Job Interview Secrets And Best Practices That Land Job

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					Job Interview Secrets And Best Practices That Land Job
Some job seekers always land more jobs than the others because they know a couple of job interview
secrets that most people do not know. These secrets indeed are not really a "secret" because they're
just the things often neglected by majority of job seekers.
Here are some best practices to help you ace in your next job interview.
1. Don't Wing It
Always attend job interviews with proper preparation. The areas you should spend time to explore are
as follows:
• Research the company's information and know its products, services, recent news, goals, future
  plans, mission statement, work cultures, etc. Check out its web site, visit the local library and call the
  employer to find out the necessary information.
• Know your abilities, accomplishments and experiences as well as how you can contribute to the
  prospective employer. Link them with some examples.
• Find out what the key interview questions are and prepare for appropriate answers.
The level of your preparation demonstrates to the interviewer how hardworking, proactive and
thorough you are on critical task like this.
2. Practice your interview questions and answers
Practice makes perfect. You should go through the questions and answers with a friend a few times
until you feel comfortable to walk into the interview room. Show the employer you're confident to bring
your experiences and abilities to the company.
3. Show your interest and enthusiasm on the job and the company
The first few minutes often determines if you can make it to the second interview and land the job.
Make a good first impression and show your interest on the job position by using your body language,
asking intelligent questions and sending a thank you note to the interviewer to reiterate your
enthusiasm about the job and company.
4. Important practices
Effective Job seekers also carry out a few other job interview secrets or best practices to make them
stand out from the crowd.
• Arrive 15 minutes early to check your appearance and scan the reception area for latest company
  news. Also, you do not want an upset employer to interview you.
• Be well-groomed and dress appropriately. Wear smart and simple, but suit the environment of the
  particular job.
• Be friendly and polite. Give a firm handshake to the interviewer and greet him or her by the last
  name with a friendly smile.
• Establish an effective two-way communication and try to agree to what the interviewer tells you.
• Don't respond questions with a "yes," or "no." Your answer should be about a minute long.
• Be attentive to the hiring manager and make good eye contact when replying his or her questions.
• Don't chew gum, smoke, or eat garlic before the meeting.
• Don't bad mouth your previous employer even if you're not happy with the company or the job.
• Don't touch on salary or benefits in the first interview.

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