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					 Under what circumstances do people usually call
long distance? What situations cause their making
     frequent phone calls? There is a variety of
  reasons that should be taken into consideration
  while selecting the most advantageous prepaid
                    phone card.

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Most international calls are business related - people have
negotiations with foreign and home-base business partners, arrange
telephone conferences and carry on daily conversations on business
 In case of frequent business calls you may greatly benefit from the
phone cards that offer prepaid conferencing, low calling rates, no
connection or maintenance fees and unlimited validity period The
question of frequent phone calls also arises due to the rapid
development of tourist industry - nowadays more and more distant
and exotic places of interest are offered to an increasing number of
people who willingly travel all over the world
 When going card recovery on a journey people usually try to settle
everything beforehand Tickets, hotels, sightseeing, resort
  Even when using a tour operator's services, you may still need to
make some phone calls in order to inquire, check up and make sure
that everything is going to be okay, to say nothing of arranging
holidays on your own And then travelling itself excites you to make
calls home so that to share impressions with your friends and family
 In such a case, you definitely need a calling card that provides
worldwide connectivity, global access numbers, no connection fee
and reasonable calling rates from different locations The strongest
reason for your frequent international calls, though, may be your
dear people permanently or temporarily living abroad Needless to
say how important it is to be able to talk for long with your relatives
and friends who are staying miles away from you
 It is advisable in this case to select a prepaid phone card with a
handy refill feature and PIN free access Some phone cards, though
offering extremely low rates, charge you for connection and usually
have a three minutes' rounding and even a weekly maintenance fee
 However, there is more in this than meets the eye In fact, if you buy
or refill a phone card intending to place a long phone call and use all
the minutes in one go, these cards eventually turn to be quite
 Actually we can conclude that prepaid phone cards differ and, while
selecting the most suitable one, we should consider a lot of important
details Fees and taxes, the expiration date, connection quality,
availability of the card in your location, possibility to use it for your
destination, Local Access Numbers, the rounding of the card, the
calling rates and more other things should be taken into
 We also estimate efficiency of a phone card by considering its
additional options, such as, the permanent PIN, PIN-less access,
online call history, SMS refill, etc It is also recommended to use a
special online tool for comparison of two or more phone cards
simultaneously displayed on the screen
 It helps you to see the difference between the rates and main
characteristics of the cards and select the card that meets your
expectations most precisely
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