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The RV Campground is located with easy access from Highway 20 and Highway 49.
We have 44 full hook-up sites and 100 water and electric hook-up sites.
Individual camping is on a first come, first serve basis.
Reservations are encouraged.
One week maximum stay for individuals subject to availability.
Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to arrival to avoid charges.

                              RV CAMPING RATES
                                effective March 1, 2010
      Full RV hook-up sites                         $30 per rig/per night
      Water/electric sites                          $26 per rig/per night
      Dry Camping                                   $22 per night
      Dump Station                                  $10 per use                                 SPECIAL EVENTS
      RV Storage
                                                    $5 per use
                                                    $5 per rig/per night
      Group RV Insurance
      Group RV Insurance
                                                    $40 up to 100 rigs
                                                    $80 over 100 rigs
                                                                                              CAMPING RENTALS
                             TALL PINES COTTAGE
Daily Rental: $150.00
Available, free of charge, to RV camping groups for use as a meeting room.
Reservations are required.
Available on a first come, first serve basis.
    Room Size: 35’ x 15’         Seating Capacity: 35     Assembly Capacity: 75
              includes 6 tables, 35 chairs, large outdoor deck and kitchen                              Office Hours:
                                                                                            Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
                                                                                                       Physical Address:
                    ADDITIONAL RENTAL POLICIES                                            11228 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley, CA 95949
All rentals require a minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage. Coverage is
available through the Fairgrounds office.
If an event is cancelled $75.00 of the Security Deposit is non-refundable.                              Mailing Address:
Equipment such as staging, picnic tables, bleachers, livestock panels are available on        P.O. Box 2687, Grass Valley, CA 95945
a first come first served basis at an additional cost.
All renters are subject to the Fairgrounds “recycling guidelines.”                                          Contact us:
Trashcans and liners and Recycle Containers are provided with each rental. Trash           Phone: (530) 273-6217    Fax: (530) 273-1146
bins are available at additional cost.                                                        Website:
High volume electricity and natural gas users are subject to a “utility surcharge” on a
per event basis.                                                                           Camping:
ALL FEES, COSTS AND TERMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE                                           Special events:
          BUILDINGS AND OUTDOOR FACILITIES                                                              NORTHERN MINES BUILDING
The Nevada County Fairgrounds offers a variety of indoor, outdoor and camping                                   ENTIRE BUILDING
facilities for almost every occasion.                                                Daily Rental: $1500
Buildings and outdoor facility rentals are available on a first-come, first-served   Seating Capacity: 600 Assembly Capacity: 1000
basis and require a security deposit to secure the date.                                        Rental includes 30 tables & 300 chairs and use of kitchen
Call our Special Events Coordinator at 530-273-6217 for information or to
reserve a facility for your next event.
                                                                                                                   SOUTH WING
      ============================================                                   Daily Rental: $650
                                                                                     Room size 40’x 80’    Seating Capacity: 200      Assembly Capacity: 400
                               PONDEROSA HALL                                                  Rental includes 15 tables & 150 chairs and use of kitchen
    Daily Rental: $650
    Room Size: 50’ x 60’ Assembly Capacity: 300 Seating Capacity: 200                                               NORTH WING
             Rental includes 20 tables & 200 chairs and use of kitchen               Daily Rental: $650
                                                                                     Room size 40’x 60’    Seating Capacity: 175     Assembly Capacity: 350
                                                                                               Rental includes 10 tables & 100 chairs and use of kitchen
                          MAIN STREET CENTER
    Daily Rental: $1800                                                                                            ARGOSY WING
    Room Size: 68’ x 180’ Seating Capacity: 700 Assembly Capacity: 1,500             Daily Rental: $650
                       Rental includes 30 tables & 300 chairs                        Room size 40’x 40’     Seating Capacity: 155      Assembly Capacity: 250
                                                                                                          Rental includes 10 tables & 100 chairs
                            SUGAR PINE LODGE
    Daily Rental: $400
    Room Size: 39’ x 60’ Seating Capacity: 120 Assembly Capacity: 250                                          WHITNEY PAVILION
                       Rental includes 10 tables & 125 chairs                        Daily Rental: $1000
                                                                                     Size: 72’ x 150’ Rental includes 10 picnic tables
                          TALL PINES BUILDING

    Daily Rental: $750                                                                                              PICNIC AREAS
    Room Size: 40’ x 80’ Seating Capacity: 160 Assembly Capacity: 340
           Rental includes 12 tables & 150 chairs and use of the kitchen                 Quaker Hill: 18 concrete picnic tables, stage, large pit BBQ & gazebo
                                                                                         The Wine Pavilion: Large grassy area, wooden deck with bench seating
                                                                                         Loadin’ Chute: Large grassy area and wooden deck with bench seating
                            MAIN SHOW ARENA                                              Daily rental fees by group size:
                                                                                                     (100-250)                      $450
    Daily Rental: $1800                                                                              (251-400)                      $550
    Seating Capacity: 2,500 (approx)                                                                 (400-600)                      $950
               Rental includes use of arena box office and concession areas.             Maximum group size: 750
              (Livestock and Horse Barns are not included.)

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