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Grads 2002 by leader6


									2002 PS Graduates: Where Are They Now?
During spring, summer and fall       Ian Carlton (ARCH) will be          in Mexico City. She will return,     creative writing at Indiana Uni-
2002, 71 PSs donned black robes      working as an international         hopefully fluent in Spanish, to      versity - Bloomington.
and caps, marched across the         architect.                          teach elementary school.
coliseum floor, and “got out” of                                                                              Zach Healy (CHE) is pursuing
Georgia Tech. Here is what those     T.W. Cauthen (ISYE) plans to        Dan Dyke (EE) will probably          graduate work at Johns Hopkins
recent graduates are doing now.      pursue a Masterʼs of Education      pursue a graduate degree in          University.
                                     degree in college student affairs   biomedical engineering.
Jacob Adams (CHEM) does              administration from the Uni-                                             Jimmy Henderson (ISYE) plans
not plan on getting a job after      versity of Georgia.                 Erin Elder (ME) plans to work as     to enter the consulting field be-
graduation and does not have                                             a substitute teacher in the spring   fore returning to grad school.
any traveling plans. He is going     Phebe Clawson (BIOL) will be        before beginning graduate school
to do nothing until he gets bored    attending veterinarian school at    in bioengineering in the Fall of     Kay Hill (EE) will be pursuing
(seriously). He then plans on        the University of Tennessee.        2003.                                a career in intellectual property
attending graduate school.                                                                                    law. Kay's unsure which law
                                     Josh Cothran (CS) is pursu-         Jean Marie Flexer (MGT) will         school she will attend, but will
Amanda Alvarez (TFE) will at-        ing a master's degree in human      continue to reside in Atlanta        hopefully gain some insight
tend grad school.                    computer interaction at Georgia     while working for Delta Airlines     while spending her graduating
                                     Tech, after which he plans to       in revenue management. Her           semester at Georgia Tech Lor-
Scott Atha (ISYE) will work          pursue a career in interaction      current position is as an inven-     raine.
in corporate finance at Ernst &      design.                             tory analyst. She loves her job
Young and attend law school                                              and the opportunity for weekend      Wes Horsford (MGT) has ac-
somewhere down the road.             Justin Crowell (CS) returned        travel.                              cepted a position to start in
                                     from his final semester at the                                           January with Abacus Solutions
Josh Bagwell (ME) plans to           University of Leeds, England        Jeff Freeman (CHE) attends           in the Vinings area doing sales
spend a year as an intern with the   three weeks after the rest of       law school at the University of      work.
Christian Campus Fellowship at       the spring class graduated. He      Georgia and may pursue a career
Georgia Tech. It will be a great     returned to Atlanta and started     in intellectual property law.        Dipika Jain (CS) is spending
opportunity to share his faith       work full time with his co-op                                            the summer vacationing first
with those in the Tech com-          company: Synchrologic, Inc. as a    Laura Frick (BIOL) is on the         in Los Angeles and Las Vegas
munity and to see what full-time     software engineer. He officially    Board of Directors for the At-       followed by a six-week trip to
ministry is all about. After the     graduated at the end of summer      lanta Community ToolBank for a       India to visit relatives. After her
internship, Josh plans to pursue a   semester.                           three-year term ending in August     trip abroad, she will be pack-
career in mechanical/automotive                                          of 2005. In January she will ap-     ing her bags and moving off to
design.                              Bob Czaplicki (CMPE) will           ply for the AmeriCorps program       Arlington, VA to start a new job
                                     spent the summer semester           in the Injury Free Coalition at      working for Solers.
Chris Baker (BIOL) is currently      studying abroad at Georgia Tech     Hughes Spalding Childrenʼs
involved in kidney research at       Lorraine. He has begun work at      Hospital in Atlanta. The pro-        Gloria Jung (CHEM) spent the
Indiana University School of         Radiant Systems in Alpharetta.      gram would begin in May 2003         summer in Nashville teaching
Medicine and will be applying                                            and last until May 2004. She         math at an inner-city school with
there among other places in the      Elizabeth Gibson Dalton (BIOL)      will enter medical school in the     Vanderbilt and the Princeton
next couple years to begin an        plans to work in a research lab     fall of 2004 and is getting mar-     Review. She is currently attend-
M.D. program.                        at Emory University next year       ried in June 2004.                   ing Vanderbilt Law School and
                                     and attend graduate school at                                            plans on pursuing a career in
Andre Baran (CHE) plans to do        Fuller Seminary pursuing her        Cori Batchelor Gilman (ISYE)         patent law.
chemical engineering work for a      Ph.D. in clinical psychology the    will be working as an industrial
year and then return to graduate     following year.                     engineer for Disney World in         Chris Kavanaugh (ISYE) plans
school.                                                                  Orlando.                             to take a year off to circum-
                                     Brian Davis (CS) was married                                             navigate the globe before begin-
Chris Baucom (STAC) is pur-          May 18 and moving to Augusta,       A.T. Gimbel (ISYE) has ac-           ning his legal education at Uni-
suing a career in journalism as a    GA, where he works in software      cepted a position with Bain &        versity of Virginia in conjunction
reporter for the Courier-Herald      development while his wife at-      Company and will begin work          with a masterʼs in international
in Dublin, Georgia.                  tends medical school.               after his December graduation.       affairs.

Adam Bierce (ME) plans to get        Jason Dooley (CHE) is a             Justin Hargrove (HTS), after         Sandi Kaye (CHEM) married
his MBA while working.               program manager for the U.S.        studying in Europe this summer,      Daniel Cohan in June, 2002,
                                     Govern ment in the Washington,      began graduate study this fall at    and subsequently began a long
Casey Brister (EE) will attend       D.C. area. Your tax dollars will    the College of William and Mary      course of study at the Morehouse
graduate school at Georgia           be well spent.                      School of Law in pursuit of his      School of Medicine in Atlanta,
Techʼs campus in Lorraine,                                               juris doctorate.                     GA. If she survives, she will be-
France.                              Laura Dukes (CHEM) will be                                               come a medical doctor after four
                                     spending the next year working      Misty Harper (STAC) plans
                                     as an intern at a campus ministry   to pursue an M.F.A. degree in                      (over)
years. She intends on entering a         duction in Houston, TX.              versity of California at Berkeley     near future.
practice in pediatrics.                                                       doing breast cancer research.
                                         Pat Nardi (ME) will be either at-                                          Matt Warenzak (ISYE) plans on
Nicole King (PUBP) plans to              tending grad school or working.      Jenny Schwerman (CHE) is              attending law school, followed
study patent law and attain her                                               working in corporate research         by work and travel.
law degree.                              Jen OʼMeara (AE) will attend         and development for Gen-
                                         Stanford University grad school      eral Electric in New York while       Kristie Watson (PSY) plans to
Justin Landis (CHE) will stay in         in aero/astrospace engineering.      pursuing her Ph.D. in chemical        pursue her doctorate in psy-
Atlanta and work as a software                                                engineering.                          chology at the University of
consultant for PowerPlan consul-         Peggy Mulford graduated!                                                   Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
tants.                                                                        Jana Scott (INTA) will be work-       She will be focusing her research
                                         Joy Parrot (BIOL) will be at-        ing on a masterʼs in the art of       on Visual Cognition and Human
Kimberly Logan (PUBP) is                 tending Georgia State University     teaching.                             Performance.
presently enrolled in the Clinical       to get her masterʼs degree in sec-
Program at Atlanta School of             ondary education for broadfield      Shaun Sethna (ISYE) plans to          Lacey West (PSYC) is currently
Massage. She will graduate as            sciences. She plans to become a      go to law school at Columbia          living in Boston and enrolled at
a certified massage therapist in         high school biology teacher. Joy     University.                           Boston College to pursue an MA
April. Presently, she is apply-          will also begin a coaching po-                                             in Counseling Psychology.
ing to Teach for America with            sition this summer for a private     Horace Smith (ME) plans to find
the intent of doing a two year           high school club crew team.          an engineering job, most likely       Julie Whitmire (MGT) took the
stint in Atlanta, while getting an                                            in Houston, Texas and con-            summer after graduation off
additional massage certification.        Dawn Pendergast (STAC) will          tinue his pilot training there. He    to travel with her family and
Thereafter, she wishes to at-            begin her master's in perfor-        eventually intends to work for an     friends. She is currently working
tend graduate school and get a           mance studies at NYU in June.        airline after receiving his pilotʼs   part-time for a mortgage banker,
masterʼs in education.                   She doesnʼt know if she'll ever      license.                              but ultimately she hopes to have
                                         get a real job.                                                            a full-time job in media and
Christina Luu (ARCH) will be                                                  Richy Stanton graduated!              advertising in the Atlanta area.
attending grad school in archi-          Charlie Pollard (ISYE) will be
tecture, either at UC Berkeley or        working as a software consul-        Marc Thomes (ISYE) will be            John Whitt (CHE) will enroll in
back here at Tech. After that she        tant at Manhattan Associates in      attending law school.                 medical school at the University
plans to work at a commercial            Atlanta.                                                                   of Alabama, Birmingham after a
architecture firm in downtown                                                 Caitlin Tilley (ISYE) will spend      last relaxing summer back home.
Atlanta.                                 Jessica Pritchard (BIOL) spent       the first half of 2003 teaching
                                         her last summer of freedom trav-     English and studying Spanish          Gayle Willis (CE) will go home
Jill Mahler (ECON) returned              eling and teaching girls how to      in Mexico. In the fall of 2003        to bother her parents until they
home to Florida to work on               make crafts at Camp Greystone.       she intends to start a career in      kick her out of the house. She
Carol Roberts' Congressional             Hundreds of lanyards later, she      Atlanta and eventually enroll in      will then be sent back to Tech to
Campaign in Florida's 22nd Dis-          came running back to science.        graduate or business school.          learn how to use fancy air pol-
trict. After this, Jill will either a)   In the fall she began a Ph.D.                                              lution equipment and will then
work in Congresswoman Carol              program in molecular medicine        Drake Tolliver (AE) plans to          go back and forth between Hong
Roberts' district office, b) work        at the University of Virginia.       sleep... and then work for Rolls-     Kong and Atlanta for about a
in the Office of Civil Rights in                                              Royce in Indianapolis, go to grad     year to try to assess Hong Kong's
the Attorney General's office, c)        Traci Quercia (ISYE) will be         school in Arkansas, or work in        air pollution problems. After a
work for the state Democratic            graduating in December after she     Atlanta.                              good while, she hopes she will
Party, d) work on Lois Frankel's         participates in the Oxford Study                                           convince Tech to give her more
mayoral campaign, or e) begin            Abroad program this summer           Neil Vaishnavi (BIOL) will be         degrees. If this all doesn't work
law school at the University of          and takes a small class load         working as a research specialist      out, Gayle will leave it up to God
Florida. At any rate, she will be        in the fall. She plans to seek       in the Emory University Depart-       to poke her in a new direction.
active in politics and the cause of      out a career in consulting upon      ment of Psychiatry for the next
civil rights.                            graduation, but is currently also    year. He plans to go to medical
                                         looking into graduate school.        school starting Fall 2003 after
Seth Markle (CS) plans to at-                                                 taking the current year “off.”
tend law school, though he is            Robert Raines (ISYE/CS) plans
unsure which law school. In              to work on his masterʼs in com-      Annamarie Valentino (IAML)
the meantime he has accepted a           puter science.                       attends UGA law school.
research position with GTRI and                                               Amy Vinson (CHEM) is en-
will likely pursue an MS degree          David Reid (EE) is uncertain         rolled at the Medical College
in computer science. As such he          what his post-graduation plans       of Georgia (MCG) in Augusta.
may have a masterʼs degree or            are, but he will probably pursue     She plans to enter a pediatric
Ph.D. before entering law school.        a masterʼs degree in electrical      residency after graduating from
                                         engineering.                         MCG and then enter a fellowship
Christine McIntyre (CHE) has                                                  to sub-specialize in a field yet
accepted a challenging position          Jessica Ryan (CHE) is enrolled       to be determined. She will also
with BP-Exploration and Pro-             in the Ph.D. program at the Uni-     adopt a puppy sometime in the

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