How To Answer The Toughest Interview Questions

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					How To Answer The Toughest Interview Questions
The biggest fear of most job seekers is answering tough interview questions.
A well written resume and a worthy set of skills is a must to be short listed for an interview, but the
final hiring decision is only made after a face to face meeting with the applicant.
Today, video conferencing gives candidates the option of a virtual meeting with the interviewer, but
every candidate still has to prepare for any relevant (and sometimes tangential) questions.
So what is the best way to answer questions, especially the tough ones?
Absolute must. No experienced hiring manager would advise you to make false claims because most
experienced interviewers will catch them.
Using superlatives is definitely recommended but know and respect the difference between
amplifying achievements and creating counterfeit ones.
Give Real Examples
One of the best techniques to communicate effectively (and to give great interview answers) is by
using real life situations.
Describe to the interviewer where you faced the challenge, what was required, and what did you do.
Achieving the final goal is always great but sometimes our biggest successes come from the learning
that we derive from not reaching the target.
If for your example (the one you state to explain your answer) you did not achieve the objective, state
what important lessons you learned and how you can use them in the future.
Sample Answer
Question: Have you handled tough customers?
Answer: Yes, in my past job I was responsible for developing new business and sometimes that
meant dealing with demanding customers.
On one such instance a customer wanted to know how many people were using our service
worldwide. I understood the intent behind the query but as I didn't have access to the data I tried to
explain that we were a leading provider and offered a money back guarantee if needed.
The client went into details of how he had been let down in the past by other companies and it got a
little difficult to give clarify each of his points. After calmly hearing him out I asked him to visit our
store and try out our product without obligation.
He visited the store within a week and called to thank me for the good service that I had provided.
Besides making the sale I also learned that for selling effective you must convince the client that you
will listen to his complaints.
Very often candidates ask me if it is okay to clarify a question with the interviewer. Of course it is!
The toughest interview questions are the ones that most candidates don't understand (or
misunderstand) so it is best to clarify before answering.
Interview Questions

Description: A well written resume and a worthy set of skills is a must to be short listed for an interview, but the