Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health by DanielHarper


									Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health

             By Daniel Harper
Majority of our population rarely notice the significance of spiritual health in our daily lives. For those people,
a healthy physique is enough, a sound mind is okay, and lack of spiritual health doesn’t really matter. Most of
us aren’t aware of the state of our spiritual health or the importance of its role in our whole well-being.
Spiritual health may not be measurable, it may not have a gauge to tell whether or not it’s okay, but it is
imperative that we keep track of its state in our lives. If you’re feeling drained most of the time, if anything
you do doesn’t feel as enjoyable as it used to be, or if you feel as if there’s an unexplainable void in your life
that needs to be filled, then you need to focus on improving your spiritual health.
The following are some helpful ways to improve your spiritual health:

1.) Think positive.
-       With an optimistic mind comes positivity and happiness. If you have a problem that’s bothering you,
there won’t be any use at all to sit around and mope about it. If it needs solving, see what you can do
contribute to a solution or come up with an idea. If the problem is petty, then let it go—eventually, things will
clear up.
2.) Take a time-out.
-      Feeling like you’re drained even though it’s just the start of the day is a sure-fire sign that your spiritual
health is in decline. Take a break at one point in a day, say an hour, to just relax, walk around or sit in a park.
This gives you the chance to refresh and re-focus while bringing you closer to your spiritual inclinations.

3.) Take time to do what you love.
-      Find things in your life that give you a feeling of love, strength, inner calm or relief. Take up a
hobby/sport, or simply spend time with close friends and family. Do something that doesn’t feel like routine
and something that doesn’t have to be forced or required on you.

4.) Get inspired.
-       Read an inspirational book or subscribe to webcasts of inspirational talks. Any subject that you find
interesting or anything that you’ve longed to learn a long time ago.
5.)   Do not harbor ill-feelings.

-       Harboring ill-feelings will attract negative energy into your life. When you attract negativity, this
affects your whole persona and will drag you downwards until you feel like there is a void within you that
cannot be filled.

6.) Feed your passion.
-       Spending time doing something you love will excite your spirit and will attract positive energy into
your life. You can take up additional studies, or take up piano lessons. What’s important is to keep your inner
self from being crammed into a box.

7.) Practice the Pay-it-forward rule.
-      Remember the movie Pay It Forward? You do a good deed to a person, and this person in turn, passes it
on to another, and therefore spreads and gets passed on to everyone. Doing this will not only attract and
cultivate positivity in your life, this will also help you cultivate your relationships and strengthen bonds with
the people around you.

8.) Accept pain, loss and sorrow.
-      Denying feelings of grief and sorrow is not healthy for your spiritual health. If you allow yourself to
accept a sad instance and let yourself feel the pain of perhaps losing someone, this helps reconnects you to
your spirituality, and helps you let go and cope. This eventually leads to a deeper spiritual growth within you.

9.) Open yourself.
-     Let yourself learn new experiences. Think of your childhood, the fun you used to have when you learn
something new or try something out. This will help you open yourself to a more positive approach in life.

10.) Don’t forget God.
-      It doesn’t matter who you worship. Whatever your religious inclinations are, it is important to not forget
the significance of a spiritual inspiration in your life. Attending worship services can help you reconnect with
God, and lifting up your worries frees yourself from all the burden and negativity you may have been feeling.
There are other more ways to improve your spiritual wellbeing, but I do not need to mention any more. Start
with these and you’ll learn more as your spiritual health journey progresses.

  “In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending
                                       some time in a human body.”
                                            ~Barbara de Angelis
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