lovestory by shafimd


									Jean's Romance
 Jean didn't want any vague spiritual romance, she wanted a long and
lasting and pleasant affair-like so many other folks had, or at least so
she told herself, believed. She wanted something different, even if
superficial, even if vulgar, perhaps without emotion-but was that really

She didn't know or indulge much thought in this area-she just went
looking, shopping as they say. She blamed her separated husband for her
menace way of thinking, and motivation. On the other hand, perchance this
was exactly the right medicine she needed, the optimum therapy, the one
no one prescribed, a natural medicine, one that come out of the jungle,
and cured all. She needed romance, yes, that is what she pondered on,
what she really needed, wanted, to be loved the way she wanted to be
loved, a romantic love, something that was not really possible before, or
seemed impossible, or became impossible, who's to say-it just didn't
develop, happen.

Thus, once looking around, looking around at all the people that did as
they pleased, seemingly with no price to pay, no penalty for it, she
felt, 'What the hick, if I don't like it, I'll simply withdraw from
it'... and she found herself the right guy: the right specimen of a man:
tall, sandy hair, broad shoulders, lean, an older man, appealingly
educated, sensitive, yes even a little vulgar, but so what: aren't most
men vulgar anyhow? Their lips tightened against each other the first time
they met, enmeshed like white on rice. For once she was smiling.

Henceforward, her mind, and her thoughts were clear as new church bells
for once: she even had a sense of being un-cuffed from this old madness.
She knew her greatest sin was to delude herself, but it felt good.
Perhaps it would be a long hard lesson, learned at its end, but it wasn't
at its end, it was at its beginning, and it felt good, and that meant the
entire world to her.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked him, the first time they made love,
per near every time they made love together, thereafter.

"Very much," he replied, told her as he pulled her closer. She pushed
away and cried. She could be offensive, more accurately than nice, and
she had been at this moment, more so than he had expected. Her smile
left- it would return in a moment; it was again, the first night, as
often it would be throughout her desperation for an affair, always the
first night-old behavior repeated.

"I suppose my mother was ill, and I'm ill by heritage, so there we are,
and my ex-husband was a drunk, is a drunk, like my father, does that
satisfy your curiosity?" she manically responded.

He narrowly knew what she was talking about; he went to kiss her again...
Seeing that her remark had meant moderately little to him, she burst out
laughing away the flat effect; although without saying, he noticed after
all was said and done, she was a slight problematical: exactly how much
he didn't question, not at this juncture anyhow.
Whatever this new lover said was becoming-in the weeks and months to
follow, her everything; her separated husband a ghost in the background.
If anything, one thing was clear, she had a thrill of delight in thinking
of herself in a new way.

He struggled the first night with her likened to every night he made love
to her-even while in his strange vulgarities, like a decapitated animal,
she sank deeper into the moment, more conscious of the fly navigating
overhead, near the ceiling than him, as she lay arms spread out wide on
her back on the bed-the kids sleeping (also deeper into her mental
illness she sank, holding back only an inch of falling deeper into the
pit, failing her desire to be more than what she was, or could be... )-
even to the point of asking her estranged husband, near this strange
affair's end:

"Is sodomy wrong for a man to want to do with a woman and for a woman
allowing the man to do this so called pleasure to her? Is it a part of
love making?"

What could be the answer to such a question, other than, a reverie? So he
thought, plus, he knew she knew the answer; then what was she looking
for-absolution? He was not a priest.

The estranged husband knew she had forgot about who she was with this
fellow, that she had a foretaste of his vulgarities already, that she was
slipping backwards, that the romantic experiment was not going as either
one of them had expected. Although he felt nameless in all this, he knew
that this was just the hum before the storm.(The affair would last three
months, and then she'd end up in a psychotic ward; as for the guy, he
made it up to visit Jean in the hospital, but he just couldn't make
himself go through those iron doors and comfort her: the very thing she
was waiting and longing for.)

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