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   Microlight pilot training all year round on the
           sunshine island of Mallorca!

        Flying holidays in spectacular scenery!

YOUR machine hangared all year round in a perfect flying
Welcome to flying in Mallorca
Microflights has acquired Ses Salines ULM Aerodrome in Mallorca as an all-year-
round base for microlight pilot training courses, introductory trial flights and flying
holidays for those who already hold a microlight licence. The airfield, established for
more than fifteen years, is a quiet, relaxed environment in which to learn to fly,
surrounded by open countryside and just four miles from the coast, with spectacular
cliffs, golden beaches and sheltered coves. The aerodrome's new purpose-built
clubhouse offers dedicated training space together with a pleasant cafe/bar, modern
toilet facilities and wonderful views from the terrace of the airfield and the eastern
mountain range.

The airfield is shared with the pilots of Club de Vol ULM S'Olivó (S'Olivó Microlight
Flying Club), who fly both flexwing and three-axis microlights - mostly at weekends.

The climate of Mallorca is almost perfect for microlight pilot training, with settled
weather, excellent visibility and light winds most of the year. It is also, of course,
perfect for combining your flying training with a holiday in a stunning Mediterranean

When do you get the best weather?
That depends on what you mean. We get the hottest and generally driest weather
between May and September, with long settled spells of unbroken sunshine and
calm flying conditions early morning and evening. You can expect summer daylight
hours to be HOT, with thermal activity and sea breezes picking up from about 10.00
am, making flying in the middle of the day less idyllic. On most summer days
conditions settle down after about 5.00 pm, so you can expect two good flying
sessions on even the hottest summer days. The other advantage of booking your
flying course in the summer is that while you stress yourself out learning to fly, your
family can be having a fabulous time on the beach. You'll get the middle of the day
to yourself, of course, while we take a break from flying.

There are, however, some significant advantages in booking yourself a course "off
season", between October and March. Daylight hours are shorter, of course, and
you can expect some rain and occasional days of strong wind in the winter months.
You also won't expect to be doing masses of sunbathing, as the winter months are
cooler. But you can also expect long spells of mild, sunny weather right through
December and January. Winds are often very light and, because of the reduced
thermal activity, we can fly all day. You can therefore expect to get as much flying in
the winter as you can in the summer!

The other big advantage of winter flying in Mallorca is that most of the tourists have
gone home, lots of the busy resort hotels are closed and you get this wonderful
island all to yourself! That means you can still shop till you drop in Palma, find lots of
great restaurants serving every kind of wonderful food and visit all the scenic
attractions on the island, but you aren't competing with two million tourists.
Is the weather ALWAYS flyable?
Nowhere has an absolutely perfect flying climate all year round and, even though it
basks in 320 days of sunshine every year, Mallorca still gets the occasional spell of
unsettled, windy or rainy weather – mostly during the winter months, which is why it's
green and carpeted with wild flowers in the Spring. Having said that, Mallorca's
climate is generally much more settled and predictable than our UK weather, so your
chances of flying are significantly increased. It's possible that during your course we
might lose the odd day to unsuitable weather, but when you get back to the UK just
look at your log book – you'll be amazed at how much you've flown!

What training aircraft do you use?
We train on the UK-manufactured Mainair Gemini Flash 2 Alpha with Rotax 503 two-
stroke engine. The Gemini trike with its fabulous HDS suspension system was the
basis for Mainair's world-beating Blade trike design, whilst the Alpha wing offers a
comfortable cruise speed of just under 50 mph and for many years its forgiving
characteristics made it the workhorse of many UK microlight training schools.

There are two alternatives to using the school aircraft.

First, if you buy a new Pegasus Mainair microlight through Microflights

(a) we'll arrange for it to be delivered from the factory direct to Ses Salines,

(b) you'll get a special discounted training rate of just £24/hour for a 25-hour course
(just £600!), and

(c) you can leave it hangared at Ses Salines all year round for just €100 a month
(about £66 at current exchange rates) plus your €100 a year club fee - or we'll
arrange for it to be shipped back to the UK for you.

Check out for details of aircraft and current prices.

And second, you can, of course, bring your own machine to Mallorca and train on
that. Costs of crating/shipping your machine from the UK to Ses Salines are around
£700 one way, or you can trailer it down to Barcelona and pick up the ferry (we can
advise on travel arrangements). The cost of a 10-hour block of training then drops to
£42/hour. Over a 40-hour course that saves you £800 on training AND you have
your machine in the most wonderful microlight flying climate! If you wish, you can
hangar your machine fully rigged all year round at Ses Salines for just €100 a month
(about £66 at current exchange rates) plus your €100 a year club fee. With budget
air fares as cheap as they are and just over two hour’s flight time from the UK, you
can drop over to Mallorca and fly any time you like! We'll arrange full permission
from Aviación Civil in Madrid.

Interested? Call us to discuss!
Can I fly solo on the school aircraft?
Yes. You can fly your first solo and subsequent solo consolidation (of which you
need at least 10 hours for the full licence) on the school aircraft. If you want your
course to include cross-country flying, you can also use the school aircraft to
complete your two solo cross-country flights in Mallorca. Solo flying on the school
aircraft is charged at your course tuition rate.

Do you offer three-axis (fixed wing) microlight training?
From June 2003 we hope to offer full NPPL (M) training on our Rans S-12 Airaile
and the wonderful Italian-made Tucano – you just won't believe how inexpensive
these are to buy compared to most comparable UK machines! Contact us for up-to-
date information on three-axis training.

How much will a flying course cost?
It depends how long you want to stay and how many hours of tuition you want to
book. Flying training costs in Mallorca are the same as those at Finmere:

                      School aircraft        Own aircraft          New aircraft
                                                                   purchased through
1 – 4 hours           £75/hour               £55/hour              £24/hour if course
5 hours' pre-paid     £69/hour               £49/hour              of 25 hours pre-
10 hours' pre-paid    £62/hour               £42/hour              paid when new
                                                                   microlight ordered

Courses are usually taught in five-day blocks from Wednesday to Tuesday,
excluding Saturdays and Sundays. But you're not obliged to book five days, and
courses don't always have to start on Wednesdays. Our aim is to be as FLEXIBLE
as we can to fit in with the kind of flying course that YOU want.

We can also tailor the intensity of the course to suit the time you have available and
the kind of holiday you want to have in Mallorca. Weather permitting; the following
gives you an idea of the permutations we can offer:

Course duration             Flying hours
                            Relaxed pace         Intensive
5 days                       5                   10
10 days                     10                   20
15 days                     15                   30
20 days                     20                   40

Other combinations can be arranged – we want you to get the course that YOU

Obviously an intensive course will give you much less time on the beach or with the
family, but it also means you should make faster progress through your PPL course
than you can expect to get in the UK.
For those taking longer courses, you can also sit the five written examinations
required for your microlight licence. If you'd like help with studying for your exams,
ground school theory classes are available at £20/hour.

What else will I need to pay?
To your flight tuition costs you need to add the cost of your:

     Air Fares
     Car Hire

Air Fares

You can get amazingly cheap flights to Palma from the main UK airports. The main
budget carriers who offer very low prices (and I've seen prices as low as £25 for an
all-inclusive return flight!) are easyJet (including Go), Air Europa and BMI Baby.
Even in July and August, if you are reasonably flexible on your departure times, you
can get flights for well under £100 per person return. But a word of caution. If you
can only travel at peak times (bank holidays or the start of school summer holidays
and half-terms) do expect to pay a lot more!

The arrival of on the web now makes the search for cheap
flights even easier. Just key in your intended travel dates and easyValue will
compare the prices offered by ALL the carriers – including easyJet - offering flights to
Palma on those days from any UK airport you specify. Once we've confirmed your
course dates, you can then book straight from the easyValue site.

In the summer months you can also get very good last-minute "flights only" deals
from the travel agents, as they sell off unsold seats on their holiday charter flights.
Or try on the internet.


Once you have provisionally booked your flying course at Ses Salines, you are
welcome to arrange your own flights, accommodation and car hire as a package
holiday through a travel agent. If you shop around, you can sometimes get bargain
holiday deals through the main package holiday companies. You'll need, of course,
to be within reasonable travelling distance of the aerodrome, so you'd need to
specify a choice of named resorts when you book the holiday. The popular resorts
of Cala d'Or and Cala Figuera on Mallorca's east coast are respectively 25 minutes
and 10 minutes drive from the airfield. They both have great beaches and all the
amenities you'll need to keep the rest of the family happy while you spend all their
money on your flying course! If you want to base your holiday closer to Palma, the
very popular resorts of El Arenal and Ca'n Pastilla (the "Playas de Palma") are
about 45 minutes' drive away. You might find that's a bit far, given that in the
summer months we spilt the day into early morning (08.00 – 10.30) and late
afternoon (17.00 – 19.00), with a long break during the hottest part of the day. That
would mean two return trips each day.
Most of the package holiday companies only operate April-October, so if you book a
flying course in the "low" season (November – March) you'll need to book your
accommodation through Microflights. We're happy to sort out your accommodation
for you in the summer months too, though expect to pay more in the summer. If
you're planning on bringing your partner with you, sharing a double room usually
reduces B&B costs per person.

We're able to recommend very reasonably-priced accommodation at a small number
of hostals (small hotels) and hotels in the resorts of Colònia Sant Jordi, Cala
Santanyi and Cala Figuera, which are all within 10 minutes' drive of the aerodrome.
Click on the links below to find out more about the accommodation:

               ACCOMMODATION                  COST PER NIGHT
                                              Single per Double per
                                              person     person
               COLÒNIA SANT JORDI
               Hostal Colonial
               CALA SANTANYI
               Hotel Pinos Playa
               CALA FIGUERA
               Hotel Rocamar
               Hostal Baco
               Hostal Neptuno
               Hostal Mar Blau

               Hostal Ventura

               Hostal Oliver

Car Hire

We have negotiated special discounted rates for Microflights' students through a
local car hire company. You can collect your car from Palma Airport, or it can be
delivered to your hotel.

If you'd prefer to pick up your car from your hotel we can arrange for a local taxi to
meet you at the airport and take you back there at the end of your course. The cost
each way is €[XXX], which is a good bit cheaper than paying one of the airport taxis
to drive you to your hotel.

Are there any medical restrictions?
In order to be allowed to fly solo and qualify for a microlight pilot's licence, you and
your GP will be required to sign the NPPL medical declaration form, confirming that
you can meet the DVLA's professional drivers' health standard. Look at for more details.
Are there any physical (height/weight) restrictions?
Yes. Since our aircraft's maximum all-up weight limits are assessed as the total of
pilot, passenger and fuel load, we can't accept students who weigh more than
around 17 stone (110 kg). There are no height restrictions. If you're unsure, call us!

When are courses available in Mallorca this year?
All year round. But as we're also running flying courses from our UK base at
Finmere Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire, the following weeks are available for flying
courses in Mallorca during 2003:

        Flying course weeks start on Wednesdays and finish on Tuesdays,
                         with a break over the weekend

APRIL               02 – 08
                    09 – 15
                    16 – 22

MAY                 07 – 13
                    14 – 20

JULY                09 – 15
                    16 – 22
                    23 – 29
                    30 – 05 AUGUST

AUGUST              06 – 12
                    13 – 19
                    20 – 26
                    27 – 02 SEPTEMBER

SEPTEMBER           24 – 30

OCTOBER             01 – 07
                    08 – 14
                    15 – 21
                    22 – 28
                    29 – 04 NOVEMBER

NOVEMBER            12 – 18
                    19 – 25

DECEMBER            10 – 16
How do I book a course?
By all means ring 01296 712705 or e-mail for any details
that we haven't covered on this site. Once you've decided to go ahead, just
complete the provisional booking form and send it to us. Check air fares with or before you make your final decision on

Once we've received your booking form, we'll get in touch with you to confirm the
dates and accommodation you want or to suggest alternatives. We'll then hold your
booking for SEVEN DAYS until payment has been received into Microflights'
account. Once payment has cleared the account, we'll CONFIRM your dates and (if
applicable) your choice of accommodation. At this point your payment for the course
and accommodation is non-refundable.

I have a Microflights Trial Flight Gift Voucher. Could I take
my flight in Mallorca instead of the UK?
Certainly! Contact us for details.

What about flying holidays?
If you've already got a licence and your own machine, why not bring it to Ses Salines
and spend as long as you want flying on the magical island of Mallorca? Apart from
flying amongst wonderful scenery, it's an aerial photographer's paradise!

For up to three months' stay, we'll arrange:

     Official written clearance from Aviación Civil in Madrid, so you fly completely

     Crating and shipping your machine from the Pegasus Mainair factory in
     Rochdale (or you can trailer or fly it here)

     Secure, full-rigged hangarage with purpose-built clubhouse offering cafe, bar
     and toilet facilities for just €150 euros a month

     A choice of inexpensive accommodation in local hotels with access to beaches
     and amenities

     Advice on flying in Mallorca
                           - Mallorca -
                    PROVISIONAL BOOKING FORM





Home telephone number

Fax number

Mobile telephone number

E-mail address

Date of birth



Next of kin's full name



Contact telephone number
Previous flying experience
Aircraft type               Hours flown       Approximate dates

I should like to book the following course:

Weightshift                 Three axis        (from June 2003)

Number of hours' training required            hours (minimum 5)

Length of course required                     days

                       Preferred course weeks:
 Please number in order of preference. (If you're booking 2 or 3 weeks, number your
    first choice 2-3 week block as "1", your next choice of 2-3 weeks as "2" and so

                    2003 COURSE WEEKS            PREFERRED
                    APRIL    02 – 08
                    APRIL    09 – 15
                    APRIL    16 - 22
                    MAY      07 – 13
                    MAY      14 – 20
                    JULY     09 – 15
                    JULY     16 – 22
                    JULY     23 – 29
                    JULY     30 – 05 AUG
                    AUGUST   06 – 12
                    AUGUST   13 – 19
                    AUGUST   20 – 26
                    AUGUST   27 – 02 SEPT
                    SEPTEMBER24 – 30
                    OCTOBER 01 – 07
                    OCTOBER 08 – 14
                    OCTOBER 15 – 21
                    OCTOBER 22 – 28
                    OCTOBER 29 – 04 NOV
                    NOVEMBER 12 – 18
                    NOVEMBER 19 – 25
                    DECEMBER 10 - 16
Preferred type of accommodation (please tick):

Single room B&B

Double room B&B

    Name of preferred accommodation (please number in order of preference):

                         COLÒNIA SANT JORDI
                         Hostal Colonial
                         CALA SANTANYI
                         Hotel Pinos Playa
                         CALA FIGUERA
                         Hotel Rocamar
                         Hostal Baco

                         Hostal Neptuno

                         Hostal Mar Blau

                         Hostal Ventura

                         Hostal Oliver

                    I found out about Microflights Mallorca from:

I confirm that once my booking is accepted, in order to secure my place on the dates
 required I will transfer the full cost of my course and accommodation to Microflights'
  UK bank account within seven days. I understand that once I have confirmed my
          booking the course costs and accommodation are non-refundable.

   Please check the details before you submit this booking form!!

          Submit by Faxing to Microflights on

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