The_Invaders_Ashley_YW by anmh


									The Invaders

    By: Ian Ashley

    © Ian Ashley 2011
       The year is 1959. It was a cold night in a
vineyard ran by an elderly woman. When suddenly
her usual, ordinary, boring life would change

                                 The Invaders

                                Chapter 1
        It all started when Fran Dubois was making her dinner on an unusual cold and
stormy night in her cabin on her hillside vineyard. Fran was an elderly feeble lady who
didn‟t have much except a big vineyard passed down to her from her mother. She lived
in a small 50 sq. foot cabin heated by electricity; all there was in that cabin was a
kitchen, a bathroom, and her bedroom. Most of the days she reads her books that she‟s
already read, just to pass the time, and maybe go outside and sit and look at the
scenery. Years of this has aged her terribly, she is 61 but looks 80. She hasn‟t talked to
anyone since she was in her early 50‟s. Sometimes she thinks about suicide because of
the loneliness.

       Fran was making her usual dinner of stew, potatoes, and wine. When she heard
a loud thud from above her. It startled her, at first she thought it was the wind, but the
wind couldn‟t make such a noise. Then it hit her… an animal just jumped from the tree
to her roof, it happens sometimes. She went back to cutting up the potatoes.
       Pouring the grainy stew on top of the mashed potatoes in a bowl that looked like
it had been washed very poorly, Fran was ready to eat. Lying on her bed that was
surprisingly in good condition, Fran began to eat.
        After she was done and washing her glass and bowl she glanced up and looked
out the window for a second when she saw something that startled her… a toy, a small
plastic toy astronaut. At first she didn‟t think it was really there, just her imagination,
because as soon as she looked again it had already left. Nevertheless, the surprised
lady turned around and headed for the door. Putting her coat on and opening the door,
there was a big chill that poured in. Down the steps on to the dirt, it had been a long
time since she has left the house, almost a month. She made a right turn, passing a
bush and then another right turn to get to the side of the house. In about 5 or 7 more
steps she took another right turn and saw the toy.

      Standing still for a little bit she approached the toy. As got close to it she reached
down to pick it up, and it started moving away.

                                 Chapter 2
        It looked like the little toy was running but because of how small it was it wasn‟t
moving very far. She took a step forward and picked it up, puzzled because it looked
like the thing was throwing a fit trying to get out of her grip, as if it were alive. She didn‟t
know what to think because this was 1959, and there were no toys that moved like that.
So, unless they invented a toy that moved while she‟s been away that couldn‟t have
been a toy.
         She put the toy up to her eye and saw something moving inside, it was a little
critter. She took a step back and gasped, looking around as if anything would be there,
she chucked it.

      Running back inside and slamming the door, flinging her coat off because she
was scared. As she turned around she saw another on her bed.

                                 Chapter 3
               She fell down. The toy just stood there, on her bed staring at her. She got
up and smacked it away. It fell in the ground and a few seconds later got up and ran
away. It ran with a limp to under the bed, and Fran moved the bed with trouble and saw
it curled up in the corner. She walked over to it, picked it up and saw the same looking
critter inside of it, so she took it to the kitchen, lied it on the counter and hit it with a
mallet, she hit it hard enough just to break the glass around the head. The head of that
thing was small, hairless, and it looked like it was screaming. The toy was flailing about
in the palm of her hand. She ran to her bedroom opened the door and with all her
strength shouted “Go away!” and chucked it as far as she could.
         Fran ran to the kitchen and grabbed the ladder from the corner and brought it
outside, kicking another toy out of her way. Brought the ladder to the backyard and
propped it up against her house. She climbed up it and saw it, she was so frighten she
fell of the ladder and hit her head and passed out.

                                 Chapter 4
           It was the mourning, around 5:00. Fran woke up in her bed with a huge
headache. Walking over to the kitchen she started making the coffee. Then she
remembered that she fell outside and woke up inside. That thought made her jump,
spilling the coffee beans. She ran to her bedroom and shut the door. Remembering the
thing she saw on top of her house. She didn‟t have a phone, or a radio, or a car so the
only way to let someone know would be to walk through the 2 miles of grapes in her
backyard, and hitchhike on the highway to get to the nearest town. That was the only
thing she could do, because those little toys are aliens. The thing she saw on the roof
was a space ship.

                                   Chapter 5
       Many people from town remember Fran as an elderly, senile woman who lost
everything in the market crash of `48. So, even if she did go to town, no one would
believe her. Setting that fact aside, she put on her coat and set out for a long walk.
        Almost an hour later she arrived at the highway. Thumb out, she walked down
the highway. Vehicle after vehicle and no one was stopping. Fran was still a little dazed;
she didn‟t know what those aliens wanted. She was so scared that she was shaking, or
was it because of how cold the brisk air was? Either way, she was shaking. Then a car
pulled over right next to her.
      “Do you need a ride?” said the man. The man had a very long and grizzly beard.
Fran was kind of scared at how deep his voice was. “Well, ya need a lift or don‟t ya?”
       “Yes, yes, I do, I n-n-need to get to town sir.” Fran hadn‟t talked to anyone but
herself in a while so she was a little rusty at talking.
       The man opened his door and let her get halfway in until he floored it and drove
away. Fran flew to the ground as the crazy man drove out of sight. The old lady just lay
there in agony.
       “Are you okay?”
      “Huh, I-I-I need to-” Fran tried to talk, but the lady standing over her put her hand
over her month to make Fran be quiet. “I need to-“
       “Shh. You are okay. You‟re in the hospital. Some wanderers found you upside
down on the highway. You have a broken arm, some brain trauma and a pulled muscle
in your hip. Your mothers fortune is paying for the bill; just relax.”
        The tall nurse was checking the electrocardiogram. Her heartbeat was fine but
the nurse seemed worried. Fran read the nametag on her shirt, Mrs. Cer`stigoiux. Fran
didn‟t know how to pronounce it so she tried to ask.
       “What‟s your n-name?”
       “Cer`stigoiux”, it‟s pronounce Ker-ztig-o. For some reason the name sounded
familiar to Fran. “Get some sleep, Doctor Jekre (pronounced Jerk) will be hear soon.”
Nurse C said as she left.
         “Hello Miss Dubois, looks like you‟re going to have a really nasty scar on your
scalp, we were in surgery for 4 hours. But don‟t worry; the man who drove away is in
jail. In fact, he was Colonel GerWhizle. Because of you the, biggest mass murderer this
planet has seen is now locked up. Good job.”
       Colonel GerWhizle was an ex-Marine Corps Captain who lost his mind when both
his sons were shot and killed in the war. After his dishonorable discharge from the
Marines for beating up the groundskeeper. Colonel GerWhizle left. Nobody knew where
he was. Was as if he just vanished into thin air. However, despite not knowing where he
was, GerWhizle was committing murders, each one differently than the last. None of the
murders had anything in common; they were all other the planet, and none of them
were against the same age or sex. For instance one day he would kill a baby, and a
week later he would kill an old lady. But GerWhizle would always leave a clue at the
crime scene; a hair. GerWhizle would leave a piece of his hair at the crime scene. 31
years of weekly, even daily, murders adds up.
      “What?” Fran choked. “That was GerWhizle?”

      “Sure was; they might even give him the death penalty.” Dr. Jekre said.
       Three weeks had passed and Fran was about to go home when she
remembered the aliens at her house. “Dr. Jekre, at my house th-there is aliens, tiny
      “Now Miss Dubois I‟m sure there are no aliens at your house. You‟re just
traumatized from all that you‟ve been through these past few weeks. You just need
some rest as soon as we get you home.” Dr. Jekre said
      Perfect, Fran thought. As soon as they get her home, she‟ll show them the
spaceship if it‟s still there.

                                  Chapter 6
     The man helped Fran get out of the car and up the driveway, “Thank you Mr.
Tqomblin.” Fran said. “Won‟t you come in?”
      “I can‟t, Miss Dubois. Take care.” Mr. Tqomblin said.
        Fran walked in her house and laid down on her bed. And- oh no! She forgot
about the aliens! Fran Ran over to the backyard, every footstep was harder to take than
the last. As she ran around the house, she picked up the sideways ladder and climbed
up it. The space ship was gone.
      A sigh of relief. Fran was so happy that she slid down the ladder and started
dancing. No matter how bad it hurt, she ran inside and jumped into bed, laughing.

      In the morning she went to the kitchen to make her coffee, looking out the
window at the acres of grapes. Next week she was supposed to pick them. Turning
around, she saw the small shards of glass from when she hit the alien with a rolling pin.
Grabbing the trash can she slid the few shards into it.
       Walking outside, she sat down on the lawn chair, picked up her book, and sat
there for almost an hour until her coffee ran cold. The scenery was as beautiful as
always but she thought she saw something move. Shrugging it off, she walked inside.
Another boring day had passed; face down in her pillow, she went to sleep.
       Fran was awakened around midnight to a loud thud similar to the one made by
the previous spaceship. The peeved Fran got up, looked at the clock, which read
10:22pm, walked over to the kitchen, and looked out the window. The sun was just
setting, so it was still a little light outside. She ran to the front door, opened it and ran as
fast as she could to the back. There was just enough sunlight left to see where she was
going. She picked up the ladder in the back yard, propped it against the house, and
walked up. Just as the sky went black, she saw the same little space that she had seen
a few days ago. Just sitting there, the spaceship was a couple of feet wide and about a
foot high; the shape reminded her of a Frisbee with a bump in the middle of it. Then, a
hatch opened wide, and a tiny alien stepped out from inside.

       The alien just stood there, staring at her. They were staring at each other like a
husband coming back from war staring at his wife. Fran made the first move, pushing
the toy a couple feet away on to his back while Fran bent over and looked inside the
spaceship. She didn‟t see much except for an alien pointing a gun at her.

                                 Chapter 7
       Fran moved away quickly, and as she moved away a shot whizzed out of the
spaceship. Fran was so shocked that she climbed down the ladder and into the kitchen.
“They have guns?” Fran wondered aloud as you‟d expect, she was terrified. So she
grabbed the rolling pin from the drawer and ran outside to the backyard, climbed up the
ladder and lifted the rolling pin over her head and-. There were now two spaceships!
       Both spaceships looked identical, the same Frisbee-like body with a bump on the
top. Fran lifted the rolling pin above her head to smash the first spaceship when another
alien came out of it. She thought she heard squeaks coming from it, the alien put its
hand up as if to say stop. Fran didn‟t understand, so she raised the rolling pin and
smashed the alien. She could hear the glass and the bones crushing. Red stuff was
coming out of it. She didn‟t know why it was filled with that red liquid stuff.
       A group of aliens came swarming out of the spacecraft. They shot at Fran. She
slid down the ladder and ran inside. In the places where she was hit, there were dots,
and she was swelling. Whatever they were shooting her with, she probably had an
allergic reaction. All over her arms and forehead these little dots where swelling. She
could barely see herself in the dirty mirror, but one thing was for sure, they were
shooting at her. Trying to kill her. Fran couldn‟t take that sitting down.

       She got up and walked over to the kitchen. Searching for something big that she
could swing at them. She saw the knife holder and grabbing the biggest cleaver, she
scurried to the door that leads to her bedroom. Something tripped her, falling down, the
knife went flying. Fran hit her head on the floor and passed out.
       She woke up with a pounding headache and seeing spots. Fran tried to get up,
but her hands were tied behind her back; her legs were tied together, too. It was dark,
so she couldn‟t see where she was, but she heard little footsteps running around her
head. she realized were she was. She could see stars above her head. They were
dragging her through her yard!
        Fran started screaming so perhaps someone would hear, but to no avail. She
was alone. The aliens moved her a couple of inches every time they dragged her. Then
they‟d rest for a second and pull her a couple of inches again. She tried to wiggle out,
but it didn‟t help. She was tied up too well. They even put something in her mouth so
she couldn‟t scream anymore.

       They brought her to the ladder that was still on the side of her house, and,
simultaneously, they all dropped her, her whole body falling at the same time, about two
  and a half inches. Lying on her back, she couldn‟t see what was above her head, but
  she could hear it. Fran tried to crane her head back, but due to her advanced age, it
         was difficult. Fran kept on trying, and oh no! It was another spaceship.

                                Chapter 8
        Fran tried screaming again, well making a loud grunting noise since her mouth
was forced shut. But how could they get her in there? Fran didn‟t know it at the time, but
her question was going to be answered soon. The hatch opened wide and a laser shot
out from inside. It scanned across her shoulders and head, and then it went back in. A
few moments later the space ship started floating, hovering right above her. A tiny green
light came out of the bottom of the ship and it got bigger very quickly. Before she even
had time to understand what was happing, she started to get sucked in. The spaceship
was only a few feet above her, but now it seemed light-years away. The squirming Fran
was terrified beyond belief, because she finally grasped that the aliens were abducting
       They ran drills about stuff like this in grade school. Where you had to lock the
door and get under the desks in case the aliens lifted the roof up and tried to suck you
in. The bolted-down desk would protect you. But for three centuries they had been
prepared for an alien attack that never happened.
       She heard rumors that the leader of the world was communicating with them, but
that was never proven. She was later impeached because of those allegations. She
would come out of her house and tell a newsperson there was nothing to fear about
alien attacks; they just were not going to happen. Then later it seemed like she would
racking her head trying figure something out, there would videos of her talking on the
phone then staring up at the sky and talking on the phone once more. All that just added
more chaos to everyone‟s life. They had to worry about the great water contamination,
GerWhizle, riots, and now alien attacks. Fran, who was aged 2-28 throughout all of this,
surpassed all odds and lived.
       Fran was getting lifted off the ground and she could tell she was getting smaller
rapidly. Her heartbeat was dangerously fast, it reminded her of her paddle ball when she
was younger. That‟s how fast her heart was pounding. The hole that the green light was
coming from opened. Fran was sucked into the spaceship and passed out.

                                Chapter 9
        Fran awoke in a bright, wet, square room. The walls were white except for the
water damage. She was lying down on a couch, there was a lamp in the corner and it
looked like there was food on the table in front of her. She couldn‟t remember how she
got there. The gross looking stuff in front of her made her want to vomit from the smell,
but she was SOOO hungry. So she wiped her finger through the mush and stuck her
finger in her mouth. The flavor and texture were repulsive so she spat it out.
      Then the wall moved open and a man walked in.

             “Hello. My name is Ronald Stevenson. I‟m the base. - Do you even
understand me?” Fran did not reply. “You should eat. You have been asleep for quite
some time.” Ronald said as he left

        Fran did not understand what the man had said; it was almost as if he were
speaking another language. He pointed to the food, so Fran thought he meant to eat.
So, the starving woman did. She grabbed a handful of the white mush and shoved it in
her mouth. The disgusting juices that came from it made her want to puke, but she
didn‟t. Even though she gagged she kept it down and swallowed. Fran got up and
walked around the room. Looking for something that would drown out the awful taste.
But there was nothing. No food, no pictures, no clothes. Just a couch, coffee table and
       She awoke on the couch; she didn‟t remember when she fell asleep. Sitting up,
she looked down and saw that she had wet herself. Her wrist had little dots on them that
weren‟t there before. It looked like they‟ve been poked over and over.
       The same food platter was on the coffee table, but it looked like she had eaten it;
there were only crumbs. A cup of coffee was across the table. Fran reached for it and
picked it up. It smelled, normal so she took a sip. It wasn‟t as good as hers, but it
washed away the awful, awful taste in her mouth. There was a loud creak. Fran
whipped around and screamed.
       “Shhh, I‟m the Earth to Space air control captain. Mr. Stevenson said you can‟t
understand us, so I will be blunt.” He got down on his knees and said, “We are taking
you to planet Earth to do some experiments.”
      “Well when we are able to translate to your language we will tell you, oh and by
the way, my name is Bryant Shersox.”

                                  Chapter 10
             Fran had no clue what he was talking about, but she did hear Earth. She
sort of remembered talking about it back in grade school, but it was really fuzzy. Her
teacher would say that evil creatures from Earth would someday come and take one of
them for experiments. It would always terrify Fran to hear that, so she always
remembered it.
       Fran awoke on the couch in agony. Again, she didn‟t remember how she got
there, but this time she was hurting. She tried to turn, but her back was wrapped up.
Groaning, she tried to sit herself up. No way she could stand up and walk. This time
there was no food, just a small paper cup that had about six pills in it and some water
next to it.
       Ronald, Bryant and another guy walked in. Ronald said “Mrs. Dubois, this is Mr.
Gilbert Cobb, he is our medical doctor on this ship, and he did surgery on you
yesterday. That‟s why you are so sore; you should take those pills to ease the pain.” he
looked at Gilbert, “Gill.”
      “Yes, um, Ms. Dubois we are taking you to Earth. We should land in a few hours.
We are almost done translating your language, um, just sit back until we land.


       “How is she?” said Mr. Shersox.
       “Okay, I think. But if I were her, I would be terrified beyond belief,” Mr. Cobb
replied. “This is the part of the job I hate. That thing could have a life, family. Makes me
wonder why I wanted to do this in the first place.”
        “Just stay together. It‟s too late to quit now,” said Shersox. Gilbert kept talking,
“It‟s so creepy how just 30 years ago we were barely scratching the surface of
extraterrestrial life, and now we‟ve captured thousands from different planets.”

      “I know,” said Stevenson as his pager went off. It read: headquarters.
“Better go,” he said.

       “Fella‟s,” Mr. Kerr said. Mr. Kerr was in charge of this whole business. He
founded “Intersolar” a business made to prove the safety of space travel. “We are
landing soon, there are going to be a crowd of reporters. If one asks you about these
aliens, just say what planet they are from and walk away. We don‟t want to let the big
secret slip.

                                    Chapter 11
       The ship started to dock.

       “Everybody‟s in their cages,” said Mr. McDonald. Mr. McDonald is in charge of
where they stow the aliens. “The elderly girl and the green blob were the hardest I got
`em in there.”
        “Good.” Said Mr. Kerr and Mr. Shersox. “Shall we go and buckle up?” said
Shersox. “You five fella‟s go ahead, I‟ll stay behind and make sure everything is up to
snuff.” Said Mr. Kerr.
       They left, so did Penny Kerr, Penny is Mr. Kerr‟s first name. Last year a new guy,
I forget what his name was, but he laughed and said, “No seriously, what‟s your real
name?” when Mr. Kerr introduced him and said it. Nobody knows where he is now.
       “Buckle up everybody.” Ronald Stevenson said to the other four guys, Mr. Bryant
Shersox, Mr. Ian McDonald, Mr. Gilbert Cobb and Mr. Vincent Burgess. All four guys sat
down on one bench and put the handle bar over themselves, much like a rollercoaster.
They all were expecting Mr. Kerr to be opening the door soon but a few moments later
and still the door hadn‟t opened. So Stevenson told Burgess to go and look. Vincent got
up and walked out the door.

        “Mr. Kerr” said Vincent. “Mr. Kerr we are landing soon.” He started to walk up the
stairs. He had a choice, turn left and go to the alien room, or go right to board room and
Mr. Kerr‟s office. He went left. And walked in the alien room.
       “What is taking that newbie so long?” Said Shersox. “I‟m going up there to check
this out.” He said. And just as he got up there was a thud, they hit atmosphere. The ship
was shaking so Shersox sat down.
       “If Burgess doesn‟t get in here he‟ll die!” said McDonald.
        “I know” said Stevenson. In a couple ticks of the clock Burgess stumbled in and
fell on his knees.

       “Get up now!” shouted Stevenson, he could barely hear himself it was so loud
       Burgess just stayed there. Bryant got up and slowly and carefully walked over to
him. “You idiot, get up before you kill both of us!” shouted Bryant
       “Sit down Bryant, let him die.” Mr. Stevenson shouted.

        Vincent Burgess was just sitting there on his knees staring off into space. So
Bryant picked him up over his shoulders and carefully and gracefully walked back to the
bench. He threw Burgess down on the bench and then tried to sit down but as he was
sitting down there was a bump and he slipped, hit the ground and the bar fell with an
incredible speed to hit him in the head. He fell to his side and the spacecraft was really
shaking hard.
       “BRYANT NO!!!!” yelled both Cobb and Stevenson
      There was such a huge bump that Bryant flew up in the air about 3 feet and fell
back down.
       “I think we‟ve landed.” Said Cobb
      “Thanks „Captain Obvious‟.” Said Stevenson. Cobb was the little nerd that
everyone gave a hard time so that was the normal response to his sayings.
      McDonald lifted the bar and said, “I‟ll check Bryant, you (Cobb) get out see where
we are, you (Stevenson) shut down the operating system on Gill‟s command, and you
(Burgess) just shut up and stay there. WHERE IS CAPTAIN KERR AT?”
       “He‟s dead.” Said Burgess.

                               Chapter 12
        Fran sat there in her cage just staring at the horrible sight right in front of her. A
kangaroo-looking beast sat there, eating the fat human. It had tripped him and bit his
neck while he was walking through. Fran was a little happy because the man was
laughing and mocking all the aliens, spitting his vodka on us. That‟s when the kangaroo
killed him.
      The fat man had said, “You look like the tastiest bunch yet,” and “Little freaks,
I‟ma enjoy eatin‟ you.” Fran had to get out of there before they ate her. She couldn‟t go
back home because they‟re probably on Earth. A door opened, Mr. Stevenson and Mr.
Cobb walked in.

      “Do you smell anything? Cause I don‟t.” Stated Ronald.
       “It takes a lot longer than a couple of minutes for a dead body to decompose and
smell, Mr. Stevenson.” replied Gilbert.
      “Geez. Sorry!” replied Ronald sarcastically. “LOOK! There‟s a splat of blood.”

      Gill jumped over there and around the cage to see his boss‟s bloody and half-
eaten body lying on the ground.
       Fran saw the entire thing, after the two humans left. There was a small shake as
they landed and a lot of humans ran in, grabbed the fat man and the alien who ate the
fat mans cage and left.

      Fran just sat there in her cage, starving.
      Fran turned Did she hear something? Or was it just her imagination?
      “Hey, lady, where are you from?” asked someone from behind her
      “Me?” Fran asked.
      “Yeah, you. Well, where are you from?” he asked.

      Fran turned to him. “Um, Mars.”

                                   Chapter 13
       Fran awoke in her cage. She was so hungry she was seeing spots. She got on
her knees and looked around. Everybody was still there, in their cages, groaning at all
the pain. It was what? Day 8. Eight days of no food, little drink, no sunlight, and screams
from all the other aliens. The door opened. Three men in white jumpsuits walked in.
       The middle, really tall man said, “All right. We have unscrambled one language,
we are gonna take three of you, the three who‟s language we‟ve unscrambled, and we‟ll
play the rest by ear. Okay? So I need Fran Dubois, Gal Segwaro, and Mikner 6-Xty.
Those three come with me.”
      Fran knew the name Mikner 6-Xty, he went to Fran‟s middle school, could it be
the same guy. The bolt on Fran‟s cage flew off so fast and so loud Fran almost
screamed. She pushed the door slowly, standing up and looking around a male called
her name. “Fran is that you?”

       “Mikner?” she called back. “I can‟t believe this, Fran Dubois. From junior high?”
he called to her as he was trying to find his way to her going through the maze of cages.
       He caught up to her and said so many things so fast that the dizzy Fran couldn‟t
catch any of it. “I need food.” Fran said. “Me too, let‟s go.”

                                  Chapter 14
       Fran, Mikner, and Gal were eating a huge buffet of salmon, beef and salad on a
big table in small room. “Mmmm what is this food sir?” Mikner asked the servant
standing in the corner. “Why that‟s called beef, didn‟t they have beef on Mars?” “No, but
I wish they did.” Mikner replied. “Um, do you have anything to drink?” Fran asked. “Why
yes, what would you like?” the servant said. “Water,” Said Fran. “Water? Haven‟t you
ever had anything besides water Miss Dubois?” smiled the servant. “Yes, coffee, beer. I
just want water.” Fran barked. “Well I‟ll go get you a Coca-Cola; I think you‟ll like it.”

       The servant walked in with a tall glass of a light brown liquid.
       “Here, Miss Dubois, it‟s called Coca-Cola, try it, it‟s good.” Said the servant
       Fran reluctantly grabbed the drink and took a sip. “Hey this is good, I like it.” Fran
said. “Hey Mikner try this.”

         “Okay, give it here.” Mikner said. Fran gave the glass to him. “Wow! This is good,
it‟s called Coca-Cola? Geez they need to get this on Mars. Gal, try this.”
       “No.” Gal replied.
      Everybody stopped talking and looked at Gal. “Well, I‟ll go get both of you your
own glass.” The servant said as he walked away.
       “What‟s wrong Gal? Why did you yell at me like that?” Mikner asked him. Gal did
not respond.
      The servant walked in, “here you go, one for you and one for you.” Everything the
servant said was really creepy, he had such a weird smile, like he was on nitric oxide,
and everything just made him smile and laugh. That‟s why Fran didn‟t want to look at

      “Excuse me, Mr. Servant, why didn‟t everyone else come with us?” Mikner asked
       “Well, Mr. 6-Xty, everybody got off the ship, but we have different rooms for every
planet, make sense?”
      “Yes, can I get more of the beef please?” Mikner replied.

       The servant left. And Gal started talking, “Don‟t you think it‟s weird how they suck
us away from our home, bring us to a completely different planet and start stuffing us
with food.” “What do you mean?” Mikner replied. “I think they are going to.” Gal was
stopped short by the Servant rushing in with the platter of beef and salad.
       “Mr. 6-Xty, your beef, and Fran I saw how you seemed to wolf down that salad so
I got some more for you.” The servant said as if in a rush to cut Gal off short. “Um Gal
would you like to come with me.” Finally that stupid smile was gone. “no, why would I?”
Gal snapped back at him “What are you going to do to me? Probe me? Beat me? Eat
me?” that last one Gal said made the servant jump and shout, “Guards, Guards.”

                              Chapter 15
       It had been three weeks since Fran had seen Mikner. She was in a room, a plain
room; it only had a coffee table, a bed, and a lamp. She never found out what happened
  to Gal, she has a lot of stories like; they killed him, they sent him back to Mars, she‟s
even heard that they brain washed him into thinking he worked there and they disguised
                                      him into a human.

      “Lunchtime!” a man walking down the hall was saying.
      Simultaneously all the doors opened. Fran‟s room was in a long hallway, similar
to a maximum security prison, except there was no room across from her, just a cement
        Fran was biting down into her favorite meal they made here, Sloppy Joe. It was
the best thing that she had ever eaten, she ordered it every day. She was talking to
some of the other aliens about normal stuff, well as normal a conversation you could get
if you‟re on another planet. The strangest thing was just brought up by the girl sitting
across from Fran, she asked if anyone had noticed that every day it seemed that less
and less people were here like they were disappearing. It was so weird because Fran
had never thought of that before but now that someone mentioned it, yeah people were
disappearing. Like that big alien with the two scars running down his face, Fran hadn‟t
seen him since they first got here. She wondered why.
       The guards were leading the aliens to their rooms. Fran and one of the girls that
she was eating with had made a plan; while the guard was leading them to their rooms
Fran‟s friend was gonna distract the guard and Fran would take his keys and hid them,
so she could sneak out later and see what the aliens were really doing.

                              Chapter 16
       It was the middle of the night; Fran‟s clock read 1:21. She was about to sneak out
and into the lounge to see if she can find anything. She got out of her bed and crept
towards the door. She stuck her head through the rectangular peephole, nobody in
sight. So she quietly unlocked the door and pulled to the side. She was walking quite
quickly and quite softly „till she reached the stairs. She knew about the laser system
they put on the stair in the nighttime because four days ago somebody triggered it and
he lost his leg, Fran never saw him again. But word got around that the system is on
every other step. But Fran didn‟t know if it started on the first step or the second. So she
stook her foot out on the first and there was no sound, her leg was still there. So she got
to the bottom by stepping on every other step.
             She walked over to the lounge and looked threw the crack. She saw all the
leaders eating beef and talking. No help there, so she walked over to the cafeteria,
maybe there would be some help in kitchen. They hadn‟t cleaned the cafeteria yet so it
was still messy, there was ketchup all over because of the French fries and pork wings
they served. The ketchup didn‟t really taste good on the pork wings but Fran had a
Sloppy Joe instead.

               She got to the kitchen and walked through the opening, hopped over the
counter and walked slowly because she couldn‟t see. She thought she saw the big
refrigerator, so she walked over there and opened it, there was just big bags of meat
and other foods, nothing that bad. Then she saw a door that said in big, neon letters
EMPLOYEES ONLY! So she walked in and walked into something, it was the wall.
Then a light switch ran across her head. She pulled it and saw what they were doing, so
she screamed.

                          THE END!

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