; Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Physical Health
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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Physical Health


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									Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Physical Health

             By Daniel Harper

When people talk about health, the first thing that comes to mind is physical health. Going to the gym, getting
that right amount of exercise, eating healthy, the list goes on. Our physical health is the most important aspect
of our well-being, that’s why it is very important for us to keep striving to improve our health in any way
possible. Below are the top ten tips I made to improve physical health.

1.) Drink plenty of water.
-      We all know it’s been said one too many times already, but it’s a fact. Water is probably the best thing
that your body needs at any time and in any situation. Follow the rule: Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

2.) Take the stairs.
-     And you won’t even feel the change it does to your body! By taking the stairs, you are not only
warming up your body for the day, you’re also (almost secretly) giving your body the exercise it direly needs.

3.) Make green tea a part of your daily diet.
-       Green tea is a much better and much healthier alternative to your regular medicinal antioxidants. Why
not drink green tea instead of coffee? It not only helps take out toxins in your body, it can also give you the
figure you’ve always wanted.

4.) Practice relaxation techniques or meditation.
-       Reduce the effects of stress by setting at least 15 minutes a day where you learn to let go, relax and just
let the world go by on its own. This practice helps you reduce your stressful reactions, lengthen your patience
and overall just gives you more breathing space in order to tackle serious situations or challenges.
5.) Think of food as nourishment, not as entertainment.
-      If you keep thinking of food as stress-reliever or something that comes with entertainments, then you’re
on the wrong track. By thinking of food as nourishment, you are promoting healthy living and will strive to eat
healthy and nutritious food in the process. Programming yourself to think this way will force your body to
adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

6.) Commit to eating one raw fruit every meal.
-      Fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants that you won’t normally find in regular food or medical
supplements. It’s also rich in fiber and sometimes water (which we all know the body needs). By committing
to take one raw fruit every day, you’re letting your body know that you’re ready for the healthy lifestyle it
needs so much.

7.) Take fish oil supplements instead of medical supplements.
-      Fish oil has body-wide anti-inflammatory effects. It can help your heart, brain, joints, eyes, and even
your skin. It’s a healthy alternative to your regular over-the-counter medications.

8.) Forget groceries; go to a farmer’s market instead.
-     By visiting a farmer’s market, you’re committing yourself to eating organic and non-chemically-infused
veggies and fruits. Believe me, a habit as small as this can bring your body changes you’ll never expect.

9.) Swap gym time with Pilates or Yoga for a change.
-       Lebron James does it, so why can’t you? It will reduce your stress and also improve your stamina. Yoga
or Pilates has been known as the number one exercise system for core strength and flexibility.

10.) Replace rice with Quinoa.
-       Quinoa is a high-protein grain that is also low on carbohydrates as compared to rice. If you swap rice
with Quinoa, you’re already telling your body to eat less carbs, and this helps the body cope gently with your
dieting plans. Before you know it, your physical condition is getting at its top shape.

 ”To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an
                                      interest in life.” ~William Londen

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