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					Human Resources (HR) is associated with a movement of change and nation building.
One is improving the quality of human resources through education. With the support
of adequate and effective education, human resources, Indonesia could lead to a better
direction. Open education in open support of media, one with the media and
Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Society is increasingly adaptive to the development of Information and
Communications Technology (ICT). However, the rate of adoption and penetration of
ICT in Indonesia have not been utilized to improve the quality of people or to support
teaching and learning process. Achievement of national development is also
determined by the quality of human resources. Shows the quality of human resources
quality of education of a nation. Tercapinya determine the role of education human

Quality education means to produce human resources capable of competing in the
global ere this. One element that greatly affects the quality of education in this global
era is the application of ICT as a medium of learning in the educational process.
Application of Information and Communication Technology as a medium of learning
in the educational process is very beneficial to the elements involved in the
effectiveness of the educational process as for the professional development of
educators, learners, community. and labor as a source of information from a variety of
science around the world

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