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									There are five types of media that can be used in the study are:

1. Visual Media. Visual media is media that can only be viewed by using the sense of
sight which consists of media which is usually in the form of still or moving images.

2. Audio media is media that contain messages in a form that can stimulate the
auditory thoughts, feelings, concerns, and the willingness of learners to study the

3. Audio-Visual Media is media that is a combination of visual or audio files so-called
media of view heard.

4. Presenters Media Group. Media group of presenters is as disclosed Donald T. Tosti
and John R. Ball grouped into seven types: (a) group unity; graphics, print materials,
and a still image, (b) the second group; media silent projection, (c) a third group;
audio media, (d) a fourth group; audio visual media (e) the fifth, media images (f) into
six groups; television media, and (g) into seven groups; multimedia.

5. Media objects and computer-based interactive media. Media objects are three-
dimensional media that convey information not in the form of presentation, but
through its physical characteristics through its own physical characteristics, such as
size, shape, weight of composition, color, function and so on. This media can be
divided into two groups, namely the media and the media object is actually a
substitute object, whereas the computer-based interactive media is media that require
learners to interact than to see and hear.

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