atom processor
                                           turers make that happen.                                based on its x86 architecture. The Atom Z6xx code-
                                                                                                   named Lincroft, offers GPU speeds of 1.6 GHz.
                                           The brain of any tablet is the processor that powers        OPERATING SYSTEMS
                                           the core working of a tablet. Since most devices are    The heart of the tablet is the operating system.
                                           touch sensitive, and need to connect to the Inter-      There are several OSs that are device and vendor
                                           net and offer long battery life, the processor should   specific, while others are multi-platform. The most
                                           be light on the system. Most tablets today are pow-     prominent OSs for tablets include the iOS (a propri-
                                           ered by the processors from ARM or those based          etary OS for Apple devices), Windows Phone 7 and
                                           on Intel’s x86 architecture. A typical chipset based    Android. More OSs are expected to come up in the
                                           on the simple ARM architecture can handle 4 mil-        future, which include Blackberry Tablet OS for the
                                           lion instructions per second at 8 MHz (ARM1) to a       Playbook tablet, the Maemo operating system based
                                           maximum of 220 million instructions per second at       on Linux, which is being developed by Nokia, and
                                                                                                   the webOS, originally developed by Palm, which
                                                                                                   would now power tablets and smartphones from
                                  GET TING INSIDE THE APPLE IPAD                                   HP. There are also talks of Chrome OS for Google
                                                                                                   tablets being developed by Google and HTC.
                             ELEC TRO - MAGNE TIC   LOGIC BOARD
                                                                LITHIUM POLYMER
                             INTERFACE SHIELD       WITH APPLE
                                                                BAT TERIES                             STORAGE SPACE
                                                    A 4 CHIP                                       Tablets come with varying memory capacities,
                                                                                                   starting from 2 GB (Wespro Epad) to as much as 64
                                                                                                   GB (Apple iPad) built-in storage space. Tablets usu-
                                                                                                   ally come with an SD card slot to increase storage
                                                                                                   space, but that is of limited use if the device is pow-
                                                                                                   ered by Android 2.1 or lower, as those don’t let you
                                                                                                   install apps on external storage. Moreover, if your
                                                                                                   tablet offers USB ports, you can attach an external
                                                                                                   hard drive to get extra storage space for your data.

                                                                                                       TOUCH SCREEN UI
                                                DOCK CONNEC TOR ,                                  A touch screen user interface is a bit different from
                                                WITH WI - FI C ABLE     SPEAKER ASSEMBLY
             Sachin Pandit
                                                AND BLUE TOOTH C ARD
                                                                                                   the graphical user interface primarily due to the
                                                                        WITH T WO SPEAKERS

                                                                                                                                TECH TALK       39

touch-based inputs. While this kind of interface       The temperature sensor intimates you of your bat-
is useful to make the command selection via text       tery heat levels.
more accurate, they offer extended features like
adding widgets and live wall paper to make your            CONNECTORS
device more interactive. The iPad features a propri-   Most of the tablets offer several ports like the USB
etary UI developed by Apple, there is the TouchWiz     and HDMI, a plus audio connectors and SD card and
UI from Samsung, and the Sense UI by HTC.              SIM card slots. However, the iPad is one of the few
                                                       tablets that sports only one outlet that doubles as a
    SENSORS                                            charging port for the device.
The touch screen in a tablet is not pressure-based,
relies on several sensors. The high-end tablets            CAMERA
include an accelerometer, ambient light sensor         Tablets usually feature a front camera for video
and temperature sensor. The accelerometer or the       calls on-the-go. The camera quality ranges from
gravity sensor helps to change the orientation of      VGA quality right up to 8 megapixels. With the
the screen in terms of how it is held. The ambient     introduction of the Android 3.0 OS, which supports
light sensor adjusts brightness and contrast of your   3D, tablets are likely to sport dual cameras to help
tablet screen with respect to lighting conditions.     capture 3D pictures and video.

                             CRACKING OPEN THE SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB

                            SECONDARY CAMERA
                                                                                                        TOUCH SCREEN

                            ANTENNA C ARRIER


                              BAT TERY

                                                                                                DISPL AY MODULE

          AUDIO INTERFACE PCB*                                                               PRIMARY CAMERA MODULE

           BUT TON PCB*                                                                     MAIN PCB*

                                                                                            TOP ENCLOSURE

                                                                                        LED PCB*
      BOT TOM
   ENCLOSURE                                                                       CENTER ENCLOSURE

                 DISPL AY
   INTERCONNEC T PCB*                                                 LOUDSPEAKER C ARRIER

*NOTE :   PCB = PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS                                                                                      Sachin Pandit

                                                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT      APRIL 2011


                                           HOW A MULTI-TOUCH
                                           SCREEN WORKS
                                           Multi-touch and pinch to zoom are fast becoming household terms that any
                                           moderately tech-savvy person would know of.
                                           BY KUSHAL MAMOOWALA

                                                                                                      here are two major types of touch screen
                                                                                                      technologies used in multi-touch screens.
                                 SELF CAPACITIVE SCREEN                                               The first is a resistive system, which con-
                                                                                              sists of a normal glass panel that is covered with
                                                                                              a conductive and resistive metallic layer separated
                                                                                              by spacers. An electric current runs through the
                                                                                              layers and when a user touches the screen, the
                                                                                              two layers make contact. The change in electrical
                                                                                              field is noted and the co-ordinates of that point are
                                                                                              determined by the computer. The drag of a finger
                                                                           PROTEC TIVE        or multiple fingers is also calculated this way and
                                                                         ANTI - REFLEC TIVE   the touch screen driver converts the data into an
                                                                               COVER          input that the operating system can understand.
                                                                                                 In a self capacitive system, a layer that stores
                                                                                              electrical charge is placed on the glass panel of the
                                                                             BONDING          screen. When a user touches the screen, some of
                                                                                              the charge is transferred to the user’s finger and
                                                                                              the charge on the capacitive layer decreases. This is
                                                                                              measured by the circuits at the corners of the layer.
                                                                           CAPACITIVE         The computer determines the point of touch by the
                                                                         SENSING CIRCUIT
                                                                                              relative differences in charge at each corner and
                                                                                              relays the information to the touch screen driver.
                                                                                                 The processor on a touch screen device detects
                                                                                              your fingers and where they move once you've
                                                                                              placed them on the screen. You can slide your fin-
                                                                              GLASS           gers from place to place, or you can make pinch-
                                                                                              ing or spreading motions to zoom in and out. The
                                                                                              device matches what your fingers are doing with
                                                                                              what's happening on screen.
                                                                                                 First the processor determines the size, shape
                                                                           LCD DISPLAY        and location of your finger or fingers on the screen.
                                                                             LAYERS           This information is then relayed to the gesture rec-
                                                                                              ognition software in the memory to classify your
         Sachin Pandit

                                                                                              touch depending on your action and what is being
                                                                                              displayed on screen. The instruction is then sent to
                                                                                              the display, software and hardware based on the
                                                                                              data your touch creates.

                                                                                                       TECH TALK       41
                                 WHAT GOES ON INSIDE


                          SIZE                 SHAPE               LOCATION

                                                       MULTIPLE MATCHES?

                 GROUPING                      NO

                                 DETEC TION?               YES

                                               NO                        MOVEMENT

                  GESTURE SOF T WARE                        APPLICATION DATA

                                           INSTRUC TIONS

                                                                  SOF T WARE AND HARDWARE

Sachin Pandit                                          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT      APRIL 2011

                                                                                 ELECTROPHORESIS (Kindle, Sony Reader)
                                                                                          Transparent electrodes            Transparent electrode
                                                                                          with red color filter              with red color filter

                                                                                          Colored carrier                   Colored carrier
                                                                                          medium                            medium

                                                                                    Lower                   White       Lower                 White
                                                                                    electrodes              particles   electrodes            particles

                                     REVOLUTIONIZING EREADERS

                                    E-BOOK IN COLOR
                                    Caught in the iPod wave, even Kindle and co. are treading the same path of color.
                                    CHIP shows you the technologies that are being developed for e-reading devices.
                                    BY THOMAS LIT TSCHWAGER AND KAMAKSHI S

                                        E-book readers are the talk of the town thanks       contain electrically charged tiny particles, which
                                        to the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle and             reflect strongly to light and hence appear white.
                                        Apple’s plans to introduce a book store for          The microcapsules are situated between two con-
                                    the iPad a la iTunes. However, devices such as the       ductive plates of which the visible upper plate is
                                    Kindle or Sony’s reader series PRS can only show         made of transparent material. If the plates are
                                    a couple of gray scales with the E-Ink technology        forced close to each other, the particles migrate
                                    and colorful LCD displays with background light-         electrophoretically to the oppositely charged plate.
                                    ing like the iPad have a battery life of only eight      If they float upwards, the incident light is reflected
                                    to ten hours.                                            and the point appears to be white. If the particles
                                       Thus, a colorful e-book reader comes across as        float downwards, the light is absorbed by the dark
                                    an interesting idea for magazines, videos or pho-        colored carrier fluid and the point appears black.
                                    tos. At present, there are three important tech-         The advantage of using this technology is that
                                    nologies for reading devices in color. However, not      the particles remain at their position as long as
                                    everybody can manage to combine an attractive            the voltage applied to the plates is reversed, and
                                    color experience with low power consumption,             so, the display of an e-book page does not require
                                    with enough power to play videos. Today, almost          electricity; all you need to do is change the page to
                                    every e-book has the E-Ink technology, which is          activate the bistable particles.
                                    based on the principle of electrophoresis i.e. the           This technology can be easily implemented for
                                    migration of electrically charged particles through      colors as well. A color filter can be attached to the
                                    a medium.                                                upper side of the plate through every microcapsule
                                       E-ink contains a dark colored liquid which can        colored in red, green or blue. The reflected light no
                                    be seen in what is known as microcapsules. They          longer appears white now, but picks the color from

                                                                                                                                       TECH TALK       43

  Hydrophobic                   Hydrophobic
  insulator                     insulator
                                   Capsule                              Glass                      Glass
    Capsule     Water                         Water                     substrate                  substrate
    wall                           wall

                                                                          Reflective                membrane
White reflection Transparent   White reflec- Transparent                Gap filled with air         Gap filled with air
layer           electrodes    tion layer   electrodes

                                                                                                           Sachin Pandit

    the filter. This way, you can display color varia-        speeds of less than 50 milliseconds, which is almost
    tions, just like in an LCD screen. However, electro-     equivalent to smooth video display at 25 frames
    phoresis has a critical disadvantage; the particles      per second. The hitch in electrowetting is that the
    migrate rather slowly, so the transition time of a       technology is not bistable. You need to apply a bit
    pixels is considerably long. Thus, the flipping of        of voltage continuously for the oil drops to keep it
    pages in an e-book takes a little bit longer. More-      shrunk, which eventually affects the battery life.
    over, the technique does not suit videos and the
    brightness and contrast of the displayed picture             INTERFERENCE: MOVING PLATES
    is affected because just one third of the pixels are     One of the most promising technologies for colored
    used to make up one color.                               e-paper is the Mirasol display (a so-called IMOD,
                                                             Interferometric Modulator Display) developed by
        ELECTROWETTING: OIL IN MOTION                        the cell phone company Qualcomm. The Mirasol
    Electrowetting technology uses a mixture of water        system doesn’t contain a colored liquid or a color
    and oil, just like the Liquavista displays. It is made   filter. In fact, the color is created using interfer-
    of a capsule with a bright white background. It          ence modulation. Here, the light falls on a reflec-
    contains water at the base and transparent elec-         tive membrane only through a glass substrate. The
    trodes at the top of the capsule, just above the         distance between the glass and reflective mem-
    background. A hydrophobic (water-repellent)              brane changes the wave length of the light. The
    insulator is located between the lower electrode,        emergent light appears in a particular color, red
    the water isolator and the colored oil mix. Without      for instance. The entire element thus appears red.
    any voltage, the oil covers the entire lower surface         The reflection layer can use the electric voltage
    of the capsule and any reflected light appears            at the membrane. The reduction in the distance
    colored because of the oil. When the right voltage       reduces the wave length of the light even more
    is applied, the oil shrinks into a tiny drop at the      till it is situated in the ultraviolet area and is no
    edge, and the white reflection layer is visible for       longer visible to the naked eye, making the point
    the most part, making the capsule appear white.          appear black. This technology also creates colors
       By combining different colored oils in sub pix-       using an array of different-colored sub-pixels. The
    els that are lying around, you can obtain a variety      IMODs are bistable, extremely fast (switching time
    of color combinations. A three-layered variant           of a few nanoseconds) and consume very less elec-
    was also developed, in which the color capsules lie      tricity for switching in spite of the minimum plate
    on top of each other and the color is thus created       distance. Pages of a book as well as videos can be
    by subtraction. Displays having the electrowet-          displayed using them. Only prototypes are avail-
    ting technology are economical to produce, have          able as of now, but the first fully colored IMODs
    an extremely sleek design, and reach switching           should be available in the market soon.

                                                                                       INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT      APRIL 2011

                                     CAREERS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

                                    INTERACTION DESIGNER:
                                    THE USER’S ADVOCATE
                                    When browsing a website or using an application, be it on a computer, laptop,
                                    smartphone or a tablet, what counts is the ease of use and navigation.
                                    Providing you with a seamless experience is the job of an Interaction Designer.
                                    BY PRI YANK A T ILVE

                                            here are millions of websites and apps           is smooth,” explains Ashish Tibrewal, Principal
                                            vying for your attention. So what makes          Interaction Designer at Oracle Financial Services
                                            some popular while others slip under the         Software Ltd.
                                    radar? Apart from content and design, an impor-              He states further, “When I design, I need to
                                    tant factor that plays a crucial role is the ease of     keep in mind which platform and which device I
                                    use and navigation. With the evolution of touch          am designing for. For instance, if I am designing
                                    interfaces, interaction design has gained a whole        for the iPhone, I need to make sure that my con-
                                    new meaning. It determines how an individual             trols over the website are large enough so that my
                                    interacts with any computing device, be it com-          fingers can accommodate easily. A lot depends on
                                    puters, laptop, smartphones or tablets.                  the screen size because a screen of a laptop differs
                                        Gone are the days when a single Web designer         from a screen of a Blackberry or the iPhone. On a
                                    would do everything from designing to coding.            device like the iPhone, I can present very limited
                                    These days, you will find that the roles are well         amount of information, whereas on an iPad, I have
                                    organized and there is a specialist onboard for          a much bigger screen size, so I will have to design
                                    every aspect of development. There are those who         in a completely different format.”
                                    specialize in design, there are specialists for cod-         “For instance, on any bank website, if you see
                                    ing, there are research specialists, and lastly, there   the website on the iPhone, you will find only four
                                    are specialists in interaction design. With current      buttons due to the limited screen size, whereas on
                                    evolution of touch interfaces, there is a growing        the iPad it will be in a completely different format
                                    demand for an interaction design specialists.            as there is more space. So we have to scale down
                                                                                             the site according to the size of the device and it
                                        ROLE OF AN INTERACTION                               has to be a logical decision. Its not that you can
                                        DESIGNER                                             show whatever you feel like. While you are on the
                                    “Interaction designers design the interfaces and         mobile phone, you may not be interested in the
                                    they need to make user-friendly applications,            additional products and services that the bank
                                    which could be from the Web, mobile or tablet            is selling. You would be more interested in just
                                    perspective. Interaction on each of these plat-          checking your balance or transferring funds. So
                                    forms is different. If I were to give you an exam-       that’s the kind of decision that we have to take a
                                    ple, when you browse a website on your desktop           call on.”
                                    or laptop, you use your mouse, but when you use it            This knowledge comes from a deep under-
                                    on your iPhone, you use your fingers. As the inter-       standing of what the users want. “We do extensive
                                    action between the two platforms is different, it’s      user research wherein we try to understand the
                                    the responsibility of an interaction designer to         end users who would be using the application. We
                                    ensure that the interaction on both the platforms        try to understand their needs, what they are look-

                                                                                                                                TECH TALK       45

                                                                                                              Neha Mithbawkar
ing for, what is their primary purpose, etc. So we     nies want their devices to adopt the new interface.
do a lot of user research before getting into the      “There is huge potential. Companies are looking
design and we do a very high level wire framing        for new talent because there are so many things
after which we reach to the technical design. So       that are coming up, including different ways of
we interact a lot with the end users to come up        interacting, as we have seen in the past couple
with the actual design. It’s primarily from the end    of years. This includes the types of devices as
users perspective,” Tibrewal explains.                 well as the OS they run on. Apart from this, there
                                                       are also many companies that are constantly
    CHALLENGES INVOLVED                                experimenting in ways to communicate
 The biggest challenge, he says, is the evolution of   information. Today it is the iPad, tomorrow it
newer mediums of interaction. “First, it was just      might be something else.”
the PC, then came the laptop, and then we moved             We asked Tibrewal about the keys to success
to small screens like the iPhone, and recently         in this profession. “You need to be the user’s
came the iPad and the other tablets. So we need        advocate. You need to listen to the users, and you
to ensure that whatever application we develop is      need interactional and communication skills so
compatible with almost everything. For instance,       that you can talk to the users and can understand
if we design an application for the iPhone, it may     their psychology. You must possess skills to probe
not necessarily function on the Blackberry or          and get information from the users. Apart from
Android. Each of these devices has their pros and      all the technical skills that may be required, hav-
cons, features and functionalities, which we need      ing good interactional skills is very crucial.”
to keep in mind when designing applications for             His advice to students wanting to establish a
each of them. The objective is that the end-user       career in interaction design is to gain a proper
should get the information that it is trying to give   education in the field and spend a couple of
and that should be uniform across any platforms        years working closely with senior interaction
or any device.”                                        designers. “What I have seen in the last ten years
                                                       is that people just come in and they want to do
    POTENTIAL AND GROWTH                               everything, but they have to be focused. There
    PROSPECTS                                          are various mediums to work on so they need to
Tibrewal believes that there is tremendous poten-      have a clear focus on what they need to do and
tial for the profile of an Interaction Designer. With   what they want to achieve. But a good education is
the current trend of touch devices, most compa-        vital,” he concludes.

                                                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT      APRIL 2011

                                                       PRODUCERS                 CONSUMERS


           OVERVIEW OF
            THE PROCESS
                                                     DATA              INFORMATION           KNOWLEDGE                WISDOM
                                                                                    Stimulus                Understanding

                                                Research              Presentation            Conversation           Contemplation
                                                 Creation             Organization             Storytelling            Evaluation
                                                Gathering                                      Integration           Interpretation
                                                Discovery                                                            Retrospection
                                                                                       Global Local Personal
                                                                                                                                    Chaitanya Surpur

                                        GET A HEADSTART                                     spoken and written communication, and ability
                                    There are a few institutes in India that offer full-    to understand and use technology help,” Joshi
                                    fledged courses in interaction design with the           explains.
                                    Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Insti-          He states further that the ever growing num-
                                    tute of Technology (IIT Bombay) being at the fore-      ber of people adopting interactive products, many
                                    front. We spoke with Anirudha N Joshi, Associate        of whom are new to technology, calls for new
                                    Professor at IDC to gain an insight into the course     approaches to design of products and services for
                                    offered and the aptitude required.                      them. He believes the growth potential is huge. In
                                        The Interaction Design course being offered         his advice to students who wish to pursue interac-
                                    at IDC covers user studies, design, prototyping,        tion design, he says, “Be knowledgeable about what
                                    and evaluation with a user-centric approach to          is happening in the world, but also be sensitive to
                                    products and services. “At times, this profes-          the problems around you - the real needs of the
                                    sion overlaps with the professions of human-            people. Be creative in synthesizing solutions; be
                                    computer interaction, information architecture,         broad, multi-disciplinary and open minded. Don't
                                    and usability analysis. It is a multi-disciplinary      be afraid of technology, but don't get carried away
                                    field with influences from computer science,              by it either. Be enthusiastic and rigorous, but also
                                    design, cognitive psychology and library sciences.      brave to try out new things.”
                                    Other influences come from fields of ergonomics,              Joshi believes that the scope for an interaction
                                    anthropology, ethnography and technical writing.        designer in the creation of interactive products is
                                    People in any of these disciplines with an apti-        vast. These include Websites, mobile phone apps,
                                    tude for design can pursue a course in interaction      desktop software, entertainment devices (such as
                                    design (or related) and practice in the field. The       MP3 players and gaming devices), public devices
                                    core aptitudes required to be good in this profes-      (such as ATMs or ticket vending machines), medi-
                                    sion are sensitivity, creativity, analytical ability,   cal equipment, machine tools or almost anything
                                    holistic thinking, problem solving ability, atten-      that can be called an interactive device (including
                                    tion to detail, and rigor. Having skills in drawing,    lifts and electronic voting machines).



                                    MAKING THE WORLD
                                    Although most vehicles are regularly serviced, the amount of pollutants they
                                    emit is still quite alarming. Scientists Adess Singh and Rajan Tiwana have
                                    come up with a cost-effective solution to this environmental problem.
                                    BY KAMAKASHI S

                                              otor vehicles, no matter how well main-      recent past, many innovations have taken place
                                              tained, pollute the air with the harmful     to improve the quality and efficiency of fuel igni-
                                              emissions. Whether they’re powered           tion. These include, amongst others, the use of
                                    by diesel or petrol, with the sheer magnitude of       super chargers to force more air into the cylinder,
                                    vehicles on the roads today, keeping pollution         and the use of sensors and onboard microproces-
                                    levels under check is a tough task. While vehicle      sors to constantly vary the air-fuel mixture in an
                                    emissions are just one of the many air pollutants,     attempt to maximize efficiency under varied con-
                                    major cities suffer the most due to this menace.       ditions. These attempts have been ably assisted by
                                                                                           petroleum refineries striving to produce cleaner
                                        THE PROBLEM                                        and greener fuels. All attempts to minimize
                                    Adess Singh from Mohali, is the brains behind          particulate pollutants have been directed to the
                                    an innovation that hopes to bring this problem         ‘pre-igniting’ stage of combustion. Once fuel is
                                    under control. “The fact that particulate matter       ignited, the end products must be exhausted into
                                    (smoke) emitted by internal combustion engines         the environment.”
                                    is a serious pollutant has now been empirically
                                    established. It is a grave threat to the bio network       THE SOLUTION AND HOW
                                    and must be addressed on top priority. Inter-              IT WORKS
                                    nal combustion engines burn fossil fuels. In the       Singh explains the basic functioning of the system.

                                                 Adess Singh hails from Mohali, near Chandigarh. He holds B.Sc (Hons School) Physics,
                                                 degree. He has authored several technical papers and holds patent for the Wave-Powered
                                                 Buoyancy Engine to Generate Energy, an Indian-patent for Magnetic Attraction Electric
                                                 Motor with Conductor less Rotor technology and has applied for a patent for his A Pump
                                                 Suitable for Inflating Balloons project as well. The ‘Removing Smoke and Particulate
                                                 Matter from Engine Exhaust’ project has been co-created by him and Rajan Tiwana.

                                                                                                                               TECH TALK       49

“The system removes smoke from the exhaust
of internal combustion engines (both diesel and
petrol) irrespective of the age of the engine or its
state of maintenance and repair. Besides removing
smoke, remarkably, it also reduces the work done
by the engine in venting the exhaust gases. This
leads to an increase in fuel efficiency by over 15%.
The device is fitted in place of the conventional
muffler. The proof of concept stage is complete
and many prototypes have been tested at the
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. A patent
for the technology has been applied for and the
business now consists of developing the device
for specific engines, getting the technology certi-
fied by the appropriate certification agencies, and
selling the rights to manufacturers.”
   Since the patent is pending, Singh has not
shared the mechanical make up of the device
with us.                                                 The exhaust has to first be cleaned off any particulate deposits
   However, he does add, “The mufflers in use             before the system is installed.
currently on internal combustion engines only
reduce the sound of the engine to acceptable               ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEM
levels. The presently used mufflers do not trap         This innovative device has multiple advantages,
or reduce the particulate matter produced by the       not only to the environment and for our health,
engine. The particulate matter is exhausted into       but also for the automobile industry. “The device
the environment. The fine and ultra fine particu-        has a dual impact. Firstly, it eliminates smoke
late matter is a serious risk to our health and to     emission in vehicles and diesel generator sets,
the environment.”                                      thereby greatly reducing the threat of exhaust
                                                       pollution and its adverse effects on environment
    TESTING THE DEVICE                                 and health. Secondly, it enhances fuel efficiency
A working prototype of the device has been suc-        by over 15%, significantly contributing towards
cessfully tested. “The device has been tested at       preservation of non-renewable energy sources.”
the Heat Engine Lab of Punjab Engineering Col-            He further goes on to say, “Currently, there is
lege and worked well on petrol and diesel engines.     no organization or business that produces a simi-
Certificates to the effectiveness of the product and    lar device. The mufflers used by internal com-
video footage of the experiments that show the         bustion engines are made by a host of ancillary
entrapment of particulate matter and the reduc-        industries. All internal combustion engines can
tion in backpressure are proof that it works.”         use this product irrespective of how old they are

   Rajan Deep Singh Tiwana holds an MBA with experience in conceiving establishing
   and running successful businesses in the fields of real estates, garment exports and
   corporate interiors. His flag Ship company, M/s Exquisite Decors Pvt. Ltd. Is a well
   established name with prestigious projects like The Parliament Library New Delhi,
   Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Indian Cultural Centre Mauritius and Indian Embassy
   Abu Dhabi to its name.

                                                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP INSIDER SUPPLEMENT      APRIL 2011

                                    or the type of fossil fuel they consume. Therefore,
                                    the size of the market is all internal combustion
                                    engines, static or mounted. Once the awareness
                                    of this device spreads in the concerned groups,
                                    the demand for the device will rise very sharply.
                                    In India alone there are over 69 million vehicles.
                                    Adds to that the engines attached to generator
                                    sets, and the number could be close to 90 mil-
                                       Singh seems very excited about the commercial
                                    viability of the venture. “It would be simply won-
                                    derful if vehicles and diesel engines stop throw-
                                    ing out smoke into the environment. The device
                                    makes engines smokeless and also increases fuel
                                    efficiency by reducing the ‘load’ against which the
                                    engine has to work to push out the spent gases.”         A look at the glass wool that is used to
                                                                                             cover the exhaust of the vehicle.
                                        SETTING UP THE SYSTEM
                                    The project is being backed by DeGroup, DeConseil
                                    Pvt. Ltd., an investment banking firm specializing      mercially available as well. “The concept can be
                                    in life cycle management of start-ups. Gaurav          leased either as license, for a given period of time
                                    Shah, the Group MD & CEO of the fi rm says, “Mr         in return for minimum annual fees coupled with
                                    Singh has developed a couple of very interesting       a percentage of sales, or it can be sold to the high-
                                    technologies in the cleantech sector. We have been     est bidder. Since it is such a revolutionary concept
                                    consulting with him in terms of commercializing        and since it has obvious financial viability, either
                                    his technologies and bringing them to the market.      model will generate very attractive returns at
                                    We would like to bring the Engine Exhaust System       maturity,” Shah elaborates.
                                    to the forefront and let the world know about it          Both Shah and Singh agree that bringing this
                                    and help the scientist get his due respect for the     innovation to a commercial level would require
                                    invention. As we know, the world has been under        co-operation. “Key partnerships for the further
                                    constant pressure to reduce carbon footprints and      development of this device and its marketing
                                    providing a better place for people to live in. This   would include funding agencies, certifying and
                                    would be one of the most useful technologies in        accrediting organizations, engine manufacturers
                                    doing so as it can work on all new and old engines     and automobile manufacturers, NGOs involved
                                    with minimal engineering required at the auto          in environment protection, renowned experts in
                                    companies and genset manufacturers’ end.”              particulate pollution, legislators and advertising
                                       There are plans to make the project com-            agencies.”

                                      The glass wool covers up the exhaust of                The exhaust is then replaced into the
                                      the vehicle.                                           system along with other components.


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