Chinese Pizzerias Pizza Delivery

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					Chinese                                      D     Il Pomodoro Ristorante                                                  D   Mannion's Pub & Restaurant
     O    Wong's Garden                               1 West High St.                                                            150 W. Main St.
              182 Orlando Dr.                P     Generoso's Pizza                    Various/American/etc.               D   Main Street Bistro
  M       Panda Express                             Prince Rodgers Ave.                 C   Vino Restaurant & Wine Bar           18 W. Main St.
  C       New China Sea Wok                  C     Dominick's Pizza                           US 202 ( N ), s. of circle   W   Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon
              Rt. 202/206                            307 US 202/206 (S)                 D   Verve Restaurant                     970 US Highway 22
            (in Somerset Shopping Center)          (in Somerset Shopping Center)              18 E. Main St.               M   Le Petit Bistro
  D       Hunan Kitchen                            Ciao Bello Ristorante & Bar              Top O'th' Hill                 W   La Catena-22
           216 W. Main St.                            156 N. Gaston Ave.                      1182 US 202/206 (N)                966 US Highway 22
  D      House of Wong                       D    Central Pizzeria &                          n. of the 287 ramp           E   Houlihan's
            135 W. Main St.                 Restaurant                                  C   Time To Eat Diner                    US Highway 22 (E)
  C       Golden Wok                                122 W. Main St.                           Rt. 202/206 (N)              G   Green Knoll Grille
            523 Rt. 202 ( N )                D     Café Picasso                               just north of circle               645 Rt. 202/206
             ( s. of the circle )                     125 W. Main St..                  E   The Office Beer Bar & Grill    E   Fuddruckers Restaurant
  D       East Star Buffet & Res             C     C.J.'s Fast Pizza                          US Highway 22 (W)                  1271 US Highway 22 (W)
            69 W. Main St.                            Rt. 202 ( N ), south of circle          east of 287 intersection     D   Ferraro's
                                             D     Alfonso's Pizza                      C   TGI Friday's                         12 W. Main St.
Cuban                                                 99 W. Main St.                          at circle in Somerset        E   Felix 9 Diner
                                             C     Acqua Ristorante                                  Shopping Center
  D       Martino's Cuban Rest.                                                                                                  1244 US Highway 22
            212 W. Main St.                           777 US Highway 202 (N)            D   Texas Ranch House              D   Country Fresh Pancake & Grill
                                                      south of the circle                     19 W. Main St.                     145 W. Main St.
                                                                                        O   Surfer's Café                  C   Circle Grill
Fast Food                                   Japanese                                          5 US 206 (S)                       Rt. 28 just east of circle
  W        Wendy's                                                                      C   Steck's Delicatessen
                                             D     Yokohama Restaurant                                                     M   Bourbon Street Café
             977 US Highway 22 (E)                                                            at circle in Somerset
                                                      164 W. Main St.                                                      P   Bazookas
  M       Roli-Boli                                                                                  Shopping Center
                                             P     Sushi House                                                                   475 N. Bridge St.
  M       Olympic Gyros                               339 Pr. Rodgers Ave..             M   Steak Escape                   D   Aladins Restaurant
  M       Nathan's                           M     Sarku Japan                          D   South Street Bistro                  45 W. Main St.
  D       Mc Donalds                                                                          34 Division St.
            142 Veterans Mem. Dr.                                                       D   Shumi Restaurant
 W        KFC                               Mexican                                           30 S. Doughty Ave.
 W        Dunkin' Donuts                     D    El Chaparro Deli &                    D   Scampi's Fish
 D        Dunkin' Donuts                    Restaurant                                             Market & Rest.
           135 W. Main St                             30 S. Doughty Ave.                      198 W. Main St.
 C        Burger King                                                                   O   Sarah Jane's Restaurant
            Rt. 28 E., west of the circle   Spanish                                           33 US 206 (N)
                                             C     Spain 92                             C   Ruby Tuesday Restaurant
                                                      116 Rt. 202 South                       US 202 ( S ), s. of circle
Indian                                                south of the circle
 D        Agra Palace                                                                   W    Red Tower III
            30 E. Main St.                                                                    956 US Highway 22 (E)
                                            Thai                                        E   Red Lobster
Italian                                      P     Thai Kitchen                               1271 US Highway 22 (W)
                                                      1351 Pr. Rodgers Ave.             D   Pizza Hut
          Vinnie's II Pizzeria
                                             D     Thai Chef                                  165 E. Main St.
           86 N. Gaston Ave.
                                                      24 E. Main St.                    D   Phoenix Café
 H       Tbones
                                             D     Origin Thai                                24 W. Main St.
 M       Sbarro, the Italian Eatery                   25 Division St.
         La Scala Fine Italian                                                          O   New York, New York Diner
                                             D     Chao Phaya Thai Cuisine                    79 US 206 (N)
           117 N. Gaston Ave.                         9 Davenport St.

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