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Parachute Festival started because we saw the impact that music has on people and felt a calling
to be part of raising the standard of Christian music in New Zealand; we also wanted to create an
environment where people are motivated and challenged to a closer relationship with Jesus. The
Festival provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their music to a significant audience and
the event has developed well beyond our initial expectations; we are excited to see the impetus
and support it is gaining from around the country and even the world.

Parachute does not take place because a few people thought it was a good idea. It comes together
because hundreds of volunteers and artists give sacrificially to it. We ask for a big commitment
from all those involved because we passionately believe that the Festival is having an incredible
impact on New Zealand.

Parachute believes that laborers are worthy of their hire. However, we also know the monetary
realities of running an event like this and the absolute impossibility of paying for the expertise and
time that so many people generously give to the Festival. Therefore Crew are generally not paid for
their involvement and, in most cases, they pay for any meals and accommodation. This is not at all
a reflection of how much we value you, but simply a reality of trying to make our event work long


The Festival will begin on Friday 29 January 2010 with gates advertised to open at 11:00am for
pre-registered and 1:00pm for gate registrations. The Festival will conclude on Monday 1 February
2010 at approximately 1:00pm. Crew will be allowed onsite from 6:00pm Thursday 28 January
2010 or as arranged by Area Head. Supporters are allowed onsite from 9.00am Friday 29. Family
members or friends who are not Crew will not be allowed on site prior to the public gate opening

Upon arriving at site Crew must go directly to Gate 5 for registrations. Once registered you can park
your car for the weekend in the appropriate car park. (See your Site Map for the allocated crew
parking areas)

Most Crew will need to tent at Festival. Crew and Artists have a delegated camping area on site
located behind the Dome Venue with toilet and shower facilities located in near proximity.
There are limited powered caravan sites available, at a cost of $90 per site. For further information
on these please email

Lunch will be provided free for all crew; Breakfast and Dinner are available to Crew at a cost of
$50.00 for the weekend. These meals are limited, so first in, first served.

We recognise that fatigue may occur from activities undertaken and therefore work should be
completed within the following guidelines:
  Make sure there are sufficient breaks after periods of intense physical and mental activity
  Ensure you take sufficient time off work to recover
  Use your recovery time wisely - i.e. sleep
  Know your limitations and do not exceed them
  Wear sunscreen & maintain your fluid levels (water is best)

We recommend that a Crew member work no more than 12 hours per day and no more than 8
hours in a single shift (without a break). We have set this as a principal for all Crew, however
longer hours may be required in certain circumstances and by supervisors in roles of oversight. If
you feel you are working too hard, please speak immediately to your Executive/Area Head or

Each Crew member will be directly responsible to the Supervisor in their work area. If Crew have
any problems or questions, they should talk to their Supervisor immediately. Each Supervisor is
directly responsible to the leadership of Parachute 2010. If you have an issue that your Supervisor
is unable to help with, you should see the authority above them.

Good hygiene is important to everyone. In view of the climate around that time of the year, along
with the fact that you may be working within a physically demanding area, it is a good idea to make
sure you have some of the essentials of personal hygiene. These include soap, shampoo,
deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.

First Aid will be available 24-hours a day for the duration of Parachute. We will also have some
registered doctors on call.

All “lost” items should be taken to “Lost & Found”. In the case of lost children, please take them to
“Information” located in the Village. Please make sure a lost child is never left alone – stay with
them until another Crew member takes responsibility or their parents arrive.

    Free entry to festival
    Access to crew area, and camping area.
    If husband and wife are both on crew, then children (16 years and under) get in free
    Free Lunch

Please note: Meals and crew tee shirts for the weekend can be ordered with your registration.

Crew who are working over the weekend (minimum 24 or more hours) will not need to pay any
registration fee. Families of Crew will need to pay full price and register as general public through

Reimbursements for any costs incurred e.g. toll calls, mobile phone calls, transport costs; mail outs
etc will need prior written approval from your Executive member or Parachute Music. If prior
approval has not been given then these costs will not be reimbursed. All reimbursements must be
accompanied by the original GST receipt/tax invoice.


New Zealand Crew
Mystery Creek Event Centre is found in Hamilton City in the North Island.
The best way to navigate your way to site is through logging onto and following
directions as specified on the website.

International Crew
There are 2 main options for flying into festival; the most recommended and utilized airport is
Auckland International Airport – this is a total of 135km approx 90 mins drive to the Mystery Creek
site. The second option is Hamilton International Airport, although this has limited flight options. It is
our suggestion that you hire a vehicle if you’re coming from Auckland and make your way down to
site. For cheap car rental go to

Due to resource consent restrictions, Crew will not be able to avoid queues of traffic heading into
the Festival site. Therefore please be prepared for traffic delays when arriving on site and allow
extra time. If you are working on the Thursday night you may need to take some time off work to
enable you to arrive in time for the Crew Meeting or your rostered shift. A typical trip from
Auckland to Mystery Creek on the Thursday of the Festival may take you around two hours, as well
as time to park your car and get set up. Please keep this in mind and expect delays.

All crew come together on the Thursday night pre-festival from 9pm for an hour in the Deluxe to
enjoy their own performance from a festival artist, hear a message from Parachute and dedicate the
event to God in prayer. This is a significant time and we ask that all crew to make an effort to be

Crew are vital to the running of the Festival, however some people try to abuse the privileges
offered to Crew members, by trying to register as a Crew member even though they are not
working as Crew. It is therefore vital that the leadership team of the Festival follows the policy
outlined below to ensure those who deserve benefits receive them and those who are freeloading
do not register at all.

Crew registrations are online, and your Area Head will give you the code you need to enter to
register. If you don't have online access, we can send you a form to complete - which will need the
signature of your Area Head.

Crew registrations will close at midnight January 15th 2010. There will be no Crew registrations
accepted on the Festival weekend so please make sure you are registered by this cut off date. If a
Crew member is not registered by January 15th the Crew member will need pay full price and can
be refunded after the weekend if appropriate. No Crew can register for meals or accommodation
on the Festival weekend. All requests must be made before pre-registrations close.

  To be on Crew at Parachute Festival, we require you to read and agree to the following:

  You Must:
        1. Be over age 16 (18 for security team).
        2. Give 100% to the tasks assigned and be on time for all shifts.
        3. Be prepared to work 8 hours a day over the festival weekend.
        4. Have a courteous and helpful manner to everyone. We want everyone on site to feel
        welcome. Remember that a smile goes a long way. “Please” and “thank” you are words
        that we expect you to use.
        5. Have a spirit of excellence in your work and attitude. Be prepared to go “above and
        beyond the call of duty”.
        6. Show respect for the privacy of our artists/speakers.
        7. Be alert to the safety of our punters. Work to get a situation remedied if it is a potential
        health or safety hazard. You must follow our standard safety procedures.
        8. Maintain a modest standard of dress. Low cut tops for women or beach wear is not
        appropriate. Men, please leave your shirts on.
        9. Model your behaviour on biblical standards.

  Unacceptable Activities
        1. Use or possession of drugs, party pills, smoking or alcohol.
        2. Sexual harassment towards any person on site. This includes sexual innuendo or using
        your position to manipulate or encourage personal relationships.
        3. Racist comments.
        4. Swearing and profane language.
        5. Theft. Willful or negligent destruction of property.
        6. Threat or act of doing bodily harm.
        7. Use of weapons of any kind.

         1. Police checks will be conducted on potential crew at the discretion of Parachute Music.
         2. For crew who are required to drive, a valid driver’s licence is essential. The driver must
         adhere to security and site safety guidelines for driving on site.

  Volunteer Creed
  As a crew member at Parachute Festival, I will endeavour to do my best in all situations. I recognise
  that I am here to serve under the leadership above me and will commit to treat those on site with
  love and respect, as modeled by Jesus. I will do my best to bring a positive attitude in all things, to
  smile and to be helpful wherever possible. I will respect the rules in this document and commit
  myself to act accordingly.


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