Quick Snoring Facts: Causes and Treatment

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					Quick Snoring Facts:
causes and treatment

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Snoring: more common than you
Did you know that over 30% of all adults snore? Yeah,
  that’s a pretty big number. Let’s have a look at the main
  dangers of this condition:

   Snoring is often overlooked and left untreated, even though it is
    often a symptom of serious underlying medical conditions.
   Snoring causes extreme distress in personal relationships and can
    even be a reason for divorce.
   Snoring increases the risk of suffering from stroke and other heart
Snoring: the main causes
Snoring is the sound produced when there’s some type of
  blockage in your airway. Here are the main causes of

   Many studies have found obesity to be a common factor among
    those who snore.
   Alcohol consumption right before sleep can relax your muscles too
    much and induce snoring.
   Smokers often suffer from snoring. This is because the body goes
    into brief, but strong nicotine withdrawal during sleep.
   Lying on your back during sleep can induce snoring.
Snoring: popular treatment options
What treatment method you’ll need depends entirely on
 the underlying cause of your snoring problem.

   Correcting sleep posture and using a better mattress and pillow
    combo can help some people cure snoring.
   Using anti-snoring devices, such as nose clips, CPAP machines, chin
    straps and chin-up strips can help people with severe snoring
   Switching to a healthier lifestyle, which means getting regular
    physical exercise and eating healthier, can often cure snoring.
Don’t let snoring negatively affect
your life!
                     Educate yourself about
                      snoring issues.
                     Get proper help and
                     Talk to your partner and
                      enlist their help & support!

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Description: Facts about snoring, its causes and treatment.