My Ex Acts Like I Don't Exist What's Going On With Him? by kfoulks79


									My Ex Acts Like I Don't Exist What's Going On With Him?
                          Well here's the story. My ex and I are both 18,
                          and we were in a serious relationship for year
                          and a 1/2. We spent the night at each other’s
                          houses, did everything together, were always
                          very affectionate toward each other, hardly
ever got into fights, and were always laughing. It was absolutely
perfect. We were looking for apartments, and were planning on moving
in together this summer.

Well, a week before graduation (by the way, we were both seniors in
high school); he told me that he needed a break and he needed to
spend time with his friends before they left for college. Though I was
very sad, we remained friends and I understood his reasoning for
breaking up. We also both agreed that moving in together would be
moving a little too fast for us. SO we decided not to, and we decided
that we'd get back together by the end of the month.

WELL, once graduation happened, our families took pictures of us, and
it felt like we were still going out. The first couple days of summer, I
found out about some girl he and I both know. She's a fairly large girl
who is a tom boy. She's like "one of the guys" and has been friends with
my ex since they were very young. I guess they had been spending a lot
of time together. Well I asked him about it, and he told me that they
were just friends and that he told her that he didn’t want a relationship.
But he began avoiding me. He didn't answer my phone calls, and he
was ALWAYS with his friends.

One night last weekend, I got a call from him at midnight. I wasn't
home, but he talked to my mom and asked her to have me call him
when I get home. I called him the next day; he was very nice... but said
My Ex Acts Like I Don't Exist What's Going On With Him?
he needed to let me go. He told me "I will tell you about it later" and
was very nice. Well he never called, and I have yet to hear from him.
I've passed him on the road a few times and he pretends not to see me.
What is going on with him? I really don't understand....


Being ignored by your ex is tough but having them pretend that you
don't exist after a year and a half long relationship is even worse. Your
next move is going to be determined by what you want to accomplish.
If you've got no desire to try and salvage the relationship then you're
best to simply let him go and move on. However, if really want the
relationship back and want to get him back from this girl that he’s
currently hanging out with then there are some things you can do to
get him to notice you again.

Having said that I think it's important to understand that relationships
in general can be a tricky thing. One minute everything seems good and
the next minute you're standing alone wondering what happened.
Unfortunately in life we can't control other people or their actions, but
we can control what they see and how they think about us, and that is
the root of this problem. He's totally ignoring you, he's not looking at
you when you pass each other in the street and he's not returning your
calls so how do you get his attention without appearing needy and

Just because he's not talking to you doesn't mean he doesn't miss
My Ex Acts Like I Don't Exist What's Going On With Him?
It's quite common after a breakup to completely block the other person
from every aspect of our lives. The reason that we do this is because
there is pain associated whenever we interact with someone that we
cared deeply for but are no longer with and so the only way to avoid
the pain of the breakup is to avoid the person.

That's what he's doing to you here. You had a relationship for a year
and a half and it's obvious that the two of you spent some serious time
together which resulted in some very deep feelings for each other and
even though he ended it with you, there's still pain associated with the
breakup even if he’s not admitting it to himself.

Making him miss you is the key.

In a situation like yours, the key to getting his attention again is to make
him miss you and in order to do this you need to follow some basic no
contact rules.

1. Cut off all communication with him. If you've been calling and
texting him nonstop since the breakup stop doing it! Doing this won't
make him miss you, in fact it will have the opposite effect. If you want
to get his attention, especially when he pretends you don't exist then
you've got to drop out of his life completely.

Let me take you into the mind of your guy after a breakup:

"When I break up with a girl the last thing I need is to hear from her
because every conversation is centered on the relationship and getting
back together."
My Ex Acts Like I Don't Exist What's Going On With Him?
"It's difficult to talk to her knowing that she still wants you back,
sometimes you don't know what you should say. And whatever you do
say won't make her happy, so the ideal thing to do is to avoid her."

"If she keeps calling and texting things tend to get out of hand fast, and
soon she's angry at you as well as being upset. Breaking up is stressful
enough without the additional drama."

2. Make it last. After you've cut off contact with him, the next thing you
need to do is to make it last so that he starts to miss you. In most cases,
a period of about six weeks will do it.

The six week timeline is long enough to let the dust settle and the
healing begin. Any hurt or bitter feelings on both sides will have gone
away by this point. Also smaller issues that lead to the break up will be
forgotten, so you'll only have to worry about the more important ones.

Most importantly of all, the six week time period gives your ex some
serious time to miss you! Don't be surprised if he calls you before the
six week period is up, but if he hasn't, don't worry. He'll be more open
to hearing from you after cutting off communication for so long.

The Bottom Line

If he doesn't miss you then he has no reason to want to be with you.
Even if he's not talking to you or he pretends like you don't exist there's
still a part of him that misses you but he doesn't want to face it. Use the
2 tips outlined above to get him missing you so you can start
communicating again.

Now these tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting
his attention again after a breakup. For more information on how to get
My Ex Acts Like I Don't Exist What's Going On With Him?
him chasing you check out the Magic of Making Up System - a guide
that has helped over 50,000 couples repair and restore broken
relationships that they thought were lost forever.

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