AS NZS 1301418s-1994 Methods of test for pulp and paper Ash content of wood pulp paper and board

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					                                                                                             AUSTRALIAN/                                                           AS/NZS 1301.418s:1994
                                                                                             NEW ZEALAND STANDARD
                                                                                             Prepared by the Appita Testing                                 Tentative Standard—July 1956
                                                                                             Committee. Approved as part of                                     Standard— November 1959
                                                                                             AS/NZS 1301 by Standards Australia                                      Revised—August 1965
                                                                                             and the Standards Council of                                              Revised—April 1978
                                                                                             New Zealand—August 1994.                                      AS 1301.P3s and AS 1301.P418s
                                                                                                                                                           as Joint Standard—August 1994

                                                                                                                      ASH CONTENT OF WOOD,
                                                                                                                      PULP, PAPER AND BOARD

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                                                                                             This Standard was prepared by the Appita Testing Committee as a part of AS/NZS 1301,
                                                                                             Methods of test for pulp and paper. It combines and replaces AS 1301.P3s—1978 and
                                                                                             AS 1301.P418s—1978. It differs from the two previous Standards in that it allows paper and
                                                                                             board to be ashed at either 520°C or 925°C, depending on the purpose of the test, and it
                                                                                             changes the ashing temperature of wood and pulp to 925°C.
                                                                                             The determination of ash content, as prescribed in this Standard, conforms to the requirements
                                                                                             of ISO 1762:1974 and ISO 2144:1987 except that ISO 1762 prescribes ignition at 575°C only
                                                                                             and ISO 2144 allows ignition at a low temperature (575°C is recommended) as an option in
                                                                                             certain unspecified circumstances. Also ISO 2144:1987 prescribes 900 ±25°C for the high
                                                                                             temperature ignition and allows the use of a gas burner for the complete ignition process.

                                                                                             The ash content of wood, pulp, paper and board is the residue after ignition. The ash is
                                                                                             derived from mineral matter in the pulp, chemicals added during manufacture, loading, coating,
                                                                                             pigmented materials and extraneous matter picked up during manufacture.
                                                                                             At 925°C any calcium carbonate, a common component of paper and board, will be converted
                                                                                             to calcium oxide. Thus the ash content, determined at this temperature, is not a measure of the
                                                                                             original mineral content. At 520°C there is minimal decomposition of calcium carbonate and
                                                                                             therefore the ash content at this temperature can be used as a measure of original mineral
                                                                                             content, providing the sample does not contain other minerals which decompose at or below
                                                                                             this temperature. For example, magnesium carbonate, which is added to paper to provide
                                                                                             particular properties, may be at least partly decomposed to magnesium oxide at 520°C.

                                                                                             1 SCOPE
                                                                                             This Standard prescribes procedures for the determination of ash content of wood, pulp, paper
                                                                                             and board.

                                                                                             2 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS
                                                                                             The following documents are referred to in this Standard:
                                                                                             1301.002s      Preparation of wood samples for chemical analysis
                                                                                             1301.417s      Sampling paper, board and pulp for testing
                                                                                             1301.457s      Determination of moisture content in paper, board and pulps
                                                                                             1762           Pulps—Determination of ash
                                                                                             2144           Paper and board—Determination of ash

                                                                                           ISBN 0 7262 8975 2                                                                              BB
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                                                                                                             AS/NZS 1301.418s:1994, Methods of test for pulp
                                                                                                             and paper Ash content of wood, pulp, paper and
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