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									                      The Best Spas New York Offer Oxygen Facials

 She is one of the most photographed woman and if you think you have ever been under scrutiny
then think again. At 30, Kate Middleton, the Duches of Canterbury carries her self with poise and
her skin is not likely to show any sign of stress. She is rumor to enjoy oxygen facials and with her
glowing skin this perhaps is one rumor that cant be denied.

This is why the top spas in New York City are always encouraging their clients to get this
phenomenal facials and develop a workable skin care routine. This is why aestheticians at one of
the Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary use this ground breaking treatments to assist their
clients in achieving healthy, well- hydrated and oxygenated skin.

Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas is dedicated to providing the best oxygen treatments.
Additionally, in line with her holistic and natural approach to skin care, she uses her own brand of
high power and effective skin care products. This skincare sanctuary has also been receiving well
deserved accolades for their age-reversing Oxygen Purifying Facials for many years now.

This oxygen spa treatment gently soothes and resurfaces the skin for a smoother, more glowing
complexion. It performs as an optimal anti-bacterial to cleanse the pores and destroy acne-
causing bacteria. Using pure oxygen, infused with her antioxidant-rich serum, new life is breathed
into your skin, activating skin-plumping elastin and collagen production.

As one ages, poor skin care and imbalanced diet exacerbate decreased skin cell function and may
decrease the oxygenation of your skin. Reduced collagen and elastin production as the skin ages
also leads to dry, imbalanced epidermis. Additionally, smoking, careless eating habits and
overexposure to the suns harmful UV can have detrimental effects on your skin. These type of
facials are preventative skin care that reduces the signs of aging and return a healthy glow to your

What Skin Conditions Can Oxygen Facials Treat Effectively?

Oxygen facials can be personalized for each client and have been used to treat people of all ages
and various skin conditions. This facial has proved a welcome panacea for people suffering from
rosacea, acne and the signs of premature aging.

The results of this marvelous facial are instantaneous so even if you are not suffering from a skin
imbalance, it is an ideal way to prepare for a special event or simply to give your skin a treat.
Oxygen facials are becoming increasingly popular since being developed in Australia by

Rave Reviews For Oxygen Facials

Wildly popular with the A-list crowd including Eva Longoria and Madonna who have gone so far
as to purchase personal machines, but also widely available through spa chains such as Bliss.

Many upscale spas dont offer a specific oxygen facial, but like Kiehls, one of the premier
innovators in skin care, vitamin and nutrient-enriched oxygen infusions are available as an add-on
to their regular menu of facials. Kiehls first full service facility, Spa 1851, features a wide range of
spa services for men as well as a barber.

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