Terror_Norwood_YW by anmh


Wren norwood


      A boy comes running through the field. He runs out of the field and into the cover of rocks. The

  boy stops for a while to catch his breath. He turns around and sees what he has been running from.

  He’s looking at his village burning to the ground. He hears loud voices that our shouting. They belong

  to men that are looking for this boy. The boy sprints off into the cover more rocks. Then men appear

  out of the cover of rocks. The men start to spread out and start to search the rocks. One of the men

  passes the rock the boy is hiding under by inches but does not see anything in it. The men decide that

  the boy is not there and walk back down to the village. The boy then gets out of his hiding place and

  starts to sprint away from the men.
Chapter! 1

        Larry is walking in the mud. He is also dragging to other seemingly lifeless bodies with him. All of a

sudden there is gun fire behind him. Larry stops moving and drops into the mud. Then a group of people

with guns comes down a hill. Larry stays as still as he can, trying to blend in the mud. The group of gun

men decides to move on. Larry continues to walk through the mud. An hour passes and Larry is still

walking through the mud, while also carrying the two bodies with him. It has been two days and Larry is still

walking. Larry then drops to the ground. He can go no further than he has gone. Larry has gone as far as

he can go. All of a sudden a helicopter comes over a hill. It’s a NATO search and rescue helicopter. They

have spotted Larry. The aircraft comes to the ground, and men come running towards Larry and the two

limp bodies he has been dragging. The men whisk Larry and the two others to the camp hospital. In the

helicopter, Larry looks over to see how the two comrades are, Larry looks into his dead brothers eyes.

Then Larry wakes up.
Chapter @ 2

        There is the clicking of keyboards everywhere. The whirr of computers can be heard. In the room

of computers there are many people breaking a fair amount of laws. What they don’t know is that their own

defenses are being broken by another person. Far away from this room is another room that also has a

group of people, the clicking of keyboards, and the whirr of a computer at work. For these people in this

room are robbing a robber. This was a small building that was located in a small town in the small country

of Yemen. They are getting the information by stealing it from someone who has already gotten the

information. Among this group of people that are hacking is a young boy. This boy has been wronged by

many ever since he lost everything. This young boy’s name is Joseph. Joseph has been fending for his life

until he met a man. This man told him that he could get back the people that had killed his family and

destroyed his life. The man had told Joseph that he should get an education and learn skills that he would

need to know. But Joseph had one problem; he did not have any way to go to school or any kind of parent.
The man then taught Joseph one of the most useful things to Joseph. He taught Joseph how to hack.

Before they left Joseph asked the man his name. The man only said that he could call him K.

        Now Joseph was in school. He had made a false identity for himself as K had instructed. He had

created two false parents. These parents had the names that his real parents had, but their last names

were different. He was going to a public school that did not cost anything, so he would not have to use the

money that K had given him. K said that they would soon meet after he had graduated from school. K had

also told him that he would not be able to get revenge on those who had ruined his life if Joseph did not do

well in school. If all was going according to plan then Joseph would have to be the top of his class and

much more.

        Joseph work tirelessly to reach the goals set by K. He reached his full potential and was able to get

into a higher class school. This was an expensive school. The board of the school had decided to pay for

Joseph’s tuition. Joseph was now old enough to get a job for food and the clothes needed for school. He

was sleeping in a cheap apartment that he could barely pay the rent for. Also Joseph learned to play chess

from a kind man in the market. Joseph would play with the man every day after school. But none the less

Joseph was becoming what K wanted him to be, an intelligent person with thirst for revenge.
Chapter 3

               Larry woke from his dream. He looked around the room he was in. Larry was in a hospital

room that had a bed in the middle of the room. In the bed was man sleeping. Around the bed were several

different monitors that showed the man’s heart beats and other information that Larry didn’t know. Larry

looked back at the bed. The occupant of the bed is a man named Marshal. Marshal was with Larry when he

served with the marines. When Larry’s group was ambushed, Marshal had out to get him. The only problem

was that Marshal’s helicopter was shot down, and Larry ended up dragging marshal out of the wreckage. In

the ambush most of Larry’s team was killed. In Larry’s group was his brother. Larry’s brother, Sean, was

almost dead when Larry found him during the ambush. Larry carried his Sean and Marshal out of the

ambush with a bullet in his leg, only for his brother to die days later in a camp hospital. Marshal was able to

pull through his injuries. He and Larry came back to the States alive but very shaken.
               When Larry and Marshal got back to dealing with people, they would have to leave places

just to get away from other people. Marshal had to go through physical therapy. Marshal could barely stand

that. When he was done, they decided to live as far as they could from regular civilization. They both got

houses in the Rocky Mountains. Larry and Marshal lived about 50 miles from each other. Then Marshal

started to talk as if he was losing his head. Larry was especially worried he would since Marshal had been

through so much. Larry thought Marshal was going insane. Marshal called Larry one night saying that he

had woken up 20 miles from his home. Larry decided that he would have to keep watch on Marshal. Then it


               Marshal and Larry had been out hunting. Larry lost track of Marshal for about an hour. All of

a sudden Larry hears someone yelling; Larry turned around and saw Marshal running at him. Larry started

to run from Marshal. Larry ran until he reached a cliff. Marshal came up and started to talk to Larry as if

Larry was an enemy soldier. Then Marshal tried to grab Larry. Larry threw Marshal off of himself. Larry then

jumped up and started to look for Marshal. Then Larry realized what happened. Marshal had fallen off the

cliff. Larry expertly climbed down the cliff. He found Marshal on a ledge about 15 feet under the cliff

knocked out. Larry grabbed Marshal and tied him to himself. He climbed up to the ledge of the cliff with

Marshal tied on to him. When Larry got to the ledge of the cliff, he untied Marshal. Larry picked up marshal

and began to walk back to the truck they had driven here. It was 50 miles away. Larry then started to have

visions that he was walking with his brother and Marshal on that day of the ambush. Sean and Marshal

were unconscious and bleeding. Larry then fell to the ground. Then Larry was out of the hallucination. Larry

told himself that the life of marshal was in his hands. He would not let Marshal die.
Chapter 4

        Rachael walked into her office looking very flustered. She also looked like she had not slept in five

days. Her cubicle was white with various boxes on the floor. The cubicle had nothing on the walls, and near

the door way, there was a filing cabinet. The cubicle was just as big as any old cubicle. Rachael sat down

on the chair and started to work on the computer in the corner. Rachael woke the computer up from a

screen that showed a pattern being formed by colored pipes. When the computer went to the desktop

screen, it showed a badge from Metropolitan Federal Bureau of the FBI of Washington D.C. She got onto

her email account and started to search back through emails that she had received in the past few days.

When she arrived at the bottom of the page, she went back up still looking for an email that seemed to

have disappeared from her email inbox.

        “This can’t be right”, Rachael said seemingly to no one but herself.

       “What is it?” said Tom, the man who occupied the cubicle next to Rachael, and was also (to
Rachael’s disappointment) partner.
        “Nothing Tom” Rachael replied.

        “Just talking to yourself? Yeah, I do it all the time,”

        “Ok Tom”

       “I think I get it from my mother’s side, sometimes I would walk into a room that she was in and I
would hear her having a full blown argument with herself”, Tom continued.



        “Shut up.”

        Rachael looked back at her computer screen. This really surprised her. The missing email had

contained a message that had been from a friend Rachael had made while on the job. It was an informer

that Rachael had used many times. The message had disturbed Rachael because it seemed like the

person was scared when the message was being sent. Rachel could tell by the writing it was leaking with

fear. Message had said for Rachael to meet with her informer in an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria,

Virginia. Rachael was also disturbed by the fact that she could not find the email. This meant that she never

recived the message or that someone had taken the trouble to hack into her computer to erase the

message. Or someone had been in the police department she worked at and erased the message right off

of her computer. Though this seemed highly unlikely, Rachael did not put that scenario out of her mind. For

all she had learned from being a detective, anything is possible.

                 “Come on Tom, we’re going to go meet an old friend”

                 “Awesome”, Tom replied.

           Joseph walked down a hall way. Joseph was walking down one of the many hall ways at the

school Joseph now attended. The school was located in It was a big school and Joseph was very proud

that he was at the top of the class here. He had gone far since he had last seen the man that had given him

everything. K was the best thing that had happened to Joseph, that’s what Joseph thought at least.

Nobody but Joseph knew about K. Joseph had not told anyone about his supplier of money and clothes.

But Joseph didn’t need to have K pay anything now. Joseph had a scholarship for at his new school since

he had such good grades. He had been there for three years and this would be his last year here. All the

teachers liked him because of his hard work and good grades. He was their model student. But they did

not know what drove to his goal of being the best in the school. All they knew was that he was the best

student that they had ever taught. Joseph was much better than the usual rich kids that didn’t give a crap

about their grades since they would be inheriting all of their parent’s fortunes.
           Sure there were the students at this school that did care about their grades. Actually some kids

were driven by the desire to achieve something greater than whoever had sent them to this school. They

were driven to become more powerful and famous than their parents. These kids weren’t all that nice to be

around and thought much more highly of themselves than the other students and even professors. They

and other students did not seem to like Joseph that much since he was always getting better grades than


           Joseph did not really care for many of the people at this school. He was not accepted into any

one group of people. But just two weeks ago he seemed to have been accepted into a group that was full of

the few kids that did try at getting good grades. He found out that he actually liked going to the groups that

they had set up. And Joseph had been going to the groups ever since today. Another reason that he liked

going to the meetings was so that he could see Jessica. Joseph would talk with her at each of these

groups. Now he and she would walk through the grounds of the school and talk of various things. Joseph in

fact was going to meet her before they went to the group.

           “Hello Joseph”

           Joseph turned around and saw the man that had made everything possible for Joseph. There

standing in the doorway of an empty class room stood K.

           “Sir, is that really you?” Joseph said.

           “Yes, Joseph I am here I have come to check on your progress on becoming what you need”

           “You have done well and come far since I have last seen you, but I sense that you have come

upon something that might stop your progress”
           “I don’t think that there is anything that can stop me from progressing until I have got my

revenge”, Joseph replied.

           “Oh but you have found something that will stop, I knew that you had a chance of this

happening when I saw you. This girl you have met could ruin everything”, K replied.

           “There is only one way to stop you from being distracted, if you do not stop seeing her than I will

take care of her”

           “Yes, I will stop seeing her. I will never look at her”, replied Joseph terrified that K would stop

from helping him and that K would kill Jessica.

           “Good, now don’t be worried about this little chat, good news you will not be going to college,

instead you will be moving to the United States with a cover I have made you”\

           “This means that we are starting our plan, you will be in the USA for five years after you have

finished school here, after the five years in the USA we will begin what we have worked for, our revenge.

           “Before I send you to the states I will have you meet one of my speacilists.”

           “Yes sir”, Joseph said.

           “Good, I will see in a year”.
Chapter ^6

            Rachael and Tom were in a black SUV that was parked next to a rundown looking building on

the outside of Alexandria. They had just pulled up behind the building. There was another building across

from the building they were behind. That building was the meeting place for Rachael’s informer. Rachael

was waiting until it was time to meet the informer, when it was time she would be able to get out of the car

and away from Tom and his talking. It was five minutes till twelve midnight on Thursday outside of

Alexandria, Virginia. That was exactly as It had said in the email. It had not said anything about what

building they would be at, but this was the place that Rachael and her Informer, Chuck, had met many

times. Ever since the first time Rachael had tracked him down to this building. Ever since then it had

become the meeting place for information swaps.

            Rachael looked through the binoculars they were using and saw a blue flag hanging off the side

of the building.
            “Here we go Tom”, Rachael said as she got out of the car and started to walk to the building.

Tom would wait in the car for Rachael to return. If she didn’t return in ten minutes he would go in after her.

            Rachael started to near the building. When she went to the door she looked through the

window for signs of movement. Then she heard it. She heard the unmistakable sound of a shot being fired.

Rachael immediately opened the door and went inside. There was very little light inside the room she was

in. It looked as though it was a kind of entrance room. Rachael took no notice and looked into the next

room. The room was full of furniture that was stacked on top of each other to make a tower. But there was

only one tower that was still standing. All the other towers had been knocked down; the furniture from the

towers had blocked the only path through the room. Rachael knew what this meant; Chuck had set his

defenses against someone. Then Rachael heard a moan coming from underneath the furniture that was all

over the floor. Rachael found a man trapped under a large chair. She searched him for an ID but found

none. In her search she found a gun.

            Rachael left the man and continued through to next room. Rachael opened a door and had to

grab the door again because she almost fell through a hole that was right after the door. Rachael looked

down through to the bottom of the hole and saw a man that looked like the one she had found under the

chair in the last room. It looked like the fall from the door to the bottom of the hole was at least twenty feet.

The men looked as if he had fell feet first. Rachael took several steps back into the last room, and then took

several sprinting steps and jumped over the hole in which the man was still moaning. Rachael noticed that

this room had a large window that had been broken. Rachael walked across the room and opened the door

and walked into the room just as she heard a beeping noise and saw stacks of C4. Rachael instinctively ran

out the room and was just about to throw herself through the window as she realized that she heard a noise

of groaning coming from the window. She stopped herself and looked through the window and saw that

there was a pit below it that was deeper than the one by the door. No doubt this was one of Chuck’s traps.
Rachael went back into the room and saw that the C4 was still looking as though it was about to go off but

it hadn’t. Rachael crossed the room opened the door and saw that she was standing in a room with a loft

on the other side. Another of Chuck’s victims was lying under something that had fallen off the loft. Rachael

then heard sound of a gun going off. Rachael sprinted into the next room and found herself in the middle of

a gun fight. The room was full of old trucks and cars that a group of men were hiding behind. She spotted

Chuck; he was hiding behind an old truck. Chuck was somehow being able to hold off at least five men with

weapons. Then she saw what Chuck was holding, it was a remote. And that reminded Rachael that

Chuck’s forte was wiring and setting bombs up. Rachael dodged behind several trucks before she got to

where Chuck was.

           “Rachael, what a pleasant surprise”, Chuck said when Rachael jumped where Chuck was


           “Chuck are you going to blow this place up, and if you are let’s get out of here”, Rachael said.

           “No, I’m not going to blow this place up”, Chuck said as he flipped a switch on the remote that

he was holding. Milliseconds later Rachael heard the explosion that was taking place behind her. When it

was over Rachael looked over at Chuck and saw that he was smiling with his hands over his head.

           “Chuck, I thought you said that you weren’t going up this place!” Rachael screamed at Chuck.

           “Well I didn’t, I only blew up over there”, Replied Chuck calmly.

           Rachael and Chuck walked out of the building that had been Chuck’s trap for the men sent after

him. Rachael had searched one of the men and discovered that he had neither an ID nor a sign of an

organization. What Rachael did find was a card that looked like a business card; Rachael had seen one of
these before though. Then it hit her, these were hit men. They had been hired by whoever had been after

Chuck. Rachael an Chuck went to the car that Tom was in. As they walked up to the car Tom came out.

           “Hello Rachael”, Tom said and then he shot Chuck.

Chapter &7

           Larry was in a building in a crowded city. Thankful that his room was quiet, Larry sat down on

the bed. He really wasn’t sure why he had left his remote cabin out in the woods. Ever since Marshal had

gone crazy and tried to kill him, Larry had not gone back into the public. He thought that he was on a

different planet. He had lost everything because of the war he was in. He lost his brother, his best friend

and it now seemed like he was losing himself. Larry walked to the window of the room. It was small like the

rest of the room. The room contained a desk, a small bed, the window which Larry was standing at right

now. The room was quiet though, and that was all that mattered to Larry. Larry waited in the room till it was

dark, he waited some more. When he decided that it was unlikely that there was many people on the

streets he decided to take a walk.
                 Rachael was not in a good mood when she got into the taxi to take her away from the

airport. As soon as she got into the cab she started to think. She was thinking so much she was surprised

when the driver asked her where she was going.

        “Just take me to… As far as fifty bucks will get me”, Rachael replied

        Rachael wasn’t sure where she was going. She just needed time to think. It was not the fact that

she had just been fired, or the reason of her being fired, or the fact that she was suspect to the murder of

someone. The only reason she wasn’t in a holding cell was because she was a former cop. It was the fact

that her old boyfriend from college was dead. His best friend had disappeared without a trace and was on

suicide watch. Larry was the only person Rachael could talk to since Marshal had gotten back from the war.

She had gone to the Larry’s favorite city. She was in Philadelphia; it was Larry’s favorite place to be before

the war. Rachael looked out the window and immediately told the driver to stop.

        “You’ve still got a couple of miles though?” the driver said.

        But Rachael was already out of the cab and was walking at a faster pace than usual to the building

to the right side of the cab. It was Independence hall. For the city that she thought Larry would go to was

Philadelphia. It had always been Larry’s favorite city before he started to run away from civilization.
Chapter Eight

        Joseph was in a small town. But the size of the town did not matter because Joseph was ever

farther to getting to his goal. His goal in the least detailed form was revenge. But to Joseph his goal was

much more to him. It was his chance to avenge what had happened to the village he had grown up in. It

was a chance for Joseph to do something that would change his life and millions of others life.

        Joseph had been working on this his whole life. He had started out as a mere homeless boy in a

small Afghanistan town that he had run to after his village was destroyed. He had been picked by a mere

chance by a man that was now Joseph’s only contact. A warlord that did not kill people with guns but with

the Internet had armed him. And now Joseph was so close to his goal that he was but a few miles away.

Joseph was outside of Alexandria, Virginia. He had two days until he was to be done with his Job.
        The job was already in place and now Joseph was back at his living quarters. He had been able to

get to America with little to no problem. He thought it was amazing that he only a year ago that he was in

His school in Europe. And today he was in America and was about to accomplish his life’s work. He also

wondered what he would after he was done with the job. He thought that he might go back to Europe and

find the girl he had met at school. He had left her telling her saying that he would find her in Dublin. That

was she was to be going to school. This proved that Joseph knew what was fully going to become of him.

For Joseph was never going to being going anywhere after his job.

        The job that Joseph was to do would be that he would set a series of bombs on different buses

entering the capital of the United States of America. There would be several explosions going off at the

same time at different memorials for people and that had built the country that had taken seemingly

everything from Joseph. That was all that Joseph had been told from the man that had given him a goal in

his life. The man had also set a timer for the time of Joseph’s death.

        Chapter 9

           Rachael and Larry were back in the small room that Larry was staying in. Rachael just asked

Larry what he was doing in Philadelphia. He had explained that after Marshal’s death he could not go back

to country. He said that he wanted to go to Philadelphia because he grew up there with Marshal. To

Rachael, Larry looked down right crazy. Larry didn’t seem to know what he was doing. When Rachael got

up from the chair she was in and went over to the stove and saw that Larry did not have any food in the

room. Rachael figured that since Larry said that he had not left the room for two weeks, he was not eating.

           Rachael told Larry that she was going to get food. When she put on her jacket she felt a lump in

her Jacket. When she located the pocket in which the lump was in reached in and grabbed it. She pulled

out a USB storage device. When she saw she remembered what had happened back at the warehouse.
She remembered when she and Chuck were walking to the SUV when Tom came out of it and shot Chuck.

Tom had then turned the gun on Rachael but she was too fast for him and had her gun out first. Rachael

had shot Tom. As Chuck died he thrust the USB drive into her hands. That was when Rachael had taken

the first flight to Philadelphia knowing that as soon anybody discovered the bodies at the warehouse and

Tom they would know that Rachael and Tom had gone there together to investigate Chuck. She would be

the person suspected of murdering Tom and Chuck.

           What scared Rachael was that Tom had been working for whoever was after Chuck. It scared

Rachael how did Tom get into the FBI. It scared her that there may be many more like Tom infiltrating the

FBI. This USB drive might have everything to do with what happened at the warehouse. Rachael knew that

she would need to find a computer as soon as possible.

           “Larry we need to go to the library”, Rachael announced.

           “Why?” asked Larry.

           Rachael told Larry about what had happened to her at the Warehouse and how everything had

gone wrong there.

           “We need to get out of here”, Larry said as soon as Rachael finished. “They could be already

searching for you, and they know you are here as soon as they look at your credit card records. They will

know because of the flight that you bought to get hear.”

           “But this could tell us what is going on,” Rachael said holding up the USB drive.

           “I know where to go,” Larry said. “I have a bit of a place out in the woods in case I ever want to

escape to a place where no one can find me but I can find them”
Chapter 10

           There was a man sitting in an office. This man was a man that thought the being of life was

importance. And he certainly thought that he had accomplished that. Now, the importance of this man is

may turn out to be either his downfall or his rise to heroism. The phone rings on his desk. He looks at his

watch. Dang he thinks, he had only five more minutes until he was off work.

           “Hello, head of FBI Philadelphia”, the man said as he answered the phone.

           “Hello Michael, how is it going”, voice in the phone said.

           “Who are you and how do you know my first name”, the head of the FBI PH said.
            “I am just a man that requires your services; I should also mention that I have certain leverage

to persuade you to give me your services. Tell me, when was the last time you saw your family.”

            “What, are threatening my family, I will certainly not help anybody who tries to threaten my

family!” said the man outraged.

            “Maybe you would like to call your family and get in contact with, tell them there’s a man that is

threatening their lives for a mere favor of their father. I will hang up now and let you contact your family. I

will give you ten minutes.”

            The man in the office began to dial his home phone where his wife and kids would be, waiting

for him to come home. Outside his office was a van, inside the van was three men. Two were sitting at

computers hacking into the cities phone service and the cell phone service. The other man seemed to be

the leader of the other two. When they finished the man that wasn’t at a computer looked at the screens of

the computers.

            “You have shut off the land line service for his house and his wife and kids cell phones?” the

superior of them asked the other two.


            “Good, I will tell K”

            Meanwhile in the office of the leader of the FBI for Philadelphia was calling his wife’s phone, but

the phone wouldn’t connect. Next he tried to call the home phone, no connection there either. This scared

the man. Why was there no connection, he paid the highest rate to make sure that he could always be in

contact with his family. His kids should be home now he thought as he glanced at their pictures on his desk.

He called their phones. No connection again. Now he was very scared, if he knew anything about his kids it
was that they never put down their phones. Then his phone rang again, he looked at his watch, it had been

ten minutes until the man on the phone had hung up.

             “Hello” the man said as he answered the phone with fear in his voice.

             “So have you contacted your family, or maybe they were too occupied to answer their phones.

Or there is the slight chance that they might be being forced form not answering there phones.”

             “What have you done with my family you monster?!”

             “I don’t know what you are talking about. But since you seem so upset I will tell you what I want

and once that is done you might be able to talk to your family’’.

             “What do you want; I’ll give you anything you want just don’t do anything to my family”.

             “Okay, now we are getting somewhere”, the man on the phone said with relish of victory in his


             The man was one who wanted to cause great destruction. And now he was getting one of the

last pieces to the puzzle to achieve the great destruction. He had used his cleverness by feinting the

kidnapping to scare a man with important information into giving it to him.

Chapter 11

             Larry and Rachael were in stolen silver Prius in a forest. The forest was home of where Larry

had stayed for the past years. Larry got out of the car and began to get the two back packs out of the trunk

of the car. He handed a smaller one to Rachael and walked into the forest with Rachael behind. Larry and
Rachael hiked for another two hours until Larry mentioned that they had just crossed into the state of

Maryland. After another fifteen minutes Larry stopped walking. He turned to the left and continued walking

for another 30 feet until he stopped and then took another step and he seemed to fall through the trees.

Rachael watching yelled at first but when Larry shouted to come through the same way he did she found

that Larry had just fallen a foot or so into a kind of pit that turned into a tunnel. As soon that Rachael was in

the tunnel safely Larry started to look for something. When he found it he said,”Aha” and flipped the switch

he had just found. Immediately the tunnel was suddenly full of lights that had been put up. But they weren’t

normal lights but lights that would be wrapped around Christmas trees. Some were colored, others

twinkled, and some were smaller than others. But the all put the tunnel into a spectacular light and they

made Rachael forget about what had happened in the past couple of days.

            Larry started down the tunnel with Rachael behind. After fifteen minutes the tunnel turned.

There was another turn after another quarter of an hour. Then the tunnel ended with an abrupt halt with a

ladder leading up to darkness. Rachael followed Larry up the ladder into the darkness. Soon Larry stopped

and began to push on something above them. Rachael heard a loud clunk and then a bright light came

through that blinded Rachael. Larry pulled Rachael out of the tunnel and Rachael saw that they were in a

room that was empty but with one light. When Rachael got a clearer look she saw that the room was made

of metal like the rooms in a submarine or ship. Larry led Rachael into the next room telling her to mind the

ledge in the door like a submarine.

            “Larry what are we in?”

            “A submarine”, Larry replied to Rachael.
           “What? How did you get a submarine out in the middle of the forest?”

           “Were not in the in the forest anymore, No, were in the Potomac River right outside of

Washington. The government has been using this outpost for the past ten years”

           “How did you find this place?”

           “I didn’t, Marshal did”

           Rachael didn’t know what to say, she put her hands in her pocket and felt the jump drive again.

Rachael pulled out the jump drive and placed it into one of the computers. Turned the computer on and

waited to for it to load. When it was finished loading Rachael pulled up the jump drive file. When she saw

what was on the jump drive she almost lost her balance and fell to the floor but Larry caught her just in


           “What’s on the drive” Larry asked as he looked at the computer.

           “These are blue prints to the White House, Capitol, and the Pentagon”

           “Well that’s not anything to big, I can get the blue prints off the web anytime I want to” Larry said

not looking concerned.

           “Yes, but these show all of the exits and shelter’s. With these prints the White house, Capital,

and Pentagon are completely able to be penetrated”

“This also means that someone that works for the FBI is in on whatever is going on here”
Chapter 12

             Joseph was in all black walking from the Lincoln Memorial, for it had always been his favorite

place for the past few months that he had been in Washington D.C. If it was ever too crowded he would just

walk over to either the Vietnam Memorial or the Korea Memorial. But now it was time for him to do the job

that he had trained for his whole life. It was time for Joseph to have his revenge for something that had

happened over a decade ago. He had lived a life a poverty until the man that he called K came and helped

him on his way to revenge. Now he was on his to getting his revenge.

             Larry and Rachael were outside of the White House. They only had enough time to disarm one

bomb. They had listened to a video on the jump drive that was instructions from the Secretary of Homeland

Security telling someone how to place bombs in the Capitol, Pentagon, and the White House. The man had

also said that because he had slowly been planting bombs all over Washington. He had also mentioned

that if there was any reason to stop the bombings that if the bomb in the bunker of the White House was

disarmed all of the other bombs would not go off. Rachael and Larry were trying to stop this massacre from


             Meanwhile the mastermind named K was leaving the city of Washington D.C. before the

fireworks began to go off. He knew that Joseph had planted all of the bombs needed to accomplish what

the real mission was. All of the bombs going off in Washington would kill all of Congress and the Judicial

Branch. Also all of the people to become president after the he die would be killed by the bombings. Then K
would become president because he was the Secretary of Homeland Security. K thought it was a bit ironic

that the Secretary of Homeland Security would be the man who killed most of the United States

government. Then it would be K who would lead this nation that had lost so much into his new reign of

power. He would hunt down the man who had caused all of this which would be the man that he had been

planning this for over a decade. There would be books written about him, and movies made for him,

Statues for his memory. He would be more powerful than Lincoln. He would be the greatest President.

           Larry was resting by the river of the Potomac with Rachael. Larry and Rachael had disarmed

the bombs and chaos had been avoided.

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