How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series: DEA Due Diligence for Manufacturers and Distributors by Martinlurthur


									How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series: DEA Due Diligence for Manufacturers and


The training will cover several recommendations to improve the Corporate Due Diligence when
narcotic drugs are purchased by their customers and the steps that can be taken to detect and
prevent the illicit use or diversion of any narcotic drug sold to customers.

Why Should you Attend:

Understanding DEA “Know Your Customer” and “Due Diligence” policies are important and
steps suggested in this training will give you a better insight as to what level of compliance
should be taken to prevent illicit use or diversion of any controlled substance purchased by

Objectives of the Presentation:

The following areas are covered:

      DEA OFFICE OF DIVERSION CONTROL – familiarize the participant with the
       authority given to DEA when enforcing federal laws and regulations pertaining to
       controlled substances.
      DEA REQUIRED RECORDS – This section covers the difference responsibilities of
       DEA Field Offices and their mandates from Headquarter management.
      DUE DILIGENCE – This section provides steps and suggestions to maintain effective
       Due Diligence compliance policies. It also covers the registrant’s responsibilities to
       assure that customers are compliant with DEA regulations and that they maintain an
       effective Due Diligence policy.
      DEA “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER POLICY” – This section provides an understanding
       of what DEA requires from Manufacturers and Distributors in order to maintain an
       effective suspicious ordering process and steps necessary for compliance with DEA
       regulations. It also outlines steps to prevent the diversion of controlled substances sold to
       their customers.
      DEA RECORDKEEPING REQUIREMENTS – This section covers the required records
       to be maintained in order to comply with DEA regulations. Records include
       receiving/shipping order forms and invoices, inventories, ARCOS, Quotas, drug
       destructions, and theft/loss reports.
      CUSTOMER FILES RECORDS – This section provides suggestions on what
       information needs to be maintained in a Customer’s File that will be reviewed especially
       for a customer whose orders have been identified as an Order of Interest or a Suspicious
Who can Benefit:

Corporate members and regulatory compliance personnel of DEA registered manufacturers and
distributors who distribute controlled substances sold to their customers for further distribution.

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