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									                                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER 2011 • VOLUME 8 • ISSUE 10 • Rs 150

                                                                                                                                                                                                  AMD Llano platform,
         09                                                                                                                                                                                       HTC Flyer, Dell XCD35,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Canon EOS 600D,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  LG Optimus Black P970,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Samsung Galaxy Pro,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Iomega Screenplay DX,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  XFX Radeon HD 6670,

                                                                                                                                                                                                  McAfee Family Protection
Hackintosh | 7 Lightweight Laptops & 14 iPod Speaker Docks | Use Your Old Laptop's Screen

                                                                                                                                                                                 y steps
                                                                                                                                                                           15 eas
                                                                                                                                                                your PC in
                                                                                                                                 ion on
                                                                                                              c            OS X L
                                                                                                    Install Ma
                                                                                            Living with the Lion                        Lean and Mean                                       Play it Loud
   Rs 150

                                                                                            Your guide to switching from       From Vaio to Macbook Pro, we test and              Budget to premium and everything in
                                                                                                 Windows to OS X.           compare 7 of the best slim, ultra-light laptops.   between: 14 of the top iPod docks compared.

                 Patent wars
                             oogle, Microsoft, Apple, RIM, HP, EMC, Sony… the list of companies that have recently

                   G         spent a billion dollars or more on patents is growing. Across the world, dozens of little
                             wars are being waged. All our favorite companies are dashing wildly and slinging mud
                             at each other in public, while their lawyers laugh all the way to the bank. Patents have
                 become a kind of weapon—in a world where hardware is becoming increasingly commoditized
                 and software is becoming decreasingly unique, a strong portfolio of patents affords companies
                 some hope. Not hope that they might be able to develop something astounding and unique that
                 people will rush to buy even if they never knew they needed such a thing—but hope that even if
                 they are able to develop something somewhat noteworthy, they’ll be able to prevent others from
                 copying it.

                    Every desirable smartphone today has a touchscreen. Every tablet looks roughly the same and
                 does roughly the same things. If you’re an Android licensee without your own operating system,
                 chances are your devices will do pretty much exactly the same things as your competitors’
                 devices, just as well. They might even be manufactured side by side in the same factory in China.
                 The stream of innovation—real innovation—is down to a trickle, and it doesn’t take that long for a
                 reasonably determined company to copy someone else’s products.

                    That’s when lawsuits start flying around. Frivolous lawsuits, over the use of a particular
                 material finish, or a type of way that a product might be designed for people to hold it, or even
                 the shape of a plug on an accessory and the color of the box it comes in! Lawsuits designed to
                 keep everyone busy arguing over petty details, solely to prevent a disputed product from being
                 sold. Ones in which evidence is apparently faked, or defendants aren’t given the chance to
                 present evidence. Pointless ones which will be thrown out of court eventually, but could still
                 cause enough pain to prevent a small company from even thinking of stepping on one of the
                 global giants’ toes.

                    In an environment like this, patent trolls spring up and thrive. It’s possible for someone with
                 absolutely no innovation worth patenting to obtain the exclusive rights to something so vaguely
                                                                                   g                      p
                 defined that it winds up encompassing pretty much everything out there. There are plenty of   y
                 companies who specialize in lying low, picking fat targets, and then striking at the worst possible
                 time. With a simple court order, they can have millions of products yanked off
                 store shelves, tie up millions of dollars' worth of inventory, and aggravate loyal
                 customers who just want to buy something. They’ll happily settle for an
                 exorbitant amount of money, though.

                    That’s also when real innovation dies. The big companies are spending
                 more on legal fees strategic acquisitions then they are on actual research
                 and development—they’re more worried about protecting themselves than
                 reaching their customers. And small startups find their hands tied. Unable to
                 develop products even slightly similar to anything on the market for fear of
                 being sued out of existence, they’ll just give up or sell out. Even good
                 companies might be bought out and shut down, because the new owners want
                 their patent portfolio, not their actual products. The ones who really lose out
                 then, are we, the consumers.

                 Jamshed Avari

88 Cover story
                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2011

The Mac Hack

    NEWSWIRE                                              tESt cENtER                                           FEatuREd
16 In the News...                                      36 Product Spotlight                                 88 The Mac Hack
    A look at what's making news in the world of          AMD's latest offering fuses CPU and GPU on a          We show you how to install and run OS X Lion
    technology.                                           single chip. Is it as good as we've hoped?            on your ordinary PC.

20 The Buzz List                                       38 Hardware Tested                                   100 7 Quick Solutions for
    The people, products and innovations that have        The latest PC hardware, mobile phones, digital
    got the tech world talking.                           cameras and more, tested and rated.
                                                                                                                Software Breakdowns
                                                                                                                Analysis and repair tools help alleviate the
                                                                                                                frustration of problematic software.
26 Intel Classmate:                                    58 Lean and Mean
                                                          From Vaio to Macbook, we test and compare
   Innovation in Education                                seven of the best slim and ultra-light laptops.
                                                                                                            104 Web Watch
    Intel's range of Classmate PCs is aiming to                                                                 We scour the Internet and bring you some
    change the way education is imparted.                                                                       interesting websites that you may want to visit.
                                                       64 Play It Loud
                                                          Budget to premium, and everything in between;
28 Keeping Internet Pirates at                            14 of the top iPod docks compared.
    Film and music piracy is growing rapidly, and
                                                       72 Software Spotlight                                                  Check ou
                                                                                                                                  th      t
    Indian law is ill-equipped to tackle the menace.
                                                          Does McAfee Family Protection offer enough to                    Ask Shar e
32 Do Not Disturb: A Distant
                                                          ensure a secure family browsing experience?
                                                                                                                           column  at
   Dream?                                              74 Software Tested                                                  to you by
    Mobile users are flooded with promotional calls       Everything from image tools and video editors
                                                                                                                            on page
    and spam text messages. Can it be stopped?            to system tuning apps and antivirus software.                              111

6   09/2011       intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PS3 +
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WIN A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      7 • Rs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               150                                LETS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    E 8 • ISSUE                                                              I TAB
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            OID T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ROID PLAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rs 150                                               9 • Rs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ANDRO                                                                                                             NYMOUS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             E 8 • ISSUE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                8 WORTOPS UNDER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2011 •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      K AND                                                                                                      ANOVOLUM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  THE PC?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               JULY 2011                                                                                     LLY T 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         REAAUGUST?                                         Y EVE        LLY KILL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  LAP                                                                                           ARE YOUINTERNE                                       3G: WH        S REA              ED
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               10 Rs 35,0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ON THE                      T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     S THA USE                             TABLET             DEBUNK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          GADGET CAN MIS                              WILL            MYTHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TECH              KS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 COMMON INALS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RIM                       INDIA?             COMMON             ERA TRIC       EEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CYBERC                  RUR AL                                ITAL CAM D BOOT SCR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            0 PC FOR                                   FUN DIG           ROI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rs 6,00                                                   YOU R AND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A                                                     HACK
                                                                                                                    06                                                                                          07                                                                                                       08
                                                                                                                     11                                                                                          11                                                                                                       11




                                                                                                                                                                                                        SMAR E OVER


                                                                                                                                                                                                          TAK                                                 Leave
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                can take
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 at hom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       e—smar need
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         laptop everything
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         care of



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       hone Aweso

                                                                                                                                       hones Take

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  | 11 Digital

                                                                                                                                               | 8 Andro

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                | 12 Portab
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             SS other?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 & 12 Z68
                                                                                                                                                     id Tablet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               to sm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ENEYou B

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      le HDDs

                                                                                                                                                         s & 10 Budge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     30 TIPS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          & 21 Graphi
                                                                                                                                       SubSCrIbE NOw!                                                                                                                                                          SOM h    ould


                                                                                                                                                                 t Laptop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            | Hack your
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                cs Cards

                                            SEPTEMBER 2011

                                                                                                                                                                    s | Back

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    | Using Adobe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                120 APPS


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           RS 4,9

                                                                                                                                                                            Your Phone

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Boot Screen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WORK          made                                                                                                UE FOR top brands

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ps are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        IZE                                                        et ma                                                                                                   IBLE VAL from 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                00                                                                                                 OPTIM                                                  3D stre                                                                                                  INCRED cameras

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tab A5
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ia Tab
                                                                                                                                                                                                    conia                                                                                                                                                            How               Tube                                                                                               ital
                                                                                                                                                                                              Acer Icon Z
                                                                                                                                                                                              Acer I                                                                                                                                                                           for You                                                                                              11 dig                    ARD        s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pro tips               orrow                                                                                                     THERBO       e CPU
                                                                                                                                                                                              HTC Desi Galaxy Fit                                                                                                                                                                     of tom                                                                                                   Z68 MO gen Intel Cor
                                                                                                                                       turn to page 42
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               teries                    ry Play
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     W LAUN
                                                                                                                                                                                               Samsung      ook Pro                                                                                                                                                    The bat                  BlackBer
                                                                                                                                                                                                      MacB       HS                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ation                            2X,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE           for 2nd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             HTC Sens
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                22 NE
                                                                                                                                                                                                       IXUS 1000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Optimux      68-V 12 opt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     E6               S II, LG HS, Asus P8Z
                                                                                                                                                                                                               350-A-E          ncher                                                                                                                                                                                                         Galaxy      115
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       30 IS          0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         id lau                                                                                                                                                                                                     Samsung ot IXUS DMC-TZ2
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fusion                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Apple le S, CanonSX2 ixnum
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Andro                                                                                                                                                                                                                           c Lum
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   edib erSh 580 Plati

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rs 150
                                                                                                                                                                                         Rs 150

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rs 150
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 e                                                                                                                                                                                              Canon     Panasoni
                                                                                                                                                                                                              your                                                                                                                                                                                                         HTC Incr                                                   11 2:12:28

                                                                                                                                                                                                         mize              phon            b        S                                                                                                                                                                                  Matrix
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              GTX                             6/23/20

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Custo              your          age We S CARD       IVES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Asus         Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                ck up         a new- GR APHIC      RD DR
                                                                                                                                                                                                         and ba                   21                                                                                                                                                                                             Asus
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sync              ers for               BLE HA                                                                                                                                                                                Mac OS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          X Lion
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Brand new                     12 PORTA

    36 TesT CenTer
    The latest hardware

                                                                                                               ON4 DvD
                                                                                                               iClone EX

    116 hands on
    CHrOMIuM ON YOur
    Get Chromium OS without
    the Chromebook
                                                                                                               72 TesT CenTer
                                                                                                               SOFTwarE SPOTLIgHT
                                                                                                               McAfee Family Protection

        hands on                                             unwind                                              regulars
107 Dr CHIP                                              124 The Darkness II Interview                         04 Editorial, 10 Colophon, 12 Letters,
        Our in-house expert helps you out with your          We catch up with the developer of the eagerly     16 In the News..., 20 The Buzz List,
        computing woes.                                      anticipated, brutal supernatural FPS.             22 New Products Launched, 82 Long
                                                                                                               Term Test, 86 PC Configs, 104 Web Watch,
112 Old Laptop: Second Monitor                           126 Call of Juarez: The Cartel                        107 Dr CHIP, 118 Tips & Tricks,
        Turn your old unused laptop's screen to create       From Western to urban, the series makes a less    132 Market Watch, 143 Contests,
        an extended display for your desktop PC.             than impressive transition to modern times.
                                                                                                               146 Personal Tech
116 Chromium on Your Notebook                            128 Child of Eden
        You don't need Google's Chromebooks to get           Tetsuya Misuguchi's stylish Kinect-enabled
        the Chromium OS experience.                          shooter delivers!

117 Splash Your HTC Desire                               129 From Dust
        Bored with your HTC Desire’s stock splash            It's the return on the God games genre, but the
        screen? Why not replace it with your own?            execution is less than perfect.

118 Tips N Tricks                                        130 Fruit Ninja Kinect
        Some useful tweaks and hidden application            The popular smartphone game goes from
        features you may not know about.                     touchscreen to touch-free with Kinect.

8       09/2011      intelligent computing chip

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10    09/2011              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

Next month's Star Letter wins
                                                                                                                                 th w ner
                                                                                                                                This mon cool
                                                                                                                                     gets a set

accessories set (worth Rs 5,000)
                                                                              Why so serious?
                                                            Dear CH
                                                            Recently many of us must have seen tickers on all TV channels stating that any
                                                            content-related grievances can be reported to the Broadcast Content Complaint
                                                            Council (BCCC). If any sexual, vulgar or “objectionable” content is telecast on
                                                            any channel, even cartoon channels, you can report it to the BCCC and that
                                                            content will be censored. This move by the government is due to a certain
                                                              group filing complaints with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
                                                                 But more than solving the issue, it will take the real fun out of shows,
                                                                    especially foreign ones.
                                                                      I’m not entirely against the rule, but my concern is how a governing
                                                              agency can be easily influenced by a small group of so called “concerned”
                                                          citizens. I’m sure that this group consists of people who actually spend time looking
                                                   for objectionable content on various channels. This is clear moral policing. My worst fear
                                               is that the same action might be implemented on the Internet, which will resemble what
                                             China has been doing. Forget about porn, people there can’t even Google search. Even if
  Sachin Pandit                             similar search engine are operational, they are heavily controlled and monitored.
                                               Such actions are on legitimate if there is a real threat to national security, not necessarily
                                         social security. Social life and beliefs are individual concerns. By the time you read this, I hope
                                    the London riots will have stopped. Reports are emerging that social networking sites such are
                           responsible for the spread of violence. Debates are going on whether such sites should be banned or not!
                              It’s up to individuals to watch out for themselves, and if they find any objectionable content or material
                           they can simply shut down their own PCs and TVs, not the entire system.
                                                                                                                                    – NIKHIL R

                           Dear Nikhil,
                           We share the same views, but unfortunately there are far too many people around who make others’ business
                           their own and think it’s necessary to impose their personal morals and standards on the entire country. Moral
                           activists and supposedly concerned citizens have been trying to censor TV and the Web for many years, and
                           they’ve already succeeded to the point where our broadcast media are so boring and sanitized that people have
                           just tuned out. We’ve heard of several people pirating their favorite TV shows just because of the ridiculous
                           way that scenes are regularly cut, dialogue silenced, and subtitles replaced. TVs have had parental locks built in
                           for years, so we wonder why offended citizens can’t be happy with using that function. Luckily, it’s getting
                           easier to source content from unconventional sources, and online distribution will help people get what they’re
                           looking for without the government or individual busybodies deciding what is or isn’t suitable for us.
                                                                                                                                  – TEAM CHIP

                        Facebook today                               is focusing on Anna Hazare’s            the common people who can’t go
                        Dear Sir,                                    movement and people are                 outside to protest against
                        I have been an avid reader of CHIP           supporting it in Delhi from all over    corruption. Facebook gives them a
                        since 2009. I want to attract the            India.                                  platform to raise their voices
Please send your        attention of people who suggest                  Facebook has become a strong        against corruption and the
letters to:             Facebook is an addiction. I am               medium through which people can         Government’s Lokpal bill. People          writing to you on the 18th of August         join the movement of Anna Hazare.       also say that Facebook is not good
with "LETTERS" in       2011, when Mr Anna Hazare is in              We always say that Facebook is          for our generation, but now it has
the subject line        jail for protesting against the              emerging as an addiction, but this      emerged as a platform for the
                        government’s Lokpal bill. The media          time it is emerging as the voice of     nation.


   SMS US                           In these changing times every                                             AUGUST 2011 • VOLUME 8 • ISSUE 9 • Rs 150

                                                                                                                                                                      WIN A PS3 + MOVE!
                                                                                                                                                                                             CHIP, is there any eligibility
Since we like knowing what’s     Facebook account holder can talk                                                                                         3G: WHY EVERYONE’S ANGRY
                                                                                                                                                          WILL TABLETS REALLY KILL THE PC?
                                                                                                                                                                                             qualification or is it pure talent and
on your mind and what you        about Anna Hazare’s campaign
                                                                                                                                                          COMMON TECH MYTHS DEBUNKED
                                                                                                                                                          FUN DIGITAL CAMERA TRICKS          knowledge? I am currently in the
think about our magazine,                                                                                                                                 HACK YOUR ANDROID BOOT SCREEN

we bring you another way         against corruption. This way, we all                                                                                                                        final year of engineering college and
to get in touch. Do you have     feel its power and we can say                                                                                                                               would like to be a part of CHIP.
something to say about a test
                                 Facebook is a means of “virtual                                                                                                                             Please let me know how can I get in.
or review? Liked a feature
story? Was the workshop          revolution”.                                                                                                                                                   In the current issue i.e August,
useful? SMS us your feedback!                        – AJAY KARNATAK                                                                                                                         you have listed the ASRock Fatal1ty

For general comments, create              DEHRADUN, UTTRAKHAND                                                                                                                               pro Gen3 motherboard with price
the following message:                                                                                                                                                                       TBA. but while reviewing the Z68
ICCO <Your comments here>
Example: ICCO The cover story
                                 Pricing problems                               Should You Bother?                                                                                           motherboards, the price has been
was very useful                  Dear CHIP,                                                                                                                                                  given as Rs 14,800. Please let me
                                 I have been a reader since before             BlackBerry Playbook                                    INCREDIBLE VALUE FOR RS 4,995!                         know if that is the correct price. The
                                                                               HTC Sensation
To rate a story, product         my engineering days, over six years
                                                                               Nokia E6
                                                                               Apple iMac
                                                                                                                                      11 digital cameras from 5 top brands

                                                                                                                                                                                             rest, as always, quenches my thirst
                                                                                                                                      THE BEST Z68 MOTHERBOARD
review, etc look out for the                                                   Canon PowerShot SX230 IS
                                                                               Asus Matrix GTX 580 Platinum
                                                                                                                                      12 options for 2nd gen Intel Core CPUs

story tag at the base of each    now, and this is my first letter as           Asus O!Play Gallery
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ICCO <Story tag> <Rating>
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The “Story tag” is mentioned     mentioned in hardware reviews are        and reviews are the MRPs, to be fair                                                                               Dear Krishna,
at the base of every story in
the magazine and the “Rating”    higher than online prices as a rule (I   in comparisons. On the other hand,                                                                                 Thanks for writing to us and
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                                 and renders the best value awards        card comparison, which was a                                                                                       Dear Editor,
                                 less credible.                           regrettable typo.                                                                                                  I have been reading your magazine
                                    Another thing regarding software         As for the DVD, we find in fact                                                                                 since I was in class XII thanks to my
                                 on the DVD is that many people           that most people are eager to try                                                                                  brother Apoorv, who inspired me to
                                 including me do not like when beta       beta software, especially now that                                                                                 do so. Now that I'm pursuing
                                 versions are included. Beta is after     the tag is largely pointless. Beta                                                                                 engineering, I find it extremely
                                 all beta, and we would rather wait       browsers, for instance, are                                                                                        useful for my career.
                                 than have a beta version; not for        remarkably stable. Firefox 4 went                                                                                     I loved your article Adhaar, in
                                 chrome, not for Ubuntu.                  through 12 betas in a very public                                                                                  which you described the project
                                    But let’s not take away from the      process that took nearly a year,                                                                                   undertaken by the Government of
                                 fact that otherwise CHIP is a great      whereas just by changing their                                                                                     India which aims to provide
                                 magazine to read and it was CHIP         naming system, Mozilla has                                                                                         everyone with a unique identifier
                                 that made the techie in me blossom.      managed to release versions 4, 5                                                                                   based on biometric profiles. I liked
                                 I can proudly say that my co-            and 6 within months of each other.                                                                                 it because on the basis of this UID,
                                 workers ask for my help when our         Still, we include only public betas                                                                                no person can cheat the
                                 IT staff cannot resolve an issue. All    and will ensure that they are                                                                                      Government with malicious intent.
                                 this has been possible because of        correctly identified as such.                                                                                      Each and every person has a
                                 CHIP. Keep up the good work and                                                                                           – TEAM CHIP                       different biometric profile. You were
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                                 but there are market forces and          wonderful job. I have always                                                                                                      - APEKSHA AGGARWAL,
                                 geographic variations beyond our         thought of asking how to work for                                                                                                       UTTAR PRADESH

14      09/2011           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

              DANGER FORECAST                                   IN THE NEWS...
           Attackers are                                        COMPILED BY JAMSHED AVARI
              focusing on
       large companies
                and even
          governments.                                          SOCIETY
        Still, your home
              PC could be
            infected and                                        After London riots, teens arrested for BBM abuse;
           used to carry
                out these
                                                                San Francisco blacks out services to prevent violence

         USA 143

Germany 124                                                     Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger are being      saying it will cooperate fully with British law
                                                                blamed for enabling rioting youths in London    enforcement agencies, but has not clarified
    France 83                                                   to coordinate and plan their attacks during     whether or not this involves handing over
                                                                the recent outbreaks of civil violence in       the contents of private messages. Many
Australia 80                                                    the city. The reaction comes on the back of     public Twitter and Facebook updates during
                                                                media reports that the BlackBerry Messenger     the incidents referenced people calling others
             UK 68                                              system is cheaper, more accessible and more     to specific locations at specific times using
                                                                private than Twitter, Facebook and other        BBM, while others were confused by the
Lost data costs companies a lot of money. In                    commonly used social networks. Recent           sudden outbreak of broadcasted messages
the US and Germany, the value of lost data                      research suggests that BlackBerrys have         referencing violence and looting.
has been particularly high.
                                               Source: Sophos   become increasingly popular with young             Shortly after the outbreaks in London,
                                                                people in many parts of the world because       public transport officials in San Francisco
                                                                of the free BBM service.                        planned to block cellular and Wi-Fi coverage
  THE SPEED OF AN ATTACK                                           However, the impression that BBM             around subway stops in anticipation of a
                                                                messages are totally private might have         similar protest. Services were eventually not
100 GBit/s
                                                                led rioters to trust the service too much.      blocked, but the precedent for interrupting
 80 GBit/s
                                                                Research In Motion has released statements      services might have been set.
 60 GBit/s

 40 GBit/s

 20 GBit/s
  0 GBit/s
             2005    2006     2007      2008    2009     2010

                                                                Google + Motorola to drive Android development
An average of 100 Gb of traffic per second is
now needed to carry out a DDoS attack, the                      Google's multi-billion dollar acquisition of
most common way to cripple a website.
                                                                Motorola Mobility could have long-lasting
                                       Source: Arbor Networks   ramifications for the mobile phone industry.
                                                                First of all, Google gains a competitive
      FIGURE OF THE MONTH                                       advantage by controlling Motorola's

                                                                significant patents and intellectual property.
                                                                Google recently lost out on other high-profile
                                                                patent acquisition bids.
                                                                   However, Google itself entering the          manufacturing facilities and turn it into a
  South Koreans have had their social                           branded handset market would put it into        design and development house. Motorola's
 network profile information stolen. The                        competition with its Android licencees,         future handsets are almost certain to use the
      country's population is 49m                               making it possible that the company             pure Android shell that Google favors, rather
                                               Source: Sophos   might even spin off Motorola's hardware         than the custom Motoblur social skin.

             16     09/2011          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                            SMS us!   Story code: NSN to 51818
                                                                                                                        NEWS SNIPPETS

HARDWARE                                                                DEVELOPMENT

Ultrabooks price targets unrealistic,                                   Adobe releases HTML5 authoring
say Taiwanese manufacturers                                             tool, Flash still in the running
Reports from Taiwan indicate that notebook manufacturers                Adobe is previewing
are having a hard time meeting Intel's $1,000 (approx Rs                a new Web
45,380) recommended selling price for ultrabooks. The cost of           development program
construction and parts will squeeze profit margins, but any price        called Edge, designed
above $1,000 will not help the products compete with Apple's            to help in the
MacBook Air. Ultrabooks are part of Intel's push towards thinner,       creation of Flash-like
lighter and always-on notebooks that can last a full day on a           multimedia, including
single battery charge and be as handy as a tablet. As per Intel's       Web video, using
reference designs, devices that fit the "ultrabook" tag could have       HTML5 and other
metal or carbon fiber bodies, be less than 0.8 inches thick, use         standardized tools.
an SSD instead of conventional storage, and potentially include a       The company has
touchscreen. Still, Intel is understood to be unwilling to supply its   till now ferociously defended its proprietary Flash platform, but
         chips to the manufacturers at lower rates. The company         is facing increasing competition from browser-native standards
                hopes that the "ultrabook" segment will account         including HTML5.
                 for 40 percent of notebook shipments in 2012.             Edge will allow users to manipulate graphics and video on
                        In order to promote the idea of ultrabooks,     their websites using a simple interface resembling mainstream
                      Intel is now set to invest $300 million in        video editors. Flash is still unmatched for interactive applications
                       the hardware and software manufacturing          such as games and video streams with overlays, however, Edge
                        industries. Asus and HP are widely expected     does give Adobe a stronger standing for the future.
                           to launch the first models by October            Web developers are increasingly moving away from Flash,
                                  2011, with Dell, Acer, Lenovo and     which is often seen as resource-hungry and insecure. Most
                                        others following shortly        famously, Apple has never included Flash support for its mobile
                                            thereafter.                 browsers and has dropped it from Safari on OS X as well.

BUSINESS                              WEB                               SOFTWARE                            SECURITY

Google, Microsoft FB "six degrees"                                      Windows 8                           LulzSec leader
in Tweet war      experiment                                            prerelease soon                     Topiary arrested
Google and Microsoft have                                                                                    Scotland Yard announced in
found themselves at the                                                                                      late July that it had arrested
center of a rush to purchase                                                                                 a key member of the LulzSec
patent holders, in light of the                                                                              hacker group, who had till then
number of IP infringement                                                                                    been known only by his screen
lawsuits being filed around                                                                                   name, "Topiary". The 19-year-
the world today. In the wake          Yahoo Research wants to test      Microsoft plans to release a         old had become famous as
of a massive bidding war for          whether the "six degrees of       preview of Windows 8 in the          the mouthpiece of LulzSec,
Nortel's 6,000 patents, lawyers       separation" theory, posited       "coming months". A new offical        publicly boasting about each
from the two companies have           in the 1960s, still holds true.   blog titled Building Windows         of its achievements. Several
been engaging in a public             Yahoo wants to use Facebook's     8 ( will prepare      other teenagers were also
Twitter spat. Google first             750 million connected users       users for the changes in             questioned or arrested.
accused Microsoft of buying           to see how close all of us        what Microsoft itself calls a           Initial reports of the arrest
patents only to use them in           really are to randomly selected   complete reimagining of the          were followed by rumors
anticompetitive lawsuits, and         strangers anywhere on Earth.      OS. The strategy mirrors that        that LulzSec had planted fake
the software giant hit back by        Those who sign up will have       of the Office 2007 release,           evidence that led police to
publishing mail records of an         to authorize a Facebook app       which was remarkably smooth          arrest an innocent teenager,
invitation to enter into a joint      and choose a friend who           considering its massive              while the real Topiary was still
bid, which Google declined.           would most plausibly know         interface overhaul. Microsoft        evading the law. However the
Microsoft, Apple, RIM, EMC,           the random target. If message     is also being careful not to         LulzSec Twitter account fell
Ericsson and Sony jointly won         passes between friends and        repeat its Vista-era missteps—       silent after Topiary's arrest,
the Nortel patents with a bid         reaches its target, the number    Windows is used by over a            and his own account was
of US$ 4.5 billion.                   of hops will be calculated.       billion people worldwide.            wiped out the same day.

                                                                                                   INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP    09/2011      17

SECURITY                                   HARDWARE                                                      SECURITY

                                           HP kills WebOS, looking to sell off Malware steals
NEW SECURITY                               PC business entirely                cellphone photos
RISKS DETECTED                             HP is on the verge of abandoning

                                           its entire consumer business and
                                           becoming an enterprise IT solutions
                                           company, the likes of Oracle
                                           and IBM. Barely a month after
                                           the launch of the WebOS-based                                 F-Secure's Threat Response
                                           TouchPad, CEO Leo Apotheker has                               team has found a strain of
                                           announced that the company will                               malware originating from
                                           be discontinuing all WebOS products                           China that can steal photos
                                           as well as development of future                              from Symbian phones.
                                           products. HP paid $1.2 billion to                                The company warns
                                           acquire Palm last year, and will now have to consider         that such malware could be
                                           whether it will sell or license its considerable assets and   used to obtain photos that
                                           patents to a competitor, or simply let them languish.         are then used for blackmail
                                           TouchPads have been discounted to as little as $99 to         or harassment. The trojan,
Unicode character U+202E, also known
                                           dispose of existing inventory.                                codenamed Spinilog.A, is
as right-to-left override, is being used
to obfuscate file extensions to mask             Apotheker has also announced plans to take HP out of    capable of "listening" in each
malware spread through email               the consumer space entirely. The company will consider        time the phone camera is
attachments.                               spinning off or selling its Personal Systems Group, having    used, and saving a compressed
SOLUTION: Carefully examine file           already bought Autonomy Inc, an enterprise software           copy of each captured image.
attachments, especially files inside       outfit, for $10 billion. Exiting the consumer space could be   Additionally, the trojan also
ZIP or other archives. Pay attention to    a reaction to the declining role of PCs and HP's failure to   captures calendar, contact, call
the file type, not just its icon and
                                           capture the tablet and consumer devices.                      and message details.

                                           SECURITY                                                      SECURITY
A number of bugs are promised to be
fixed in the latest version 5.3.8,
including bugs introduced in the
                                           Disgruntled IT worker brings                                  Fake videos of
previous security update, 5.3.7 which
could cause errors in encryption
                                           down 88 company servers                                       Winehouse death
operations.                                An American IT worker,
SOLUTION: An update, 5.3.8, is expected    Jason Cornish, has been
within days.                               convicted of hacking into
                                           his former employer's office
MOZILLA FIREFOX                            and erasing the contents
The extremely rapid update to version      of 88 virtual servers,
6 brings a number of security              hosted on 15 different                                        As was to be expected, fake
improvements and user-visible URL          machines. The company                                         links to supposedly shocking
shading, to highlight the actual domain
                                           affected, pharmaceutical                                      video clips of Amy Winehouse
a person is visiting.
                                           major Shionogi, lost access                                   emerged shortly after her
SOLUTION: Allow Firefox to update itself
automatically, and a 9.8 MB patch will     to its own corporate email,                                   death. The subject lines of
be downloaded and applied. The             BlackBerry servers, order tracking system and financial        phishing emails and social
standalone install is a 28 MB file.        management software, according to security researchers at     media posts appealed to
                                           Sophos. The company's American operations were paralyzed      peoples' worst instincts. Those
BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE                      for several days, costing the company an estimated            clicking on "Amy Winehouse
SERVER                                     $800,000. Cornish was identified after investigators           overdose video leaked!!" or
A vulnerability with how the server        discovered the intrusion had originated from the free         "Amy Winehouse getting high
processes TIFF and PNG image files         Wi-Fi at a McDonalds' restaurant. Cornish had paid for an     on crack just hours before she
could allow remote hackers to execute      order using his own credit card just five minutes before       died" were obviously taken
arbitary code on a BlackBerry phone.       the attack began. Cornish had been employed at Shionogi       to phishing sites or referral
SOLUTON: Only BES server is affected,
                                           till mid 2010, and continued as a consultant, utilizing       surveys, which earn their
not the phones themselves. RIM has
released updates to address the            his knowledge of the company's systems. However that          owners. Also typical, rogue
vulnerabilities.                           arrangement was terminated in 2010, but the company           Facebook apps sent spam to
                                           neglected to revoke his remote access credentials.            people on victims' friends lists.

                                                                                                                   NEWS SNIPPETS

GADGETS                           SECURITY                         GADGETS                              WEB

Google TV to run G+ profiles                                       iPad 3 rumored                       Bloatware on
Android apps     deleted at will?                                  for 2012 launch            
                                  Brand-new social network         The iPad 3 is rumored to
                                  Google Plus is having its fair   be delayed until early 2012,
                                  share of teething troubles.      rather than the late 2011
                                  Despite a overall positive       launch predicted for most of
                                  reaction, users have found       this year. The main reason
                                  that profiles are being deleted   for the delay is that Apple
                                  at random, if the automated      has decided to move to
                                  system suspects they aren't      high-resolution 2048x1536
Google TV has mostly been         genuine individuals. Under its   screens, quadruple the current has begun
a disappointment since its        terms of use, Google Plus may    resolution, bringing the iPad in     wrapping file installers in
launch, with weak hardware        only be used by individuals      line with the "Retina Display"       its own advertisement-laden
support and no content from       and only under their legal       screens introduced with the          packages. The site has had
major broadcasters. Still, the    names. No nicknames, creative    iPhone 4. The upgrade would          a positive reputation for
platform isn't dead, and Google   spellings or corporate/branded   strain the CPU and battery,          over a decade, but the
has announced an Android          accounts are allowed. The        indicating upgrades will be          optional browser toolbars and
development kit that should       company is now rolling out a     made in those areas as well.         advertising popups are ticked
let Android apps run on           Twitter-like "Verified account"   The move would give Apple            by default, even on free, open-
Google TV devices. As of now,     tag for celebrity and other      a strong lead in the tablet          source titles. CNet, which now
developers can start creating     popular accounts, with branded   space. The iPhone's screen has       owns, claims
apps suitable for TV screens      "pages" launching soon. Still,   already been matched by rival        that the practice is in users'
and remote control input. A       there have been reports of       Android models. High-res OS          interests. Software vendors'
release date for the actual       genuine accounts being deleted   graphics have previously been        involvement in the practice is
firmware is still unknown.         without cause or notice.         detected in iOS 5 betas.             still unknown.

                                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   19

MOBILE                                                                   WEB

CyanogenMod author                                                       More features, integration
joins Samsung                                                            on the way for Google+
Steve Kondik, founder and author of                                      Google+ might have debuted to mixed responses, but the
the much-loved CyanogenMod for                                           company has learnt its lesson from previous botched launches
Android, has been snapped up by                                          and has been precisely stage managing the rollout of each new
Samsung Mobile and will be working                                       feature. Google Games is now available to users around the
on the company's Android offerings.                                      world, giving the company enough time and space to emphasize
The news comes right after Google's                                      its advantages over Facebook: less notification spam to those
bid to take over Motorola, which will                                    who don't care about gaming. Google has also now activated
undoubtedly spur competition in the                                      pubilc posts, which display friend activities related to pages in
Android handset space.                                                   search results, but has managed to avoid the usual public outcry
CyanogenMod is a stripped down and                                       in the name of privacy which usually follows such changes to
more versatile of the most current                                       Google's algorithms. Search results from known blogs and news
Android OS, popular for stripping                                        sources have also started displaying links to the authors' Google+
away unnecessary bloat such as                                           profiles, to promote
third-party skins (as made popular by                                    worthy content.
Motorola, Samsung, HTC and Sony
Ericsson) as well as making updates

available much faster than phone makers
themselves do. Interestingly, Google's
influence over Motorola is expected to result
in its future phones shipping with a "pure"

Android interface, rather than its custom
Motoblur overlay.

TABLETS                                                                                          FUTURE TECH

Grid: a fresh new                                        COMPILED BY JAMSHED AVARI

                                                      The simple lowdown on
                                                                                                 Intel hires science
phone/tablet OS                                       what everyone's talking                    fiction authors
                                                         about this month
Fusion Garage, makers of the ill-fated
JooJoo tablet (née CrunchPad), have renamed themselves to                Considering the number
TabCo and sprung a set of surprises: a tablet and a smartphone,          of things we take for
both running the company's own brand-new GridOS. Based on                granted today that have
the Android kernel, GridOS is largely compatible with existing           originated in science
Android apps, but its                                                    fiction, it should come
real strengths lie in                                                    as no surprise that real-
its native apps and                                                      world inventors are
innovative interface.                                                    searching for new ideas
The home screen is                                                       in books and movies.
one giant grid, which                                                    Intel has begun
users can pan across.                                                    commissioning authors to write science fiction stories, with the
Apps can be grouped                                                      goal of beginning to describe a plausible vision for computing in
in adjacent cells for                                                    the year 2020. The stories, all based on current research projects,
quick access.                                                            describe a life in which computers learn more about our individual
Context awareness                                                        tastes and provide context-relevant information, medical sensors
is built into every aspect of the OS: relevant IMDB and Wikipedia        allow for new kinds of life-saving procedures, all vehicular traffic
links show up in search results, addresses and appointments can          is automated and centrally controlled, robotic "virtual assistants"
be tagged with real-time updates, and any highlighted text can be        start looking a lot like real people, and we come dangerously
turned into a search query. The Grid 10 tablet has a 1366x768            close to becoming too reliant on machines, spending all our time
screen, dual core Nvidia Tegra2 processor, webcam for video              philosophizing about the human condition. Read the stories
calling, and 3G radio.                                                   online:

20    09/2011      INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                          SMS us!     Story code: NBL to 51818


   GENIUS                                          connects computers to the Extender           the JetFlash
                                                   quickly and securely. Real-time link-rate    T3S, in India.
   Portable Mouse                                  LED locates the best placement spot          The ultra-
                                                   to provide optimal wireless coverage.        slim JetFlash
              Genius has announced                 Step-by-step, graphical Installation         T3S USB
              the most attractive LED              Guide makes installation easy. No            Flash Drive is
              notebook mouse, NX- Elite.           need to insert a CD or plug in Ethernet      feathery light,
              It uses the next generation          cables! Netgear green features include       credit card-
               of auto transforming                a Power on/off button and 80 percent         thin, and rugged enough to resist dust,
               technology to keep shinning         recycled packaging.                          stress, vibration, and even full water
               in the dark. Featuring an           PRICE: Rs 3,835                              submersion. With its rigid metallic case
               advanced 1200dpi optical            WEBSITE:                     and special COB packaging technology,
                sensor, the NX Elite has                                                        the shiny silver flash drive is completely
                          incredibly smooth        SONY                                         resistant to dust, shock and water.
                             tracking                                                           In addition to easy Plug and Play
                             performance           Versatile Blu-ray                            installation, the JetFlashT3S offers a
                             for cursor
   movement to browse documents or                 player                                       free download of Transcend Elite data
                                                                                                management tools. Available in 4GB,
   Internet pages more efficiently.                                                                       8GB and 16GB capacities,
   Plus its super mini size of                                                                            Transcend Jetflash T3S is
   74mm is easy to store with the                                                                         compatible with Hi-Speed
   retractable cable. The lightweight              Sony India has launched the Blu-ray          USB 2.0 ports and offers a maximum
   design is ideal for any mini notebook           player BDP-S380 that uses advanced           write speed and a read speed, of up to
   and it provides more features than a            3D Blu-ray technology to deliver             5 MB/s and 18 MB/s respectively.
   notebook touch pad. It comes with a             superior audio-visual experience. The        PRICE: 4 GB: Rs 590; 8 GB: Rs 910; 16
   3-year warranty.                                BDP-S380 Blu-ray Disc player, a highly       GB: Rs 1,560
   PRICE: Rs 616                                   compatible device, is equipped to work       WEBSITE:
   WEBSITE:                      with a wide variety of video formats
                                                   including BD, DVD, CD, AVCHD, Xvid           MSI
   NETGEAR                                         HD, JPEG and MP3. The BDP-S380
                                                   is equipped with Precision Cinema            Attractive Android
   Wireless Range                                  Upscale via HDMI feature that upscale
   Extender                                        DVD formats to near HD quality picture
                                                   to enhance the visual quality of any
                                                   video manifold. Another interesting          MSI India has launched their Enjoy
   The Netgear Universal WiFi Range                feature is that if you are an iPhone, iPad   series tablets in India today. The
   Extender allows you to keep your                or compatible Android phone user, then       Enjoy series would be available in two
   current wireless equipment and                  by downloading the free Media Remote         variants: Enjoy 10 (10 inch) and Enjoy 7
   improve coverage to eliminate "dead             app, you access all functions via this       (7 inch). The new Enjoy series provides
   zones", giving you the freedom to roam          new remote control.                          breakthrough brilliant new design and
   anywhere in the house and                               PRICE: Rs 8,990                      exceptionally fast performance with its
   access the Internet without                             WEBSITE:              1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and
   worrying about coverage. It                                                                  512 MB of RAM. This will translate into
   is compatible with wireless                             TRANSCEND
   b/g/n routers, gateways and
   Internet service providers’                             Stylish Flash
   devices. Four Ethernet ports
   enable you to connect to                                Drive
   gaming consoles, Internet
   TVs, and Blu-ray players.                               Transcend Information Inc has
   Push ‘N’ Connect using Wi-Fi                            announced the launch of its
   Protected Setup™ (WPS)                                  tiny yet tough USB Flash drive,

   22    09/2011      INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                       SMS us!    Story code: NPL to 51818

                                                                                   The products and services listed here have not been reviewed by IC-CHIP.
                                                                                  These are not endorsements or recommendations. All prices, specifications
                                                                                    and claims are as stated by the respective manufacturers and publicists.

   faster web browsing, movie experience,          ENVISION                                                                       Earphones come
   video calls, gaming etc. ARM Cortex A8 is                                                                                      equipped with
   a low power, high performance processor.        Eye-Catching                                                                  three individually
   Powerful hardware accelerators provide
   optimized hardware performance for              LED Monitor                                                                   balanced speakers
                                                                                                                                per ear, letting you
   high-end applications. Additionally, with                                                                                    enjoy the most
   front and rear cameras, people can also         Gigazone, a subsidiary                                                      detailed and sonically
   make live video calls. Users can access         of Gigabyte group, has                                                      rich experience when
   the Android market place to instantly           launched their entire range of                                   listening to any style of music.
   access hundreds of thousands of apps.           TFT monitor brands in India.                                    Each sound frequency (low
   The tablet showcases the Gingerbread            Now their high-quality international                to high) is directed separately to its
   user experience, including an interactive,      brands Envision and Topview are                     dedicated speaker. The stylish, compact
   customizable home screen, notifications,         available in India too. Envision has                metallic crush-proof case helps your
   and tabbed browsing.                            launched a new LED monitor P971wL,                  earphones stay protected in your purse
   PRICE: Enjoy 10: Rs 14,999; Enjoy 7:            and P951w+ LCD monitor, with an                     or pocket. . For mobile phone users,
   Rs 13,999.                                      outstanding, elegant design. P971wL                 Ultimate Ears also introduced the TripleFi
   WEBSITE:                             has a 16:9 widescreen so you can watch              10vi Noise-Isolating Earphones with
                                                   your favorite movies without truncating             Voice Capability, compatible with iPhone,
   ASUS                                            images; the 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio             Blackberry, and other phones.
                                                   offers super-sharp images and brighter              PRICE: TripleFi 10: Rs 15,995; TripleFi
   Ultra                                                              whites, capturing all            10vi: Rs 17,995

   slim                                                               the details as nature
                                                                      intended and it is eco-

   netbook                                                          friendly. For gamers and
                                                                   movie lovers, with built-in

   Asus has                                                       DVI port P951w+ provides             Mechanical Vibrations
   introduced the                                             speedier connectivity to videos
   world’s thinnest                                         and movies allowing you to play            Mechanical Vibrations
   and lightest netbook,                                   Xbox and PlayStation in fluid                is designed as a
   Asus X101. This super                                 quality. 5ms response time brings             textbook for
   thin netbook runs on Intel’s MeeGo                   the cinematic experience into your             undergraduate
   operating system for easy web usage             living room.                                        students of mechanical,
   and multimedia playback and is powered          PRICE: TBA                                          electrical, aeronautical,
   by the Intel Atom N455 CPU. Weighing            WEBSITE:                    automobile and civil
   less than 1 kg, this 17.6 mm thin netbook                                                           engineering at major
   is apt for mobile computing. With a             ULTIMATE EARS                                       universities. The text is
   10.1-inch LED-backlit monitor, it provides                                                          also useful to postgraduate engineering
   comfortable viewing. This Bluetooth             Noise-                                              students of mechanical vibrations.
   3.0 enabled netbook comes with a
   seamless chiclet keyboard. One of               isolating                                           The book strengthens the necessary
                                                                                                       concepts of the topic for those willing to
   the most notable features is its Super
   Hybrid Engine (SHE), which is Asus’s
                                                   earphones                                           specialize in the fields of control
                                                                                                       engineering and system dynamics. It also
   unique technology to optimize system            Ultimate Ears, a                                    helps a smooth understanding of the
   performance and battery life. As far as         Logitech business                                   subject like rotor dynamics, for which the
   connectivity is concerned it has Wi-Fi          unit, has announced its                             knowledge of vibration is a fundamental
   802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth. The Asus            new noise-isolating earphones in India.             prerequisite. This book will also help
   X101 is preloaded with Cloud Storage            These earphones are designed to deliver             practicing engineers, working in the field of
   (Dropbox) for free to access and edit           the ultimate in sound quality to music              vibration monitoring and control, to grasp
   and also to easily sync files via cloud          lovers, allowing them to listen to every            their necessary theoretical back-ups.
   seamlessly.                                     detail in their favorite music without any          PRICE: 399
   PRICE: Rs 12,499                                disturbance from the external noise. The            WEBSITE:
   WEBSITE:                            Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Noise-Isolating                                         –

   24    09/2011      INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

Intel Classmate PC:
Innovation in
Intel, with its range of Classmate PCs and educational
content, is aiming to change the way education is

     ntel, a trusted and world renowned                  available solutions are either designed for   competition, and that’s why 1:1 e-learning
     name in the arena of information                    an older audience or handed down from         is considered ideal,” says Singh.
     technology, is set to revolutionize                 adults. The Classmate PC is a purpose-           He states further, “The Intel Learning
the way education is imparted to young                   built education netbook targeted towards      Series ecosystem consists of vendors
children through its Intel Learning Series.              primary school students.”                     who offer many different types of
Though children adapt to technology                          Keeping in mind its young target          content that support both curriculum and
with ease, there are not enough efforts                  audience, the products have been              supplemental learning. All the existing
being made towards incorporating                         vigorously tested. They have been             software that is in the market will work
technology as a tool to impart                           designed to withstand accidental drops        seamlessly or with minimal change on
education. Realizing this, Intel launched                from desk height, are water resistant,        the Classmate PC since they are fully
Classmate PCs that are affordable,                       have rubberized surfaces and handles for      functional computers that run standard
rugged and fun netbooks designed for                     durability and better portability. These      operating systems, and so are able to
interactive, collaborative learning.                     power-efficient netbooks built using          run education-specific and mainstream
   Speaking about the initiative, Ajit                   Intel Atom technology are available in        software. They have enough storage
Singh, director of the Education Market                  clamshell and convertible formats. The        for students to create multimedia
Platforms group for APAC at Intel, says,                 convertible version features a student-       presentations and save their work. In
“Intel has been instrumental in driving the              friendly design, swivel screen, built-in      addition to the education programs
adoption of 1:1 e-learning. It’s not enough              rotatable camera, and features that allow     students use, Intel-powered Classmate
to just put computers in schools. The                    intuitive, comfortable reading, writing,      PCs include special applications to
Intel-powered convertible Classmate PC                   and drawing.                                  make classroom management and IT
has been developed from the ground up                        These Classmate PCs have already          management easier and to help teachers
to meet the specific needs of classroom                   been deployed in countries like Argentina,    fully utilize the PCs in their lessons.”
learning for the 21st century. Typically,                Malaysia, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain,            The deployment of Classmate PC is
the primary school segment has been                      Germany, Palestine, Russia, Sweden,           India has been limited so far. One of the
underserved by technology. Most of the                   Turkey, and Uruguay, just to name a few,      early instances of adoption of Classmate
                                                                         and they have seen a          PC was in 2009, when it was successfully
                                                                         phenomenal response the       used by the Centre for Wildlife Studies.
                                                                         world over, with millions     The sturdy Classmate PC came in
                                                                         of units sold to date.        handy while conducting intensive field
                                                                         “Educators are addressing     studies to understand the population
                                                                         the need to prepare           dynamics of critically endangered tiger
                                                                         today’s students for a        species in Nagarahole National Park
                                                                         world that is knowledge       in Karnataka. Talking about the plans
                                                                         and information driven.       for India, Singh says, “In India, we have
                                                                         But today’s schools are       limited deployments to the government
                                                                         often resource-challenged.    and private school segments so far. In
                                                                         Teachers need tools to be     the private segment, we are working with
                                                                         more flexible and more         established education solution providers
                                                                         efficient. Governments        like Educomp. We have also been working
                                                                         want to make sure the         with various governments in showcasing
 A Classmate PC running software to teach math concepts using familiar   next-generation workforce     the advantages of 1:1 e-learning.”
 objects such as coins.
                                                                         is prepared for global                                   –

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                                                                                                              Sachin Pandit

Keeping Internet
Pirates at Bay
Piracy has become so commonplace these days that the extent of it doesn’t even shock us
anymore. So much so that we almost seem to have forgotten that it is, in fact, illegal.

      ast week, I walked into a reputed      A survey conducted by the Motion            is a global deterrent; more than 90% of
      electronics showroom and was           Picture Distributors Association in 2010    new releases in entertainment end up
      surprised to see a song being          revealed that India ranked fourth in the    available through pirated CDs and on
played on the DVD player with a scroll       world when it came to illegal movie         Internet sites or P2P platforms. Music
that read ‘Downloaded from’.        downloads. Piracy of movies and music,      and movie piracy has become rampant
I’m sure most of you are familiar with       in particular, has far reaching effects     across the Internet. Domestically, the
this site, as it happens to be the most      that most of us can’t imagine or aren’t     piracy nexus has managed to create
popular site to illegally download the       willing to bother with. First off, movie    a strong foothold terrestrially as well,
latest Bollywood chartbusters. There         piracy is the copyright infringement and    especially in tier I, II and III towns in India.
are a dozen other sites from where you       theft of intellectual property. Secondly,   The entertainment industry as a whole
can easily download the latest songs,        piracy directly affects the entertainment   is facing a challenge to bring together
copyrights notwithstanding. If you say       industry, which has to suffer tremendous    an ecosystem to control piracy, which
that you have never downloaded music         losses; not to mention jobs cuts. One       again will support legitimate revenue
from these sites, but get them from your     school of thought even argues that piracy   flow towards a genuine entertainment
friends instead, that doesn’t make you       funds terrorism.                            distribution market.”
any less guilty of piracy.                      Lamenting the rampant Internet              Reliance Big Pictures recently took
   Downloading cracked versions of           piracy, Siddhartha Roy, COO of the          the pre-emptive measure of obtaining
software and the latest movies and           consumer business and allied services       a John Doe order form the Delhi High
music has become a child’s play.             at Hungama Digital Media, says, “Piracy     Court to curb the piracy of its film

28    09/2011   INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                       SMS us!     Story code: NIP to 51818

                                                                                                        of such initiatives. One of them is making
                                                                                                        content available for downloaded legally
                                                                                                        at reasonable prices.
                                                                                                           In 2010, launched the
                                                                                                        largest on-demand digital entertainment
                                                                                                        storefront that offers audio, video and
                                                                                                        images for download. While the response
                                                                                                        was a bit slow in the beginning, it has
                                                                                                        picked up considerably. Talking about this
                                                                                                        unique initiative, Roy says, “One needs to
                                                                                                        bring in a new value system to counter
                                                                                                        piracy. Consumers will buy the content as
                                                                                                        long as it gives quality and convenience
                                                                                                        at a reasonable price. The response on
                                                                                               has been very encouraging.
                                                                                                        With millions of downloads month on, launched in 2010, is one of the largest on-demand Digital Entertainment storefronts that
offers audio, video and images for download.
                                                                                                        month, consumers are eager and willing
                                                                                                        to use the service. On the other hand, we
Singham. A John Doe order is granted                      He states further, “However, one of           also work with over 350 content partners
against anonymous prospective                          the biggest drawbacks of the IT Rules            and these partners have been eager to
offenders. This meant that action would                2011 is that no distinct penal provisions        support a service such as ours. We have
be taken against anyone found selling,                 are provided in case someone does                also now taken the offering onto various
sharing, or downloading Singham either                 not comply with the provisions thereof.          connected devices - mobile phones, PCs,
terrestrially or over the Internet. After              I believe that India needs to come up            tablets and televisions. Here too the
this order was issued, many Internet                   with a distinct legal regime against             response has been encouraging.”
service providers blocked access to file                online piracy. We have not seen a single   has also entered into
sharing sites altogether, which created                case where any prosecution has been              a strategic alliance with Intel, called
quite a furor in cyber space. People                   launched in the event of non-compliance          Intel Insider, wherein they offer HD
argued that the sites were not meant                   with the terms of the IT Rules 2011.”            quality movies for both streaming and
just to spread piracy and so blocking                     On the other hand, efforts are being          download. Apart from this, a few artists
them wouldn’t curb it altogether.                      made to create rights for the artists            and filmmakers have taken proactive
Additionally, those involved in actual                 themselves. Roy says, “The Indian                steps to sell their music and films online.
piracy could easily breach the barriers                government, as well as the industry, is          One of the Bollywood films to sell music
and access the sites by various means.                 working on several ways to withstand             online was F.A.L.T.U, produced by Vashu
                                                       this intellectual property theft. The            Bhagnani.
Laws Against Piracy                                    lack of proper patent laws allows the               Leading English TV channel Star World
Pavan Duggal, an advocate at the                       perpetrators of these crimes to get away         recently launched a unique initiative
Supreme Court, believes that blocking                  at no cost. The Copyright Amendment              called Torrentz, which will showcase
of sites is at most a temporary solution,              Bill 2010 seeks to amend The Copyright           some of the latest Western shows every
likening it to putting a band-aid on a                 Amendment Act 1957 by creating rights            weekend. Elaborating on this initiative,
leaking roof. Advocating the requirement               for music composers, lyricists and               Saurabh Yagnik, general manager
of stronger laws, he says, “When you                   singers. Once passed, the Bill would bring       and Senior VP of English channels at
talk about online piracy, there are no                 in a paradigm shift in the Indian music          Star India, said, “With the accelerated
direct laws that cover it in India. In fact,           industry, where, thus far, the rights are        growth of the Internet and the digital
if you look at the Information Technology              owned by the music companies.”                   medium, the consumer is inevitably spoilt
Act of 2000, it is silent on online piracy.                                                             for choice. It is, therefore, imperative
However, the government has come up                    The Way Forward                                  for us as broadcasters to satiate our
with new rules known as the Information                Piracy, especially Internet piracy, is a very    viewers’ needs in order to discourage
Technology Rules 2011 that have                        complex issue. Most people who have              Internet piracy. Star World Torrentz was
become effective from April 2011. Under                access to content downloaded from the            conceptualized through the process of
these rules, if anybody finds that his                  Internet find nothing wrong in it, as they        constant engagement with our viewers
intellectual property is made available by             argue that they were not the ones who            and insights about their preferences.” He
a service provider, then he can write to               downloaded it, but were instead given            further added, “With this initiative, we
the service provider and have it removed.              the content by someone else. It will take        sincerely urge our viewers to abstain from
In such a case, any intermediary is duty               a lot of work to change this mindset. At         indulging in piracy and have a world class
bound to act within 36 hours and further               the same time, the industry has to come          and trouble-free viewing experience of
to work with the user of such content                  together and think of innovative ways to         the best of Hollywood absolutely fresh
so as to remove such offending content                 address the problem of piracy. In the last       on Star World.”
from its platform.”                                    couple of years, we have seen a couple                                     –


Do Not Disturb: A Distant Dream?
Mobile users are plagued with promotional calls and SMSs. While some of it may be our own
doing, we’re largely at the receiving end of unsolicited promotional activities. BY PRIYANKA TILVE

                                                                                                                         Chaitanya Surpur

           ou have won a lottery of 100       million at the end of May 2011 from        opting for DND meant that the consumer
           million dollars, SMS your bank     861.48 million at the end of April 2011,   would not receive any form of UCC,
           account details to Mr. Donald      thereby registering a growth rate of       but it was found that people did not
at the earliest’. ‘Worried about hair loss?   1.53%. Looking at its reach, it’s not      readily opt for DND, as they wished to
SMS to find a solution’. ‘Change your          surprising therefore that it presents a    receive some promotional information.
destiny. SMS to find out more’. These are      very attractive medium for marketers       Further amendments were made to
just some of the ridiculous spam text         to reach prospective consumers.            make it more robust and consumers
messages that many of you may have            Another point of consideration is that     can now opt for services they wish to
received, apart from annoying phone           while a person may or may not check        receive communication from. These
calls asking if you want a credit card or     his or her email, it’s harder for them     are broadly classified as Health,
an interest-free personal loan. But why       to ignore a call or even an SMS. How       Education, Tourism & Leisure, Banking/
are we subjected to these SMSs and            these telemarketers get our numbers is     Insurance/Financial Products, Consumer
calls, termed as unsolicited commercial       anybody’s guess.                           Goods & Automobiles, Real Estate
communication (UCC)?                                                                     and Communication/Broadcasting/
   The answer lies in the numbers.            What is DND?                               Entertainment/IT. You can now opt for a
According to a recent Telecom                 After a rise in the number of complaints   full or partial DND based on your choices.
Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)          from consumers, the TRAI went about        Your selection will not affect receipt of
report, the number of telephone               setting up a National Do Not Call          service SMS like your bank transaction
subscribers in India increased to 874.68      (NDNC) registry in 2007. Back then         details, credit/debit notifications, etc.

32    09/2011   INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                      SMS us!    Story code: NDD to 51818

   To register for DND you can call                                                        second alphabet identifies the service
on the toll free number 1909 form                       LIST OF CODES FOR                  area. This helps for easy identification of
the number you wish to register and
then follow the IVR to compete the
                                                        SERVICE PROVIDERS                  the telemarketer.

registration process. You can also              Aircel Cellular Ltd
                                                                                           What can be done?
register through SMS by texting “START          Bharti Airtel Ltd                      A   Telemarketers get their data from
0” to 1909 in case of full DND and “Start       Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd               B   a number of sources. You may give
1” to 1909 in case of partial DND. Here 1       BPL / Loop Telecom Pvt. Ltd            L   out your number yourself in malls,
stands for Health. If you wish to receive       Idea Cellular Ltd                      I   promotional activities, contests, etc.
SMS about travel and leisure then text          Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd          M   If you use certain sites that allow you
“Start 3” and so on. You can also choose                                                   to send free SMS then that’s also how
                                                Reliance Communications Ltd            R
more than one services by stating their                                                    you can be spammed. And it won’t be
                                                Reliance Telecom Ltd                   E
numbers separated by a comma. DND                                                          just you, but it would also include all
                                                Spice Communications Ltd               P
will be effective in seven days from the                                                   the people you sent out the SMS to. So
date of registering. At any given point of      Tata Teleservices Ltd                  T   be careful when using such sites. Apart
time, you can easily deregister yourself        Vodafone Group of Companies            V   from this, there are several mobile apps
from the DND by same means.                                                                that allow you to block/filter SMS. These
                                                                                           include Handcent, Kaspersky Mobile
The menace continues                                LIST OF CODES FOR                      Security, and McAfee Mobile Security, to
Despite of having registered for DND, it’s
quite possible that you may continue to             SERVICE AREA                           name a few. If you opt for DND and even
                                                                                           then receive UCC, you can report the
receive SMS, if not calls. and there can        Andhra Pradesh                         A   same to your telecom service provider,
be many reasons for this. One of them           Delhi                                  D   but this must be done within three days
could be that the telemarketers are not         Gujarat                                G   of receiving the UCC. Your telecom
scrubbing their data regularly. As per          Haryana                                H   provider is then obligated to investigate
TRAI rules, every telemarketer needs to                                                    the same and, if found to be correct,
                                                Karnataka                              X
register itself and then apply for telecom                                                 then the telemarketer will be penalized
                                                Kerala                                 L
resources from one or more access                                                          for the same. But many consumers don’t
                                                Kolkata                                K
providers. Before sending any SMS or                                                       actually report the matter and continue
UCC, it is mandatory for the telemarketer       Madhya Pradesh                         Y   to suffer in silence.
to scrub the telephone number of the            Maharashtra                            Z      The BJP, through its Telecom
subscriber with the database received           Mumbai                                 M   Consumer Cell, has given a whole
from the DND registry.                          Chennai                                T   different spin to the entire issue. What
   Apart from this, Rajan S Mathews,                                                       they proposed to the TRAI is that
director general, Cellular Operators         140XXXXXXXX for the mobile originated         instead of a DND, there should be a
Association of India, says, “The             telemarketing calls.                          do-call registry. A person opting for
telemarketer needs to ensure that no            The major objective of the TRAI            the do-call registry should receive Rs
telemarketing call or SMS, other than        to have separate series was to give           5 for every UCC SMS and Rs 10 for
those opted for by the subscriber, is        choice to the consumer i.e. any call          every UCC voice call. Sanjay Bhalla, the
sent to him. Also, as per the agreement      that comes from a number beginning            national convener of the BJP Telecom
with the access providers, in case           with 140XXXXXX will be a commercial           Consumer Cell, explains, “By law, the
telemarketers send UCC to subscribers        call and the customer has the choice          cell phone is the private property of
who have opted for DND, then the access      of receiving or not receiving the call.       the telecom consumer. Therefore,
provider can deduct a fixed amount            Therefore, even a customer who chooses        it is the consumers’ right to be paid
from the security deposited with them.       not to register at all will have a choice.    for the usage of the private resource
This amount ranges from Rs 25,000 for        Likewise, a unique SMS header has             by the access provider/telemarketer.
first offence to Rs 2,50,000 for the sixth    been mandated for easy identification          It’s a trouble-free process wherein
offence. Also, the telemarketers can send    of commercial SMSs. This matter is now        the telemarketers will deposit the
SMS or make calls only between 9 am          with the DoT and it is yet to allocate a      compensation amount in the account
and 9 pm.”                                   unique number for fixed lines.”                of the operator, which will then be
   To further simplify the process of           At present, you can identify               automatically credited to the consumer’s
identification of the telemarketer, the       telemarketers with the help of the            account for UCC. This will mean that,
TRAI proposed providing telemarketers        alphanumeric identifier of all commercial      to a great extent, the consumer’s actual
with separate numbers. Rajan says,           SMSs that are not sent from a normal          usage charges will be taken care of.
“Initially, the TRAI had allocated           ten digit number. For instance if you         Thus, the deal is beneficial for both,
70XXXXXXXX series to the telemarketer.       received a SMS from LM – Ahore, then          the telecom consumers and service
However, in order to ensure better           here L stands for BPL or Loop Telecom         providers.” TRAI has appreciated the
utilization of the 70XXXXXXXX,               and M will mean Mumbai. So the first           move, but hasn’t acted on it so far.
TRAI allocated separate series i.e.          alphabet identifies the operator while the                              –



AMD A8-3850
VERDICT: A stellar first step on the road to complete APU integration
FOR: Superb onboard graphics core enables a powerful yet compact system
AGAINST: High price, last-generation CPU core

                                     e’ve already been introduced to the E         a second discrete Radeon GPU, so we’re expected to
                                     series, AMD’sLAPTOP Fusion lineup,
                                                   entry-level                     gauge performance by comparing these directly with
                                     which has made quite a mark in the            existing Radeon model numbers.

                         budget laptop and desktop space. Those chips,
                         formerly codenamed Zacate and Ontario, take
                         integrated graphics to a whole new level, with
                                                                                      Once we’re beyond that, we come to the APUs’
                                                                                   actual features. A-series chips meant for laptops
                                                                                   will have lower power envelopes and therefore lower
                         impressively low power consumption to boot.               clock speeds, but we’re looking at only the desktop
                                                FOR: XXX                           lineup just now. Two versions will be available at
                            The second wave of the Fusion attack is now here,
                                                AGAINST: XXXX
                         in the form of the A series for mainstream desktops       launch, the 2.9 GHz A8-3850, and the 2.6 GHz
                         and notebooks, formerly codenamed Llano. These            A6-3650. Both have four cores, a 100W TDP, but

                                                      Units) as
                         APUs (Accelerated Processing XXXXXX they’re               the A8 has a faster IGP. Each CPU core has 1 MB of
                         called, also feature powerful integrated graphics
                                                           XXXx                    L2 cache, but a common L3 cache is totally absent.
                                                                    - because AMD knows its CPU architecture
                         capabilities, but instead of a brand new architecture,
                         AMD has elected to match current-gen Radeon               isn’t exactly revolutionary, it’s promoting the graphics
                         graphics silicon with older Phenom-era CPU cores.         component, hence the numerous references to
                         Tweaks and improvements do give the A series some         “vision”. The A-series APUs come with the strongest
                         performance advantages over Phenom II chips, but          ever specs for an integrated graphics core: up
                         the combination has a few interesting consequences.       to 400 shader cores, full DirectX 11 support, 8x
                            First of all, there’s utter confusion in naming the    MSAA, tessellation, and the UVD3 video encoding
                         products. Not only do the products not have a brand       acceleration logic. While these specs are close to
                         name, but there are different model numbers for           those of a decent entry-level graphics card today, the
                           the different combinations of APU and discrete          embedded graphics core runs considerably slower,
                                GPU. For instance, you might set out to buy        and has to share the system’s RAM, which is much
                                      an A8-3850, and might even know that         slower and takes longer to access. Current Llano
                                           it’s built-in graphics core is tagged   APUs will support two simultaneous display outputs,
  SPECIFICATIONS                                Radeon HD 6550D (and it            which should be useful to a number of people.
Rs XXX                                          will additionally have stickers    Blocks of logic for the memory and I/O controllers
                                                describing it as “Quad Core        complete the architectural picture.
                                                with Radeon Graphics” and             Llano’s main strengths—according to AMD—will be
CONTACT           XXX
PHONE             XXX                           “A8 Vision”, but you might         HD video with features passed down from discrete
EMAIL             XXX                             also come across branded         cards, GPU-accelerated parallel computing, and, for
  RATINGS                                         desktops labeled Radeon          its mobile variants, all-day battery life. The last point
BUILD QUALITY                                   HD 6xxxD2 with the sticker         is important for AMD, as it hasn’t had a competitive
                                                “Quad Core with Dual Radeon        enough mobile platform in a very long time. In terms
PERFORMANCE                                Graphics”. This means the new           of power saving, Llano improves upon Phenom and
                                           integrated chip has been paired with    Turion CPUs by gating power to individual CPU cores

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                                                                                                                                                  TEST CENTER


as well as the IGP and UVD blocks, shutting them
down completely when not required. AMD promises
over 10 hours of battery life for a mainstream
laptop—enough to watch two Blu-ray discs—while
the laptop stays cool enough to sit on your lap.
   The platform
   Back to the desktop, the new A6 and A8 APUs
will require an all-new socket, primarily in order to
support video output paths from the APU to the
motherboard’s rear panel. While the Socket FM1
package is brand new, upgraders will appreciate the
fact that older coolers will still fit and work perfectly                 Extra pins are required for the integrated graphics core, so Llano chips have nothing in
well. Compared to AMD’s previous generation of                           common with their Phenom predecessors.

chipsets though, the new A75 offering differs only in
its support for USB 3.0 and 6 Gbps SATA. A cheaper                       Performance mode, again with no AA. Scale back
A55 chipset drops the newer IO standards, and we                         the resolution a little and you’ll be able to play with
don’t expect standalone A55 motherboards will be                         better image quality settings. The highest resolution
very popular.                                                            we ever tried even with Sandy Bridge’s integrated
   One of the platform’s biggest selling points will be                  graphics was 1024x768.
the ability to pair the integrated graphics core with a
 LAPTOP                                                                     That said, if a compact system isn’t super high
discrete Radeon card. A8 and A6 APUs will work with                      on your priority list and if you can juggle your budget

midrange 6-series Radeon cards, which means that
users will be able to add a graphics card later and
combine its power with the IGP, rather than choosing
                                                                         around a little, you might actually be better served
                                                                         by buying an Intel CPU and a discrete graphics card.
                                                                         When we tested our A8-3850 with a Radeon 6870
between the two, a weakness that current Intel                           on top, we got much higher frame rates with the
FOR: XXXsuffer.
platforms                                                                effects and visual quality settings pushed up quite
AGAINST: XXXX                                                            far. This makes a compelling case for a small form-
The numbers                                                              factor PC, especially one powering a home media

GamingXXXXXX quality settings without a graphics
       at decent                                                         center. On the other hand, without the benefit of its
card? We had to put these claims to the test. Our
         XXXx                                                            Radeon core, Llano’s performance didn’t justify its
sample A8-3850 chip arrived with a matching
                -                              price in comparison even to the Phenom II X4 945,
Gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H motherboard, and we                                just a few hundred rupees more. If you’re going to
outfitted the pair with 4 GB of Corsair XMS3 running                      use a graphics card anyway, skip the budget APU and
at a speed of 1066 MHz, representing the platform’s                      either buy an Intel CPU or wait for Bulldozer.
target market. The CPU-intensive PCMark Vantage
gave us a score of 9466 overall, and 10568 in the                        Conclusion
gaming subsection, which puts its capabilities                           The Llano approach is more of a combination of
somewhere near current-generation Intel Core i3s,                        existing parts than a fresh ground-up design. By
but nowhere near even the last generation’s Core                         comparison, Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge generation
i5s, and surprisingly just a little better than the                      does a lot more to combine the strengths of its
Phenom II X4. Things turn around when we get                             various integrated components and help them
to gaming, though. The Llano chip handily beats                          communicate with each other. The first APUs off
                                                    Intel’s integrated   the starting block are a mixed bag—they present
                                                    offerings, giving    an intriguing new option in the CPU vs GPU SPECIFICATIONS
Rs 6,900                                         us very playable                                               is XXX
                                                                         war, but the end result of the experiment Rsa
CPU clock speed: 2.9GHz; Cores: 4; TDP: 100W;       framerates:          combination of parts that don’t work spectacularly
                                                                                                                             XXXXX: XXXXXX;
Total L2 Cache: 4MB; Radeon cores: 400 (600 MHz);   35.68 fps in         together. Next year’s model, codenamed Trinity,
Memory support: DDR3, 1866 MHz                                                                                               CONTACT            XXX
                                                    Left 4 Dead, at      will use brand-new “Bulldozer” CPU cores and will
                                                                                                                 PHONE                          XXX
CONTACT              AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)                                                              EMAIL                            XXX
PHONE                0124-4696000
                                                    1920x1080, low       hopefully have more raw processing muscle. Despite
EMAIL                NA                             detail, and no       the long wait and all their promise, these first-
   RATINGS                                          AA, and 30.84        generation Llano APUs are just a little too late to
                                                                                                                    BUILD QUALITY
FEATURES                                            fps in Crysis        launch, and too weak to get excited about.
                                                    Warhead at                                                                Anand Tuliani
VALUE FOR MONEY                                     1920x1080 in                                                           - OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                                             Jamshed Avari
                                                                                                                             VALUE FOR MONEY

                                                                                                                      INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP         09/2011    37


                                                                       HTC FLYER
                                                                       FOR: Great build, slick interface.
                                                                       AGAINST: Expensive, average media performance, poor camera.

                                                                                  he HTC Flyer’        to the rescue for SD files, but HD was
                                                                                  unibody aluminium    still problematic. The HTC music player
                                                                                  frame coupled        is redesigned for the larger screen, and
                                                                          with the right choice of     supports SRS sound enhancement along
                                                                          plastics makes it one of     with some equalizer presets. With a
                                                                         the best looking tablets in   decent pair of earphones, music sounds
                                                        the market. The build is excellent, with all   really good, with punchy bass and clear
                                                        buttons, ports and removable parts lined       mids and highs.
                                                        up perfectly. The 7-inch, 1024 x 600-pixel        HTC has only launched the 3G version
                                                        resolution capacitive screen doesn’t use       in India, and it has full HSDPA and HSUPA
                                                        Gorilla Glass or any oleophobic coating,       3G support, along with EDGE/GPRS and
                                                        so finger prints can be a nightmare.            Wi-Fi N. While standard Google apps
                                                           It is powered by Qualcomm’s                 are preloaded, the HTC Hub lets you
                                                        Snapgragon MSM8255T (ARM v7) single            download additional apps. The default
                                                        core processor running at 1.5GHz. This,        browser does a good job of rendering
                                                        coupled with HTC’s Sense UI 2.1, makes         Web pages, which look really good on
                                                        for a very good user experience. The           this screen. There is a way to send and
                                                        interface is slick, with lots of fancy         receive messages via the Flyer, but phone
                                                        animations all over the place. The new         calls are a no-go.
                                                        shortcut bar, similar to the Icon Dock in         The 5 megapixel shooter is devoid
                                                        iOS, gives you quick access to most used       of a flash, so indoor shots are not very
                                                        apps irrespective of which home screen         good, but thanks to auto-focus, so some
                                                        you’re on.                                     level of detail is preserved. Even in day
                                                           The notification bar is now divided          light, however, the picture quality is just
                                                        into three sections - ten most recently        about average. The Flyer supports 720p
                                                        used apps, notifications like alerts and        recording at 30 fps, but this only looks
                                                        new messages, and Quick Settings. The          good on paper. Recorded video is horribly
                                                        default keyboard is very comfortable to        jerky and certainly not 30 fps. With Web
                                                        use, with good spacing between the keys        and media usage, we managed to get a
                                                        even in portrait mode. The Flyer employs       full day’s worth of battery life, which is
The Flyer employs a AAAA battery-powered digital        a AAAA battery-powered digital pen, and        decent, but we expected a lot better.
                                                        you can use it virtually anywhere other           The HTC Flyer is priced at an absurdly
   SPECIFICATIONS                                       than the lock screen.                          high Rs 39,890. Spend a little more
Rs 43,500                                                  This tablet comes with 32 GB built-in       money and you can get the equivalent                                          memory, but the actual storage available       versions of the Motorola Xoom or the
Dimensions (WxHxD): 195.4 x 122 x 13.2 mm;              is only about 19 GB. Video formats             iPad 2, which are much more powerful
Weight: 421 g; OS: Android v2.3.3 Gingerbread;
                                                        like 3GP, MP4, WMV, AVI and XVID are           tablets with larger screens. It may have a
Processor: 1.5 GHz; Memory: 1 GB RAM, 32 GB internal;
Display: 7-inch LCD, 600 x 1024; Camera: 5 MP;          supported out of the box, but surprisingly,    speedy processor but sadly that power is
Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN b/g, Bluetooth,      the default player wasn’t able to play         not harnessed properly.
micro USB; Battery: 1470 mAh.
                                                        SD files smoothly. Moboplayer comes                                             -Roydon Cerejo
CONTACT                HTC India
PHONE                  011-66567000
EMAIL                   VERDICT
                                                        HTC’S TABLET DEBUT IS MARRED BY AN
                                                        OBSCENE PRICE TAG.

38      09/2011          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP
                                                                                                                                  TEST CENTER


FOR: Great image quality, small size and sturdy build, up to ISO
6400, intuitive UI.
AGAINST: Average video recording.

       he Canon EOS 600D has an 18              modes, and there is
       megapixel APS-C size CMOS                no resistance while
       sensor - the same found on the           scrolling through it. The
EOS 550D. It sports a 3-inch flip-out            connectivity options
TFT colour LCD display, which can be            include a mini HDMI port
rotated for low or high angle shots. The        and a mini USB port.
camera features a DIGIC 4 processor,               In testing, there was
which handles noise reduction and               no noticeable noise at ISO
supports large 14-bit RAW images. ISO           100, but some was visible starting
sensitivities have been bumped up from          from ISO 400 though it was negligible.
the 3200 on the 550D to 6400, which             From ISO 1600, colors start to get paler,
should make clicking photos in low-lit          with some amount of noise seen. At ISO
areas easy. The camera features a               6400, the noise levels were high and
9-point focus zone, which makes auto            we recommend it only for extremely low
focusing quick and also gives the user          light conditions. With aperture set to
more focus points to choose from.               F3.5, the contrast and depth of field is
   The EOS 600D features a Canon EF             the most. Images show a shallow depth
lens mount, which makes it compatible           of field even when the object being used
with EF and EF-S lenses. Bundled along          isn’t very wide. With aperture at F22, the
is an 18 - 55 mm EF-S lens with image           image is sharp across the target, but
stabilization functionality. The interface is   colors, for some reason, appear paler.
easy to navigate. All settings are available    There is a visible color change when the
on the screen, such as ISO sensitivity,         flash is fired. White balance seems to
aperture settings, white balance etc.           shift drastically and the image appears
The interface is really smooth, but             bluish. Focusing seemed sharper with the
while maneuvering through the ISO               flash enabled, most likely because of a
sensitivities, having to press the right        smaller aperture size. Outdoor images
button to navigate to the next line was         shot really well, with a lot of detail. Colors
a little inconvenient. This is one of the       looked natural, with no fringing. The EOS
smaller-sized DSLRs. The body is made           600D can record full HD videos at 30 fps,             The flip-out display, along with live view, makes
                                                                                                      shooting from odd angles easy.
of a matte black finish and a textured           and 720p clips at a smooth 60 fps. Video
rubberized surface at the front and a           recorded at 1080p had some focusing
small area at the rear for better grip.         issues, and upon playback, appeared
The controls are located to the left of         grainy, which was disappointing.
the screen and can be easily adjusted              At Rs 49,460, the Canon EOS 600D is
                                                                                                       Rs 67,990
with the right hand. The rubber padding         a really great camera with good design,      
around the viewfinder acts as a cushion          a sturdy build, exhaustive features, and               Weight: 570 g; Resolution: 18 megapixels; LCD display:
while viewing through it. The dial at the       impressive performance.                                3 in, 1040k dots; ISO range: 100 - 6400; Shutter speed:
                                                                                                       30 - 1/4000 sec; Video: 1080p @30fps.
top is loaded with the different camera                                        - Aaron Almeida
                                                                                                       CONTACT                 Canon India
                                                                                                       PHONE                   0124 -4160000
   VERDICT                                                                                             EMAIL         

A GREAT ALL-ROUND DSLR FOR THE                                                                            RATINGS
                                                                                                       BUILD QUALITY

SERIOUS PHOTOGRAPHER.                                                                                  FEATURES
                                                                                                       OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                       VALUE FOR MONEY

                                                                                                 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                09/2011       39


                                                     DELL XCD35
                                                     FOR: Crisp, hi-res display, decent build quality.
                                                     AGAINST: Weak processor, stock UI, sluggish performance.

                                                            he XCD35 doesn’t make a great           some useful apps, such as Documents
                                                            first impression; it looks plasticky     to Go, RemoSync, which helps you
                                                            and a bit cheap, but the build is       connect to Microsoft Exchange Server
                                                     not bad. It features a 3.5-inch capacitive     using ActiveSync protocols, and Dell’s
                                                     touchscreen, and it’s the only Android         U-Connect for Facebook, Twitter and
                                                     phone in this price range to sport a           Yahoo Messenger.
                                                     480x800 pixel resolution. It ships with the       The camera interface is surprisingly
                                                     stock version of Android 2.2 aka Froyo,        slick and packs in lots of options. A little
                                                     but even then, the UI is quite sloppy.         vertical strip of icons gives you quick
                                                     The animations are not smooth and it           access to focus mode, GeoTagging, white
                                                     just feels slow. Go Launcher helps quite       balance and zoom. Indoor picture quality
                                                     a bit, but a lingering sense of lag is still   is average due to the lack of a flash,
                                                     present. Dell gives you two options for        while outdoor pics are somewhat better
                                                     keyboards, the stock Android one and           and the auto-focus helps in capturing
                                                     TouchPal, which offers more settings.          a decent amount of detail. The video
                                                        The stock video player can read             recorder records up to VGA resolution
                                                     MP4/H.264/H.263/AVI files, but even             for a maximum of 30 minutes, and you
                                                     playing standard definition videos was a        can choose from a variety of codecs to
                                                     challenge. The stock audio player is not       encode in. The video output is a little
                                                     great, as it doesn’t offer any sort of sound   jerky but passable.
                                                     enhancement options, and the bundled              The XCD35 packs in a 1250mAh Li-Ion
                                                     earphones are laughable. There’s also          battery, which under regular use, gave us
                                                     FM Radio built-in. The phone supports          about a day and half of battery life. In our
                                                     HSDPA (7.2 Mbps) but no HSUPA. There’s         video drain test, we played back MP4 files
                                                     also EDGE, Wi-Fi b/g and Bluetooth v2.1        in a loop till the phone died. Here, the
                                                     with A2DP support. The A-GPS feature           XCD35 managed 8 hours and 30 minutes,
                                                     works noticeably slower than higher end        which is not bad at all.
                                                     Android handsets. Standard Google apps            At Rs 10,990, the XCD35 is a very
                                                     are preloaded. Browsing is handled by the      tempting proposition, but we still wouldn’t
                                                     stock Android browser. The rendering is        recommend it. The biggest ace up Dell’s
                                                     done well, but once again, the phone is        sleeve is the high resolution screen, which
                                                     plagued by the slower processor. Pages         no phone in this price bracket can match.
   SPECIFICATIONS                                    look good thanks to the great screen, and      The build is quite good as well and feels
Rs 10,990                                            pinch-to-zoom works well as well.              really good in your hand. But the main                                          One major issue as that when the            problem with the XCD35 is the slow
Dimensions (WxHxD): 114 x 56 x 12.2 mm; Weight:      phone is connected to the PC to transfer       processor. The phone is sluggish even
120 g; OS: Android v2.1 Éclair; Processor: ARM 11
                                                     data or to charge, the touch panel stops       when browsing through the menus, and
600 MHz; Memory: 256 MB RAM, 200 MB internal;
Display: 3.5-inch TFT, 480 x 800; Camera: 3.15 MP;   responding, making the phone unusable.         the stock player cannot even handle SD
Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN b/g, Bluetooth,   While Dell hasn’t provided any custom          videos properly.
micro USB; Battery: 1250 mAh.
                                                     UI for the XCD35, they have bundled                                           - Roydon Cerejo
CONTACT                Dell India Pvt Ltd
PHONE                  1800-425-4026
EMAIL                  NA                               VERDICT
                                                     TOO SLUGGISH EVEN FOR AN ENTRY-
                                                     LEVEL ANDROID PHONE.

40      09/2011         INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP
                                                                                                                              TEST CENTER


FOR: Great battery life, good camera, impressive music playback.
AGAINST: Flimsy build, poor video recording.

       he Optimus Black is a good             Being a 3G enabled device, Internet
       looking piece of hardware no           speed is not an issue. Other connectivity
       doubt, but far from sturdy. A          features include Wi-Fi with hotspot
light drop (unintentional, we assure          capabilities, DLNA support, Bluetooth
you) actually chipped off a part of the       with A2DP +EDR, and USB 2.0. With Flash
bezel, but left the Gorilla Glass display     10.3 support, the native browser does a
unscathed. The 4-inch NOVA in-plane           good job both visually and functionally.
switching) capacitive display sports a        LG’s Facebook, MySpace and Twitter
480 x 800-pixel resolution. The phone         apps work just fine, and there’s a widget
is equipped with a 1 GHz Cortex-A8            that integrates all three. The phone
processor and runs on Android 2.2 aka         is equipped with a GPS module, with
Froyo. This is probably the biggest           Google Maps to go with it.
disappointment with the handset. The             The 5 megapixel autofocus camera
device is loaded with LG’s Optimus UI         (with LED flash) has a slew of handy
2.0 UI, which does enhance the overall        features, including face detection, manual
functionality. The UI allows you to create    focus, ISO levels and plenty of shooting
sections so you can categorize your apps.     modes. The lack of a shutter release
   We used J Disk Benchmark to test SD        button, however, was disappointing.
card performance, and recorded read           Image quality was quite good. Although
and write speeds of 3.68 MB/s and 3.23        the depth of colors was just a little off,
MB/s respectively. It might not seem like     image sharpness was good. While the
a lot, but it’s certainly fast enough not     Optimus Black can capture video at 720p,
to be a bottleneck for apps running off       the results aren’t great. Captured videos
your SD card. In the Linpack CPU test,        look like standard 16:9 video squashed
the Optimus Black scored a total of 16.18     down vertically to look like 21:10. The
MFLOPS. These scores aren’t anywhere          1500mAh battery was able to squeeze
close to some of the other dual-core          out a little over a day and a half of heavy
processor phones. Then again, the             usage, which is impressive.                          The 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash is
                                                                                                   capable of capturing video at 720p.
Optimus Black isn’t priced in the same           At an affordable Rs 19,990, the LG
league.                                       Optimus Black is the handset to beat                     SPECIFICATIONS
   We loved the audio output. Music           in this range, and hopefully with the                 Rs 19,990
playback is crisp at higher frequencies       Gingerbread update, it will get even        

and there’s a resounding bass line that       better. If stylish design is important to             Dimensions (WxHxD): 122 x 64 x 9.2 mm; Weight: 109
                                                                                                    g; OS: Android v2.2 Froyo; Processor: 1 GHz Cortex-A8
keeps it all in balance. The EQ presets are   you, then this is a great buy. Just make
                                                                                                    processor, PowerVR SGX530 GPU; Memory: 512 MB
helpful, with the added boost of Dolby        sure you get a good case for it to prevent            RAM, 2 GB internal; Display: 4-inch TFT, 480 x 800;
Surround. It can easily playback 720p         damage if you’re the clumsy type.                     Camera: 5 MP; Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN
                                                                                                    b/g/n, Bluetooth, micro USB; Battery: 1500 mAh.
video files coded in DivX or XviD formats.                                      -Shayne Rana
                                                                                                    CONTACT                LG Electronics
                                                                                                    PHONE                  0120-2560900
   VERDICT                                                                                          EMAIL        

THE SUB-RS 20,000 SMARTPHONE TO                                                                        RATINGS
                                                                                                    BUILD QUALITY

BEAT.                                                                                               FEATURES
                                                                                                    OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                    VALUE FOR MONEY

                                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP              09/2011        41
                                                                                                                                           TEST CENTER


VERDICT: A good phone for audio and video playback.
FOR: Great surround sound speaker quality, sturdy build.
AGAINST: Supports only up to 8 GB of external memory.

         he M30 is a music phone packed                    3.5mm universal audio adapter that lets
         with some handy features targeted                 you use two sets of headphones with the
         at the college-going youth.                       phone. The 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x
The dual-SIM candy bar phone has an                        digital zoom can capture crisp and bright
excellent build quality, with a sturdy                     photos although it lacks a flash for low
plastic and aluminium body and a stylish                   light shots. There is no built-in memory
finish. Up front, it features a 2.2-inch                    to store photos, music or videos, but                 Rs 4,499
(240 x 320 pixels) QVGA IPS screen. It                     the phone comes with a 2 GB memory
                                                                                                                 Dimensions (WxHxD): 45 x 13 x 180 mm; Weight: 116 g;
also packs an onboard Yamaha audio                         card, with support for up to 8 GB. On the             Display: 2.2 in QVGA IPS screen; Camera: 2 megapixels;
system with SRS surround sound, which                      connectivity front, the M30 has a mini                Storage: Micro SD up to 8 GB; Connectivity: Bluetooth,
                                                                                                                 mini USB, GPRS; Functions: FM Radio, MP3 player,
makes it a great phone for listening to                    USB port and is Bluetooth-enabled for                 video playback, scheduled SMS
music and watching videos on-the-go.                       file transfers. The USB port can also be               CONTACT                Lava International
The phone supports a variety of media                      used to connect the phone to your PC                  PHONE                  0120-4637333
file formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI and                      and use it as a webcam or modem. The
RMVB for video and MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV                     phone is lacking when it comes to Internet               RATINGS
                                                                                                                 BUILD QUALITY
and AAC for audio. Other features of the                   connectivity, however, offering only GPRS
M30 include a 2.0 megapixel camera,                        and no support for EDGE or 3G.                        FEATURES
radio, scheduled SMS options, and a                                                 - Kushal Mamoowala           PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                 OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                                 VALUE FOR MONEY


                                                           MAXX MX401
                                                           VERDICT: Great sound suppression and audio quality.
                                                           FOR: Loud and clear audio, crisp display, noise suppression.
                                                           AGAINST: Average ergonomics, slightly sluggish UI.

                                                                  he MX401 hails from from Maxx’s        great with loud and clear audio quality.
                                                                  ‘Khamoshhh’ range, which               Videos are very clear but the playback
                                                                  feature noise cancellation for         frames a bit, making the movie watching
                                                           superior sound quality during voice calls.    experience a bit irritating. The camera too
                                                           The phone features a 2.4-inch screen          was sluggish as the photos get clicked a
                                                           (240x320 pixels), and a 2 megapixel           second or two after the click. The video
                                                           camera. It also features social networking    recording too wasn’t impressive. On the
 Rs 2,650                                         applications for Facebook and Twitter.        other hand, voice call tests were very
 Dimensions (WxHxD): 53 x 118 x 15 mm; Weight: 104         The build quality of the phone is pretty      impressive; calls were very clear, loud and
 g; Display: 2.4 in TFT, 240 x 320 pixels; Network: Dual   good, but the ergonomics of the keypad        the noise cancellation actually worked.
 band, dual SIM GSM; Camera: 2 megapixels; Talk time:
 5 hrs; Standby time: 450 hrs; Battery: Li-ion 1500 mAh.   are disappointing as keying in regular        A direct hot key is available to cancel or
 CONTACT                 MAXX Mobile Communications Ltd    numbers and SMS gets sluggish due to          adjust the noise suppression between
 PHONE                   022-33662222                      the limited spacing between the keys          70% and 100% during a call. If you want a
                                                           even though they are large enough. The        budget dual-SIM mobile phone with basic
    RATINGS                                                display is pretty crisp and clean and         media playback and social networking
                                                           the UI is very easy to navigate, though       features, this phone is a great deal.
 PERFORMANCE                                               with a bit of a lag. Playback of music is                                                   - Francis D’sa

                                                                                                           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP               09/2011         43


                                                      SAMSUNG GT-B7510
                                                      GALAXY PRO
                                                      VERDICT: A great budget smartphone let down by poor battery life.
                                                      FOR: Comfortable, smooth UI, great media features, good camera
                                                      AGAINST: Poor battery life.

                                                             he Galaxy Pro has a 2.8-inch              well balanced and there’s quite a bit of
                                                             capacitive touchscreen and a              bass thrown in. FM radio also performed
   SPECIFICATIONS                                            comfortable and well spaced out           well, and the device can easily play
Rs 13,520                                             full QWERTY keypad. To keep it small, a          H264 MPEG4, 3GP and WMV videos.
                                                      navigation pad has been omitted. Running         The Galaxy Pro offers many connectivity
Dimensions (WxHxD): 108.6 x 66.7 x 10.7 mm; Weight:
                                                      Android 2.2 on an 800MHz processor, the          options, from 3G to Wi-Fi with hot-spot
103 g; OS: Android v2.2 Froyo; Processor: 800 MHz;
Memory: 512 MB internal; Display: 2.8-inch TFT, 320   phone manages to perform well without            creation, plus EDGE/GPRS, Bluetooth with
x 240; Camera: 3.15 MP; Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE,     much lag while multi-tasking. The touch          A2DP and USB 2.0. The 3 megapixel AF
3G, WLAN b/g/n, Bluetooth, micro USB; Battery: 1350
                                                      interface is responsive, so getting around       camera can capture pretty decent images,
CONTACT               Samsung India Electronics
                                                      is a breeze. What’s disappointing is that        and features smile detection, panorama,
PHONE                 0124-4881234                    the Galaxy Pro lacks an indicator to let         geo-tagging, etc. The 1350mAh battery
                                                      you know when there’s a message or               was the biggest let down, requiring a
   RATINGS                                            missed call. Multi-touch functionality is        daily charge. At Rs 8,500, this would’ve
BUILD QUALITY                                         also missing. The music player features          been the perfect budget smartphone,
FEATURES                                              5.1 surround sound and a few EQ presets.         if only it had a better battery.
PERFORMANCE                                           The highs and mid range frequencies are                                                      - Shayne Rana


VERDICT: The ideal choice for building a wireless home network where high
speed is essential.
FOR: Dual band, UPnP server, good build, physical power switch.
AGAINST: No wall mounting, no stand.

           he Linksys E4200 is a classy               lack of a stand also makes it occupy a
           looking wireless router that               substantial amount of desk space. A
           promises to offer ultra-fast data          single USB port provided here allows
throughput to connect to your computer,               the router to be used as a NAS, FTP
Internet-ready TVs, gaming consoles and               server and/or a UPnP server for media
other wireless-enabled devices around                 streaming. All one has to do is connect an
your home or office. The router has a                 external storage and manage the shares                      SPECIFICATIONS
superior build quality with a rugged                  from the firmware. The router operates on                 Rs 9,000
dual-tone shell that has a rubberized                 a simultaneous dual-band N (2.4 GHz and
coating. It has just one indicator on the             5 GHz) along with 3x3 MIMO antennae for                  Dimensions (WxHxD): 225 x 25 x 160 mm; Weight:
                                                                                                               355 g; Standards: 802.11 a/b/g/n; Operating bands:
front in the form of a backlit logo of                superior and reliable network coverage of                2.4 GHz, 5 GHz; Security: WEP, WPA/PSK2, SPI firewall.
Cisco, which helps determine the status               up to 450 Mbps with compatible devices.                  CONTACT                Cisco Consumer Products
of the router. The rear panel features four           One can also create a separate password-                 PHONE                  1800-419-5797
gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed                 protected network for guests. Parental
data transfers with wired peripherals.                controls can also be implemented to                         RATINGS
                                                                                                               BUILD QUALITY
The E4200 does not feature any external               specific computers on the network.
antennae or wall-mounting facilities. A                                               - Francis D’sa           PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                               OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                               VALUE FOR MONEY

44      09/2011         INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

                                                            PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER

                                                           COWON C2
                                                           VERDICT: A fantastic audio player if you can get past the dodgy design and UI.
                                                           FOR: Excellent audio quality, great battery life, easy navigation.
                                                           AGAINST: Not very compact, resistive touchscreen, small UI icons, average video

                                                                  he C2 isn’t exactly a slim PMP, but      isn’t as great. The JetEffect 3.0 settings
                                                                  while the design isn’t extraordinary,    come with 35 presets and 4 user presets,
                                                                  the build quality is top-notch. The      but even without them, audio quality is
                                                           bundled earphones aren’t in-ear, but are        brilliant. The highs aare a bit faint, but
                                                           capable of dishing out clear sound. The         the mids and lows are great. The bass
Rs 7,000                                          interface operates smoothly, but the            feels awesome with just the right level of
Dimensions (WxHxD): 78.7 x 53 x 12.8 mm; Weight: 84        2.6-inch, 320 x 240 pixel screen isn’t too      boom. Features like bookmarks, favorites,
g; Capacity: 4/8/16 GB; Display: 2.6 in, 320x240 pixels;   impressive. Navigation between menus            and A-B Loop enhance the experience.
Memory expansion: microSD; Audio codec: MP3, WMA,
FLAC, OGG, APE, WAV; Video codec: MPEG layer 1/2/3         is fluid and despite being a resistive           The video quality doesn’t quite match
and WMV; Other functions: Photo viewer, FM radio and       touchscreen, it works well. However, the        up, but it does play AVI and WMV files
text viewer                                                navigation buttons are really tiny and not      satisfactorily, as long as they’re short
CONTACT                 Cowon (Lipap Systems Pvt Ltd)
                                                           very responsive. Also, once you dump            clips. FM plays quite clearly too. With
PHONE                   9819917440
EMAIL                            some more media onto the player, it takes       audio playback, the battery lasted about
                                                           a too long to update the database. The          35 hours, which is not bad at all. Priced
                                                           C2 supports a wide range of formats,            at Rs 6,725 for the 4 GB version, the
ERGONOMICS                                                 including MP3, WMA, OGG, APE and                C2 offers sublime audio performance
                                                           FLAC. Since this is primarily an audio          that outweighs its minor quirks.
OVERALL RATING                                             player, video support (AVI, ASF, WMV)                                                       - Ashish Koshy


VERDICT: A good music player as an alternative to the iPod Nano.
FOR: Expandable memory, Bluetooth.
AGAINST: Poor quality display and touch sensitive buttons.

           reative’s Zen Style M300 is a                   memory of 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB, which
           compact and easy to use music                   is further expandable via microSD card,
           player, with a display that is                  and individual touch-sensitive buttons.
slightly larger than that of the iPod Nano.                While the individual touch buttons make
It is a great little player, and serves as                 it easier to use than the Nano, they are
a cheaper alternative to the Nano. The                     not very sensitive and using them takes
M300 is technically a portable media                       a little getting used to. It also packs                 Rs 3,499
player, with its 1.45-inch TFT display                     in FM radio and a built-in microphone
                                                                                                                   Dimensions (WxHxD): 55.2 x 44.2 x 12.6 mm;
and support for transcoded SMV video,                      for voice recording. Creative claims                    Weight: 33 g; Capacity: 4 GB, expandable up to 32GB;
but the tiny screen is not of the greatest                 that the M300 can provide 20 hours of                   Display: 1.45 in TFT; Connectivity: USB 2.0, Bluetooth;
                                                                                                                   Other functions: FM Radio, voice recorder.
quality, so it isn’t ideal for video playback.             battery life. Also, they make navigating
                                                                                                                   CONTACT              Creative Technology
As an audio player, the M300 supports                      through folders a little harder than on                 PHONE                9223101322
MP3, WMA, WAV and AAX file formats                          the Nano. The player comes in four                      EMAIL      

and also works with Audible audio books.                   different colors and there is also a slightly
Where the M300 has an edge over the                        cheaper variant called the M100 for                     BUILD QUALITY
Nano is that it comes with Bluetooth                       those that do not want Bluetooth.
support for wireless headphones, built-in                                            - Kushal Mamoowala            PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                   OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                                   VALUE FOR MONEY

46      09/2011           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

                                                                   PHOTO PRINTER

                                                                  CANON SELPHY
                                                                  FOR: Very convenient, excellent print quality, prints from memory cards
                                                                  and USB flash drives.
                                                                  AGAINST: At least a starter kit should have been bundled.

                                                               he Canon Selphy CP800 is a             number of copies you wish to print. The
                                                               lunchbox-sized 4x6 photo printer       only drawback with the printer was the
                                                               with slots for SD/MMC, Memory          poor quality of the LCD display. Images
                                                        Stick and Compact Flash memory cards          appear unclear due to the low resolution
                                                        and a PictBridge-compliant USB port           and even the colors aren’t accurate.
                                                        that can also read photos from USB               The CP800 uses 4-pass dye-
                                                        flash drives. The CP800 feels sturdy and       sublimation printing technique and
                                                        comes clad in an all-black shell. The         you have to buy kits containing photo
                                                        control panel and a 2.5-inch flip-up LCD       paper and ink cartridges separately. The
                                                        are placed at the top. There’s a Menu         36-photo kit costs Rs 500 and the 108
                                                        button, 5-way d-pad, back button and          photo kit costs Rs 1,250. So the cost
                                                        print button. The settings related to the     per print comes to Rs 14 and Rs 11.6
                                                        printer and photo quality are minimal,        respectively. The ink cassette goes into
                                                        and thanks to the intuitive user interface,   the printer from the side and you have to
                                                        you’ll get familiar with using the printer    load the photo papers into the supplied
                                                        without referring to the user manual.         tray at the front of the printer. When you
                                                           As soon as you plonk in a USB flash         hit Print, the printer pulls in a 4x6 paper
                                                        drive or a memory card, the thumbnails        and prints cyan, magenta, yellow and
                                                        of pictures on the storage device appear      overcoating using one pass for each color.
                                                        on the LCD screen. You can browse             It takes around 54 seconds to print a
                                                        the photos by using the left and right        color or black and white photo.
                                                        buttons, which can be very painful if you        The quality of the prints is excellent
                                                        have hundreds of photos. Under print          and comparable to what photo studios
                                                        settings, you can choose to enable or         deliver. We couldn’t find any fault with
                                                        disable date imprint, image optimization,     the reproduction of colors or details, but
                                                        red eye correction, page border and skin      for good results, your photos should be
The cassette and photo paper have to be purchased       smoothening. Under ‘My Colors’, the color     well exposed. The Selphy CP800 comes
                                                        tone can be set to Vivid, Neutral, Positive   with just a driver disk and printing suite.
                                                        Film, Sepia or Black and White. If you        It would have been nice if Canon had
                                                        wish to print multiple images on a single     included a starter kit as well. This printer
                                                        4x6 sheet, you can change the layout          can also use a battery pack for portability,
                                                        to 2-up, 4-up, 8-up, Index, ID photo or       but that’s an optional accessory, which
Rs 5,295                                         Shuffle. Depending on what you enable,        costs Rs 4,000. For the convenience it
Dimensions (WxHxD): 177 x 68.8 x 134.6 mm;              the icons appear active to the right of       offers and the superior print quality, we
Weight: 940 g; Resolution: 300 dpi; Print technology:   the thumbnail preview. The up and down        give it a thumbs-up.
Dye sublimation.
                                                        buttons on the d-pad are for setting the                                      -Anand Tuliani
CONTACT                 Canon India
PHONE                   0124-4160000
EMAIL                            VERDICT
                                                        GET INSTANT STUDIO QUALITY 4X6
                                                        PHOTOS ANYWHERE.

48       09/2011          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

                                                           INKJET PRINTER

                                                          EPSON L100
                                                          VERDICT: An economical and eco-friendly printer for small and medium sized
                                                          FOR: Huge refillable ink tanks, cheap ink refills, cheap printing costs.
                                                          AGAINST: Average build, ink tanks are not detachable.

                                                                   ne of the world’s first printers          print at resolutions of 5760 x 1440 dpi and
                                                                   with a massive refillable ink             can attain print speeds up to a maximum
                                                                   tank system, Epson claims that           of 17 pages (draft) per minute. The
                                                          the L100 inkjet printer can yield up to           print quality is good, but we were quite
                                                          10,500 pages (4,000 black and 6,500               disappointed with photo printing speeds
   SPECIFICATIONS                                         color) with a full tank. The tanks consist        and quality. A single 4 x 6-inch borderless
Rs 8,999                                                  of four colors (CMYK) and each ink tank           print in best mode took us a whopping                                           refill costs merely Rs 374, which brings           5 minutes 20 seconds. The print quality
Dimensions (WxHxD): 48.7 x 13.5 x 22.6 cm;                an astonishing print economy of 10                was pretty grainy, had a peculiar pinkish
Weight: 2.8 kg; Print resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi;
Interface: USB 2.0; Ink tanks: CMYK; Sheet tray: input-   paise and 20 paise per black and color            tinge and a lack of good contrast, but you
100 sheets, output-50 sheets.                             print respectively. Over a month, that            could look past these issues. This printer
CONTACT                  Epson India                      amounts to huge savings. The printer’s            is greatly beneficial and economical for
PHONE                    080-30515000
                                                          build is average and has a matte-finished          businesses that print large volumes all
                                                          exterior. This is a usual inkjet printer with     month. At an asking price of Rs 8,999, the
   RATINGS                                                an unusual side-carriage, which houses            Epson E100 might seem pricey, but in the
FEATURES                                                  the four ink tanks, and each tank is linked       long run, the savings are much higher.
PERFORMANCE                                               to the print head via pipes. The L100 can                                                     - Francis D’sa


VERDICT: Iomega’s offering seems like it was designed with some neat ideas in
mind, but the final device doesn’t live up to its promise.
FOR: Good support for file formats
AGAINST: Clunky remote and interface, software needs major work.

           he Screenplay DX has a few rough               for instance, instead of requiring the
           edges, but has a lot going for it too.         user to press [Shift] before every
           The unit itself is quite bulky, but is         button press. The software also falls
easy to set up. Iomega includes a Wi-Fi                   short because of the extremely clunky
adapter, which none of its competitors do,                browser and YouTube apps that require
although it’s a mystery why Wi-Fi couldn’t                you to move a mouse cursor around
                                                                                                                   Rs 10,700
have just been built in. Upon first use,                   on screen with the remote, in addition         
you’re guided through a wizard that takes                 to poor sorting and file management                       Dimensions (WxDxH): 200 x 156 x 44 mm;
care of network configuration and basic                    options throughout. We hope these are                    Weight: 1.197 kg; Connectivity: HDMI, Composite,
                                                                                                                   Component, S/PDIF, 3x USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet,
preferences. The QWERTY remote should                     addressed in future software updates.                    Wi-Fi (included); Capacity: 1 TB
have made typing and navigation easy,                     On the bright side, the Screenplay DX                    CONTACT                Iomega
but the buttons are too stiff and you have                handled audio and video files superbly,                   PHONE                  022-40859600
to point it at the receiver carefully or key              even at HD resolutions. It found and
presses don’t register. The software could                played media from network shares and                        RATINGS
have made things easier by defaulting to                  DLNA servers without any problems.
number input while entering IP addresses,                                                 - Jamshed Avari          PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                   OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                                   VALUE FOR MONEY

50       09/2011          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP
                                                                                                                                        TEST CENTER


VERDICT: Well-suited for home theater PCs and casual gaming.
FOR: Low power consumption, uses a single PCIE slot, silent.

           MD recently launched three entry-          design. The rear panel sports D-sub,
           level graphic cards – Radeon HD            HDMI and DVI outputs and the maximum
           6450, 6570 and 6670. All of these          resolution supported by the card is 2560
are tiny, extremely silent and all they need          x 1600 on a single monitor. We plugged
is power from the PCIE x16 slot. The HD               this card into our test rig powered by
6450 and 6570 are ideal for home theater              the Intel Core i7-2600K CPU, 4 GB DDR3
applications, but the HD 6670 has the                 RAM, Intel DZ68DB motherboard and
muscle to run games at full HD resolution,            Plextor PX-256M2S SSD. It logged 1464                        SPECIFICATIONS
albeit with visual effects at a minimum.              points in 3DMark 11. It is just about able                Rs 5,775
The HD 6670 has 480 stream processors                 to run games at 1920x1080 with minimal
                                                                                                                GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6670; Memory: 1024 MB GDDR3;
and the reference core and memory speed               settings. Just Cause 2 and Mafia II ran at                 Memory bus width: 128-bit; Speed: (Core | Memory):
is 800 MHz. This card runs at stock speed             28 fps and Crysis Warhead ran at 59 fps                   800 MHz | 800 MHz; Stream processors: 480; Video
and has 1 GB of GDDR3 memory that is                  in Performance mode. Go for this card                     outputs: Dual-link DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.
                                                                                                                CONTACT              Rashi Peripherals
tied to the GPU with a 128-bit bus. The               only if you need decent gaming in addition
                                                                                                                PHONE                022-40470828
GPU doesn’t demand powerful cooling                   to hardware acceleration for media                        EMAIL      
because it consumes a miniscule amount                processing. If you’re not looking at gaming,
of power. So the heat sink fitted is pretty            the 6570 would be a good option.                          FEATURES
small, which lends the card a single-slot                                             - Anand Tuliani           PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                                VALUE FOR MONEY

                                                       GRAPHICS CARD

                                                      HIS RADEON HD 6870 IceQX
                                                      VERDICT: A negligibly overclocked HD 6870 with a good cooler.
                                                      FOR: Good cooler, silent, good performance.
                                                      AGAINST: Performance similar to a stock HD 6870.

                                                             he HIS Radeon HD 6870 IceQX is             5 MHz and 70 MHz respectively. So
                                                             a factory-overclocked graphics             before putting it to the test, we guessed
                                                             card with a custom cooler with             this card would perform more or less
                                                      which the card runs 15 degrees C cooler           like a stock HD 6870. The card scored
                                                      and 15 dB more silent than the reference          4343 points in 3DMark 11. At 1920x1080
                                                      design. The shell is translucent icy blue         (Enthusiast mode) it reported 37 fps
    SPECIFICATIONS                                    in color. The cooler utilizes a quad heat         in Crysis Warhead (2.5 fps higher than
 Rs 16,000                                            pipe design for effective dissipation of          stock). At the same resolution and with
                                                      heat from the GPU to the heat sink. A 92          effects set to very high, Mafia II ran at
 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870; Memory: 1024 MB GDDR5;      mm fan that sits at the center cools the          53 fps; similar to stock performance.
 Memory bus width: 256-bit; Speed: (Core | Memory):
 920 MHz | 1120 MHz; Stream processors: 1120; Video   heatsink and the hot air is channelled            It would have been nice if HIS had
 outputs: Dual-link DVI, HDMI and Mini DP.            to the rear of the card. The rear panel           pushed the core and memory clocks
 CONTACT              Tirupati Enterprises            sports pairs of DVI and Mini DP ports             higher to raise the performance bar,
 PHONE                9339207519
                                                      and an HDMI port. Factory-overclocked             but nevertheless, this card is still good
                                                      sounds intriguing, but we weren’t too             value for money because it bundles
    RATINGS                                           excited when we learnt that the GPU and           a download coupon for Dirt 3.
 PERFORMANCE                                          memory are overclocked by a measly                                                        - Anand Tuliani

                                                                                                          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP            09/2011         51


                                                          INTEL DESKTOP BOARD
                                                          VERDICT: Latest chipset with a minimal feature set.
                                                          FOR: Good performance, video outputs, Virtu support.
                                                          AGAINST: No all-solid capacitors, no multi-GPU support.

                                                                 he DZ68DB is an entry level               with the video outputs, you’ll find six USB
                                                                 motherboard based on the Intel            2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a FireWire
                                                                 Z68 chipset. Although the chipset         port, an eSATA port and 8-channel audio
                                                          is powerful, the board has only a handful        jacks. Four on-board USB 2.0 headers can
                                                          of features. While most other brands             be used to add ports to case bezel. Due
Rs 9,000                                             offer all-solid capacitors and multi-GPU         to the minimal features, the components
Chipset: Intel Z68 Express; CPU socket: LGA 1155;         support, the DZ68DB only has a single            used in construction are few and hence
RAM: DDR3-1333 (32 GB max); Video outputs: DVI, DP        PCIE x16 slot for a discrete graphics card,      well-spread out. Performance is at par
and HDMI; Expansion slots: 1x PCIE x16, 2x PCIE x1
and 3x PCI; SATA 3 Gb/s | 6 Gb/s: 3 | 2; USB 2.0 | 3.0:   two PCIE x1 slots, and three PCI slots.          with mainstream boards, but don’t
14 (eight via headers) | 2; Other features: Gigabit       The on-die GPU of the processor can be           expect fancy features such as provision
Ethernet, 8-ch audio and eSATA.                           utilized thanks to the provision of video        for extreme overclocking. If you’re willing
CONTACT                 Ingram Micro India
                                                          outputs (DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI). The         to stretch your budget, go for the Asus
PHONE                   022-39894645
EMAIL                   board supports Virtu, which allows you           P8Z68-V or the Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P.
                                                          to harness the power of the integrated           If you’re on a tight budget, the Gigabyte
FEATURES                                                  graphics for media processing despite            Z68AP-D3 is a better deal.
PERFORMANCE                                               a discrete graphics card installed. Along                                                  - Anand Tuliani


VERDICT: Great for overclocking and high-end gaming PCs.
FOR: Easy installation, silent, supports Intel and AMD platforms.

           he extra cooling that liquid                   in the unit that sits on top of the CPU.
           cooling delivers over air cooling              All you have to do is fit the pump, which
           is conducive to overclocking, cuts             has a copper base, onto the CPU, and
down the whirring of the CPU fan and                      mount the cooler onto the rear or top grill
lowers temperatures in high-end PCs. The                  of your PC case. Before mounting the
Corsair Hydro H80 is a liquid cooler that                 radiator, you have to fasten the bundled
supports a variety of Intel and AMD CPU                   120 mm fans to either side in a push-
                                                                                                                   Rs 5,999
sockets. The mounting hardware includes                   pull manner. The fans connect to the           
a bracket each for both the platforms                     terminals on the pump and their speed                    Radiator dimensions (WxHxD): 120 x 150 x 38 mm;
and screws to fasten the cooler onto                      can be controlled using the big button                   CPU socket support: Intel LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366
                                                                                                                   and AMD socket AM2 and AM3; Fan size: 120 mm; Fan
the CPU. The H80 isn’t a modular liquid                   at the center. The cooler draws power                    speed: 1300 to 2500 rpm; Fan airflow: 46 to 92 CFM.
cooling kit wherein you have to cut the                   from a 4-pin Molex connector. There’s                    CONTACT               Corsair
pipes to the desired length, interconnect                 also a connector for using the Corsair                   PHONE                 1800-425-5464
the radiator and the pump and then pour                   Link, which is sold separately. It allows
the liquid into the radiator. This one’s a                monitoring temperatures, setting user                       RATINGS
                                                                                                                   BUILD QUALITY
ready unit with coolant already present in                profiles, and controlling case lighting.
a closed circuit loop. The pump is housed                                                - Anand Tuliani           PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                   OVERALL RATING
                                                                                                                   VALUE FOR MONEY

52      09/2011           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

 SPEAKER                                                       BLUETOOTH HEADSET                                               3G ROUTER

X-MINI WAVE                                                   PLANTRONICS VOYAGER                                             D-LINK LE PETIT
VERDICT: A highly portable, battery-
                                                              PRO UC                                                          ROUTER
powered speaker with wesome audio
performance.                                                  VERDICT: A professional multi-point                             VERDICT: A smart router-modem combo
FOR: Small form factor, excellent audio                       Bluetooth headset for simultaneous PC                           the size of a standard pen drive.
quality, good battery life.                                   and mobile use.                                                 FOR: Small size, can be powered by a USB
AGAINST: A tad expensive.                                     FOR: Built-in sensor for wearing states,                        adapter.
                                                              dual-mic for noise cancellation.                                AGAINST: Very expensive.
                                                              AGAINST: In-ear rubber buds not
   SPECIFICATIONS                                                SPECIFICATIONS                                                  SPECIFICATIONS
Rs 3,090                                                      Rs 8,000                                                        Rs 7,299                                                                

Dimensions (WxH): 49.2 x 62.3 mm; Weight: 98.6 g;             Weight: 17.5 g; Audio: Dual mic with noise cancellation;        Dimensions (WxHxD): 90 x 11 x 28 mm; Weight: g;
Power output: 2.5 Watt; Freq response: 110Hz – 18 KHz;        Connection: Multi-point Bluetooth, up to 30 feet; Battery:      Modes: Modem, router; Wireless standards: 802.11 b/g/n-150;
Playback time: up to 8 hrs; Battery: 400 mAh.                 5 days standby, 6 hrs talk time.                                Interface: USB 2.0.
CONTACT                ACCESS                                 CONTACT                 Plantronics                             CONTACT                D-Link
PHONE                  022-23840789                           PHONE                   0124-4105192                            PHONE                  022-29215700
EMAIL                       EMAIL                    EMAIL        

   RATINGS                                                       RATINGS                                                         RATINGS
BUILD QUALITY                                                 BUILD QUALITY                                                   BUILD QUALITY
FEATURES                                                      FEATURES                                                        FEATURES
PERFORMANCE                                                   PERFORMANCE                                                     PERFORMANCE
OVERALL RATING                                                OVERALL RATING                                                  OVERALL RATING
VALUE FOR MONEY                                               VALUE FOR MONEY                                                 VALUE FOR MONEY

T    his mono capsule speaker has a
     built-in 400 mAh battery that can
be fully charged in just 2.5 hours and
                                                              T     he Voyager Pro UC is a multi-
                                                                    point A2DP Bluetooth headset
                                                              that can be simultaneously used with
                                                                                                                              T    he Le Petit router is the size of a
                                                                                                                                   conventional USB flash drive and
                                                                                                                              underneath the hood lays a 3G modem
can entertain you for almost eight                            the PC and your mobile phone. The                               and Wireless N-150 router. It has a
hours. It features a built-in digital FM                      pre-paired micro USB dongle can be                              USB interface and can be used as a 3G
tuner with a miniature LCD screen for                         connected to a USB 2.0 port of any PC.                          modem. One flick of the switch on the
channel details. The Wave features                            It enables you to automatically switch                          side changes the device’s functionality
BXS (Bass Xpansion System) for                                between your PC audio and mobile                                from a modem into a wireless N-150
additional bass output. The Buddy                             phone voice call. A built-in sensor                             router. You can also power it via a
Jack audio out can be daisy-chained to                        automatically enables the Bluetooth                             standard USB adapter as the power
other X-Mini speakers for simultaneous                        link when it detects that it has been                           requirement is just 5 Volts. The device
audio output. The audio test was a                            worn. It has a dual-mic for active noise                        is compatible with 3.75 G HSUPA
fantastic experience and along with                           cancellation and talk time of almost six                        networks and is backward compatible
its portability, it is definitely worth a                      hours. The audio quality is great and                           with HSDPA, UTMS, EDGE and GPRS.
buy. We did find a glitch though; when                         it fits snugly on either ear. A software                         All you need is a standard 3G SIM
switched to radio mode, the audio                             download from the manufacturer’s                                card a one-time router configuration.
input from the jack did not cut off.                          site helps update profiles with settings                         It has a built-in ROM, which has the
Bundled along is a carry case and USB                         such as sensor or wearing states,                               required drivers and software. It is an
cable with an audio in-line jack, which                       PC and mobile ringtones, and also                               excellent device if you need an Internet
helps charge/power the device.                                updates on battery status.                                      access point when on the move.
                                             - Francis D’sa                                                  - Francis D’sa                                                     - Francis D’sa

54      09/2011          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

 SD CARD                                                            USB FLASH DRIVE                                       EXTERNAL STORAGE

SANDISK 32GB SDHC                                                  OM NANOTECH ZIPMEM                                    WD MY BOOK
UHS-I                                                              ZU10M13                                               ESSENTIAL 3 TB
VERDICT: An expensive, high-                                       VERDICT: A good choice for transferring               VERDICT: Great for backing up large
performance card ideal for professional                            large files like hi-res Blu-ray movie rips.            amounts of data at zippy transfer speeds.
photographers.                                                     FOR: Free password protection software.               FOR: High speed data transfer, large
FOR: Great read and write speeds, built                            AGAINST: Bulky build.                                 storage capacity.
to last.                                                                                                                 AGAINST: Glossy exterior.
AGAINST: Expesive.
   SPECIFICATIONS                                                     SPECIFICATIONS                                        SPECIFICATIONS
Rs 12,499                                                          Rs 600                                                Rs 10,999                                                                   

Capacity: 32 GB; Class: 1; Durability: Shock proof, water proof,   Dimensions (WxHxD): 55 x 18 x 9 mm; Weight: 14.5 g;   Dimensions (WxHxD): 48 x 165 x 135 mm; Weight: 1.18 kg;
temperature proof, X-ray proof.                                    Capacity: 10 GB; Interface: USB 2.0.                  Capacity: 3 TB; Interface: USB 3.0, USB 2.0.
CONTACT                  SanDisk                                   CONTACT                Om Nanotech                    CONTACT               Western Digital
PHONE                    022-67090886                              PHONE                  0120-2460008                   PHONE                 9880293193
EMAIL                              EMAIL                   EMAIL       

   RATINGS                                                            RATINGS                                               RATINGS
BUILD QUALITY                                                      BUILD QUALITY                                         BUILD QUALITY
ERGONOMICS                                                         FEATURES                                              FEATURES
FEATURES                                                           PERFORMANCE                                           PERFORMANCE
PERFORMANCE                                                        OVERALL RATING                                        OVERALL RATING
OVERALL RATING                                                     VALUE FOR MONEY                                       VALUE FOR MONEY

S     anDisk claims that the Extreme
      Pro SDHC UHS-I is shockproof,
waterproof and X-ray proof, and that
                                                                   Z    ipMem range of pen drives features
                                                                        odd capacities of 6 GB and 10 GB.
                                                                   The 10 GB pen drive shows a capacity
                                                                                                                         T    he My Book Essential 3 TB is a
                                                                                                                              splendid option for those looking
                                                                                                                         for immense storage space for
it can achieve 45 MB/s transfer rates                              of 10.55 GB, which is strangely larger                backups. The drive offers a speedy
with UHS-I-enabled cameras. The                                    than the stated size. Most standard pen               data transfer rate using the USB 3.0
UHS Speed Class 1 video class lets it                              drives have capacities in the power of                interface. It boasts superior build
record 1080p videos and 3D content.                                2, but the manufacturer argues that the               quality, but the high-gloss exterior can
While using it with the Canon EOS                                  non-standard size is an advantage as                  be ruined by fingerprints and scratches.
600D, we noticed that continuous                                   they can store 4.4 GB and 8 GB hi-res                 The drive performs pretty well thanks
shooting was possible for well over                                movie rips from DVDs or Blu-ray discs                 to its USB 3.0 interface. We recorded
20 pictures. This shows high write                                 that their 4 GB and 8 GB counterparts                 read and write speeds of 124 MB/s and
speeds during photography. Average                                 cannot. The drive showed a competitive                75 MB/s respectively when tested using
read speeds of 26.78 MB/s were                                     read speed of 17.4 MB/s and a write                   a single 4 GB file. Transferring assorted
recorded, and the random access                                    speed of 8.1 MB/s when writing a single               files amounting to 4 GB showed read
time was 1.8 ms, which is very good.                               1 GB file. The pen drive also supports                 and write speeds of 95 MB/s and
The single file copy recorded at 14.25                              partitioning with up to 4 partitions -                55 MB/s respectively. The maximum
MB/s, while the multiple files copied                               one read-only partition, two read/write               average read and write speeds using
at 12.06 MB/s. The transfer rates                                  partitions, and one hidden partition,                 the USB 2.0 interface were around
from the card to the HDD were a lot                                all of which you can secure with the                  19 MB/s and 24 MB/s respectively.
quicker - 26.25 MB/s for the single file,                           free password protection software                     Bundled along is WD SmartWare, which
and 23.95 MB/s for multiple files.                                  from the manufacturer’s website.                      is a fully automated backup utility.
                                           - Aaron Almeida                                          - Kushal Mamoowala                                              - Francis D’sa

56       09/2011          INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP

               LEAN &
                    Don’t underestimate the capabilities of these ultra-slim
                    machines. Some are more powerful than your desktop
                    PC. Would you want one as your travel companion?

                                                                                                 APPLE MACBOOK PRO

                                                                                                   WEIGHT: 1.36 KG

                                                                                                    TOSHIBA PORTEGE R700

                                                                                                       WEIGHT: 1.46 KG

                                                                                                      SONY VAIO SA26GG

                                                                                                        WEIGHT: 1.61 KG

                                                                                                   LENOVO THINKPAD X1

                                                                                                      WEIGHT: 1.75 KG

                                                                                                        ASUS U36S

                                                                                                      WEIGHT: 1.90 KG

                                                                                                   ACER TIMELINE 5830TG

                                                                                                      WEIGHT: 2.49 KG

                                                                                           TOTAL WEIGHT: 10.57 KGS

58   09/2011   INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                  Joshua Navalkar   SMS us!   Story code: TPS to 51818
                                                                                                                    TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                  LAPTOP COMPARISON

                                                                                             TEST PROCESS
                                                                                             The evaluation of the laptops in this
                                                                                             roundup consisted of five sections -
                                                                                             Features, Build quality, Ergonomics,
                                                                                             Performance and Warranty.
                                                                                                In Features, we noted important
                                                                                             characteristics such as the hardware
                                                                                             configuration - processor, chipset,
                                                                                             graphics, memory, storage, and display.

     eaner manufacturing processes and         the performance of high-end laptops in        We then noted other features, like as
     new microarchitecture bring new           unbelievably slim shells. These laptops       I/O ports such as USB, eSATA and
     features and improved performance         cater to those who need tremendous            Firewire, video interfaces, pointing
to the table. In the case of laptops, it       performance and good battery life while       devices, webcam specs, networking
translates to better battery life and          on the move.                                  interfaces, optical drives, operating
leaner designs. The latest generation             The incredible designs that some           system, etc. The weight of each laptop
Sandy Bridge and ultra-low voltage             models sported dazzled us. The Sony           was also an important factor.
(ULV) processors require less cooling,         Vaio SA26GG, the Lenovo Thinkpad X1              The Build Quality section is vital as it
due to which they can be incorporated          and the Apple Macbook Pro were show-          determines the durability of the laptop.
into ultra-compact notebooks. And              stoppers. The Vaio SA26GG weighs              Parameters include the quality of the
what you get is a mighty road warrior          a little more than 1.5 kg, but it can         chassis, screen frame, hinges, keyboard,
that won’t succumb to demanding                easily outperform an average desktop          buttons and switches. We also looked
applications.                                  PC with its superior feature set. The         for scratch-resistant exteriors, use
   Manufacturers have various                  Lenovo Thinkpad X1 won’t go kaput if          of metal, and the battery retention
approaches to formulating ultra-               you accidentally spill any liquid over its    mechanism. Lastly, scores were given
compact notebooks. The most cost               keyboard. It features a spill-proof design    to the aesthetics of each laptop.
effective models feature 12.1 or 13.3-inch     that drains out liquid from the vents at         Ergonomics is critical when using a
displays and are based on the Intel Atom       the bottom. Last but not the least, who       laptop. This section analyzes essential
or the AMD Brazos platform. These              wouldn’t want to own a Macbook Pro?           elements such as the keyboard’s keys
are essentially netbooks with larger           It exudes class in its very design, and       and layout, the pointing device and its
displays. Moving up the performance            doesn’t compromise on any aspect – it’s       buttons, status indicators, hotkeys, etc.
ladder, next come models based on ULV          powerful, extremely comfortable to use           For Performance, we ran exhaustive
processors. These laptops are a lot more       and looks gorgeous.                           synthetic and real-world tests on each
powerful than netbooks, but slightly              In this roundup of slim laptops,           laptop. The synthetic tests helped
weaker than most entry-level laptops           we tested seven models by the top             analyze the core components, such
powered by Intel Pentium P6200. ULV            brands, each featuring a different design     as the processor, memory, storage
processors are clocked at lower speeds         and catering to a different audience.         and the GPU. For these tests, we used
and compromise on performance to offer         Depending on your needs and budget,           SiSoft Sandra 2011, PCMark Vantage,
marathon battery life while not being          opt for the one that suits you best. But      CineBench R11.5 and The real-
too underpowered. The most powerful            before you delve into our exhaustive          world tests helped us quite accurately
of the lot are models based on Intel           table to base your decision, here’s a         reflect the actual performance
Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs. They pack            synopsis of how we tested each model.         of the laptop. These included file
                                                                                             compression test using assorted files,
                                                                                             video encoding of a 60-second MPEG
                                                                                             clip, ray-tracing of an image, and file
                                                                                             transfer speeds. Lastly, we analyzed
                                                                                             the quality and output of the built-in
                                                                                             speakers. We also ran a test to get an
                                                                                             idea of the maximum battery life under
                                                                                             minimum and maximum loads.
                                                                                                The Warranty section evaluates the
                                                                                             amount of support (in years) provided
                                                                                             by the manufacturer of each laptop.
                                                                                                The Best Value award was
                                                                                             awarded to the laptop that offered
                                                                                             a good balance of all these above
A switch for Stamina and Speed helps toggle    Seen here are additional features such as     characteristics at an attractive price.
between performance mode and battery saving.   multimedia hotkeys and a biometric scanner.

                                                                                             INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011    59

                                                                  ACER TIMELINE 5830TG

                                                                         he Acer Timeline 5830TG took            is not user-replaceable. On the ergonomic

EXCELLENTLY                                                              home the title of Best Value
                                                                         simply because it offers the
                                                                                                                 front, the Timeline does pretty well. The
                                                                                                                 keyboard and numeric keypad along

CRAFTED FOR                                                       greatest blend of features at the lowest
                                                                  retail price. The laptop is built using an
                                                                                                                 with large and highly tactile keys makes
                                                                                                                 working on the laptop feel similar to

PORTABILITY                                                       Intel Core i5-2410M processor with 3 MB
                                                                  L3 Cache clocked at 2.3 GHz (factory
                                                                                                                 working on a desktop PC. The USB ports,
                                                                                                                 display interfaces, Ethernet port, optical

                                                                  overclocked with Turbo Boost up to 2.9         drive and card reader are neatly placed
                                                                  GHz). It also features 3 GB of DDR3 RAM,       around the shell and are easy to access.
                                                                  640 GB of storage space, and a discrete           When tested for its performance, The
COMFORT OF A                                                      Nvidia GT 540M graphics processor with
                                                                  1 GB of video RAM. A full-sized keyboard
                                                                                                                 Acer Timeline scored the third best in
                                                                                                                 the category, defeated by the Lenovo
DESKTOP PC.                                                       with a numeric pad along with a fairly
                                                                  large 15.6-inch display screen promises a
                                                                                                                 Thinkpad X1 by a miniscule two points.
                                                                                                                 The battery life is pretty decent, with 6.5
                                                                  comfortable working environment while          hours of regular usage and almost two
                                                                  on the move. Other features include three      hours on a full load. If you are on a low
                                                                  USB 2.0 ports on the right side and one        budget and looking for a decent ultra-
Rs 42,229                                                         USB 3.0 port and an HDMI port on the           portable laptop that you would like to lug
Dimensions (WxHxD): 378 x 32 x 250 mm; Weight: 2.49 Kg;           left side. A DVD writer completes the          around, but also want the features and
Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M; Memory: 3 GB DDR3; Storage:
640 GB; Graphics: Nvidia GT 540M; Display: 15.6-inch; Operating   hardware requirements and Windows 7            comfort of a desktop PC, then the Acer
system: Windows 7 Home Premium.                                   Home Premium is pre-installed on the           Timeline 5830TG would be an excellent
CONTACT                Acer India                                 laptop as the operating system.                option. But if you need a highly portable
PHONE                  080-39408700
EMAIL                               The Timeline has great build quality        laptop with a sleek design and ferocious
                                                                  and has durable and firm screen hinges,         performance, the Sony VAIO SA26GG is
   RATINGS                                                        but the display doesn't fold out to a          a great laptop, but it will set you back a
FEATURES                                                          180 degree angle. The keyboard has             good Rs 1.3 lakh.
ERGONOMICS                                                        well-spaced tactile keys. The only two         FOR: Large keyboard, big display, good
OVERALL RATING                                                    downsides are that though it is pretty         audio quality, decent performance,
VALUE FOR MONEY                                                   slim, it still weighs 2.5 kg and the battery   AGAINST: Bulky.

60      09/2011       INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP
                                                                                                                                TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                             LAPTOP COMPARISON


   ntel Core i7 CPU, 8 GB of RAM,             toggle backlight – you have to use the
   four 64 GB SSDs in RAID and 1 GB
   dedicated graphics. It sounds like a
                                              Vaio Control Center app accessible via
                                              a hotkey. Similarly, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi     AN EXTREMELY
configuration of a powerful desktop PC,
but everything is squeezed into a slick
                                              can be toggled only via an app in the
                                              system tray. The trackpad and buttons are    POWERFUL
ultra-portable form weighing only 1.6 kg.
Many ultra-portable laptops exclude an
                                              comfortably large, but the buttons need
                                              to be pressed slightly hard.                 LAPTOP FOR
                                                                                           POWER USERS
optical drive due to the limitation of the       The performance of this laptop is
form factor, but the Sony Vaio VPC-           beyond excellent. With AMD Radeon
SA26GG also manages to accommodate            HD 6630M graphics, you can even play
a DVD writer. With four high-speed SSDs
striped together, the read and write
                                              games at the native resolution with
                                              visual effects slightly lowered. There’s a
                                                                                           WHO ARE ALWAYS
speeds are blazingly fast. At over 500
MB/s, it took less than 10 seconds to
                                              switch above the keyboard for switching
                                              between the on-die Intel HD graphics
                                                                                           ON THE MOVE.
read and write 4 GB of data. Applications     and discrete graphics. On a full charge,
launch almost instantly and Windows           the laptop survived for 7 hours with
7 boots up in less than 15 seconds. The       light load (Web browsing and word
13.3-inch display is not the standard         processing) and slightly more than an
                                                                                           Rs 1,29,900
                                                                                           Dimensions (WxHxD): 332 x 25 x 225 mm; Weight: 1.6 Kg;
1366x768 pixel panel. It sports a native      hour under heavy load.
                                                                                           Processor: Intel Core i7-2620M; Memory: 8 GB DDR3; Storage: 256
resolution of 1440x900 pixels. While             If you don’t have the budget to own       GB SSD; Graphics: AMD HD 6630M; Display: 13.3-inch; Operating
the images and text look crisp, users         this baby, you can look at the Vaio SB,      system: Windows 7 Pro.
with farsightedness might find reading         which features similar design but a less     CONTACT                Sony India
                                                                                           PHONE                  1800-103-7799
fine text difficult unless the text size is    powerful configuration (Core i3, 4 GB         EMAIL        
changed in Windows Display Settings.          RAM, AMD HD 5470 graphics and 500 GB
   The Vaio scores high on aesthetics, but    hard disk) and costs just Rs 47,990.
                                                                                           BUILD QUALITY
at the same time, it feels quite delicate.    FOR: Powerful configuration, optical          FEATURES
The island-type keyboard is backlit and       drive, excellent design, high resolution
the keys are large, with good tactile feel.   display.                                     OVERALL RATING
There is no hotkey or key combination to      AGAINST: Feels delicate.                     VALUE FOR MONEY

                                                                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                 09/2011      61

         PERSONAL TAKE                                                                                                        1                                               2

                                                      NAME                                                                    SONY VAIO SA26GG                                LENOVO THINKPAD X1
                                                      Contact                                                                 Sony India                                       Lenovo India
                ANAND TULIANI                         Phone                                                                   1800-103-7799                                   080-30533192
 I wouldn’t want to blow all my money on a            Price*                                                                  Rs. 129,900                                     Rs. 85,000
 laptop, but spending a few thousand extra for        OVERALL
 portability is acceptable. My personal favorite      Features (30%)                                                                                          85                                      64

 in this roundup is the slim and svelte Asus          Build quality (10%)                                                                                78                                                      90

 U36s. Intel Core i3-2310M along with 4 GB of         Ergonomics (15%)                                                                                   78                                                 84

 RAM and 500 GB hard drive should pack                Performance (40%)                                                                                            93                                 64

 adequate power for my needs. The only                Warranty & support (5%)                                                               33                                           33

 drawback is the lack of an optical drive, plus at                                                                             0                 50                     100    0                 50                   100

 1.9 kg, it’s a tad heavy, considering other          Overall (out of 100)                                                    83.85                                           68.05
 models weigh less than 1.5 kg. If I had the          Value for money                                                         2                                               2.5
 money, I would settle for the Macbook Pro. It’s      FEATURES
 built solidly, looks awesome and performs            Dimensions | Weight                                                     332 x 25 x 225 mm | 1.61 Kg                     333 x 25 x 231 mm | 1.75 Kg
 brilliantly. The Sony Vaio SA26GG tops the           Processor                                                               Intel Core i7-2620M, 2.7 GHz, 4 MB Cache        Intel Core i5-2420M, 2.5 GHz, 3 MB Cache
 performance chart with its unbelievable              Memory                                                                  8 GB DDR3                                       4 GB DDR3
 feature set, but it feels very light and feeble.     Storage                                                                 256 GB,SSD, NA                                  320 GB,HDD, 7200 RPM
 We handled it with extreme care, fearing             Graphics                                                                AMD HD 6630M, 1 GB                              Intel HD
 something would go wrong with it. If you’re an       Display                                                                 13.3-inch, 1440x900, Matte finish               13.3-inch, 1366x768, Matte finish
 extremely careful user, who likes pampering          Video outputs                                                           D-sub + HDMI                                    D-sub + miniDP + HDMI
 delicate gadgets, go for it.                         Mouse type | Webcam | Optical drive                                     ✔ | 1.6 MP | ✔                                  ✔ | 1.3 MP | ✖
                                                      FireWire | eSATA                                                        ✖|✖                                             ✖|✖
                                                      USB 2.0 | USB 3.0                                                       2|1                                             1|1
                                                      Ethernet | Wi-fi | Bluetooth                                            Gigabit | ✔ | ✔                                 Gigabit | ✔ | ✔
                                                      Replaceable battery | Fingerprint sensor                                ✖|✔                                             ✖|✔
                                                      Operating system                                                        Windows 7 Professional                          Windows 7 Professional
                                                      BUILD QUALITY
                   FRANCIS D'SA                       Quality **: Chassis | Screen frame | Hinges                             4 | 3 | 2.5                                     5|5|5
                                        Keyboard | Buttons and switches                          5|5                                             5|5
 Opting for an ultra-portable laptop is certainly     Battery retention mechanism ** | Scratch resistant body                 5|✔                                             5|✔
 dicey, as everyone would like a laptop that is       Use of metal in construction | Aesthetic appeal **                      ✖|5                                             ✖|5
 as slim and light as possible. But since the         ERGONOMICS
 manufacturers find it very difficult to integrate    Keys **: Size | Spacing | Tactility                                     5 | 5 | 4.5                                     5|5|5
 all the features in the smallest space available,    Regular sized: Enter key | Shift key                                    ✔|✔                                             ✔|✔
 there are bound to be compromises. For               Numeric pad | LED status indicators                                     ✖ | Wi-fi                                       ✖ | Bluetooth + Wi-fi
 example, a smaller form factor and smaller           Touchpad buttons **: Size | Tactility | Placement                       3 | 2.5 | 4                                     5|4|4
 display sometimes comes at the cost of the           Dedicated switches: Wi-fi / BT | Volume control | Disable touchpad      ✔|✖|✔                                           ✔|✔|✖
 optical drive, which is not cool. Also, there are    No of hotkeys | 180-degree screen foldout                               2|✖                                             2|✔
 often issues with the integrated (non user-          PERFORMANCE
 replaceable) battery. Finally, the slick design      Synthetic tests:
 makes these laptops expensive for the specs            SiSoft Sandra 2011: CPU Multimedia | Mem bandwidth | HDTV transcode   111 Mpix/s | 17.7 GB/s | 538 KB/s               104.32 Mpix/s | 9 GB/s | 480 KB/s
 they pack in. The Sony Vaio SA26GG is                  PCMark Vantage: Overall | Memory | Gaming | Productivity | HDD        11723 | 5586 | 8355 | 13210 | 17336             7411 | 4209 | 4126 | 6597 | 4246
 definitely a laptop to drool over. It proved to        Cinebench R11.5 | (32MB Dict)                                   3.12 Pts | 9168 MIPS                            2.87 Pts | 8334 MIPS
 be the best performer in the group (thanks to        Real-world tests:
 the SSD storage clubbed in RAID) and it’s              File compression | Video Encoding | Ray tracing                       64 sec | 58 sec | 35.85 sec                     71 sec | 62 sec | 38.33 sec
 almost the lightest too, but it is simply too          File transfer test (avg): Linear | Random                             806.8 MB/s | 502.5 MB/s                         81.32 MB/s | 47.45 MB/s
 expensive. If price is a concern, and you don’t        Audio: Volume | Quality **                                            4|3                                             4|4
 mind a 2.5 kg PC on your lap, the third best           Battery life: Min load | Max load                                     7 hrs 6 min | 1 hr 12 Min                       4 hrs 53 min | 47 min
 performer, the Acer Timeline 5830TG, should          WARRANTY
 definitely be the first on your list.                Warranty period                                                         1 year                                          1 year
                                                     ** Scores our of 5           * Prices are indicative and are subject to change, taxes extra.

62     09/2011     INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                         Joshua Navalkar
                                                                                                                                                                                                      TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                                                                                                  LAPTOP COMPARISON

3                                                   4                                             5                                            6                                                7

ACER TIMELINE 5830TG                                TOSHIBA PORTEGE R700                          APPLE MACBOOK PRO                            ASUS U36S                                        LENOVO IDEAPAD U260
Acer India                                          Toshiba India                                 Apple India                                  ASUS Technology                                   Lenovo India
080-39408700                                        0124-4996600                                  080-25744646                                 022-67668800                                     080-30533192                                                          
Rs. 42,229                                          Rs. 75,485                                    Rs. 84,900                                   Rs. 55,299                                       Rs. 44,990

                               69                                               73                                          61                                             60                                        55

                                         84                                          78                                                100                                           86                                        74

                                    79                                            76                                        61                                                  76                                        59

                          62                                          47                                                    59                                        54                                   29

              33                                                                          100                 33                                               33                                           33

  0                  50                       100     0                    50               100     0                  50                100     0                    50                  100     0                  50                100

67.40                                               64.90                                         62.70                                        61.25                                            46.00
5                                                   3                                             2.5                                          3.5                                              3.5

378 x 32 x 250 mm | 2.49 Kg                         316 x 25.7 x 227 mm | 1.46 Kg                 325 x 24.1 x 227 mm | 1.36 Kg                330 x 28 x 240 mm | 1.9 Kg                       318 x 18 x 204.5 mm | 1.38 Kg
Intel Core i5-2410M, 2.3 GHz, 3 MB Cache            Intel Core i5-460M, 2.53 GHz, 3 MB Cache      Intel Core i7-2620M, 2.7 GHz, 4 MB Cache     Intel Core i3-2310M, 2.1 GHz, 3 MB Cache         Intel Core i3-U380, 1.33 GHz, 3 MB Cache
3 GB DDR3                                           3 GB DDR3                                     4 GB DDR3                                    3 GB DDR3                                        4 GB DDR3
640 GB,HDD, 5400 RPM                                500 GB,HDD, 5400 RPM                          500 GB,HDD, 5400 RPM                         500 GB,HDD, 5400 RPM                             320 GB,HDD, 5400 RPM
Nvidia GT 540M, 1 GB                                Intel HD                                      Intel HD                                     Intel HD                                         Intel HD
15.6-inch, 1366x768, Glossy finish                  13.3-inch, 1366x768, Glossy finish            13.3-inch, 1366x768, Glossy finish           13.3-inch, 1366x768, Glossy finish               12.5-inch, 1366x768, Matte finish
D-sub + HDMI                                        D-sub + HDMI                                  Thunderbolt                                  D-sub + HDMI                                     D-sub + HDMI
✔ | 1.3 MP | ✔                                      ✔ | 1.3 MP | ✔                                ✔ | 1.3 MP | ✔                               ✔ | 0.6 MP | ✖                                   ✔ | 0.3 MP | ✖
✖|✖                                                 ✔|✔                                           ✔|✖                                          ✖|✖                                              ✖|✖
3|1                                                 3|0                                           2|0                                          2|1                                              2|0
Gigabit | ✔ | ✔                                     Gigabit | ✔ | ✔                               Gigabit | ✔ | ✔                              Gigabit | ✔ | ✔                                  Gigabit | ✔ | ✔
✖|✖                                                 ✔|✔                                           ✖|✖                                          ✔|✖                                              ✔|✖
Windows 7 Home Premium                              Windows 7 Professional                        Mac OS X Lion                                Windows 7 Professional                           Win 7 Home Premium

5 | 4 | 4.5                                         4.5 | 3.5 | 4                                 5|5|5                                        5 | 4.5 | 4.5                                    5|3|3
4.5 | 5                                             5|5                                           5|5                                          5|5                                              5|3
5|✔                                                 4|✔                                           5|✔                                          5|✔                                              3|✔
✖ | 4.5                                             ✖|4                                           ✔|5                                          ✖ | 4.5                                          ✖|4

5|5|4                                               4|5|4                                         5|5|5                                        4.5 | 5 | 4.5                                    2.5 | 2.5 | 4.5
✔|✔                                                 ✔|✔                                           ✔|✔                                          ✔|✔                                              ✔|✔
✔ | Wi-fi                                           ✖ | BT + Wi-fi                                ✖ | None                                     ✖ | Wi-fi                                        ✖ | Bluetooth + Wifi
5 | 5 | 3.5                                         5|4|4                                         5|4|5                                        5 | 4.5 | 4.5                                    3|3|3
✖|✖|✔                                               ✖|✖|✔                                         ✖|✖|✖                                        ✖|✖|✔                                            ✔|✖|✖
1|✖                                                 2|✖                                           0|✖                                          1|✖                                              0|✖

93.9 Mpix/s | 13.3 GB/s | 451 KB/s                  58.18 Mpix/s | 8.15 GB/s | 377 KB/s           67 Mpix/s | 16.27 GB/s | 446 KB/s            52 Mpix/s | 13.7 GB/s | 356 KB/s                 26.4 Mpix/s | 4.62 GB/s | 199 KB/s
6285 | 4003 | 4565 | 5109 | 3385                    4525 | 3048 | 3272 | 5247 | 2631              6301 | 3441 | 4290 | 5320 | 2417             4517 | 2901 | 4217 | 3644 | 2340                 3586 | 2015 | 2193 | 3481 | 2438
2.61 Pts | 7384 MIPS                                1.85 Pts | 7281 MIPS                          2.62 Pts | 7859 MIPS                         2.05 Pts | 6059 MIPS                             1.12 Pts | 3738 MIPS

78 sec | 76 sec | 42.77 sec                         99 sec | 91 sec | 66.55 sec                   78 sec | 70 sec | 43.4 sec                   100 sec | 88 sec | 54.79 sec                     177 sec | 158 sec | 116.77 sec
68.92 MB/s | 54.73 MB/s                             64.84 MB/s | 32.62 MB/s                       49.35 MB/s | 42.96 MB/s                      66.12 MB/s | 44.58 MB/s                          64.42 MB/s | 40.72 MB/s
4|5                                                 2.5 | 2                                       4|4                                          3.5 | 3.5                                        2.5 | 1.5
6 hrs 21 min | 1 hr 47 min                          7 hrs 21 min | 1 hr 39 min                    4 hrs 15 min | 1 hr 36 min                   6 hrs 41 min | 4 hrs 58 min                      3 hrs 24 min | 1 hr 47 min

1 year                                              3 years                                       1 year                                       1 year                                           1 year

                                                                                                                                                                    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                  09/2011        63

                                                 PLAY IT
                                                 iPod docks are extremely popular, and different
                                                 users look at different aspects when choosing one,
                                                 from aesthetics to sound to features. Here, we've
                                                 tested and compared the best docks in the market
                                                 across all these important parameters.
                                                 By AnAnd TuliAni and FrAncis d'sA

     64   09/2011   intelligent computing chip            Joshua Navalkar
                                                                                                                TEST CENTER
                                                                                                          PORTABLE SPEAKERS COmPARiSOn

                                                                                          TEST PROCESS
                                                                                          In this roundup of iPod docks, we
                                                                                          carried out tests across four sections
                                                                                          - Features, Build quality, Performance
                                                                                          and Warranty.
                                                                                             Each speaker is different from the
                                                                                          other, and these differences make
                                                                                          up the Features section. We noted
                                                                                          parameters such as dimensions,
                                                                                          weight, number of speakers, iPod
                                                                                          docking port, battery type, auxiliary
                                                                                          inputs, and the IR remote control.
                                                                                          Additional functions such as FM
                                                                                          radio, alarm clock and wireless
                                                                                          communication (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

       he Apple iPod is clearly the          in various shapes and sizes, distinctly      were noted. We looked for remote
       world’s most popular portable         designed to suit your living room,           control functions like audio mute,
       media player. Its dominance is        bedroom, or desktop. Most portable           audio track navigation, audio source
so pronounced that iPod has almost           docks either have built-in battery packs     selection, tone controls, track
become synonymous with MP3 players.          or use regular replaceable ones. At          shuffling, and alarm settings. The
The iPod line up is refreshed every year     times, it’s astonishing to see the quality   aesthetic appeal was also given
with improved design and functionality       and volume of sound that such small          points.
to keep the craze going on. So, you’re       devices can dish out. Some are small            Next, we analyzed the Build quality,
a proud owner of an iPod. What next?         enough to be placed by your bedside          which was scored on three core
You’d want a funky case to jazz it up        and can be controlled wirelessly while       parameters - quality of the shell, the
and protect it from dust and scratches.      listening to your favorite melodies.         remote control, and if the body was
And who wouldn’t want a gorgeous iPod           Docks designed to deliver pristine        scratch resistant. The most important
dock to play music aloud?                    sound are still too expensive. However,      area of testing was the Performance.
  Some iPod docks go far beyond              quite a few are now affordable enough,       After adjusting each speaker to
facilitating music listening and charging.   with the cheapest one costing less           the ideal audio level, a series of
Third party manufacturers integrate          than Rs 3,000. These docks are easily        audio tracks was played using a PC
features such as alarm clock, video          identifiable by their fancy names, like      connected to the speakers via the
output and FM radio to offer something       the Harman Kardon Go+Play Micro.             auxiliary input. Two audio tracks in
different. The integrated FM radio           When it comes to design, choose              each genre (Club, Electronica, Hindi,
comes in handy when you want to listen       whatever suits your surroundings.            Hip-Hop, Jazz, Orchestra and Rock)
to something other than what you have        However, keep in mind that the sound         were played, and scores were given
on your iPod or if you want to catch         quality of docks differs widely. So get      depending on how the speakers
up on the news, while the alarm clock        into the groove with us as we test some      handled music across all genres.
feature can replace your bedside clock.      of the best looking and best sounding           Lastly, in the Warranty section,
Your iPod will get charged while you’re      iPod docks in the market today. We           we noted the number of years
asleep and you can wake up to your           have also included a few portable            of warranty offered by the
favourite music instead of the annoying      Bluetooth speakers that can be used          manufacturers.
alarm beeps.                                 with cellphones, portable media players,        The Best Value award was given
  Features aside, even the designs of        laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled          to the speaker that could score the
these docks differ greatly. They come        devices.                                     maximum points at the lowest retail
                                                                                          price. This winner is arrived at by
                                                                                          evaluating the ratio of the sum of the
                                                                                          four sections against the retail price.

                                                   SMS us!  Story code: TPS to 51818     intelligent computing chip   09/2011   65

                                                                          F&D i224
        Verdict                                                                   riced under Rs 3,000, the F&D              The IR remote control has all the

     A decent option
                                                                                  i224 is the most affordable iPod        controls that are present on the dock,
                                                                                  dock in this roundup. It bagged         plus buttons for mute, reset and tone.
                                                                          the Best Value award purely because of          The tone function boosts the low

     if you need An                                                       the features it offers for its price. You get
                                                                          the docking option along with FM radio,
                                                                                                                          frequencies and it actually enhances
                                                                                                                          the sound quality. The overall sound

     ipod dock on A                                                       dual-alarm clock and line input. The F&D
                                                                          i224 weighs only about a kilo and sports
                                                                                                                          quality is just about average. The tiny 2
                                                                                                                          Watt speakers in the front sound good

     tight budget.                                                        a compact design, but it’s not a portable
                                                                          device because it doesn’t have a built-in
                                                                                                                          at low and medium volume levels. You
                                                                                                                          wouldn’t want to pump the volume up
                                                                          battery nor does it have a provision to         too high, because they sound unpleasant
                                                                          add batteries.                                  with excessive mids and highs.The build
                                                                             Going by the design and features, the        quality of the dock is decent. It would
                                                                          F&D i224 is ideal for a bedside table,          have looked better if the top panel had
                                                                          desktop or kitchen. The seven-segment           a matte finish. Also, the FM antenna is
                                                                          display in the front shows the time,            just a thin wire that hangs carelessly
                                                                          alarm, mode, and FM station. The device         from the rear. F&D should have provided
                                                                          can be controlled entirely using the            a telescopic antenna instead or the
        SpeciFicationS                                                    controls on top or the IR remote control.       antenna could have been detachable. On
     Rs 2,990                                                             The four-way control to the left allows         a better note, the i224 is easy to use and
     Dimensions (WxHxD): 12.2 x 7.6 x 2.1 in; Weight: 1.1 kg; Battery     setting the time and date, scanning FM          the provided user manual explains how
     option: None; Additional functions: Clock with alarm and FM radio.
                                                                          stations, choosing functions (FM radio,         to use the various functions step-wise
     contact                 Fenda Audio
     phone                   011-45020100                                 Aux and iPod), and toggling standby             in simple English. This dock is good
     eMaiL                             mode. To the right lie controls for             value for money for those who want an
                                                                          alarms, volume and tuning FM stations           affordable alternative.
     BUiLD QUaLitY                                                        manually. The wake up source can be set         For: FM Radio, built-in antenna, dual-
                                                                          to FM radio, iPod or Aux. A big snooze          alarm clock.
     oveRaLL RatinG                                                       button rests above the display and              AGAINST: Average sound quality, built
     vaLUe FoR MoneY                                                      repeats the alarm after five minutes.           in battery would have been nice.

     66      09/2011        intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                                  TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                      PORTABLE SPEAKERS COmPARiSOn

Harman Kardon Go + Play micro
        arman Kardon’s Go + Play Micro       was good enough for standard definition          Verdict

                                                                                           An exceptionAl
        looks almost identical to its big    movies, However, an HDMI port instead
        brother, the original Go + Play.     of the composite interface would
In fact, why did they even bother adding     have definitely helped. As far as other
the micro tag? It really isn’t that much
smaller. Though some key features were
                                             features go, it lacks FM radio and EQ.
                                                The Go + Play Micro can also be run
removed from the original, some have
been added too.
                                             on batteries and it takes eight C-cell
                                             batteries in its rear compartment to go
                                                                                           speAker with
   The build quality is excellent and
the aesthetics are simply great. It has
                                             portable for approximately 18 hours.
                                             The Micro is a sheer performer thanks to
                                                                                           video output
a tough metal handle that stretches all
across the width of the speaker, which
                                             the four tweeters up front, as well as a
                                             woofer at the bottom. The audio quality
almost makes it look like a handbag or a     is very clear and the power output
press iron. It has a horizontal cradle for   is also great. It doesn’t even distort
the iPod/iPhone. An IR remote lets you       at maximum output level. If you are
browse through your iPod/iPhone menu         looking for a great looking portable dock
as well, but that’s quite pointless as the   speaker system for your iPod or iPhone,
screen is pretty much facing upwards,        we would recommend this one any day.
which means you can’t really see what’s         Those looking for a similar performing        SPecificationS
on it. The remote just features track        speaker system with an iPod/iPhone            Rs 12,490
changing and volume controls, hence          dock in a lower budget could opt for          Dimensions (WxHxD): 20 x 9 x 9.5 in; Weight: 3.9 kg; Battery
                                                                                           option: 8 x C-type; Additional functions: Composite video out.
you need to use your player physically       the Jive Box from Logic 3. The audio is
                                                                                           contact                 Access
to shuffle tracks. As far as connectivity    perfect, but the speaker takes a hit on       PHone                   022-23840789
goes, the Go + Play Micro has an extra       build quality and aesthetics.                 email         

trick up its sleeve. Apart from the usual    For: Great sound, video output, good
auxiliary inputs, this one also has a        build, great aesthetics.                      BUild QUality
composite video output to enjoy videos       AGAINST: IR remote’s limited
and movies from your iPod/iPhone. We         functionality, pretty heavy, requires eight   overall ratinG
tested the output, and the video quality     C-size batteries.                             valUe for money

                                                                                              intelligent computing chip                  09/2011           67

              personal take                                                                                1                                       2

                                                            Name                                           HarmaN/KardoN Go+Play micro             altec laNsiNG iNmotioN classic
                                                            contact                                        Access                                  India Digital Life Style
                    ANAND TULIANI
                             Phone                                          022-23840789                            022-43224123
      If you run your fingers through the prices,           Price*                                         Rs. 12,490                              Rs. 8,990
      you’ll notice that most of the premium docks          overall
      cost anywhere between Rs 9,000 to Rs 12,000.          Features (30%)                                                     50                                              69

      So be prepared to shell out that much if you’re       Build quality (20%)                                                            100                                       99
      looking at a combination of good aesthetics
                                                            Performance (40%)                                                         89                                      66
      and great sound. The cheaper models don’t
                                                            Warranty (10%)                                                     50                                     50
      sound quite great and look too plain. If you’re
                                                                                                               0                50           100       0                50            100
      willing to spend up to Rs 10,000, I suggest you
                                                            overall (out of 100)                           72                                      72
      go in for the Logic 3 Jive Box. It’s a simple dock
                                                            value For money
      with auxiliary input. So you can also connect
      your MP3 player and phone using a line-in
      cable with 3.5 mm connectors. Performance-
                                                            dimensions                                     20 x 9 x 9.5 inch                       12.9 x 5.9 x 1.9 inch
      wise it’s almost at par with the Harman Kardon        Weight                                         3.90 Kg                                 1.06 Kg
      Go+Play Micro. With discrete drivers for low          No. of drivers (speakers)                      3                                       2
      and mid-range frequencies, it outputs very            docking port for iPod                          4                                       4
      good sound quality. The bundled remote                 addl Functions:
      control lets you control track navigation on the         Clock                                       6                                       6
      iPod, volume, bass and treble. Its cuboid design         FM Radio                                    6                                       4
      with an illuminated blue strip on the front              Bluetooth                                   6                                       6
      bezel looks very cool. However, you’ll have to           Wi-Fi                                       6                                       6
      see to it that the glossy accents don’t get           Battery type                                   8 x C type                              Built-in
      mottled by fingerprints and scratches.
                                                            line-in / aux in                               4                                       4
                                                            Built-in Fm antenna                            6                                       4
                                                            remote controller                              4                                       4
                                                            remote functions
                                                               Mute                                        4                                       4
                                                               Track Navigation                            4                                       4
                       FrANcIs D'sA                            Source selection                            6                                       4
                                  Bass / Treble control                       6                                       6
      If I were to pick one of these speakers, it would        Shuffle tracks                              6                                       6
      possibly be the Creative D80, simply because I           Alarm mode                                  6                                       6
      don’t own an iPod or an iPad. The Creative D80       aesthetic appeal**                              5                                       4.5
      is a simple speaker system which can be              Build Quality**
      clubbed with any mobile phone or a Bluetooth-         Quality of shell                               5                                       5
      enabled media player or PC. But since I am            Quality of remote control                      4                                       4
      concerned more about audio quality, I would          resistant to scratches                          5                                       4.5
      rather stick to the Best Value winner, the F&D       PerFormaNce**
      i224. The iPod dock would be useless for me,          club                                           4.5                                     3.75
      but the overall sound quality is definitely
                                                            electronica                                    4.5                                     3.75
      better than the D80. It features an FM radio
                                                            Hindi                                          4.5                                     3
      with a built-in antenna and a clock with alarm
                                                            Hip Hop                                        4.25                                    3
      function. It can be a great addition to my
                                                            Jazz                                           4.5                                     3
      bedside or study table. If you are on a shoe-
                                                           orchestra                                       4.25                                    3
      string budget, you should definitely opt for the
      F&D. The look might not be as impressive as
                                                           rock                                            4.75                                    3.5
      the others, but it is definitely provides good       WarraNty
      value for the money spent.                           Warranty period                                 1 year                                  1 year
                                                           ** out of 5       * Prices are indicative and are subject to change, taxes extra

     68    09/2011     intelligent computing chip                                                                                                                Joshua Navalkar
                                                                                                                                                                                  TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                                                                       PORTABLE SPEAKERS COMPARiSON

3                                      4                                           5                                       6                                       7

JBl oN air Wireless                    loGic 3 Jive Box                            creative Zii souNd d5                   loGitecH s715i                          JBl oN time micro
Access                                 Access                                      Creative Technology                     Logitech India                          Access
022-23840789                           022-23840789                                9223101322                              9717597424                              022-23840789                       
Rs. 24,990                             Rs. 8,999                                   Rs. 17,999                              Rs. 9,995                               Rs. 9,990

                       63                            39                                      29                                                57                                                    71

                       63                                          68                                           95                                 62                                           63

                            76                                          89                                 82                                       64                                     58

                50                                        50                                        50                                                     100                        50

    0             50             100       0                  50             100       0              50             100       0              50             100       0               50                 100

67                                     66                                          66                                      65                                      62

9.37 x 11 x 7.8 inch                   7.7 x 7.1 x 7.1 inch                        16.7 x 3.5 x 4.3 inch                   15.2 x 5.2 x 2.4 inch                   8 x 4.8 x 8 inch
1.65 Kg                                2.48 Kg                                     3.80 Kg                                 1.13 Kg                                 805 g
3                                      3                                           2                                       8                                       2
4                                      4                                           6                                       4                                       4

4                                      6                                           6                                       6                                       4
4                                      6                                           6                                       6                                       4
6                                      6                                           4                                       6                                       6
4                                      6                                           6                                       6                                       6
6                                      6                                           6                                       Built-in                                3 x AAA type
4                                      4                                           4                                       4                                       4
6                                      6                                           6                                       6                                       6
4                                      4                                           6                                       4                                       4

4                                      4                                           NA                                      6                                       6
4                                      4                                           NA                                      4                                       4
4                                      6                                           NA                                      6                                       4
6                                      4                                           NA                                      6                                       6
6                                      6                                           NA                                      4                                       6
4                                      6                                           NA                                      6                                       4
5                                      4.5                                         5                                       4                                       5

4.5                                    5                                           5                                       4.5                                     4.5
6                                      6                                           4                                       6                                       6
4.5                                    4                                           2.5                                     4                                       4.5

4                                      4.25                                        4.5                                     3.5                                     3.25
4.25                                   5                                           4.5                                     3.75                                    3.25
3.75                                   4.5                                         4.25                                    3.25                                    2.75
3.5                                    4.5                                         3.5                                     3                                       2.75
4                                      4.75                                        4.25                                    3                                       2.75
3.25                                   4                                           3.75                                    2.5                                     2.5
4                                      4.25                                        4                                       3.5                                     3

1 year                                 1 year                                      1 year                                  2 years                                 1 year

                                                                                                                                                    intelligent computing chip              09/2011       69

                                                             8                                           9                                            10

      Name                                                   altec laNsiNg mooNdaNce glow                altec laNsiNg octiv duo                      altec laNsiNg octiv stage
      contact                                                India Digital Life Style                    India Digital Life Style                     India Digital Life Style
      Phone                                                  022-43224123                                022-43224123                                 022-43224123
      Price*                                                 Rs. 5,490                                   Rs. 6,990                                    Rs. 10,990
      Features (30%)                                                                          68                            43                                        37

      Build quality (20%)                                                                     67                                           93                                           92

      Performance (40%)                                                                  57                                      51                                              55

      warranty (10%)                                                               50                                            50                                         50

                                                                 0                      50         100       0                      50          100       0                      50          100

      overall (out of 100)                                   62                                          57                                           57
      value For money
      dimensions                                             12.2 x 5.35 x 3.2 inch                      10.7 x 3.8 x 5.7 inch                        8.66 x 4.33 x 6.1 inch
      weight                                                 1.13 Kg                                     632 g                                        1.17 Kg
      No. of drivers (speakers)                              2                                           2                                            2
      docking port for iPod                                  4                                           4                                            4
       addl Functions:
          Clock                                              4                                           6                                            6
          FM Radio                                           4                                           6                                            6
          Bluetooth                                          6                                           6                                            6
          Wi-Fi                                              6                                           6                                            6
      Battery type                                           9V External                                 6                                            6
      line-in / aux in                                       4                                           4                                            4
      Built-in Fm antenna                                    6                                           6                                            6
      remote controller                                      4                                           4                                            4
      remote functions
          Mute                                               6                                           6                                            4
          Track Navigation                                   4                                           4                                            4
          Source selection                                   4                                           4                                            6
          Bass / Treble control                              6                                           6                                            6
          Shuffle tracks                                     6                                           6                                            6
          Alarm mode                                         4                                           6                                            6
      aesthetic appeal**                                     4.5                                         3.5                                          3
      Build Quality**
      Quality of shell                                       5                                           4.5                                          4.5
      Quality of remote control                              6                                           4                                            4
      resistant to scratches                                 3.5                                         4.5                                          4
      club                                                   3.25                                        3.25                                         3.25
      electronica                                            3                                           2.75                                         2.75
      Hindi                                                  3                                           2.25                                         2.75
      Hip Hop                                                2.75                                        2.25                                         2.75
      Jazz                                                   2.5                                         2.25                                         2.5
      orchestra                                              2.5                                         2                                            2.5
      rock                                                   3                                           3                                            2.75
      warranty period                                        1 year                                      1 year                                       1 year
     ** out of 5       * Prices are indicative and are subject to change, taxes extra

     70        09/2011       intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                                                       TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                                         PORTABLE SPEAKERS COMPARiSON

11                                       12                                          13                                      14

JBl oN Beat                              altec laNsiNg iNmotioN max                  F&d i224                                creative d80
Access                                   India Digital Life Style                    Fenda Audio                             Creative Technology
022-23840789                             022-43224123                                011-45020100                            9223101322               
Rs. 9,990                                Rs. 11,990                                  Rs. 2,990                               Rs. 2,699

                   43                                                     61                                     60                      27

                              63                                          61                                    56                                             83

                              63                                    49                               35                                       40

                        50                                          50                                     50                                      50

    0                    50        100       0                       50        100       0                  50         100       0                     50             100

56                                       55                                          48                                      46

10.8 x 5.3 x 5.7 inch                    12.2 x 7.6 x 2.1 inch                       10.4 x 2.9 x 7 inch                     12.7 x 3.93 x 3.93 inch
927 g                                    1.1 Kg                                      805 g                                   1.02 Kg
2                                        2                                           2                                       2
4                                        4                                           4                                       6

6                                        6                                           4                                       6
6                                        4                                           4                                       6
6                                        6                                           6                                       4
6                                        6                                           6                                       6
6                                        Built-in                                    6                                       6
4                                        4                                           4                                       4
6                                        6                                           4                                       6
4                                        4                                           6                                       6

4                                        6                                           4                                       NA
4                                        4                                           4                                       NA
6                                        4                                           4                                       NA
6                                        6                                           6                                       NA
6                                        6                                           6                                       NA
6                                        6                                           4                                       NA
5                                        4.5                                         3.5                                     3

4.5                                      4.5                                         4                                       4
6                                        6                                           6                                       4
4.5                                      3.5                                         4                                       2.5

3.5                                      3                                           2.25                                    2.5
3                                        2.5                                         2                                       2
3.25                                     2                                           2                                       2
3                                        2.25                                        1.75                                    2
3                                        2.5                                         1.75                                    1.75
3                                        2.25                                        1                                       1.5
3.5                                      2.75                                        1.75                                    2.25

1 year                                   1 year                                      1 year                                  1 year

                                                                                                                      intelligent computing chip            09/2011   71
     TESTED                                  software
                                          SecuriTy SuiTe

                                          McAfee fAMily
                                           VerdIct: Slightly expensive, but provides adequate monitoring for home users.
                                           for: Effective monitoring, customizable, covers IM and social networks.
                                           agaInst: Slows down browsing speed, doesn't include antivirus or firewall, expensive.

                                                       ith the widespread benefits and                  allows quick modification for all existing users
                                                       learning opportunities that the                  that are being monitored. User customization for
                                                       Internet provides, it has become                 separate functions is available with individual
                                      a pre-requisite in every household. However,                      tabs. For example, the Social Networking tab
                                      it does have an equally powerful potential                        allows administrators an option to input personal
                                      to wreak havoc for children, with increasing                      information (like street address, school name,
                                      reports of online child abuse, adult content                      cell phone number) that needs to be monitored.
                                      sites, security threats, and so on. This could                    Overall, it offers a very simplistic UI, which could
                                      actually hamper a child’s development and                         prove helpful for novices.
                                      nurturing, and hence, software that could
                                      help monitor Internet activities could be                         features
                                      beneficial. McAfee's Family Protection suite                      The McAfee Family Protection suite’s primary
                                      provides Internet activity monitoring, but is it                  task is to block adult content, cyber bullying,
                                      good enough to protect your child from all the                    contact with strangers, and objectionable
                                      objectionable content on the Internet?                            Youtube videos. In addition to that, it also offers
                                                                                                        social network monitoring, instant message
                                      Interface                                                         reporting, email alerting, and setting time
                                      The McAfee Family Protection suite has a                          limits. The application allows blocking of up
                                      simple and easy-to-use interface with variable                    to 35 categories of objectionable websites at
                                      levels of user customization. Upon logging in                     a time, as well as recording instant messaging
                                      as administrator, users are allowed to choose                     to inform administrators in the event that
                                      between four preset options of protection levels                  conversations with strangers are noticed.
                                      based on the age group. The available options                     Chatting on social networking sites is also
                                      are - children from zero to seven, pre-teens,                     recorded in case of solicitation from strangers
                                      teens, and adults, with the level of protection                   or posting of confidential information. The suite
                                      being highest for the first and gradually lowering                offers monitoring support for AOL, ICQ, Microsoft
                                      as the age group increases. A complete family                     Windows Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.
                                      summary is charted out on the main screen that                    Currently, there is no option to supervise Google

Content can be filtered for users depending on their      You can choose to block websites unsuitable for       The degree to which you wish to block content type
age and maturity.                                         viewing by the user.                                  can be customized from the drop down lists.

72    09/2011      intelligent computing chip                                                                           SMS us!  Story code: TSM to 51818
                                                                     ON dvd
                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2011
                                                                     red Hot aPPLicationS
                                                                     iClone4 EX                                               Toon Boom Studio 6.0
                                                                     CrazyTalk Animator PRO                                   Swift 3D v6 and more...
You can monitor your child's activity on social networking

                                                                     fULL SoftWare
websites and also block access.

Chat or Skype. Security threats, most often found in
                                                                     Windows Live Writer 2011                        3.3.0
                                                                     15.4.3538.0513                                           Build 9567 Final
peer-to-peer file sharing software, can be blocked.
Activity reports provide a complete view of all                      LibreOffice 3.4.2 RC 1                                   AbiWord 2.9.1 Beta and more...
Internet and IM activity, which can be used as a tool
to teach appropriate online behavior. Along with the                 fULL GameS                            KIso 0.8.3
                                                                                                           Superman V.S. Brainiac 2.0
                                                                                                                                               Yahoo! Messenger
                                                                                                                                               OperaTor 3.5 and more...
above options, the McAfee Family Protection suite                    Galli Cricket 1.3
                                                                     Super Motocross Africa 1.13           Win2-7 6.6 Beta
allows automated email reception in case access to                   Ultra Nitro Racers 1.15               nVidia Linux Display Driver x86     MOBILE
an inappropriate website is attempted.                                                                         275.19 and more...              Google+
                                                                     Extreme Jungle Racers 1.0
                                                                                                                                               Samsung Kies
                                                                     Arctic Boot Camp Blitz and more...
                                                                                                                                               Nokia PC Suite
Performance                                                                                                mac                                 Phone Manager 0.9.0 BETA
Upon installation, the software utilizes very few                    Game demoS                            MAC TOOLS                           iPhone Explorer 2.111 and more...
                                                                     Harry Potter and the Deathly          avast!
system resources (12 MB on the task manager) and                         Hallows: Part 2                   BlackBerry Desktop Manager          SECURITy
requires an initial 10 MB of hard disk space. To start               FPS Terminator Demo Alpha 2.0.1                          Norton 360 Premier Edition
                                                                     DreamRace 1.1                         Dropbox 1.1.35                
off, we created four different levels of monitoring
                                                                     Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of        Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1               McAfee Family Protection
based on age groups. The software worked                                 the Yolk Easter Edition 3.72      Google Chrome                       Fix-it Utilities Professional
brilliantly with the preset customizations that it                   Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate          Adobe Flash Player            
                                                                         Omlette 4.04 and more...          Opera 11.50 Build 1074 Final        Panda Internet Security 2012
provided. Email blocking, Youtube video blocking,
                                                                                                           RealPlayer                              17.00.00
website filtering - all of it worked seamlessly.                                                           Skype                    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
                                                                     Game add onS                          StuffIt Expander 2011 15.0.2  
However, user customization started throwing up                      GTA Vice City Patch 1.1
                                                                                                           TeamViewer 6.0.10370 and more...    K7 AntiVirus Plus 11.1.0039
a few problems. Access to Gmail was blocked even                     Call of Duty 5: World at War
                                                                                                                                               Outpost Security Suite Pro
                                                                          Patch 1.7
after changing the option via the administrator’s                                                                                        
                                                                     Need for Speed: Most Wanted           tooLS                               MicroWorld Free AntiVirus Toolkit
profile. We tried another alternative; switching                          Patch 1.3                        MULTIMEDIA                              Utility (MWAV) and more...
between users to check the speed of response of                      Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne       Google’s Music Manager
                                                                          Patch 1.26a
the software. The transition was slow as websites                                                          ACDSee Pro 4.0 Build 237            SySTEM
                                                                     Rome Total War Patch 1.5              MAGIX Video easy HD
which got unblocked took around a minute to                                                                                                    Simple Shop
                                                                     The Sims 3 Patch 1.19.4 and more...   Sculptris Alpha 6                   Zip2Fix 1.0
load. This could be a downer for people wanting                                                            Synfig 0.63.00                      ZIP File Recovery Free
fast Internet access. The software also started                      Game traiLerS                         FaceFilter Studio                   Office Tab Free Edition 7.00
                                                                     DiRT 3 - Monaco                       Toonworks Deluxe 1.01               Windows 7 Little Tweaker 1.2
popping up a few annoying notifications at regular
                                                                     Guild Wars 2 - Ascalonian             Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro 5.2         Ocster Backup Freeware 1.71
intervals. On the other hand, if any user besides                        Catacombs Cinematic               JetPhoto Studio 4.10.2              Smart Recovery 2 B11.032201
the administrator tries to initiate a log out, Internet              Dragon’s Dogma - E3 2011              JAlbum 9.5                          Xleaner and more...
                                                                         Cinematic 1                       MobaPhoto 1.42
access is cut off unless the user logs in again. This
                                                                     Resistance 3 - E3 2011                MobaLiveCD 2.1                      MUST HAvES
provides for complete parental control.                              Darksiders II - E3 2011               Foto2Avi 3.3                        ATI Catalyst Drivers 11.6 XP /
                                                                     Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja      Umile Encoder 3.0.12                    Vista
   SpecificatiONS                                                        Storm Generations -               Flash Player Pro                    NVIDIA Forceware 275.33 WHQL
                                        Verdict                                                            Klaok 0.906 and more...
Rs 2,270                                                                 Announcement and more...                                                  XP / Vista
                                           The three-PC                                                                                        DirectX 9.0c (Jun 10)
SyStem RequiRemeNtS                     license is available for     LinUx                                 INTERNET                            Java Runtime Environment
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7; RAM: 128 MB;                                                                       GClient 2012 1.0               (32-bit) and more...
                                        Rs 2,270, which is a         LINUX DISTRIBUTION                    Google +1 Plus One Extension
Disk space: 10 MB.
                                        little steep for home        PCLinuxOS 2011.6                      Connectify
cONtact       McAfee
                                                                                                                                               ADOBE PLAyERS
                                        users as it does not                                               SmarterStats Free Edition           Flash Player Beta 1 (IE)
pHONe         022-4029-1300
                                                                     LINUX TOOLS                               6.3.4212                        Flash Player Beta 1
emaiL                                   include an antivirus         Furius ISO Mount             Core FTP Pro 2.2 Build 1687             (Non-IE) and more...
   RatiNGS                              or firewall. But if          K3b 2.0.2                             Scott’s Gmail Alert
                                        monitoring content is        FBReader 0.12.10                      Voice Changer Software
peRfORmaNce                                                          BasKet Note Pads 2.0 Beta 2               Diamond 7.0                     e-bookS
eaSe Of uSe
                                        a priority, this product     Adobe Flash Player for Linux          Kastor - All Video Downloader 1.8   CHIP ARCHIvES
OveRaLL RatiNG                          could be worth it.      Beta 1                  easyMule Beta               April 2011 to June 2011
vaLue fOR mONey
                                                      - Karan Shah


A well-designed
pAckAge for the

                                                         Image database utIlIty

                                                        ACDSee Pro 4
                                                        For: Geo tagging, easy to use.
                                                        AgAinst: Expensive.

                                                          f your digital photo album is bursting          requires the GPS positions to be entered
Managing photos is a breeze with the informative user     at the seams, it's time to upgrade to           manually in the integrated Google Maps
interface of ACDSee Pro 4.
                                                          an image database - the only way                screen. Simply select it and the rest is
                                                        to make photo collections beyond the              done via batch processing by ACDSee Pro.
                                                        limit of 10,000 images efficient, quickly         Subsequent fine adjustments are possible
                                                        searchable, and organized. For the                without great effort; it moves the marker
                                                        newly released ACDSee Pro 4, these                coupled with the photo on the map,
                                                        jobs are routine. At the first run itself,        which is simple and practical. ACDSee
                                                        the database index sorts all the images           Pro 4 also has many smaller additions
                                                        independently and neatly into so-called           and a lot of fine tuning. Those who often
                                                        categories, which covers approximately            work with metadata can use EXIF and
                                                        shutter speed, ISO. file size and screen          IPTC entries, which can be finally put
                                                        format. Then begins the actual work of            together in the required fields and can be
                                                        cataloging by hand. ACDSee Pro 4 now              saved as presets. The tools for correcting
                                                        supports photographs with geo tagging,            chromatic aberration and fringing are
    SPeCifiCAtionS                                      which is the real highlight of this version.      now available. In the test run, we were
$240 (approx Rs 11,300)                                 Photos that already include geo tags are          able to achieve good results, although the
SyStem requirementS                                     tagged on a world view preview pane               result is always dependent on the source
OS: Windows XP or higher; Processor: Intel Pentium      so they can be easy to identify. You can          material. The same applies to the new
III or higher; Memory: 512 MB or higher; Disk space:
                                                        also formulate complex queries, such              vignette (image distortions caused by
250 MB.
ContACt       ACD Systems International Inc.
                                                        as ‘begins at 48 degrees latitude and             camera lens errors) correction. In addition
PHone         NA                                        longitude contains 11’ or add additional          to these fundamental changes, ACDSee
emAiL         NA
                                                        parameters. Both the query and the result         Pro 4 is characterized mainly by workflow
    rAtinGS                                             can be saved as its own topic category. If        corrections. These include reduced
                                                        the spatial data is missing, ACDSee can           working steps and streamlined menus.
eASe of uSe                                             write it in the respective EXIF field, but this                               -
overALL rAtinG
vALue for money

74       09/2011          intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                              TEST CENTER


                                                                                                  The mosT
                                                                                                  sysTem Tuning

 SyStem tuning utility

AvAnquest Fix-it
utilities 11 Pro
For: Plenty of features, good UI, virus and spyware protection.
AgAinst: Didn’t seem very effective.                                                               The Overview shows the overall health of the system
                                                                                                   which can be restored to full with One-Click Fix All.

  f you’re frustrated with your system        graphs. Advanced users may customize
  slowing down, freezing and crashing,        the modules and tune their PCs the way
  you need a good system tuning utility.      they want, but even here, the suite has
The Fix-It Utilities Pro installation is      a collection of its own tools along with
straightforward, without any hurdles.         Windows tools. Some tools, such as disk
However, the software doesn’t feature         checking and defragmenting, are useful,
the auto-update function. This tuning         but others, such as Memory Optimizer
suite has numerous features and it can        are gimmicky. The latter didn’t produce
take quite a long time to understand          any effective results because Windows
each and every function. From a registry      itself manages RAM the best. The overall
clean up utility to malware protection,       end result wasn’t too convincing; only the
the list of features doesn’t seem to end.     start-up time improved by 13 seconds, but
The interface is intuitive, but due to the    the PC with Windows XP was cluttered                     sPeciFicAtions
abundance of functions, it can seem           and packed with software installations.               3 PC License: $49.95
puzzling at times. The home screen            Test systems running Windows Vista                    (approx Rs 2,250)
showed three graphs – 37 percent Overall,     and 7 slowed down because the suite         
                                                                                                    system requirements
64 percent Security, and 10 percent           itself adds services that run at start
                                                                                                    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7; RAM: 256 MB;
Maintenance. There is no explanation          up. The PCmark score showed a slight                  Drive space: NA.
as to what the figures and colors on the      improvement in Windows XP, which                      contAct       Avanquest Software
                                                                                                    emAil         NA
bars indicate, but they actually show the     mainly was due to defragmentation, but
current status of the PC’s health. There      with Windows Vista and 7, the suite didn’t               rAtinGs
is a One-click Maintenance button, which      quite enhance system performance.
should resolve all issues and improve the                                -         eAse oF use
                                                                                                    overAll rAtinG
                                                                                                    vAlue For money

                                                                                              intelligent computing chip               09/2011      75


A fun App for
Anything into

                                                        Morphing Tool

                                                       fAntAMorph pro
                                                       For: Very easy to use, multiple morphs, lots of options.
After plotting the points, the morph can be exported
to multiple formats.                                   AgAinst: None.

                                                                  ith a morphing tool such as         sound track (WAV and MP3 format). The
                                                                  FantaMorph Pro, you can             action starts in the next step, wherein you
                                                                  morph between two or more           have to map the elements in the source
                                                       images and export the final result to          image to that of the destination. Using
                                                       an AVI or Flash movie, animated GIF,           the mouse pointer, you have to place
                                                       screensaver or a standalone executable         dots on the source image and adjust the
                                                       file. Although morphing seems                  position of the corresponding dot in the
                                                       complicated, FantaMorph presents a user-       destination by dragging it. The dots define
                                                       friendly interface to morph images. You        the morphing process and hence, the
                                                       start with the new project wizard, where       higher the number of dots, the smoother
                                                       you have to choose the type of project –       and more realistic the morph looks. At any
                                                       Morph, Warp or Multiple Morph. A warp is       point, you can preview the result in the
                                                       creating action out of a single image file,    preview pane below the work area. After
                                                       for example, winking or raising eyebrows.      you’re done with placing the dots, the final
(approx Rs 2,700)                                     In the next step, you choose the source        step is to export the movie to the desired
systeM requireMents                                    and destination images and proceed to          format. It takes anything between a few
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7; RAM: 512 MB;
                                                       editing them. You can crop, rotate, adjust     seconds to a couple of minutes for the
Drive space: 10 MB.
contAct        Abrosoft
                                                       color balance and change aspect ratio          export process to complete depending on
phone          NA                                      of the images. Next, you have to set the       the number of frames and length of the
                                                       movie resolution, duration and frame rate.     movie you’ve specified. The software is
    rAtinGs                                            The Movie Effects in the next step allows      extremely easy to use and the end results
                                                       you to add captions and effects such           look great.
eAse of use                                            as background color, shape masks and                                         - Anand Tuliani
overALL rAtinG
vALue for Money

76       09/2011          intelligent computing chip


May seeM basic,
but perforMs
well and is
ideal for

                                                       Video editing

                                                      Magix Video easy
                                                      3 Hd
                                                      For: Ease of use, lots of presets and options, simple UI.
Videos can be color edited and audio volumes (along
with background music) can be tweaked easily.         AgAinst: Can be a bit confusing in the beginning.

                                                             his video editor shines by cleverly      with a simple menu, either from disk or
                                                             reducing its features to just the        imported directly from the camcorder/
                                                             essentials. Although it offers only      camera. A rich selection of effects ensures
                                                      one video track, it also allows audio and       attractive transitions, and you can also
                                                      video tracks to be used separately, which       use a sound track for background music.
                                                      is beneficial. A second audio track can         Cutting of clips is possible with a simple
                                                      also be applied to record comments              click of the mouse and positioning them
                                                      directly from a microphone and then             can be done via drag and drop. Photos
                                                      integrated into the film. This does not         can also be inserted wherever you’d like.
                                                      disturb the original sound, and you can         Brightness, contrast and saturation levels
                                                      additionally turn down the volume of            can be set for each clip too. The pace and
                                                      the original video clip too. The videos         direction of the clip can also be changed
                                                      can also be rotated or flipped, and even        rapidly, and slow motion and fast motion
                                                      basic image stabilization has been done         effects are also possible. Title text can
$40 (approx Rs 1,900)                                 to correct slightly blurred images. We          be inserted easily with animation and
systeM RequiReMents                                   edited three HD videos with easy, simple        additional effects such as shadows or
OS: Windows XP and above; Processor: Pentium 4 or
                                                      operations and got fast, tangible results.      edges. A preview offers a glimpse at any
higher; RAM 1 GB or higher; Disk space: 150 MB.
                                                      Even on somewhat weak computers, the            time in the current processing state. In the
contact       MAGIX AG
pHone         +1-305 722 5810                         tool does its job quickly and reliably. The     end, the finished film can be saved to the
eMaiL         NA
                                                      quickest way is to select the Auto Editor       hard drive, burned to a DVD, or uploaded
     Ratings                                          option. The user only needs to place the        to the Internet directly. iPhone and iPad
                                                      various clips in the correct order and the      outputs are also possible.
ease of use                                           program does the rest. Clips are imported                                    -
oVeRaLL Rating
VaLue foR Money

78      09/2011          intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                                                                  TEST CENTER

 Antivirus utility                                             imAge editing utility                                      pdf converter

eScanaV antiViruS                                             JetPhoto Studio                                            7PdF Printer
toolkit                                                       Verdict: A simple utility for basic                        Verdict: A good tool for pros, but better
                                                              editing and managing images.                               free tools are available.
Verdict: A must-have instant and                              For: Create Web albums, geo tagging                        For: Easy to use, customizable.
installation-free antivirus toolkit.                          module, easy to use.                                       AgAinst: UI could be better, no PDF
For: No installation required, daily                          AgAinst: Doesn’t support captions for                      printing presets.
updates, free.                                                Flickr uploads, should have had more
AgAinst: None.                                                filters.
   SpecificationS                                                 SpecificationS                                            SpecificationS
Freeware                                                      Freeware                                                   Freeware                                                                  
SyStem RequiRementS                                           SyStem RequiRementS                                        SyStem RequiRementS
OS: Windows XP or higher; Disk space: 160 MB.                 OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac OS X; RAM: 512 MB;              OS: Windows 7, 2000, Vista, XP; Disk space: 10 MB.
contact       MicroWorld Technologies Inc.                    Disk space: 30 MB.                                         contact       Th. Hodes Software
pHone         +1 248 8552020                                  contact       JetPhoto Software                            pHone         NA
emaiL                             pHone         NA                                           emaiL
   RatinGS                                                                                                                  RatinGS
featuReS                                                          RatinGS                                                featuReS
peRfoRmance                                                   featuReS                                                   peRfoRmance
eaSe of uSe                                                   peRfoRmance                                                eaSe of uSe
oveRaLL RatinG                                                eaSe of uSe                                                oveRaLL RatinG
vaLue foR money                                               oveRaLL RatinG                                             vaLue foR money

E   ScanAV Antivirus Toolkit is a
    free utility for scanning and
protecting against viruses, malware
                                                              J  etPhoto Studio presents a simple
                                                                 user interface to import images from
                                                              folders, digital cameras and scanners,
                                                                                                                         T    he 7PDFPrinter offers a clean
                                                                                                                              way to convert documents and
                                                                                                                         images into PDF files. Once installed,
and keyloggers, etc. The self-running                         and manage them using EXIF info,                           it adds in your list of printers. Unlike
utility needs no installation and can                         geo data and star ratings. It organizes                    other feature-rich PDF printers, the
be run irrespective of whether any                            photos in albums. While viewing                            setup doesn’t offer you any predefined
other antivirus is installed. Updates are                     images, you can adjust brightness,                         settings. While you can create colored
available on a daily basis and include                        contrast and color balance. You can                        and black/white PDFs in a variety of
the scanning engine for improved                              auto enhance and rotate images and                         page sizes, you will have to play around
detections. The interface is simple, with                     add black and white or sepia effects.                      with the advanced features to alter the
options to scan and clean the memory,                         Wizards help you to create Web                             setup of the PDF. You will have to know
startup folders, registry, system files,                      galleries (Flash, Lightbox and Cover                       your way around your printer settings
folders and sub folders and external                          Flow) and albums, upload to Flickr,                        to get your PDF settings right. You can
drives. The ‘View Network Activity’                           and crop images for phones. You can                        alter the color mode and settings to
feature can sniff out TCP and UDP                             select the phone brand and model and                       use the PDF on screen as an ebook, to
packages flowing through the network                          it automatically crops the image for                       print or to use it for prepress, embed
card, highlighting the running software                       the specific model’s screen. Custom                        fonts or compress pages. You can
processes and network connections                             resolutions can also be specified.                         setup the PDF compatibility settings
along with the port numbers to enable                         JetPhoto Studio features a module                          and compress images to your liking.
the user to know of any unknown or                            for managing geo data, mapping                             Although it is not the most complicated
viral activities. This is a must-have                         geo-tagged photos and searching for                        software to use, it could have been
antivirus and anti-malware toolkit for                        photos on the map. It is easy to use                       more streamlined, with a better UI that
service engineers and home users.                             and the help is Web-based.                                 offered predefined PDF presets.
                                             – Francis D’sa                                            – Anand Tuliani                                      – Kamakshi Venugopal

                                                                                                                           intelligent computing chip                  09/2011   79

 Game                                                                             Utility
                                         is challenging and varied                                                   horizon and even manually
GemCraft                                 enough to keep you hooked.              Planets                             scroll around to see what’s
                                         You have to place gems                                                      where. The app also includes a
                                         of various colors around a                                                  2D map, a few basic facts and
$1.99 (approx Rs 91)                                                             Free
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad; iOS 3.1.3      predefined track; each color            iPhone, iPod touch, iPad; iOS 3.0   figures about each heavenly
Overall rating                           represents a special bonus              Overall rating                      body, and a cool animated
                                         power and gems can be                                                       globe that shows the exact
Tower defense games work                combined to multiply bonuses.            If you’ve ever looked up at the     line between night and day at
pretty well on touchscreen              Through each level, larger               stars in the sky and wondered       any given moment. The stars
phones, and GemCraft is                 waves of monsters will try to            what constellations they were,      aren’t clickable and there
perhaps the most delightful             reach your tower. If any do,             Planets will fascinate you.         are no links to encyclopedia
one yet. Although the graphics          they’re transported back to              Using your iPhone or iPad’s         articles about the heavenly
are a bit crude and you’ll run          the beginning, costing you               compass and accelerometer,          bodies, which would have
across a few bugs, gameplay             mana, but giving your gems               the app shows whatever’s in         been fascinating.
                                                    another go at                the night sky as if it’s in front                       - Jamshed Avari
                                                    taking them down.            of you. Hold your
                                                    As you progress              device up and as
                                                    through the game             you move it around,
                                                    and level up, you            a 3D map of the
                                                    can customize your           visible universe
                                                    skills and unlock            dances across
                                                    more modes, which            the screen. The
                                                    include Endurance,           app even shows
                                                    Sudden Death, and            you where all the
                                                    Heroic.                      planets are, and you
                                                               - Jamshed Avari   can peek below the

                                        at the results. Your sheep can            Utility                            usual social services. However,
                                        fly through the air and bounce                                               you can’t quickly search across
Sheep Cannon                            off the ground, blissfully               Flex Search                         multiple engines and compare
                                        ignoring all laws of physics.                                                the results. Splitscreen view
                                        If it lands on a trampoline              Free                                on the iPad is a failure, with
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad; iOS 3.1       or barrel of TNT, it’ll bounce           iPhone, iPod touch, iPad            Twitter and Wikipedia only
Overall rating                          further and stay aloft longer            Overall rating                      running their mobile sites in
                                        (laws of real-world physics                                                  the narrow column, leaving
If you’re looking for fun yet           notwithstanding). If it hits             Flex Search claims to speed         two thirds of the screen
challenging games that will             a spike in the ground, it’ll             up the task of searching            useless. Youtube results are
help you build up any kind of           instantly die. You can’t do              for information online by           replicated in both panes, but
skill, Sheep Cannon is not a            anything to control the sheep            organizing query options and        Ehow is presented perfectly.
good choice. In fact, there’s           once it’s airborne, much less            results on your screen. While       There were some good ideas
not much to this game at all,           direct where it lands. You               it does provide quick access        here, but the finished product
apart from launching sheep              can’t guide it to explosives or          to a number of different            is an immense letdown.
out of a cannon and laughing            avoid spikes, making each turn           engines, delivery falls short                           - Jamshed Avari
                                                    depend purely on             because there’s
                                                    blind luck. Sheep            no real difference
                                                    Cannon is amusing            between simply
                                                    the first few times          searching through
                                                    you play it, but             your browser (or
                                                    it relies solely on          a native app).
                                                    childish cartoon             You get shortcuts
                                                    violence—the kind            to Google, Bing,
                                                    that gets old too            Yahoo, Wikipedia,
                                                    quickly.                     WolframAlpha,
                                                               - Jamshed Avari   Ehow, Flickr and the

80      09/2011        intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                              TEST CENTER

 Security                                                                  Android AppS

Norton Mobile                                                             TubeMate
Security                                                                  YouTube

Overall rating                                                            Free
Norton Mobile Security for
                                                                          Overall rating
Android features anti-theft,
anti-malware, call and SMS                                                Several Youtube downloading
blocking, and Web protection                                              applications are available
modules. The anti-theft                                                   for PCs, but TubeMate helps
module helps you locate                                                   download videos directly
your phone, lock it and wipe                                              onto your Android phone in
sensitive data on your phone                                              .MP4 or .FLV format, with the
by sending messages along                                                 option to choose between
with your password from            functions are limited, they            resolution sizes depending           fast download modes. Audio
trusted cell phone numbers.        are very useful for securing           on your handheld’s display           tracks can also be extracted
The anti-malware function          your data and privacy from             size. Resolution sizes from          while downloading the video
scans for malicious files on the   miscreants. The validity of the        320 x 240 all the way up to          and saved as MP3 files.
phone and SD card. The call        subscription is three years and        1920 x 1080 are available. The       Favorite videos can be shared
and SMS blocking feature, as       you have to activate it within         application is very easy to          via Google Buzz, Twitter or
the name suggests, is similar      three days from the time you           operate and the options menu         even emailed directly from the
to blacklisting contacts you       install it.                            can be set to options such           application.
wish to avoid. Although the                             - Anand Tuliani   as download queuing and                                    - Francis D’sa

 Android AppS                                                              M-coMMerce

Hybrid                                                                    Obopay
Stopwatch and                                                             Free
Timer                                                                     Symbian, Android, Windows

                                                                          Overall rating

Free                                                                      Obopay is a unique mobile

Overall rating
                                                                          banking solution launched by
                                                                          Nokia, Yes Bank, and Union
This app is a stopwatch and                                               Bank of India. What sets it
timer, with analog as well                                                apart is that it doesn’t require
as digital display options. It                                            you to provide sensitive data
features minutes, seconds and                                             like bank account, credit/           After you deposit the amount
lap hands and the timer has                                               debit card number, etc. It’s a       of your choice with the Nokia
a circular representation of                                              standalone app with its own          Dealer, the same will reflect in
the remaining time. Options        alarms and timers and using            unique account number, and           your Obopay account. You can
for beep reminders, timer logs     the volume buttons for lap/            since it’s a prepaid account,        send/withdraw money, pay
and best laps can be set. The      reset functions. The ideal use         you have the choice of limiting      bills and prepaid top-ups and
stopwatch is skinnable too.        for this app is to keep time           the amount you wish to keep          even transfer money directly
The preferences menu allows        during sports and training.            in it. To get Obopay on your         to other Obopay users. If you
you options such as keeping        Similar apps are available, but        phone, you will have to go to a      wish to withdraw money, you
the screen on continuously,        we find this one to be simple,         Nokia Priority Dealer, complete      can go to the Nokia Priority
display intensity, sound/          powerful, multifunctional and,         the KYC process to open an           Dealer and do so without any
beeps, vibrations, using phone     most of all, it's free.                account in either of the banks,      hassles.
ringtones, using audio out for                           - Francis D’sa   and download the application.                             - Priyanka Tilve

                                                                                                      intelligent computing chip    09/2011    81
  long term

Long Term Test                                                        The CHIP Test Center steps out into the real world!

 MFD                                                                      Social Tool

Canon ImageClass                                                         Tweetdeck
                                                                                witter can often be a confusing mess. Once you’ve

          ono laser                                                             started following 10 or more people, it becomes really
          printers                                                              difficult to keep up with all the updates. The further
          outperform                                                     you scale up, the less practical it becomes to read every
inkjets in print quality,                                                single post, and then of course important information might
speed and economy.                                                       slip past undetected. Even worse, some people post updates
Plus, you don’t                                                          constantly, and searches for real-time news, which Twitter
have to worry about                                                      excels at, update far too quickly to be read. Twitter allows
cartridges getting                                                       users to create lists in order to filter users, but the website
clogged or dried up. If you want                                         interface is clunky at best.
the functionality of a photocopying machine as                              The solution lies in separating Twitter as a service from
well, you can opt for a mono laser MFD such as the Canon                 its own website. If it wasn’t for mobile phone clients, we’d
ImageClass MF4412, which I’ve been using for over a month                never have the kind of real-time updates and photo sharing
now without any problems. With a monthly duty cycle of                   that we do today. Similarly, dozens of third-party clients
10,000 pages, it’s intended for homes and small offices. The             exist for the desktop, which improve upon the default
footprint of this machine is as much as an inkjet MFD, but               experience in some way. Tweetdeck’s genius feature is the
being a laser printer, it’s taller and has a boxy design. But the        organization of Twitter lists into columns that are displayed
build quality is excellent and thankfully, Canon hasn’t gone in          simultaneously and can be read at a glance. You can also
with glossy exteriors that invite scratches and fingerprints.            quickly create and edit lists, allowing you to weed out people
   For an MFD, some sort of a display is a must so that the              who spam your timelines and cultivate those whose posts
user can set the paper size, enlarge/reduction ratio, print              are genuinely useful. Search results are displayed in their
quality, and so on. The MF4412 sports a dot matrix LCD                   own columns, which can easily be left visible or knocked off
display, along with a five-way d-pad and a few other buttons             when they aren’t useful anymore. Most importantly, you can
for menu navigation. It isn’t confusing because there aren’t             immediately see when you have new mentions and direct
many options, but the ones offered are useful. What we                   messages, which are easy to miss on the website.
really liked is the list of copying ratios, which mentions the              Tweetdeck has completely changed the way I use Twitter.
percentage size as well as the paper size. Other functions               I once dismissed Twitter entirely, not seeing the whole
include Toner Saver mode for copying, maintenance tasks,                 point. Now, however, I have one monitor on my desk with
sleep timer and status (print job, page counter, and so on).             Tweetdeck maximized at all times and I genuinely feel more
   Now, for the most important aspects – speed and print                 productive. There’s one column for followers’ updates, one
economy. We completely exhausted the starter cartridge that              for PR and journalists, one for corporate accounts, and
came with the printer and two standard cartridges purchased              several for current trends and stories I might be interested in
separately. We printed a 5% text document on the basis of                following. More than Twitter itself, Tweetdeck has improved
which printer manufacturers arrive at the claimed yields. In             the way I work.
Normal mode, the starter cartridge and standard cartridge                                                                    - Jamshed Avari
yielded 1,460 and 3,550 prints respectively. In Toner Saver
mode, the yield went up to 6,140 prints. Considering the
standard cartridge costs Rs 4,495 (MRP), the cost per print in
Normal mode and Toner Saver modes comes to Rs 1.30 and
73 paise respectively. The printer prints at an impressive 24
pages per minute, and the print quality is very good.
   The market price of the MF4412 is Rs 10,800, which we
feel is great value for money. It costs twice as much as
basic mono laser printer, but here you get good speed and
economy, plus scanner and copier functions.
                                                    - Anand Tuliani

82     09/2011    intelligent computing chip                                                       SMS us!  Story code: TlT to 51818
    C FIGS

                                                                                                                              Samsung Galaxy S2
                                                                                                                              Rs 30,000
                                                                                                                              verdict This one's a pocket bomb!
                                                                                                                              Incredible features in a super-sleek form
                                                                                                                              love Excellent display, lots of storage
                                                                                                                              space, full HD video recording, sleek design.
                                                                                                                              hate None.

                                                                                                                              Weight: 116 g; CPU: Dual-core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A9;
                                                                                                                              Graphics: Mali-400MP; Display: 4.3-in Super AMOLED Plus,
                                                                                                                              480x800; Memory: 16 GB; Camera: 8 MP; Video: 1080p, 30
                                                                                                                              fps; OS: Android 2.3.

                                                                     ANAND'S PICKS

                             The top five most powerful Android phones in the market.

                        HTC Sensation                                                 HTC Incredible S
                        Rs 29,500                                                     Rs 24,500
                        verdict A brilliant phone, but miles behind                   verdict A truly incredible phone with
                                                                                      great features for an attractive price.
                        the winner in terms of features.
                        love High-resolution display, full HD video                   love Rugged build, great pricing.
                        recording, dual-core CPU.
                                                                                      hate No 1080p video recording,
                        hate Very heavy, less storage space.                          Android 2.2.

                            SPECIFICATIONS                                                SPECIFICATIONS
                                                                                      Weight: 135 g; CPU: 1 GHz Scorpion; Graphics: Adreno 205;
                        Weight: 148 g; CPU: Dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon; Graphics:   Display: 4-in S-LCD, 480x800; Memory: 1.1 GB; Camera: 8
                        Adreno 220; Display: 4.3-in S-LCD, 540x960; Memory: 1 GB;     MP; Video: 720p, 30 fps; OS: Android 2.2.
                        Camera: 8 MP; Video: 1080p, 30 fps; OS: Android 2.3.

                        LG Optimus 2x                                                 Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
                        Rs 25,500                                                     Rs 28,000
                        verdict The cheapest dual-core phone in                       verdict Would you pay for the sleek
                                                                                      design or pick the best phone for Rs 2,000
                        the market with a very good feature set.
                        love Great display, good build.                               more?
                        hate Heavy.                                                   love Sleek design, great camera.
                                                                                      hate No 1080p video recording, very less
                            SPECIFICATIONS                                            storage space, expensive.
                        Weight: 139 g; CPU: Dual-core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A9;
                        Graphics: Nvidia Tegra 2; Display: 4-in IPS, 480x800;
                                                                                      Weight: 117 g; CPU: 1 GHz Scorpion; Graphics: Adreno 205;
                        Memory: 8 GB; Camera: 8 MP; Video: 1080p, 24 fps; OS:
                                                                                      Display: 4.2-in S-LCD, 480x854; Memory: 320 MB; Camera: 8
                        Android 2.2.
                                                                                      MP; Video: 720p, 30 fps; OS: Android 2.3.

                                                                                                                          TEST CENTER
                                                                                                                        PC CONFIGS
                                                                                                                      ANAND'S COLUMN

                                                       A RIG WITH THE LATEST
                                                       HARDWARE FOR UNDER RS
                                                       ANAND TULIANI, DEPUTY EDITOR - TECHNICAL

      t’s easier to build a gaming PC with       If you want to play all the latest games
      a limited budget in hand if the core       comfortably at full HD resolution without
      components cost less. But if you want      spending much, then I recommend the
      the latest high-end hardware, you          Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 (Rs 12,500).
have to be choosy about the components.          However, a GTX 560 Ti (Rs 15,000) is
    If you’re on a really tight budget, you      recommended for a mid-range gaming
can opt for the most entry-level Sandy           rig. If your budget is absolutely low, then
Bridge CPU, the Intel Core i3-2100,              the GTX 550 Ti (Rs 8,800) should make
which costs Rs 6,200. If you want more           you happy. The rest of the components
processing power and overclocking                are easy to choose. A stick of standard 2
capabilities as well, go in for the Intel Core   GB DDR3 RAM costs Rs 1,200, but if you
i5-2500K, but it will set you back Rs 4,600      wish to overclock, be prepared to spend a
more. Moving on, the Intel DZ68DB, which         few thousand Rupees more
is the most affordable Intel Z68 chipset
motherboard, costs slightly less than Rs
                                                 for low latency modules. A
                                                 1 TB WD Caviar Blue hard
                                                                                 THE CORE I3-2100
8,000. However, it lacks the goodness of
all-solid capacitors, multi-GPU support,
                                                 drive is recommended for
                                                 mid-range rigs, but if you
                                                                                 IS GOOD VALUE FOR
and ample cooling. The next best options
are the Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 and the Asus
                                                 want extreme performance,
                                                 I suggest going in for an SSD
                                                                                 BUDGET GAMING RIGS.
P8Z68V. The latter is a much better option,      as your system drive and a WD Caviar
with CrossFire support in dual x8 mode,          Black as the secondary storage. The BenQ
UEFI BIOS and superior performance,              V2200 Eco, which is currently retailing for
but it costs Rs 2,600 more. The next most        Rs 11,300, is a great monitor. The choice
important component is the graphics card.        of cabinet is subjective. I would settle for
                                                                the Cooler Master Elite 430
  Component                      Model             Price (Rs)
                                                                Black, which sports a blue
                                                                LED fan and transparent side
 CPU             Intel Core I3-2100                      6,200
                                                                panel. The Corsair CMPSU-
 Motherboard     Gigabyte Z68ap-D3                       9,800
                                                                430CX should be enough to
 Memory          2 X 2 GB Zion Ddr3-1333                 2,400
                                                                handle an entry-level gaming
 Hard Disk       WD Caviar Blue, 1 TB                    3,000
                                                                rig. The Corsair CMPSU-
 Graphics Card   Zotac Geforce GTX 550 Ti                8,800
                                                                600CX should be ideal for
 Optical Drive   LG GH22 SATA 22x DVD-Writer                950
                                                                mid-range gaming PCs.
 Monitor         Benq V2200 Eco, 22-inch LED             11,300
 PC Case         Cooler Master Elite 430 Black           2,800
                                                                    An entry-level Sandy
 Power Supply    Corsair Cmpsu-430CX                     2,200
                                                                Bridge gaming rig with all
 Input Device    Logitech G1 Gaming Desktop               1,700 the hardware along with a
 Speakers        Altec Lansing Vs2621                     1,895 Windows 7 Home Premium
 OS              Windows 7 Home Premium                  6,200 license should cost around
                                                       57,245 Rs 57,000.

                                                                                                   INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   85
  ES       TER

GAMING - ENTRY-LEVEL                                         Rs 44,040      GAMING - MID-RANGE                                            Rs 78,500
Processor           AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Ed, 3.3 GHz          5,800   Processor           AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, 2.8 GHz                 7,900
Motherboard         Asus M4A88T-M, AMD 880G                         5,200   Motherboard         Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H, AMD 890GX              8,800
RAM                 2 GB Zion DDR3-1333 MHz                         1,200   RAM                 G.Skill Rip Jaws F3-12800CL9D - 2 x 2GB         2,300
Hard disk           Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 - 1 TB SATA           3,000   Hard disk           Western Digital Caviar Black - 1 TB             4,600
Graphics card       Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 - 1 GB DDR5             7,300   Graphics card       Zotac GeForce GTX 560 Amp! - 1 GB GDDR5        12,000
Optical drive       LG GH22 SATA 22x DVD-writer                      950    Optical drive       LG GH22 SATA 22x DVD-writer                       950
Monitor             Dell IN2020M LED - 20-inch LCD                  6,300   Monitor             BENQ G2420 HD - 24-inch TFT                    12,500
Keyboard            Logitech G1 Gaming Desktop                      1,700   Keyboard            Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000                      950
Mouse               Included in Combo                                   -   Mouse               Razer Salmosa                                   1,700
Speakers            F&D FD600                                       2,990   Speakers            Altec Expressionist Ultra MX6021                7,500
Sound card          Onboard high-definition audio                       -   Sound card          Asus Xonar DX 7.1-channel                       5,000
PC Case             Cooler Master Elite 310                         1,800   PC Case             Cooler Master Elite 430                         2,800
Power supply unit   Coolermaster GX 450W                            3,500   Power supply unit   Cooler Master GX 650W                           5,300
Operating system    Windows 7 Home Basic                            4,300   Operating system    Windows 7 Home Premium                          6,200
TOTAL                                                             44,040    TOTAL                                                             78,500

HOME                                                         Rs 28,190 HTPC                                                               Rs 94,495
Processor           AMD Athlon X2 260, 3.20 GHz                    3,300    Processor           AMD Athlon ll X4 645, 3.10 GHz                  5,100
Motherboard         Gigabyte 880GM-USB, AMD 880G                   5,400    Motherboard         Asus M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3                         6,300
RAM                 2 GB Zion DDR3-1333 MHz                         1,200   RAM                 2x 2 GB Kingston DDR3-1333 MHz                  2,300
                    Western Digital Caviar Blue -                           Hard disk           Western Digital Caviar Blue - 1 TB              3,000
Hard disk                                                           2,100
                    500 GB SATA                                             Graphics card       Sapphire Radeon HD 6570, 1 GB                   4,600
Graphics card       Onboard graphics                                    -   Optical drive       Sony BD-5300S, 12x Blu-ray Writer              11,000
Optical drive       LG GH22 SATA 22x DVD-writer                      950    Monitor             BenQ V2400 Eco, 24-inch TFT (LED)              16,900
Monitor             Samsung SyncMaster B2030N - 20-inch TFT        6,600     Keyboard and
                                                                                                Logitech Wireless Combo MK320                   1,795
Keyboard and                                                                mouse combo
                    Logitech Deluxe 250 Desktop USB                  795
mouse combo                                                                 Speakers            Creative Gigaworks T3                          15,000
Speakers            Altec Lansing VS2621                            1,895   Sound card          Asus Xonar DX 7.1-channel                       5,000
Sound card          Onboard high-definition audio                       -   PC Case             Silver Stone LC16B MR220                       11,800
PC Case             iBall Pride                                     1,650   Power supply unit   Corsair CMPSU-430CX - 430 Watts                 2,200
Power supply unit   Included with the PC Case - 250 Watts               -   TV tuner card       Avermedia AverTV Speedy PCIE                    3,300
Operating system    Windows 7 Home Basic                           4,300    Operating system    Windows 7 Home Premium                          6,200
TOTAL                                                             28,190    TOTAL                                                             94,495

                                                                                                                                     TEST CE NTE
                                                                                                                                     T EST C E
                                                                                                                                     TE S T CEN T ER
                                                                                                                                 LAPTOP CONFIGS
                                                                                                                                 LAP P CONFIGS
                                                                                                                                 L APTOP CONFIGS

                   LAPTOP CONFIGS
BUDGET                                            MAINSTREAM                                             NETBOOK
PROCESSOR Intel Pentium P6200, Intel Core i3,     PROCESSOR Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5                 PROCESSOR Intel Atom Single / Dual-core,
Intel Core i5                                     MEMORY 2 GB or 3 GB                                    AMD Fusion
MEMORY 1 GB or 2 GB                                                                                      MEMORY 1 GB to 2 GB
                                                  HARD DRIVE 320 GB or higher
HARD DRIVE 320 GB or higher
                                                  DISPLAY 14.1-in or 15.6-in                             HARD DRIVE 160 GB or higher
DISPLAY 14.1-inch or 15.6-inch
                                                  GRAPHICS On-board or Discrete                          DISPLAY 10-in or 11.6-in
                                                  WEIGHT 2.3 Kg to 3 Kg                                  GRAPHICS On-board
WEIGHT 2.3 Kg to 2.7 Kg
OTHER Bluetooth, DVD-writer, Wi-Fi b/g, Webcam    OTHER Bluetooth, DVD-writer, Wi-Fi b/g or n, Webcam    WEIGHT 1 Kg to 1.5 Kg
PRICE RANGE Rs 22,000 to Rs 35,000                PRICE RANGE Rs 35,000 To Rs 45,000                     OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Card reader
                                                                                                         PRICE RANGE Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000

ACER ASPIRE 5750                                  SONY VAIO VPCEH16EN/B/W
                                                                       /W                                ACER ASPIRE ONE HAPPY 2
Rs 26,367                                         Rs 36,990                                              Rs 15,728
CPU Intel Core i3-2310, 2.10 GHz;                 CPU Intel Core i3-2310M, 2.1 GHz; MEMORY 4 GB;         CPU Intel Atom N570, 1.66 GHz; MEMORY 1 GB;
MEMORY 2 GB; HARD DISK 500 GB;                    HARD DISK 320 GB; DISPLAY 15.6-in;                     HARD DISK 320 GB; DISPLAY 10.1 in;
DISPLAY 15.6-in; GRAPHICS On-board;               GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce 410M, 512 MB;                  GRAPHICS On-board; WEIGHT 1.3 Kg;
WEIGHT 2.5 Kg; OS Linux; OTHER Bluetooth, HDMI,   WEIGHT 2.35 Kg; OS Windows 7 Home Basic;               OS Windows 7 Starter; OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,
Card reader                                       OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, eSATA                    Webcam, Card reader

LENOVO G470 59-067062                             LENOVO IDEAPAD Z570 59-069601                          SAMSUNG N150-JP0GIN
Rs 28,690                                         Rs 37,990                                              Rs 16,500
CPU Intel Core i3-2310, 2.1 GHz; MEMORY 2 GB;     CPU Intel Core i3-2310M, 2.1 GHz; MEMORY 3 GB;         CPU Intel Atom N550 (dual-core), 1.5 GHz;
HARD DISK 640 GB; DISPLAY 14-in; GRAPHICS         HARD DISK 640 GB; DISPLAY 15.6 in;                     MEMORY 1 GB; HARD DISK 250 GB; DISPLAY 10.1 in;
On-board; WEIGHT 2.2 Kg; OS Free-DOS;             GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce GT 520M, 1 GB;                 GRAPHICS On-board; WEIGHT 1.24 Kg; OS Windows 7
OTHER Bluetooth, HDMI, Card reader                WEIGHT 2.6 Kg; OS Windows 7 Home Basic;                Starter; OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Card reader
                                                  OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, HDMI

HP PAVILION G6-1103TU                             ACER ASPIRE 5755G                                      HP MINI 110-3612TU
Rs 30,950                                         Rs 37,594                                              Rs 19,500
CPU Intel Core i3-2310, 2.10 GHz; MEMORY 2 GB;    CPU Intel Core i3-2310M, 2.10 GHz; MEMORY 4 GB;        CPU Intel Atom N570 (dual-core), 1.66 GHz;
HARD DISK 500 GB; DISPLAY 15.6-in;                HARD DISK 640 GB; DISPLAY 15.6 in;                     MEMORY 2 GB; HARD DISK 320 GB;
GRAPHICS On-board; WEIGHT 2.3Kg;                  GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce GT 540M, 1 GB;                 DISPLAY 10.1-in; GRAPHICS On-board;
OS Windows 7 Home Basic;                          WEIGHT 2.5 Kg; OS Windows 7 Home Basic;                WEIGHT 1.4 Kg; OS Windows 7 Starter;
OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Card reader       OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, HDMI                   OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Card reader

SAMSUNG RV520-A01IN                               DELL INSPIRON 15R                                      LENOVO S10-3S
Rs 34,000                                         Rs 42,800                                              Rs 20,000
CPU Intel Core i3-2310, 2.10 GHz; MEMORY 3 GB;    CPU Intel Core i3-2410M, 2.30 GHz; MEMORY 4 GB;        CPU Intel Atom N475, 1.83 GHz;
HARD DISK 640 GB; DISPLAY 15.6-in;                HARD DISK 500 GB; DISPLAY 15.6 in; GRAPHICS            MEMORY 2 GB; HARD DISK 250 GB;
GRAPHICS On-board; WEIGHT 2.4 Kg; OS Windows 7    On-board; WEIGHT 2.65 Kg; OS Windows 7 Home            DISPLAY 10.1-in; GRAPHICS On-board;
Home Basic; OTHER Bluetooth, HDMI, Card reader    Basic; OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB 3.0           WEIGHT 1.3 Kg; OS Windows 7 Starter;
                                                                                                         OTHER Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Card reader

                                                                                                        INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP          09/2011      87

                  The Mac Hack
                We show you how to install and run OS X Lion on your ordinary PC
                                              BY FRANCIS D'SA, ANAND TULIANI AND JAMSHED AVARI

88    09/2011    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                      Nirmal Biswas
                                                                                                      COVER STORY

                                here are a lot of things that Apple    of that Apple experience and use it on
                                gets right, but pricing is not one     your own, outside the confines of the
                                of them. This is a company that’s      expensive ecosystem built specifically
                         made a fortune by defying conventional        for it. The enjoyment won’t be the same,
                         wisdom, so it’s hard not to admire it and     but the whole point is to expand users’
                         its products despite their occasional         options and give them the choice.
                         quirks and shortcomings. Apple’s                 We’re referring, of course, to running
                         appeal has grown from a long history of       Mac OS X on any ordinary PC, something
                         understanding what users are really doing     that the Cupertino giant does not like,
                         with their computers and devices, and         endorse or acknowledge in any way.
                         knowing how to create things that people      Apple’s desktop OS is finely tuned to
                         will desire. It’s all about the experience—   work with its own hardware, software
                         their goal is to make you feel delight and    and online services: an entire ecosystem.
                         wonderment from the time you walk into        This has the disadvantage of limiting
                         a shop till you take your new device out      your choices (and budget range) when
                         of its box and switch it on for the first      it comes to buying a new computer, but
                         time. Everything that Apple does, from        it has the advantage of eliminating the

                         the iron-clad secrecy it maintains around     thousands of variables that tend to make
                         upcoming products to the theatricality of     Windows machines slow or unstable.
                         its unveilings, is designed to further that   Apple has never expressly allowed
                         experience. Once the association with joy     other brands to sell machines with OS
                         has been made in buyers’ minds, they’re       X preinstalled, so you’ll never find a Mac
                         hooked.                                       bogged down with “bloatware” added on
                            Mac OS X has a lot of appeal: the          by third-party manufacturers, and you
                         graphics are rich, security is higher         won’t have to go hunting for a printer
                         than Windows, it’s generally easier for       driver when you need one, because it’s
                         beginners to get used to, and there’s         already built in.
                         some excellent software available for            Be warned, running OS X is a tricky
                         creative professionals. For most people       proposition and it’s not endorsed by
                         though, just the “coolness” factor and        Apple in any way. You’ll be contravening
                         thrill of getting it working without          their end-user license agreement and will
                         spending money on Apple hardware are          not have access to any help or support
                         reason enough to try.                         from them. You also won’t have a Mac-
                            This is the “reality distortion field”      specific keyboard, mouse or trackpad,
                         effect that dozens of other companies         which will make several shortcuts and
                         have tried to emulate over the years,         gestures impossible to use. This process
                         to varying degrees of success. Just like      is not recommended for casual users,
                         everyone else, Apple has had to adapt to      or anyone who isn’t familiar with the
                         a changing world, one in which everything     internal workings of a PC. You run the
                         is mass produced in China, there are only     risk of erasing your hard drive and losing
                         two or three manufacturers of each kind       whatever’s on it, so make sure you have
                         of high-end component, and it costs too       backups. Moreover, obtaining a legal copy
                         much to try and do things on your own.        of Lion, the latest version of OS X, is
                         Today, it’s possible to take a small chunk    entirely your responsibility.

SMS us!   Story code: CMH to 51818                                              INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   89

The Hackintosh Process
    nstalling an operating system on hardware not
    originally designed for it is a tricky process.       REQUIREMENTS
    Apple is famous for building experiences
around tightly integrated hardware and software,          Kakewalk: Freely downloadable from
so problems are bound to crop up when trying    , this is a simple yet
to run OS X on unfamiliar components. It's                powerful utility which is nothing but a set
not impossible to run OS X on commodity PC                of scripts running in the background.
hardware, but this isn't a project to undertake
if you're not 100 percent comfortable with your            Lion installer: The operating system (Mac OSX
computer's inner workings.                                Lion v10.7) can be downloaded for as little as USD
    As of now, OS X Lion is a bit more difficult to get   29.99 (approx Rs 1,400) from the Mac App Store
running than previous versions, Leopard and Snow          (Mac required). Download this 3.5 GB DMG file.
Leopard. Methods of running these older versions
have existed for years now, and a vibrant developer       Minimum 8 GB USB stick: This USB
community online is constantly making new drivers         stick will be formatted and loaded with the
available to extend compatibility with all kinds of       bootloader and the Lion installation files.
hardware. With Lion only recently released, the
                                                          A Macintosh: A Mac is needed to create the USB
driver database is understandably small, and it's
                                                          stick with the necessary files for installing Lion on a
quite likely that you'll run into compatibility issu4es
                                                          PC. If you don’t own one, you'll have borrow one for
and other odd problems. The most frustrating
issue we faced was with an incompatible USB               at least an hour after the installer is downloaded.
keyboard, which caused all sorts of input errors!         You won't be able to download Lion from the
    Before beginning any experiment, we must              Mac App Store if this Mac is already running it.
emphasize the importance of backing up
                                                          MultiBeast and KextBeast: These free utilities
everything on your computer. Make a list of all
                                                          can be found
hardware and drivers and search online for known
                                                          They are needed to install basic drivers for the PC.
problems. Then, if you're sure you understand all
the risks and liabilities, you're ready to proceed.

                                                                      COVER STORY

Once you have downloaded Lion
and have all the files ready, you
can start the process.

Copy the Lion installation file (InstallESD.
dmg) and Kakewalk to the desktop of the
Macintosh. Run the Kakewalk utility, and
on the main screen, click on ‘Install to a
USB stick’.

On the next screen, select the location
of the Lion DMG file and choose the USB
stick as the destination. Make sure you
choose the correct destination (the USB
stick), or you'll end up installing it to the
Mac you're working on. When you're sure,
click the ‘Create’ button.

The Kakewalk utility will do the necessary
work in the background. It involves
formatting the USB stick, mounting the
Lion DMG image, copying the installer
files and packages to the USB stick
and a lot more. All this is done in the
background and may take a while
depending on the speed of the pen drive.
Your USB stick will also be renamed to

                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   91

                                             STEP 4
                                             After the process is complete, the
                                             utility will ask you to start the Kakewalk
                                             installation. Click OK to continue and
                                             the next screen will ask you to choose
                                             your motherboard model number. The
                                             exact version is preferable, but a close
                                             variant will also do. Make sure you have
                                             an Internet connection as Kakewalk will
                                             need to download the necessary drivers
                                             from its repository. If your motherboard
                                             is not listed, you'll have to choose the
                                             closest match. Then carefully select
                                             your destination as the USB drive (now
                                             renamed as Kakewalk). Click on ‘Start
                                             Installation’. After completion, you can
                                             safely eject the USB stick and return the
                                             Macintosh to its owner, unscathed.

                                             STEP 5
                                             Now plug the USB stick into your PC and
                                             turn it on. Go to the BIOS where a few
                                             changes need to be made. Change the
                                             boot priority to USB HDD. Next, make
                                             sure you make the following changes if
                                             you have the options in your BIOS: HPET:
                                             Enable (64-bit), ACPI Suspend type: S3
                                             (STR) and Hard drive: AHCI enabled. Save
                                             and close the BIOS settings. Restart the
                                             PC and boot from the USB stick.

                                             STEP 6
                                             When you boot from the USB stick,
                                             you will be greeted by Kakewalk's
                                             EFI bootloader. Select the USB stick
                                             (Kakewalk) on your screen and press
                                             WARNING: The target hard drive will be
                                             reformatted and all data on it will be lost.
                                             If possible, install Lion on a new, blank
                                             hard drive.

                                                                     COVER STORY

After a long process during which you'll
see lines of text characters scrolling
continuously, you will land at the
Lion installation screen. If you have
not reached here, it's possible that a
compatibility issue has been discovered.
Note the error lines displayed on screen
and search the Internet for a specific
solution. You should find specific help
on the various forums dedicated to OS X
fans. For example, the error ‘DSMOS has
arrived’ means that the video card is not

Follow the steps shown on screen till you
arrive at the screen which asks you to
choose the destination disk to install the
OS to. At this screen, click on ‘Utilities’
and then ‘Disk Utility’. This will start the
partition manager for Mac OS X.

Using Disk Utility, click on your target
hard drive in the left pane and then click
on ‘Partition’ on the right pane. From the
Volume Scheme, select ‘1 Partition’ and in
the ‘Options’ below, select ‘GUID Partition
Table’. Then in the Volume Information,
type a name for the partition, select
the format type as ‘Mac OS Extended
(Journaled) and leave the rest untouched.
Finally, click on ‘Apply’ and proceed to
format the drive. Once done, exit Disk
Utility and proceed with the installation of
the OS. The installation will take around
30 minutes, at the end of which your
computer will reboot. Leave the USB stick
plugged in, as there is no bootloader yet.

                                               INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   93
                                            STEP 10
                                            This time, when the system boots again,
                                            choose to boot from the hard drive
                                            instead of the USB stick. Once booted,
                                            you should be welcomed to the next
                                            steps of the installation. Continue with all
                                            the necessary details that are asked on
                                            the screen.

                                            STEP 11
                                            Once done, you should arrive at the
                                            default Lion desktop. Congratulations,
                                            your installation has been successful! But
                                            you have still got to install the bootloader
                                            to your hard drive so that it can boot up
                                            on its own.

                                            STEP 12
                                            Locate your USB stick in the OS X Finder
                                            and open it. You will find the application
                                            ‘Kakewalk’—double-click and run the
                                            utility. Click on the icon that reads ‘Install
                                            to Computer’.

This screen will highlight the
motherboard model you chose while
making the USB stick on the Macintosh.
You cannot change anything here, so
simply click on ‘Start Installation’. After a
few minutes, you will be asked to reboot
the machine. Now your bootloader is
installed on your system and you can
safely boot your PC from the hard drive.
Mac OS X Lion is ready to go!

Installing drivers is the biggest headache,
but you can do it in a few steps. First,
using MultiBeast, you can install basic
drivers for audio, network, graphics, and
system components. Copy the Multibeast
utility to your new desktop and run
it. Follow the steps till you reach the
‘Installation Type’ screen. From the drop
down list, carefully choose the drivers of
your motherboard and graphics card by
referring to their respective user manuals.
If you are not sure of any of the drivers,
simply don’t select it, or else you will
cause errors known as Kernel panic, and
might need to reinstall Lion all over again.
When the process is complete, you'll
need to reboot the PC.

Additional drivers that are not available
through Multibeast can be downloaded
and installed separately using the
KextBeast utility. The drivers are usually
in the form of .KEXT files and need to
be inserted into certain folders and their
permissions set to a particular level.
KextBeast does it for you automatically.
All you need to do is copy the KEXT files
and the KextBeast utility to the desktop
and run the utility. It will automatically
search for the drivers on the desktop and
install them.

                                                INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   95

The Switcher’s Guide to
 Somewhat like your Windows taskbar and Start
 menu rolled into one, the Dock is where shortcuts
 to all your favorite applications live. Just like in
 Windows 7, icons in the Dock might represent
 programs that are running (indicated by a glowing
 dock, though this can be turned off) or simply
 ones that are there for quick access. The right
 hand side of the dock shows individual program
 windows that are currently minimized. You’ll also
 find pinned folders here: Trash, the recycle bin
 equivalent; Documents, where the files you create
 are saved by default; and Downloads, a central
 place for downloaded files, as the name suggests.

 Here’s where things get very different
 from Windows. Programs can run
 even when no windows are open.
 What that means is that a browser or
 image viewer, for example, doesn’t
 stop running when you close all open
 web pages or images, but you won’t
 see an “empty” program window
 either. You can manually quit each
 program that isn’t required anymore,
 or let Lion decide when it needs to
 free up resources. Take a look at
 the menu bar that’s always on the
 top of your screen—the name of
 the running program will be visible,
 even if no windows are open. New
 in Lion, most programs will open
 exactly the way you left them when
 they were last closed, including any
 open documents, web pages or                     3. THE KEYBOARD
 other work in progress. For privacy            Say goodbye to [Ctrl] and [Alt], you now have to learn to deal with [Control],
 or convenience, you can disable this           [Cmd] and [Option]. ([Cmd] maps to the [Win] key on most PC keyboards).
 behavior in ‘System Preferences’.              Use [Cmd]+[C] or [Z] to copy or undo, but you’ll have to hold down [Option] to
      For reasons unknown, OS X                 select multiple items in a list. If it takes too long to get used to the new keyboard
 has never allowed windows to be                positions, you can remap keys via the ‘Keyboard’ panel in ‘System Preferences’.
 maximized to fill your screen. Instead,
 the "traffic light" controls in the top
 left corner let you "zoom" a window
 till its content fits on screen. New
 to Lion, a Full Screen mode acts
 somewhat like maximizing a program,
 but this doesn't just affect a window's
 size, it can change its look completely.

                                                                                                                  COVER STORY

Lion                  If you’re a long-time Windows user, it’s easy to feel a little lost in
                      Mac OS X. Here are the first things you’ll need to know.

                                                                                           6. iOS CARRYOVERS
                                                                                           All the new features that headlined
                                                                                           Lion’s release were in some way
                                                                                           inspired by the iPhone and iPad user
                                                                                           experience. The first one you’ll notice is
                                                                                           “natural scrolling”, exactly the opposite
                                                                                           of what we’re used to. Instead of
                                                                                           dragging a scrollbar down, you pull a
                                                                                           page’s contents up. Text autocorrects
                                                                                           itself just like on an iPhone, so beware
                                                                                           of the sometimes overenthusiastic
                                                                                           substitutions. The entire OS can shut
                                                                                           down and resume exactly as you left
                                                                                           it, with apps open and documents
                                                                                           running. Documents are automatically
                                                                                           saved as you work, rendering the ‘Save
                                                                                           as…’ command redundant.
 Where Windows has Explorer, OS X has the Finder, the only difference being that a lot
 more is hidden from the user. You can’t usually browse through protected parts of the
 hard drive, and as of Lion, top-level folders and hard drives themselves aren’t visible
 by default. This makes things simpler for beginners, who can simply save documents
 to ‘Documents’ and find downloads in ‘Downloads’, but it takes time for advanced
 users to accustomed. Views are also different: iTunes users will recognize Cover Flow,
 and the multi-column view is handy when digging through deeply nested folders.

 OS X Lion takes virtual desktops mainstream—you can organize your windows
 across multiple “Spaces”, just like multiple invisible monitors arranged side to side
 for visual reference. Switch between Spaces with a two-fingered trackpad swipe, or
 [Control]+[ ]/[ ]. Mission Control ([F3] or two-fingered double-tap) lets you see a
 zoomed-out view of all your Spaces and the programs currently running in each. You can
 force programs to run only within their own Space, and any app in fullscreen mode is
 counted as its own Space. Bonus: each Space can have its own background wallpaper.

                                                                                           INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP   09/2011   97

 Since most people only realize the
 importance of backups when it’s too
 late, Apple has tried to make the process
 as easy as possible. Time Machine is a
 one-click solution; set it up and you can
 pull out backups at any time. With Lion,
 you can also track revisions to individual
 files and documents. Click the document
 name a program’s title bar to browse
 through previous Versions of a document
 and rescue elements in them that you've
                                                 8. BUILT-IN PROGRAMS
                                                Apart from the well-known iTunes jukebox and Safari web browser, Mac OS X
 since deleted, even if you didn’t save
                                                comes with a cool email client and built-in apps for contacts and calendaring.
 different copies as you went along. Lion
                                                These now look a lot like their iPad counterparts, and are just as capable. If you
 will save a copy as often as every minute.
                                                need to find some additional software, you can now browse through the Mac App
 After two weeks, files are "locked",
                                                Store and buy or download anything that’s available. Every new Mac also comes
 and you'll be prompted when edits will
                                                with iLife, a suite of programs including iPhoto for photo management and basic
 change the current version of a file.
                                                edits, iMovie, a fun video editing tool, and Garage Band, which pretty much anyone
                                                can use to learn and create music.

 OS X has some of the best accessibility
 features for disabled users. Check them
 out via the ‘System Preferences’. There
 are also built-in parental controls, voice
 commands and encryption options.
 There are loads of commands to tweak
 the interface, known as “defaults write”
 commands that you can type into the
 Terminal. Search online for dozens of
 options, such as changing the look of
 your dock, or enabling new animations.
 The Automator is a powerful, but
 little-known utility for creating scripts to
 automate repetitive tasks. And Airdrop,         10. THINGS THAT BEHAVE BADLY
 in the Finder, is a brilliantly easy way to    Lion can't run programs written for older, non-Intel CPUs. You shouldn’t encounter
 share files between two Macs via Wi-Fi.         any such programs today, except in very specialized cases. Microsoft Office for
 Hit [Cmd]+[Space] at any point to bring        Mac 2011 runs fine, but 2004 won’t work at all. Initial users have also reported
 up Spotlight, the system-wide search           trouble with several Adobe apps including Flash Player and most of the Creative
 tool that finds files, programs, settings,       Suite products. Users with Time Machine backups on external drives might be out
 help, and now even dictionary definitions.      of luck due to new requirements that older drives don’t yet support. Most of these
 OS X even has built in spelling, grammar       problems will be fixed by updates from the respective vendors, but it's a good idea
 and Wikipedia functions—almost any             to search online for potential pitfalls before installing Lion.
 selectable text can be looked up.


7 Quick Solutions for
Software Breakdowns
Crashed, locked, unstable—some programs cause nothing but trouble. It's a good thing that
there are analysis and repair tools to quickly ease the situation.

         ou double-click an icon but the                   responding, use the tool WhatIsHang                 will show you which program crashes
         program refuses to open—does                      (                particularly often on your system. Then
         this happen to you too often?                     html). It tells experienced users exactly           turn to ProcessKO (www.softwareok.
You helplessly sit in front of the PC; the                 what went wrong. It analyses whether                com/?seite=Software/ProcessKO).
program help is of no use, the FAQ on                      the problem lies in an interface between            It automatically starts in the taskbar
its website cannot provide an answer,                      system and software, whether the                    and has actually been designed for
and even a thorough Web search goes in                     program is caught in a loop or whether,             programmers who test self-written
vain. Applications often start behaving                    for example, there is a deeper conflict              software. It therefore allows the user to
oddly for no reason and some are just                      such as being incompatible with a 64-bit            set ‘Favorites’ for crashed processes, so
programmed poorly and can bring down                       driver. The tool displays the crashed               he/she can quickly kill them anytime at
your entire system, causing problems for                   program in the upper window. When you               the touch of a button. With the help of
other software.                                            press [F9], it shows the details below. In          AppCrashView, you will already know
   Our recommended tools provide quick                     the ‘Remarks’ section, you will see which           which process should be defined as
help for complicated problems. They try                    errors caused the crash. Under ‘String’             favorites on your system. Now, right-
to determine the cause of a crash and                      and ‘Modules found in the stack’, the tool          clicking the program icon is enough to kill
repair it. We have found suitable programs                 lists the commands or program libraries             the process.
for seven different scenarios. They get                    involved with the crash.
                                                                                                                        Eliminating unstable
to the bottom of the most common
software breakdowns and repair them.
                                                               The crash report will tell you if there
                                                           is a problem with the program itself. In              2      and slow programs
                                                           that case, an update or reinstallation is           It is annoying, but not dangerous, if a
         First aid measures for
  1      a software crash
                                                           required. At the very least, you will learn
                                                           what kind of actions to avoid.
                                                                                                               program gets hung in an infinite loop.
                                                                                                               Things are different though when
All applications are not perfect, and                          If a program freezes more often, take           it causes Windows to crash too or
few can manage all their tasks without                     a look at AppCrashView (www.nirsoft.                unnecessary slows down the system.
problems. It is important to know                          net/utils/app_crash_view.html). This tool              An excessive number of programs
why they break down, so that we can                        evaluates Windows error reports and lists           starting automatically will make Windows
respond appropriately. If a program stops                  all crashes so far. Clicking ‘Process file’          take longer to boot. Software you install,

 WhatIsHang Under “Remarks” you will find out which errors have caused                AntiFreeze The emergency Task Manager stops all running processes
 the crash – in this case, the program is stuck in a system call                      at one

100    09/2011     INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                                          SMS us!     Story code: FSB to 51818

IObit Uninstaller If “Advanced” is activated, the tool checks how well the    Undeluxe With “Recover”, the recycle bin substitute retrieves already deleted
uninstallation has worked.                                                    files in Windows as well

                                                          Thorough disposing
such as iTunes and Adobe Reader, might
also force components to load at startup.                3of program and driver
                                                                                                         The tool then deletes all files and registry
                                                                                                         entries associated with the driver, and
Startup Booster (www.smartpctools.                    remnants                                           even creates a backup copy. If something
com/startup_booster) displays these                   The uninstallation routines of commercial          unexpectedly goes wrong, you can
timewasters as soon as you have opened                programs often leave behind file remains            reverse the deletion via ‘Management |
it. You can delete entries for Java,                  and abandoned registry entries. Even               Backup copy’.
QuickTime, iTunes or Adobe Reader;                    outdated drivers remain in the system,
                                                                                                              Solving problems with
these only search for updates.
   Sometimes a program manages
                                                      though nobody needs them anymore.
                                                      Rather than using the Windows Control                4  anti-malware tools,
to pull the entire system into a black                Panel, try IObit Uninstaller (www.iobit.           deleting infected files
hole. If Windows doesn’t crash to its                 com/advanceduninstaller.html). When                Anti-malware programs are a necessary,
infamous blue screen, it might still refuse           you set the program to ‘Uninstall |                but slightly fussy, component of a system.
to respond, and even the Task Manager                 Advanced’, the tool first executes a                They do not tolerate any competing
might refuse to start. This happens when              standard uninstallation routine and then           product installed concurrently, use up
several programs try to execute intensive             searches for remains in the registry and           a great deal of system resources. It
operations at the same time with the                  on the hard disk. If the uninstaller finds          is easiest to avoid problems by only
highest priority. In this case, AntiFreeze            any, it removes them. Under ‘Forced                installing security products from the same
( is                  Uninstall’, you can also manually enter            company. However, some components of
the last refuge before hitting the reset              the file path of a program that has not             competitor products are often hidden in
button. AntiFreeze is a more powerful                 been registered in Windows at all.                 the system. You need AppRemover (www.
Task Manager. When you open it using                      The only thing cleaner is to use a tool for this. It specializes
the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Win]            that actually monitors the installation of         in tracking down these remains. For this,
+ [Home], it stops all running processes.             a program and records everything that              select the “Clean Up a Failed Uninstall”
Select the annoying program and click                 is added or changed. Magical UnInstall             option after starting the program.
‘End process’. All other processes resume             ( automatically                      Experienced users might choose not
after you terminate it.                               identifies when the user is starting a              to run antivirus software to avoid system
   AntiFreeze however is of no help when              setup routine and logs all changes in              bloat, but as an alternative we have file
it comes to a crashed driver. The only                the system. The tool later uses this               scanners such as VTzilla (www.virustotal.
thing that helps here is a restart—and                information to remove the program                  com) that check suspicious files online—
then finding out which driver has caused               completely. However, Magical UnInstall             installation is not required here. Problems
the problem. BlueScreenView (www.                     only works on 32 bit systems.                      arise if the user is not allowed to delete                       Windows does not take care of drivers          data thus found, since he/she does not
html) is suitable for this. It analyses               that no longer control any new hardware.           have rights to do so, for example if the
crash images created by Windows. After                There is no simple built-in way to remove          virus has attacked system files. You can
Windows restarts, call up the program,                them, but Driver Sweeper (www.guru3d.              then repair this with a Windows tool.
select ‘Dump File’ at the top and go to               com/category/driversweeper) handles                   Call up the command prompt and
‘All drivers’ under ‘Options | Lower Pane             this. It lists all detected drivers when the       navigate to the System32 folder. Type ‘sfc
Mode’. You will see all drivers loaded at             program is started, even those which are           /scannow’ to begin the check. If it is not
the time of the crash. Those marked in red            no longer related to any hardware at all.          a system file and you still do not have
have caused the crash; you should update              If you recognize such leftover ones, just          the right to delete, then start the FilExile
them with more stable versions.                       select them and then click on ‘Clean’.             tool ( and enter

                                                                                                            INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP      09/2011   101

                                               way to rescue such deleted files is by         make sure that you only leave the
                                               using specialized data recovery software.     first two checkmarks in the ‘Select
Analyzing breakdowns                           Such tools work because files removed          components’ window or your desktop
using Windows tools                            from the Recycle Bin remain intact on the
                                               hard disk till they are overwritten. Until
                                                                                             will be littered with advertising shortcuts.
                                                                                             If Windows reports a blocked file, click
Windows logs everything that happens to
it—even software breakdowns. Use this          then, they are only marked as deleted in      “Unlocker” in the context menu. The tool
information to find out what is wrong          the index of the file system. The free tool    shows the process that has reserved the
                                               Recuva ( scans        file. You can release with “Kill process”.
                                               for such entries and retrieves lost files         The Unlocker is not always successful.
As soon as Windows detects a problem, it
                                               with a simple click on the ‘Scan’ button.     For example, if a system process uses
creates a report and wants to search for a
                                                  If the deletion happened long ago and      the blocked file, the only thing that
solution on the Microsoft website—which
                                               Windows has overwritten the entry in the      helps is a Windows restart. MoveOnBoot
often leads to no results. You can call up
                                               index, go to ‘Settings | Actions’ and turn    (
the list of problem reports in the taskbar
                                               on ‘Deep scan’. If you have reformatted       boot) gets integrated in the booting
via the ‘Action Center’. Under
                                               the drive, activate the option ‘Scan for      process and does the jobs assigned to it
‘Maintenance’, click ‘Display problems to
be reported’. If you organize the list         unerased files’.                               by the user, including moving or deleting
according to ‘Sources’, you will see which        Undeluxe (            blocked files. Define the details in “Boot
programs crash most often. By clicking         undeluxe) is a smart replacement for the      Action Wizard”. The tool cannot move
‘Display technical details’, Windows gives     Recycle Bin, and makes it more difficult      files to another partition, however.
a detailed description of the cause. A good    to delete files unintentionally. In the main
                                                                                                  Playing troublesome
starting point for a solution is the value
for the ‘Exception code’. Although a
                                               window, click ‘Start’ so that the tool
                                               catches all deleted files and stores them        7  Multimedia formats,
corresponding Google search might not          in a backup folder. Using the ‘Protected      configuring the player
take you exactly to exactly what you are       File Explorer’, you can access these          You want to view a movie file by double-
looking for, it often provides valuable        files later and restore them by clicking       clicking it. Windows Media Player starts,
information.                                   ‘Recover’. However, Undeluxe runs only on     but nothing really happens after that.
                                               normal partitions; it does not work if you    Thankfully, there are some players that
                                               have installed a RAID system.                 can do more in such situations. Media
You will find details for less serious
problems in the Start menu under                                                             Player refuses to play downloaded files if
                                                   Releasing files
‘Administrative Tools | Event Viewer’.
Open ‘Windows logs’ for the category
                                                 6 blocked by the
                                                                                             there’s even a slight error, and even if the
                                                                                             download is almost complete. If any part
‘Applications’. Windows saves all reports      operating system                              is missing, the index of the movie file has
related to the installed software—there        Sometimes, Windows just doesn’t let           to be rewritten, which can be done by a
can be several thousand. If you sort data      you access certain files—it is impossible      good editor like VirtualDub, but by hardly
according to ‘Level’, you will get all error   to move or delete them. Since XP,             any normal player software. UMPlayer
messages at a glance. Sorting by ‘Source’      Windows File Protection protects DLLs         ( is an exception.
refines the search by the different causes,    from modifications: for example, it is         In the main window of the tool under
for example, ‘Application Error’ or ‘Hang’.    not possible to delete photos that are        ‘Options | Settings | Advanced’, put a
If you select an entry, you can check in       loaded by the Windows image display.          checkmark in front of ‘Create new index if
the main window under ‘General’ what           Even ordinary programs that run in the        necessary’ to play corrupt or incomplete
exactly happened. If you scan the list, you    background open exclusive files and            movies. If the sound or subtitles do not
will see whether a program has always          block them. When another process              run synchronously, you can even correct
failed at the same task or whether there       accesses such a file, Unlocker (www.           this under ‘Audio’ or ‘Subtitles’ by entering
is some other reason for this. In the latter can end it. The       a positive or negative ‘Delay’ value.
case, it is not compatible with your           free tool is installed in the context menu       With some files, you already know
system and you should uninstall it.
                                               of Windows Explorer. During installation,     before playing them that the volume
                                                                                             is too low or the image needs more
the corresponding path. However, FilExile                                                    sharpness. Normally, one needs to
only deletes complete folders. If you                                                        reconfigure the corresponding player
want to remove one specific file, do so                                                        functions every time. If you use VLC
from the command line. Navigate to the                                                       Media Player, you can do without this,
corresponding folder and enter ‘del /f /q                                                    thanks to an additional tool. VLC Media
/a filename’. This will allow you to delete                                                   Launcher lets you save preconfigured
all files, except for the system files.                                                        player settings as profiles, and start them
                                                                                             along with VLC player when needed.
        Retrieving files
  5     deleted by mistake
                                                                                                These tools and tips should help fix
                                                                                             most of the common software problems
Many people have regretted emptying the        MoveOnBoot The Tool unlocks locked files by   people have!
                                               moving them during restart of Windows
Recycle Bin without thinking. The classic                                                                                  –


Web Watch                                                 Here are some interesting websites you might want to visit.
                                                          COMPILED BY PRIYANKA TILVE

 COLOURLOVERS.COM                               WIKISKY.ORG                                  GAANA.COM

I                                              H                                            W
  f you’re a Web designer, a visual artist,         ave you ever wondered about the                hile there are many sites on the
  or a graphic designer, you would know             secrets the universe holds? All we             Web that allow you to stream
  the importance of color all too well.             see is the sun, the moon, the stars            music, the one that’s creating
No matter how brilliant your design or         and occasionally some planets, but that’s    quite a buzz these days is,
creation is, if you don’t use the right        just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t      and not without reason. After all, it
colors, the design will fail to impress. On    matter if you’re a stargazer or not,         comes from the stable of India’s biggest
the other hand, choosing the right colors      you can’t help but be fascinated with        media organization – the Times Group.
will elevate your design further.     Though the site is aimed        Considering the number of channels,
    To ensure that you get your colors         at educating children, even an adult can     record labels, radio channels under
right, you can visit It’s    explore the universe and have fun while      the group’s umbrella, has a
one of the best sites aimed at helping         doing so. The site brings to you the most    definite edge. And to create the initial
professionals and enthusiasts make the         realistic high resolution images of the      buzz, the site started off as invite-only,
correct color decisions. With the help of      night sky, stars, comets, galaxies and       which further added to the curiosity.
its ColorSchemer tool, you can create          nebula. The site has integrated Sky-Map         The site is now open for all and
color schemes for Web (RGB) or print           with Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)         you can sign-in using your Facebook or
(CMYK) format. You can browse through          and Astrophysics Data System (ADS).          Twitter account or create a new login
the existing color schemes, select the one     The SDSS that has been in operation for      altogether. Once you sign up, you will be
you like and even tweak it to suit your        over eight years offers deep, multi-color    able to access music across genres from
needs. You can create schemes and then         images covering more than a quarter of       the latest Bollywood hit and yesteryear’s
share them with the community. You             the sky. It provides 3D maps that contain    melodies to regional music and
can also apply these color schemes to          more than 930,000 galaxies and 120,000       international chartbusters. The interface
various patterns or create your own. To        quasars.                                     is quite simple to navigate. The menu is
make things easier, there are channels –          When you select the SDSS view, it         divided into new releases, most popular,
business, craft, fashion, home, print, web,    will show you high resolution sky survey     playlists, genres, artists, albums, people
and wedding. Here, you can select the          image of the area that you are browsing.     and now playing. You can browse by
channel of your choice and then go on to       If you want to know about a particular       song, playlist, album, genre or artist.
explore the latest color trends, palettes,     object that you see, all you have to do is      The site also features playlists such
designs, patterns, etc. You can also join      place the cursor on it and an information    as Mirchi Top 20 (the 20 popular songs
the forums, seek advice or receive inputs      box will pop up on your screen. There        playing on Radio Mirchi), US Top 20, Indi
from like-minded people.                       is also a photo gallery with real images     Pop, and Sufi music. You can click the
    The site also features the current color   of the sky. Even here, you can point the     check box next to the song to add it to
trends, be it in branding, magazines,          cursor on a particular object and the        playlist or queue it. Another way to do
online, street fashion, interiors and          related information will be displayed on     it is by simply right-clicking on the song
wedding cards. With Themeleon, you             the screen. Another option for exploring     and then adding it to the playlists from
can create your own themes or select           the sky is by clicking on the Collection     there. The site also allows you to choose
and customize the ones you like. You           tab, which is further divided into           a theme, share music via Facebook or
can then apply this theme to customize         galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, quasars,   Twitter, and even recommends songs
your Twitter profile. The blog covers           etc. What’s more, by paying a small          based on your tastes. There also an
interesting topics, trends, new products,      amount, you can also have a star named       HTML 5 version of the site that is
and other fun ideas.                           after you!                                   compatible with devices like the iPad.

104   09/2011    INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP                                                      SMS us!    Story code: FWW to 51818
                                                                                                                    WEB WATCH

                                                                                           THE LURE OF EASY
                                                                                           MONEY IS TOO
                                                                                           TEMPTING, SO
                                                                                           PEOPLE FALL FOR
                                                                                           SUCH SCAMS.
                                                                                           PRIYANKA TILVE,
                                                                                           SENIOR FEATURES WRITER

    here seems to be no end to the
    launch of deal and e-commerce sites.
    Almost every month, a new site is
                                                   ONLINE FRAUD
being launched. The next to jump onto                     s the old adage goes, there is    encouraged to sign up my friends so that
the bandwagon is, which                       no such thing as a free lunch,    I can earn an additional bonus. Being
has emerged as one of India’s leading                     and so if someone writes          paid Rs 1,000 for participating in online
e-commerce shopping platforms. The                        you an email saying they          surveys is unheard of, and it’s even more
Naaptol Club can be accessed via a link       want to offer you part of their million       bizarre that I was expected to invest in
on the main site.                             dollar inheritance for a little help from     the fi rm that conducts the surveys. But
   Naaptol Club is not an everyday            you, then you have every reason to be         apparently, lakhs of people fell for the
coupon-based deal site, but more of a         suspicious.                                   scam and now that the lid has been
private sale site. It offers discounts as        When such emails are sent out, you’re      blown off the scam, they’re crying foul.
high as 80% on the leading luxury and         asked to part with your bank account             It worked as multi-level marketing
fashion sites. It boasts of a wide range      details for seemingly official purposes,      (MLM), which is a method of marketing,
of fashion apparel, accessories and           and at times, some money may even             where you have to recruit people under
home decor products from top brands           be transferred into your account with         you. Not only will you be compensated
on private sale. The sales are by invite,     a promise of more to follow. While this       through the revenue generated by them,
and once you get an invitation, you can       will put you at ease and thank your           but also for the revenue generated by
go about inviting your friends. If your       lucky stars for this good fortune, it will    their recruits. So it’s kind of a chain; the
friend joins and makes a purchase, you        be a while before you realize that your       more people you recruit, the higher your
will get an additional discount.              bank account has been swept clean of          profits. Sometimes, these companies
   Every sale on the site lasts up to five     all your savings. Popularly known as the      have you sell products that are dubious
days with a new sale going live almost        Nigerian scam, it was quite widespread        in nature; gimmicks designed to make
every morning. It features almost all the     a few years ago, with victims including       a quick buck. You have to pay a certain
major national and international brands       people from all walks of life.                amount to enter the chain and then you
across a wide variety of categories,             Over the years, we have witnessed          are reimbursed as the chain grows. It’s
from apparel and fashion accessories to       many such Internet scams, and for             more like money being transferred from
health and beauty products to gadgets.        a while, it looked like the tide had          one pocket to another. It’s best not to fall
The brands currently featured on the          subsided, but it has just reared its ugly     for these scams, as you may earn some
site include the likes of Dunhill, Hugo       head again in a newer form. Recently,         money initially, but you may end up
Boss, Carrera, Fcuk, Diesel, Levi’s, Nike,    there was uproar over Speak Asia, an          burning your fi ngers in the long run.
Casio, Reebok, and many more.                 online survey fi rm that promised high           Before investing money, it’s always
   Once you have placed an order, their       returns. When I initially saw the ads         advisable to do some research about
promised delivery time ranges between         in leading print and electronic media,        the company and its track record.
7-14 days. The payment options include        even I was intrigued. I visited their         You will often fi nd people airing their
internet banking, credit/debit cards as       site to fi nd out more and balked when        experiences at online forums. These
well as cash on delivery. At this stage,      I read that I was expected to invest Rs       can be positive or negative. Read them
there aren’t many sales on the site, but      11,000 when signing up, after which I         carefully and then decide if you are
looking at the percentage of discount         would be paid Rs 1,000 for every two          willing to take the risk.
offered, this is one site to watch out for.   online surveys. And of course, I was                                   -

                                                                                            INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP     09/2011    105
                                                                                                                               HANDS ON
                                                                                                                                  DR CHIP

    Sachin Pandit
                                                                                         Dr CHIP     SenD your querieS to:

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I have a Creative                  at 640x480. There are no firmware            the lens, remount the battery and check
Vado which can record videos at a                     upgrades or settings that can increase       the camera. Do this at your own risk
resolution of 640x480 and has 2 GB                    this resolution. Also the internal storage   and remember that recording videos of
storage. Can I increase the internal                  memory is limited to 2 GB and there          another person without their consent is
memory in any way? Can I upgrade the                  are no expansion slots that can help         a crime. Since the internal storage is only
firmware and gain full high definition                increase this storage space. The red         restricted to 2 GB, you can make use of
video recording? Also there is a red LED              LED on the rear panel near the lens is       this camera to take instant short videos
light at the back of the video recorder               provided for two reasons—firstly to know     of memorable events that take place in
which comes on when I am recording. I                 that the camera is in record mode, and       your life when you are out with family
want to switch that LED off, but there                secondly, to prevent you from shooting       or friends. Alternatively you can place
are no settings for doing so. Can you                 videos of another person without he/         it on your car windscreen and record
help me with this? Can I use the Vado                 she knowing about it. The red LED is         your journey around the city to make
as a media player? Can I store a movie                an indication to the opposite person         time-lapse videos or use it for security
on it and watch it later? Finally, if all             that you are recording a video. Invading     purposes such as proof of an accident
these issues cannot be solved, what                   another person’s privacy without their       or such. Finally, you can also mount it on
can I use the video recorder for which                consent is against the law and can land      the main door of your house or office and
has a very small memory storage? I                    you in trouble. But if you intend using it   use it as a security camera. Lastly, you
seem to have made a bad decision by                   for personal reasons at home only, you       cannot transfer any videos to the device
buying one of these products. Kindly                  can get rid of the red light. There are      and use it as a portable media player.
give me some advice. Thanks.                          no settings on the device to switch off      The codec might be similar, but the
                                        – Abhinav     the light, but there are two solutions for   device will not recognize the files as it is
                                                      this. A temporary solution is to cover       not shot by the internal camera.
[A] Hello Abhinav. The Creative                       the red LED with some black tape. The
Vado cannot record high definition                    permanent solution is to physically          [Q] Hi Dr CHIP, I am a great fan of
videos, but only standard definition                  remove the LED itself. To do this, remove    yours. I started reading your column
                                                      the battery cover and the battery, and       since I was 12 and I must tell you have
                                                      then carefully pop out the transparent       been doing a great job. I bought this
                                                      plastic cover of the lens using a flat       laptop, the HP Pavilion DV5-1203AX in
                                                      screwdriver or a blunt knife. This cover     February 2009 and it has been working
                                                      is glued on to the shell using rubber        awesome till now. The problem i
                                                      glue and can be replaced back without        face almost every day is that my
                                                      any effort. Once opened, locate the red      laptop crashes every now and then.
                                                      LED and cover it with a small piece of       Earlier I thought it to be an operating
                                                      black sticky tape. If you wish you can       system (Windows 7 Ultimate) issue
                                                      also de-solder the LED using a soldering     and I formatted my hard disk and
                                                      iron. But de-soldering the LED can           re-installed the operating system.
                                                      also cause damage to the surrounding         But still the issue exists as before.
The red LED light indicates to the subject that you   components if you are not careful. Once      I couldn’t find anything, from the
are currently recording a video.
                                                      done, replace the transparent plastic on     system/application log files. After

SMS us!  Story code: HDC to 51818                                                                   intelligent computing chip    09/2011   107

the system crashes, many times                           engineer or service center. If all goes well           which comprises of the following
the operating system throws up the                       with the driver installation and without               configuration: Intel Pentium Core 2
blue screen, but most of the times                       any crashes, then start by installing the              Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, 500 GB
it freezes. But the problem does not                     necessary software that you need. Do                   of hard drive, 19-inch LCD monitor,
show up when I boot into the Safe                        the same by installing one at a time                   Windows 7 operating system and
Mode. I have been using Kaspersky                        and checking in between. I am sure                     Microsoft Office 2007. I have an issue
2011 installed and it is always updated.                 that you will find the culprit software                as most of the time the office IT guys
Hence I ruled out the virus infection                    or hardware that is causing the crash.                 keep changing and implementing some
possibility as well. I have also noticed                                                                        setting or hardware every week and
that when the operating system                           [Q] Hello Sir. I am a new reader of                    most times my PC crashes because of
crashes, the hard disk LED light goes                    CHIP magazine and I came to know                       the changes. Due to these reasons, I
off, which may mean that after crash                     that you helped people in their PC                     keep losing my system settings, data
the operating system stops accessing                     related queries and problems. I have                   and emails. As data can be backed
the HDD or my operating system is                        a DELL Inspiron 535 desktop (it has                    up by simply copying and pasting the
crashing due to the HDD itself. Please                   a slim-line cabinet). I had a problem                  files on an external drive, they can
help me out here as it has become very                   with the DVD optical drive. One day I                  be restored with minimal effort. But
frustrating. Thanks in advance.                          had burned a data DVD and thereafter                   this does not seem to be the case
                                           – Priyam      I checked it. Till date, there was no                  with my emails. I am using Microsoft
                                                         problem with the writer. But after that                Outlook and every time the machine
                                                         whenever I insert another disk, the                    is re-formatted, I have to lose out on
                                                         drive was not able to read any CD or                   emails and have to keep setting up the
                                                         DVD. It also creates an annoying sound                 email accounts and rules. My query is
                                                         while trying to read the discs. So what                related to Outlook and I wish to know if
                                                         is the problem here and can you please                 there is any method to keep my emails
                                                         help me out of it? Thanks in advance.                  safe and are they any possibilities of
                                                                                          – Ankush Mohit        saving the account and rule settings so
                                                                                                                that I can restore it whenever there is
                                                                                                                a similar problem. I am presently using
                                                                                                                seven email accounts and configuring
                                                                                                                the settings and implementing rules
Faulty hardware can cause the OS to crash. Note if                                                              almost once a week is getting to my
the PC crashes after a particular driver installation.                                                          nerves. I hope you understand what I
                                                                                                                am going through and would like you
[A] Hi Priyam. Since you state that                                                                             to help me with a solution. Thanks a
your machine simply crashes with blue                                                                           million in advance.
screen errors whenever it wants and                                                                                                                              – Ady
runs perfectly in safe mode, it clearly
states that you either have a virus issue
or a problem with a particular driver or                 Clean the lens using a lens cleaner disc or a cotton
software. At this stage it will be quite                 swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

difficult to find out which application
is responsible for that error. I would                   [A] Hello Ankush. As you stated that
suggest that you take a complete data                    after you successfully burned the disc
backup and format the hard drive once.                   you are now not able to read any other
Next only install the Windows operating                  discs, there could be a problem with the
system and check if the machine crashes.                 DVD drive itself. Either the lens is dead or
Next install the necessary drivers for                   misaligned. In both cases you would need
the hardware one by one and carefully                    to replace/repair the DVD drive. I also
checking if the machine crashes after                    suggest you try cleaning the lens with a               In Outlook, under ‘Tools | Account Settings | Data
each installation. Make sure these                       lens cleaner disc or use a cotton earbud/              Files’, got to ‘Personal Folders’ to find the PST file.

drivers are updated and virus-free.                      swab dipped in a little isopropyl alcohol
If the machine crashes anywhere in                       to clean the lens physically. Make sure                [A] Hello Ady. I understand what you
between you can pin-point the driver                     you don’t apply too much pressure on                   mean and I am also going through a
that might be causing the problem. A                     the lens as it might damage the lens or                similar crisis at my work place. But the
faulty hardware could also be responsible                further misalign the lens assembly.                    scenario is different here as I have to
for crashing. Do take note when the                                                                             reformat my computer almost once a
machine crashes after a particular driver                [Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I have a small                      month due to several reasons such as
installation. You might need to inform                   query which I need you to help me                      software and hardware testing which
this discovery to the respective service                 with. I use a desktop PC at office                     slow down the computer. I will be most

108   09/2011       intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                                  HANDS ON
                                                                                                                                   DR CHIP

happy share the solution that I am             Save this file as it contains all the email          this problem and are more efficient than
presently using on my PC with you.             accounts that need to be configured. To              Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries. If your laptop is
   Firstly, I take a backup of my emails       implement this file into Outlook, all you            older, then you should have the battery
everyday without fail. Since Microsoft         need to do is right-click on the .REG file           inspected and replaced. If your laptop is
uses a single .PST file to store all emails,   and select ‘Merge’. Make sure Outlook is             under warranty, have the laptop taken
calendar and contacts, it is easier than       not running when you are merging the                 to the service center and get it replaced
its older sibling Microsoft Outlook            registry file. Once done, start Outlook              under warranty.
Express where these important data             and all your email accounts will be
files are separate and each one has to         configured. Note: For security purposes,             [Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I have an HTC
be backed up separately. In order to           one cannot save passwords using this                 Desire Bravo mobile phone and am
safely store the .PST file in a different      procedure. You will need to put in the               pretty much a novice relating when it
location, I make a copy of the file using      passwords for your email accounts.                   comes to installing third-party ROMs
an automated batch file. A shortcut to                                                              and stuff. Presently I am following the
this batch file is made in the startup         [Q] Hello CHIP. I am using an HCL                    XDA forums and there seem to be a
folder which automatically copies the          laptop. When I connect the power                     lot of ROMs available out there. My
file to a particular location on another       charger / adapter to charge the laptop,              query is relating to backup and restore
partition or hard drive. The batch file        the LED light on the charger keeps                   of ROMs. For instance, If I am using
contains a simple copy command                 blinking but the laptop does not                     ROM ‘A’ and want to try out ROM ‘B’, I
which copies the ‘outlook.pst’ file from       charged. I am too bored without using                usually take a backup of ROM ‘A’ using
‘C:\Users\<my username>\AppData\               my laptop. Please help me and thanks                 the ClockWorkMod Recovery utility
Local\Microsoft\Outlook’ to another            in advance.                                          and then install ROM ‘B’. If I am not
location on the ‘D’ drive. To find where                                                 – Sooraj   too happy with ROM ‘B’, I simply wipe
Outlook stores the .PST file on your                                                                the handset and restore ROM ‘A’ back
machine, start Outlook, click on ‘Tools                                                             again. Quite a few times, I have come
> Account Settings’, then click on the                                                              across a few ROMs which are nice and
‘Data Files’ tab and then double-click                                                              cool and I would like to save them
on the ‘Personal Folders’ line on the                                                               using the backup function and restore
bottom window. This will open the                                                                   them to use them when I like. But I
properties for the Outlook data file and                                                            have noticed that when I backup using
the location of the file will be available                                                          CWM Recovery utility, it just makes a
in the ‘Filename’ section. So next time                                                             backup with the date and time and I
you have to reinstall Outlook, all you         Most batteries have a life span of 1.5 – 2 years.
                                                                                                    have no option to rename this backup.
need to do is import the data from the         Li‑Ion batteries are now the most used in laptops.   In the process, I do not know which
backed up .PST file or simply replace                                                               backup is from which ROM. Now I
the .PST file with the backup one.             [A] Hi Sooraj. You have not specified                have four backup ROMs and I don’t
   Secondly I backup the rules from            the age of the laptop. All laptops have              remember which one is from which
Outlook onto a file and store it away          a battery and each battery has a life.               ROM. It is confusing and I have to
safely. This needs to be done only when        Usually, batteries have a life span of               restore each one to find out which
you make changes or add/remove any             around 1.5 – 2 years. In some cases, I               ROM it is. I know I should write down
rule. To backup rules, start Ms Outlook        have witnessed batteries dying in barely             or remember the dates or the backup,
and click on ‘Tools’ and then on ‘Rules        8 months while in some cases, there are              but it is kind of tedious. Is there any
and Alerts’. Then in the respective            batteries that are still functional for 5            other way I can do the needful to make
window click on ‘Options’ and then             years. Older laptop manufacturers used               things a little easier? Kindly help me
on ‘Export rules’ and save the file to a       Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh type of batteries which               out. Thanks in advance.
desired location on your hard drive. This      have a specific method of charging.                                                            – Raja
file contains all the information about        You need to charge them only when
the rules and all you need to do is import     they are fully discharged or have 5
it whenever you reconfigure Outlook.           % battery power remaining. Also you
   Finally, to save the email account          need to disconnect the charger when
settings you need to head to the registry.     the battery is 100 % charged. Batteries
Click on ‘Start’ type in ‘Regedit’ and         of these types gradually lose their
press enter. The registry editor will          maximum energy capacity if they are
open up and here scroll down to ‘HKEY_         repeatedly recharged after being only
CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\               partially discharged. This procedure
Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows              of recharging makes the battery store
Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook’.         lesser charge and finally fail. This effect
Right-click on the ‘Outlook’ key and           is called Memory Effect of the battery.
select ‘Export’. This command will then        Newer laptops and gadgets are now                    In ROM Manager, select the backup and press the
                                                                                                    menu button and choose to rename the backup.
create a .REG file at the desired location.    using Ni-Ion batteries which do not have

                                                                                                     intelligent computing chip       09/2011   109

                                                machine and installed a fresh copy
                                                of Windows all over again, but now
                                                it still shows the same message. The
                                                another query is that at the time when
                                                hard disk is detected Windows gets
                                                loaded properly, but after few seconds
                                                Windows shows a blue screen where
                                                a message ‘Physical memory dump’
                                                shows on the screen and after that the
                                                machine restarts automatically. I took
                                                off the system RAM and remounted it
                                                again. But every time the PC shows the
Amon Ra is pretty simple to use and has a few                                                       If the motherboard has an integrated GPU, connect
powerful features too.
                                                same message again. Please give me                  the monitor to it and see if it functions normally.
                                                some suggestions. Thank you.
[A] Hello Raja. Since you are using                                    – Subhrajit Mazumder         8400 GS graphics card, Windows
CWM (ClockWorkMod) Recovery utility,                                                                7 operating system and a 256 kbps
it is true that the each of the backups                                                             internet bandwidth. My problem is
(also known as Nandroid backups) are                                                                that last week when I was surfing on
not presently named and it gets tedious                                                             the internet, suddenly my PC froze up
and sometimes confusing when there                                                                  and restarted on its own. Then at the
are plenty of backups made. In order to                                                             time of booting, the Intel boot screen
make it simpler, you can download ROM                                                               logos appeared and the display just
Manager (Free) from the Android Market                                                              went blank and was displaying ‘no
and use it to rename the backups as per                                                             signal’. I tried as many things that
your wish. Start ROM Manager, scroll                                                                I could do but the problem is still
down to ‘Manage and Restore backups’                                                                the same. I tried all these following
and you shall find the number of backups                                                            options myself: I unplugged the hard
you already have there. Select the backup       Damaged, dusty or dirty power and data cables can   drive cables and plugged them back
and press the menu button and choose            cause problems due to connectivity issues.          in, I tried removing the Video card
to rename the backup. You can do this to                                                            and its power cable and re-inserted it
all your backups. As an alternative, you        [A] Hello Subhrajit. Your hard drive                again, reset the CMOS/BIOS settings,
can also replace the CWM Recovery utility       seems to be failing and you might need              removed the CMOS battery and after
with the latest ‘Amon Ra’ Recovery utility      to replace it as soon as possible. If it            some time inserted it back again and
which has the facility of automatically         is under warranty, get it replaced. But             finally removed the memory (RAM)
renaming the backups with the respective        before you do so, I would advice that               sticks and mounted it again. These
ROM names. Download the free utility            you take a backup and try the hard drive            were the only things that I could do at
from the XDA forums and flash it using          on another machine to make sure that                that crucial time. So I hope u help me
Android Flasher. Amon Ra is pretty simple       the drive is working properly and it is not         out with this problem. Thank You.
to use and has a few powerful features          your motherboard or your power supply                                                           – Kyle
too. Try it out and I am sure you won’t         unit acting up. A loose connection on
regret it. As for ClockWorkMod Recovery         the power and/or data connectors can                [A] Hello Kyle. The issue with your
utilities, the original developer and other     also be the cause. Dirty sockets of the             PC is either with the power supply,
developers are continuously working on it       power and data cables can also cause                the motherboard, the system memory
to make it more powerful and easier and         problems. The motherboard could also                modules or the video card. But since
are trying to implement more features           be faulty and the power supply can be               you state that the Intel Logo shows up
in it. Presently, there are some versions       weak. On the other side, the hard drive             in the start, it clearly states the problem
that can name the nandroid backups              could be having bad sectors which are               with either the motherboard or the video
automatically, while some are also              causing the blue screens. you should                card. Try removing the video card and
available with themes. Check the XDA            definitely check your machine with                  replace it with a known working one to
forums for more updates.                        another hard drive to finally find out              check if your PC works properly. If your
                                                which of the components might be the                motherboard has an onboard integrated
[Q] Hi Dr CHIP. I have two problems             reason for the failures.                            graphics card, connect the monitor to
in which I need a little help from                                                                  the motherboard and check if the PC is
you. My hard disk is not working                [Q] Dear Dr CHIP. I am a great fan                  functioning normally. Also try using your
properly. When I turn on the machine,           of your magazine and I have been                    video card on another PC. There could
sometimes it detects the hard disk but          reading CHIP since I was 12. One of my              also be a possibility of your monitor being
most of the time it is not and shows            favorite articles is DR CHIP. My system             faulty. Try it on another PC to confirm.
a message ‘Reboot and select the                specifications are as follows: Intel                    — Send your queries to Francis D’Sa
proper boot device’. I formatted the            DG31PR motherboard, XFX GeForce                                                  at

110   09/2011      intelligent computing chip

Old Laptop: Second Monitor
If you have an old laptop lying around that doesn’t work properly or is too slow, why not turn
it into an extended display for your computer?

  Jagdish Limbachiya

          aving an additional display               for your existing desktop PC or laptop.       done, all you need to do is set up the
          screen or an extended desktop                Ripping off a laptop’s LCD display         network between the secondary PC and
          can be very beneficial, especially        screen and converting it into a monitor is    the primary PC. The network can be
when you have to keep multiple windows              next to impossible because it employs a       configured in either infrastructure mode
open for reference. For instance, if you            lot of cabling, soldering and converting      or peer-to-peer mode. If you intend to
need to compare some data across two                digital signals into analog for input         use wireless networking, you can use
or more websites, or if you need to refer           support. While these convertor kits are       the ad-hoc mode too. We suggest you
to one document and complete another.               rarely available, one would also have to      use wired networking to get maximum
Continuously pressing the [Alt] + [Tab]             take the trouble of designing the cabinet     performance. Once the networking
to switch between the two windows                   for the LCD screen. In this workshop,         is done, it is time to install the utility
can be painstakingly frustrating and                we will not do any sort of hacking or         software.
slows down your productivity to quite               soldering. We shall use the laptop as            Go to and
an extent. Having two or more monitors              it is, provided it is in working condition.   download the free demo/trial software.
helps in viewing multiple windows at full           All one needs here is a simple software       This download will be a self extracting
screen rather than stacking, cascading or           utility and a network cable. Let’s begin!
viewing them side-by-side. But investing               Start with your laptop first. The
in an additional monitor can set you                laptop will now be referred to as the
back by over Rs 5,000. Additionally, you            secondary PC, while your existing
would need a graphics card with two                 desktop PC or laptop which needs the
video headers to support that extra                 extended monitor will be referred to
monitor. Most people who have older                 as the primary PC. If needed, format
laptops lying around don’t know what                the laptop (secondary PC) and install
to do with them. In the past, we have               a fresh copy of Windows. Windows
shown you how you can convert an                    XP, Vista or 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit
older, working laptop into a panel PC               versions are compatible. Set up the
or an additional TV for your home. This             drivers for the laptop, especially the
time, we shall show you how you can                 network and display, without which            Download and install the MaxiVista server on the
                                                                                                  primary PC and the viewer on the secondary PC.
use this old laptop as a second display             this workshop will not succeed. Once

112   09/2011          intelligent computing chip                                                         SMS us!  Story code: HSD to 51818
                                                                                                                                     HANDS ON

archive that contains two utilities—one       degrees, performance tweaks, hotkeys,
each for the primary and secondary PC.        network settings, gamma settings and
First run the primary PC setup utility on     performance optimization for network.
the primary PC. The computer screen              The free demo/trial utility has limited
will flicker while setting up the utility     functions and can be used 50 times or
and install a few video drivers on it.        for 14 days. The full version supports
Make sure you allow the software to           the use of additional PCs to integrate
make the necessary changes. Once              more laptops on the network and create
the installation is complete, you will        a multi-monitor setup. So go ahead
be asked to restart the PC; go ahead.         and check out this utility and if you
Now, while the primary PC is restarting,      like it and think it would benefit your
you can install the secondary PC setup        work, you can download the full version
utility on the secondary laptop. The          for $40 (approx Rs 2,000). The full
procedure is similar and no additional        version supports remote control, display
user inputs are required. Once both the       mirroring/cloning, and also functions
computers are ready with the utilities        as a KVM switch. An iPad can also be
installed, all you need to do is double       used as an additional monitor for your
click on the respective Maxivista icons       existing PC. We are currently using a
on the desktop and start the utility. It      dual-monitor setup on our work desk and
has no user interface; it just starts up as   have used a laptop as the third display,
a service and an icon will be available       which helps us stay updated with news,                  Depending on the secondary PC's configuration,
                                                                                                      tweak the display settings for better performance.
in the system tray. Absolutely nothing        chat, RSS feeds and email without
needs to be done on the secondary PC          having to switch between windows. So                   and hardware graphics acceleration
except for starting the utility (it also      what are you waiting for? Dig out that                 are not supported on the extended
starts as a system service, so you don’t      old laptop and set it up on your desktop.              display. Also, the utility will not work if
even need to do anything).                    Old is always gold.                                    the primary PC has Windows 7 Starter
Note: If you have any firewall or             Note: Maxivista has a few limitations.                 edition installed.
antivirus application installed on your       Aero display mode, video/TV playback                                                    –
PCs, you must set them to allow
Maxivista to function using the network.
Now on the primary PC, double-click on
the Maxivista icons in the system tray
and your display will start to flicker a
few times. The system theme will also
change from default to basic. Have
a look at your laptop; Maxivista will
automatically startup and will be ready
for use as an extended display for your
primary PC.

To tweak your displays, right-click on
the Maxivista icon in the system tray
and do the necessary changes according
to your preference. Click on ‘Monitor
arrangement’ to finalize where you have
placed your laptop (to the left or right
of your primary monitor). Set the display
color modes to 16-bit if your laptop is
slower. You can also place the laptop
according to your orientation (landscape
or portrait mode). Resolutions of the
extended display can also be set, but
you might get a window rather than a
full screen. We suggest you leave it to
the default settings, unless required.
The ‘Options’ in Maxivista can give
you further tweaks such as display            Options such as display settings, gamma corrections, network optimization and display performance are
                                              available to help tweak the MaxiVista software to get the best performance for your dual monitor setup.
modes, rotation of display by 180

                                                                                                         intelligent computing chip       09/2011   113
GooGle Chromium oS

  Google Chromium
  OS on Your
  Many of us have come to
  assume that Chromium OS is
  only available to those using Google's
  Chromebooks. We show you how you
  can get it on your notebook.
  By ROSSi FeRnandeS

           oogle’s Chrome OS has been in                 drive. It’s quite simple really, and it                 there are bound to be some issues and
           the limelight for a while now,                doesn’t take more than five minutes                     glitches that you’ll notice while using it.
           but many of us have come to                   once you have the 240-odd MB image                      They might even offer better compatibility
  assume that the operating system is                    downloaded. Here’s what you’ll need to                  with your hardware. Find the build you
  only available to those using Google’s                 get Chromium OS running.                                need and download it. The download size
  Chromebooks. Samsung and Acer are                      XX The Chrome OS image. In this case,                   of the archives is likely to be between 240
  the two brands selling Chromebooks in                        we shall use the Hexxeh’s Chromium                and 327 MB. The downloadable images
  international markets. So what do you                        OS build. You can download it from                are available as TAR or GZ files, which
  do in such cases, where an operating                                       can be extracted using a compression
  system that’s deemed to be free isn’t                  XX A USB flash drive. We recommend                      tool such as 7zip or Winrar. The file within
  really available on Google’s site?                           using a 4 GB flash drive, at least.               the archive should be an IMG file. Extract
     Well, you download it from a third                  XX A utility called Windows Image                       it to your desktop.
  party developer’s page. In this guide,                       Writer, which can be downloaded                      Now, we have to dump this IMG file on
  we’ll show you how to download and                           from                 a USB flash drive. Before you write the
  install a Chromium OS build on a USB                         image-writer                                      Chromium OS image to the flash drive,
                                                                               Hexxeh is the developer           ensure that you have saved all the data
                                                                            behind the Hexxeh                    from it securely. Next, start the Windows
                                                                            Chromium builds. The                 Image Writer utility and select the drive
                                                                            site contains a bunch                letter for the flash drive. Choose the
                                                                            of builds and the ‘Flow’             IMG file you extracted and click on the
                                                                            build, though stable, is             ‘Write’ button. This process should take a
                                                                            a little outdated. The               few minutes. Chromium OS will then be
                                                                            newer builds can be                  installed on your flash drive.
                                                                            found at http://chromeos.               Next, boot your notebook or desktop
                                                                                    PC using the flash drive. Ensure that
                                                                            php. Remember that the               you have enabled USB booting from
                                                                            Chromium builds aren’t               the BIOS. Plug in the USB flash drive on
                                                                            official stable builds, so           your PC and power it on. The flash drive
                                                                                                                                 should automatically boot
                                                                                                                                 into Chromium OS. Once
                                                                                                                                 booted, simply login using
                                                                                                                                 your Google account and
                                                                                                                                 you should be able to
                                                                                                                                 install Web apps available
                                                                                                                                 on the Chrome store and
                                                                                                                                 use your own notebook as
                                                                                                                                 if it were a Chromebook.
   Choose the download version for the Chromium OS and use the Win32 disk imager utility to create the bootable USB pen drive.

  116    09/2011    intelligent computing chip                                  Jagdish Limbachiya
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Splash Your
HTC Desire
Aren’t you bored with your HTC Desire’s stock splash
screen that just says “HTC” in big, bold letters? Here's
how you can use one of your own images there.

        splash image is the first image         Create your image, photo or picture, set       on the forum at
        that you see on your HTC Desire’s       the resolution as 480 x 800 (the actual        Alternatively, you can download images
        screen the moment you turn              screen size of the HTC Desire’s display)       from listed on the
it on. This image can be modified with          and save it as a 24-bit BMP (Bitmap) file. website. Once you
custom images, either downloaded                Note: No other resolution will work            have downloaded the image, save it to
from the Internet or custom-made. The           here, so make sure you stick to these          the desktop.
only requirement here is a simple image         specifications. Alternatively, you can            Now that you are ready with your
editor, such as MS Paint or GIMP, and a         download a few readymade images                image, all you need is a method to
utility to upload the image to the phone.       created by HTC Desire users and shared         upload the file, and Android Flasher
                                                                                               is the easiest and best utility to do
                                                                                               so. Download Android Flasher version
                                                                                               1.8.0 from It is a
                                                                                               self-executing utility and does not need
                                                                                               any installation. Make sure you have the
                                                                                               HTC Desire powered on with the Android
                                                                                               OS running and USB Debugging enabled
                                                                                               from the settings, and plug it to the
                                                                                               PC’s USB port. Start the Android Flasher
                                                                                               utility. Now, check the ‘Splash’ box on the
                                                                                               Android Flasher utility and click on the
                                                                                               ‘Begin’ icon. The next window will ask
  The Android Flasher utility can help flash                                                   you to select the BMP file for the image.
  boot animations, splash images, HBOOT                                                        Select the splash file you prepared and
  files, recovery utilities and radio updates
                                                                                               saved earlier on the desktop and click
  in a single click.
                                                                                               the ‘Open’ window. Once done, the utility
                                                                                               will popup the image in a window to ask
                                                                                               you to confirm the splash image. Confirm
                                                                                               and click ‘Yes’ and the utility will start the
                                                                                               flashing process. Your phone will reboot
                                                                                               automatically and the new splash image
                                                                                               will be seen on the screen.
                                                                                                  A unique splash image idea would
                                                                                               be to insert your own photo with your
                                                                                               personal details of your phone number
                                                                                               and address. This way you can highlight
                                                                                               your personal details in case your phone
                                                                                               is lost or stolen. This workshop works
  Select the 'Splash' check box and when                                                       with HTC phones (not all models) only.
  prompted, choose the image you designed.                                                     There are procedures and methods to
  Verify the image in the window and
  continue flashing the image to your phone.                                                   replace the splash images on other
                                                                                               Android phone brands, but the task is
                                                                                               quite complicated.

SMS us!  Story code: HSD to 51818                                                                intelligent computing chip    09/2011    117
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Tips & Tricks

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WINDOWS                                              If you want to delete an entry from the                 scripts, ensure that you always use the
                                                     Favorites, right click the entry and select             right path for calling up the tool and
          Windows 7                                  the ‘Remove’ context command.                           run the script with administrator rights.
  1       Add your own ‘Favorites’ to                                                                        The most important commands are
                                                             Windows Vista, 7                                ‘mpcmdrun signatureupdate’ for updating
          Windows Explorer
                                                       2     Start the anti-malware tool                     the signature lists and ‘mpcmdrun scan
In the left pane of the Explorer,                            Windows Defender directly                       1’ for a quick system check or ‘mpcmdrun
Windows displays various shortcuts                                                                           scan 2’ for a complete check. You can
for quick access such as ‘Desktop’,                  You sometimes use Windows Defender                      get information about additional options,
‘Downloads’ and ‘Last Visited’. But                  for detecting malware. In order to                      especially about work logs, from the
these folders aren’t the only ones you               automate this process, you want to be                   command line with ‘mpcmdrun ?’.
need quick access to.                                able to start the required checks with
                                                     a script.                                                       Windows XP, Vista, 7
                                                 1                                                             3     Show preview images in
                                                                                                         2           Explorer as attractive film

                                                                                                             You use the integrated image preview
                                                                                                             of Windows Explorer and ask yourself
                                                                                                             how you can improve the display.

                                                                                                                    Simple built-in Windows tools
                                                                                                             can help you create individual frames to
Simply drag and drop any folder's icon to create a                                                           the image preview in Explorer. You can
shortcut in the Favorites list.
                                                     This is the file you'll need to run via a command       thus equip the icons with film strips for
                                                     prompt window.
                                                                                                             instance. You can find the setting for this
         Open Windows Explorer with                                                                          in the registry.
[Win]+[E] and navigate to the folder                        Windows Defender can be                             Enter ‘regedit’ in the search field of the
that you want to add to Favorites. Then              directly run using the command like                     start menu and press [Enter]. In case of
click to the folder icon and keep the left           ‘mpcmdrun.exe’. Here, you can give the                  XP, go to ‘Run’ and then enter ‘regedit’.
mouse button pressed. Drag the icon into             relevant parameter for several tasks.                   Now navigate to the ‘HKEY_CLASSES_
the navigation pane over the position in             The tool is located in the ‘Program                     ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\image’
the ‘Favorites’ area where you want to               Files\Windows Defender’ folder on the                   key. Here, ensure that the spellings are
drop it before releasing the button. Done!           system. Administrator rights are required               accurate. Then in the right side of the
The folder is added to Favorites.                    for using the tool. Therefore in case of                window, double click the DWORD value

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                                                                                                                                     Tips & Tricks

                                                         Wildcards such as ‘*’ are unnecessary              alphabets with ‘dir’ because they might
                                                         since Windows lists all results containing         become different from the normal
                                                         the search term. If you are unable to see          assignments in Windows. Then copy the
                                                         any of the specified options, move the             existing profile data to the new location
                                                         cursor to the left border of the input field,      via ‘robocopy’. The options you will
                                                         click, keep the mouse button pressed and           need might include ‘/mir’ for a complete
                                                         drag and increase the size of the field.           transfer of the directory structure, ‘/
                                                            Click ‘Save Search’ in order to save the        sec’ for copying the security information
                                                         search request that you have just defined          and then ‘/xj’ for excluding the existing
                                                         for reusing. You can find the command in           junctions. Since it is not very practical to
 If you like this effect, a simple registry tweak will   the toolbar right below the address field.         move one single user profile and to leave
 apply it to all image thumbnails.                       In the next dialog box, name the search            the rest of them on the system disk, use
                                                         and ‘Save’ it.                                     the action for the entire folder ‘c:\users’.
‘Treatment’ for editing. If it is not present,              Windows manages your search                     The command should then be robocopy
create it with the command ‘Edit | New                   requests with the ‘’ file                c:\users d:\Newusers /mir /sec /
| DWORD Value’. Now enter the value ‘3’                  extension under your profile in the                xj if you want to save the profiles under
and confirm with ‘OK’. Every image now                   ‘Searches’ folder. In order to repeat the          ‘d:\Newusers’ for instance.
gets a border that looks like a film strip.              search, just double click the entry of this           Here, you must delete the original
The border can be completely disabled                    saved file in Windows Explorer.                    folders completely with the command
using the value ‘0’ but even the narrow                                                                     rd c:\users /s /q. Then create the
borders resulting from the values ‘1’ and                        Windows Vista, 7                           required junction in the file system with
‘2’ are hardly visible and thus unsuitable.                5     Move user profiles to another              mklink c:\users d:\Benutzer /j.
   Close the registry and restart                                disk for security                          Then close the command window and
Windows Explorer. Individual images now                                                                     cancel the Windows setup. Windows can
have perforated borders in the Tiles and                 For proper segregation of system and               now start normally and uses the profiles
Thumbnails views, just like classic film                 data, you want to move a user profile              from the new location.
strips.                                                  from the boot drive to another hard                Note: The new path must be available
                                                         disk. Windows however does not think               at all times. If you need to restore the
          Windows 7                                      this should be easy.                               system for instance, the action cannot
  4       Reuse search requests in                                                                          be undone. In order to bring the user
          Windows Explorer
                                                                                                        5   profile back to the original location, you
                                                                                                            need to undo the specified steps in the
You often enter search requests with                                                                        same manner. For this, first delete the
the same search terms and settings                                                                          junction using the command rd c:\
in Explorer. The repeated execution of                                                                      users. The real data at ‘d:\Newusers’ is
these requests is annoying and takes                                                                        retained and can be copied to ‘c:\users’
just too much of time.                                                                                      on the system drive.

          In order to solve this problem, open                                                                      Windows XP, Vista, 7
Windows Explorer with [Win]+[E]. On the                                                                       6     Check copied files for transfer
left side of the window, navigate to the                 Robocopy is a powerful command line utility. You
                                                         can check out its various options and abilities.           errors
desired drive or folder in whose sub-
structure you want to look for files. Enter                                                                 In case of extensive copying activities,
the search term in the input field to the                       It is usually not possible to move          you would like to check whether
upper right corner. The OS comes up with                 user profiles under Windows. You thus              everything has actually gotten copied
results even as you enter the search term                have to use a trick to move the profile            properly. You are thus looking for a
and the number of hits in the list reduces               data to another location of your choice            suitable quality control tool.
with every alphabet that you type.                       and let Windows continue to believe that
   You can also refine your search by                    everything still is where it should be.                   With ‘fciv.exe’, Microsoft provides
entering more criteria. For this, click in                  For this, set up a junction (connection).       a command line tool that calculates
the input fields and select the ‘Type’,                  The prerequisite for this is that you are          checksums and hash values of files but
‘Date Modified’, ‘Size’, ‘Name’ and/or                   using the NTFS file system. Since the              is not very widely known. The program
‘Folder location’ links in the following                 following steps are not reliable with              name stands for ‘File Checksum Integrity
menu. Another menu or a dialog box                       Windows already running, start the                 Verifier’. You can use it for checking the
is displayed in which you can select                     system with the installation DVD and               copying process of files. The tool can be
the desired limitations. In case of just                 follow the steps up to the language                found at
‘Name’ and ‘Folder location’, you need to                selection. Use the key combination                 kb/841290.
enter the searched character string right                [Shift]+[F10] to open a command line                  Start the installation with
after the colon in the search request.                   window. Check the individual drive                 administrator rights via the right-click

                                                                                                              intelligent computing chip     09/2011   119
Tips & Tricks

                                                                                                             basis of this information. The additional
                                                                  QUICK TIPS                                 SMART parameters are not immediately
                                                                                                             available in the free version, but can be
                                                           OPEN NEW WINDOWS                                  easily requested. Click the ‘S.M.A.R.T.’
                                                           Use the ‘explorer/n’ command under ‘Start |       button for this and then click ‘No’ in
                                                           Run’ for instance to open a new Explorer
                                                                                                             the following dialog box. The data is
                                                           window at the highest drive level.
                                                                                                             prepared as a HTML page and displayed
                                                           SHOW WINDOWS VERSION                              in the default browser.
                                                           The DWORD value ‘PaintDesktopVersion’ = ‘1’       Note: The values for the data
                                                           in ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\              throughput and the expected service life
                                                           Desktop’ provides an information display in       are not yet available for a completely
 Microsoft offers this tool for download, but does
 not include it with Windows by default.                   the lower left corner of the desktop.             new drive and are displayed only after
                                                           ACCELERATE ‘RUN’                                  it has been in use for a while. In case
context command ‘Run as administrator’.                                                                      of repeated installations, the expected
                                                           Use the [Win]+[R] key combination to directly
After accepting the license agreement,                     open the ‘Run…’ dialog box for which you          remaining service life decreases with
click ‘Browse’ in the next dialog box and                  usually need to go to ‘Start | Run…’.             every subsequent installation, but this
navigate to the Windows folder. There                                                                        gets normalized after a while since the
you can unzip the program so that it is
                                                           ADAPT USER ACCOUNTS                               program is based on an average rate of
available on the system path.                              You can access the settings of a user account     writing processes.
                                                           in the Control Panel directly by clicking the
   In order to use it, open a command
                                                           account icon to the upper right of the Start
line window via ‘cmd’ in the start menu.                                                                             Windows 7
With ‘fciv’, you can get additional
                                                                                                               8     Deactivate the new Windows
information about using the individual                     EXECUTE COMMANDS                                          function called Aero Shake
parameters. In principle, the tool                         You can enter commands such as ‘regedit’
generates checksums from the output                        directly in the address bar of Explorer instead   Shaking inactive windows away
                                                           of in the search field of the Start menu.
data and saves it in a database file such                                                                    with a couple of clicks is a practical
in the XML format. These values can                                                                          feature, but it is annoying when you
later be compared with the calculated                                                                        accidentally activate it when moving
checksums of the copied files.                                   The free tool SSDLife determines            windows around.
   In order to check the files from c:\                  the current parameters of an installed
data’, type fciv c:\data -r -bp c:\data                  SSD drive and forecasts its service life                                                                8
-xml result.xml. Here, the ‘r’ option                    on the basis of your personal typical
ensures that all the sub-folders are also                usage. The tool is available free from
recursively included and the ‘bp c:\data’       where a premium version
option ensures that the basic path ‘c:\                  is also available for a cost but has
data’ is not taken into account. The                     additional features.
results are saved in the ‘result.xml’ file.                 Under Downloads, look for the link
   The copied files can later be                         for the ‘free version’. The scope of
checked against the database with their                  functionality of this free version is usually
checksums. For this, you can use the                     sufficient. You need the paid version only
command fciv v bp g:\data xml                            if you want to check the status regularly           A registry setting is responsible for recognizing
                                                                                                             the Windows shortcuts.
result.xml. It checks the folder ‘g:\                    and on time and want to request
data’ that for instance should contain                   additional information or use several
the copied files against the checksums                   SSDs simultaneously.                                       Windows does not have an
in ‘results.xml’. If this is not the case, you              In order to install, double click the            option to disable Aero Shake. You can
get an error message; else, a confirmation               downloaded file to open it and follow               however still manage this by means of
stating that all files have been                         the instructions. Administrator rights              an additional entry in the registry. For
successfully checked. Moreover, you can                  are required for executing the program              this, enter ‘regedit’ in the search field of
also list the checksums of all individual                due to which the user account control               the Start menu and press Enter. Confirm
files with ‘fciv list xml results.xml’.                  query must be answered with Yes. In a               the user account control query with ‘Yes’.
                                                         while after this, the tool identifies your          Then navigate to the ‘HKEY_CURRENT_
         Windows XP, Vista, 7                            SSD and shows a lot of information                  USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\
  7      Assess the condition and                        about it. In addition to the model and              CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced’ key.
         service life of SSD drives                      the size, you also see information                  Click in the right part of the window
                                                         about how long the disk has been in                 and go to ‘Edit | New | DWORD Value’.
You use an SSD as a super-fast                           use and how many times it has been                  Enter the name ‘DisallowShaking’ and
drive. You want to check the status                      booted. Together with the transfer data             press Enter. Now open the new entry
in order to be able to act on time                       in GB, you also get a prognosis of the              for editing by double clicking it, set the
before there are any problems.                           remaining service life calculated on the            ‘Value’ to ‘1’ and confirm the change with

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                                                                                                                                 Tips & Tricks

‘OK’. Now close the registry. Aero Shake              the ‘Other’ option for a complete search.
is now completely deactivated and can                 Click ‘Next’ and then select the relevant
no longer be called up with usual key                 memory location. Then search for a
combination [Win]+[Home] either.                      drive or partition, select the option ‘At
Note: If Aero Shake is activated, you                 a specific location’ and then enter the
can also restore the windows that you                 memory location or navigate there via
have accidentally shaken away. For this,              ‘Browse’. You can also select ‘Recycle
just shake the active window or press                 Bin’ or can search the entire computer
[Win]+[Home] again.                                   with ‘I am not sure’. Then click ‘Next’. In
                                                      the following dialog box, keep the option
        Windows XP, Vista, 7                          ‘Activate deep scan’ deactivated since
  9     Retrieve deleted data from                    this analysis can take very long. You
                                                                                                     Select "Update automatically", the required date
                                                                                                     and time format to configure it automatically.

        USB pen drive and memory                      quickly get a result after clicking ‘Start’.
                                                         The list shows all the deleted data         automatically updates the date and time,
                                                      and highlights files that can be restored.     go to ‘Insert’ menu, click ‘Date and Time’.
You have accidentally deleted files                   By clicking the ‘Advanced Settings’            Then on the ‘Header and Footer’ dialog
from a USB pen drive or photos from                   button, you can select every rediscovered      box that appears, click on the ‘Slide’ tab.
an SD card. Since there is no recycle                 file, see a preview of it to the right and     Here ensure that the ‘Date and time’
bin there, there is simply no way to                  view detailed status information in the        check box is selected. Select the ‘Update
restore this data.                                    ‘Info’ tab. In case of files marked in         automatically’ option and here from the
                                                      red that cannot be restored, you can           drop-down list, select the required date
                                                 9    immediately see what they have been            and time format that you want to show in
                                                      overwritten with. When restoring, activate     your presentation. Also, select the ‘Don't
                                                      the checkbox for the required files and        show on title slide’ check box if you do
                                                      then click ‘Restore’. Always select a folder   not want to display the date and time on
                                                      on another drive as the storage location       the title slide. Finally, click on ‘Apply to
                                                      and then click ‘OK’.                           All’. The date and time will be updated
                                                      Note: The restoration usually works for        whenever you reload the PowerPoint
                                                      defective or garbled files as well, but of     document or begin a slide show.
                                                      course the result will also be garbled. In
                                                      case of a text file however, this can still            Word 2003, 2007, 2010
It might be possible to recover deleted data from a
pen drive or memory card.
                                                      be of a little help if certain parts of the     11     Translate documents directly
                                                      text become legible once again.                        from Word

       There is no guarantee for data                 APPLICATIONs                                   You want to translate a complete
restoration but it is also not impossible                                                            German document into English without
that you can recover deleted files. What                      PowerPoint 2003, 2007                  investing too much of time. You know
is of utmost importance is that after the              10     Automatically update the time          a few online services but they are just
deletion, you should not write anything                       and date                               too tedious.
on the disk in question because that
could cause the required content to be                In PowerPoint, you can automatically                  With Office, you can easily send a
overwritten. In order to prevent this,                update time and date for every slide.          document to an online translation service
install the free tool Recuva on your hard                                                            and request machine translation. Here,
disk. It is available from www.piriform.                     If you regularly use the same           you need to keep in mind that the quality
com/recuva.                                           presentation, but want to keep it updated      of a machine translation is usually not
   After a quick installation, a wizard               with the current time and date then            up to the mark. It can however definitely
comes up that helps you with the                      you can easily do so. Instead of doing it      be a good starting point for your work.
following steps. First select the file type           manually, you can change the settings to       Before using any online translation
such as ‘Images’ or ‘Documents’ or use                auto. To configure PowerPoint so that it       service, you first need to enter its Internet
Tips & Tricks

                                                                                                          VBA editor, navigate to the “This working
                                                  11                                                 12
                                                                                                          folder” entry in the upper left of the
                                                                                                          project explorer under “VBAProject" of
                                                                                                          the current file. Double click and open the
                                                                                                          relevant code window that is now ready
                                                                                                          for your entries.In the right combination
                                                                                                          field, select the “SheetChange” system
                                                                                                          procedure whereupon the relevant
                                                                                                          number of macros is added below. Add
                                                                                                          all the further rows as follows:
Word now independently takes care of machine           The program can be used to create links for        Private Sub Workbook _
translations via an online translation service.        starting specific tasks.                           SheetChange(ByValSh As Object,
                                                                                                          ByVal Target As Range)
address to the Word Processor.                         from threats, you also want to conduct             Application.EnableEvents = False
   For this, activate the research options             regular checks like system errors. For             Sh.Range("A1").Value = Date
in the task field. In the new versions,                that, you will need to rummage through             Sh.Range("A1").NumberFormat =
click “Research” in the “Review" tab in                the entire menu.                                   "mm/dd/yyyy"
the ribbon. In Word 2003, go to “Tools                                                                    Applications.EnableEvents = True
→ Research”. Then select “Research                            In Kaspersky Internet Security,             End Sub
options” at the end of the task field.                 you can create new links to directly start            The sample code is triggered on
Then in the dialog box with the same                   regularly used tasks. For this, right click        the current sheet by the result of the
name, click “Add Services”. Now enter                  the program icon in the info field of the          change. The value of the current date
the Internet address of the online                     taskbar and then select the context                is then entered on the sheet in the
translation service under “Address”, e.g.              command “Settings”. Now click the                  “A1” cell. It is mandatory to switch the
for the Microsoft Translate, http://www.               “Scan” tab and then select “General                event processing off within the macros                   Settings”. Here in the “Scan Tasks Quick           in this example; else, the change in the
Register.asmx. Click “Add” and a set-up                Run” section you will find options to              A1 cell automatically triggers the next
for the service starts. Word is now ready              create shortcuts for specific tasks. You           SheetChange event. This would always
for the work.                                          can use them to create a separate link             lead to an endless recursions. Instead
   Select the text you need to translate               for the “Full Scan”, the “Quick Scan”              of a separate entry for every table, you
and click on “Research” and select                     or “Vulnerability Scan”. After a click on          can also access the document property
the entry “Translation” under “Search                  it, you can change the target location             and update it centrally in the same table.
for”. In “Translation”, select the source              “Desktop” to another one that is less              Then also specify the relevant work
language under “From” and the target                   visible and create the link by clicking            sheet, for instance:
language under “To”. Here in addition to               “Save”. In the other available categories          Worksheet("Sheet1").Range("A1").
the common language such as English,                   such as “Full Scan”, you also have the             Value= ThisWorkbook.
German and French, you can also select                 option of setting up an automatic,                 BuiltDocumentProperties(12)
other languages such as Italian, Greek,                time-controlled execution of the relevant             This command will change the A1 cell
Russian and Thai. In order to translate                tasks, namely the “Start Mode” option.             in Table1 and assigns it with the document
the entire document, you can use a                                                                        property specified with the last change.
small white arrow with a green base                            Excel 2003, 2007, 2010                     This is the information that can be called
near “Translate entire document” or                     13     Record the last modified date              up in the file properties under Windows.
“Send document online for translation                          internally                                 After entering the script, close the VBA
in unencrypted format”. Confirm with                                                                      editor and save the Excel file in your
“Send” in the next dialog box so that                  You want to keep a track of when your              document folder. When calling up the
the Word Processor transfers your data                 Excel sheet was last modified. You                 sheet, ensure that the contained macros
via Internet. The result is displayed to               want Excel to insert and update the
you in the browser. If you have several                date automatically.                                                                               13
translation services installed, you can
click “Translation Options” and then                          As a solution for this, you need a
specify which service the Word Processor               VBA code in the working folder so that a
should use for which translation.                      macro automatically ensures an update.
                                                       Open the relevant working folder for this
        Kaspersky Internet                             and select the command"Tools → Macro
 12     Security                                       →Macros”. From Excel 2007 onwards,
        Set up quick and easy direct                   activate the “View” tab in the taskbar
        start for important tasks                      and click the “Macros” icon. Now enter
                                                       a macro name and click “Create” or if a            You can automatically record modification date of
                                                                                                          a file with the help of an event procedure.
In addition to the automatic protection                macro already exists, click “Edit”. In the

122   09/2011      intelligent computing chip
                                                                                                                                  HANDS ON
                                                                                                                               Tips & Tricks

are activated; else, the security settings           Note: The mini mode of iTunes is a           COMMUNICATION
prevent the functioning of the macro.                practical alternative. For this, minimize
                                                     the program window and right click a                  Internet, navigation
        iTunes                                       free place in the taskbar. Then select the    16
 14     Minimize programs in the                     context command “Toolbar → iTunes”.
                                                                                                           Plan your holiday online

        taskbar or the info field                    Both these space saving variants are         You want to calculate various routes
                                                     however mutually exclusive. You see a        and variants for optimum travel
You play music on iTunes 24x7, but                   mini control bar that gives you direct       planning. The problem here is that
you don’t like the fact that the icon of             access to the important playback and         your navigator often stops functioning
iTunes occupies space in the taskbar                 volume functions instead of the program      because it requires satellite reception.
even though you seldom access it.                    icon only if iTunes is normally minimized.
                                               14           Excel 2007 and 2010
                                                      15    Prevent undesired error
                                                            messages in Excel 2007

                                                     You are searching for information
                                                     in Excel from other table fields with
                                                     Vlookup and want to adapt it. You
                                                     often get error messages if the search
                                                     term is not present.
                                                                                                   You can get accurate road directions online, which
With the help of a simple program setting, you can                                                 you can either print or bookmark.
                                                            Here is an example for the
minimize iTunes in the info field of the taskbar.
                                                     functioning and advantages of “Vlookup”.
                                                     For instance, you have a table that                  Online travel planning via your
       In the program options, you can               records names and telephone numbers.         computer at is simple and easy. Go
configure a setting so that the icon is              And if you include some of the names         to In the fields
automatically minimized in the info field            elsewhere in the sheet then you can          'From' and 'To', define the start and end
of the taskbar. You can also decide with             enter the relevant number using the          locations, wherein accurate address
the functionality of Windows whether                 “Vlookup” function. “Vlookup” will search    specifications are possible. It is also
the icon should be displayed or hidden.              for the name accurately in the sheet. The    possible to search directly on the tab.
For this, select the command 'Edit |                 formula used is as follows:                  Here, right click the desired position and
Settings' and click the Advanced icon in             =VLOOKUP(H2, A1:B16, 2, FALSE)               follow the “Start here” or “End here”
iTunes. Activate the 'Display iTunes icon               Here H2 is the name, A1:B16 is the        link. You can define a time for starting
in taskbar' option there. This is deceptive          table field, 2 is the column that contains   so that intelligent time-dependent data
because the icon is still displayed but              the numbers, whereas false will search       from IQ routes can be correctly used for
the option moves the display in the info             for the exact corresponding name. In         calculation. Then click “Plan route”.
field. Then activate the 'Minimize iTunes            case of success the formula outputs the         After a little time, you see the result
window in the taskbar' option.                       relevant number in I6 or else it will show   and can list the individual steps with
   The next time the program window                  “#N/A”. This is not an error, as it means    “Display navigation instructions”. You can
is minimized, it is visible only in the info         that the name is not present in the list.    go through all the individual sections,
field and disappears from there after                If you wish to change this output to “Not    save the address displayed in the address
some time. If you want to see the icon,              Present!” for your convenience, then         line of the browser as a bookmark and
click the small triangle there and then              you can easily do so. Using “IfError”, you   then call it up later. This address can also
the “Adapt” link. Search for the “iTunes”            can change the output message to let’s       be copied and sent via email.
entry in the list and change the setting             say “not present!”, with the help of the     Note: doesn’t have data
to “Display icon and messages” in the                following formula.                           for India.
relevant combination field to its right. The         =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(H6, A1:B16, 2,                                     – Compiled by Team CHIP
icon will be visible after you click “OK”.                 ,
                                                     FALSE) "Not Present!")                                         send your tips to

                                                                  Stylish and brutal
                                                                  supernatural FPS The
                                                                  Darkness II was initially
                                                                  scheduled for release in
                                                                  October. Unfortunately, the
                                                                  wait’s going to be a little
                                                                  longer, as 2K has pushed
                                                                  back the game to the next
                                                                  year. So for our Darkness fix,
                                                                  we got in touch with Dave
                                                                  Kudirka, producer at Digital
                                                                  Extremes, to find out how
                                                                  they’re upping the ante for
                                                                  the sequel to a great game.
                                                                  By AvinAsh BAli

                                                                         he first game was a console-
                                                                         exclusive. What made you guys
                                                                         work on PC this time? Is the PC
                                                                  version being developed in-house?
                                                                  Yes, sadly many PC gamers missed
                                                                  a real gem when the first game was
                                                                  released on consoles only. At Digital
                                                                  Extremes, we have the engine and the
                                                                  tools to develop for PC and we are
                                                                  handling that all in house. All platforms
                                                                  are being developed together so the
                                                                  experience across all platforms will be
                                                                  the same.

                                                                      What led to the different art
                                                                   Q  style? Is there some sort of
                                                                  deeper meaning over here or have
                                                                  you gone in for a cel-shaded look
                                                                  because, well, it looks cooler?
                                                                       For The Darkness II we decided to
                                                                   A   go back to the source material and
                                                                  draw heavy visual inspiration from the
                                                                  comics. We combined this graphic novel
                                                                  style with certain lighting techniques,
                                                                  which can be found in the film noir
                                                                  genre. The result is a highly detailed
                                                                  graphic style that is full of vibrant color
                                                                  and distinct barriers of light and dark; a
                                                                  style we’re calling “graphic noir”. This
                                                                  change brings us closer to the comic
                                                                  books that have inspired us along the
                                                                  way, but also allows us to generate
                                                                  some fresh gameplay using the
                                                                  mechanics of light and dark.

                                                                       Aren’t you afraid quad-
                                                                   Q   wielding will make the game
                                                                  a bit too easy? How do you plan
                                                                  on balancing things out?

124   09/2011   intelligent computing chip   Jagdish Limbachiya          SMS us!  Story code: UD2 to 51818

      It’s totally true—your two death-
 A    dealing demon arms elevate you to
what seems to be a godlike status in
The Darkness II. Once the player
discovers how intuitive the demon arm
controls are, they will quickly be able to
orchestrate a fury of slashing and
grabbing attacks in concert with
mix-and-match dual-wielding. However,
the constraints on Jackie’s powers help
balance the difficulty; he can only use
his powers in the dark, and some of his
more dangerous enemies know how to
exploit that. By using light as a weapon,
they will create turning points in combat
that can be very dangerous for Jackie.

     How different is the
 Q   Brotherhood from the Mafia
in the first game, and what do they                      Comic book textures and film noir lighting techniques combine into The Darkness II's 'graphic noir' art style.
really want Jackie’s powers for?
      Rival mobsters lack the knowledge                 executions Jackie can pull off?                           can do with the demon arms?
 A    necessary to compete with Jackie’s                       Thumbing through the pages of                             As you progress through the game,
powers, but they try to outnumber and
                                                          A    the Top Cow comics, there is some
                                                                                                                    A    killing enemies and appeasing the
out-gun Jackie. They are loyal to their                 really spectacular gore in there and we                   Darkness, you get rewarded with
respective mob families and will stand                  are showing a similar level of that gore                  “essence” that can be spent at talent
and fight, but they fight with fear and                 in The Darkness II, but I think our                       shrines. These talent shrines offer
desperation. By contrast, the                           graphic style helps keep it “fun”. Some                   multiple paths of customization that can
Brotherhood is an ancient organization                  of the executions we’ve revealed so far                   upgrade all your powers, not just your
with greater knowledge and insight into                 are the Spinal Tap, the Anaconda, the                     demon heads. For example, “Gun
Jackie’s powers, and they possess the                   Wishbone and the Daisy Pop. By                            Channelling” allows you to channel your
tools and strategies necessary to battle                executing the Spinal Tap, you dangle                      Darkness energy into your equipped
a Darkness host, with the goal of                       your enemy with one arm while the                         weapon(s) for a time-limited gain of
capturing that power for their own use.                 other rips out his spinal column.                         ramped damage and unlimited ammo.
                                                                                                                  Further upgrades down the same path
    Have you upped the ante as                             Will players be able to                                will let you see enemies through walls
 Q far as violence and gore go?                          Q upgrade their powers as well?                          and shoot through any surface in the
What are some of the gruesome                           What’s the most badass thing one                          world. In the hands of a seasoned FPS
                                                                                                                  player, this power is pure destruction.

                                                                                                                       The Darkness allowed players
                                                                                                                    Q  to explore a bit of the game
                                                                                                                  world outside the story. Does that
                                                                                                                  return in the sequel or will it be a
                                                                                                                  strictly linear fare?
                                                                                                                         While The Darkness II is primarily a
                                                                                                                    A    linear narrative experience, there
                                                                                                                  are opportunities to deviate from the
                                                                                                                  critical path and explore some of the
                                                                                                                  local color of the game. We want players
                                                                                                                  to really feel like they are wielders of the
                                                                                                                  Darkness, and to experience this story as
                                                                                                                  Jackie. Other than that, we haven’t yet
                                                                                                                  revealed any more details.

                                                                                                                  The Darkness II is scheduled for release
                                                                                                                  on February 10, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3,
The Darkness II introduces quad-wielding, allowing for a whole new level of brutality in combat.
                                                                                                                  and PC

                                                                                                                     intelligent computing chip         09/2011   125
Game Review

An average, unpolished shooter that tries hard to appeal
to the jock crowd, and fails.
By AvinAsh BAli

   can picture the sales pitch for Call        of Juarez game was pretty rough
   of Jaurez: The Cartel. Executive #1:        around the edges, but was
   “I don’t think we can go back to the        positively received because
Wild West after Red Dead Redemption,           it showed a ton of potential.
so how about we take this series to the        Bound in Blood, the highly
modern day?”. Executive #2: “Yeah, I           underrated sequel, realised
don’t think anyone’s ever done a Western-      that potential and became
themed shooter in modern times right?”         a highly enjoyable shooter
Executive 1: “Yeah, it’s a guaranteed          thanks to an engaging plot
success. And just to make it edgy and          and some very decent voice
cool, let’s add a ton of bad words.            acting. But now, with The
F-bombs need to be dropped every few           Cartel, Techland have gone
minutes.” Executive 1: “I think we’re on       two steps back, negating
the cusp of something huge here.”              everything they’ve worked
   In case my rendition of that boardroom      on so far just to appeal to
meeting didn’t drive the point home,           the jocks. In fact, all of the
here’s what you need to know - Call of         game’s charm was lost as
Juarez: The Cartel is a Western-themed,        soon as they made the
modern-day shooter you’ve probably             transition to modern day.
played a thousand times by now. And               In The Cartel, you
of course, other games have done it            play as one of three
better. There’s some semblance of a plot       characters - LAPD
here, but it’s lost between clichéd, one-      detective Ben McCall
dimensional characters and incoherent,         (descendant of Ray
profanity-laden babbling. The first Call       McCall, the bible-toting                                            RATING 2.5/5

                                                        You can play as one of three characters,
                                                          each with their own hidden agendas.

                                                                                                   First-person shooter

                                                                                                   Call of Juarez: The Cartel
                                                                                                   PriCe                    Rs 2,499 (Xbox 360, PS3)
                                                                                                   Publisher                Ubisoft
                                                                                                   DeveloPer                Techland
                                                                                                   DisTribuTor              E-Xpress Interactive
                                                                                                   Phone                    022 29661017
                                                                                                   PlaTforM                 PC (September 16), Xbox 360, PS3

                                                                                                   Weapons sound and feel authentic, gunplay can be fun.

                                                                                                   Terrible visuals, clunky controls, repetitive gameplay, Tries too
                                                                                                   hard to appeal to today’s jock crowd.

126   09/2011     intelligent computing chip                              Hemali Limbachiya                 SMS us!  Story code: UCJ to 51818
                                                                                                                                           Game Review

badass from previous CoJ games), FBI
agent Kimberly Evans, or DEA agent
Eddie Guerra. Each of these characters
has a particular attribute you can trigger
during gameplay. McCall, for example,
can slow time down, only this game has
the smallest slow motion meter in the
history of gaming. Can you sense the
irony here - a slow motion feature that
gets over this fast?
   Gunplay itself is pretty satisfying since
the weapons sound and feel authentic
enough, packing a mean punch through
the bad dudes. Throughout every mission,
you’ll get calls from various shady
                                                         The gunplay is one of the redeeming factors for The Cartel, and weapons pack a mean punch.
characters either from the agency or the
street informing you of certain pick-ups                means you’ll be propelled from one level               the hail of incoming bullets as well as
spread out through the level. This could                to another by boring cutscenes or a rather             unresponsive controls.
include anything from a stash of money                  unnecessary amount of driving. And since                   Making fire fights even tougher is
to a cell phone to a weapon, but you                    car control in this game completely sucks,             the fact that the game looks so bad
have to make sure your partners don’t                   the driving segments become a complete                 that enemies tend to blend into the
catch you in the act. While I think this is             pain in the backside. There will be times              environment. I was squinting throughout
a pretty cool concept in a co-op game, it               when you’ll be able to blast fools from                most of the game, especially during the
becomes really stupid while playing with                the passenger window as your partner                   game’s very first forest level, where I had
the AI since they’re so freaking dense.                 drives the car, but most of the time,                  a tough time figuring out where a tree
Lock them in a room, search the entire                  you’ll have to make your peace driving                 ended and a bad guy began. And for
level for drops, come back and they’ll still            around an average virtual recreation of                some reason, it’s like you’re made of glass
be in that locked room. Certainly not the               downtown Los Angeles. Even controlling                 in this game. Take even the most minute
brightest tools in the shed. Surprisingly,              your character feels really weird and                  amount of damage and your screen starts
they hold their own in combat fairly                    clunky, with the aiming sensitivity being              flashing red, which means it’s time to find
well, so you don’t have to worry about                  either too high or too less. This obviously            a safe spot, suck your thumb and head
playing babysitter all the time.                        makes fire fights more of a chore since                back into action. Rinse, repeat a million
   Mission structure is very linear, which              you’re struggling to stay alive amidst                 times and that’s pretty much what this
                                                                                                               game is about.
                                                                                                                   I tried. I really tried to enjoy this game,
                                                                                                               since I am a fan of this series. I put up
                                                                                                               with the horrendous visuals, the atrocious
                                                                                                               controls, monotonous level design, and
                                                                                                               the bland plot, but then it hit me - as a
                                                                                                               paying customer, I shouldn’t be trying this
                                                                                                               hard to like a game. In fact, it should be
                                                                                                               the other way around, where Techland
                                                                                                               go out of their way to make me fall in
                                                                                                               love with their game. Unfortunately,
                                                                                                               that’s really not the case here and Call of
                                                                                                               Juarez: The Cartel comes across as a very
                                                                                                               average, unpolished shooter that feels
                                                                                                               like a rushed product.
While Bound in Blood's Western setting presented some great visuals, The Cartel disapppoints in this area.                                      –

                                                                                                                  intelligent computing chip          09/2011   127
game review

RATING 4/5                                 Another stunner for Kinect.                    By MurAli VenuKuMAr

   t would be easy to pigeonhole Child         becomes second nature and you’ll find               there’ll be much restarting as the levels
   of Eden into an on-rails shooter            yourself settling into a natural rhythm,            aren’t checkpointed, but there’s always
   straitjacket, but doing so would            helped in no small part by the music.               the danger that a skilled player will be
be a travesty to the team’s creativity            The levels you’ll fly through are set to         able to breeze through them in no time.
and vision. Tetsuya Misuguchi's Q              tracks by Mizuguchi’s band, The Genki               Aside from the brevity of the experience,
Entertainment has conjured up a                Rockets, who play a pleasing blend of               there isn’t much to complain about. The
showcase title for Kinect; one that            J-pop and Electronica. The shots you                visuals are beautiful, especially so when
transcends its slightly simplistic             fire also dynamically alter the score. As           you see overlays of Lumi (played by the
gameplay mechanics. It proves that             comes with pedigree, the controls are               vocalist of the Genki Rockets) within the
games with motion controls don’t have          as refined as the pacing of the levels.             game world. There are also a few unlocks
to be piss-poor by default. Child of Eden      The standard Xbox 360 controller works              that fiddle with the visuals and the
begins with a back-story-filling text crawl    perfectly well, with the cursor being               sound, and a freeplay mode that lets you
followed by a sumptuous cinematic              controlled using the analog stick and               enjoy levels by giving you infinite health.
introduction. The game centers on Lumi,        shots fired using the triggers or face                 As an ‘experience’ and as a showcase
the first human born in space, whose           buttons. It’s a perfectly capable way to            for the Kinect, there’s no beating Child
consciousness is in the process of being       play the game, but pales when compared              of Eden. Now, if only they’d stuck more
incorporated into the Internet (Eden).         to how involved the alternative control             levels in to give it more meat.
   However, this eventual subsumption          scheme is. Those of you with Kinects                                                                –
is jeopardized by a virus infestation          will be pleased to know that the Kinect
that threatens to bring a quick end to         implementation is absolutely brilliant.
Lumi’s existence. You are tasked with          You use your right hand to tag enemies                        RATINGS
stopping the corruption from spreading         as they fly towards you and then let                 Shooter
and re-plotting Lumi’s journey into the        loose a volley of shots at them with a
World Wide Web. As refreshingly new age        short thrust of your palm. Your left hand
                                                                                                    Child of Eden
                                                                                                    PRICE                   Rs 1,999
as it sounds, you won’t see too much of        acts as a rapid-fire weapon, and raising
                                                                                                    PlatfoRm                Xbox 360 (Kinect supported)
the story aside from brief lines of text       both arms activates a screen-clearing
                                                                                                    PublIshER               Ubisoft
at the end of each level. And as high          explosion. You’ll also find health and
                                                                                                    DEvEloPER               Q Entertainment
concept as Child of Eden likes to think        bomb pickups through the levels.
                                                                                                    DIstRIbutoR             E-Xpress Interactive
itself, its gameplay elements are easy to         There are five levels to choose from,
                                                                                                    PhonE                   022 29661017
summarize. These expertly honed guided         with each opening up in sequence. These
shooter levels task you with tagging           are based on certain themes, the ocean
targets before shooting them. In addition      or flight, for instance, and will take you a         For
to your standard firearm, you also have a      little over 15 minutes each to complete.             Trippy visuals, catchy soundtrack, addictive gameplay.
rapid-fire weapon. Targets are also color-     All told, you’re looking at 90 minutes
coded so you know which weapon to use.         worth of game, which is ridiculously less
                                                                                                    Thin on content.
Switching between the weapons quickly          no matter how you try and cut it. Granted,

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                                                                                                                                  game review

                                                                                           Even the Gods are flawed.
                                                                                                  By Murali VEnukuMar

                                                                                                              RATING 3.5/5

           here have all the God games         for example, that show up later on in
           gone? Eric Chahi and Ubisoft’s
           From Dust gives gamers an
                                               the game. In addition to simply tossing
                                               elements around the sandbox, you also
opportunity to experience a genre of           gain abilities from the totems themselves.
video games that seemed lost to shotgun        Some of these are defensive, such as a          From Dust
blasts and bloody splatter. God games          shield ability that stops tsunamis, while       Price                   Rs 700 (approximate)
are a subset of the strategy genre that        other timed abilities, such as evaporating      Publisher               Ubisoft
involves players in caring for a people        water can be activated via the d-pad.           DeveloPer               Ubisoft Montpellier
or community without having direct                While there’s no faulting the                PlatForm                Xbox 360 (1200 MS Points),
                                                                                                                       PC ($14.99), PS3 (delayed)
control over them. In short, you play God      sandbox we’ve been given, some of the
using your given set of powers to shape        rules you’re straddled with make the            FOr
the lives of your flock, and hit specific      experience less than ideal. For one, the        The perfect sandbox, visually spectacular.
objectives for each level before being         pathfinding of your villagers is beyond
allowed to move on to the next.                atrocious. Governed by ill-conceived logic,
                                                                                               Timed objectives, trial and error gameplay.
   From Dust tasks you with leading the        these country bumpkins will often take
tribesmen and women who are in your            the least logical route to their destination
charge on treks to totems spread across        and completely bypass the one you’ve           find your progress impeded by minor
increasingly treacherous terrain. Your         built. What could have been a potential        imperfections in the earth or a dollop
means of delegation comes in the form          annoyance quickly turns into controller        of water you forgot to scoop up, which
of a cursor (called the ‘breath’) that could   chucking frustration when you’re tasked        prevents a pathway becoming available
probably moonlight as an earthworm.            with fighting both their stupidity and         to the villager AI. You may find yourself
Clicking on totems around the map              a timer that’s ticking down to yet             having more fun with From Dust when
causes villagers to automatically make a       another natural calamity. Did I mention        you’re not actually ‘playing it’. Just
beeline for it, with you having no control     the timed levels? It’s doubly annoying         messing about in the sandbox and
over their path. The challenges come           when you have these beautiful worlds           watching how the different elements
from the maps themselves, filled with          to play with but never given enough            interact with each other is a treat. You’ll
environmental hazards such as volcanoes,       time to do so. There are also far too          never tire of watching water cascading
raging torrents of water between pockets       many uncontrollable variables (random          down undulating land, for instance.
of land, and even full blown tsunamis.         environmental events), which will often        Watching flora and fauna organically
You’re tasked with manipulating these          put paid to an hour of labor. It’s enough      spread across a once desolate island is
forces of nature to ensure safe passage        to put you off the game entirely.              uniquely calming and cathartic.
for villagers between the totems.                 Other annoyances include the awful             Combined with exemplary visual and
   What this translates to in gameplay         camera, the height of which can only be        sound design, unlockables that flesh out
terms is the ability to pick up and drop       adjusted to two presets, neither of which      the history of the tribe, as well as a beefy
dirt, water and lava wherever you please.      gives you the best view of the action.         challenge mode, there’s little at fault with
This mastery of terrain altering lets you      The bigger maps also involve loads of          From Dust’s presentation or breadth of
sculpt levels in ways that ensure the          scrolling back and forth, something            content. Unfortunately, it’s held back by
villagers’ safety from being washed away       that would have been remedied with             a range of issues that should have been
or burnt to a crisp. There are added           a bookmark feature. There are also             caught quite early on in development.
dangers in the form of elemental trees,        instances when you’ll inexplicably                                                            –

SMS us!  Story code: UFD to 51818                               Jagdish Limbachiya              intelligent computing chip                   09/2011   129

                                               A fun, but overpriced move from touchscreen
RATING 3/5                                     to touch-free. BY SAMeer DeSAi

            very year, Xbox Live plays host                you higher points, and to make things
            to the Summer of Arcade, where                 interesting, the game throws up bombs
            every week for a month, one of                 from time to time in amongst the fruit,        full-body tracking like many of the other
  the most promising new downloadable                      which you must avoid.                          Kinect games do. The game only tracks
  game releases is featured. In the past,                     What feels instantly accessible and         from the waist up, which is also great
  we’ve been treated to masterpieces such                  intuitive on a touchscreen, will take          news for those with limited open space.
  as Shadow Complex, Braid and Limbo.                      some getting used to on Kinect, which             There are plenty of single-player as
  So it seemed strange that this year’s                    basically has you slicing in thin air.         well as co-op and competitive two-
  Summer of Arcade features Fruit Ninja                    While you’re quite literally touching the      player modes available. From frantic
  Kinect, a console motion-controlled                      fruit you slice on a touchscreen, there        timed events to challenging elimination
  remake of Halfbrick’s smartphone app.                    is a clear disconnect with the Kinect          challenges to simple, mindless free-play
     While this isn’t just a straight port                 version, because there’s no feedback           modes, there’s plenty to do whether
  upscaled for the Xbox 360 - there is a                   whatsoever, so you’re never 100 percent        you’re playing by yourself or with friends.
  fair amount of additional content you                    sure that you’re swiping your hands            But again, it’s pretty much the same
  won’t find on the smartphone versions,                   exactly where you need to. The game            basic concept across the board, so this
  this is essentially the same, thoroughly                 does project a silhouette of yourself in       is a game best enjoyed in short bursts
  basic concept you may have already                       the background, but that really doesn’t        or you’ll get bored fast. One aspect of
  experienced on your touch-enabled                        help a lot. It's all well and good when        the competitive multi-player challenges
  device (there are also plenty of free                    all you have on screen is a bunch of           we didn’t like is that the game artificially
  knock-offs available on the Android                      fruit, at which you can just slice away        makes sure that both players finish close
  Market under different names, like Fruit                 wildly, but it’s when a bomb gets thrown       on points. So if one player gets a big
  Slice). For those new to Fruit Ninja, the                up into the mix that things get tricky.        lead, the game will reduce the amount of
  game essentially involves you slicing                    Slicing fruit, while still avoiding the bomb   fruit that’s thrown up for him/her so the
  fruit. Fruits of all shapes and sizes                    requires precision, and sadly, that level      opponent can catch up. I get that this
  are tossed up from the bottom of the                     of precision is just not present here. It’s    is a casual party game, but the game is
  screen, and you have to slice all of them                not the Kinect at fault here; were the         fun enough on its own without having to
  before gravity takes over and sends                      game available for Wii or Playstation          resort to such cheap (and obvious) tricks
  them plummeting back down. Slicing                       Move, we’d face the same problems              to make things exciting.
  multiple fruits in a single swipe nets                   there. It’s just the sort of game that            Fruit Ninja Kinect is quite a workout
                                                           requires a level of feedback to the player     and it is way more responsive and
                                                           that motion controls just don’t provide.       accurate than I would ever have
            RATINGS                                        In that sense, this is very much a game        imagined, but at the end of the day,
   casual/party                                            best played on a touchscreen device.           this is pretty much the same game

   Fruit Ninja Kinect                                         But that’s not to say that Fruit Ninja      you’ve probably already played on
                                                           Kinect isn’t fun. It’s immensely enjoyable,    your iOS or Android device. What goes
   Price                   800 MS Points (approx Rs 450)
                                                           particularly when played in short bursts       against the game the most, however,
   Publisher               Microsoft
                                                           with friends. It’s also a great example of     is the price. At 800 Microsoft Points
   DeveloPer               Halfbrick Studios
                                                           how the responsiveness and accuracy of         (approximately Rs 450), the Kinect
   PlatForm                Xbox 360 (Kinect mandatory)
                                                           the Kinect sensor has come along since         version costs ten times more than the
   FOr                                                     launch. You still won’t see one-to-one         $0.99 app available on the App Store.
   Responsive, plenty of content, fun with friends         accuracy, but it’s responsive enough           If you can justify that premium for
                                                           not to make you feel removed from the          the living room Fruit Ninja experience,
                                                           experience, like some of the launch titles     go for it. I most certainly can’t.
   Expensive, not as precise as the touchscreen versions
                                                           did. Then again, this game doesn’t use                                    –

  130      09/2011       intelligent computing chip                          Jagdish Limbachiya                 SMS us!  Story code: UNK to 51818

                                                publishers are playing it
                                                safe by investing in high
                                                definition remakes of
                                                their popular ps2 games.
                                                sameer desai

moving backwards
       t’s now been five years since the Xbox     in HD on my PS3. I’d kill for an HD
       360, PS3, and Wii, were released,          re-release of GTA: San Andreas. I also
       so this is usually the point in a life     love that Sony is releasing HD remasters
       cycle when developers start to get         of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, two
really comfortable with the consoles,             underrated PS2 classics. The downside
start to realize the true potential of the        to this trend, however, is that some
hardware, and therefore make the best             publishers have seen the success of Sony’s
games possible. It’s also the time when           remakes and decided to do the same for
everyone, from the platform owners to the         its most popular franchises. Ubisoft has
game publishers, start to streamline their        released the Prince of Persia PS2 trilogy in
processes and become more profitable. It’s        HD and is soon to release a Splinter Cell
a period of consolidation and maturity; a         collection. Square Enix has also released
time to reap the returns on investment.           the Tomb Raider collection. These are all
So from a gamer’s point of view, you’d            great games, but it’s in the quality of the
probably be rubbing your hands in                 remasters that the PoP and
anticipation because this is when you start       Tomb Raider collections
to expect the very best games.
    So it’s bewildering to see this worrying
                                                  differ from Sony’s releases.
                                                  The transition to HD for
                                                                                 metal gear solid,
trend of publishers investing money in
re-releasing games from the PS2 era in
                                                  the Prince of Persia games
                                                  in particular has been
                                                                                 tekken, resident evil,
high definition, rather than encouraging
fresh ideas and new IP. The trend was
                                                  disappointing, with ugly
                                                  textures and tons of jaggies.
                                                                                 silent hill - they're all
started by Sony, who has removed PS2
backwards compatibility from the PS3.
                                                  It’s not what you expect
                                                  from a remaster, and you
                                                                                 getting hd remakes.
So to make those games available to PS3           can’t help but feel like this is just the
owners, it chose to remaster and polish up        publisher taking advantage of loyal fans.
some of its PS2 classics and make them                The coming months will witness HD
available on Blu ray. The first out of the        re-releases of other hit PS2 franchises,
blocks was the God of War Collection,             including Metal Gear Solid, Tekken,
which included the first two games,               Resident Evil and Silent Hill. There’s
originally released on PS2, remastered in         even another God of War collection, this
HD and made available on a single Blu ray         time containing the two PSP games. HD
disc. It was cleverly released at the height      re-releases can be great if done right, but
of God of War 3’s pre-release hype and sold       publishers should take care to ensure
phenomenally well. And since it was just          that the transition to HD is a worthy one.
a remaster and not a complete remake,             Moreover, I hope that these re-releases
it was way more profitable than a new             don’t divert development funds away from
game would be. Since then, Sony has also          new, original games, because it’s only
released the Sly Collection, another very         through new ideas that this industry can
competent HD re-release.                          move forward.
    I’d love to play my favorite PS2 games                                -

                                                                                                 intelligent computing chip   09/2011   131
 market watch

                                Market Watch
ProCessors: Intel
                                                                                               NUMber oF
 NaMe                                                            PrICe (rs)      CPU soCKet                       CLoCK sPeed   MFG ProCess               tdP
 Intel Pentium E5700                                                 3,700           LGA 775       2                3.00 GHz        45 nm                 65 W
 Intel Pentium E5800                                                 3,996           LGA 775       2                3.20 GHz        45 nm                 65 W
 Intel Core i3-540                                                   5,850          LGA 1156       2                3.06 GHz        32 nm                 73 W
 Intel Core i3-540                                                   5,850          LGA 1156       2                3.20 GHz        32 nm                 73 W
 Intel Core i3-2100 (Sandy Bridge)                                   6,100          LGA 1155       2                3.10 GHz        32 nm                 65 W
 Intel Core 2 Duo E7500                                              6,250           LGA 775       2                2.93 GHz        45 nm                 65 W
 Intel Core i5-2310 (Sandy Bridge)                                  10,287          LGA 1155       4                2.90 GHz        32 nm                 95 W
 Intel Core i5-2300 (Sandy Bridge)                                  10,300          LGA 1155       4                2.80 GHz        32 nm                 95 W
 Intel Core i5-2400 (Sandy Bridge)                                  11,100          LGA 1155       4                3.10 Ghz        32 nm                 95 W
 Intel Core i5-2500 (Sandy Bridge)                                  11,600          LGA 1155       4                3.30 GHz        32 nm                 95 W
 Intel Core i5-2500K (Sandy Bridge)                                 12,600          LGA 1155       4                3.30 GHz        32 nm                 95 W
 Intel Core i7-2600 (Sandy Bridge)                                  16,500          LGA 1155       4                3.40 GHz        32 nm                 95 W

ProCessors: aMd
                                                                                               NUMber oF
 NaMe                                                            PrICe (rs)    CPU soCKet                         CLoCK sPeed   MFG ProCess        tdP
 AMD Sempron 145                                                     1,925        AM3              1                2.80 GHz        45 nm          45 W
 AMD Athlon II X2 250                                                3,050        AM3              2                3.00 GHz        45 nm         65 W
 AMD Athlon II X2 255                                                3,400        AM3              2                3.10 GHz        45 nm         65 W
 AMD Athlon II X2 260                                                3,500        AM3              2                3.20 GHz        45 nm         65 W
 AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE                                             4,625        AM3              2                3.20 GHz        45 nm         80 W
 AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE                                             5,950        AM3              4                3.20 GHz        45 nm         125 W
 AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE                                             6,775        AM3              4                3.40 GHz        45 nm         125 W
 AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE                                             7,775        AM3              4                3.60 GHz        45 nm         125 W
 AMD Phenom II X6 1055T                                              8,275        AM3              6                2.80 GHz        45 nm         125 W
 AMD Phenom II X6 1075T                                              9,300        AM3              6                3.00 GHz        45 nm         125 W
 AMD Phenom II X6 1075T                                             10,075        AM3              6                3.00 GHz        45 nm         125 W
 AMD Phenom II X6 1100T                                             10,500        AM3              6                3.30 GHz        45 nm         125 W

Motherboards: aMd - IGP
                                           PrICe           CPU                                                                                PCI X16 | PCI |
                               NaMe                                           ChIPset              MeMorY sUPPort               dVI | hdMI
                                             (rs)       soCKet                                                                                 sata | Usb
 Biostar TA880GB+                          3,950           AM3           AMD 880G + SB710                  DDR3                  4|4           1 | 2 | 6 | 10
 ECS A885GM-A2                             4,275           AM3          AMD 880G + SB850                   DDR3                  4|6           2 | 2 | 5 | 12
 Gigabyte 880GM-USB3L                      4,625          AM3+           AMD 880G + SB710                  DDR3                  4|4           1 | 2 | 4 | 10
 Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3                    5,025           AM3           AMD 880G + SB710                  DDR3                  4|4           1 | 2 | 5 | 14
 Asus M4A88T-M                             5,300           AM3           AMD 880G + SB710                  DDR3                  4|4           1 | 1 | 6 | 12
 MSI 880GMA-E45                            5,700           AM3          AMD 880G + SB850                   DDR3                  4|4           1 | 1 | 6 | 14
 Asus F1A75-M LE                           6,021           FM1               AMD A75                       DDR3                  4|6           2 | 1 | 6 | 14
 Asus M4A88T-M/USB3                        6,100           AM3           AMD 880G + SB710                  DDR3                  4|4           1 | 2 | 6 | 12
 Asus F1A75-M                              6,534           FM1               AMD A75                       DDR3                  4|4           2 | 1 | 6 | 14
 Asus M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3                   6,550           AM3          AMD 880G + SB850                   DDR3                  4|4           1 | 1 | 5 | 14
 MSI 890GXM-G65                             7,550          AM3          AMD 890GX + SB850                  DDR3                  4|4           1 | 1 | 5 | 14
 Asus F1A75-V PRO                          8,397           FM1               AMD A75                       DDR3                  4|4           2 | 1 | 6 | 16
 Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3                    9,300           AM3          AMD 890GX + SB850                  DDR3                  4|4           2 | 2 | 6 | 14
Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

132     09/2011     intelligent computing chip
CHIP brings you a roundup of all the latest and greatest products on the market.

Motherboards: aMd - Non-IGP
 NaMe                             PrIce (rs)     cPU socket                        chIPset    MeMory sUPPort          PcIe x16 slots             PcI | sata | Usb
 Asus M4A87TD                         5,650          AM3                  AMD 870 + SB850             DDR3                  1                       3 | 6 | 14
 Asus M4A87TD EVO                     6,750          AM3                  AMD 870 + SB850             DDR3                  2                       3 | 6 | 14
 Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5                 10,250          AM3                AMD 890FX + SB850             DDR3                  4                       1 | 8 | 14
 Asus Sabertooth 990FX               13,800          AM3+               AMD 990FX + SB950             DDR3                  4                       1 | 8 | 18
 Asus Crosshair V Formula            15,100          AM3+               AMD 990FX + SB950             DDR3                  4                       1 | 7 | 12

Motherboards: Intel - IGP
                                                                                                                                                 PcIe x16 | PcI | sata
 6aMe                               PrIce (rs)        cPU socket             chIPset               MeMory sUPPort       d-sUb | dVI | hdMI
                                                                                                                                                        | Usb
 ECS G41T-M5                             2,025          LGA 775          I6tel G41 + ICH7               DDR2               6|6|6                      1|1|2|4
 Asus P5G41C-M LX                       2,725           LGA 775           Intel G41 + ICH7              DDR3               6|6|6                      1|2|4|8
 ECS H55H-CM                            4,125          LGA 1156               Intel H55                 DDR3               4|4|4                      1|1|6|6
 Asus P7H55-M                           4,700          LGA 1156               Intel H55                 DDR3               4|6|4                      1|1|6|6
 Intel BOXDH55TC                        5,400          LGA 1156               Intel H55                 DDR3               4|4|4                      1|1|6|6
 Intel BOXDH67BL                        5,700          LGA 1155               Intel H67                 DDR3               6|4|4                      1|1|3|6
 Asus P8H67-M                           7,000          LGA 1155               Intel H67                 DDR3               4|4|6                      2|1|4|6
 Asus P8H67-M EVO                       8,750          LGA 1155               Intel H67                 DDR3               4|4|4                      2|1|4|4
 Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H                    8,790          LGA 1155               Intel H67                 DDR3               4|4|4                      1|0|3|4
 ASUS P8Z68-V                          12,500          LGA 1155            Intel Z68 + No               DDR3               6|4|4                      2|2|4|6
 ASUS P8Z68-V PRO                      13,800          LGA 1155            Intel Z68 + No               DDR3               6|4|4                      2|2|4|6

Motherboards: Intel - Non-IGP
 NaMe                                   PrIce (rs)         cPU socket              chIPset               MeMory sUPPort         PcIe x16 slots         PcI | sata | Usb

 ECS P55H-A                                 6,475           LGA 1156                Intel P55                  DDR3                    2                         2 | 6 | 14
 MSI P67A-GD55                             10,575           LGA 1155            Intel P67 + No                 DDR3                    2                         2 | 6 | 14
 MSI X58 Pro-E                             10,775           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    3                         2 | 7 | 13
 Asus P8P67                                10,800           LGA 1155            Intel P67 + No                 DDR3                    2                         3 | 8 | 16
 Asus P6X58D-E                             10,900           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    3                         2 | 8 | 10
 Asus Sabertooth X58                       11,500           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    3                         1 | 8 | 14
 Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3                      11,900           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    3                         1 | 6 | 14
 Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3                      13,125           LGA 1155                Intel P67                  DDR3                    2                         2 | 6 | 18
 ASUS Sabertooth P67                       14,300           LGA 1155            Intel P67 + No                 DDR3                    2                         1 | 4 | 18
 MSI Big Bang X-Power                      18,675           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    6                         0 | 8 | 12
 Gigabyte G1.Guerrilla                     22,000           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    3                         1 | 8 | 16
 Asus Rampage III Extreme                  22,525           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    4                         1 | 9 | 11
 Gigabyte G1.Sniper                        25,200           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    3                         1 | 8 | 16
 Gigabyte G1.Assassin                      28,000           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    4                         1 | 8 | 16
 Asus Rampage III Black Edition            32,750           LGA 1366          Intel X58 + ICH10R               DDR3                    4                         0 | 8 | 15
Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

                                                                                                                    intelligent computing chip          09/2011      133
 market watch

                               Market Watch
Graphics cards: aTi
                                                    price                                   memorY memorY | BUs           sTream             core | memorY
 Name                                                     radeoN GpU       direcT X
                                                     (rs)                                     TYpe      WidTh          processors              speed (mhz)

 Asus EAH5450 SILENT/DI/1GD3                        1,728     HD 5450           11.0           DDR3    1 GB | 64-bit            80        650 MHz | 800 MHz
 Asus EAH5670/DI/1GD3                               4,347     HD 5670           11.0          GDDR3   1 GB | 128-bit           400        775 MHz | 800 MHz
 Sapphire HD 5670                                   5,075     HD 5670           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 128-bit           400       775 MHz | 1000 MHz
 Sapphire HD5750 11164-00                           6,350     HD 5750           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 128-bit           720       700 MHz | 1150 MHz
 Powercolor AX5770 1GBD5-H                          7,325     HD 5770           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 128-bit           800       850 MHz | 1200 MHz
 XFX HD-577X-ZNFK                                   7,850     HD 5770           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 128-bit           800       850 MHz | 1200 MHz
 Sapphire HD5770 11163-02                           8,025     HD 5770           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 128-bit           800       850 MHz | 1200 MHz
 Powercolor AX6850 1GBD5-DH                        10,250     HD 6850           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 256-bit           960       775 MHz | 1000 MHz
 MSI R6850-PM2D1GD5                                10,725     HD 6850           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 256-bit           960       775 MHz | 1000 MHz
 XFX HD-685X-ZDFC                                  10,825     HD 6850           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 256-bit           960       775 MHz | 1000 MHz
 Asus EAH6850 DC/2DIS/1GD5                         10,900     HD 6850           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 256-bit           960       790 MHz | 1000 MHz
 Powercolor AX6870 1GBD5-2DH                       13,650     HD 6870           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 128-bit          1120       900 MHz | 1050 MHz
 XFX HD-687A-ZNFC                                  14,100     HD 6870           11.0          GDDR5   1 GB | 256-bit          1120       900 MHz | 1050 MHz
 MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD5                               16,125     HD 6950           11.0          GDDR5   2 GB | 256-bit          1408       800 MHz | 1250 MHz
 Sapphire HD 6950                                  17,925     HD 6950           11.0          GDDR5   2 GB | 256-bit          1408       800 MHz | 1250 MHz
 MSI R6970-2PM2D2GD5                               21,275     HD 6970           11.0          GDDR5   2 GB | 256-bit          1536       880 MHz | 1375 MHz

Graphics cards: Nvidia
                                                                                                                               sTream        core | memorY
 Name                                           price (rs) GeForce GpU direcT X        memorY TYpe memorY | BUs WidTh
                                                                                                                            processors         speed (mhz)
 Sparkle GT 520 - 1 GB                              3,024       GT 520     DX 11              DDR3                 64-bit           96    810 MHz | 450 MHz
 POV GeForce GT 220 - 1 GB                          3,550       GT 220    DX 10.1             DDR2                128-bit           48    625 MHz | 400 MHz
 Zotac GeForce GT 240 - 1 GB                        3,975       GT 240    DX 10.1             DDR3                128-bit           96    550 MHz | 400 MHz
 Zotac GeForce GTX 550 Ti - 1 GB                    8,800    GTX 550 Ti    DX 11             GDDR5                192-bit          192   900 MHz | 1025 MHz
 ASUS GeForce GTX 550 - 1 GB                        9,025      GTX 550     DX 11             GDDR5                192-bit          192   910 MHz | 1025 MHz
 Palit GeForce GTX 460 - 1 GB                      10,025      GTX 460     DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          336    650 MHz | 850 MHz
 Sparkle GeForce GTX 460 - 1 GB                    10,800      GTX 460     DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          336    700 MHz | 900 MHz
 POV GeForce GTX 460 - 1 GB                        11,000      GTX 460     DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          336    675 MHz | 900 MHz
 Palit GeForce GTX560 OC - 1 GB                    12,150      GTX 560     DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          336   810 MHz | 1005 MHz
 EVGA GeForce GTX 560 - 1 GB                       12,501      GTX 560     DX 11              DDR5                256-bit          336   810 MHz | 1002 MHz
 Zotac Geforce GTX 560 - 2 GB                      13,608      GTX 560     DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          336   820 MHz | 4008 MHz
 Zotac Geforce GTX 560 Ti Amp - 1 GB               14,400    GTX 560 Ti    DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          384   950 MHz | 1100 MHz
 Sparkle GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 1 GB                 14,575    GTX 560 Ti    DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          384   822 MHz | 1000 MHz
 MSI Twin Frozr II GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 1 GB       15,600    GTX 560 Ti    DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          384   822 MHz | 1000 MHz
 Zotac GeForce GTX 570 GF110 - 1280 MB             20,100      GTX 570     DX 11              DDR5                320-bit          480    732 MHz | 950 MHz
 EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD - 1280 MB                 21,384      GTX 570     DX 11              DDR5                320-bit          480    732 MHz | 950 MHz
 MSI GeForce GTX 570 GF110 - 1280 MB               22,000      GTX 570     DX 11             GDDR5                320-bit          480    732 MHz | 950 MHz
 MSI Twin Frozr II GeForce GTX 580 - 1536 MB       27,600      GTX 580     DX 11             GDDR5                256-bit          512   800 MHz | 1024 MHz
 Zotac GeForce GTX 580 - 1536 MB                   29,525      GTX 580     DX 11             GDDR5                384-bit          512   772 MHz | 1002 MHz
 Palit GeForce GTX 580 - 3 GB                      32,000      GTX 580     DX 11             GDDR5                384-bit          512   772 MHz | 1002 MHz
 Asus Geforce GTX 590 - 3 GB                       42,650      GTX 590     DX 11             GDDR5                768-bit         1024    612 MHz | 855 MHz

Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

134     09/2011     intelligent computing chip
CHIP brings you a roundup of all the latest and greatest products on the market.

 NAME                                                              pRICE(Rs)                CApACIty                  INtERFACE              FORM FACtOR
 Hitachi X Mobile Series HDD-X320                                      2,525                  320 GB                       USB 2.0                3.5-inch
 Buffalo HD-PVU2 Series HD-PV500U2/BK                                  3,000                  500 GB                       USB 2.0                2.5-inch
 Hitachi X Mobile Series HDD-X500                                      3,150                  500 GB                       USB 2.0                2.5-inch
 iOmega Red Hot Skin Series 35108                                      3,450                  500 GB                       USB 2.0                2.5-inch
 Western Digital My Passport Essential                                 3,600                  500 GB                       USB 3.0                2.5-inch
 iOmega eGo 35241                                                      3,700                  500 GB                       USB 3.0                2.5-inch
 Western Digital Elements Series                                       3,750                    1 TB                       USB 2.0                2.5-inch
 Buffalo HD-PCTU3 Series HD-PCT500U3                                   3,950                  500 GB                       USB 3.0                2.5-inch
 Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex                                              3,950                    1 TB                       USB 2.0                2.5-inch
 Western Digital My Book Essential Series                              4,225                    1 TB                       USB 3.0                2.5-inch
 Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex                                              5,450                    2 TB                       USB 2.0                3.5-inch
 Western Digital My Passport Studio Series                             5,525                  500 GB             USB 2.0 / FW 800                 3.5-inch
 Verbatim 47514                                                        6,000                    2 TB                       USB 2.0                3.5-inch
 Western Digital My Book Studio II Series                             21,425                    4 TB             USB 2.0 / FW 400                 3.5-inch

USB FLASH DRIVE                                                           CAMCORDERS
 NAME                                   CApACIty    pRICE (Rs)            NAME                                   pRICE (Rs)      RESOLUtION OptICAL ZOOM
 iball Ultra Strong                          425          4 GB            Samsung K44                               15,532          720 x 480         52x
 Transcend JetFlash V70                      525          4 GB            Sony Handycam DCR-SX63E                    17,408         720 x 480         60x
 Corsair Flash Voyager                       600          4 GB            Sony Handycam DCR-SR68E                    17,750         720 x 480         60x
 Transcend JetFlash 300                      650          8 GB            Sony Handycam DCR-SR88E                   22,050          720 x 480         60x
 iball Ultra Strong                          675          8 GB            Canon Legria HF R17                       25,000        1920 x 1080         20x
 Corsair Flash Voyager                       950          8 GB            Canon Legria HF R18                       39,900        1920 x 1080         20x
 Transcend JetFlash 300                    1,125        16 GB             Canon Legria HF M300                      41,800        1920 x 1080         15x
 Transcend JetFlash 500                    2,400        32 GB             Sony Handycam XR 550                      46,550        1920 x 1080         10x
 Corsair Flash Survivor GT2                4,775        32 GB             Canon Legria HF M31                       50,700        1920 x 1080         15x
 Sandisk Ultra Backup                      5,875        64 GB             Canon Legria HF S200                      58,000        1920 x 1080         10x

 NAME                                                        pRICE (Rs)        typE            BRIgHtNESS         NAtIVE RESOLUtION        CONtRASt RAtIO
 Viewsonic PJD5152                                              31,325          DLP            2600 Lumens                  800 x 600              3000:1
 LG BS275                                                       31,600          DLP            2700 Lumens                  800 x 600              2200:1
 Sony VPL-EX100 Projector                                       35,100          LCD            2300 Lumens                 1024 x 768              2200:1
 Mitsubishi EX200U                                              35,475          DLP            2300 Lumens                 1024 x 768              1250:1
 LG HS201 G                                                     41,900          DLP            2000 Lumens                  800 x 600              2000:1
 Viewsonic PJD5352                                              44,550          DLP            2600 Lumens                 1024 x 768              2600:1
 Sony VPL-EX120 Projector                                       47,900          LCD            2600 Lumens                 1024 x 768              2500:1
 Viewsonic PJD6531W                                             52,275          DLP            3300 Lumens                 1280 x 800              2800:1
 Mitsubishi HC4000                                              82,975          DLP            1300 Lumens                1920 x 1080              3600:1
 Mitsubishi XD600U                                              85,225          DLP            4500 Lumens                 1024 x 768              2000:1

Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

                                                                                                             intelligent computing chip      09/2011   135
 market watch

                               Market Watch
                                      price                                                                             opticaL
Name                                        Weight          processor          memory     chipset   DispLay       hDD                 os
                                       (rs)                                                                              Drive
Toshiba Netbook NB250-A1110           15,300   1.18 Kg    Intel Atom N455      1.66 GHz    1 GB      10.1-in   250 GB     No      Win 7 Starter
Lenovo S Series S10-3C 59-051325      16,850 1.50 Kg      Intel Atom N455      1.66 GHz    1 GB      10.1-in   250 GB     No      Win 7 Starter
HP Mini 210-1116TU                    17,600 1.22 Kg      Intel Atom N450      1.66 GHz    1 GB      10.1-in   320 GB     No      Win 7 Starter
Toshiba Satellite C660-P5010          20,250 2.40 Kg     Intel Pentium P6200   2.13 GHz    1 GB      15.6-in   250 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
ASUS Eee PC 1215P-BLK019S             20,425   1.45 Kg    Intel Atom N550      1.50 GHz    2 GB      12.0-in   320 GB     No      Win 7 Starter
Lenovo S Series S10-3s 59-044172      21,000 1.50 Kg      Intel Atom N475      1.83 GHz    2 GB      10.1-in   250 GB     No      Win 7 Starter
Acer Aspire AS 5742z                  21,150 2.60 Kg     Intel Pentium P6100   2.00 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD-RW       Win 7 HB
HP Compaq Presario CQ42-372TU         21,400 2.20 Kg     Intel Pentium P6100   2.00 GHz    1 GB      14.0-in   320 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Toshiba NB520 NB520-A1110             21,500 1.32 Kg      Intel Atom N550      1.50 GHz    2 GB      10.1-in   320 GB     No      Win 7 Starter
ASUS A52F-EX1096D                     25,000   2.62 kg   Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Acer Aspire AS 5742                   25,450 2.60 Kg     Intel Core i3-370M    2.26 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW             Linux
Toshiba Satellite C660-P5210          25,750 2.40 Kg     Intel Pentium P6200   2.13 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   320 GB   DVD±RW       Win 7 HB
Samsung RV-Series NP-RV411-A01IN      26,000    2.2 Kg   Intel Pentium P6200   2.13 GHz    3 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW       Win 7 HB
ASUS A53E-SX181D                      27,000 2.60 Kg     Intel Core i3-2310M   2.10 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Toshiba Satellite C660-I5013          27,000 2.40 Kg     Intel Core i3-380M    2.53 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   320 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Acer Aspire AS 5745                   27,050 2.60 Kg     Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW             Linux
ASUS A42 SeriesF-VX130D               28,550 2.00 Kg     Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    2 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
MSI Classic CR420                     29,225 2.00 Kg     Intel Core i5-330M    2.13 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   250 GB   DVD±RW        Win 7 HP
ASUS A42JY-VX113D                     29,850 2.20 Kg     Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    2 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
ASUS A52JT-SX374D                     29,850 2.62 Kg     Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    1 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
MSI Classic CR620                     29,850 2.48 Kg     Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    2 GB      15.6-in   320 GB   DVD±RW       Win 7 HB
Sony Vaio Y Series VPCYA15FG/B        30,000 1.46 Kg     Intel Core i3-380UM   1.33 GHz    2 GB      11.6-in   320 GB     No          Win 7 HP
MSI F Series FR600                    30,375 2.30 Kg     Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    3 GB      15.6-in   320 GB   DVD±RW       Win 7 HB
Dell Vostro 3400                      30,500   2.10 Kg   Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    2 GB      14.0-in   250 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
ASUS A42F-VX408R                      31,425 2.20 Kg     Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    3 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW       Win 7 HB
Samsung R Series NP-RV409-S01IN       31,450 2.20 Kg     Intel Core i3-380M    2.53 GHz    3 GB      14.1-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Asus P52F-SO114D                      31,500 2.62 Kg     Intel Core i5-480M    2.66 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD-RW              DOS
Lenovo G Series G570 59-068336        31,600    2.6 Kg    Intel Core i3-2310   2.10 GHz    3 GB      15.6-in   640 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Samsung R Series NP-R439-DA09IN       31,700 2.20 Kg     Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Toshiba Satellite L650-I5310          32,500 2.60 Kg     Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   320 GB   DVD±RW        Win 7 HP
Acer Aspire AS 5742                   33,750 2.60 Kg     Intel Core i5-480M    2.53 GHz    3 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD-RW       Win 7 HB
Lenovo Z Series Z-570 59-067790       34,000 2.60 Kg     Intel Core i3-2310M   2.10 GHz    3 GB      15.6-in   640 GB   DVD±RW              DOS
Samsung R Series NP-R440-JT01IN       34,200 2.20 Kg     Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   320 GB   DVD±RW        Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio E Series VPCEA43EG          35,700 2.35 Kg     Intel Core i3-380M    2.53 GHz    4 GB     14.0-in    320 GB     No         Win 7 HB
Sony Vaio E series VPCEB44EN          36,950   2.70 Kg   Intel Core i3-380M    2.53 GHz    3 GB     15.5-in    320 GB   DVD±RW       Win 7 HB
Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

136    09/2011        intelligent computing chip
CHIP brings you a roundup of all the latest and greatest products on the market.

                                      price                                                                              opticaL
Name                                        Weight          processor           memory     chipset   DispLay     hDD                    os
                                       (rs)                                                                               Drive
HP Pavilion XV677PA                   37,000   2.49 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    3 GB      15.6-in   320 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HB
Toshiba Satellite L640-X4310          37,300   2.26 Kg    Intel Core i5-450M    2.66 GHz    3 GB      14.0-in   320 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Dell Vostro 3500                     38,300    2.40 Kg    Intel Core i3-350M    2.26 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW               DOS
ASUS A43SJ-vx259D                    38,340    2.44 Kg   Intel Core i5-2410M    2.30 GHz    2 GB      14.0-in   640 GB     Any                DOS
Dell Inspiron 15R                     39,744   2.65 Kg    Intel Core i3-380M    2.53 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW               DOS
ASUS X42JR-LF001V                     41,175   2.25 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
ASUS K52JR                            41,700   2.10 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.53 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio E Series VPCEA46FG/B/L/W   42,650    2.35 Kg    Intel Core i5-480M    2.66 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   320 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Acer Aspire AS 4820TG                42,800    2.11 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.60 GHz    3 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Samsung N Series NP-R580-JT01        44,400    2.60 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB     No            Win 7 HP
Samsung SF-Series NP-SF510-S07IN     44,950     2.2 Kg    Intel Core i3-2310    2.10 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
MSI F Series FX400                    45,375   2.20 Kg    Intel Core i5-480M    2.60 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Samsung NP-R580-JT02IN               46,100    2.60 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.53 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB     Any           Win 7 HB
HP PC TM2-2102TU                     46,300    1.89 Kg   Intel Core i3-380UM    1.33 GHz    3 GB      12.0-in   320 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HB
MSI F Series FX600                    46,425   2.41 Kg    Intel Core i5-480M    2.60 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
ASUS B43F-VO023V                     49,250    2.48 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.53 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio F Series VPCF135FG/B       49,300     3.1 Kg    Intel Core i5-560M    2.66 GHz    4 GB      16.4-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Lenovo Y Series Y-560 59-051026      49,400    2.90 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Samsung N Series NP-SF510-S01IN       51,000   2.40 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Toshiba Satellite L650-X5310          51,800   2.60 Kg    Intel Core i5-520M    2.93 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio E Series VPCEB3AGG         52,550    2.70 Kg    Intel Core i5-560M    2.66 GHz    4 GB      15.5-in   320 GB   DVD±RW         Win 7 Pro
ASUSU45JC-WX016X                      53,025   2.14 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   320 GB   DVD±RW         Win 7 Pro
Samsung SF NP-SF411-S02IN            53,400    2.19 Kg    Intel Core i5-2410    2.30 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   640 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
ASUS N53JG-SX045V                     54,475   2.71 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.53 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio C Series VPCCA15FG         55,400    2.45 Kg   Intel Core i5-2410M    2.30 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
ASUS U43JC-WX057V                    56,025    2.14 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    4 GB      14.0-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Lenovo Y Series Y560 59-055616       56,300    2.00 Kg    Intel Core i7-740M    1.73 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio S Series VPCSB16FG/B       56,350    1.72 Kg   Intel Core i5-2410M    2.30 GHz    4 GB      13.3-in   320 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Toshiba R Series I3431                62,100   1.39 Kg    Intel Core i3-370M    2.40 GHz    3 GB      13.3-in   320 GB   DVD-RW         Win 7 Pro
Sony Vaio F Series VPCF136FG/BI      68,700     3.2 Kg   Intel Core i7-740QM    1.73 GHz    4 GB      16.4-in   500 GB   BD-ROM          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio S Series VPCSB18GG/B       68,700    1.72 Kg   Intel Core i7-2620M    2.70 GHz    4 GB      13.3-in   500 GB   DVD±RW         Win 7 Pro
Toshiba R Series R700-X3430          71,950    1.39 Kg    Intel Core i5-460M    2.53 GHz    3 GB      13.3-in   500 GB   DVD±RW         Win 7 Pro
Toshiba Satellite A660-X5310         72,450    2.62 Kg    Intel Core i5-560M    2.66 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Dell Alienware M15X                   97,006   4.08 Kg   Intel Core i7-720QM    1.60 GHz    4 GB      15.6-in   500 GB   DVD±RW          Win 7 HP
Sony Vaio F Series VPCF217HG/BI      151,590    3.2 Kg   Intel Core i7-2820QM   2.30 GHz    8 GB      16.0-in   640 GB   BD-ROM     Win 7 Ultimate
Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

                                                                                                     intelligent computing chip    09/2011   137
 market watch

                                Market Watch
Digital Cameras
 Name                                       PriCe (rs)   resolutioN oPtiCal Zoom   WiDe aNgle   aPerture      lCD siZe    shutter sPeeD

 Canon PowerShot A800                           4,256         10 MP         3.3x     37 mm       F3 - F5.8    2.5-inch    15 - 1/2000 sec
 Nikon Coolpix L23                              4,750         10 MP           5x     28 mm      F2.7 - F6.8    2.7-inch                NA
 Fujifilm FinePix AV200                         4,782         14 MP           3x     32 mm      F2.9 - F5.2    2.7-inch     8 - 1/1400 sec
 Sony Cybershot DSC S3000                       4,975        10.1 MP          4x     28 mm      F3.0 - F5.7    2.7-inch     2 - 1/2000 sec
 Kodak Easyshare M532                           5,550         14 MP           4x     28 mm              NA     2.7-inch     8 - 1/1600 sec
 Olympus FE-4020                                5,700         14 MP           4x     26 mm      F2.6 - F5.9    2.7-inch    1/2-1/2000 sec
 Canon Digital IXUS 105 IS                      6,506         12 MP           4x     28 mm      F2.8 - F5.9    2.7-inch     1 - 1/1500 sec
 Canon Powershot A3200 IS                       7,386           14.1          5x     28 mm      F2.8 - F5.9    2.7-inch    15 - 1/1600 sec
 Nikon Coolpix S3100                            8,075         14 MP           5x     26 mm      F3.2 - F6.5    2.7-inch     4 - 1/2000 sec
 Canon PowerShot A3300 IS                       8,266         16 MP           5x     28 mm      F2.8 - F5.9   3.0-inch     15 - 1/1600 sec
 Casio Exilim EX-Z90                            8,800        12.1 MP          3x     35 mm      F3.1 - F5.9    2.7-inch   1/4 - 1/2000 sec
 Fujifilm FinePix JZ300                         9,500         12 MP          10x     28 mm      F3.3 - F5.6    2.7-inch     8 - 1/2000 sec
 Kodak EasyShare M590                          10,350         14 MP           5x     35 mm              NA     2.7-inch   1/2 - 1/1200 sec
 Olympus SP-600 UZ                             10,450         12 MP          15x     28 mm      F3.5 - F5.4    2.7-inch   1/2 - 1/2000 sec
 Casio Exilim EX-Z550                          10,550        14.1 MP          4x     26 mm      F2.6 - F5.9    2.7-inch     4 - 1/2000 sec
 Sony Cybershot DSC-W570                       10,875        16.2 MP          5x     28 mm      F2.6 - F6.3    2.7-inch     2 - 1/1600 sec
 Sony Cybershot DSC-T99                        12,975        14.1 MP          4x     25 mm      F3.5 - F4.6   3.0-inch      2 - 1/1250 sec
 Sony Cybershot DSC-H70                        13,925        16.2 MP         10x     25 mm      F3.5 - F5.5   3.0-inch    30 - 1/1600 sec
 Nikon Coolpix S8000                           14,475        14.2 MP         10x     35 mm       F3.5 - F7    3.0-inch      4 - 1/1000 sec
 Sony Cybershot DSC-TX9                        14,765       12.2 MP           4x     25 mm      F3.5 - F4.6   3.5-inch      2 - 1/1600 sec
 Sony Cybershot DSC-WX1                        14,850         10 MP           5x     24 mm      F2.4 - F5.9    2.7-inch     2 - 1/6000 sec
 Nikon Coolpix S1100pj                         16,375        14.1 MP          5x     28 mm      F3.9 - F5.8   3.0-inch                 NA
 Canon Powershot SX230 HS                      16,396        12.1 MP         14x     28 mm      F3.1 - F5.9   3.0-inch    15 - 1/3200 sec
 Samsung EC-ST5500                             16,551         14 MP           7x     31 mm      F3.3 - F5.5    3.7-inch    1/8-1/2000 sec
 Samsung EC-WB650                              16,652         12 MP          15x     24 mm      F3.2 - F5.8   3.0-inch       1-1/2000 sec
 Fujifilm FinePix S4000                        16,950         14 MP          30x     24 mm      F3.1 - F5.9   3.0-inch      8 - 1/2000 sec
 Casio Exilim EX-H10                           17,300        12.1 MP         10x     24 mm      F3.2 - F5.7   3.0-inch      4 - 1/2000 sec
 Olympus MJU-Tough 8010                         17,925        14 MP           5x     28 mm      F3.9 - F5.9    2.7-inch   1/4 - 1/2000 sec
 Olympus SP-800 UZ                              17,925        14 MP          30x     28 mm      F2.8 - F5.6   3.0-inch    1/4 - 1/2000 sec
 Canon IXUS 310 HS                             19,476        12.1 MP        4.4x     24 mm      F2.0 - F5.8   3.2-inch     15 - 1/1600 sec
 Canon Powershot SX30 IS                       22,996         14 MP          35x     24 mm      F2.7 - F5.8    2.7-inch   15 - 1/3200 sec
 Canon Powershot S95                           24,756         10 MP         3.8x     28 mm      F2.0 - F4.9   3.0-inch     15 - 1/1600 sec
 Canon Powershot G12                           29,656         10 MP           5x     28 mm      F2.8 - F4.5   2.8-inch    15 - 1/4000 sec

Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

138     09/2011        intelligent computing chip
CHIP brings you a roundup of all the latest and greatest products on the market.

                                                         PRICE        SCREEN                     NATIVE
 NAME                                                                          WIDESCREEN                    RESPONSE TIME   D-SUB       DVI        HDMI
                                                          (Rs)           SIZE               RESOLUTION
 Asus VH162DE                                            4,175       15.6-inch    4           1360 x 768        8 ms          4          6           6
 BenQ G610HDAL                                           4,200       15.6-inch    4           1366 x 768        8 ms          4          6           6
 LG W1643C                                               4,550         15-inch    4           1360 x 768        8 ms          4          6           6
 BenQ G925HDA                                            5,200       18.5-inch     6          1366 x 768        5 ms          4          6           6
 AOC F19S                                                5,500       18.5-inch    4           1366 x 768        5 ms          4          4           6
 Acer S191HQL                                            5,650       18.5-inch    4           1366 x 768        5 ms          4          4           6
 Samsung SyncMaster 2030N                                5,900        20-inch     4           1600 x 900        5 ms          4          4           6
 Dell IN2020M                                            6,700        20-inch     4           1600 x 900        5 ms          4          4           6
 AOC e2043Fs LED                                         6,750        20-inch     4           1366 x 768        5 ms          4          6           6
 Samsung SyncMaster B2230N                               8,050       21.5-inch    4          1920 x 1080        5 ms          4          6           6
 Asus MS202N                                             9,075        20-inch     4           1600 x 900        5 ms          4          4           6
 ViewSonic VA2448M                                      10,773         24-inch    4          1920 x 1080        5 ms          4          4           6
 Samsung P2370MS                                        10,950         23-inch    4          1920 x 1080        5 ms          4          4           4
 BenQ LED V2200 Eco                                     11,300       21.5-inch    4          1920 x 1080        5 ms          4          4           4
 LG E2360V                                              12,050         23-inch    4          1920 x 1080        5 ms          4          4           4
 ViewSonic VX2439wm                                     12,475         24-inch    4          1920 x 1080        2 ms          4          4           4
 BenQ G2420HD                                           14,400         24-inch    4          1920 x 1080        5 ms          4          4           4
 Acer B243H                                             14,650         24-inch    4          1920 x 1080        2 ms          4          4           6
 LG E2290V                                              14,796       21.5-inch     6         1920 x 1080        2 ms          4          4           4
 Asus VK278Q                                            22,896         27-inch    4          1920 x 1080        2 ms          4          4           4
 BenQ M2700                                             23,200         27-inch    4          1920 x 1080        2 ms          4          4           4
 ViewSonic VX2753MH                                     26,001         27-inch    4          1920 x 1080        1 ms          4          4           4
 BenQ XL2410T LED                                       27,700       23.6-inch    4          1920 x 1080        2 ms          4          4           4
 ViewSonic VP2655WB                                     43,254        26-inch     4          1920 x 1200        5 ms          4          4           6
 Dell U2711                                             44,300         27-inch    4          2560 x 1440        6 ms          6          4           4

                                                                                                 5.25-INCH               3.5-INCH
 NAME                                                   PRICE (Rs)      POWER SUPPLY                                                      NUMBER OF FANS
                                                                                                   BAYS                    BAYS
 Circle 5 Series                                            1,500             4                      3                       6                  1
 Circle 6 Series                                            1,600             4                      4                       6                  2
 Cooler Master Elite 330                                    2,700             6                      4                       6                  1
 Cooler Master Elite 430                                    2,850             6                      3                       5                  1
 Antec Two Hundred                                          3,650             6                      3                       6                  2
 LIAN LI Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K56                         3,672             6                      5                       0                  2
 Cooler Master Gladiator 600                                3,850             6                      5                       5                  2
 Cooler Master CM 690                                       4,700             6                      4                       1                  3
 Antec Six Hundred                                          5,850             6                      3                       6                  2
 Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced                           5,950             6                      4                       6                  3
 Thermaltake M9D Series                                     6,200             6                      6                       3                  2
 Antec Dark Fleet                                           6,450             6                      3                       6                  4
 Antec Nine Hundred                                         6,600             6                      3                       6                  4
 Thermaltake Element G                                      7,525             6                      3                       7                  4
 Cooler Master Cosmos S                                    15,800             6                      7                       4                  3
Note: Street prices (incl. VAT) as on 10 August 2011.

                                                                                                                  intelligent computing chip   09/2011   139
Personal Tech

                Is apple beIng arrogant? of course It Is. but no
                one's ever gotten thIs far ahead by polItely
                askIng other people If they wouldn't mInd
                beIng beaten.
                JAMSHED AVARI, deputy edItor

out with the old
                      s it time to say goodbye to the DVD? Apple       DisplayPort in the last ten years. Only dongle
                      would certainly like it to be, and it’s one of   and adapter manufacturers could be happy
                      the only companies in the world that can         that standards have changed so often.
                      decide so and have its own way. The writing          If something new isn’t quite ready for mass
                has been on the wall for a while: Apple thinks         adoption, Apple will also try killing anything
                the Internet is the only worthwhile method of          that might hold it back. It got rid of serial
                distribution, whether it be for software, content      and parallel ports long before the strange new
                or even personal files.                                USB connector was mainstream. FireWire has
                    With its cult following and tight control          all but bitten the dust now that Thunderbolt
                over hardware and software, Apple is in a              is here, and we can assume that USB 3.0
                position to direct users’ behavior patterns            ports aren’t coming to our favorite aluminum
                in ways both subtle and obvious. Take                  machines anytime soon. The strategy is
                for example the way iPods and iPads play               ruthless and there’s every chance that it will
                purchased iTunes content without a hitch,              backfire at some point, but the fact that it
                but refuse to recognize AVI files. Or the way          hasn’t yet just shows how strong and unique
                your old accessories might suddenly not be             this company’s position is.
                compatible with new hardware. In addition,                 Which brings us back to the DVD.
                Apple has extraordinary amounts of control             Despite years of begging, Blu-ray drives have
                over its partners, developers, and suppliers.          never been an option, even on the home-
                    It’s worked in the past—remember the               theater-centric Mac mini (which, by some
                original iMac, which launched, *gasp*, without         extraordinary concession, features an HDMI
                a floppy drive! Apple was correct in predicting        port). Common wisdom held that Apple was
                (and helping ensure) the death of the 1.44             pushing iTunes for purchases and rentals,
                MB floppy, but then again it wasn’t a smooth           notwithstanding the lack of iTunes stores and
                process. Flash media barely existed, and USB           decent enough Internet connections in many
                hard drives were rare, expensive and slow.             countries. Now we know how committed
                Buyers, who had no easy way to share files,            Apple is to that vision: DVD drives stayed
                desperately wanted iMacs to ship with CD               around only as long as they were needed for
                burners. Apple, however, had just discovered           installing software and taking backups. Now,
                the DVD and insisted on putting in DVD-ROM             users have iTunes, iCloud, Time Machine,
                drives instead. Only several generations later         Airdrop (Wi-Fi file sharing), and of course the
                did combo drives appear.                               Mac App Store. If they don't like it, too bad.
                    Apple has always tried on and discarded            Buy an external drive, while discs still exist.
                things at will—hardware, software, services            The only question is how quickly this attitude
                and strategies. They switched from Motorola            will spread through the industry. Netbooks and
                to PowerPC to Intel, led the Flash memory              slim laptops have proven that it's possible, if
                invasion, and dared to challenge the belief that       difficult, to live without physical media. Now
                batteries had to be swappable—all without so           that Apple's views are clear, it's about to be
                much as blinking. For displays alone, they’ve          pushed out of the mainstream as well.
                done away with their own Apple Display                                              -
                Connector, mini VGA, Micro DVI, and Mini                                                -

146   09/2011   intelligent computing chip

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